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Challenge yourself! Become active at your Master Study Club

Master Study Clubs

We are STAR

STAR is the official study association of Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University. With more than 6,500 members, STAR is the most active and professional study association in the Netherlands and above all, Europe’s largest study association.

STAR gives students the opportunity to get in contact with their fellow students and a broad range of companies. This is facilitated by the great amount of activities which are organized by numerous committees and Master Study Clubs. Each year, almost 300 dedicated Active Members organize diverse and challenging projects. These projects are classified into three pillars on

which STAR’s mission is built, namely: Social, Academic and Career. There are activities for both BA and IBA students in all stages of their studies. The best-known events organized by STAR are the STAR Management Week, the Erasmus Recruitment Days and the Erasmus Consultancy Project, all organized by (partly) fulltime committees.

Organize diverse and challenging projects each year! Being an Active Member at STAR means you can develop yourself personally and professionally at all levels. Above all, you will get a chance to increase your network by meeting

lots of new people. This brochure will give you more information about the Bachelor committees STAR is recruiting in September. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us or step by the STAR Office at T4-53 in the Mandeville Building, Erasmus University.

What happens if I become active at STAR? Once you are an Active Member, you’ll start to get to know new people. Your STAR journey will start with our weekly active member drinks on Wednesday. This will be your first out of many weekly STAR drinks at Cafe De Vrienden Live. By the end of November, you will go on Active Members Weekend.

After that, you will start working with your Committee. However, the fun part of STAR will not disappear. Every Wednesday you will have dinner with your fellow Committee members and join the amazing Cafe De Vrienden Live nights. You can experience the sensational STAR theme nights, the Christmas Dinner, the Active Members Day, and much more. You will also visit the office every week to

have meetings and you are always welcome to hang out with your new friends in the social room. Last but not least, you will have close contact with the Board to share ideas and improvements you would like to implement within STAR. We are always interested in innovative and interesting ideas. So step up and share your views!

Your social network will start to grow immediately Next to the special activities we arrange for our Active Members, you are of course always welcome to join all other STAR activities! During the

year you can participate in one of STAR’s many events:




STAR Management Week




STAR Christmas Gala


Ski Trip


Erasmus Recruitment Days


(no big events due to exams)


BA Study Trip, IBA Study Trip, Race of the Classics


International Week Holland


(no big events due to exams)


Surf Trip, SEC



Throughout the year: STAR Social Drinks, International Week Mini-Exchanges, Reach Out Charity and Sport Activities, Speaker Series.

Our Master Study Clubs Boards All positions in bold are open for application now. The rest of the positions will be open for application in September 2019.

- Chairman - Internal/Treasurer - External

- Chairman - Treasurer - Internal - External (x2) - Study Trip Coordinator

- Chairman - Internal/Treasurer - External (x2) - Study Trip Coordinator

- Chairman - Internal/Treasurer - External (x2) - Study Trip Coordinator

- Chairman - Internal/Treasurer - External (x2) - Study Trip Coordinator

- Chairman/External - Internal/Treasurer - External - Study Trip Coordinator

All positions in bold are open for application now. The rest of the positions will be open for application in September 2019.

- Chairman - Internal/Treasurer - External (x2) - Study Trip Coordinator

- Chairman - Internal/Treasurer - External (x2) - Study Trip Coordinator

- Chairman - Internal/Treasurer - External (x2) - Study Trip Coordinator

- Chairman - Internal/Treasurer - External - Study Trip Coordinator

- Chairman - Internal/Treasurer - External (x2) - Study Trip Coordinator

- Chairman - Internal/Treasurer - External (x2) - Study Trip Coordinator

Overview of positions Chairman As chairman of your Master Study Club Board, your are leading your MSC to bring as much value as possible to your students. By identifying the priorities together with your team, you can plan and organize the events you do as best as possible.

Internal/Treasurer The Internal/Treasurer (at MSC BIM, this position is devided into two seperate ones) makes sure that the budget of the MSC is used in a responsible, fair manner and optimizes the value brought to students. Besides, you are the main contact point for the students of your Master, being a spokesperson between them and RSM.

External By representing your MSC at companies and other external stakeholders, the external is the face of the MSC. Together with companies, you’ll organize events that create the best possible connection between the students and the companies.

Study Trip Coordinator An important part of the MSC experience, is the yearly Study Trip. Depending on your Master, you’ll go abroad and explore the business life, innovations and culture in a country that fits your Master’s curriculum. As Study Trip Coordinator, you are responsible for leading your own committee which organizes the Study Trip. After September, you’ll recruit that committee together with your MSC.

STAR Academy The STAR Academy is the learning centre within STAR that offers members the opportunity to develop their personal and professional skills. The level of development opportunities increases with the intensity of involvement, respectively: passive members, active members and full-time active members. As a full-time member of STAR you will thus have the maximum opportunity to develop yourself.

Every committee member follows a personalized track which starts with filling in your own Personal Development Plan. This Plan forces you to be conscious about your ambitions regarding personal learning goals. Based on these goals, STAR will make sure you receive suitable trainings. These trainings can be categorized in hard skill training i.e. (acquisition training and InDesign training) and the soft side of development (leadership training, mindfulness, team-building).

Full-time committee members will also receive various management trainings at a renowned management training company. During the year there will also be plenty of feedback and learning goals meetings to ensure you develop yourself personally and professionally. Furthermore, every Active Member will get a committee kick-off training and personal kick-off training, based on his or her function within the Committee.

STAR will make sure you receive suitable training

STAR goes international The number of international students within STAR has been significantly growing the last years and we are aiming to welcome even more international students within our committees! As Active Member at STAR you will get the chance to expand your horizon even more and fully integrate in the Netherlands. Get to know our current international Active Members and hear about their experiences at STAR during the international recruitment drink. They are more than willing to show you what it is like to become part of STAR.

What’s in it for you?

• • • • • •

Expanding your professional and social network Weekly social drinks with all active members Personal development Trainings Managerial skills Integration in Rotterdam student life


This symbol indicates that the recruitment for this committee is also open for internationals

Suraj Iyer Third year IBA student, India

My experience at STAR all in all has been a roller coaster of emotions. At first, I, myself was subjected to the myth of STAR being a Dutch dominated society, that international students found quite difficult to adapt towards. But I like a challenge, and so I applied for a position at STAR anyways. But wait, after being accepted, I realized that there was no challenge to adapt at all. The rumours were pure fiction. I had never felt more accepted and welcome at STAR. Everyone was kind, approachable, and just such great people. To all the internationals out there, hear me. STAR encourages fun, learning and most importantly, diversity! So what i’m saying, if I’m saying anything, is join STAR. It’s great.

FAQ How much time does being part of an MSC Board cost me? The entire planning of the MSC events is aligned with the schedule of exams of each Master. During exam periods, less or no events are organized while in more quiet periods, there will be more. On average, an MSC Board will cost you around 8 hours per week. What do I get out of a year in an MSC Board? Not only will you be in contact with key companies and external parties, you’ll also be a connector between the students of your MSc programme. This helps you to get to know your fellow students even better, and prepare yourself for your career.

What kind of events would I organize as a Master Study Club Board? Social events such as a Beer Tasting, after exam barbecue and drinks. Career events would include Inhouse Days and company dinners. On an academic level, this would include trainings, talks and platforms.

How to apply 1. Find out which position suits you best!

• • •

Meet STAR active members every Wednesday night at Café De Vrienden Live (Haringvliet 100) for the weekly drink Step by at the STAR office (T4-53) Send an e-mail to if you have any questions.

2. Apply online

Applying for a committee is really easy! Apply online through by filling in your details.

3. Application deadline

Application closes on the 28th of July, make sure to apply on time. Please note this will be our one and only deadline.

4. Interview rounds

Your interview will take place the weeks after the application deadline.

5. Congratulations

By mid-August you will receive a call and know whether or not you are accepted.

More Information? •


Step by our office at T4-53 for a coffee

• Send an email to or give us a call

Apply online before the 28th of July!

Go to for more information about the association and its activities or follow us on social media!

Postal address: PO Box 1738 3000 DR Rotterdam The Netherlands

Visiting address: Room T04-53, T Building Erasmus University Campus Burgemeester Oudlaan 50 3062 PA Rotterdam

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Master Study Club Boards brochure  

Master Study Club Boards brochure  

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