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STAR MANAGEMENT WEEK The STAR Management Week is one of Europe’s largest on campus student events in the Benelux. In October during this annual highlight, recruitment activities, company workshops, speaker events, drinks and parties all come together. Will you take up the challenge and become a member of the next STAR Management Week committee? As a member of the STAR Management Week committee you will be responsible for a ₏150.000 euro budget, market the event to 25.000 Erasmus Students, bring the interests of companies and students together, and attract world class speakers to our University.

Always wondered what to do with all that knowledge gained during your studies? Grasp this unique opportunity to test and develop your skills in leadership, budgeting, marketing, commercial relations, networking, and project management. Get the thrill of working towards the week with your team, eight people strong, and develop yourself through experiencing the gravity and challenges that come with such a large project. Be part of this unique, diverse experience, and contribute to RSM, STAR and Rotterdam student life. We are looking for YOU!

Open to Bachelor as well as Master students. We are looking for affiliation, enthusiasm and ambition, experience is not required!



As chairman of the STAR Management Week you will be the leader, motivator, supporter and coordinator of the STAR Management Week committee. A great challenge lies ahead in leading and encouraging your team, sustain individual team members and being responsible for one of STAR’s largest flagship projects! The function of chairman is incredibly diverse, requiring a broad interest, strong communication skills, a sense of responsibility and decisiveness among others.

As treasurer of the STAR Management Week you will be the financial gatekeeper. You will safeguard the financial health of the project, support decision making with budgets and financial analyses, and prevent bad investments from being made. The function of treasurer is a challenging one, requiring a disciplined and organized way of working, an objective view of investments and the project, and the ability to stand firm and say “no” to your enthused team for the sake of the project.

Your responsibilities include: • Monitor the overall process and set deadlines • Support your team on a functional and personal level • Motivate and encourage • Represent the project • Lead in difficult situations • Manage important stakeholders

Your responsibilities include: • Create budgets and safeguard them • Structure financial information in an understandable way • Guide your team members in the field of treasury • Create different financial scenarios per activity • Organize invoices and contracts • Say “no” to your team if necessary

You will face the ultimate functional and personal challenges. This experience will be useful the rest of your life

Koen Smits, Chairman & Treasurer SMW 2011

Being part of a project as large as the STAR Management Week is a once-in-a-liftetime experience, which you will always cherish and remember.

Koen Smits, Chairman & Treasurer SMW 2011


Commercial relations

As commissioner of marketing of the STAR Management Week you will be the communicator of the project. You will build towards a professional marketing campaign to communicate the project and its activities to all participants, both students and companies, in the most attractive way. The function of marketing is of critical importance, as it requires an analytical and creative mind to define the market, set the project apart from competition, to involve participants and to pursue innovative ways of communicating.

As Commissioner of Commercial Relations of the STAR Management Week you will be the salesperson of the project. With your fellow commercial, you will supply the project with all financial input and resources needed to fund the project. While doing so, you will bring the needs and wants of both the students and companies together. The function of commercial is for those who know how to sell the project and its activities , requiring a pro-active mindset, strong communication skills, out-of-the-box thinking, and knowing how to close the deal.

Will YOU be the next to: • Create a successful marketing strategy • Communicate with every participating company about marketing • Select the design agency and work out the marketing campaign with them • Manage the marketing budget and negotiate the marketing contract • Execute your marketing plan • Involve national and international press

The best thing about being the commissioner of marketing is seeing your creations come to life. Especially in later stages of the project, every feels like Christmas with all promotional materials coming in.

Hanna Neeft, Commissioner of Marketing SMW 2011

Will YOU be the next to: • Creating and executing an acquisition strategy • Value and sell the project from a commercial perspective • Meet the recruiters of multinationals at the negotiation table • Convince these companies to participate • Bring students and companies together for future employment • Sign three digit contracts

The STAR Management Week is in your hands, if you can not come up with creative solutions for recruitment, you won’t earn the money from companies in time to run a successful

Fabian Dekker, Commercial Relations SMW 2011

Speakers (2x)


As one of the two Commissioners of Speakers you will offer students the opportunity to get inspired by organizing speaker events for the STAR Management Week. Many world leaders in business and politics have been brought to Erasmus University by the STAR Management Week in the past, to tell inspirational stories about their life. The function of speakers is one that asks for curiosity to find that interesting story someone has to tell, creativity to think of concepts and themes, and the organizational skills to organize a speaker event like the successful Entrepreneurial Seminar.

As Commissioner of Events of the STAR Management Week you will be the minute-to-minute planner of the entire week. At early stages, supporting your team on functional areas is essential. Later on, you will make all arrangements for locations, catering, setting up a crew, and other organizational tasks during the week. The function of Commissioner of Events is all about organizing events at the right place at the right time. Oh, did we tell you that you get to be a professional party planner for the STAR Management Week Party?

Will YOU be the next to: • Develop a platform at which students can get inspired • Come up with new concepts and themes for speaker events • Network your way up, connect the dots and attract that speaker • Meet with these important speakers to discuss the event • Manage these contacts throughout and even after the project

Will YOU be the next to: • Make a minute-to-minute planning for the entire week • Keep an overview on the plan of action during the week • Make arrangements for all facilities, catering and communication systems • Manage the crew and operations during the week • Organize one of the greatest student parties

Malon Janssen, Commissioner of Speakers SMW 2010

Marleen Bloo, Commissioner of Events SMW 2011

The fact that it is not just a 9 to 5 job and that there is so much room for your own idead, and ideas that go beyond the usual, is what makes organizing this event so interesting and challenging.

From the beginning of the STAR party @ 23.00 hours, until the Limousine brought us home, I was floating of happiness

It is kind of hard to briefly describe how I experienced organizing the STAR Management Week. But, the word ‘awesome’ comes pretty close Malon Janssen, Speakers SMW 2010

’ve been to the headquarters of Heineken, KPN, Ahold and more. You’ll get many business cards which might become very useful in the future.

Frank van Well, Commercial Relations SMW 2010

Organizing the STAR Management Week is, as they say, a rollercoaster event. You’ll experience ups and downs but in the end it is all worth it. Hanna Neeft, Commissioner of Marketing SMW 2011

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And then all of a sudden I realized; Eva Jinek is interviewing John de Mol right in front of me... Unforgettable. Marleen Bloo, Events SMW 2011

Practical Information Fulltime compensation The STAR Management Week committee starts in February 2012, 2 days a week. From April until the last week of October the committee will be full-time. During the summer, the committee will be present at university full-time as well. Because organizing the STAR Management Week is a full-time job, you will not be able to spend much time studying. Therefore, STAR will provide you with financial compensation for any delay in studying.

Bachelor internship The STAR Management Week experience is granted 15 ECTS by both BA and IBA program management, and can be used as a bachelor internship for your minor!

Application deadline Application is open and closes on the 17th of January 2012! Don’t forget to apply!

Selection process

After application closes, you will be invited for your first interview. This first interview will serve to get to know each other, talk about the project in general, and to manage expectations. If you are then invited for the second interview, we ask of you to prepare a function specific case to use during the interview.

Apply online

Applying for the STAR Management Week is really easy! Apply online through by filling in your details.

STAR Academy

As part of STAR Academy the STAR Management Week Committee will receive three sessions of management training at a renowned Management Training Company. Next to this you can get your own coach (from our alumni database), to give you feedback and support you with your personal development. STAR will also cover 50% of the costs of all workshops offered by the Training and Language Center (TLC) and you will have the opportunity to participate in company trainings (e.g. Google, Shell, PwC).

More Information? Recruitment drinks • January 5th at “In de Smitse”, from 16.00h • January 11th at “In de Smitse”, from 16.00h Would you like more information? • Stop by the STAR Office at T4-53 for a coffee • Check • Send an e-mail to • or give us a call +31 (0)10 408 2037

Apply online before January 17th 2012 MAILING ADDRESS PO Box 1738 | 3000 DR Rotterdam | The Netherlands | VISITING ADDRESS Room T04-53 | T Building, Erasmus University Campus | Burgemeester Oudlaan 50 | 3062 PA Rotterdam | The Netherlands

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The STAR Management Week is the largest on campus business event in the Benelux. This week-long, nationwide showcase event is considered our...