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Explore the world of consultancy. Be part of the 35th SEC Board!

SEC Board Always wanted to know how it is to work full-time in the world of consultancy? Become part of the next SEC Board and gain consultancy experience while developing yourself. A Board Year at STAR Erasmus Consulting offers the exceptional opportunity to taste a little of the professional consultancy world, develop your social and professional skills, while working together with a international and diverse team of motivated students.

The SEC Board is part one of the three full-time committees of Study Association STAR. SEC offers companies and non-profit organizations tailor-made research and consultancy services. These services are provided in a country and industry of the companies choosing. As part of the SEC Board you will supervise a unique project abroad, manage people, and display leadership. During this intense period of time, you will learn about your strengths and weaknesses , and with professional trainings you will learn how to exploit these skills within an international team. The SEC offers you the opportunity to

work for different companies abroad, be in contact with professional consultancy firms and expand your network, both professionally and socially. Besides the consultancy experience, you are part of a study association. There, you will meet new

A taste of the professional consultancy world people, participate in different events and will make friends for life. Grab this opportunity to make the most out of your year!

About STAR Founded in 1977, STAR, formerly known as Sviib, is the study association of Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University. Over the years STAR has grown from a small group of students organizing social activities for Business Administration students to the largest, and most professional study association in Europe.

Today 6,500 members, of which around 300 are active in parttime and full-time positions, are part of STAR. All Active Members collaboratively enable STAR to offer an extensive portfolio of events, trips and services. STAR is characterized by a flat organizational structure, thereby empowering all Active Members when working on their projects. This empowerment, in combination with professional trainings provided by STAR, results in impressive growth on all levels among Active Members. Moreover, STAR is recognized for its social aspect. Having fun is valued as much as hard work. Therefore, a significant amount of social activities is being organized by and for Active

Members. For example, STAR’s weekly drink in CafÊ De Vrienden Live, STAR Christmas Gala, and Active Members weekends. As Active Member at STAR you will make sure to get the most out of your student life! Running an organization like STAR is a unique opportunity. You will be in a leadership position with responsibilities you would not encounter until obtaining senior management positions. No matter whether you are Dutch or international, have or have not gained relevant experience yet, as long as you are ready to challenge yourself on a personal and professional level, STAR is the right place for you.

Chairman As the Chairman of STAR Erasmus Consulting you are the leader, motivator, supporter and coordinator of the board and the consultants. The position of chairman consists of many responsibilities, making it necessary to create structure and overview. Your main priority is to support your fellow board members and consultants on both work and personal aspects. Next to that you represent SEC towards all stakeholders, search for strategic opportunities and provide guidance when necessary. The role of chairman challenges you in creating a tight group with heart for SEC, while at the same time monitoring the overall process and ensuring that goals are reached. Are you able to make tough decisions, manage different stakeholders and lead & motivate a team?

“During this year I learned to challenge myself, step out of my comfort zone and dare to make decisions that affect a lot of different people.”

Vivian de Swart Chairman SEC Board 2018-2019

Be the next to: • Lead and support your fellow board members and consultants • Be responsible for the long term strategy of SEC • Monitor the overall process and set deadlines • Represent SEC towards different stakeholders

Treasurer As the Treasurer of STAR Erasmus Consulting it is your task to safeguard the financial health of the project. Your main responsibility is to create and maintain the budget and manage contracts. This position requires a disciplined and organized manner of working, because you have to keep the financial overview. As the Treasurer you will learn how to deal with responsibility for a large budget and you have to critically evaluate all expenses. Are you decisive in difficult situations, do you have a structured way of working and are you up for the challenge of maintaining SEC’s budget?

Be the next to: • Create and safeguard the budget • Structure financial information in an understandable way • Have insights in the costs and revenues of SEC • Have the power to say no when appropiate

Commissioner of Consultancy As the commissioner of consultancy, you will be responsible for the personal development of all SEC members, and all the research that needs to be done during the different phases of the project. Starting with the acquisition phase, followed by the desk and field research projects, you are the one responsible for the content that is delivered to the companies. This position allows you to shape the project as a whole, making you the key to success for the project. Next to research, you are the HR manager of the SEC. This means you are responsible for the recruitment of consultants and the personal development of your fellow board members and consultants. Recruitment involves tasks such as creating an interview style that matches your board’s preferences and actually interviewing potential consultants. Personal Development focusses on helping your SEC members meet their personal goals by doing tests, tip-top sessions, goal setting and by providing trainings. Are you the one who will shape the core of this project?

“Through contacting companies, providing proposals, conducting research and leading a team, I learned what it takes to be a professional consultant.” Ellenoor Boonstra Commissioner of Consultancy

SEC Board 2018-2019

Be the next to: • Deliver tailor made proposals to companies during the acquisition phase • Be responsible for the recruitment of the consultants • Develop a research plan that the consultants use as guidance during their research phases • Coordinate, motivate and guide the consultants in their personal and professional development

Commissioner of Student Marketing

As Commissioner of Student Marketing, I am responsible for the awareness of STAR Erasmus Consulting among students of the RSM and members of STAR. Throughout the years, SEC is known for its projects to different countries, its diverse group of students and the learning experience that SEC offers . It is the job of the commissioner of Student Marketing to maintain and improve the SEC brand by creating a marketing strategy for the whole year. Also you will be keeping track of different SEC platforms such as their LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram page. Next to that you’re also the Social Manager, who organizes teambuilding events that contribute to the social cohesion between the SEC board, STAR board and the consultants. Every team performs optimally if the relationships between the STAR members are well maintained and improved at the same time. Using your creativity for new teambuilding methods, makes the activities more useful and fun.

Be the next to: • Maintain the SEC brand • Create SEC awareness amongst students • Improve and develop SEC brand strategy • Be In charge of different marketing platforms • Check and control communication lines • Initiate new teambuilding activities • Manage internal relations

‘The chance of being able to make mistakes, learn new skills and improve myself on personal and professional level, was a golden opportunity for me.’

Tim van Rijn Commissioner of Student Marketing

SEC Board 2018-2019

Commissioner of Commercial Relations & Corporate Marketing As Commissioner of Commercial Relations and Corporate Marketing you are responsible for all forms of communication with companies. Within this position you’ll learn how to sell consultancy to high-level managers and CEO’s. As lead of the acquisition, you will write the perfect script, visit trade fairs and manage all leads in Salesforce. Being in this position will strengthen your sales, negotiation and organization skills and builds great confidence. You will also learn how to combine your creative and sales skills and work with multiple marketing and data analytic tools.

“This position provides you with the perfect opportunity to prepare you for consultancy or to start your own company. Not only will you enhance relevant hard and social skills, but you will also create a great network.” Micha de Roos Commissioner of Commercial Relations & Corporate Marketing

SEC Board 2018-2019

Be the next to: • Get in touch with professional consultants to arrange supervisors for the projects, trainings and partnerships for SEC • Maintain and create long-term partnerships • Sell consultancy to big and small companies in almost every sector • Transfer your knowledge through the commercial and corporate marketing taskforces • Be in charge of your own research team(s) • Make SEC a well-know brand by using targeted marketing and media coverage

STAR Academy The STAR Academy is the learning centre within STAR that offers members the opportunity to develop their personal and professional skills. The level of development opportunities increases with the intensity of involvement, respectively: passive members, active members and full-time active members. As a full-time member of STAR you will thus have the maximum opportunity to develop yourself.

Every committee member follows a personalized track which starts with filling in your own Personal Development Plan. This Plan forces you to be conscious about your ambitions regarding personal learning goals. Based on these goals, STAR will make sure you receive suitable trainings. These trainings can be categorized in hard skill training i.e. (acquisition training and InDesign training) and the soft side of development (leadership training, mindfulness, team-building).

Full-time committee members will also receive various management trainings at a renowned management training company. During the year there will also be plenty of feedback and learning goals meetings to ensure you develop yourself personally and professionally. Furthermore, every Active Member will get a committee kick-off training and personal kick-off training, based on his or her function within the Committee.

You will be trained throughout the year, a unique opportunity

Additional info What position fits you best? In order to discover what position would fit you best, you could read the information on the website and in this booklet. However, you can also talk to previous board members at the Recruitment Drink at ‘Café In De Smitse’ on Tuesday March 26th, Thursday April 11th or Tuesday April 16th from 16:00 onward. So drop by at the STAR office (T4-53) for a cup of coffee and a good conversation. Moreover, we would like you to meet our Active Members at Café de Vrienden Live at the weekly Wednesday night drink. Modules Within STAR we want to make sure that everyone is placed on the right position. This means giving people tasks that deliver them a feeling of fulfillment and much energy. To achieve this we have modules which will be added to the positions. You can see the functions as a framework. Your general functional responsibilities and the modules together will be adjusted to your characteristics, making sure that it will fit you perfectly!

Full time period Your time as a SEC Board member will start in July 2019. At this moment you will get introduced to your position. From the end of July onwards the SEC Board is fulltime. STAR offers you a financial compensation for the time invested during a SEC Board year. Application process After application closes, you will be invited for your first interview. This first interview is focused on getting to know you better and to manage expectations. In case you are invited for the second interview, we will ask you to prepare function specific cases which will be discussed during the interview. Applying for the SEC Board can be done online at The application deadline is the April 28th.

What to do now? 1. Find out which positions suits you best! • Talk to current SEC Board members at one of the three information

• • •

drinks on Tuesday March 26th, Thursday April 11th or Tuesday April 16th at 16:00 in Café ‘In de Smitse’ Meet current SEC Board members every Wednesday night at Café De Vrienden Live (Haringvliet 100) for the weekly drink Step by at the STAR office (T4-53) and have a cup of coffee (or tea) with us! Send an e-mail to if you have any questions.

2. Apply online

Applying for the board is really easy! Apply online through by filling in your details and motivation.

3. Application deadline

Application closes on the 28th of April, make sure to apply on time. Please note this will be our one and only deadline.

4. Interview rounds

Your interviews will take place between the 1st of May and the 17th of May. This will exists from 2 or 3 rounds (depends on the positions you are applying for)

5. Congratulations By the end of May you will know if you’ll be part of the new SEC Board!

Apply online before the 28th of April!

Go to for more information about the association and its activities or follow us on social media!

Postal address: PO Box 1738 3000 DR Rotterdam The Netherlands

Visiting address: Room T04-53, T Building Erasmus University Campus Burgemeester Oudlaan 50 3062 PA Rotterdam

STAR Erasmus Consulting Board 2019-2020  

STAR Erasmus Consulting Board 2019-2020  

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