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So what’s the difference? The Erasmus Recruitment Platform serves as an intermediary between companies and students, which only operates online. The Erasmus Recruitment Platform allows companies to post their events and vacancies which students can apply for, all year-round. In addition, the platform offers the students a wide range of articles and company profiles. The Erasmus Recruitment Days hosts two weeks on the Erasmus University campus to allow companies to participate in the Erasmus Recruitment Days’ events. In 2015, the Economic Faculty Association Rotterdam (EFR) and the Study Association of Rotterdam School of Management (STAR) have joined forces to launch the year-round extension of the Erasmus Recruitment Days; the Erasmus Recruitment platform. As mentioned before, the Erasmus Recruitment Platform committee is a yearly part-time committee starting in June, whereas the Erasmus Recruitment Days committee is a full-time committee from the 1st of August to mid March. For the ERP committee, you will receive an certificate of recognition of the Erasmus University.

PRACTICAL INFORMATION Find out what position fits you best

Application process

Would you like to know more about the project or the positions? Talk to former committee members! You can also come by the EFR Office (HB-108) or the STAR Office (T4-53) where you will be welcomed with a hot cup of coffee.

Applying for the Erasmus Recruitment Platform is really easy! EFR members apply through efr. nl/challenge, STAR members apply through Non-members are free to choose through which association they apply. You can apply until the 17th of June.

Workload This year, the workload of the Erasmus Recruitment Platform committee will be quite different than previous years. Four more hours are added to the workload. Besides that, the ERP committee is to spend two half days at their office together in order to increase productivity and bonding. In total, the workload of the ERP committee is 16 hours a week.

Selection process After the application closes, you will be invited for an interview. This interview will serve to get to know each other, talk about the project in general, and to manage expectations.




As the Chairman you are the leader, the motivator and the inspirator of your team. You are constantly checking if the process runs smoothly and you are the one to jump in if something is about to go wrong. You are required to be a strong communicator, to be decisive and to have a great sense of responsibility. Your greatest challenge lies in leading the fulltime committee that organises the biggest on campus recruitment event in Europe in a successful way. Can you take that responsibility?

As a Commercial Officer of the Erasmus Recruitment Platform you are responsible for every company entering the platform. You will be responsible for attracting them, but also for their profiles, vacancies, events and questions. But do not worry, you are not alone! You will work closely together with the board commercials of both EFR and STAR and will be in close contact with the flagship projects of both associations (EFR Business Week and STAR Management Week).

You will: • Lead your team • Represent the Erasmus Recruitment Platform • Take care of the two main sponsors • Set goals and monitor them • Help out where necessary • Be the main contact person for EFR and STAR board

This position is not open for non-Dutch speaking students.

“As a chairman you are responsible for creating a good atmosphere within your committee, where new ideas can be developed for the short- and long-term strategy of the ERP. You will be overseeing all the tasks and you will play an important role in the communication between your fellow active/committee members and EFR and STAR”

“As an ERP commercial you’ll find the companies that will offer the perfect opportunities for the our companies students! that will “As an ERP commercial you’ll find offer the perfect opportunities for our students!”



As the Marketing Officer of the Erasmus Recruitment Platform you are responsible for all promotion oncampus and online and the engagement of the students on the platform. This task can range from designing flyers to a strategic analysis of the USP’s of the platform for students. As a marketing officer you need to possess a creative and innovative mind-set and strong analytical skills. Will you break the current record? In addition, you are responsible to come up with ideas to boost the active usage on the platform such as a big marketing stunt on the university.

As the Content Manager, you will be responsible for all written content on the platform, namely the career services and the company profiles. You have to make sure company profiles are legitimate and decent. Besides that, you can let loose your imagination on the career services, where the platform provides students with articles, movies, books and clips, relevant for their career. As a Content Manager, you need to have good feeling of what students might desire to know and good writing skills.

“A Marketing Officer at ERP is responsible to attract the most prestigious students on the best platform in an original and creative way while learning important design skills!”

“As the Content Manager of the Erasmus Recruitment Platform, you will be responsible for the design and content of the promotional e-mails sent to subscribers. You will also help subscribers develop the required professional skills for a successful career by updating and further developing the Career Services provided on the Platform.”


ERASMUS RECRUITMENT PLATFORM Ready for something different?

As the Data and IT officer of the Erasmus Recruitment Platform, you are responsible for the data analysis of the platform. You will become familiar in the online Analytics world, and closely monitor and communicate the results with both associations as well as partners of the platform. Moreover, you will be responsible for the further online development of the platform, and identify bugs and needs for the platform. W

The Erasmus Recruitment Platform offers you the opportunity to work with two associations, and work on promoting and building an all-year round platform. You will work on a start-up project involving over a 100 companies as well as thousands of students, and have a lot of room for freedom: you will be able to pursue your own vision for the platform.

You will: • • • • • • •

“The ERP data analyst is entitled to several data tracking platforms that allow to regularly monitor the performance of the platform, evaluate the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and the reach of the content created. Ultimately, it allows reporting to partners and comparisons with previous periods”

Attract new partners to the platform, ranging from SME’s to large multinationals Be responsible for all content on the platform Promote the platform both online and on campus Be responsible for your own budget Be able to implement new and innovative ideas Be responsible for data analysis Work on further development of the platform

ARE YOU READY TO TAKE ON THIS CHALLENGE? Application deadline June 17th

Erasmus Recruitment Platform 2018-2019  
Erasmus Recruitment Platform 2018-2019