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SHALIYAH March 2011

Reconstructionist Synagogue of the North Shore A Community Dedicated to Change and Committed to Tradition



RSNS Awarded Jewish Greening Fellowship! We are one of only 20 New York area Jewish institutions to receive this prestigious honor, from the UJA-Federation of NY and Camp Isabella Friedman, which will allow us, under Cantor Eric's leadership, to embark on an 18-month intensive greening campaign. We will receive up to $20,000 in grant money, plus assistance in applying for large state and federal grants in order to formulate institution-wide solutions to issues of environmental education, sustainable purchasing and energy use at RSNS. The fellowship begins this month, so if you're interested in joining our "Green Team," please contact Cantor Eric right away! See more info on Social Action events on page 8.

MEGILLAH READING Saturday, March 19, 6:30pm in the Sanctuary COSTUME PARADE following the Megillah reading PURIM SPIEL: PolyEsther: An 80's Purim Musical at 7:30pm SHARP in the Sanctuary bring a box of pasta to use as a grogger – after the service they will be collected for donation to the INN.

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Adar I/ Adar II 5771

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"HOW TO GET THE BEST CARE FROM THE HEALTH CARE SYSTEM" NEW DATE: Tuesday, March 8, 2011 Time: 7:30pm - Location: RSNS Please join us for the second of the Mutual Support Workshop Series. This event will provide both information and an opportunity to explore important concerns regarding how to get the best care from your doctor and the Health Care System. Presented by Dr. Elton Strauss, Amy Olshever LCSW, and Harriet Feiner LMSW, the workshop will go over many points including... * How to choose a physician. * How to partner with your physician. * What documents you should bring to every doctor appointment. * How to follow through after your doctor appointments. Save dates for the third and fourth workshops in this valuable series. “Parenting and Grand Parenting: A Values Approach” on Thursday, March 24, 2011, presented by Sandra Wolkoff LCSW and Rabbi Jodie Siff. “When Your Child or Grand Child Plans to Intermarry” on Thursday, May 5, 2011 to be presented by our clergy. Each evening provides both information and an opportunity to explore important concerns. As we talk with one another, we strengthen the bonds of community and further our ability to provide a mutually supportive environment.

APRIL SHALIYAH To submit content for the April Shaliyah, email your copy as a word document to not later that March 15.


Cantor Eric “Go to the ant, you sluggard! Consider her ways, and be wise.” This quote from the Biblical book of Proverbs was a favorite of Milton Levine, aka “Uncle Milton,” who passed away on January 16th at the age of 97. Levine was the creator of the original Ant Farm - a sensation which has sold over 20 million units since its introduction in 1956. Milton, a WWII veteran raised in Pittsburgh by Jewish Russian immigrants, would often collect ants in jars during childhood visits to his uncle’s farm, and he decided to create his legendary toy during an ant invasion of a fourth of July picnic near his Hollywood home in 1956. The Ant Farm was by far the biggest seller of Uncle Milton industries, a mail-order company Levine founded with his brother-in-law, which he ran for nearly forty years before passing it on to his son, Steven. When the company was eventually sold to a private equity firm, it was valued at over 30 million dollars. Milton could often be heard offering this quip on ants, "I found out their most amazing feat yet. They put three kids through college!" Levine expressed his affection for his favorite species in a 2002 interview in the L.A. Times, where he said, "Ants work day and night, they look out for the common good and never procrastinate. Humanity can learn a lot from the ant." Indeed, even the great King Solomon learned a thing or two from this tiny creature. In the Book of Proverbs, attributed to Solomon, we find the following verse, in addition to the one quoted above: "There be four things which are little upon the earth, but they are exceeding wise: The ants are a nation without strength, yet they prepare their food in the summer." Why was Solomon so fond of ants? We find the answer in a post-Talmudic midrash originally found in the Koran, in a Surah entitled, “The Ant.” In this tale, King Solomon is humbled by an ant, who stops Solomon and his army in his tracks, and proves its worth by convincing Solomon to pick it up and speak to it as an equal, thereby reminding the wise king that from God’s perspective, there’s not much difference in scale between an ant and a person. There are other places in Jewish literature where the ant is also viewed in a positive light. The sages of the Talmud point to the ant as an exemplar of the wisdom of the Creator, mention their curative properties when used therapeutically, and tell the story of King Og, who was thwarted in his plan to throw a huge mountain over the Israelites when God caused ants to chew a hole through it, causing the mountain to fall on Og’s head


instead. Of course, the type of perseverance necessary to chew a hole through a mountain was memorialized by another Jewish author, Sammy Cahn, who composed the lyrics to Jimmy Van Heusen’s “High Hopes,” made famous by Frank Sinatra in the movie, A Hole in the Head: Just what makes that little old ant think he’ll move that rubber tree plant? Anyone knows an ant, can’t move a rubber tree plant! But he’s got high hopes, he’s got high hopes. He’s got high apple pie, in the sky hopes. So any time your gettin’ low, ’stead of lettin’ go, just remember that ant: Oops, there goes another rubber tree plant! Sammy Cahn was one of the most decorated composers and lyricists of all time. The son of Jewish immigrants from Galicia, Poland. Cahn was nominated for nearly two dozen Academy Awards, winning four (both more than any other songwriter), and also wrote the Andrews Sisters’ hit English version of "Bei Mir Bist Du Shon" as well as “Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow” and “The Christmas Waltz.” But it was the humble yet persistent ant that gave him his biggest hit. The modern French Jewish author Bernard Werber is also fascinated by ants. His novel, "The Ants," and the sequel, "Day of the Ants" deal with the conflict between humans and ants from both of their perspectives, and mention what humanity can learn from the ant. Weber, who spent time as a teenager on an Israeli kibbutz, remarked in a 2003 interview in Ha’aretz: "Ants can live together in solidarity and forget themselves in the community...In the ants' civilization, you are part of the group; you don't live for yourself alone.” This echoes the sentiments of Uncle Milton himself, who once wrote, "this writer is of the opinion that ants are truly socialist. After all, their life is truly a communal one." Throughout Jewish history, Jews from King Solomon to the Talmud, from songwriters to novelists to entrepreneurs like Milton Levine have been moved by ant’s greatest characteristics: a sense of perseverance and determination which is strengthened by the bonds of community - qualities which God gave the ant that can inspire us, too, to lead better lives.

Cantor Eric

Rabbi Lee Dear Friends, At the conclusion of his treatise on the Israelite Exodus as a model for all subsequent revolutionary movements, the political philosopher, Michael Walzer, wrote [edited]: “Pharaoronic oppression and deliverance are still with us, powerful memories shaping our perceptions of the political world. The ‘door of hope’ is still open; things are not what they might be – even when what they might be isn’t totally different from what they are. Many of us still believe what the Exodus first taught about the meaning and possibility of politics and about its proper form: First, that wherever you live, it is probably Egypt; second, that there is a better place, a world more attractive, a promised land; and third, that the way to the land is through the wilderness. There is no way to get from here to there except by joining together and marching.” These words were fully realized yet again in the events that transpired in Cairo, in Alexandria and in Suez just a fortnight ago. As if he were using Walzer’s words as his template, one of the youth organizers in Tahrir Square declared Egypt’s uprising to be “a historic achievement that has not happened since the era of the pharaohs.” On the face of it, the uprising and its almost immediate results could not but make a free heart sing. Of course, this is but the beginning of a new chapter in Egypt’s long history. What anyone can offer the educated unemployed and underemployed young people who were responsible for this revolution remains to be seen. Certainly neither Mubarak’s resignation nor the military’s dissolving Parliament and abrogating the constitution will produce jobs; nor will these actions lower the cost of bread or of petrol. The exhilaration of the moment will not ameliorate Egypt’s long-term economic stagnation. So, we might ask, how will the revolutionaries’ concerns be addressed and by whom? Can the military stave off fundamentalist religious forces while the society sorts things out? And what will be a new regime’s attitude towards Egypt’s present allies and neighbors? Will it continue to support its treaty with Israel, a treaty that has secured peace on Israel’s southern and western


borders for the past thirty-two years? And will it remain a regional friend of the United States? Egypt’s reliance on American aid – 1.5 billion dollars a year – and its economic dependence on a wellfunctioning, unencumbered Suez Canal suggest that its ties to the West will be preserved. Fortunately Israel’s relationship with Egypt did not begin and end with Hosni Mubarak. Since the time of Mubarak’s resignation, Israel’s Defense Minister, Ehud Barak, has been in frequent contact with Field Marshal, Mohamed Tantawi, the chief of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces. At their first meeting fifteen years ago, Barak and Tantawi discovered that they had fought on opposite sides in a legendary battle in the Sinai during the Yom Kippur War. Look how far they have come since then. Their relationship is, in many ways, paradigmatic of Israel’s and Egypt’s for the past 3200 years. I am neither a prophet nor the son of a prophet, as the saying goes, but I am by nature an optimistic proponent for democracy. So, for now, I celebrate the efforts of those who demonstrated for self determination and for a better life for themselves and their families. In tribute to them all, I conclude with the words of the passivist poet, Siegfried Sassoon: “Everyone suddenly burst out singing; And I was filled with such delight As prisoned birds must find in freedom, Winging wildly across the white Orchards and dark-green fields; on – on – and out of sight. Everyone’s voice was suddenly lifted; And beauty came like the setting sun: My heart was shaken with tears; and horror Drifted away . . . O, but Everyone Was a bird; and the song was wordless; the singing will never be done.” I pray that it will be so for year to come for the good of Egypt, for the good of Israel, and for the good of the world. In peace and hopes for more in the future, I am, warmly,



school received a book with an invitation to subscribe to this free program, you now need to SIGN UP!!


Sign up on line, by mail or in person at our synagogue.

The B’yahad program is an ongoing Saturday morning family service and education experience. All families are encouraged to attend every B’yahad session. This will act as a reinforcement of our prayer program. Torah study begins at 9:00 a.m. and services at 9:45 a.m. We conclude services with a buffet lunch. We will meet on March 26th for our family Shabbat.

GALI GIRL BOOK CLUB Welcome to a discussion like no other! Second graders and older Explore the world of the GALI GIRLS Join your, child/grandchild/favorite relative, in a book group discussion based on the GALI GIRLS. Each month you and your child/grandchild/favorite relative, will have read the assigned book and join with to her families to discuss Jewish History through a Jewish Girls lens. The series is available through Please purchase the books directly through the website. The box of 3 is $25.00. Saturday at 11 am-12 noon March 12th - Book 3-Shoshana

You may know others who are unaffiliated in Manhasset, Port Washington, Great Neck, Roslyn and surrounding communities and whose children would benefit from having these books in their home. Please consider telling them to SIGN UP! To learn more about this program go to the following link

TEENS Kesher Hadash Last month, our teens were victorious in a Saturday night Lazer Tag battle, and many of them traveled to New Orleans and beyond as part of a Tikkun Olam vacation trip to the Gulf Coast. Highlights for March will include a Krav Maga (Israeli martial arts) lesson by a world-renowned instructor on Sunday, March 6th from 1-2:30pm, here at RSNS, and Midnight Movie Madness on Saturday, March 19th, following our Purim celebrations, from 9:30pm-12:30am.

Girl’s Rosh Hodesh

PJ LIBRARY Pesah Song, Story and Food time brought to you by RSNS at RSNS! Join in the fun on March 12th at 5:30 pm, wear your pajamas! RSNS invites you to join PJ Library, an exciting initiative, which has grown from 200 to over 60,000 households in the last few years. With the help of generous donors in our synagogue, children ages 6 months to eight years will receive a free book or CD each month from the Grinspoon Foundation in partnership with RSNS. We are committed to enroll up to 300 family subscribers for the coming year. We need your help to achieve this goal. While members of RSNS and families of children who are registered in our nursery


The Girl’s Rosh Hodesh group draws on the tradition of Rosh Hodesh celebrations to build self-esteem, leadership skills, and satisfying Jewish identities for adolescent girls. We intend the program to demonstrate to teenage girls Judaism’s commitment to their growth and well-being. Ninth grade girls and older will make up the core of this special “girls only” group. March 10th at 6:30 p.m. is the next meeting. Please register through the office.

Boys Group Teenage boys in grades 8-10 are warmly invited to join our exiting (and growing!) Boys' Group (aka "Bro's Hodesh"). Our next program will be on Tuesday, March 22nd, from 6:30-8:30pm. Check out our facebook page for more info! 7609124592536

Purim is almost here and the nursery school children are busy getting ready for this holiday by learning about Queen Esther, King Ahauserus, Mordecai and Hamen. We’ll be making crowns, groggers, puppets, hamentashen and costumes. Our culminating activity will be a PURIM PARADE AND PARTY on March 18th. School photos will take place on March 8th and 9th. This year our photographer Irvin Simon is offering more sizes to choose from. This is a fundraiser for our school but as always there is no obligation to purchase anything at all. Parent-Teacher conferences for our three and four year olds will take place on Thursday March 24 th . We’re looking forward to our annual Parent’s Night Out on Saturday March 26th at the home of Bonnie and Jesse Rubens. This year we will have a new format - a potluck dinner, an auction, and good company that’s sure to be lots of fun! Save the date - Sunday April 3rd is our annual Daddies Day at Gan Shalom! Our classrooms will be filled with dads and children working, playing and sharing snack with each other. Registration continues for our SUMMER PROGRAM, so don't delay. This program will run from June 28th through August 12h. We are also still registering for September classes. We will be offering classes for two, three and four year olds. Call the Nursery School office at 627-0257 or stop by the nursery school office for an application or more information. THE JRF BOOKSTORE IS OFFERING THE NIGHT OF QUESTIONS HAGGADAH

WANTED! GAN SHALOM is hosting its annual fundraising event. We are looking for wonderful NEW items for our Chinese Auction. Please contact the Gan shalom office at 627-0257 by March 16th if you have games, DVD’s, toys, Gift Cards, upcoming event tickets, etc. that you would like to donate.


(Hardcover) - $54 only $27 (now through March 15) - That's 50% off!

But wait! There's more! We also offer the Night of Questions Haggadah in a softcover, which is regularly priced at $24. From now until March 15, if you purchase 1 - 10 softcover copies of the haggadah, the price drops to $18/book! If you purchase 10 50 books, it goes even lower - you'll spend just $16/book! But here's the best deal for your money: Buy 50 or more books, and they're just $15/book! Place your order today! Call 1-877-JRF-PUBS or visit our online store.


Just as winter starts to wear us down (too much snow), the topsy-turvy holiday of Purim comes along. What other holiday gives you permission to make all kinds of noise in the synagogue, or includes a best costume contest, or has a skit called PolyEsther? What other holiday involves carnivals, shows and parades? Purim commands us to live it up and have fun, while celebrating the rescue of the Jewish people from the evil hands of Haman. As so many Jewish holidays, food is a central part of the celebration. People give each other mishloach manot (gifts) including at least two types of food and some money (even a couple of pennies), which the recipients can give to charity. Purim stresses the obligation of tzedakah through the practice of mishloach manot. This is a wonderful time to reach out, put together food baskets, learn about the INN (Interfaith Nutrition Network), or any local food pantry. You can even add the most traditional Purim food to your basket. Hamantaschen-triangular pastries filled with sweet goodies. Try something new this year, caramel, marshmallows or go back to the original prunes. While tzedakah is an obligation throughout the year, during this holiday of Purim we are reminded of our responsibility to our community. Our student community is busy gearing up for the holidays and working on their prayers for the Hebrew curriculum. Students will be moving into their final breira for this year. We have had some wonderful school wide programs like the Sustainable Food program led by Bhavani Jaroff our very own congregant. I loved seeing and tasting the food that each student made.

We look forward to the following school wide events: Please join your child/ren on Tuesday, March 29th during Synagogue School for a presentation from a Sofer (Scribe) about how to write a Torah. Mark on your calendar Tuesday, April 12 – Shabbat Day (All families are welcome to attend) REMINDER: The year-end Education committee meeting will take place on April 27th at the home of Rachel Gibbons, promptly at 9:30 am – 12:30 pm. Please RSVP to Rachel if you are attending . If you are unable to attend and you would like your opinion voiced please contact her prior to the meeting date.


SCHOOL TZEDEKAH The Synagogue School classes have been collecting money in their classes this year. In an effort to allow ownership for where the funds are going, each class has been given the task of deciding where their monies go. One class is collecting tzedekah money to replace mezzuzot for the classrooms. One class is collecting money to help the animals at North Shore Animal Hospital. Another class has been collecting money for two months at a time and then making different donations like purchasing siddurim that we use during our school t’filot and Friday night Family Services. When the fires broke out in the Carmel area in Israel, we spoke about how this must be impacting the families in the Carmel region! Since Morah Lauren and Morah Miriam are traveling to Israel, many classes have pooled together their tzedekah monies to be donated to the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel. SPNI has a division specifically targeted at rebuilding the Carmel area. Our school can be proud that a donation of $450 will be given directly to SPNI for rebuilding the Carmel! Job well done and yasher koach to all!!

KITAH DALED Kita Daled continues to work on the prayer structure. We began with the meaning and content of the sh'ma, ve'ahavta, and the veshamru. We have discussed the meaning of the prayers and how they enrich our lives and help us form community. We continue to incorporate these prayers into the larger structure of the service. Shoshana

KITAH VAV In exploring issues in Jewish identity, we have begun to examine our ties to both ancient Israel and to the contemporary State. After defining those elements that comprise nationhood, we questioned the need for a Jewish homeland in light of the world events of the past 125 years. We will discuss how the present situation in Egypt and throughout the Middle East might affect Israel and the security of its citizens. In doing so, I hope to expand the circle of each student's identity as a Jew. Rabbi Lee

School Dates to Remember: March 1st – Kadima with Parents March 6th – Community wide visit to Grace Plaza Nursing home 10:00 am at RSNS NO SYNAGOGUE SCHOOL Thursday, March 17th PURIM CELEBRATION Saturday, March 19th 6:30 pm PURIM CARNIVAL Sunday, March 20th 11 am – 2 pm March 22nd – Madrichim meeting 6:30 – 7:30 pm March 23rd – Vav Orientation 7:30 pm March 24th – Parenting Workshop 7:30 pm March 25th – FREE Community Shabbat Dinner 6:30 pm March 27th – Sandwich making 10:00 am at RSNS March 27th – Or Hadash Event


ADULT PROGRAMS and EDUCATION WOMEN’S ROSH HODESH GROUP SOCIAL ACTION EVENTS Open Committee Meeting Thursday, March 17th at 7:30pm. Since we were iced out last month, we've got a LOT to talk about! Our new greening fellowship, a Project Ezra lunch, and MUCH more! Please join us at this open meeting! Social Action Sundays Don't forget you can join us on March 6th from 10am-11:45pm for songs and games with the seniors at Grace Plaza, and on March 27th at 10am to make sandwiches for the INN. Participants of all ages welcome!

SHABBAT UNPLUGGED Friday, March 11th, 8:00 p.m. Come join us for our monthly singing services, from 8-9pm. Now with keyboards and guitar!! From familiar congregational tunes to Camp JRF melodies, chasidic niggunim to sephardic chants, let's join our voices in song and celebration! Appropriate for members of all ages (older school families, teens, empty-nesters, seniors, etc) who like to sing!!

Traditional religious ritual was designed, and continues, to meet a variety of needs that relates to life passages: The need for the individual to be acknowledged by community, the need for the community/tribe to read itself into the passages of each member, the need for bonding, which serves both individual and community, the need to (re)enact dramatically the great stories and messages of the tradition, for the sake of individuals and of the tradition. Through rituals, we create structures that provide an element of predictability and, therefore, safety, around times of insecurity, transition, and/or loss. All female members of our congregation are welcome to join us study, develop and experience Jewish Women’s rituals. Wednesday, March 9th, at 7:30 p.m., we will come together to explore ourselves as individuals and ourselves within the context of the group.

BOOK GROUP Friday, April 8 at 1:00 p.m. To The End of the Land by David Grossman

CANTOR’S DINNER Friday, March 11th, 6:30 p.m. This month, YOU choose the food! Include your choice (kosher meat, chicken, fish, or dairy) in your RSVP to Cantor Eric! This year's topic - Weird and Wonderful Stories in the Talmud: From magic cucumbers to reincarnated rabbis, biting satire and surreal love stories, we'll explore some of the most amazing tales you've never heard of - straight from Babylonia to our table! $18 for dinner, or come for FREE at 7 p.m. for just the discussion. Please RSVP to Cantor Eric ( (whether you're coming to the dinner OR just the discussion!) by Monday, March 7th. And why not BRING A FRIEND!

MENS GROUP The Men’s Group meets the second Wednesday of every month to discuss topics of interest selected by members. The next meeting is March 9 at 7:30 p.m. At the meeting we will discuss the book The Finkler Question. Even if you haven't read the book come on down. The question of anti-semitism as well as the merits of the book will be discussed.


SEMINARS WITH RABBI LEE BIBLE STUDY March 3rd, 17th & 31st We continue our reading through the Bible this year with the Book of Jeremiah, the prophet who witnessed the fall of the First Temple. Filled with passion and zeal, Jeremiah stands, literally at the center of the literary prophets. This class meets every other Thursday evening from 8:00- 9:30 p.m. Prior knowledge is not necessary.

SHABBAT SEMINAR March 12th & 26th This is our fourth year of the study of ideological and historical texts that led to the founding of the modern State of Israel. This year’s study includes texts related to Israel’s declaration of independence. Classes meet every other Shabbat afternoon from noon to 1:30. New participants are certainly welcome.

SAVE THE DATE: RSNS Retreat Friday, May 20-Sunday May 22, 2011


Art Shows in the RSNS Social Hall

We meet on average every other week on a Friday morning at 10 a.m. in the RSNS Library. For more information contact Jerry Bloom at 466-2519. Dates to be announced.

We continue to have ongoing art shows in the Social Hall as follows. All works are for sale and 25% of the sale price is a tax deductible contribution to RSNS. So beautify your home while making a contribution to our synagogue!

MONTHLY LUNCH We no longer meet to collate, stamp and address 400 copies of the Shaliyah, but our group of volunteers still gets together for lunch once a month. We meet the first Friday of every month at the Jolly Fisherman in Roslyn at noon. The coordinator is Gladys Goldberg. If you would like to join the group for lunch, please call Gladys at 516-465-5622 by the Thursday before the first Friday of the month so she can make a reservation for the correct number of guests. Upon arrival at the restaurant, ask for the Goldberg table.

PROJECT KEHILLA Project Kehilla gave birth to many on-going programs in the synagogue that are open to all members of the congregation by just a telephone call or by e-mail. Note the programs for March, all of which are open and appropriate to people of all ages. 

Visits to the Residents at GRACE PLAZA: Sunday, March 6 EREV SHABBAT DINNER: Friday, March 25 SANDWICH MAKING for clients of the INN: Sunday, March 27

 

COMMITTEE MEETINGS: Please consider joining a committee. All members are welcome! 

March 6 – April 30 Victoria Salem – The exhibit will feature oil paintings including florals and seascapes. Artist Reception Sunday March 13th 1 – 3 PM May 1 – June 30 Raymond Saperstein – a retrospective exhibit of his photography compiled by his family. September 1 – October 31 To be Scheduled November 1 – December 31 Allen Michelson – photography from around the world. All shows take place in the Social Hall. Please watch for email announcements regarding artist receptions. We generally schedule several months in advance, and we are always looking for artists. We are currently scheduling shows for September 2011 and for early 2012. We are able to host shows of paintings, photographs and other media that can be mounted on the walls. Shows are open to artists who are members, or who are friends or relatives of members, and/or whose works contain Jewish themes.

Membership: Wednesday March 2, 12:00 Noon.

ALL COMMITTEE CHAIRS AND INTERESTED CONGREGANTS Please attend the executive board meeting on Wednesday March 2nd at 7:30 p.m.

Where there is a willthere is a way to give to RSNS!


As noted above, any works on exhibit can also be offered for sale, with twenty-five percent of any proceeds to be given to the synagogue as a donation. If interested please contact David Eckert at 516-4561507 or by email at .

Todah . . . RSNS’ Way of Saying Thanks In honor of Bernice and Merwin Kliman’s 60th wedding anniversary Elizabeth and David Segel In honor of Ruth Harris’ special birthday Rosalind Mainelli In observance of the yarzeit of Leo Haberman Joan Haberman In observance of the yarzeit of Siegfried Horowitz Karen and Seth Starr In memory of Shirley Matsil, mother of Joelle Serota Dinah and Marc Kramer Lisa Rafofsky and Rick Krainin Andrea Halbfinger In memory of Michael Henderson Viviane and Alan Kovacs The Smiley and Ederer Family Sydelle Diner In observance of the yarzetin of Bella Rafofsky & Joe Rafofsky Lisa Rafofsky In memory of Enid Clott Tammy Smiley and family Eleanor and Jerome Smiley Phoebe and Merrill Goodman Linda and Steve Einsidler Myrna and Sol Niego In memory of Trudy Kornblau, mother of Diane Acker Haber Smiley and Ederer Family Ann and Mark Mergler

In memory of Morris Strominger, father of Tina Pomeranz Ann and Mark Mergler In memory of Molly Epstein, grandmother of Linda Epstein Ann and Mark Mergler In memory of Jerome Levy, father of Linda Grabarz Ann and Mark Mergler In honor of the engagement of Dan Lindner and Erica Snow Ann and Mark Mergler

MAZAL TOV: To Paula and Marvin Silverman on the engagement of their daughter Charna to Irwin Schildkraut. To Bernice and Merwin Kliman on their 60th wedding anniversary To Ruth Harris on her special birthday To Naomi Leszkiewicz on the forthcoming marriage of Daniel and Beth Rosenberg OUR CONDOLENCES: To Joelle Serota on the death of her mother Shirley Matsil To Nathalie Solzberg on the death of Michael Henderson

Consider making a donation in honor or in memory of someone, or to celebrate a simcha!


Chinese Theatre Works presents

Tiger Tales Winner - Best Direction and Best Puppet Design, 2009 Shanghai International Art Festival Co-directed by Kuang-Yu Fong & Stephen Kaplin, designer of The Lion King shadow puppets.

Please join us as we experience humorous traditional Chinese folk tales told with shadow puppets. In English, accompanied by Chinese music The one-hour performance will be followed by separate programs for the adults (discussion of the themes presented) and children (close-up puppet viewing plus a demonstration of the art of shadow performance).

Suitable for audiences 6+ Saturday, March 5, 2011 Pizza at 5 p.m.; performance begins at 5:30 p.m. sharp Adults - $10 Children - $5 Questions?.......June Pitkow -; 761-1383 Another exciting program brought to you by the Program Committee ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Tiger Tales Please return this form, with your check, to RSNS. Name _____________________________________________________________ No. of adults ____ x $10 + No. of children ___ x $5 = $_______ total Phone ________________________ Email __________________________________________



UJA-Federation’s Partners In Caring (PIC) provides: • Support groups • Short term counseling • Information and referral services • Synagogue workshops and events “The Anatomy of a Successful Job Search”

PIC Professional Networking Event Sunday, March 6 9:30am - Pre-event Workshop – “Preparing for the Interview and Questions” 10:00am-12:00pm – Panel Discussion and Networking

Temple Sinai 425 Roslyn Road, Roslyn Heights FREE Advanced Registration is required. Space is limited to the first 250 registrants. Register online at

The Singles Seder Thursday, April 14 Join friends and meet new ones as we celebrate the upcoming Passover holiday and partake in lively discussion and dinner. Co-led by PIC social work staff and clergy.

Sid Jacobson JCC 300 Forest Drive, East Hills Save the date. Watch for more information. ‫ וננה‬When You Need Us, We’re Here For You All calls are confidential. (516) 484-1545, ext. 196


THE RSNS PURIM CARNIVAL  Sunday, March 20, 2011 11 am – 2 pm

Giant Inflatable Slide Fun House Bouncer Clowns  Prizes Spin Art  Candy Art Fun Carnival Games For All Ages All games and amusements professionally run. One Low Price: Kids $12

Does not include food Parents and Grandparents FREE  Hot Dogs  Soda  Juice   Popcorn  Knishes   Hamentaschen   Cotton Candy 

MEGILLAH READING*, Saturday, March 19, 6:30pm in the Sanctuary COSTUME PARADE following the Megillah reading PURIM SPIEL: PolyEsther: An 80's Purim Musical at 7:30pm SHARP in the Sanctuary


*bring a box of pasta to use as a grogger – after the service they will be collected for donation to the INN.


RSNS MAQUERADE DINNER DANCE Honoring the Programming Committee under the leadership of Barbara Schaffer Sunday, March 13, 2011 from 5:00 – 9:00pm at the North Hills Country Club, Manhasset, NY Masks will be supplied but feel free to be creative and bring your own!!!

Reconstructionist Synagogue of the North Shore 1001 Plandome Rd Plandome, NY 11030


March 2011 Shaliyah  

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