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Solliciteer voor het Global Management Traineeship 2012! AB InBev is de grootste bierbrouwerij ter wereld met meer dan 200 biermerken in haar portfolio. In deze jonge en dynamische werkomgeving zijn er veel kansen en mogelijkheden om als starter een verschil te maken. We zijn gedreven om ’s werelds grootste talent kansen te bieden om zich te bewijzen binnen ons bedrijf. Tijdens het 10 maanden durende traineeship leer je de organisatie niet alleen kennen vanuit de Global en Western European Headquarters, maar zul je ook in de praktijk zien hoe de brouwerijen en de salesorganisatie werken. Daarna start je in je eerste functie. In het kort het programma van het Global Management Traineeship: • • • • • • •

Algemene introductie International Headquarters Opleiding in Supply Project in Supply Sales introductie International Headquarters Opleiding Sales en Marketing Project in Sales of Marketing Eerste (Management) functie

Meer weten? Of wil je je aanmelden voor het AB InBev Global Management Traineeship 2012? Ga dan naar Aanmelden kan tot en met 30 november 2011. Startdatum AB InBev Global Management Traineeship 2012: 1 september 2012.

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29-06-11 10:20

Preface Programme

4-5 6-7

ACADEMIC CHAPTER Opening Conference Entrepeneurial Seminar Sports Seminar

9-36 11-16 18-24 26-29

RECRUITMENT CHAPTER High Tea Company Dinner Active Clinics Corporate Cases

37-58 38-39 40-41 42 43-55

ACTIVE CHAPTER Company Visits Workshops

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Dear student, On behalf of the STAR Management Week committee, I would like to welcome you to the 25th edition of the STAR Management Week. An event that will give you the opportunity to get in touch with the corporate world in the broadest sense. What makes the STAR Management Week worth the experience? It has something to offer for all those in different stages of their studies. It is organized for all students who want to work on their future. To make sure every student can develop him- or herself at our event, we made sure we have activities for every phase of your study.This year’s four core pillars are Academic, Recruitment, Active and Social. All activities are is some way related to these pillars and aid you in overcoming your personal challenges. We proudly present our brand new activities this year: The Opening Conference, Active Clinics, Sport Seminar, Company Visits and many more.

Besides, we kept our trusted events: the Entrepreneurial Seminar, Workshops, Company Dinner, High Tea, Corporate Cases, Comedy Night and of course the STAR Party at the Maassilo. Check out the entire program on the next pages and buy your tickets at the T3-stand or

After 24 successful years, we will bring the STAR Management Week to the next level. It is organized for you and we want you to get the most out of it. Expand your knowledge, improve your skills and get connected to who-ever you want to be connected to. Take a chance in facing your future and most important: Think without limits! We have taken the STAR Management Week to the next level. See you there! Koen Smits Chairman

Tuesday October 25th

STAR/OTHERS Price € 3,00/5,00 English

Opening Conference & Celebration Drink 15:30-20:00

Aula, A-Building

Wednesday October 26th

Rabobank Active Clinic 11:00–15:00

Price € 7,50/10,00 Dutch Price €7,50/10,00 Dutch

Bilderberg Parkhotel

Accenture Active Clinic 09:30-13:30

Bilderberg Parkhotel

Thursday October 27th

Entrepreneurial Seminar

Price € 5,00/7,50 11:00-16:00 Forum Room, M3-15, M-Building English Workshop Networking Works Price € 4,00/6,50 16:00-18:00 T-Building, 3rd floor @ stand Dutch Qompas CV-check Free entrance 09.00–17.00 T building, 3rd Floor @ stand

Friday October 28th

Corporate Cases 09:00-12.30 13:30-17:00

T-Building, 3rd floor @ stand T-Building, 3rd floor @ stand

Corporate Cases & Lunch 09:00-14:00

T-Building, 3rd floor @ stand

Workshop Marketing Training 09:30-12:00 13:00-15:30

T-Building, 3rd floor @ stand T-Building, 3rd floor @ stand

Price € 3,00/5,00 Dutch/English Dutch/English Price € 3,00/5,00 Dutch/English Price € 4,00/6,50 Dutch Dutch

Monday October 31st

Corporate Cases 09:00-12.30

T-Building, 3rd floor @ stand

Corporate Cases & Lunch 09:00-14:00

T-Building, 3rd floor @ stand

High Tea 14:30-17:30

het Koetshuis

Company Dinner 19:00-23:00

het Koetshuis

Company Dinner + High tea (recommended) 6

Price € 3,00/5,00 Dutch Price € 3,00/5,00 Dutch/English Price € 7,50/10,00 Dutch Price €12,50/17,50 Dutch Price €17,50/22,50

Tuesday November 1st

Corporate Cases 09:00-12.30 13:30-17:00

T-Building, 3rd floor @ stand T-Building, 3rd floor @ stand

Corporate Cases & Lunch 09:00-14:00

T-Building, 3rd floor @ stand


Café In De Smitse @ T-building

Samsung daily drink

Price € 3,00/5,00 Dutch/English Dutch/English Price € 3,00/5,00 Dutch Free entrance Dutch/English

Wednesday November 2nd

Sports Seminar

Price € 4,00/6,50 10:00-13:00 Forum Room, M3-15, M-Building English Workshop Sales Training B2B Price € 4,00/6,50 14:00-16:00 T-Building, 3rd floor @ stand Dutch Comedy Night Price € 4,00/6,50 20:00-23:00 Prinses Theater English

Thursday November 3rd

Workshop Talent branding 14:00-16:00

T-Building, 3rd floor @ stand

STAR Party! 23:00-05:00


Price € 4,00/6,50 Dutch Price € 7,50/10,00 Music

Every day

Daily Drink 17:00-19:00

The Smitse, bar @ T-building

Free entrance Dutch/English


Recruitment C.V. Package Company Dinner + High Tea

STAR Management Week Package

Price €17,50/22,50

Two Corporate Cases + Opening Conference + STAR Party Price €14,00/21,50

Academic Package

Opening Conference + Sports Seminar + Workshop

Price € 8,50/13,50 7


To stay one step ahead of our competitors, we stay one step ahead of our customers

AkzoNobel’s company line is ‘Tomorrow’s Answers Today’. And it’s not just a catchy slogan – we mean it. That’s because we’re in a competitive world and success will only come from thinking ahead and developing products which anticipate the needs of customers. This focus on putting our customers’ future first has enabled us to develop an endless supply of breakthrough products. We aim to ensure that 30% of our products are categorized as ‘Eco-premium’, making them not only more sustainable, but also more profitable. This has helped us to become the world’s largest coatings and specialty chemicals company. If you’d like to spend your career making the leaps that make a difference, jump into our website.


Date: October 25th Time: 15:30-20:00 Place: Aula, A-Building Language: English

This year, the STAR Management Week will celebrate the 25th edition and kick off with the Opening Conference. After two decades of experience, now it’s time to look forward after 25 years. Time to get a glance at a Next Level, and believe in opportunities with No Limits. What do we offer you? An amazing and interesting show, tailored for you, with national and international players in different fields of business and entertainment. Key element: inspiring stories and impressive achievements. Imagine high level expansions, exploiting upcoming trends, and boosting performance. Exploring around the globe, the keynote speakers of the Conference have created opportunities in existing and new market

places - each in their own way. Passion? Definitely. Persistence? Most surely. Perspective? Ahead of the competition. Get motivated by their expertise and successes. Learn their challenges and struggles. Be encouraged by their philosophy and leadership. The Opening Conference offers you hands-on insight and a one-time experience. Inspiring and beyond imagination. Closing with a Celebration Drink. Raise your glass on a next level STAR Management Week, without limits. Looking forward to welcome you at the Aula on October 25th!

25th STAR Management Week Committee 11

Hans Wijers

CEO - Akzo Nobel

Hans Wijers (1951) is CEO of AkzoNobel, one of the world’s leading industrial companies. He is a former Minister for Economic Affairs in the Dutch government while prior to joining AkzoNobel in 2002 he was Senior Partner with the Boston Consulting Group and Chairman of BCG’s Dutch office. As graduate of the University of Groningen and Assistant Professor of Economics at the Erasmus University (where he received his PhD in economics), he has participated in two think-tanks for Dutch Ministers. He holds a number of prominent positions outside


AkzoNobel. Hans Wijers is non-executive director at Royal Dutch Shell, a member of the European Roundtable of Industrialists and a Trustee of various charities. “Geopolitical, geo-economical and geo-ecological challenges offer, almost without limits, a wealth of opportunities. This applies to countries, businesses and certainly also to you. I believe the future belongs to those smart enough to challenge it. Answering tomorrow’s questions today is the guide to reaching next levels.”

Christof H. Rühl

Group Chief Economist and Vice President of BP plc

Christof Rühl is Group Chief Economist and Vice President of BP plc. He manages BP’s global Economics Team, providing economic input into the firm’s commercial decisions. BP’s Economics Team also produces the annual Statistical Review of World Energy and Global Energy Outlook. Christof has a distinguished track record in both academia and economic policy making. Prior to joining BP, he was at the World Bank (1998-2005) where he served as the Bank’s Chief Economist in Russia

and in Brazil. Before that, Christof worked in the Office of the Chief Economist at the EBRD in London. Previously, he was an academic economist, first in Germany and from 1991 as Professor of Economics at the University of California in Los Angeles. In addition, Christof held Visiting Professorships at academic institutions worldwide, amongst them the University of Chicago. His areas of specialisation are macroeconomics and energy economics; he has published widely in these fields.


Eelco Hoekstra

Chairman of the Executive Board of Royal Vopak


Eelco Hoekstra (1971) has been active in the international tank storage sector since 1995. Having worked in various management positions, he joined Vopak in 2003, where he took up the position of Managing Director of Vopak Horizon Fujairah (United Arab Emirates) and presided over the rapid growth of this hub terminal for oil-related products.

three successful years, he switched to the company’s Asia division. As President of Vopak Asia, he took responsibility for Vopak’s twenty subsidiaries and joint ventures located in nine countries across the Asia region.

In 2005, Eelco relocated to Buenos Aires, where he assumed the position of President of Vopak Latin America. After

Eelco is married to Manon, they have three children. Eelco’s sporting hobbies include golf and cricket.

On 1 January 2011, Eelco was appointed Chairman of the Executive Board.

Jan Heemskerk

Editor-in-chief at SMM/Playboy

What do the editor in chief of the Dutch Playboy Magazine, fashion magazine James, columnist of diverse women’s magazines, captain and father of three kids have in common? They are all the same person; Jan Heemskerk. The Dutch Hefner leads a double life; on the one hand he has the dream life of many (male) students, while on the other he leads behind the scenes of the commercial powerhouse calles Playboy. In the past years, he and the Dutch Playboy Magazine in general, have come up with many commercial content

for top brands. This including the latest Bavaria campaign shot at the Playboy Mansion. He tries to give an understanding of (one of) biology’s most serious topics: the differences and similarities between men and women. The self-proclaimed ‘All round specialist on all female matters’ will help us give an understanding of dealing with the opposite sex for members of both genders in the audience. This, together with observations from the Magazine and his personal married life will provide a good recipe for thought.


Rebecca Stephens

First Britsh woman to climb Everest and the Seven Summits

Rebecca Stephens has a gift for communication and has risen to global prominence as an inspirational keynote speaker and coach on teamwork, leadership skills and performing absolutely to one’s best. We all talk the language of the mountains: of reaching for the summit, peak performance and climbing high. But Rebecca doesn’t only talk it; she lives it, drawing from her experiences on the loftiest peaks in the world to deliver inspirational talks to corporate audiences on how to achieve the best performance. Rebecca Stephens is a great example of someone who achieved her ambitions


thanks to her ‘WILLPOWER’. She will show us how her WILLPOWER helped her to reach her goals. Rebecca Stephens will officially kick-off the I WILL AWARD competition. RSM’s I WILL movement celebrates outstanding contributions because excellence is the ultimate goal at RSM. The I WILL AWARD competition is open to students, employees, teachers and alumni; in fact anyone who contributes to the activities of RSM. The best ‘I WILL Big Idea’ will win €15,000 of funding! Applications open 25 October. To apply, go to:


Date: October 27th Time: 11:00-16:00 Place: Forum Room, M3-15, M-Building Language: English

The Entrepreneurial Seminar is one of the most famous events during the STAR Management Week. This year’s line-up will present a broad variety of successful and prominent entrepreneurs who have built up their own company. Very different aspects of business areas are covered in this seminar. You can think of olive oil, shoes, media and the financial world. Further details about the speakers can be found on the next few pages. During this inspiring day you will get to know what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur. Through hard work, creativity and ambition, the speakers know everything about entrepreneurship and are willing to share their insights with

you. You will get to know their ups and downs, the story behind their success and their vision on entrepreneurship. During this seminar you will get the opportunity to ask all of your questions to these entrepreneurs! Some of them will give a speech; others will participate in a Q&A session. Are you ready to get all the input you need for the next level? See you at the Entrepreneurial Seminar! Kind Regards, Lisa Linskens Commissioner of Speakers


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r of comm chambeam Rotterd

John de Mol

Media Tycoon

John de Mol started his media career at the age of 16, where he worked as a radio disk jockey and as videotape editor at Studio Sport, of the Dutch broadcaster NOS. At TROS, the Dutch broadcasting union, John de Mol had his first experience with the production part of television. In 1979, John started his own enterprise - John de Mol Productions. Since then, he developed and created an impressive amount of world renowned shows. The enterprise merged with Joop

van den Ende’s company in 1994, and was renamed ‘Endemol’. The merger led to an enormous international growth, expanding to numerous countries with shows and productions. After he left Endemol in 2004, John de Mol founded his own media company Talpa, generating TV series with worldwide success. For his efforts and achievements within the sector, John de Mol received national as well as international awards.


Reynier van Bommel CEO at Schoenfabriek Wed. J.P. van Bommel B.V

Within Europe, Van Bommel’s shoes are notorious for their quality. Over more then three centuries, the Dutch shoemaker has been renowned for its craftsmanship. Van Bommel, being run by the three brothers Reynier, Pepijn and Floris, is a real family business. In 2009, Reynier stepped down from his commercial position within the company and took the lead as Director of Van Bommel. Preparing for this


responsible job, Reynier van Bommel took numerous internships at different European cities. Here, he was taught the skills for manual production of quality shoes. To gain understanding of sales, Reynier stayed in Paris for some time. This trip resulted in a lot of experience and knowledge of shoes and moreover, of life.

Ridder Drost

Founder of Liquido D’Oro

Ridder Drost, 24 years old and founder of Liquido D’Oro, went to Italy after he passed his high school graduation. Spending all his money within three weeks and not eager to go back, Ridder looked for a job to finance his stay. After working at a fish restaurant, Ridder looked for an agricultural job and got a

spot at an olive farm. Enthused by the farmer’s passion, Ridder discovered a new business venture in importing exclusive olive oil to the Netherlands. Experiencing all the bumps and bruises along the way, Ridder Drost managed to set up Liquido D’Oro successfully and supplies top restaurants in the country.


Jan van Kuijk

Co-Founder & Managing Director Flow Traders

Jan van Kuijk is a co-Founder and Managing Director of Flow Traders. The Flow Traders group is an international leader in screen-based market making, providing liquidity in equities, derivatives, currencies and bonds on exchanges worldwide. The Amsterdam-based European branch of Flow Traders has been named Market Maker Europe from 2007 unto 2010 by the Global ETF Awards. Mr. van Kuijk has more than twenty years’ worth of experience in trading on international financial markets. A Dutch National, educated in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. After working for several trading companies and ending up a partner at Optiver, Jan co-founded Flow Traders in 2004.


Wearing multiple hats as management and IT/software strategist, Jan has led Flow Traders to become a daily pioneer in professional trading. In 2007, Flow Traders opened its first overseas trading operation in Singapore to serve as the group’s Asian hub. In 2008, Flow Traders became a Summit portfolio company and underwent a significant corporate restructuring to optimize its position to seize opportunities in the market. In 2009 Flow Traders established a US operation in New York. With the goal of operating a 24-hour trading business, Flow Traders distinguishes itself with its technology and focus on speed and niche competencies in markets where every (milli)second counts.

Taco Carlier

Serial Entrepreneur As a serial entrepreneur, Taco Carlier has started several profitable (online) businesses. Together with his brother Ties, who started working from Shanghai this year, he realized, among others, one of the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands. The company, Dutchband, sells wristbands and consumption tokens throughout Europe and developed equipment currently used in Europe’s biggest festivals. With the drive to innovate and excel, Taco found new opportunities in the market and utilized them in a successful manner. Besides Dutchband, the brothers are currently building a new global brand in bicycles, VANMOOF. Joined by a young and enthusiastic team they work around the clock for their goal; to develop the ultimate inner-city bicycle. With VANMOOF they want to get the whole world to rediscover the bicycle as a way

of transport. The robust, minimalistic bikes are currently sold in the United States, Japan, South Korea, Australia and throughout Europe. The winning of the Dutch Design- and Red Dot Awards for the “VANMOOF Düsenager” bicycle testify Taco’s drive to look ahead and push the boundaries of product design. Given his entrepreneurial mindset and excellent performance of his companies, we are sure Taco Carlier will inspire you at the Entrepreneurial Seminar 2011.


Eva Jinek

Chairman of the day

Eva Jinek (1978) is a journalist and television anchor, associated with broadcast company WNL since September 2011. At WNL she will host, together with Merel Westrik, a new daily morning show. Next to this she presents the talk show ‘Eva Jinek op Zondag’ on Sunday morning. Between 2004 and 2011 Jinek worked at the NOS, first at the foreign correspondents office, then as news anchor from 2008 on. In that year she


also presented the nocturnal live-broadcast of the election of president Obama together with Philip Freriks. Since March 2011 she is the permanent presenter of the radio show ‘Met het Oog op Morgen’ on Monday evening. She will continue this show, now on behalf of WNL. Jinek was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in the US and grew up in Washington DC. From age 11 she lived in the Netherlands. She studied American history at the Leiden University.


Date: November 2nd Time: 10.00 – 13.00 Place: Forum Room, M3-15, M-Building Language: English

The transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo, the Olympic Games in Beijing, participation of a team at the Tour de France: all different aspects that have to do with sports. Sport concerns more than just the game itself these days. Increasing corporate interests have become a fundamental aspect to organize and realize sport games. Join the STAR Management Week Sports Seminar, and find out more about the sports environment in a corporate perspective! During the STAR Management Week Sports Seminar, different components of sports will be connected to organisational challenges. A wide range of relevant speakers will share their experiences on this topic from various perspectives. What


does it take to organize a tour for 200 professional racing cyclists? What does the day of director of the Dutch Hockey Association look like? These are some of the questions which will be addressed during the Sports Seminar. You have the opportunity to ask these questions yourself. Are you a sporty Erasmus University student? Do you want to get acquainted with unique insights and eye-opening facts about the world of sports? Join us at the Sports Seminar! Kind regards, Marleen Bloo Commissioner of Events Lisa Linskens Commissioner of Speakers

Jan Albers

Chairman Royal Dutch Hockey Association (KNHB) Jan Albers (1952) studied industrial engineering at the Technical University Eindhoven and obtained his degree (MSc/Ir) in 1978. After military service he held multiple positions. First he joined Royal Philips Electronics in 1980, holding various (senior) management positions, primarily abroad. During the period 1998-2003, he worked for the global technology group GEA AG in Germany where he was, from 2000 onwards, a member of the Executive Board. From 2003-2009 Albers was, amongst others, very much involved in IT related start ups and has been a member of the Supervisory Board of Vanderlande Industries B.V. and chairman of the Supervisory Board of Helvoet Holding

N.V. In his most recent positions Albers is chairman of the Supervisory Board of UVA Holding B.V. and chairman of the Royal Dutch Hockey Association (KNHB). As of 1st August 2009, he joined Gamma Holding as chairman of the Executive Board and CEO.


Enrico Damo

Senior Sponsoring Manager Eneco

Enrico Damo (1976) studied International Marketing & Management at the Haarlem Business School and the University of South Florida (USA). In his youth he was successfully competing at a national level in Track & Field, specialising in decathlon. Through this background and a general passion for sports he joined Adidas AG in 2001 where he entered the company’s trainee program at the international headquarters in Germany. Until the end


of 2010 he held various positions in the sports marketing department for Adidas, including managing assets such as the UEFA Champions League and running the activation program of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. In his current position he is Senior Sponsoring Manager for the sustainable energy company Eneco, where he is responsible for the sponsor portfolio and strategy including the Eneco Tour.

Fatima Moreira de Melo

Former hockey professional

You might know her through her role in the soap: ‘Onderweg naar Morgen’, or perhaps from the dozens of poker tournaments she attends. Perhaps you know her as the face of Rabobank and ZINZI Jewellery, but most probably you know her grand total of 257 caps in international hockey. Fatima Moreira de Melo has an extreme variety of interests. The basics of her success are found in her deep passion for hockey. Aged six, she started playing fieldhockey and it soon became clear that she was more than skilled. After playing for the national woman’s championship winning club HGC in Wassenaar, she was

selected for the first time for the National Dutch fieldhockey team in 1997. Within time, she became one of the most important players of the team and took the role of vice-captain. She is also an alumnus for the Erasmus School of Law. Fatima Moreira de Melo has, both as a top level hockey player and her career in the corporate world, a unique insight in the ins and outs of the corporate world in sports these days. Besides, she has every experience in performing under pressure while so many people and companies depend on her success. She will inspire you at the Sports Seminar with her unique life story.


Els van Breda Vriesman Commandeur Former International Olympic Committee Member

Els van Breda Vriesman - Commandeur (1941), married to Eric van Breda Vriesman and mother of three. Few can say they have a comparable list of accomplishments and contributions in the sports world to that of Els. Starting her career in Enschede as a successful hockey player, she has played a very significant role in the international and national hockey association. However, her horizon is broader than just hockey. Els was also involved in the disciplinary committee of the Dutch Golf Federation, the Dutch Olympic Committee and she


was the chair of the Nico Scheepmaker Beker jury. But her most impressive accomplishment is her role in the International Olympic Committee. Starting from 2001, she was involved in multiple coordination and evaluation committees. But her range of interest exceeds just sports. She fluently speaks Dutch, English, German and French and she’s got a degree in Law. In 2008, Els was rewarded by Queen Beatrix and became Officier in de orde van Oranje Nassau. We are very honoured to welcome this well respected woman to our Sports Seminar.



de k d kansen voor trainees i bij k kpn Ik zal niet zeggen dat ik mijn studie niet leuk vond. Integendeel. Maar op een zeker moment ben je klaar voor het echte werk. Voor de grote sprong. Zo kun je het wel noemen. Want vanaf de eerste dag draai ik hier als volwaardige kracht mee. Krijg ik direct eigen verantwoording. Niet kinderachtig ook. Dat voelt goed. Bovendien sta ik er niet alleen voor. Ja, het voelt als het begin van iets moois. Lees meer op

bij capgemini consulting geef je zelf richting aan je loopbaan. Vrijheid. Zelf kunnen kiezen in welke richting je je ontwikkelt. Dat is waar Capgemini Consulting voor staat. Daarom bieden we Young Professionals een intensief eenjarig opleidingsprogramma aan waarin je de vaardigheden, expertise en tools aangeboden krijgt om optimaal te presteren en excelleren in de wereld van consultancy. We zijn overtuigd dat vrijheid en vertrouwen de beste ingrediÍnten zijn voor een succesvolle carrière. Welke richting je ook kiest, bij Capgemini Consulting weet je zeker dat je loopbaan de goede kant op gaat.


Omar Dogan. Begon zijn bakkerij 7 jaar geleden. Het bedrijf groeit snel en heeft nu al vier mensen in dienst. Omar is ambitieus en vraagt veel van zijn medewerkers. Hoe zorgen we ervoor dat ze veilig blijven werken? Met die vraag houden we ons bij Achmea intensief bezig. Dat doen we voor ongeveer 45.000 Nederlandse bedrijven, van multinationals tot bakkers. Kunnen we deze verantwoordelijkheid ook aan jou toevertrouwen? Alles wat je wilt weten over een carrière bij Achmea vind je op



more energy. fewer emissions. it takes the brightest minds working together. Our people have vision, they are driven, result-oriented and focused on getting the best out of their teams. They thrive in our company culture: open, with an international mindset and down to earth. Our hands-on approach, job rotation system and regular training enables our people to learn and develop their talents continuously. The acquired skills and knowledge will help them to become our future generation of managers. For decades ExxonMobil consistently led the industry in research and technology. That is why we now make the largest investment ever made by a private company in independent climate and energy research. We believe we have to think out of the box to find the technology that answers the energy challenges the world is facing. Interested to get a glimpse of what it is like to work for the world’s most successful company? Check our starting positions and career opportunities:


Monday October 31st 14:30 - 17:30 het Koetshuis

On behalf of the STAR Management Week committee, I want to invite you to our corporate High Tea. This year, we offer you an even more extensive portfolio of participating companies. During the High Tea, you will have the perfect opportunity to get in touch with recruiters of various high-profile organisations. Enjoy the luxurious High Tea at the Koetshuis and have a chat with recruiters of the company of your choice in an informal setting. Find out whether you and the company are a perfect match! Can everyone sign up for the High Tea? Sure! However, most recruiters prefer to invite third year Bachelor students and Master students. Go to our website


( or our stand at T3 and subscribe yourself. Upload your CV, and I will let you know if you are selected for the High Tea. The language spoken at the High Tea is Dutch, as indicated by the participating companies. The dress code for the High Tea is Tenue de Ville. Due to the fact that selection for the High Tea is based on your rĂŠsumĂŠ, the deadline for application is October 14th. I am looking forward to meeting you on Monday the 31st of October at the Koetshuis for the second STAR Management Week High Tea. Kind regards, Fabian Dekker Commissioner of Commercial Relations

“There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea“ ~ Henry James

We strongly recommend you to subscribe for both the High Tea and Company Dinner. You will get in touch with three leading companies, and besides we offer a great package deal (page 7).

Register before October 14th Transportation provided


Monday October 31st 19:00 - 23:00 het Koetshuis

We would like to welcome you to our annual Company Dinner. It is one of the premium recruitment events of this edition of the STAR Management Week. During an exclusive dinner at the Koetshuis, you will get to meet premium employers ranging from Achmea to Procter & Gamble. During the dinner you will get to know two companies, of which the first during the starters, followed by a second for the remainder of the dinner. Afterwards, there is the possibility for a drink with all participants on location.

selected your preferred companies, we will forward your rĂŠsumĂŠ for final selection by the participating companies. The dress code is Tenue de Ville, and language spoken is as indicated by the participating companies. Please do not hesitate to apply, and hopefully I will get to welcome you coming Monday, October 31st. As the Company Dinner is based on CV selection, it has a special deadline for application on October 14th. Bon appĂŠtit!

The event is open for all students, but focused on those from their final bachelor year and master students. After you have


Bart-Jan ter Haar Commissioner of Commercial Relations

We strongly recommend you to subscribe for both the High Tea and Company Dinner. You will get in touch with three leading companies, and besides we offer a great package deal (page 7). Register before October 14th Transportation provided


With the Next Level, No Limits theme in mind, we came up with a very new recruitment event: the Active Clinic. The Active Clinic is targeted at one or two specific Masters and is a unique cooperation between the STAR Management Week and the Master Study Clubs Strategy and Financial Management.

go to Subscribe, upload your résumé, and hopefully we will welcome you at the 26th of October!

Within this concept, it is up to the companies to choose for an activity, they feel is suitable to get to know you! Although a lot of very extraordinary concepts could not be brought into practice, we are still very proud to present you this new event. Are you a member of the Master Study Club Financial Management or Strategy? Do not hesitate to participate in the Active Clinic. More information? Ask your Master Study Club board, go to the STAR Management Week stand at L or T3 or

Rabobank Active Clinic & Accenture Active Clinic Date: October 26th Time: 11:00 – 15:00 / 09:30 -13:30 Place: Bilderberg Parkhotel Language: Dutch

Kind regards, Bart-Jan ter Haar en Fabian Dekker Commissioner of Commercial Relations

Master Study Club Strategic Management


Participating in a Corporate Case gives you the opportunity to get acquainted with the daily problems of a company. It is therefore the opportune moment to boost your network and career. If you are almost graduating but you do not know yet where you want to be working, subscribe yourself for a Corporate Case. Get to know a broad range of relevant companies. By solving a real life case, you will find out more about the company’s culture, its daily

problems and the people who work there. Some companies offer a free lunch or drink afterwards so you have the opportunity to get in touch with recruiters in an informal setting and ask your last questions. This is your moment to shine, what are you waiting for? Choose your favourite companies and subscribe at our stands at T3 and L or


Double Effect is THE advisory-partner for the organisation improvement in the hart of the financial service providers. Our clients are constant on the lookout for improvement and we take care of this. We analyse, translate strategy to a practical approach and provide improvement in processes and organisation. Our work is based on broad experience and knowledge of banks, insurance companies and asset managers. The Double Effect approach is to the point, driven and tailored. This way, Double Effect reaches the wished for improvement. Double Effect consultants take the extra step. We’re passionate and ambitious, love our job and enjoy teamwork with clients and colleagues.

friday 28/10

09:00 - 12:30 T-building (T3) • Language: Dutch


Nedap develops intelligent technological solutions. Creative solutions that really matter in the areas of sustainable energy, lighting, security, healthcare, retail and agri. Nedap differs from other multinationals. Responsibility and entrepreneurship are our leading principles. In the flat organisational structure, with ten independent business units, your contribution will be directly noticeable. During the corporate case we want you to experience what we think entrepreneurship means: Nedap Retail: RFID Strategy. We will provide you with information about developments in the retail sector and ask you to advice the Nedap Retail business unit which strategy they should choose.

friday 28/10

09:00 - 12:30 T-building (T3) • Language: Dutch

Young Colfield is THE Talent Developer of the Netherlands! Young Colfield exists of an enthusiastic; ambitious and dynamic group of High Potentials that all share the same passion: the improvement of service in the Netherlands. With a fresh view, from diverse angles, our Young Colfielders carry out projects. They give advice about the optimisation of services of internal service organisations (such as Rabobank, UWV, IKEA) in the areas of ICT, communication, HRM and Finance. In an intensive program of 24 months you will develop yourself into a professional through guidance, training and coaching. In the corporate case of Young Colfield you will get a view of our company culture, the assignments of talents and the content of the Talent Program. You will work together in a group on a case, which is based on a real life assignment of a Young Colfielder. Interested in Young Colfield? Than we would like to see you during the STAR Management Week 2011!

friday 28/10

09:00 - 12:30 T-building (T3) • Language: Dutch

Are you a graduate and would you like to have an impact on the daily lives of customers and employees and become one of Ahold Europe’s future leaders? Sign up for the Ahold workshop at the STAR Management Week! About the Ahold workshop You are bursting with talent and ambition. Innovation is second nature to you and you will do whatever you can to achieve an outstanding performance. Time to participate in our workshop. The Ahold workshop will give you the opportunity to look behind the scenes of our dynamic retail business. In approx two hours time we play the Retail Game on an actual theme, seen from a point of one of the five disciplines: Marketing & Format, Merchandising & Sourcing, Finance, HR or Operations. Two of our young professionals will lead the workshop. We look forward to seeing you at the STAR Management Week in Rotterdam.

friday 28/10

13:30 - 16:30 T-building (T3) • Language: Dutch


Today, Oracle provides the world’s most complete, open, and integrated business software and hardware systems to more than 370,000 businesses - including all 100 of the Fortune 100. We believe that all our 110,000 global employees are critical to that success. IT is everywhere and you can be part of it! We believe in our employees and that is the reason why we offer great opportunities and training facilities for the talented individuals we employ. Our employees benefit from great training and coaching directly related to the role. Further more we have full-time talent coaches to help people develop and quickly grow within our company. Oracle is growing and you can be part of it!

friday 28/10

13:30 - 16:30 T-building (T3) • Language: Dutch


Tele2 is the most successful alternative telecom service provider in Europe, serving 24 million customers in 11 European countries. During the STAR Management Week we will host a workshop where we will give you an insight into our history, values, the story behind Frank and career possibilities within Tele2. Michel Stumpe – Erasmus University Alumni – will share his experiences with you about the challenges and opportunities of being the CEO-Trainee. Moreover we will challenge you with a real life business case in which you will compete against other teams. The team with the most innovative approach will win a price! Tele2 is always looking for people with a winners-mentality to support us in reaching our ambitious goals. Or in Tele2 words: Be a challenger and never be satisfied!

friday 28/10

13:30 - 16:30 T-building (T3) • Language: English

The Wim Bosman Group is a 3PL+ logistic service provider offering integrated warehousing, transport and distribution solutions. As per April 1, 2011 the Wim Bosman Group is a full member of the Mainfreight team. A company founded in New Zealand offering logistic solutions worldwide, further intensified in Europe now. Offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Rumania, United Kingdom, Germany, Poland and Russia are now connected to a network of offices worldwide. “A mid size logistic service provider with another 100 years of endurance ” During our session you can learn more about our organization and more over the changes that we have gone through, or not... • From a family owned company to a family • Culture • New opportunities • Vision and strategy Looking forward to meeting you!

friday 28/10

13:30 - 16:30 T-building (T3) • Language: Dutch

Meltwater is a global Software as a Service (SaaS) company developing disruptive, no-nonsense software designed to meet the specific needs of businesses around the world. And we don’t try to out-innovate or out- develop the rest of the world. Through our ability to identify emerging markets, outsource innovation and leverage our global distribution team, Meltwater speeds point solutions to the market. For your career, Meltwater offers a diverse range of ever-expanding professional opportunities, without walls or glass ceilings. The majority of Meltwater employees begin their careers as Sales Consultants, then progress through our entry-level management positions. Our HR practices are rewarded by numerous international awards, including the prestigious Red Herring global 100. Please come and visit our Corporate Case, which will give insights in the rapid-moving IT sector and our role in it.

monday 31/10

09:00 - 12:30 T-building (T3) • Language: English


PwC offers you the opportunity to experience a simulated day of an auditor during the STAR Management Week. Do you want to get acquainted with our organisation and the domain we work in, subscribe for the PwC corporate case! We will show you our specialty, our people, and the way we work during this corporate case. Of course we would like to get to know you as well and get acquainted with your ideas and future plans. If you are finishing your Bachelor studies or you are a Master student, and you are interested in Accountancy, sign up for the STAR Management Week. The language spoken during this workshop is Dutch. See you on October 31st!

monday 31/10

09:00 - 12:30 T-building (T3) • Language: Dutch


OC&C Strategy Consultants is an international strategy-consulting firm. We bring strategic advice to the top management of leading companies. Our engagements range from several weeks to several months. We have special expertise in private equity, FMCG, retail, transportation and logistics. During the STAR Management Week you can meet and get to know OC&C by signing up for our workshop. We will start the workshop by providing you with some information about OC&C and what we have to offer you as a starting consultant. Following, you will work in small groups on a case about “the Bols investment opportunity” with guidance of our consultants. You will learn all about the work of a strategy consultant by solving this case. If you want to ask more specific questions and have a one-on-one conversation with a consultant and/or recruiter you can also sign up for our High Tea to get all your questions answered and a better feeling about the people at OC&C. Make a good impression and you might be selected for the High Tea.

monday 31/10

10:30 - 13:30 T-building (T3) • Language: Dutch

Booz & Company is a leading global consulting firm, helping the world’s top businesses, governments, and organisations. With more than 3,300 people in 60 offices around the world, we bring foresight and knowledge, deep functional expertise, and a practical approach to building capabilities and delivering real impact. We work closely with our clients to create and deliver essential advantage. During the STAR Management Week Booz & Company will organize a Corporate Case. We will present Booz & Company and you will work together with our consultants on a challenging business case. For a few hours you will experience the ‘real life’ of a strategy consultant and learn tips and tricks from our professionals. If you’re interested to get to know us better and find out more about the opportunities we can offer you, then sign up for our Corporate Case. We will be happy to welcome you!

As a Young Executive you immediately start working with new matter to solve management issues and temporarily reinforce organizations. Research, analysis, recognizing the core problem(s), steering, gaining support, bringing new solutions, implementation of these solutions and above all, a focus on achieving results characterizes the work as a Young Executive. Gaining support and a sense of all relations in the environment is essential. Every day you have to proof yourself. The Young Executives are used in the broad and hectic field of work of projectmanagement, process-management, consultancy or interim-management for a variety of clients. For more information over, for example, the projects undertaken and our extensive management development program, have a look at

Make a good impression and you might be selected for the Company Dinner.

monday 31/10

14:30 - 17:30 T-building (T3) • Language: Dutch

tuesday 01/11

09:00 - 12:30 T-building (T3) • Language: Dutch


AB InBev is the largest beer brewer in the world and one of the world’s top five consumer products companies. With a dream to become The Best Beer Company in a Better World, the company has a strong, balanced portfolio. Selling four of the top ten beers in the world, AB InBev holds the number one or two position in over 20 key markets. We have strong brands, such as Jupiler, Hertog Jan, Dommelsch, Hoegaarden, Leffe, Budweiser, Beck’s and Stella Artois. Headquartered in Leuven, Belgium, AB InBev leverages the collective strength of approximately 120.000 people in 30 countries.

Hay Group is a global management consulting firm that works with leaders to transform strategy into reality. We develop talent, organize people to be more effective and motivate them to perform at their best. Our focus is on making change happen and helping people and organisations realize their potential. During the Corporate Case this week you will learn everything there is to know about being a Junior Consultant at Hay Group. We invite you to participate in our case and experience how it is to work for practically all of the most admired employers instead of just one!

Discover the world of AB InBev by joining our Corporate Case!

tuesday 01/11

12:30 - 15:30 T-building (T3) • Language: Dutch


tuesday 01/11

13:30 - 17:00 T-building (T3) • Language: Dutch


KPN Consulting (previously: Getronics Consulting) helps the high profile organisations to excel, as we use clever applications of information technology. We form a bridge between business and IT and advise our customers about the most realistic and effective chances in the IT-structures. Besides we enable our customers to actually realize those chances.

More than 30.000 employees of the Belastingdienst are responsible for a great number of tasks. One of those tasks, which is probably the most known, is raising and collecting taxes. Annually, the Belastingdienst processes tax returns of 6 million citizens and 1,1 million entrepreneurs. In the fiscal year 2008 the total tax proceeds exceeded €138 billion.

As a Young Professional, you will meet many big customers in a very short period of time. Our training-budget is the best in our branch and you will grow towards a consultant who will lift organisations to a higher level. This will all happen in an inspiring working environment, together with experienced colleagues and on appealing assignments in the corporate top.

The Belastingdienst’s duties are not merely limited to collecting governmental taxes; they also manage the payment diverse benefits. Examples of these are the monthly reimbursements for Childcare, Rent and Healthcare, with a total number of over 7.5 million paid monthly.

friday 28/10

09:00 - 14:00 T-building (T3) • Language: Dutch


Other significant processes are the detection of fraud and the monitoring of the import-, export- and transit of goods.

monday 31/10

09:00 - 14:00 T-building (T3) • Language: Dutch

Philip Morris Benelux BVBA is part of Philip Morris International Inc. (PMI), the leading international tobacco company, with seven of the world’s top 15 brands, including the number one cigarette brand worldwide. PMI’s products are sold in approximately 180 countries. In 2010, the company held an estimated 16.0% share of the international cigarette market outside of the U.S., or 27.6% excluding the People’s Republic of China and the U.S. PMI is an Equal Opportunity Employer. At Philip Morris Benelux BVBA we are responsible for the Sales and Marketing of PMI’s brand portfolio. We coordinate these activities for the three Benelux countries with over 200 employees in our offices in Berchem (Antwerp), Belgium.

Did you know P&G products are enjoyed over 4 billion times a day in over 180 countries? With the strongest portfolio of trusted, quality, leadership brands, including Pampers®, Gillette®, Ariel®, Pringles®, Lenor®, Oral-B®, Duracell® and Head & Shoulders®, our goal is to improve life daily through our products, people, and initiatives. At P&G, we continually aim to attract, recruit, reward, and advance the finest people in the world. P&G people get involved – with their workplace, their community, their planet, people in need, and each other. So if you’re looking for a company whose actions reflect its principles and values and whose people continually expect, contribute, and do more, P&G is a very exciting choice. Discover more about P&G during our workshop and register now!

monday 31/10

09:00 - 14:00 T-building (T3) • Language: English

monday 31/10

09:00 - 14:00 T-building (T3) • Language: Dutch


Expeditors is a publicly traded company and provides global logistics solutions that touch on all aspects of the supply chain. We listen to our customers unique business needs and can jump into whichever part of the logistics supply chain you need us, be it Plan, Source/ Make, Book/Move or Deliver. How do we accomplish this? By staying focused on our core assets: • Our People • Our Systems • Our Culture • Our Customers Over the last 30 years, Expeditors has grown to become one of the most prominent logistics companies in the world and we employ roughly 12,000 people in 254 offices worldwide. We started our operation in the Netherlands 15 years ago and quickly grew to a team of more than 250 employees that work in our offices in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Maastricht today.

tuesday 01/11

09:00 - 14:00 T-building (T3) • Language: Dutch


Get to know KMPG and become our new dealmaker! Join the KPMG Corporate Case during the STAR Management Week. A challenging case will bring you into the world of a big financial transaction. You will guide a client in an interesting merger and acquisition process. Are you and your team capable to get the best deal? After you finished the deal a lunch will be served where you will have the opportunity to know more about the KPMG colleagues and ask them everything you want to know.

tuesday 01/11

09:00 - 14:00 T-building (T3) • Language: Dutch

Schiphol aims to maintain a sustainable position in the global market. Step into Schiphol’s world of opportunities and discover our major challenges to become Europe`s most preferred airport. Focus on the possible (conflicting) interests that can play, as well as the influence and social function of Schiphol. Imagine yourself how all possible stakeholders together or individually can bring Schiphol another step closer to their goals. Schiphol Group is pleased to invite you, to join us in this challenge.

tuesday 01/11

09:00 - 14:00 T-building (T3) • Language: Dutch

Samsung Electronics is the global leader in consumer electronics, semiconductors, telecommunication, digital media and digital convergence technologies with 2010 consolidated sales of USD 135.8 billion. The company employs approximately 190,500 people in 206 offices in 68 countries and is recognized as one of the fastest growing global brands. Samsung is a leading producer of digital TV’s, semiconductor chips, mobile phones and TFT-LCD’s. Samsung aspires to create new technologies and innovative products that inspire the world, while delivering new value to enhance the lives of customers, partners and employees.

tuesday 01/11

09:00 - 14:00 T-building (T3) • Language: Dutch


Een duurzame toppositie in de wereld bekleden, dat is de ambitie van Schiphol Group. Duurzaam in termen van bijvoorbeeld milieu. En even belangrijk duurzaam succesvol als bedrijf, als aanjager van de (inter) nationale economie, als innovator en kwaliteitspartner. Investeren in de kwaliteit van morgen, betekent dat we nu nieuwe wegen zoeken. Onze medewerkers, in totaal 2.000, zijn van groot belang in het bereiken van ons doel: Europe’s preferred airport. We hebben medewerkers nodig die verder kunnen denken dan hun functie, die kunnen denken in oplossingen.


Schiphol Group: A world of opportunities In de praktijk verlopen de carrières bij ons vaak minder voorspelbaar dan ergens anders. Dat heeft te maken met de diversiteit van de verschillende onderdelen van Schiphol Group: de nationale en regionale luchthavens, real estate, commerce, finance. Maar ook met de diversiteit aan vraagstukken: maatschappelijke en economische belangen, politiek, mobiliteit, veiligheid en milieu. Schiphol Group is dan ook met recht ‘a world of opportunities’. Is het dan vreemd dat carrières bij ons vaak wat verrassende wendingen maken, dwars door verschillende vakgebieden heen?

Wij vinden van niet. Sterker nog, we zien het als een belangrijke kracht dat mensen die dat willen, zich bij ons breed kunnen ontwikkelen. Heb je recent een universitaire of HBO studie voltooid in economie, bedrijfskunde, techniek, finance of ICT? Dan kun je beginnen in een startersfunctie. Met behulp van trainingen, opleidingen en coaching stimuleren we je vanaf dag één om jezelf te ontwikkelen binnen onze organisatie. Geïnteresseerd in een toekomst bij Schiphol Group? Kijk opère




MANAGEMENT TRAINEE M/F YOU are excited by what our Management Trainee Program


has to offer and eager to learn our core business from within. You are entrepreneurial and ambitious, with the drive to achieve your goals. You are an excellent leader, communicator and team player. You have a Masters’ degree and you are fluent in English and either Dutch or French.

Philip Morris Benelux BVBA is part of Philip Morris International (PMI), the leading international tobacco company, with seven of the world’s top 15 brands, including the number one cigarette brand worldwide. PMI’s products are sold in approximately 180 countries. In 2010, the company held an estimated 16.0% share of the international cigarette market outside of the U.S., or 27.6% excluding the People’s Republic of China and the U.S. PMI Is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Specifically you will

• Run through several assignments in our Benelux departments Sales, Marketing and Corporate Affairs. • Participate in interactive workshops for every department given by its Directors. • Follow counseling sessions from our Sales or Marketing Director. • Manage your personal training budget of 10,000.

At Philip Morris Benelux, we are responsible for the sales and marketing of PMI’s brand portfolio. We coordinate these activities for the three Benelux countries with over 200 employees in our Berchem office (Antwerp), Belgium.

ThE OppORTUNiTY After a successful program you will be considered for a position as District Sales Manager or Brand Executive. You will make a difference by challenging our business with innovative ideas, subscribing our core values of passion, integrity and respect.

WhAT WE OFFER A career in a dynamic, multicultural and truly international environment with a leading global company. We will invest in you and support your growth through individual development and structured career management. Our strong reward & recognition programs are designed to encourage your achievements and foster your potential. And last but not least, you will find a sound balance between an international career and your private life.

iNTERESTED? Do you have the courage, curiosity, and conviction to see opportunities where others only see challenges? Then apply by sending your CV and motivation letter to and join our team! For more information, visit


Weten wat je kan, begint met weten waar je naartoe wilt.

Inge Tjeerdsma Senior Staff Audit FSO

Een succesvolle carrièrestart is meer dan een goede cijferlijst. Het begint met karakter en inzicht in jezelf. Ontdekken wie je bent, weten waar je naartoe wilt groeien Ên hoe je dat voor elkaar krijgt staat altijd aan de basis. Ernst & Young coacht jou actief op weg naar jouw succes. We bieden je volop kansen in de wereld van assurance, tax, transaction en advisory. Ontdek ze op



Every year the STAR Management Week hosts several company visits to a wide variety of companies. With our 25th anniversary in mind, we wanted to organize something else than the ordinary in-house days. Participating in a company visit gives you the opportunity to explore what it’s like at a company. So you can find out how companies translate the theory of the classroom into practice. Are your curious to find out how companies deal with problems in the short and long term? And do you want to know how a com-

pany uses knowledge in our dynamic and quickly changing world? Than subscribe to our next level company visits! Whether you’re a first year student or almost graduating, everyone can join. But, tickets are on first-come, first-serve basis so make sure you buy your ticket in time! We hope to welcome you during one of our very interesting company visits, which are described in detail on the following pages and online at Best regards, Hanna Neeft Commissioner of Marketing


Company Visit Peugeot Have you always been fascinated by cars since you were a little kid? Did you sit on your dad’s lap while holding the steering wheel of the car? This magical feeling of your youth has shrunk and has been replaced by new fascinations for automation, new technologies and economic developments. The Company Visit on the 12th of October gives you the opportunity to recall the magical memories of your youth and unite these memories with your current interests. During the Management Week we will visit the famous Peugeot factory, which is located in Valenciennes in the north of France. Subscribe for an unforgettable experience and be surprised by al the astonishing facets this world-famous car brand has to offer you!

The company visit will take place on the 12th of October from 7:30 (departure to Valenciennes) until 16:00 (departure back to Rotterdam). For more information and to subscribe, go to


More company visits will follow! Subscribe to facebook, twitter or check the website, posters and stand for the other company visits.

Marketing approaches from world-class marketeers; Language: Dutch Professional network tactics; Language: Dutch Development of highly beneficial sales strategies; Language: Dutch Sophisticated talent branding approaches; Language: Dutch The STAR Management Week 2011 workshops will give you the opportunity to experience four challenging workshops on various topics. Experts will share

their experience and help you to develop your skills in marketing and sales. With a practical, no-nonsense character, these workshops are certainly worth attending. 500+ on Linkedin? Striving to expand your network? The STAR Management Week workshops offer you the opportunity to constructively improve your network success. Make an inventory of the qualities you posses and develop the brand that you represent. Then learn how to effectively bring this into practice and successfully exploit your brand in the networking workshop. The workshops are worthwhile to attend! Subscribe at our stand at T3 and L, or at


Networking Works: how to sell yourself on the marketplace of graduates Unknown makes unloved. That is especially the case in the current labour market for graduates. An online network is essential, but how does networking works for you? Which type(s) of media do you use? Which Unique Selling Points will get you hired? How do you build up your network, how ill you make it work and how can you maintain your network? The Qompas trainers will provide you with answers on these and other questions in the seminar ‘let your network work for you’. The trainers will go through all possibilities in your network using four steps: a self-analyses will reveal your strong competences and characteristics. Next you will obtain an insight in your current network using ‘network-mapping’. In the third step, the trainers help you choose


fitting media (social networks) to brand yourself. Finally your network must work for you to sell yourself in the most powerful way.

thursday 27/10

16:00 - 18:00 T-building (T3) • Language: Dutch

Marketing training A year ago Lay’s initiated a huge campaign in the Netherlands. End result: approximately 310.000 people went online to inform Lay’s about their favourite flavours. Lay’s listened to the consumers and sold 3 nominated flavours. At the end, Lay’s Patatje Joppie won the contest through receiving the most votes. This campaign underlined the importance of consumers, but also the interaction between companies and consumers. How come 310.000 people were prepared to go online and vote? This campaign has won many prizes and therefore set a new standard to successful campaigns. The lead man of the campaign, Michael Blankert, has also won the Marketing Talent of the Year prize.

PepsiCo gives you the opportunity to ask the questions you want and to prove yourself in front of a highly talented group within PepsiCo, including Michael Blankert. Had enough of the “oh so important values and guidelines” of companies, which don’t even differ themselves from one another? Then join our intense, but also flexible workshop as a new tool to support and implement your marketing ideas with success!

friday 28/10

09:30 - 12:00 13:00 - 15:30 T-building (T3) • Language: Dutch


Sales Training: Business 2 Business Are you looking for an extra B2B Sales training during your study to prepare yourself for the future? We challenge you to distinguish yourself on the labor market to participate in this interactive workshop! The workshop will be given by Maarten Colijn, owner and trainer of Professional Capital, a premium European training agency in Sales & Account Management. They train very experienced sales teams and board members of ABN Amro, Coca-Cola Enterprises, Deloitte and Johnson & Johnson. As starters are often inexperienced, organisations are afraid to take chances when it comes to hire

wednesday 02/11

14:00 - 16:00 T-building (T3) • Language: Dutch


sales talent. Consequently, it is difficult for starters at the labor market. 39% of the current starters needed 3 to 6 months to find a proper job. This workshop gives you insights and tips which distinguish you on the B2B labor market. Also, there is a gap between educational programs at universities and the requirements of the corporate world in the field of Sales & Account Management. Participating in this workshop will improve your orientation in this field and helps you to develop fundamental skills to become successful in the corporate world!

Talent branding ORMIT. Dedicated to making the most of your talent. Do you have the ambition to have a challenging managerial career? Many academic educated students do so. Becoming a manager means going into the field and gain experience at a premium organization, which takes your future as serious as you do: ORMIT. ORMIT offers ambitious young academic starters the unique chance to become a skilled manager within a very short period of time. After the two years which you will work for ORMIT, you will be acquainted with your strong and weak characteristics and you will have gained very valuable knowledge by working for one of the leading organizations which are in the network of ORMIT.

Some of the participants of ORMIT’s network are: Rabobank, Shell, Delta Lloyd, Nuon, Ordina, Fortis, Philips, T-Mobile, Essent, DSM, ANWB, Belastingdienst and Ericsson.

thursday 03/11

14:00 - 16:00 T-building (T3)


The Qompas CV Check It is a hard challenge to create a powerful and persuasive CV. Qompas can help you! You continuously need to identify how you can connect to the organization you might want to work for in the future. Companies often get loads of CV’s for certain jobs or traineeships, how are you going to make sure that your CV will stand out? Different CV formats are suitable for different occasions and it is very important that you know how to compose an optimal CV. The campus trainers of Qompas annually check over 1.000 CV’s of students and starters during Qompas CV-check at career fairs and related events. Although there is not 1 perfect CV, the Qompas professionals can give you relevant tips and tricks. Print out your CV, and have it checked! Date:

October 27th


T3 STAR stand


09.00 – 17.00

Cannot make this date? Then order the free Qompas Career Guide for more tips and tricks at!

Alleen voor


% 0 5 g op n i t r o k +

headphone cadeau!

De Volkskrant heeft een oorstrelende aanbieding voor studenten. Neem nu voor een jaar een studentenabonnement op de Volkskrant en ontvang naast 50% korting een Sennheiser headphone cadeau. Je betaalt slechts â‚Ź 14,25 per maand. Ga nu naar om gebruik te maken van dit tijdelijke aanbod!* *Alle info en voorwaarden op


LET’S HELP TO KEEP THE SKIES BLUE. COMMERCIAL GRADUATES WANTED TO HELP MEET THE ENERGY CHALLENGE. We all need clean air. Not just for today’s kite-flying trip, but for future generations who want to live and play under clearer blue skies. That’s why, for example, at Shell Brazil we’ve created a fuel oil for factories that can cut soot emissions by up to 75%. It should help Raul and his friends breathe a little easier. Just one of the many things we’re doing to help build a better energy future. Whatever your role at Shell, as part of a diverse, international network comprising some of the finest minds in the business, you’ll be helping to power people’s lives around the world. Can you apply a creative mind to some of the world’s biggest energy challenges? Find out more and apply at Shell is an equal opportunity employer.



Are you ready for a night full of laughter? After a day of serious events, it is time for some fun! We have selected four amazing, international stand-up comedians to make this night unforgettable.

On Wednesday, November 2nd, we will start the comedy night with a small drink, followed by the incredible performance of the comedians. To close the night you may enjoy even more drinks and some rocking live music. Be there, and laugh until you cry! Loving greetings from, Marleen Bloo Commissioner of Events


wednesday 02/11 20:00 - 23:00 Prinses Theater Language: English

Be there, and laugh until you cry!



23:00 - 05:00 • Maassilo Rotterdam


And where will your career start? Port of Rotterdam Authority offers JOB OPPORTUNITIES FOR MASTERS This is where I explore how to utilise underground space within the port area. Patrick Vroegop Strategic Advisor

Here I ‘control’ this quay project. Peter Hamm Project Advisor

This is where I discuss business opportunities with my client. Sofie Tolk Business Manager Breakbulk

Port of Rotterdam Authority. Active for the entire port.

The Port of Rotterdam Authority is the company

speedy and safe transit of raw materials and

that, together with 1200 committed colleagues,

goods, has an eye for the environment in which

works to strengthen the competitive position of

people work and live in the port and invests

the port of Rotterdam. The port of today and

continually in existing and new port areas, such

tomorrow. An accessible and sustainable port

as Maasvlakte 2. For example, our commercial

of Rotterdam, which can continue to grow, is

and nautical staff collaborate with our civil

very much in the interests of all (inter)national

engineers, economists, project managers, ICT

enterprises active here. The Port Authority

specialists, lawyers and HRM staff to develop a

therefore offers everything necessary for the

world-class port. Check

“Welkeboeken hebikeigenlijk nodig?”

Door onze samenwerking met je opleiding weten wij welke boeken je nodig hebt.


*Kijk voor meer informatie en de voorwaarden van onze garanties op


Zet de juiste stap in de wereld van werk Kies een bedrijf zo groot als de wereld: JTI-Japan Tobacco

Onze kernwaarden:

International- is de internationale divisie van Japan Tobacco


Inc., de derde grootste tabaksfabrikant ter wereld.

Uitmuntendheid, eenvoud, tevredenheid

JTI is een vrij jong bedrijf, met merken die in meer dan 120 landen worden verkocht. Het tabaksbedrijf is in zijn sector één van de snelst groeiende bedrijven en genereert meer dan 70 procent van het volume van de groep. Met roots in Japan, de Verenigde Staten, Groot-Brittannië en Oostenrijk maakt dit ons een heuse multinational, waar de

Betrokkenheid Respect, verantwoordelijkheid, transparant Innovatie Dynamisch, enthousiast, snel Synergy Diversiteit, engagement, teamwork

ene nationaliteit niet belangrijker is dan de ander. De bedrijfscultuur is zeer resultaatgericht, maar informeel. Medewerkers krijgen veel vrijheid om zich te ontplooien en zelf initiatief te nemen. De doorgroeimogelijkheden zijn talrijk. Het tabaksbedrijf

Uitstekende resultaten van de

heeft verschillende carrierepaden ontwikkeld, tevens

TOP Employer 2011 competitie

met internationale doorgroeimogelijkheden over de hele

Primaire arbeidsvoorwaarden

wereld, bijvoorbeeld naar het hoofdkantoor in Geneve.

Secundaire arbeidsvoorwaarden Training & Ontwikkeling

JTI is een jonge en dynamische organisatie met groei als voornaamste doel. De Benelux organisatie van Japan

Carrièremogelijkheden Organisatiecultuur

««««« ««««« ««««« «««« «««««

Tobacco International is trots op haar TOP Employer status.

Voor meer informatie of carrière mogelijkheden kun je ons bereiken op: Vreelandseweg 46 - 1216 CH Hilversum- Nederland - Tel + 31 356 222 888 - Fax + 31 356 222 890 -

The STAR Management Week 2011 committee would like to thank everybody who contributed to the event, and wishes to show special gratitude to: the Erasmus Trustfonds, Program Coordinators, Erasmus facilitair bedrijf, Connie Tai, Advisory Board, the STAR Alumni Association, XXXIII STAR Board, XXXIV STAR Board, Silke Fennema, Arjen Linskens, diezijn-team and CafĂŠ In de Smitse.

Marleen Bloo Commissioner of Events

Koen Smits Chairman & Treasurer

Bart-Jan ter Haar Commissioner of Commercial Relations

Lisa Linskens Commissioner of Speakers

Fabian Dekker Commissioner of Commercial Relations

Hanna Neeft Commissioner of Marketing & PR

Berdien Fennema Commissioner of Speakers 79

First and second year students Tuesday




Opening Conference Page 11-16



Friday 28/10

Entrepreneurial seminar Page 18-24 Workshop Page 63-67 Daily Drink

Workshop Page 63-67 Daily Drink


Friday 28/10

Third year students Tuesday




Opening Conference Page 11-16


Entrepreneurial seminar Page 18-24 Workshop Page 63-67 Daily Drink

Workshops Page 63-67 Corporate Cases & Lunch Page 43-55 Daily Drink


Friday 28/10

Master students Tuesday


Opening Conference Page 11-16


Wednesday Active Clinics Page 42



Entrepreneurial seminar Page 18-24 Workshop Page 63-67 Daily Drink

Workshops Page 63-67 Corporate Cases & Lunch Page 43-55 Daily Drink





Daily Drink




Wednesday Sports Seminar Page 26-29 Workshop Page 63-67 Comedy Night Page 72-73



Corporate Cases & Lunch Corporate Cases & Lunch Page 43-55 Page 43-55 High Tea Daily Drink Page 38-39 Company Dinner Page 40-41

Sports Seminar Page 26-29 Workshop Page 63-67 Comedy Night Page 72-73







Corporate Cases & Lunch Corporate Cases & Lunch Page 43-55 Page 43-55 High Tea Daily Drink Page 38-39 Company Dinner Page 40-41

Sports Seminar Page 26-29 Workshop Page 63-67 Comedy Night Page 72-73



Workshop Page 63-67 Daily Drink STAR Party Page 74-75




Workshop Page 63-67 Daily Drink STAR Party Page 74-75




Workshop Page 63-67 Daily Drink STAR Party Page 74-75


Participating companies in recruitment activities Active Clinic AB InBev Accenture Achmea Ahold Belastingdienst Boer & Croon Booz & Co Capgemini Double Effect Ernst & Young Expeditors ExxonMobil Hay Group Heineken KPMG KPN KPN Consulting McKinsey Meltwater Nedap OC&C Oracle Ormit P&G Philip Morris PwC Rabobank Samsung Schiphol Shell Tele 2 Wim Bosman Young Colfield


Corporate Case

High Tea

Company Dinner

General Information

Contact Information STAR Management Week 2011

Locations and Public Transport

Visiting Address

Erasmus University Burgemeester Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam Tram: 7 or 21, Woudestein Metro: A/B/C, Kralingse Zoom

Room T4-53 Burgemeester Oudlaan 50 3062 PA Rotterdam

Rotterdam School of Management

Post Address

P.O. Box 1738 3000 DR Rotterdam Telephone +31 (0)10 408 20 35 Fax +31 (0)10 408 90 23 Email Website Ticket sale The ticket sale of the STAR Management Week 2011 starts on 26 September. Tickets are available at our stands at L (week 42) or T3 (week 39-44). Tickets are also available online at Volume 15.000 Design and production diezijn

Koetshuis (Company Dinner)

Kasteelweg 53, Rotterdam Free transportation from: Metro station Kralingse Zoom Prinses Theater Rotterdam (Comedy Night)

Schiedamseweg 19, Rotterdam Tram: 4/8, Delfshaven Metro: A/B/C, Delfshaven Maassilo (STAR Party)

Maashaven ZZ 2, Rotterdam Metro: Maashaven station Free buses from Maashaven to Rotterdam CS and Oostplein from 02:30-05:30

Opportunities in International Trade Expeditors, a leader in the global logistics industry and a Fortune 1000 company, has opportunities for motivated team players who are looking for a rewarding place to work. The Council of Logistics Management defines logistics as that part of the supply chain process that plans, implements, and controls the efficient, effective flow and storage of goods, services, and related information from the point of origin to the point of consumption in order to meet customers' requirements.

As a logistics provider, Expeditors does much more than get freight from one point to another. At Expeditors, our job is to provide the critical services and information necessary to give our clients a competitive advantage in the management of their supply chains - from raw materials to finished goods sitting on the retail shelf. Expeditors' culture of organic growth and promotion from within, combined with a strong management team and unique compensation structure, attracts the highest caliber employees.

OUR PEOPLE ARE THE DIFFERENCE. Highly trained. Motivated. Focused. This is where we start. With people who are committed to their customers. With people who understand that going the extra mile is really just the beginning. • Attitude: A passionate, caring and winning attitude is focused on the basics of teamwork. • Resolute: Say what you do and do what you say! • Sense of Humor: Life's too short not to enjoy the work we do and the people we work with. • Visionary: A perceptive insight to the changing needs of clients, vendors, organization, and employees. • Appearance: Professionalism is at the core of our identity. • Confidence: We must believe to achieve, not only in ourselves, but also in our co-workers. • Excellence: Doing not just what's expected, but doing the best that's physically possible. • Integrity: Fairness, honesty, and dignity. • Pride: It's the personal commitment we make. • Curiosity: Be the type of person who wants to learn more about something.

Expeditors culture of organic growth, promotion from within, combined with a strong management team and unique compensation structure, continuously attracts the highest caliber employees.


Programme Booklet SMW  

Programme Booklet of the STAR Management Week 2011

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