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Wondering Why Your Home Didn't Sell?

This Free Report Provides Answers to That Question!

But first I want you to know‌


IT WASN'T YOUR FAULT That Your Home Didn't Sell! But let's get right to the point and answer the main question I know you want answered…

Will My Realtor Services Bring You the Sale You So Richly Deserve? That question, and the following ones, merit honest answers before you list again. Because right now, I'll bet you're asking me…

Where were you when I needed you the most?

Why didn’t you bring a buyer over to my home when it was listed for sale?

What makes you any different from my first realtor? 3

On the following pages, you'll find my straightforward answers to those questions…

Question 1: Where Were You When I Needed You the Most? To be honest, I didn't know your home was listed for sale! You see, there are thousands of homes listed for sale on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) every year. That makes it difficult for agents like me to know every listing But, more importantly, your agent didn't personally inform me that your home was up for sale. The result - your home got lost in the crowd of homes on the MLS. Frankly…

This is the #1 reason why your home didn't sell!

You See…Homes Need to Be Marketed Using the That's Why It's Not Enough to Simply List Your Home on MLS!



Question 2: Why Didn't You Bring a Buyer Over to My Home When It Was Listed for Sale? Keep in mind that I have other listing clients to whom I have responsibilities. So, even if I had known your home was up for sale, I still had to take my buyers to those individuals before showing any other MLS properties. Therefore, only after going through all my own listings would I then be able to take a buyer to a MLS listing. Why? Well, you wouldn't feel very good if you hired me to sell your home, and then I instead sold the home of your competitor just down the street, would you?

That’s Why It's Simply Not Enough to List Your Home On The MLS! You need The Question 3: What Makes You Any Different from My First Realtor? 6

I'm one of a "new breed" of Realtors who are working more effectively and efficiently for our clients. We recognize that doing the same old things just doesn't work into today's market. For example, I don't… • Rely on “old way” advertising; it's also not effective in producing a sale. Instead… Here is a short sample list of what I do:

A complete professional property website of just your home Which Includes All Of The Following • • • • • • • • • •

"Texting for" property info with call capture Complete dynamic virtual tour created for buyers to see their next home Unlimited pictures, documents and medias for easy download for buyers A complete showings feedback system Quick and fast online printing of flyers to show all the features of the home to buyers One-Click classified postings to Craig's List (great source for finding buyers Feeds to popular classified real estate sites Posting of your home to over 15 websites where buyers “hang out” like FaceBook, Twitter, Zillow, etc. 24 hour access to all marketing information, the door is never shut to buyers. Sell your home faster and for a higher price!!!

What's the benefit of this? IT ENSURES THAT YOU'LL HAVE QUALIFIED BUYERS WHO ARE INTERESTED IN YOUR SPECIFIC PROPERTY! No more hassles of "window shoppers" who simply want to look at your home and not buy it…no more unqualified buyers! MY PROMISE TO YOU: I'LL DO ALL THIS BEFORE YOU LIST WITH ME!


RIGHT NOW, I HAVE BUYERS… WHO'D BE INTERESTED IN TAKING A LOOK AT YOUR HOME! So here's my request: May I meet with you for approximately an hour so we can discuss your specific home selling needs? To be specific, I'll want to: • Talk with you about where these buyers are currently living. • Explain to you how I'll make sure the buyers know your home is listed for sale. • Bring a list to our meeting that will provide all the details about these buyers. • Show you proof of the hundreds of buyers we show our list of homes for sale each month.

Based on your past home-selling experience, I don't blame you if you feel this is all too good to be true but…


You see, you have not had the

Sellers Unfair Advantage


Please Send Me an Email If You're Interested in Finding Serious Buyers for Your Home! It'll be the best move you'll ever make because‌

I know how homes really sell!

That's because I have proven experience in home sales. And I back up that statement with testimonials from satisfied clients with the buyer information which I'll provide to you That way, you'll know I possess the necessary experience and proven home-selling expertise before you ever hire my services!

ACT TODAY! The few seconds it takes to send an email could result in years of profit in your pocket from the sale of your home!


Report: Why Your Home Didn't Sell  

This is a report to help home sellers with the sale of their home and a report Real Estate agents can give to potential home sellers.