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All proceeds benefiting

The Four Diamonds Fund Conquering Childhood Cancer

Registration starts at 12.15pm Tournament Starts at 1pm $50 per Team of 2 If registered before Feb. 29th.

$60 at the door per team. Proceeds: Half of the registration goes to support THON 2009 and the other half will be paid out to the top three teams, 60%, 30%, 10%.

The Penn State IFC/Panhellenic Dance Marathon (THON) is the largest student-run philanthropy in the world, with all proceeds benefiting The Four Diamonds Fund, Conquering Childhood Cancer, at the Hershey Medical Center in Hershey, Pennsylvania. After a year-round fundraising effort by the students of all Penn State campuses, THON culminates in a 46 hour no-sitting, no-sleep Dance Marathon in the Bryce Jordan Center. THON 2007 Raised $5.2 Million.

In 1863, Abraham Lincoln declared Thanksgiving Day a federal holiday to cheer up Americans that were dealing with life’s ups and downs. Let’s continue tradition by coming together to bring joy and brighten a family’s day! Please bring non-perishable food donations to a facility nearest you. Food Donation Locations Chicago Food Despository 4100 W 42nd Pl Chicago Anti-Hunger Federation 4345 W. Division Street Carson Pirie Scott Fall Food Drive October 28-31,2007 9800 S. Ridgeland Avenue, 120 S. Riverside Plaza, 7601 S. Cicero Avenue Breakthrough Urban Ministries Until Monday, November 19th 3330 W. Carroll Ave


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Financial Highlights OfficeMax, Contract Operating Results ($ in millions) 2007



Sales Segment income

$4,628 100.3

$4,370.8 107.0

$3,741.9 109.4

Sales by Product Line Office supplies and paper Technology products Office furniture

2,598.1 1,469.2 561.3

2,463.2 1,404.6 503.0

2,232.8 1,125.5 383.6

Sales by Geography United States International Sales growth Same-location sales growth

3,519.7 1,108.9 6% 5%

3,382.9 987.9 17% 8%

2,882.6 1,125.5 6% 5%

21.9% 19.7% 2.2%

23.6% 21.2% 2.4%

24.3% 21.4% 2.9%

Gross profit margin Operating expenses Operating profit

OfficeMax, Retail Operating Results ($ in millions) 2007


2005 (a)

Sales Segment income

$4,529.1 27.9

$4,481.3 22.7

$283.2 6.1

Sales by Product Line Office supplies and paper Technology products Office furniture

$1,807.5 2,323.3 398.3

$1,807.5 2,308.0 404.9

$91.6 161.1 30.5

Sales by Geography United States (b) International (c)

$4,358.9 1,108.9

$4,327.9 153.4


26.2% 25.6% 0.6%

25.6% 25.1% 0.5%

24.5% 22.4% 2.2%

Gross profit margin Operating expenses Operating profit

2007 Annual Report

(a) 2003 results include activity from December 10, 2003 through December 27, 2003. (b) Includes the sales of our operations in the United States, Puerto Rico and the U.S.Virgin Islands. (c) Our majority-owned subsidiary in Mexico is consolidated in our results of operations one month in ar rears and is not included in our 2003 results due to the timing of the acquisition.

Periods of challenge and change also present opportunities, if the proper foundations for the future are built. 2007, was just such a year for our company. Prior to joining OfficeMax in April, I determined that the company was a “work in progress.” Immediately upon assuming my role, I began to identifying the specific operational and financial initiatives required at OfficeMax. Many of these initiatives were undertaken in 2007, while others will have roots in 2008. As we look back on 2005, there are a range of solid achievements behind us that will serve as the foundations for the efforts we already have underway in 2008 to build shareholder value through higher operational and financial performance. In 2005, the senior management team was dramatically reinvigorated with a number of new appointments. We have brought on board individuals who are injecting new ideas, critical leadership, and fresh perspectives to augment the experienced team in our headquarters. Reflecting this successful leadership transition, 2007 was a year in which senior management focused on the “nuts and bolts” of our overall organization and we took steps to streamline our operations from the top, including the completion of our corporate headquarters transition to Illinois from Idaho, a process begun in 2004. Our achievements in 2007 also include the continued integration of our retail acquisition with our contract operations, an effort we began in December 2003. This encompassed activities to align our merchandising and marketing activities across our retail and contract businesses. In 2007, we made significant progress toward completing the integration of these complementary businesses. And we will complete the integration when we complete the consolidation of our retail headquarters into our corporate headquarters in a Illinois location by the end of 2008. Consistent with our strategic focus in 2007, we also completed the disposition of our legacy Boise Cascade forest products assets, with a tender offer for nearly 25 percent of our outstanding common shares. This transaction returned approximately $800 million in cash to shareholders as we promised. With these groundwork activities completed in 2007, we also turned our full focus on establishing strategic initiatives for pursuing an effective turnaround. Looking ahead, our entire management team is committed to continuing to take the actions necessary to build sustainable shareholder value through enhanced performance over the course of 2007 and beyond.

3 | OfficeMax Annual Report 2007

In January 2008, we announced our Turnaround Plan for Higher Performance, the result of an organization-wide assessment, completed in late 2005, of challenges and opportunities we face. We are concentrating on executing that plan, which consists of a range of performances-enhancing initiatives in three key areas: improving corporate infastructures through initiatives in supply chain and information systems; driving operating performance improvement in our Retail and Contract businesses; and delivering financial performance through a combination of cost-saving initiatives and the allocation of capital for growth. Sustained, meaningful turnarounds that create value for shareholders over the long run do not happen overnight. Rather, the most effective turnarounds are detail-driven and execution-heavy, focusing on fixing and enhancing initiatives the company’s fundamentals and leveraging existing strengths to realize its potential. That is precisely what our plan entails, ad we are confident that 2008 will represent a major – and positive – inflection point for OfficeMax. As we move forward, we are intensely focused on generating increased returns over the long term to you, our shareholders. The senior management team is eager to build on the progress we have made thus far. All of our more than 35,000 OfficeMax associates demonstrate unflagging hard work and dedication to their responsibilities, for which I would like to express my gratitude, both personally, and on behalf of the company. Finally, I would like to acknowledge the support of our shareholders. On behalf of OfficeMax, thank you for your support. We will work tirelessly to earn it, throughout 2008 and beyond. Sincerely,

Sam Duncan Chairman and Chief Executive Officer March 2008

Letter from CEO

Dear Fellow Shareholders,


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Hate is in our blood. It is something we crave. However, acting on it is where most people draw the line. Today terrorism brings up the thought of September 11th or Al-Qaeda. Though, terror and hate crimes through history have also been locally organized. The Ku Klux Klan is one of our nation’s top associations that have stirred up violence and carnage.

darknessdarkness The Ku Klux Klan is a religious community, that has been around for over a century and had risen from a quiet social gathering. Most of society associates the Ku Klux Klan with “burning crosses” and frightening African Americans; however, Catholicism and Communism were their greatest adversaries. Other victims of klan crimes were white woman that were labeled immoral, oriental and spanish. Common offenses against innocent americans included flogging, branding with acid, tar and feathering.

The Denver Art Museum presents endless photos and stories from victims and rallies that have occured over time. The pain and suffering from many families paint a landscape that come as a bad dream but in reality it is America’s own past. Inclusive of James Edward Bates accounts and experiences.



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New City, New Home

Jeffrey Carey + Michael O'Brien 1935 Chestnut Street No. 2F Philadelphia, PA. 19103 734.355.0258 ail rien.m michaelob 479.420.3316


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