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ADVOCATES 'SAFETY LAST' Sir Bruce White, the guest speaker at the Commemoration Day celebrations, surprised his audience with controversial remarks and unorthodox advice during the course of his speech last Friday. He deprecated the intrusion of politics and committee work into engineering and urged students to at jure security and. to seek not excess in "safety f i r s t " . The Commemoration Day procession started punctually at 2.30. and found i t s pedestrian way to the Great Hall without inoident. Guilds being la3t of the three Colleges, formed the guard of honour for the learned and distinguished as they entered the Hall, i s a result, the entry of the Guilds resembled that of the gladiators - or the Christians heralded by a fanfare of precipitant trumpets. Mervyn Briscoe, the student Orator, said his piece and the new Diplomates and Associates were then presented to Visoount Falmouth. Thir. was followed by the Imperial College choir singing "An Invocation to Science". Lord Falmouth then introduced S i r Bruce White whose speech i s reported below. The proceedings were closed with a short speech of thanks by the Reotor, followed by God Save the Ring. The tea and conversazione which followed were held in the Royal College of Science.

E Sir Bruce began his speech with some reminiscences of Guilds i n 1901. He said that the Saturday night dances had to be discontinued owing to the undesirable character of some of the lady guests. However this had no bearing on his next remarks concerning the close relation that then existed between Guilds and the Royal School of Needlework or on the effect of some Guildsladies' steel corset bones on Irof .Ayrton's galvanometers. On reflection, Sir Bruce 'thought that the student spirit was less vigorous now than i n his dayj also, among engineers "there were giants i n those days" who left a greater mark on their profession than was nowadays the case. This was perhaps due to the age of expansion in which they lived. On the personal idiosyncrasies of great engineers S i r Bruce referred to S i r Frederick Bramble, who detested smoking. The great man waa one day inspecting a sewer and one of his subordinates l i t a cigarette to counter the stench. Whereupon Sir Frederick roared "What d'you mean by lighting that smelly thing down here?" Speaking particularly to Guildsmen S i r 3ruae said that an engineer was a man who could do for 2d. what any fool could do for 6dÂť He found surprising the "rising status of scientists"; who lacked the necessary knowledge of economics and the true value of industry characteristic of a good engineer, "Scientists" said S i r Bruce, "should be always on tap but never on top." This led to sane restlessness among some sections of the audience - a feeling discreetly and gallantly concealed. Sir Bruce,urged his hearers to "avoid safety f i r s t at a l l times", to go abroad untrammelled by "security of employment" and to take "as many jobs as you can get while young" so as to broaden one's experience. He referred to his work on the Mulbery Harbours and remarked on the necessity of "confidence i n your own ideas." In conclusion S i r Bruce remarked "Do not blame me i f you get the sack following my advicej" The Rector then spoke spoke and after thanking S i r Bruce bite for his speech and the advice therein, said that he would be prepared to meet his challenge to the present-day student spirit. He He would be prepared to baok the efforts of present students against those of Sir Bruce's day, " i n any sphere and i n any space of time coordinates," Sir Roderic concluded with some quotations from the writings of earlier professors of the College, The trumpeters at the back of the Hall blew their trumpets and the ceremony closed with "the King",

NOVEMBER 4 I t i s now c e r t a i n that the annual Guy Fawkes Rag on the A l b e r t Steps w i l l not take p l a c e . (See E d i t o r i a l ) . The heavy hand of the P o l i c e has poured cold water or. our b o n f i r e before i t i s l i t . I t i s doubtless l a r g e l y a r e a c t i o n from l a s t year, but at a l l events the P o l i c e e v i d e n t l y mean what they say, and however r e g r e t f u l l y , we s h a l l be w e l l advised t o respect t h e i r pronouncement. A c h a r i t y B a l l which was t o have been held on November the f o u r t h i n conjunction w i t h the r a g on the A l b e r t Steps has a l s o been scratched. Instead there w i l l be the u s u a l Saturday night "Hop" and the b o n f i r e and f i r e w o r k s w i l l be held on the Rector's lawn. We are g r a t e f u l t o S i r Roderic H i l l f o r h i s kindness i n s a c r i f i c i n g the Rector's lawn to oar n e f a r i o u s purposes. Footnote: I t has been proposed that the e f f i g y t o be burnt t h i s year should the that of the Commissioner of P o l i c e .

SEEK AND HBAHD AT THE COMMEMORATION BALL ESTER HASKE1L (ires.R.C.S.) being caught behind a p i l l a r clandestinely uncorking a bottle. The Waiter: That w i l l be 10/- corkage please SirJ STUART SILLIAMS (Guilds) getting engaged to Gwyneth and telling us a l l about i t , FROF.LEVX tripping like Fred Astaire with incredible velocity and angular gyration round the ballroom. CHRIS WILLIAMS asking a photographer to take a group. The 1-hotographer, with glassy hauteur:"I'm from the Tatler". THE EDITOR to the man who trod on his foot: Ne te casse pas l a tete pour t'excuser!" A CLOAKROOM ATTENDANT surveying the tip: "Cor" MANY OTHER things were doubtless done and seen but I didn't see them. After a l l - well..... .Anyway I certainly enjoyed myseifl <^jr^' â&#x20AC;&#x201D;

E NO COMMENT From the Commemoration Day Conversazione programme: " Z00L0GI Department where animal types used i n teaching and research w i l l be exhibited "

The next Touchstone weekend at Silwood park w i l l be on Nov.ll/l2th. The subject for discussion w i l l be "The Power of Language" and the guest speaker w i l l be L.A.G. Strong. Those wishing to attend should give their names to the Hen.Seo.I.C.tJ. i n the Union Office.




PROFILEâ&#x20AC;&#x201D; It i s popularly supposed that to be a professor and to be a crank are i d e n t i c a l s t a t e s . Popular supposition a l s o prescribes that a professor be bespectacled, d i s t a n t , f r a g i l e and austere, a l l these q u a l i t i e s being inseparable from that studious musty wisdom which seems so unattainable to the s t r u g g l i n g student, and yet e s e n t i a l f o r academic success. How reassuring i t i s f o r i the student to f i n d that popu l a r supposition i s confounded by the undeniable presence i n t h i s corner of the S c i e n t i f i c World of a Professor, large i n form and large i n outlook, fond of the Good Things of l i f e , who i s an accompl i s h e d sportsman, a success i n h i s academic sphere and, moreover, a counsellor whose sunny countenance d i s p e l s fear and the awe which s t i f l e s d i s c u s s i o n , and provides the understanding which passes on to knowledge. the Bean of C i t y and Guilds does not regret having been educated at T r i n i t y College, Cambridge; in fact he i s one of the foremost of those who advocate the U n i v e r s i t y as opposed to the Technical School education. The l a t t e r he says i s not a 'complete' education. The t r u t h of t h i s i s w e l l borne out by h i s own r a p i d and diverse success. From early beginnings as Lecturer i n Applied Mathematical Physics at Imperial College, Professor Saunders developed the h i t h e r t o almost unexplored f i e l d of Heat Transmission and became a valuable " b o f f i n " i n the recent war when he was on loan to the Directorate of Turbine Engine Research, a member of the aeronautical Research Council and chairman of the Power Plants Committee. He i s s t i l l chairman of several committees at the M i n i s t r y of Supply and the Admiralty and i s a member of the Mechanical Engineering Research Board; he has publ i s h e d many o r i g i n a l papers on h i s subject and, of course, h i s Book, compiled i n c o l l a b o r a t i o n with Dr. Fishenden, which iae confesses i s the only worthwhile work on the subject. But t h i s i s the sort of thing one expects of Professors; they are supposed to be b r i l l i a n t . However, one does not expect him to have a Bronze Medal f o r s k i i n g , to be a keen tennis player, an accomplished p i a n i s t and a magician. No, these are not the standard p r o f e s s o r i a l a t t r i b u t e s , but those who know him f i n d these a t t r i b u t e s not so very surp r i s i n g . I t seems the Dean .is 1'ortuna.te i n having command of himself to such an extent as to be capable of complete r e l a x a t i o n . Never does hi s face show the harassed, drawn look associated with high pressure study and thought; h i s aspect i s rather that of a tennis player who has j u s t won three s t r a i g h t sets and i s ready f o r more, or that of the skier flushed with pleasure at the end of a long run. A The Professor i s e s s e n t i a l l y a family man. close f r i e n d of h i s has s a i d that h i s son and two daughters i n t h e i r Surrey home are indeed fortunate to have such a f a t h e r ; and an unostentatious family man he appears to a l l who meet him. In the l e c t u r e theatre he has that same personal touch that one can imagine him using when operating h i s son's model railway, t e l l i n g h i s family what to do i n the garden, or producing magic before a small audience. ( He i s to l e c t u r e to the Radio Society on Magic i n December - i t now seems indisputable that those valve things and b i t s of wire are r e a l l y j u s t magic a f t e r a l l ! ) One may say that Professor Saunders i s i n himself the answer to those who advocate sheer brownbagging; singleness of purpose combined with a m u l t i p l i c i t y of personal i n t e r e s t s i s surely a good guide to a successful and happy career.

Y The Refectory Committee held i t s 96th meeting last Monday. The Committee ivish i t to be .vnown that the situation regarding College meals i s under constant review. As i s well known the ref eotory made a considerable loss last year and the situation, though improved, is s t i l l serious. The Committee i s always glad to hear from members of the College who have any constructive ideas to put forward.. Letters may be placed i n the Suggestions Box (inside the Lower Dining Hall, near the doors) or members of the Committee may he contacted personally. These are: Chairman, Admiral Hall, v/Chairman, J.P.Levy; and Prof.Pippard, Derek Allen, Derek Coomber, Miss June Mahon, Peter Haskell,Peter Hayward and John Rambaut. The Rector i s an ex-offioio member of the Committee,while Dr. Howard and icr.i>owry are co-opted members.


Letters are invited on any and every subject. They should be as short as possible and in no case longer than 200 words. The Editor takes no responsibility for the opinions expressed by correspondents. Geophysics Dept. R.C.S. To the Editor of Felix.

27 Oct.


Sir, We now have a Liberal Group of respectable size in the P o l i t i c a l Society and the Socialist Group seems at last on the point of deciding i f i t is (a) Communist, (b) Labour or (c) a living proof of the fundamental identity of these parties. We have also had a particularly exuberant challenge from Professor Levy. It therefore seems that when things get sorted out we are in for some p o l i t i c a l fun this term. May I on behalf of the Liberal Group say "Yes please", and that are ready for anything. We are particularly anxious to have a go at the collectivist l e f t from the Red Dean ( Dr. Hewlett Johnson I mean, of course! ) downwards, and refute their particular p o l i t i c a l phlogiston theory. We are also ready to discuss policy with the Tory Group - ours, or theirs i f they can find any. However, more of this anon. Yours faithfully, John Osborne. I.C. Eostel. 22nd October

1950. To the Editor of Felix. Sir, In accordance with your invitation for modification of the form for the l e t t e r home, may I suggest that the phrase 'your erring son be changed to 'your erring son/daughter'. After a l l , there are at least 42 daughters i n the College at the moment and their interests should not be neglected. Yours f a i t h f u l l y , II. Raged. (I.C.W.A.) (Hear, hear! And i f Hiss Raged w i l l l e t me have her 'phone number, I w i l l see that her interests are not neglected - Ed.) 1

City & Guilds College. 24th October 1950. To the Editor of Felix. Sir, I wish to bring to your notice what I consider to be a serious omission from Felix. Before Freshers begin their lives at I.C., they reoeive quite a dossier of leaflets among which i s a reminder that they are members of U.L.U. and they are urged to take an aotive interest i n the a f f a i r s of that Union. Kenoe my surprise when I see no mention of U.L.U. a c t i v i t i e s i n the last two editions of Felix. I realise that there are other ways of f i n ding out what i s taking place., but I do think that i t would be helpful i f mention were made of the more important events i n U.L.U. and the other Colleges of London University. Yours f a i t h f u l l y , Frank G. Holroyd. To the Editor of


Sir, It was with some surprise that I read the f i r s t of your "Felix road tests". I think i t would have been more appropriate to commenoe such a series with the one and.only 'Boanerges'. Few, i f any, freshers probably know of i t s existence and I am sure that a member of the C. & G. Motor Club would have supplied the relevant data. 'Indignant Guildsman'. (It was f e l t that a road-test on 'Bo' just now would be a l i t t l e unfair as she i s i n bits with seized bearings and a cracked cylinder head! - Ed.)




Charge: 6d. per 20 words.

It was with greater regret than surprise that the Union heard i t s President announce at the recent General Meeting that any I.C. students who got into trouble with the police on Guy Fawkes Day were likely to be sent down. In these days of d i f ficulty in getting into, and remaining at College, and the almost general reliance on Government Grants, this i s a risk that few students would deliberately run, and so i t seems that our traditional bonfire and high jinks on the steps of the A l bert Memorial w i l l not be held this year. Briefly the case for the police i s that i n resent years our November the 5th rag has ceased to be a purely student a f f a i r ; that a large crowd, i n eluding some of the wilder elements of the town, are attracted to i t , and that i t verges on a r i o t . We dismiss as puerile their further argument that damage may result from the bonfire lighted on the paved roadway by the steps. The fact i s that by lighting a bonfire and throwing firewo*ks in a public place we are breaking the law, and they have decided that this lav; must be enforced. Many people contend, that this case i s weak, and that this i s merely another step in a general trend towards the Police State, They point out that other Universities are experiencing the same trouble with their Police Forces, and that last year the London Police even went so far as to prevent c h i l drens' bonfires on bombed sites. Others say that these things always happen every decade or so, and that in a few years things w i l l be back to normal but this i s of l i t t l e consolation to us at present. Meanwhile various alternative plans are being suggested, ranging from the ceremonial blowing up of the Chelsea Police Station, the Senate House and the Home Office to the slightly more likely idea of a purely domestio celebration on the Rector's lawn, which Sir Roderic H i l l has kindly made available. In any case i t seems that our commemoration of Britain's most unsuccessful saboteur w i l l this year be less riotous than of recent years.

S Not the least surprising of Sir Bruce White s remarks Xast week was his insistence on the labels "scientist" and "engineer" as i f these two were of quite a different species. Is this not making a semantic mountain out of a molehill of pedantry? Our respective curricula may differ but we are at one i n our scientific attitude to inquiry and experiment. It is surely impossible to draw the frontier between applied science and engineering. The two fields overlap to such an extent that i t may well be the physicist who designs a machine whilst the engineer concerns himself with the physics of i t s operation. Chemists may tsock and engineers may engineer but i n the last analysis i t comes to the same thing we are a l l much of the 3ame persuasion and our different labels are merely traditional relics. Engineers and scientists - we are so interdependent and intermixed that the label we use i s of l i t t l e moment. 1

Y Once every three years i t i s the custom of the L.I.F.C.U. to hold a Mission in the University. Past Missions have been welcomed and appreciated by many in this College, to some they have proved a real help. We take this opportunity of extending to you a warm invitation to any or a l l of the services or meetings. We believe that the message of the Mission w i l l be relevant to the times and worthy of the consideration of every member of the College. Below are some of the meetings which w i l l be held during the fortnight of theMission, 5th November - 19th. MONDAY, 6th NOV. Rev. Maurice Wood, M.A. on "Need f a i t h be blind?" Room 15, Guilds, 5.3o p.m. TUESDAY, 7th NOV. Leith Samuel, B.A. on "God has spoken". Large Physics Theatre, R.C.S., 5,15 p.m. WEDNESDAY, 8th NOV. Rev. L.F.E. Wilkinson, on "Where does the Cross come in?" Room 15, Guilds. 5.So p.m. FRIDAY, loth NOV. Dr. O.R. Barclay, on "Why the Cross?" Botany Lecture Theatre, 1.15 p.m. MONDAY, 13th NOV."Dust and Destiny", sound and colour film produced by the Moody Institute of Science, U.S.A. Mining Lecture Theatre, 5.15 p.m. TUESDAY, 14th NOV. Prof. Rendle Short on "The significance of Jesus Christ", Bot. Lect. Th. 1.15 pjn. THURSDAY, 16th NOV. Dr. O.R. Barclay on "What i t means to be a Christian'.' Room 15, Guilds, 5.15 p.m. SUNDAY, 19th NOV. Student Service, preacher Rev. A.M. Stibbs, 11.A., Holy Trinity Church, Prince L.I.F.C.U. Consort Rd. 8.15 p.m.

MISLAID - Pink f cap folder (probably i n Mines).titled "Mineral Dressing" containing important key to analyses. Finder please oontact N.L.Samways, P. G.Metallurgy. LOST or stolen from Onion cloakroom R.C.S. scarf. Usual reward on return to J.Osborne, R.C.S. THE EDITOR s t i l l requires a copy of FELIX No. 1. (Deo 9th 19^9). Payment w i l l be in beer.



'News, of the World"

Y Mr. J.C. Garland, A.C.G.I., B.Sp.. A.M. I. Chem. E. It i s with the deepest regret that we have to announce the death of Mr. J.C. Garland i n the M i l l H i l l a i r crash on 17th October. John Garland, who was 35, was a student i n the Mechanical Department of City and Guilds from 1932 - 38, his prolonged period as an undergraduate being due to his interests i n the wider aspects of College l i f e being greater than i n the purely aoademic work. He was at this time one of the most prominent members of the College, and his contact with and interest i n the College has never lapsed. On leaving Guilds, he went into the Streaml i n e F i l t e r Co. and, when war broke out, entered the K.A.F., i n which he was a Flight Lieutenant i n the Technical Branoh. After the war he returned to his former firm and, at the time of his death, was i t s Managing Direotor. Ee was on the Old Centralians Committee and this year became their representative on I.C. Council, i n which capacity he was at the College on the Thursday before his death. He wap -vi active and extremely popular member of the Links Club,- and seldom missed any of their dinners. He i s the son of Mr. C.S. Garland, one of the Governors of Imperial College and a Member of the Delegacy of the City and Guilds College. He leaves a wife and three children. His funeral was held at Bromley on 2l3t October, and a wreath was sent by the Union on behalf of Imperial College.

TRIP TO CAMBRIDGE FOR OVERSEAS STUDENTS On Saturday 11th November there .will be a trip to Cambridge for Overseas Students and any English students who are particularly interested in forming friendships with Overseas Students. Coaches w i l l leave the I.C.Union gates at 10 a.m. on the 11th Nov and return in t he evening. Students w i l l be conducted around Cambridge by Cambridge students and w i l l be entertained to tea by them. Will those who wish to go on this trip please give their names to the seoretary in the Union Office bef6re Friday 3rd November and pay a booking fee of 1/-, The total cost w i l l be about 6/- plus booking fee.

EDITORIAL NOTE On reading through this page we find we have a space here.




A CAR FIT FOR A MIHER. ( Owner: Peter Hayward.)

^gineers^Heport [For Insurance Purposes). A rema!rkaBIe scrapTieap - comparatively odourless considering the advanced state of decay. Amended Engineers' Report (After £5 Bribe). Preamble" One"might be l e d to suppose after a cursory inspection that this l i t t l e black monstrosity would be highly dangerous, uncomfortable, dirty, slow, inefficien t and uneconomical on the road. A short road t e s t proves this supposition to be entirely correct. Recommended Modifications. (i) Engine~ahd' Gearbox. Apart from the fact t h a t neither i s an engineer's idea of a mechanical proposition, things seem to go up and down i n the right places giving a f i n a l somewhat rotational motion to the main shaft. Recommendation: Leave well alone. ( i i ) Transmission. At present, drive i s transmitted through the gear-box to the main shaft and thence v i a the chassis and body-work to the occupants (numbering 2-7 usually) of the r e a r seat. l.ialignant bt. Titus' Dance, varying i n i t s degree of seriousness has been a oor.imon complaint of passengers, whilst the incidence of dislocated neck, although uncommon, i s on the increase. Recommendation: Haise the chasis clear of the shaft by use of perambulator springs and supply small step ladders so that passengers may ascend to their 3eats. Alternative: Sorap the car. (if.) Fuel. Consumption i s high. The reason for this Ts That petrol finds i t s way, occasionally, from the tank to the radiator and much power i s wasted i n an attempt to vaporise radiator water iE the carburettor. recommendation: tieal o f f a l l water jacket leaks with a suitable compound (preferably Lydia Pink's) and use pulverised fuel. Alternative: Scrap the car. (iv) Electrics. V/iring*on the whole, i s good and sma,ll'~TTres, although freouent, -orove useful for internal heating and for abruptly reviving passengers semi-conscious from carbon monoxide iunes. The batteries which are new Mid i n good condition drive the generator ae a motor very e f f i cient!;' but to no obviously useful purpose. (v) l££ihion. A j o l l y good idea. 'Preferably to a whitewash - on ITovember 5th. Conclusions. TTTese~modifications would enable this maohine to run very e f f i c i e n t l y as a Seversible Tricycle cum - Lancashire Boiler. Suggest i t be given to a Piccadilly chestnut vendor or alternatively Owner's Kote. We cannot disclose the reason for the abrupt ending o f the Engineers' Heport but are at liberty to say the Insurance Company would not accept the l i a b i l i t y . -

Performance Data:ha3Simum~jpeeds. 1st Gear" " 10 m.p.h. 2nd Gear ( i f you can get i n to i t ) 10 rn.p.h. 3rd Gear (you csji't get into i t ) ? Fuel Consumption .. .. ifany gallons/mile. Brakes.' j?ront~wheels .. 30 m.p.h - 0 i n 5 seos. Rear wheels .. 30 m.p.h - 0 i n 20 sees. (giving that telescooed effect which i s so distinctive)

R To the Editor of Felix.

New Hostel, Imperial College*


29th Oct.1950.

There appears to be within our midst an intellectual whose regard for those scholarly journals "The New Statesman and Mation" and "The Spectator" i s so exoessive that he finds i t imperative to abstract them from the Lounge presumably for his private delectation. Now the denial of such erudite literature from members of the Union i s as incompatible with the enlightened (leftwing) doctrines expounded by the former as with the public spirited (right-wing) pronouncements of the latter. May I therefore request the person (or persons) concerned to confine his reading to the Lounge and extend to others the pleasure of perusing the paragrammatical phillipics of the above popular periodicals. Yours etc. A.F.

City & Guilds College. 23rd October 1950. To the Editor of Felix. Dear Sir, We feel that Felix Is far too lean a cat. He looks to skinny, long and thin. Let's have him short and fat. - Have twice the pages, half the size And. then he'11" look more neat. (Right now our paper looks just like A lab. instruction sheet). Felix i s not a newspaper, Hor yet a magazine. He's just a horrid hybrid That's somewhere i n between. His contents are magnificent. (Our laughing tires our ribs). But, as to his proportions, Our I.C. cat needs Tibs. A.F. Toplta. J.W. Barker.



On the evening of October 2oth Guilds Freshers assembled in the Upper Dining Hall for their annual buffeting, many of them hoping, after seeing one of the posters advertising the event, to see a horizontal Felix s t i l l manfully supping his beer from the barrel. In this (but, we hope, only this) they were disappointed, for your correspondent understands that he remained vertical late into the night. The buffet was advertised as "6 for 6.3o", but your correspondent, arriving at about 6.3o after helping the principal speakers to calm their nerves with a pint of beer in the President's room, found that the motley throng had already disposed of a l l the food and most of the free beer; from which i t may be deduced that our Freshers are punctual, starved, broke and thirsty - only the f i r s t of which i s unusual. The President, John Rambaut, clad in his robe3 of office, welcomed the guests, including the representative of the Great Unemployed - his predecessor - and called on David Allen to propose the health of the Freshers. This he did with taot and grace, exhorting them, as they w i l l continue to be exhorted until they leave, to neglect nothing in favour of t h e i r studies, and ignoring the fact that by this time the h e a l t h of many of them was in jeopardy. John Hall replied on behalf of the Freshers with a few well chosen words, f l u i d l y d e l i v e r e d . Then, w i t h an ease that b e l i e d h i s a a r r i e d state, arose on the table the Distinguished Old Gentralian, Peter Foster , v;ho proposed with h i s usual aplomb and wit the toast of the College, coupled with the name of the Dean. H i s remarks on the College, and particularly those on the convenient nature of the architecture of the h a l l , quickly drew shouts of laughter from h i s delighted audience, laughter that was only surpa-ssed when he proceeded to deal with the Dean - although i t must be admitted.that the character he sketched bore l i t t l e resemblance to this week's p r o f i l e . Professor Saunders i n r e p l y i n g was l e f t with l i t t l e to say, and w i s e l y contented himself With a parting s a l l y at Peter Epater and a few expressions of f e l i c i t y find welcome* The important ousiness of teaching the F r e shers and the President the Boomalaka was a b l y conducted by the two past Presidents who were present, after which the learners gave a satisfactory performance, and the company returned to their s p i r i tual home to render the night hideous with bawdy song. Fortunately this cannot be reported in detail as your correspondent returned to the pin. It is understood that Q.A. are now seriously reconsidering the advisability of h o l d i n g a. formal dance on the same night as the Guilds Freshers Buffet. Owe suspect that our correspondent remember a word he said. - Ed, )

is unable tc

L Four matches played and four matches lost! This sounds as i f the Netball Team this year has not the victorious possibilities of last year's team. An explanation is necessary not to vindicate but at least to uphold the falling honour of the team. The crux of the matter lies in the fact that only in the f i r s t practice match against The Hen were we lucky enough to play our f u l l team. This team, be i t said with a l l modesty, should be a match-winning one. There is plenty of enthusiasm and attack and a determination to get the ball at any cost. The i n i t i a l weakness of poor shooting has been lessened in the last two matches, both shooters being "on form" when playing Maria Grey Training College. Criticism of that match would be unsure handling and catching of the ball and slowness in passing. Against Bedford i t was anybody's game and i t was just unfortunate that we did not come out on top. The practices with The Men are a great help. ÂŤ request however from one member of the I.C.W.S.C. team has been made. Would The Men please cut their finger nails before playing. Encouraging and fair support from spectators has been much appreciated by both the visiting and the home teams.

On Tuesday, Oct. 17th, the f i r s t I.C.W.A. general meeting of the session was held. This was followed by the freshers tea, to which a l l members of I.C.W.A. had been invited. The general business of the meeting was accomplished with great dispatch. We would like to take this opportunity to welcome Dr. Pratt as our new Vice-President for this session. Apart from the odd hurried whispered consultation with the secretary, our President coped ably. She was not even noticeably disconcerted when an ominous clattering in the quad heralded the approach of the tea trolley, laden with cups and cakes. The male element of the community wil l probably be relieved to hear that no far-reaching or revolutionary decisions were made, though one freshwoman has been heard to exclaim against the unfairness of the men only bar. Rest assured, she was imeediately, and we trust convincingly, talked round and I.C.W.A. remains content to be debarred. ( It's cheaper anyhow'.) One or two bright ideas were forthcoming, with the result that I.C.W.A. w i l l , we hope, soon be showing signs of l i f e in directions other than those s t r i c t l y sporting. With the handing round of the tea-cups a general babble of conversation broke forth and the next hour or so was pleasantly spent nattering to a l l and sundry on a great variety of subjects. Freshen, having shaken off the strangeness of the o f f i c i a l Freshers' Day,occupied themselves with asking yet further questions about College Activities, and everybody came away knowing a few more people's naaies. Altogether a successful occasion, and any of the male inmates who were lucky enough to be invitad to coffee by a. hostel member of I.C.W.A. that evening, w i l l be able to testify to the high quality of the cakes. (Note* For the unlettered, I.C.W.A. stands for I.C. Womens Association.)

RUGGER The i . e . Rugger Club have started tne season, .'/ith a great determination to make a better show i n the U.L. Cup t h i s year than in the last two years. The Captain, Hawicz, has organised practices on Monday evenings i n Hyde Park which have been attended by i;.0 or 50 members of the Club, and the d i s c u s s i o n s on t a c t i c s which are held in the lunch hour on F r i d a y s have led to valuable interchange o f ideas on the finer points of the game. The thought which has been given to the game has been r e f l e c t e d i n the matches and although the Club cannot boast of any outstanding players, the standard of rugby which i s being played is l i k e l y to lead to the greatest enjoyment and satisfaction by those playing i t . The wins arainst the R.A.E. and. Rosslyn Park 'A' were particularly gratifying because of the high standard of team work and purpose that was evident. Although the College ran up a much bigger score against the Police at Chigwell, there is perhaps, not surprisingly, o difference of ideas between the Police and the College ss to how the game should be played.' The game against Borough Road College was very satisfactory because besides depriving the College of an unbeaten record, i t gave a lesson in the effectiveness of good handling, bustling forward play and successful use of the kick-ahead by the backs. Imperial College had several very good three quarter movements which however usually failed because of a dropped pass which was then pounced upon by the opposition who, by kicking and fftat following uu, quickly transferred the play into the I.C. 25. There are lots of lessons to be learned from the Borough Road game and i t i s good that this game came so early in the season so that the lessons which have been taught w i l l be thoroughly learned before the Cup matches come along. R.R.SPAHKSS. flPACE FILLER The Editor was sober last Tuesday.



SAILING At a recent meeting the f o l l o w i n g o f f i c e r s ware e l e c t e d : Commodore: A.B. Foster Vice Commodore: E.G. C r o s s l e y Hon. S e c : B.J. Cory Hon, Treasurer: T.J.Hunt Since beginning of term great a c t i v i t y could be seen at the s a i l i n g grounds - one F i r e f l y has been completely revarnished and the other w i l l be s t a r t e d on soon. The hack dinghy "Impshee" i s a t l a s t able to s a i l thanks t o 9 months "hard labour" (not t o be confused w i t h magistrates' sentence) and i s f o r the use of a l l beginners - e s p e c i a l l y a l l day on Sundays. A number of t a l k s by emminent yachtsmen are being arranged, the next one being on Tuesday,Nov. 21st, when Capt. Ryder V.G., M.P. w i l l t a l k about some of h i s many s a i l i n g experiences i n c l u d i n g the s a i l i n g of the Tai-Mo-3han from China to England and as commander of the "Campeltown" which rammed the S t . Nazaire dock i n 1942.

HOCKEY The l o s s of P l a y e r s t o the u n i v e r s i t y t r i a l s had i t s e f f e c t on Club play during the f i r s t few f i x t u r e s , but the teams are now showing some signs of order. A weakened f i r s t XI which played against King's College and o l d Dunstablians displayed l i t & e of the teamwork and g u i l e of o l d , and i n p a r t i c u l a r the drawn game against King's i s best f o r g o t t e n . However, w i t h a f u l l team out against Reading U n i v e r s i t y (save the l o s s of P. Juste sen and Ted Green to U.L.H.C.) an extremely keen and c l e a n game r e s u l t e d on a l i v e l y p i t c h . Improved combination i n a t t a c k and steadiness i n defence were evident i n the _IC team and only a f i r m Reading defenoe kept the"score down to one g o a l . "Uncle kac" i s busy t r a i n i n g h i 3 new r e c r u i t s i n the second XI and the performance of h i s team against Old Dunstablians augurs w e l l f o r the Club's good r e p u t a t i o n . This game was r a t h e r u n f o r t u n a t e l y lost following a penalty b u l l y . The t h i r d and f o u r t h teams have put up good performances i n s p i t e of the progressive e f f e c t s o f team changes i n the higher orders. I t should be stated however that the continuance of the f o u r t h XI i s dependent on c o n s i s t e n t support from Club members who should t h i n k of t h i s before c r o s s i n g o f f f o r any game.



Saturday afternoon at Putney brought that cold grey autumn weather, when oarsmen would much r a t h e r huddle close t o the f i r e and glance through "Ken Only", than get soaked by a h i g h t i d e . F u r t h e r apprehension was caused among the Sabin crew by the f a c t that the oarsman at 4 had to drop out a t the l a s t moment. I n consequence, when 6'2" of Peter Sharpe ( C&G ) turned up to work o f f the e f f e c t s of the previous evening w i t h a l i t t l e gentlemanly exe r c i s e , he was promptly ordered i n t o the crew to make up the numbers. Four V I I I ' s were entered f o r t h i s r e g a t t a , which gave us one heat and the f i n a l . The toughest o p p o s i t i o n was King's C o l l e g e , which our crew had drawn i n t h e i r f i r s t heat. This gave them no chance of at; aasy race i n which to a c c l i m a t i s e the s u b s t i t u t e , and i n f a c t i t turned out t o be even c l o s e r than a n t i c i p a t e d . From the s t a r t a t Crabtree Wharf the two crews went o f f dead l e v e l , but whereas King's soon lengthed out, IC seemed unable to s e t t l e down and s t r u c k a higher r a t i n g over the whole course. F o r more than h a l f a mile each crew struggled to get ahead, but n e i t h e r could lead by more than a few f e e t nor hold even that f o r l o n g . They rounded the Fulham bend s t i l l l e v e l , w i t h King's i n the b e t t e r water, and then both V I I I ' s spurted. Hugh M e t c a l f e at stroke r a l l i e d h i s crew w e l l and more by guts than s t y l e they took h a l f a l e n g t h o f f t h e i r opponents before the f i n i s h . In the f i n a l we met Vesta Rowing Club. Our crew, rowing much more s t e a d i l y than i n t h e i r f i r s t race, were able t o draw away from t h e i r r i v a l s and w i t h the help of c l e v e r coxing by "Taffy" Thomas, they won by a l e n g t h "and so r e t a i n e d the Sabin Tankard f o r the t h i r d consecutive year. We have now won t h i s event f i v e times out of the l a s t . s i x oc-

Saturday 4th Nov, I.C.H.C. v Vickers Armstrongs, Away. I.C.A.F.C. v. University College London, Home. I.C.R.F.C. v. London Transport. Home. I.C.W.S.C. (Hetball) v. Battersea Poly. Away. I.C.Entertainments Committee, Guy Fawkes Hop. Gym. 8 p.m. Sunday 5th Nov. I.C.Mountaineering Club meet at Stone Farm,East Grinstead, Monday 6th Nov. C & G Radio Society "Broadoast Frequency Modulation" by F.M.S.Hedgeland. Room 04, Guilds. 5.10 p.m. Tuesday 7 th Nov. I.C.Railway Coc. Social Night. Roon N.26. Guilds. 5.15 p.m. R.C.S.Maths & Physical Soc. "Prime Numbers" by Prof.H. Davenport. R.C.S. 5.15 p.m. X.G.Chem.Soo. Film Show. "Atomisation", "New Detergents", "pattern for Chemical" and "The Glass Blower" R.C.S. 5.15 pm. I.C.Boxing Club v. King's College London, Gym. 6 p.m. I.C.Photographic Soc. Extr.Gen,Meeting. Ctte Room A.1.15 p.m. Wednesday 8th Nov. Association of Applied-Biologists, Tea, Lower Dining Hall. 4.30. "Technology Cup""0 & G A.F.O, v R.C,3.A.F.C. Harlington. 1st Sound of U.L. Hookey Cup. Friday 10th Nov. "22" Club Dinner, Upper Dining Hall. 7 P.m. Sattirday 11th Nov, I.C.A.F.C. 1st Round of IT. L. Cup. I.C.R.FVC, v Saracens Ex.lst. Away. I.C.H.C. v Old Faludian3. Home. I.O.W.S.C.(Netball) v. Queen Mary College. Home. 1.0.Entertainments Ctte. "Hop" Gym. 8 p.m. Sunday 12th Nov. I.C,Film Soc, "Strange Incident" and "The Harvest w i l l Come" New Lounge, 7.15 P.m. Monday 13th Nov. I.C.Photographic Soo,"Film Strips" by I.Carter Esq., Zoology Lecture Theatre. 5.15 p.m. I.C.Chera.Eng.Soo. Film Show, "Steam" and "Furnace Practice" Chero.Tech.Lecture Theatre. 5 p.m. C * G Radio Soo. "Sound Recording in the B.B.C." by J.R.G.Vernon Esq., Room 04. Guilds. 5.10 p.m. Tuesday 14th Nov. I.C.Chem.Soc. Dr.F.Sanger "The Chemistry of Insulin" R.C.S. 5 15 p.m. I.C.Boxing Club. Novices Competition. Gym. 5.30 p.m. Wednesday 15th Nov. C & G Radio Soo. Visit to N.P.L.Radio Section.Slough. I.C.A.F.C. v St.St.Mary College. Away. Thursday 16 th Nov. C & G Eng.Soc. "Inspection i n the Engineering Industry" Student paper by P.K.Chettle. Room 15. C & G. 5 p.m. Friday 17th Nov. "Felix" No. 13 published. I.C.W.A. Dance. Gym. 8 p.m. COMING EVENTS Copy for this oolumn must reach the Editor by midday on the FRIDAY before publication. The next Coming Events covers the period Nov.l7th-Dec l s t .


lst XV v, Roaslyn Park'A' Borough Rd.Coll. Wadham Coll.Oxford.


l s t XI v. Old Dunstablians Reading Univ. Asnford (Middx)


1st XI v. Cambridge Falcons v. U.C. v. Borough Rd.Coll.

Won. 6 Lost.19 Won. 8

- 35 -0 Lost. 1 4 Won. 1 0 Draw. 1 - 1 Lost. 8 Won. 4 Lost 2




-3 -

'PHOIIE COHVBRSATION. "May I oome up and see you this evening, Mabel?" "Yes, certainly, Harry." "But my name's not Harry." "And mine's not Mabel, but cone up just the same."