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RSM’s 22-month Executive MBA programme (EMBA) offers the same depth of knowledge and global teaching faculty as the school’s acclaimed International Full-time MBA programme, in a format specifically tailored for working executives.

RSM has: • a consistent ranking among Europe’s top business schools; • a place among the 1% of schools worldwide with Triple Crown

• In-Company Project

Accreditation; • more than 40 years of experience in business and management education; • one of Europe’s top 3 research facilities; • an exceptionally international student body and core faculty.

• enhancement of personal skills through the Personal Leadership Development Programme; • application of theories learned through the In-Company Project; • enrichment of the broad cultural experience through the International Study Tour; • underpinning of personal growth through one-to-one career advice.

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• Two international study tours • Two full-time weeks on campus each year • One extended weekend residency • Commences in February and ends in November the following year

RSM offers:


• Fit your studies into a full-time working week

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• Classes every other week on Friday evening and Saturdays

Broad, globally-oriented knowledge base The English-language curriculum begins by providing you with a solid and broad general management knowledge base. From there, you develop specialised knowledge and skills by choosing from various electives. All content integrates a wide range of views and best practices from around the globe. Our teaching focuses on filling knowledge gaps and strengthening the skills that you have not yet had an opportunity to develop. Executive learning Learning in RSM’s EMBA is designed to maximise knowledge sharing the dialogue-driven lessons engage you in cross-cultural discussions with educators and peers. Learning methods include workshops, case studies, simulations, an In-Company Project, and team and independent work. Executive guest speakers from major and innovative organisations are encouraged to participate in the programme.

• Some class sessions will take place on Friday afternoons • Convenient schedule, world-class knowledge

Teaching faculty RSM has assembled an outstanding cohort of global faculty members to facilitate your learning. Core academics are drawn from both RSM’s world-class research institute and other leading schools worldwide, providing a rich variety of content and perspectives. Executives and industry experts are flown in from around the world to discuss relevant industry developments and the latest business challenges.

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Most companies today are just as interested in what you studied, as where you studied it. With RSM’s consistently strong reputation

Choosing to study for an MBA is a significant commitment to improve your career.

among the world’s top business schools, your MBA will be widely recognised and valued within the international business community.

At RSM, you can be sure it will be worth the investment.

Thought-leadership RSM is home to one of the world’s most prolific management research faculties: the Erasmus Research Institute of Management (ERIM). ERIM’s 350 researchers supply RSM’s faculty members with the latest knowledge to guarantee innovative teaching methods and up to-date business science.

• Immediate career application: immersing you in a highenergy environment with international executives, RSM projects bring additional immediate value to you and your company, boosting your daily performance instantly. • Long-term career impact: an MBA credential from RSM opens doors for you during your entire career. The benefits last a lifetime, as you’ll learn the power of business connections, and take advantage of being part of a lifelong global network.

Dynamic, international community RSM’s stakeholders span the international business community with its more than 28,000 alumni in more than 100 countries. RSM’s student body represents 80 nationalities and international faculty members who consult for multinational firms, stand on international committees, and teach at other schools worldwide. While you connect with executives from across the world, you’ll learn to think globally in response to diverging economies and business models, in the broader contexts of corporate operations: societal and environmental. Our corporate partners, our corporate roots RSM is based in Rotterdam, Europe’s largest port, located in a region of modern enterprises including multinationals such as Unilever, Philips and Shell.

RSM’s corporate network includes organisations worldwide, and its breadth and depth pays tribute to both RSM’s corporate roots and the region’s international trading heritage.

RSM’s executive education and alumni support services are also offered from its office in the Amsterdam Zuidas business district as well as the RSM Asia office in Taipei.

“The learning experience comes in different shapes and forms. Even if you don’t immediately apply all theory in your day-to-day job, it remains a fascinating curve of growth in terms of maturity, overall business knowledge and confidence. With the EMBA you get immerged into all domains of business both broadly and deeply, which truly added value for me – delivering management advice on different topics – as of the very first day.” Stevel de Prekel, Belgian Executive MBA’14


• Stronger leadership skills: success requires business acumen and your ability to bring out the best in others. In the Personal Leadership Development programme (PLD), which is integrated throughout RSM’s EMBA, you’ll obtain the leadership skills you need to thrive in today’s dynamic business world. • Bigger ideas, better decision-making: intellectual challenge is as much a part of the EMBA programme as personal development. RSM believes effective leadership involves leading both people and ideas. You’ll encounter complex, unfamiliar issues, requiring you to integrate cross-disciplinary knowledge. • Strong international and Dutch networks: small-scale classes, a collaborative learning environment, and RSM’s extensive alumni community ensure you establish strong and durable connections within these channels, as well as with visiting executives and industry experts. RSM’s EMBAs are talented and ambitious. Every network needs people like that. Your network will continue to grow and expand for a lifetime.




Foundations of management

Practice of management

Foundations of leadership

Practice of leadership

Term 1: February - July

Term 2: September - February

Term 3: March - August

Term 4: September - November

• Managerial Economics

• Human Resource Management

• Leading Strategic Business

• International Study Tour

• Organisational Behaviour

• Marketing Management

• Managerial Accounting

• Financial Management

• The Business of Sustainability

• Brand Management

• Business Decisions Methods

• Strategic Management

• Advanced Finance

• Leadership

• Management Science

• Operations and Services

• In-Company Project

• International Investment

• International Study Tour



Examples of elective courses: *

Management • Entrepreneurship

The first year of the programme concentrates on the development of analytical skills and critical thinking.



The second year is devoted to leadership development and the practice of leadership.

* The elective term is your opportunity to select from a range of subjects designed to offer further specialised knowledge. You will be required to take three courses of your choice.



Leadership elective

In-Company Project

The RSM MBA Kilimanjaro Leadership Project is designed to be a transformational experience. Participants learn to master key leadership competencies, including understanding and using power, team building and communication. Offered as an elective in the fourth semester and lead by experienced climbers, the Kilimanjaro Leadership Project is offered to female participants in all of RSM’s MBA programmes.

Practical application of your new knowledge is a key factor in RSM’s EMBA programme. The In-Company Project is the channel through which you apply the theories and critically assess the models that you learned in the first year of your EMBA. The six-month project, which is completed in parallel with your regular EMBA studies, takes place between March and August of the second study year and gives you the opportunity to focus on a real, concrete management challenge within your own organisation. It allows you to demonstrate your new abilities to identify the challenge, draw clear conclusions, and make appropriate recommendations. The project adds outstanding value for you and your employer, and provides an opportunity to leverage your MBA skills within other functional areas of your organisation.


International Study TOUR

This retreat is aimed to renew leadership vision through mindfulness, storytelling and silence. It takes place at the private nature reserve, Bergplaas, location in South Africa owned by Princess Irene of the Netherlands. The beauty and isolation of Bergplaas allow students taking part to slow down and think about what type of leader they would like to be, and how they might develop themselves to attain this.

An important feature of the EMBA programme is the International Study Tour. In each year of the programme you will have the opportunity to spend one week expanding your understanding of business in a significantly different socio-economic and cultural environment. Complex issues surrounding business with and within emerging economies are the focus of the International Study Tours. You also get the chance to experience business abroad first hand. A typical week abroad consists of lectures, in-class discussions, and visits to local enterprises to gain an in-depth view of the local business and social culture. In previous years groups have gone to diverse locations including Brazil, China, Costa Rica, Croatia, India, Japan, Russia, SCAN THIS PAGE WITH LAY Slovenia, and South Africa.

A transformational experience 8


Class of 2015 95 EMBA Participants

Average Work Experience: 9 years

Average Age 33



Companies represented in class

ABN AMRO Bank | Achmea | Acrolinx | Align Technology | Altran | ASICS | ASML | Atlas Copco | AVG Technologies | AVITest | Bartholomeus Gasthuis | Beijing Nufront Digital Image | Bridgehead Group | Buy & Sell | Capgemini | Carbon Packer LLC | Cisco | De Hypothekers Associatie | Age Distribution ≤ 29 years

Working Experience 26%

≤ 5 years


Deloitte | Dockwise | DSM | EasyThink Consulting | Elemica Men79%




International | Elsevier | Endesa Energia | EPRA | Fokker

30 to 35 years 49%

5 to 10 years 52%

Technologies | Global Switch | Havenbedrijf Rotterdam |

> 35 years

> 10 years

Hitachi | Infosys | ING Bank | INKEF Capital | Intergreen



| IPS Marketing | Johnson & Johnson | Johnson Controls | KCI | Kinetic Concepts Inc | KPN | Liander | Liberty Global


Operations | Loyens & Loeff | Maatsch Radiologie Ikazia | Consulting and Professional Services

27 Nationalities

Academic Background

Business & Economics


Mainnovation | ManpowerGroup | Muecke, Sturm & Company

Consumer Goods


| NHV | Novartis Pharma | NXP Semiconductors | One-Red |

Energy & Utilities


Ordina | PA Consulting Group | Panalpina | Petroleos de

Financial Services


Computer & Information Science 16%

Health and Life Sciences



Logistics, Transport & Operations 6%

Humanities & Law


Manufacturing & Construction

Medicine & Science


Venezuela | Philips | Procentec | Pro-face | ProRail | PUMA RETAIL | Rabobank | RijkZwaan | Roche Diagnostics | Rsm |


SABIC | Schlumberger | Sementum | Shell | SKF | Spil Games

Media & Publishing


| Tata Consultancy | TCS | Technip-EPG | Teijin Aramid |

Public Sector & Education


Telecommunication & Information Technology




Tesla Motors | Tetra Pak | Tom Tom | Unilever | Van Doorne | Verwater | Wartsila | Wind Telecommunications | Ziggo 11

35 worldwide alumni chapters

rsm alumni are active in more than 100 countries

more than 28,000 worldwide alumni


employer benefits Your company is a direct beneficiary of the RSM EMBA. Expect to bring renewed energy and the latest strategic ideas and cuttingedge knowledge into your role – to be shared with and to inspire others within your organisation. An RSM EMBA will connect your company to a worldwide resource of experts, institutes, and other firms. You will enjoy a swift and tangible return on investment via the programme’s applied In-Company Project.

Improving your future career From improved performance in your organisation to longterm recognition as someone with ambition and advanced knowledge, you can expect to reap the benefits of your RSM EMBA for the rest of your career. An EMBA not only changes other people’s perception of you, it changes how you see yourself. Almost all of our EMBA alumni say that they achieved a sense of personal and professional empowerment after the programme, a deep awareness of the opportunities out there, and a real sense of how those opportunities can be turned into reality. Career support Your motivation for embarking on your EMBA has been well researched and thought through. There are more challenges ahead though. Experiences in the EMBA programme might make you rethink your future. To assist you with your progress


and decision-making, RSM gives you the opportunity to receive one-to-one career advice from one of RSM’s experienced career coaching professionals. By exploring your past experience and reflecting on your skills, goals and dreams, we will guide you through the changes you want to make. We will also advise you how to improve and make use of your and our network, both socially and professionally, to support you in making the most of your talents and competences. Global corporate network As an RSM EMBA participant, your corporate network will comprise the international and talented peers within the programme. The intensity of the EMBA experience cultivates strong bonds and lifelong networks. New connections will also be formed with executives from the companies that support RSM in multiple endeavours and events. By the time

you graduate from the programme, your personal contacts will span continents, generations, and industries. Alumni network Upon graduation from the programme, you will join RSM’s alumni network, which includes alumni from all of RSM degree programmes, consisting of more than 28,000 professionals across more than 100 countries. Annual class reunions, regional chapters, discussion panels, conferences, and social events such as sailing regattas are just a sample of the many activities that take place within this growing community – and which will guarantee your continued access to an increasingly international corporate network. The RSM alumni network also brings opportunities for lifelong learning and professional development, post-graduation and throughout your career.

Return on investment for your company About 40 per cent of our current EMBA participants receive some form of company sponsorship. In return for financial sponsorship, participants usually agree to stay with their companies for a specified period of time. Most sponsored participants sign loyalty agreements lasting between one and four years after completion of the programme. Our research shows that most companies feel they have received a full return on their investment a mere six months after their employee commences the programme, thanks to their candidate’s improved performance and expanded networks. Supporting high potentials There are many ways a company can sponsor its high potential employees. The most obvious is through the financing of tuition fees and expenses, both of which are tax deductible. Companies also lend support by providing participants with scope to apply new ideas within. While our schedule is designed to minimise time away from the office, an important resource a company can offer an EMBA participant is time.

“RSM forces you not to take things for granted. Everyone, including professors, is challenging each other to critically process material from the curriculum. Students are constantly challenged to share their opinions, creating discussion and adding their view to the cases we’re covering.” Daan van der Schroeff, Dutch Executive MBA’14

“I am aware of how I communicate with others, and able to recognise if it is in line with what I want from the others. I also pay attention to my social network inside the company, now I have realised it is a fundamental asset for my work.” Narcisa Radvanszky, Romanian Executive MBA’13



Organisational leadership

Personal Leadership Development programme (PLD)

THOUGHT LEADERSHIP Activities within PLD require you to deeply examine the drivers of your own

“For me, leadership is about developing a clear vision of our strategy and communicating it to stakeholders. As Dean of RSM, I want to step up the pace at which we nurture our alumni and corporate relations. I am committed to ensuring that our research is a source of impactful knowledge and education that addresses specific managerial challenges. This means leading by example and using the principles of servant leadership, rallying support throughout the school, as well as inspiring and motivating people so that we are able to execute the strategy.”

“The core idea behind my course, Comparative Corporate Governance and Enterprise Organisation, is that each organisational form faces its own specific corporate governance challenges, and that these challenges require equally specific corporate governance practices to be met successfully. In our Executive MBA programme, this theoretical premise is infused with practical value through the experience and diverse background of the students, which enables a quality of discussion that is as rewarding to me as it is to the students.”

Steef van de Velde, Dean at RSM

Hans van Oosterhout, Professor of Corporate Governance and Responsibility at RSM

behaviour. The course is about reflection, discovery and application of new theories and ideas on a personal and professional level. In addition to specially designed intensive workshops and interactive sessions that will help you to identify ways to build on your strengths and improve your weaknesses, you will also reflect on your attitudes and behaviours during group work, case studies, in-class exercises and discussions. Receiving feedback from your peers will give you opportunities to re-examine your actions with the prospect of enhancing your personal effectiveness

“Leadership is currently a much-used word. At RSM, our goal is to clarify what true leadership is and assist our participants in developing themselves as successful and strong leaders for the future global economy. We focus on inspirational and motivational skills so that they learn how to effectively lead others, and we give them the opportunity to experience being comfortable with being uncomfortable in challenging situations.”

in a low-risk environment.

“I teach about global stock markets and equity investing at RSM. I find that RSM’s Executive MBA participants are curious, lively, diverse, practical, experienced, and motivated. They are inspiring to teach. I mostly enjoy the back-and-forth discussions in class and their insightful group presentations.” Constance Lütolf-Carroll, Visiting Professor of International Investment Management at RSM

“The Personal Leadership Development Programme raised my awareness of the various personal and social factors influencing people’s decisions, both in and outside my workplace. It broadened my approach to resolving conflicts and I could see the direct impact of our sessions on my management style and relationship with customers. The PLD and Career Development sessions helped me clarify my own drivers and challenge old patterns.”

Dianne Bevelander, Associate Dean MBA Programmes at RSM

“In an increasingly interconnected world, variety and diversity are growing exponentially and so are differences in views and interests. This growth creates both threats and opportunities for all future leaders. Leadership in this new era will focus less on function and process and more on inspiring people to bring the best of their diversity together to create results that are valuable. The impact of these leaders will be an evolutionary leap in the way companies do business.” Jaap Spronk, Academic Dean MBA Programmes at RSM


“The essence of strategic thinking is not just to be forward-looking, it’s the ability to look around corners and anticipate the unexpected. My idea of the perfect MBA strategy class is one in which all world views are challenged, and in which new ones are developed and probed on the fly. So, buckle up, and join me for the ride!” Pursey Heugens, Professor of Organisation Theory and Chair of the Department of Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship at RSM

Jordania Valentim, Brazilian Executive MBA’14 SCAN THIS PAGE WITH LAYAR




Am I eligible?


We accept only exceptional candidates into the EMBA programme. To be eligible for this programme, you need to demonstrate:

Applications for the programme starting in February 2015 should be received by 8 December 2014. RSM has a rolling admissions process. You can apply throughout the year and decisions are made year round. For more information on documentation, forms for downloading or our application process, please visit our website

• professional achievements and goals: a minimum of four years of postgraduate work experience is required, and this experience should demonstrate clear evidence of solid career progression;

• english proficiency: a strong command of the English language;

We take a counselling-based, personal approach to admissions and would like to get to know our applicants. We require the following documentation:

• leadership abilities: experience in managing people or projects;

• a completed online application;

• appreciation of diversity: ability to communicate effectively across cultures and value points of view that are different from your own;

• two letters of recommendation;

• team skills: an interest in sharing career experiences within small team sessions or in larger classroom settings;

• three essays;

• academic excellence: a university degree or equivalent*;

• transcripts and diplomas from your university or equivalent;

• a fee of € 50 for the online application. • communication skills: essays and an interview will be used to assess your ability to effectively convey your thoughts and ideas.

* The Admissions Committee reserves the right to request an additional academic evaluation as part of the admissions process – this can be in the form of a GMAT test score report and/or any additional / supplemental academic evaluation, as determined by the Committee.



Come & meet us

what is my investment? The tuition for the EMBA programme starting in 2015 is € 46,500. In most cases, this fee is tax deductible and payments are carefully spread across three calendar years. For the 2015 programme, this means you will be billed in three instalments as follows: Date 19 December 2014 1 April 2015 8 January 2016

Payment Amount € 15,500* 1st instalment € 15,500 2nd instalment € 15,500 3rd instalment

The programme fees cover tuition, course materials and essential EMBA textbooks. The cost of the two study tours is included in your programme fees, however each participant is responsible for travel arrangements to and from the destination as well as some meals and personal expenses. Participants are strongly advised to own a laptop. The costs are not included in the programme fees. For candidates paying taxes in the Netherlands who want to claim a tax deduction, payments must be received before 31 December in the year you wish to claim. Please see our website for a list of general and specific financial aid possibilities.

Campus visit We invite you to join us for a campus visit here in Rotterdam. During your visit you can have a pre-application discussion with an Admissions Manager and participate in a class visit where you can meet and dine with current EMBA participants and find out more about their RSM EMBA experience and its benefits. A class visit is also a great way to get a taste for the subject material, teaching methods, and class atmosphere. CV assessment You can sign up for a CV assessment. Our MBA admissions staff members are keen to assess your profile and eligibility to apply to the Executive MBA Programme. In your city RSM attends major fairs and business school information sessions around the world. RSM’s active alumni in your area are happy to discuss the programme with you.


I WILL make a positive impact

I WILL help others to overcome challenges

Adina Maria Pop, Romanian Executive MBA’13

Stephan Roest, Dutch Executive MBA’13

Aroa Juárez Torres, Spanish Executive MBA’13


I WILL. IT’S OUR MOVEMENT AND THE HEART OF RSM: THE BUSINESS SCHOOL THAT THINKS AND LIVES IN THE FUTURE. * An initial non-refundable deposit of € 5,000 is required to secure your place on the programme and is a part of the first instalment payment.


RSM is a community that is not afraid to show ambition or commitment. These are three of the thousands of commitments made by current RSM students, faculty and staff in the spirit of I WILL – a way to share ambition with the world and make it a reality. 19

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