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Welcome to STAR STAR is the official study association of the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University. With more than 6500 members, STAR is Europe´s largest study association and above all, the most active, professional and international study association in the Netherlands. Each year, more than 270 dedicated active members organize diverse and challenging projects. These projects are classified as social, academic, recruitment or research services. Furthermore we have community and publishing projects, which means there must be something that fits you! STAR gives students the opportunity to get in contact with their fellow students and a broad range of companies. This is facilitated by the great amount of activities that are organized by numerous committees and Master Study

Clubs. There are activities for both BA and IBA students in all stages of their studies. The best known events are the STAR Management Week, Erasmus Consultancy Project, and the Erasmus Recruitment Days. Being an Active Member at STAR means you will get a chance to meet lots of new people, to make new friends but above all to develop yourself professionally at many levels. This brochure will give you more information about the committees STAR is recruiting for in January. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to step by the STAR OfďŹ ce at T4-53.

Become active Student life is all about developing yourself at every possible level. Socially by meeting new people from all over the world and going to the best parties. Academically by learning how to apply your knowledge gained in class and career wise by creating an effective network and working with your future employer on esteemed projects.

the upcoming agenda? Or are you looking for a bigger challenge such as organizing the next STAR Management Week? Do you have what it takes to organize these prestigious projects? Are you up for the challenge? Then STAR is looking for you!

Becoming an Active Member at STAR means you will get the chance to do all these things‌ and more! Every single one of our 56 committees offers you a challenge that will enrich your student life, let you meet new people and enhance your management skills.

Take on the challenge and let us welcome you as an Active Member!

Are you ready to make 270 new friends, organize the upcoming BA/IBA Introduction Days, a Surf Trip, represent STAR during the Eurekaweek of maybe design

On behalf of the 35th STAR Board, Rik Hendriks Chairman XXXVth Board




Year planning









September BOOKSALE












BA Introduction Days

IBA Introduction Days

In a fun and non-mandatory atmosphere, around 150 first-year students meet each other and create social bonds before the year even starts. The BA Introduction Days can be summarized as lots of fun, new friendships, and unforgettable memories! Organize the BA Introduction days 2013 yourself!

Do you remember your first weeks in Rotterdam? A new city, new people, maybe even a new country; lots of new impressions for a first year IBA student. You can now give them the opportunity to get to know their fellow students and to have a sensational kickoff weekend!

What does the committee do? As the BA Introduction Days committee you are responsible for organizing the entire weekend for new Business Administration students. You will need to contact external parties for the activities, find sponsoring and try to make as many students as possible enthusiastic about joining the event. Come up with themes for parties, find a location and have a great time organizing the BA Introduction Days with your committee.

What does the committee do? The IBA Introduction Days committee organizes an unforgettable weekend for 150 international business administration students. Take care of finding a location, promotion of the weekend, fun activities, sponsoring and great parties! Make sure that both Dutch and international students join the event and have the time of their lives.

Chairman/Treasurer, Commercial, Program, Marketing

Chairman/Treasurer ,Commercial, Program, Marketing

Agenda Committee

Eurekaweek Committee

Chairman/Treasurer, Commercial (2x), Content

Chairman/Treasurer, Commercial, Program, Marketing

Student life is all about managing time. When to relax, when to go out and party and when to travel around the world. Of course there has to be some studying in between as well. Support your fellow students in managing their time in a fun and efficient way by joining the STAR Agenda Committee!

The Eurekaweek is the general introduction week from the Erasmus University where thousands of new students will get to know the city and university life. Represent STAR during this week and make sure all students get to know us. Have an incredible week together with the rest of your committee.

What does the committee do? The STAR Agenda Committee is responsible for getting the STAR Agenda all the way from the creative concept, to the production phase, to the students. You will deliver input during the concept phase, acquire the money needed to fund the project and finally market the agenda so that it is all over university and in every student’s possession! Will you be the one to create the next STAR Agenda?

What does the committee do? The Eurekaweek committee will represent STAR during the introduction week of the Erasmus University. As a member of this committee you will be responsible for the entire week, which includes the promotion of STAR, acquisition, and the organisation of several drinks, fun activities and dinners at the Villa Kakelbont.

Surf Trip

STAR Management Week

Have you always wanted to learn how to surf really well? For the second time STAR is organising a surf trip. Surfers of all levels from beginners to experts are welcome to join. Organise this amazing week at the beach and ocean together with the rest of your committee and get your fellow students enthusiastic about this trip!

The STAR Management Week is the largest on campus business event in the Benelux. This weeklong, nationwide showcase event is considered our annual highlight. The week offers a broad variety of activities, being part of the committee is a truly diverse and unique experience.

Chairman/Treasurer, Commercial, Program, Marketing

What does the committee do? The trip will take place in the summer, and you will be responsible for finding the accommodation, transportation, surf lessons, rent of equipment, city trips, and of course some nice parties! Apply now for a week of fun at the beach and make sure to organize a great week together with your fellow students.

Chairman, Treasurer, Commercial (2x), Program, Commissioner of speakers (2x), Marketing

What does the committee do? As a member of the STAR Management Week committee you are responsible for the entire organization of the event. You will need to find companies to participate in workshops, convince top international leaders to speak at one of the several conferences, or find spectacular locations for a dinner and the closing party. You will start in February from two days a week, and from April until October it is full-time. STAR provides financial compensation and the project is granted 15 ECTS!

STAR Management Week 2012 Impression

How to Apply


Find out what committee fits you best! •

• • •


Talk to current active members at one of the two information drinks on Tuesday 8th of January or Thursday 17th of January at 16:00 in café ‘In de Smitse’ Meet STAR active members every Wednesday night at Villa Kakelbont for the weekly drink If you would like to see STAR office, step by at T4-53 Send an e-mail to if you have any questions.

Apply Online Applying for a committee is really easy! Apply online through by filling in your details.

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Application deadline

Application closes on the 18th of January, make sure to apply on time.

Interview rounds If you will be invited for an interview, your interview will take place between the 18th of January and the 25th of January.

Congratulations On the 29th of January you will get a call and know whether or not you are accepted.

What happens if I become an Active Member at STAR? Once you are an Active Member, your social network will start to grow immediately. The Active Members Weekend, dinner with your committee on Wednesday nights and the sensational Villa nights are just examples of STAR’s routine. Have a meeting at T5, hang out in the social room at T4 and step by at the Board’s Office to say hi. We are always interested in new ideas or things Active Members would like to implement within STAR. Step up and share innovative and interesting ideas! During the year you can participate in one of STAR’s many events: the Erasmus Recruitment Days in February, the BA/ IBA Study Trip in April, the Race of the Classics in April or the Surf Trip in the summer. Or just come and party with us at the STAR’s New Years party, STAR prom and other drinks all year round.

SIAF/STAR Academy STAR offers you the opportunity to develop yourself at many levels by joining a diverse set of training possibilities. STAR can also offer you financial support in case delay to your study progress is obtained by your work done for STAR.

STAR New Years party At Thursday January 17th the STAR New Years party will take place at Off Corso, make sure to be there! The New Years party is one of the biggest STAR parties of the year. Make sure to buy your tickets on time. Erasmus Recruitment Days 2013 From January 30th till February 13th the Erasmus Recruitment Days will take place. The Erasmus Recruitment Days is the largest on-campus recruitment event of Europe. You will be able to participate in many different recruitment activities.

More Information? • Go to one of our information drinks

- Tuesday 8th of January from 16:00 at café ‘In de Smitse’ - Thursday 17th of January from 16:00 at café ‘In de Smitse’

• Stop by our office at T4-53 for a coffee • Check • Send an email to or give us a call

Apply online before the 18th of January! - - +31(0)10 408 2037

Recruitment brochure - January  

Our second recruitment period has started. Read the brochure for more information on which committees you can apply for!

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