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This Easter, Jim Anderson, the President of I . C, payed a brief v i s i t to the Technical University, Berlin, th« germsn ecjjiivalent to I.C. As the guest at the Studen's union, he and representatives from other European Universities weresshovn. the sights of student l i f e i n Berlin; the highlights being a v i s i t to a power station, brewery and a gin factory. The Free University i n Berlin i s of interest. Students of the Eastern sector, after having suffered much aS the hands of the Russians, moved to west Berlin where they have now established their own University. This University i s run by the studsntobody to the extent of appointing ther' lecturers and Professors. The v i s i t was one of good w i l l , the Technical University being interested i n establishing a friendly relationship with I.C. fhey have- offered a scholarship for an I.C. student to study for a year at their university, starting November next. The student w i l l receive the generous sum of 250 D. Majdcs per month and w i l l be provided with accomodation in their Hostel (holds only 30 people). It i s hoped that T.C. w i l l be able to reciprocate i n a similar' manner. Another outcome of the v i s i t was the suggestion that I»C and German students should exchange hospitality during the summer vacations, and there i s the possibility that tours to Batlia at reduced rates may be organised. Students interested should oontact the I.C Union office. The 1.0. Sports tesms w i l l also be welcome visitors. BEIC SHIPTON USING A PH0TOTHE0DOLITE. ( B u d g e t



The Chancellor struck a sorry blow for tht well being of students i n the budget. We are not interested jn Premium Bonds because after great eoonomy more i s spent im a week than earned, the remainder being taken from National Savings. We are, however, very interested i n the laws concerning food and drink, and are distressed to find that the potentf l u i d called Berrydown» a type of Cider, had now bean included with Wines as a source of revenue to the exchequer. The price rises by 42/« from 8/6 a flagon to 12/-. This drink has for some time been i n favour as a. cheap substitute far gin, and has been used ertrWiveily on unsuspecting ladies requesting cider. Tt has a disturbing effect on the equilibrium ,'which i s not noticed until the wiatira attempts ta reach a vertical position. Thus maidens' f a l l completely into the hands (or arms) of the male and are at the latter's mercy - a dastardly trick. A young Bedford lady, irho, after a. party at which large quantities of this drink were on hand, fled torush back to her abode before closing time. She ran thriee round the ticket office at nsumaramith Station before finding tee window. Smokers are also- vary distressed, i t w i l l mean that Okay w i l l have to walk now to save enough for a packet, unless they do this already since bus and treJLn-.fares went up l a s t term. Some w i l l have vowed" to give up tJkef weed - the success of their revolution has s t i l l to be tested.

The students who go to the Karakoram i n 3ummer 1957, w i l l have Brio Ship-ten as their leader. There i s no doubt that Ifcv Sbjipton i s the most experienced explorer who could be obtained far this region, and his knowledge w i l l benefit his team aou aidecrably. Eric Shipton gave a popular lecture i n General Studies, commanding the second largest audience recorded ( i t would have been the largest i f held i n the Royal Geographical Society Building instead of the Huxley). He i s essentially an explorer, and has established a reputation for his work done i n the KaBakoram while others have concentrated on climbing peaks, although he has'lead several major attempts on Everest. Since the mep:ars of the Exploration Board are anxious to get the team training together to make up for .Its lack of experience, they have been keen to get a leader who w i l l help them. Mr. Shiptoo says this i s the longest i n advance that he has committed himself on an expedition. At present he i s 'bjjsy Sailing a boat up the East Coast of England,so he was. unable to attend the Mountaineering Club dinner last Friday. The Exploration Board w i l l now start looking for a dootor te 'accompany the team on the t r i p to make up the f u l l crew* R.C.S. Union presents

. The R.S.M. held their elections at the end of last tern. This enabled the Union Officers to be selected before a large number of miners l e f t for f i e l d courses during the summer tens. Mike Putter and John Nicholls were elected President and Secretary respectively. Both ere active members of the rowing dub, and members of the FELIX Board. Hike also arranges for young ladies to attend the Saturday night hops. Gordon Green, Founder of SPORT, was elected Vic«-Pr*a4dent.







****y. new t i t b ,

a e t a t a on sale to R.C.S. nsabera only u n t i l Hay 4th.


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Members of the I.C. Bridge Club f i r s t team have s u r v i v e d t h e i r b r i a g e - p l a y i n g t o u r of northern Europe. T h e i r v i c t o r i e s are confined t o t h e moral f i e l d , but those mathematicians who f o l l o w the pools may devote themselves t o computing t h e odds on f o u r draws i a seven matches. Those who p r e f e r t o f o l l o w form may c o n s i d e r such f a c t o r s as the L e i d a n Club's c r a f t y p r o v i s i o n of two bridge teams. One team kept the a i r r i n g i n g f o r two hours w i t h c r i e s of " K e l l n e r S Acht P i l s l ' and then generously a s s i s t e d the v i s i t o r s t o t h e t a b l e s where more apper a d v e r s a r i e s l a y i n w a i t . I n view of the excellence of the German c i g a r s and beer the team f e l t i n c l i n e d t o f o r g i v e Cologne f o r f i e l d i n g a team which c o n s i s t e d of one German and three i n s c r u t a b l e o r i e n t a l s from Peking. The h o s p i t a l i t y extended by U n i v e r s i t i e s from B r u s s e l s t o Gothenberg i n c l u d e d a remarkable c o l l e c t i o n of beverages ranging from near beer t o beer, schnapps, snaps and aquavit. I n a d d i t i o n the d e l i g h t s of smorgasbord w i l l ever b r i g h t e n the thoughts of the p a r t i c i p a n t s as they trudge w i t h leaden f e e t t o Mooney's Ptomaine P a l a c e , Other c o n t i n e n t a l refinements encountered i n c l u d e d a l a d y l a v a t o r y attendant i n B r u s s e l s , who s o l i c i t o u s l y a s s i s t e d the s t a r t l e d t r a v e l l e r s t o s e l e c t the appropriate u t e n s i l . I n c o n c l u s i o n i t can be s t a t e d t h a t t h e l e n g t h of time t h i s t r i p w i l l remain i n the

S.A.K. CELEBRATING HIS TBEnTIEDBT BIHTHDAY, In spite of the physical resemblances of the distinguished t r i o , the President's right hand man i s actually much younger than Eisenhower and. Kruschev, -^s recently as 1953 he fled, clutching a f i r s t , from the ?hysic3 department to Chem. Tech., where he studies crystal growth. No man for blinkered academicism, Kitchener has been rugger club secretary, cricket captaih, secretary of the A.C.C. and secretary of the TTnion; and none of these offices w i l l ever be quite the same again. Shorn of various fictional embellishments, (originated by himself) i t must be said that Kitoh's performances as wing tlireequarter and goal-kicker have been something less than b r i l l i a n t ; but none can deny (or explain) his successes at cricket. He picked up the rudiments of this game i n 1951, from the great college players of that time, and last season made two tedious centuries among other innings pf lessor lenffthr some, indeed, of ludicrous brevity. Those tired of hearing hi:.i on Surrey's cricketing predominance may usefully recall that he i s a native of Essex, but i t was at school i n Epsom that ICitchener gained his encyclopaedic knowledge of the classics, and the ability to recite a l i s t of Derby winners, jockeys, owners and tr-dners. On Epsom golf course, too, he claims to have gone round, i n 99A veterenhostel-dweller, (fioom 28 lias hod to be reconstructed at enormous expense), and former carnival cabaret star, 'The Gnome' waxes most sociable md eloquent over a jar °f ale, and iias done so i n many places from the Turk's Head i n Exeter to the Prinsen ICellder in Delft. Thus was developed the formidable vehemence of speech which enlivens Council meetings and committees, and stirs procrastinating planners to speed completion of the •" Union building. As secretary, man of sport and international oonvivialist^I'dtohener serves the Union well, while contributin- to i t s gaiety by his taste for bizarre I.eadgear, ancient shoes and impromptu , Karris i»noing. Par the reoord, he is allergic to triumphant Tfelshme;:, good bowling, the -'.nger oat, tlie quiet l i f e and Green Chartreuse, but may yet overcome this last antipathy.

During one of the "tedious" centuries the writer of this profile oame into bat with a purposeful air, intent on running roe out, but became the laughing stock of the team by being out f i r s t ball. .s

"Kitoh", unable to face the world, his been' out of the country this .past week. S i .

p l a y e r ' s memories w i l l be equalled only by t h e memories of the s t a f f of the TEMFERANCE HOTEL, i n Copenhagen, who had t o a s s i s t the b e l a t e d team t o t h e i r rooms a f t e r a night on the town.

n The main section of the ryax^y arrived, i n Jj&keiand on Sunday to be greeted with the fact that two of the group had had bad weather the' previous 3 days.and nights and had to retire to lower ground to dry out a l l their ecpiipment, j'eplace guys ropes and repair broken tent poles. Bad weather on Sunday allowed Only two students to make the rendezvous whilst one student pitched his solitary tent on a site near cairq? one but to date .has no idea where he was that lonely night* Five attempted to make camp one from Langdale but i n had weather camp was set up at 2000', under the Bowfell 'crags. That night_every camp suffered under bad conditions,h^gh gusty winds, a l i t t l e rain, and the tents enveloped i n clouds • The following day at camp one, 5 of the group decided should bad weather continue a retreat to 'lower ground i n Borrowdale should be made* Two of the group under Bowfell moved down into Langdale straightways and canned among the glacial moraines to link up with 3 more who Iiad come back up valley for more punislinente The following morning found the remaining three who stayed another night under Bowfell slowly coming down Rossett Gxll, It appeared as i f they had overnight taken both their tents and sleeping bag3 for^a swim i n /ingle tarn*nothing was dry. Our poor tents would not stay tho pace, we were the only ones i n a l l Lakeland who had defied theelements for so long, in fact too long* The rest of the •..our was successful much training being done. The most noteworthy was the feat of 3 wen at camp one climbing a l l the Lakeland 30C0 pouirfcains i n 23 hours* Alsp another group of 3 -~p«nt one comfort able night i n a Ooniston Hotel* Several severe climbs were .done by other groups as we •vjell as much walking and peak "bagging". The personnel i n each group combined well and many friendships were founded and every hour used to advantage, returns to camp being made i n complete blackness. By Friday a l l our equipment Iwl dried -out and most of us had covered large areas of lakeland,. r


P M M ' S

It's here again - the exam.term,and question spotting sessions are well under way already.I suspect that quite v. number of students would rather play cards far degreee.'Juet think of i t ""elljyou've got your f i r s t Charlie"(quietly)"Faas the aoeo into ny turnups now, I'11 see i f the P r o f s gams for a

F e l i x The Imperial College Newspaper Circulation



leu'11 have to wait,Mlss Jones i s taking him on for an upper second" "Undo another blouse button,Kiss Jones,and keep the old boy's eye while I deal." "Well,there you are Sir-two deuces,two sixes and a four t o you; five Kings to Miss Jones. PROF:"But w're only playing with one pack" "Sony slr,that one's a Queen-it should be with a chewed «4ge l i k e that." 11

this i s the term of peee* Jn the South Kensington block, f e n — that Is oas* EhJMhj OD the. few- oooasions when the students really run She change i n weather, the extra hour of sunlight, and seasonal change of athletic pursuits brings relaxation to the student body. The threat of examinations has l i t t l e deterrent effect on the undergraduate, and the rowing end putting faci l i t i e s kindly provided olose hk w i l l he used to maximum advantage. Queenies w i l l no longer bo such a meeting place for the followers of the good l i f e . Friends, w i l l be absent for whole days, or take the 74 'bus to Lords after a nominal appearance tn their departnent. Others w i l l forever be on the 'Bteteiot l i n e between South Kensington and Wimbledon. These people w i l l open their books at ten o'clock each nij«rt, and the hoar.'at which they olose them w i l l slowly progress from midnight, u n t i l by mid-June, when the w i l l finally.'ifall asleep at dawn for a few hours. This i s the l i f e of people who enjoy themselves to the f u l l . The are assessed by examiners i n the same manner as those who have worked diligently throughout the hot days and long evenings. Mercy w i l l be shown on the latter i f the examination results are doubtful, but not on the former. This i s f a i r , to prevent abuse of the examination system. The person who can assimilate knowledge rapidly, assess i t s valjte, and apply i t w i l l succeed quite as well as his counterpart when confronted by a novel problems The social success of the two also tends to differ. To the people i n fear of impending examinations, take heart, and invest i n the future. The Woald university Service has a fund which people may borrow from i f for some reason they forfeit their grants. The number of people who have to repeat a year Is quite high - half the people profiled i n FELIX do. They have often had to borrow money from relatives) get married, or wash floors i n South Kensington restaurants. Perksaw making the grade i n spite of this has benefited them, but i t i3 s t i l l useful to have a source of the necessary e v i l i n the background. Imperial College Union i s supporting W.U.S. at the Carnival at Bedford College (Regents Park) and i s holding a hop i n 3ueenias on the evening of the sans Saturday. Don't forget you may need i t s help next year.

VACATION WORKERS please note It i s hoped that a series of unofficial embassies w i l l be opened abroad this Summer by vacation workers. The Idea i s that itinerant students w i l l be able to look uj their fellow students i n remote places for a natter over a glass of the local drink. The resident student w i l l perhaps be able to roannnond good lodgings or eating places and and w i l l welcome the company of a fellow traveller, i f only for a short while. Would anyone who w i l l be working abroad and i s interested, please Bend their name, overseas address and dates of stay, to Felix for publication SWEDEN. J . fctioB (Phya I I ) , Bruke Hotel GRUMS. Only 9th. for 8 weeks.

E Jir. Cecil Rolph'Hawitt, who i s Quest speaker at SUweed this weekend, l e f t the polio* force i n 1945 to become a professional writer. He he* the fcOAweiag idontitiaet t) C M *

Inspect* OJUSewlt* tf the City of landon M t k v i n the foree -

•<*) Mfk C.H.HoTjtl writer i n the New Statesman ant Katie* en penal reform and, arlartnal l o r , t

5) Ifr. a,H.CeoU, write* i n the Spectator en It i a expected that t h i s apparent schizophrenia w i l l WUBilate eone interesting discussions, -end w i l l poneihle draw attention to this Touchstone i n the Sunday paper which has node an extensive study of the mental derengaaents of

THE BURGESS AND MACLEAN AFFAIR - GREATEST KXFOStB I B s "It does seem that l i f e i n the Universities enoenVages riotous living,a social l i f e arfl partiaa,and they none Into the C i v i l Service infected with their experlenoe* a* undergraduates. "(Mr. Douglas Hoagfctori B.P.)

SOMEBODY LOVES US: Cynics who tnink that industrial conoerns are throwing *way jaoney rather than pay up Excess Profits tax i n order to spite the Exoheqjuer, w i l l disoover i n their third year that this i s not so. Most of i t seems to be goinggba/jk v i a the tax on s p i r i t , so l i b e r a l l y poured down the throats of possible technical staff. Even i f you don't approve of this you w i l l probably find yourself helping to keep British Railways on i t s feet by having a nice travelling Easter holiday at the expence of firms leiioh you owrwftaiy select for their position.

WIPE I0UR FEET: The small piece of 'red oarpet' just i n side the lower dining h a l l door of the New Union i s not for an important guest but on t r i a l for the oolour scheme of this building. Silwood residents would probably have marked this p a test strip with a request to keep off. PRINTING DISPUTE: The .sport's page this week i s being typed on a toy portable,following an extended dispute with the people whose typewriter we used to advertise ,on the condition of lease of one of their machines. The arbitration Is s t i l l proceeding. BUDGET FOOTNOTE* Mines and C i v i l a , i n particular, should note that nxmeyeeatvio" abroad may be subject to income tax • even i f no residence i n Britain i s maintained while working abroad - MacHillan M.P. Budget. HENET, the security Officer, recently brought to' justice twp felon3 who were delaying the construction of the S i r Roderick H i l l building by stealing the builders, materials. We hope to see more of him inside the quadrangle from now on*




T of The talk en "Military Planning and Jtomia Weapons* given recently i n our College by Prof. KLaokett was very stimulating. I consider that the following.points are very important f a r us to think about. 1. The overarowauig of the h a l l indicated that the students -were eager to know the views of the Professor on this important topio i n relation to the prospects of war and peace. 2. The whole idea Behind military planning and consequent military pacts organised by the western Powers seems to be based on the assumption that the Soviet Union i s the aroh-enemy and i s going to attack them at any time, and so they should be prepared for instantaneous retaliation or even preventative war. 3. There i s a very powerful section of Westerners who think that attmic weapons should be used f a r t a c t i c a l purposes 4> There i s a general feeling that i n any future world war atomic weapons w i l l be used and w i l l lead to extermination of the human race. 5. There i s less likelihood of another world war; i f i t oomes, Westerners imagine that, i t would be only with the Soviet Union. 6. In the advent of war, the fate of the B r i t i s h people would be the gloomiest because two or three H-bombs w i l l be sufficient to destroy a l l l i f e on this tiny and densly populated island. 7. The technological superiority of the West i n atomic weapons and their carriers no longer exists and hence the tone of talks for disarmament i s now milder and mare conciliator;' than i t was some years ago. Hence there i s now more possibility of some agreement on disarmament. 8. In answer to the question: what can ordinary people do to ensure peace? The Professor explained that the whole aim. of his talk was to stimulate thought on this and related problems, and to induce men and women to act i n their own interests. 9. The last point which struck me was whether talks like these would increase the complacency among people to allow their rulers to continue the production of weapons of mass destruction as deterrents or for tactical weapons and to spend a huge amount of public money, or would i t disillusion the people and cause them to persuade their rulers to spend the money on improving the standard of living , in particular i n underdeveloped countries. These are important issues which require close consideration, particularly by those concerned with science and teohnclogy.

An authoritive source, ths milkman, re sealed at a recent press conference that "the College has bought three sides of Princes Gardens? No one i n the College has beejfc induced to confirm this, and past experience shows this source of information to be reliable, (e.g. 1954 Derby Winner, Kensington road sweepers strike, and the Onslow Square murder.) I t appears that the Rector's aim of a thousand residential students i s going to be achieved even sooner than he had anticipated.

N With Spring there i s less likelyhood of bad weather delaying the construction of the Union Extension, and the skeleton should be completed w i l l then be up to the sub-contractors to make the building useable at the beginningof the Autumn Term. The I.C. Dramatic Society are planning to have a joint production with the Casus Club of "Loftur", an Icelandic version of the legend of i'aust. This play has been a great success i n Scajidanavia, but the translation, into English has had l i t t l e support i n two previous provincial productions. T:y bringing the play to London, Ifc King, the producer,hopes to bring i t to the notice of c r i t i c s at I.C, and get a West-End production of i t . This joint production w i l l be the f i r s t performance i n the new Union Building next term, and should take pj.ace at trie end of November;

S R.C.S. Union. 5 th March, 1956. Dear Editor, A word of warning to those who leave their motorcycles unlocked in the region of I.C, Recently, my motor-cycle was stolen from outside the R.C.3. by a couple of youths, who, later abandoned i t i n a hedge, ten miles from here, i n a damaged condition. I know another chap who lost his machine from this locality; there are probably others who have suffered similarly A small padlock may well transfer attention from your machine. Tours eto., G.N. Spokes. BESTIAL COLLEGE HOSTEL, HOTC3 CONSORT ROAD, To the Editor S. I3J"SINGT0H. De.?r Sir-, I live i n the hostel, and every mcming T am woken by the sound of large Diesel engines which seem to revel i n their unharmonious cacophony. As i f this were not enough, I an further subjected to sounds that only a sadistic and warped mind could conceive for hours on end, u n t i l blessed r e l i e f comes as a balm at six o'clock when the noise stops as i f by magic. This should drive any sane man into Broadmoor, but the sadists are not satisfied. Oh no! They have trained torturers who drop iron pipes, bang walls, and even go up and down on a rope contrivance outside my window, peering i n and grinning i n gboBllish humour at me. Sometimes I am even driven into College. I wont to know. Sir, who these people are, and how they come to be within the College -rounds. I f you cannot answer me, I shall have my MeHber of Parliament raise a question i n the House. Yours etc., Harrassed Resident P.S. Thy has the Bar been shifted ? I t was quite alright where At was. To win a wajer, Pete Hooper, a third year fining Geologist, cycled back to Oclloge from his f i e l d trip i n Cornwall i n less than twenty-four hours. For. completing the 236 miles in 2li hours he von forty-five 3hlllin~s from his oollearues who had made the bet during a high spirited drinking session the previous evening.

,-r'U. /) MAN

i?£toVtLV HflVIW<? f\Soi)T T H f ttousE

rWA'A/ "

l WASTED: A receptacle, with capacity of 10 gallons. Write Editor, FELIX.



R.C.S. Ltotor Club Inaugural Rally. On Sunday May 6th. R.C.S, Hotor Club i s running an Inaugural Rally. Competition w i l l sta>-t from the Snack Bar at 12 noon (sign i n between 11.15 and 11.45 a»m. please). Total distance w i l l be about 14C miles finishing at the Union and w i l l involve road sections without special tests. A l l members of I»C. are eligible and further details are given on notices around the College, For those who ':ave not taken part i n a Rally before or who would like some hints from an experienced r a l l y i s t , a short talk i s being arranged. Details w i l l be posted as soon as possible



Boat CMt>

The following recipe i s published to Taring some financial r e l i e f to.the diruilcing elasses. I t i s the only information retained from a recent works v i s i t of the G*E.C. laboratories. I t works out that a pint of beer costs threepence i f materials, and the taste can be adjusted byvar. ing the hops and malt content. The claim that the beer made i s three times as strong as ordinary, "beer awaits conf firruation, since some drinkers allege that other factors than alcoholic content must be considered. • Required:

91b. dark brown sugar . . 41b. malt extract. Vom Timothy Y/hites 4-6oz, dried hops or Boots. |>oe...granulated yeast. ?rcm Herb shop. l£oz. gelatine.

Simmer the hops i n a half gallon of water for half an hour. Place the malt and sugar i n an enamel or copper vessel of lOgal^ons capacity, and f i l t e r tap water from the heps into i t . ^ssolve the sugar and malt i n the hot solution, and dilute JPSL^PP ^ - "I ^ gallon" at about blood" heat. lUsiL-olve the yeast i n a l i t t l e tspid water (100°F.), and odd to the solution. Cover, and leave for 6-7 days, when bubbling should have ceased and the' longer.taste sweet. (The froth can be removed 'after twenty-four hours, since i t contains most of the sediment.) The powdered gelatine should be dissolved i n water and added, and after a. further 12 hours, the beer should be siphoned out directly into bottler containing a half teaspoon of sugar.These should be screwed down tightly, m& left until clear. I t i s then ready for drinking, but care should be take,not to disturb the mud when pouring. A^k should be sufficient, but longer enhances the .vualitj/ of the beer. If the beer i s bottled to soon, or too nuch sugar i s added to the bottles,it w i l l b^. too gaseous. doidon syrup i s 'invert sugar' and i s considerid by some to be a more satisfactory way of brewing than using a brown sugar supplied locally. In this case, one pound of sugar i s of golden syrup. equivalent to 3


Saturday May 5th. Haaoersmlth Regatta. Wednesday and Thursday Say 9th.<Sb1i0th. Testa Dashes. Saturday May 12th. Putney Regatta, Cricset- tsct. XL. Saturday Kay Wednesday May Saturday May Wednesday May

A. H. H» B.

5th. Reading ffiiiw. 9th. . B.A.E. Pamhoro' 12th. Old Sinjuns 16th. 5,M.a

Tennis — 1 st. Team Saturday may 5th. Wye Sunday May 6 th. C.B.K. Wednesday May 5th. Reading Saturday May 12th.. Caius C o l l . , Camb. Sunday May 13th. Southampton Wednesday May 16th. 4.M.C

H. HI m A. A. A.



Saturday May 5th. Guy's & Westminster (at Ohobham) Tuesday & Thursday May 8th. & 10th. TJ.L. Championship Heats (at Motspur Park} Saturday May 12th. U. L,' Championship finals (at Motspur Park) Monday May 14th. (Evening) L.S.E. & Royal Vets. (at Parliament H i l l ) Bjgle Club Thursday May 10th.

Annual Dinner (15/-) arrive 7.00p.m. dinner 7.30p.m..

Danciflft Classes Mondays, Tuesdays and. Thursdays


D This year, the .loat Club entered ten crews for "the Head." which was on Saturday, March £4* £ha 1st. VIiI starte^. 14th., and finished 23rd., be .ting the 2nd., VIII by only one second i n a time of 20.56. 259 crews were entered in the race i n a l l , and I.C. placings were as follows:

I *


Winter A

VIH: Starting:


Finishing: 23



110 112

24 1 03

120 176 163 186 257

76 131 141 211 242 251 2^9

The First Eight started very well and passed wo. 13» Reading, at Chiswick Stenj;. No.15, Gladstone Rowing Club, chased I.C*, beating them"by a quarter of a lenght at the finishing mark. '.Ye are told that from Bridge onwards the Eight lacked decisiveness and cohesion* The Second Eight,rather a lip;ht crew, rowed well' up to the standard set by last year's Second Eight, and finished 24th. Thus again we had., two crews i n the f i r s t division. The Yixnter Eight, otherwise known as the "Old Lags'* crew, had a good sporting row. The passed six crews who they claimed moved out of the way with great rapidity on being threatened.





Sports Editor.

Production Manager.

News Editor.

Circulation Manager.

The rest of the crews rowed their utmost, but the standard was higher this. year, than normal so that a l l the crews, except the Winter Eight, lowered their placings. -Moreover, the st.ndard of the Club's lower crews last year was exceptionally high, and i t was inevitable that most of them would drop. A word of warning to oia bcj?sm»n. Four who turned up to watch were persuaded to row i n the F "Till. This ere./ only lest two places-"fro... 257th to <-5?, th last place.

——— W E L S H Xrtists.


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I.C. B0-.T TrHSD i n 00ACH OOP R..CE The I.C. bost 'hamulus'', helmed "by Col^yer and crowed by Tony Eispham ca..,e 3rd oat of 47 boats entered for the Coach Cup the Sunday before last. TijS.S race i s open to' a l l "boat that s a i l on the'.Teish "larp, anS tite Cup was presented by a nearby co oh firm tnat polluted the Harp with o i l some yeirs ago. i'r.e record entry sailed i n lignt winds.





H n The a r r i v a l a t L i v e r p o o l S t r e e t S t a t i o n on March 2 t h of t h i r t e e n Dutch hockey p l a y e r s from Crronlngen U n i v e r s i t y , each c a r r y i n g a l i t r e b o t t l e of aenever d i n , marked the beginning of a f e s t i v e week f o r the Hockey Club. The Old H o s t e l echoed once more t o the sound of Dutch voices and "Sodom eta opp'a" ( s p e l l i n g open to c o r r e c t i o n ) . Three games were played by Q-ronlngen and three by I.e. i n the Hockey F e s t i v a l h e l d over the E a s t e r Weekend a t the N a t i o n a l P h y s i c a l L a b o r a t o r i e s ' ground a t Teddlngton. The v i s i t o r s won one and l o s t two, and we won two and l o s t one. A s p e c i a l match was arranged on Easter Sunday between I.C. and flroningen which I.C. won undeservedly by 2 goals t o 1. The Dutch s t y l e of hockey i s considerably more d e l i c a t e than ours, being modelled on the Indian r a t h e r than the E n g l i s h type of game. However, the s i d e s were evenly matched, and a r e a l l y enjoyable game r e s u l t e d . From the f i r s t day, when three Dutchmen d i s appeared i n p u r s u i t of three obviously w e l l informed Swedish damsels, t o the fahewell party h e l d on t h e i r l a s t night i n England, considerable i n t e r e s t was shown i n matters other than those p e r t a i n i n g to hookey. Soho i n g e n e r a l , and the Club Tabu i n p a r t i c u l a r were frequented. Some amusement was caused by an a r t i c l e i n a Sunday newspaper, w e l l known f o r i t s uncovering o f v i c e i n the West-End, d e a l i n g w i t h a midnight "Orgy of Jazz" a t which s e v e r a l of the "Nederlandern" were present. Undoubtedly, the most memorable p a r t of the V i s i t was the p r e v i o u s l y mentioned fafiewell p a r t y In tne Old H o s t e l . The Warden was Informed w e l l i n advance, and he abandoned ship s e v e r a l days before the r e v e l s began. L i q u o r , food and nurses were imported i n q u a n t i t y t o c a t e r f o r a l l t a s t e s . Beer flowed f r e e l y , mainly over the f l o o r o f the capta i n ' s room which served as the bar. A f t e r two hours sleep on Wednesday morning, t h i r t e e n t i r e d but happy Dutchmen returned to t h e i r n a t i v e heath w i t h p l e a s ant i f somewhat hazy r e c o l l e c t i o n s o f t h o l r s t a y a t I.C. d


The eve of t h i s combined R.C.S. and C.4 a. tour was marked by s e n s a t i o n , the d i l a t o r y D.M. Thomas l o s i n g a l l the t i c k e t s , Whils t searchers padded about the Union i n pyjamas and macintoshes, the booming voice of Thomas reassured everyone that i t probable d i d n ' t r e a l t y matter and, indeed, t h i s same voice succeeded i n persuading dubious Dutch o f i l o l a J t s that a i l was w e l l . E a r l y on the day or departure a l l were awakened by alarm c l o c k s : a l l that i s escept B.Hearn, i n s i d e whose head a r i n g i n g noise breaks out whatever time he wishes tx> get up, thus making tne use of an alarm unnecessary. The team enjoyed a p e r f e c t c r o s s i n g , which was marred only by an unexpected c l o s i n g of the bar by the c a p t a i n , who I t was rumoured, feared for the s a f e t y of the s h i p . The f i r s t match was R.C.S. versus Amsterdam, and i t a t t r a c t e d a reasonable crowd, who no doubt a n t i . cipated an e x h i b i t i o n of tne f i n e r p o i n t s of the ga^ie by the b r i l l i a n t B r i t i s h exponents, Although the team took some time to s e t t l e down, they e v e n t u a l l y Produced some very good passin g movements and won 17-11. The f o l l o w i n g day the G u i l d s met Weuve, the S h e l l O i l Company team, which constats mainly of Englishmen, a, someof them o l d students o f I.C. The match was close throughout, and Guilds'were unlucky t o l o s e 8-6. A t one stage B.Hearn, despit e a m u l t i p l i c i t y of muscular and ligament, r y d e f e c t s , forced h i m s e l f across tne S h e l l l i n e , but u n l u c k i l y dropped the b a l l without grounding i t prope r l y . The l a r g e crowd was very appr e c i a t i v e o f the e x c e l l e n t the S h e l l team e n t e r t a i n e d us r o y a l l y a f t e r the game. Those who remember K.F.Patric k w i l l be shocked to hear he drunk as a l o r d . The next two days were spent i n works v i s i t s . One of these was to a brewery, and tne second to a l i q u e u r works .where the famous Dutch 'Genever' i s made. No d e t a i l s are a v a i l a b l e . The tour f i n i s h e d w i t h matches a g a i n s t the U n i v e r s i t y o f D e l f t , whom G u i l d s beat 31-0 and R.C.S. 23-0. Both games were played i n a very f r i e n d l y s p i r i t , and G u i l d s and R.C.S. both demonstrated the a r t s of passing, c a t c h i n g , k i c k i n g , and running s t r a i g h t very w e l l . Needless t o add, the Dutch h o s p i t a l i t y was magnificent, o c c a s i o n a l l y c o n t i n u i n g to 5 a.m. Many s t o r i e s have been r e l a t e d , and w i l l be r e l a t e d i n the bar: to p r i n t them here would be to rob them o f t h e i r f l a v o u r . Thank you, D.S.R.F.C. f o r a memorable v i s i t .

L a s t weekend a group of I.C. g o l f e r s l e f t t h e i r cares behind them f o r the annual outing to Cooden Beach. The more f o r t u n a t e ones t r a v e l l e d by t r a i n while the remainder o f the p a r t y whq had l e f t i n a covered Jeep a r r i v e d i n an open Jeep, having had a s l i g h t argument i n v o l v i n g a d i t c h and a hedge on the way. ftolf was taken s e r i o u s l y on the Saturday, a Medal Competition being won by K.B.Walker. I n the evening entertainment was provided by T.Mc. Velgh on g u i t a r and v a r i o u s people on piano. The a o l f l n g A s s o c i a t i o n ' s P r e s i d e n t , a l o c a l r e s i d e n t , was accompanied home by s e v e r a l members and, a f t e r a l i t t l e l i q u i d refreshment, a s h o r t cut was taken f o r the r e t u r n t r i p . This involve d s e v e r a l f i e l d s , d i t c h e s and barbed wire fences so t h a t most people were ready f o r bed on r e t u r n t o the Dormy House. A. K i t c h e n e r , however, was reported to have been seen wandering about some hours l a t e r c l u t c h i n g a p i n t pot of bear. a o l f didn't appear t o s u f f e r too much, f o r a.Parklnson returned f o r t y p o i n t s i n a S t a b l e f o r d compe t i t i o n on the Sunday morning and was almost caught i n the afternoo n by D«Butters w i t h 39 p o i n t s . The r e t u r n t r i p ' was made a f t e r t e a , the m i s s i n g p a r t s of the Jeep being r e t r i e v e d from the d i t c h and secured w i t h rope. A l l t o g e t h e r a most successf u l l n e s t i n g which one ;hopes w i l l be repeated many times. In the s p r i n g Meeting on March 2«nd, a t Wentworth the P r e s i d e n t ' s P r i z e was won by M.(J.Hampton and the Glover Cup by K.B.Walker. E x c e p t i o n a l l y bad weather was responsible f o r many h i g h scope*. tatm* bj OW FEUX BOARD, InpwW CoHm Umm. London, S.W.7. MMtf bf S'U. VOUX »LAIT WL, jets, MajkoM Fin. London, W.14.