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Team At the core of Mentacore Learning Pvt. Ltd. is a team of highly motivated teachers and trainers committed to help students in student education and cognition.

Mentacore Le ar ning (Pvt) Ltd. C o g n a t e - E d u c e

Company Mentacore Learning Pvt. Ltd. is a fast growing, technology driven company which hopes to revolutionize the education system in India.


We are passionate enough about education and cognition to invest over half a thousand man-hours to create two platforms.

Based on philosophy of Judo Learning-Efficient yet Effortless, w e cr eate grou nd b reaking products for the education sector that make students better prepared for competitive world.

Platforms Each of our platforms created by our in-house content development team has been designed using contemporary learning design principles and has undergone rigorous testing on and off the field.

Products PraxisPaper Ta ke a S hot!

Competitive pricing makes our products available easily to any school interested in accessing wholesome education.

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