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NEWSLETTER # 53** AUGUST 2011 The old workhorse, the UH-1H (Huey) helicopter that we used in Vietnam. August 18th is Australian Vietnam Veterans Day.

2 PRESIDENTS REPORT – August 2011 Please come along next Thursday the 18th August at 11am. Vietnam Veterans Day falls each year on August 18 th. As is the practice of this Sub Branch we will be remembering and honoring the eighteen Australians who died and the twenty four who were wounded in the Battle of Long Tan in 1966. On that day 108 Australian and New Zealand soldiers fought a pitched battle against over 2000 North Vietnamese and Viet Cong troops. The Australians prevailed but were nearly overrun, and were saved by a timely ammunition resupply, accurate artillery fire from the nearby Australian base, and the arrival of reinforcements by armoured personnel carrier. We will begin with a Remembrance Service at the Clark War Cemetery commencing at 11am at which Group Captain Craig White the Defence Attache' attached to the Australian Embassy in Manila will give the Address. Following the service we will adjourn back to the Ponderosa Hotel for a light lunch and local drinks, traditional Australian mateship, raffle and other activities. Local drinks and the lunch are free until 4pm, but all other purchases are at your cost. Entry is by the purchase of raffle tickets at P300 per head. Last month the RSL Children’s Medical Mission was at Barangay Pulung Cacutud and 914 children were examined by nurses from HAU and free medicines as prescribed dispensed by members of the Sub Branch. Again, a big thank you to the members who attended, and the wives and girlfriends who assisted as scribes. A very smooth operation and we are getting good at running these (now monthly again) missions. The first meetings have been held of the Australia Day Fiesta Committee for 2012 and the distinctive annual shirt and its endorsements is in the process of being designed and planned to have stocks available before Christmas. We are always looking for a hand and if you are available please come to the next meeting on Tuesday the 6th September at the clubrooms at the Ponderosa. JAMES E. CURTIS-SMITH President

We warmly welcome

the following new members: Ernest Greenhalch (A/C) Bruce Milner (A/C) * Stephen Box (A/C) * William Roberts (NSW) * Flynn Smith (VIC) Analyn Bulan (A/C) * Neil Walker (Laguna PI) * Alan Villagrand (NSW) * Charles Menchin (NSW) * Noel Wachter (QLD) * Bruce McAdam (A/C) * Grant Walters (A/C) *

ADMINISTRATIVE MATTERS IN past newsletters I have advocated the finer reasons for taking out a Life Subscription (LS) to your RSL membership. We have had some members look at it and act, but there should be more doing it. A good case is that, in line with price rises in everything from your local paper, bread, fuel etc,, so will membership fees. We in the sub branches have no say over what capitation fees are levied, that is done at Branch level. There is a move (albeit quiet) to increase capitation fees substantially in the new year. You can miss this increase by taking out Life Membership.

3 An example: at 65 years last birthday LS would be ₱8360.00. If a proposed increase being talked about in Canberra is introduced, this would make the cost of LS ₱30,488.00. Blind Freddy could see the advantage of LS in this case. Another angle is that WE would have to increase our portion of the membership fee due to the increasing rate of the Australian dollar against the greenback and the subsequent higher Peso rate. This in effect means that we will have to send more money to branch HQ in Canberra when the rate is converted back to dollars. My point is, if you intend to continue your RSL membership, LS is the better way to continue that membership. Ed *****





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RSL EVENTS SCHEDULE FOR SEPTEMBER 2011 Weekly Raffle NOW EVERY Wednesday at Emotions Nite Club at 6.00 PM. Phillies Sports & Grill Raffle every Saturday at 6.00 PM. Tuesday 6th September 12.30 pm Ponderosa Hotel * Australia Day Fiesta Meeting followed by Monthly Committee meeting AND * Social Tuesday * 4.00PM Angel Witch MEDICAL MISSION SATURDAY 3RD September * (see web site for details or meet 07.15am Ponderosa) Tuesday 13h September * Social Tuesday 3.00PM * Lollipop, Treasure Island, Voodoo Tuesday 20th September * Monthly General Meeting 2.00 Ponderosa * Social Tuesday Ponderosa, Strawberry Field & Phillies Tuesday 27th September * Social Tuesday Ponderosa 2.00 PM, then later at Emotions and TOC.

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have many supporters who deserve acknowledgement by advertising them in this newsletter. We have three priorities about inclusion of logo’s in our newsletter: Priority 1. Those organisations that pay a monthly fee to have their logo inserted. Priority 2. Those organisations that provide us with a regular service free of charge (FOC) for example, allowing us to hold charity raffles in their venue FOC. The Ponderosa Hotel provides us with our clubroom FOC, so it is only fair that they get a plug. Priority 3. Those organisations that provide us with support in spirit. With the exception of priority 1 supporters, all others are on a space available basis. With the limitations on space we cannot accommodate all of our supporters on a regular basis, but the editor tries to give everyone a plug whenever there is space available after Pri 1. Pri 2 get the next followed by Pri 3. Ed In line with the article above, here is a list of those businesses which support us: WE ARE DOING, AND SHOULD BE ALMOST COMPLETE, IN ISSUING RSL APPRECIATION CERTIFICATES TO THE FOLLOWING SUPPORTERS, NOT IN ANY SPECIAL ORDER:

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4 Phillies. Walkabout, Wild Orchic Orchid Inn Honky Tonk Drill Shack Cherry's Stampede Eruption Dr.Holms Wobby Boot Prince of India Kokomos King of Diamonds Voodoo Road House Angel Witch Touch of Class Emotions Alaska SunDaze

Golden Nile Southern Cross Shuttle Southern Cross Hotel Labamba Burettos Campbells Resort Stargate Just My Luck Ponderosa Hotel Pinocchios Clarkton Mirrors VFW ABC Greg Wilson (Aus Banners) Bunny Burger John Power (Australian Visas ) Grandview Towers Home Base Catering Fiesta gardens Honey Ko's

Sunshine Treasure Island Lollipop Rhapsody Blue Rock Blue Book Angeles Tourist Guide Book Coyote Ugly


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for our Sub Branch. The current banner is to the  left and proposed design is to the right. This has yet to be approved. Have your say, comment on our Blog-site and let us know your thoughts.

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Under the masthead

of this newsletter is shown the famous UH-1 Iroquois (Huey) helicopter that was the workhorse for the military in the Vietnam War. The Huey revolutionised troop support in any previous war. These craft were colloquially known as ‘slicks’. There were many models produced, but the models used by the RAAF in Vietnam were some UH-1D but the majority were the H models. (Some RAAF members may differ with that, Ed). As its nomenclature indicates, it was a utility aircraft and was utilized in many variants. Its main use was for troop and supply transport. In this role it carried out the job very capably.  Troops of 7 RAR are eagerly waiting to mount a ‘slick’ troop transport Huey at the completion of operation Santa Fe which was some 23 kilometres from home base of Nui Dat.

The Huey was also configured into ‘gunship’ role. It was equipped with twin mini-guns as well as its integral twin M60 machine guns mounted from each doorway plus 40mm rocket pods on each side of the aircraft. The ‘mini-guns’ were electrically operated and belt fed and could fire up to 5,000 7.62 mm rounds per minute. The Australian gunships were called ‘Bushrangers’. RAAF UH-1H Bushranger  Another very important configuration was as an ‘aeromedical’ evacuation aircraft, called locally D.U.S.T.O.F.F. which meant ‘dedicated and undying service to our fighting forces’. And what a great job the crew and aircraft managed to do. Unarmed, they flew in very adverse conditions, sometime under fire to evacuate wounded and dead soldiers from the battle field, day and night. They really lived up to their nickname of Dustoff.

 An Aussie soldier is medevac’d by a DUSTOFF crew. The Huey went on to give many more years of excellent service to the Australian RAAF and eventually were transferred to the Army Aviation School and Regiments where we could probably find a few still in existence. They have been replaced by the ‘Blackhawk’.

6 DO YOU SUPPORT ME For those members with a computer and, online, have a look at the link below. Quite inspiring.

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(to go to the website, hold down ctrl and click on the ‘visit website’ box above  ) *****


AUSTRALIAN FORCES RADIO VIETNAM At right is a picture of the management and broadcasting staff of Australian Forces Radio Vietnam (AFR) when they ended their final program at midnight on 14 February 1972. The AFR commenced broadcasting on 13th November 1969 and provided much needed local content to our Vietnam forces. Those veterans who served prior to Nov 1969 did not have the pleasure of listening to AFR broadcasts with their news from home, Aussie songs and the Saturday afternoon request program, to name a few. The picture was kindly provided by HansJoachim (Speedy) Sahariv, who is in the picture rear row 2nd from the left. If you wish to listen to the final broadcast just before signing off permanently, contact me at and I will email it. It is not posted to the internet as yet. Ed *****

Minister for Veterans' Affairs Mailing List

***** ***** 18 July 2011 VA053

SNOWDON AND HOUSTON COMMEMORATE FALLEN The Minister for Veterans’ Affairs, Warren Snowdon, today joined the newly appointed Chair of the Anzac Centenary Advisory Board, Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston, AC, AFC (Ret’d) in honouring Australian service on the Western Front. Mr Snowdon said ACM Houston had taken time out from his leave to join him in making a special visit to Ypres, Belgium, to lay a wreath at the Menin Gate Memorial to the Missing. In France for the 95th anniversary of the Battle of Fromelles and the rededication of 14 headstones for newly identified Australians at the Fromelles (Pheasant Wood) Military Cemetery, Mr Snowdon said some 80,000 Australians fought in

7 the Ypres area between June and November 1917 beginning with the Battle of Messines. “Ypres is the site of one of Australia’s most costly campaigns of the First World War. In five major battles following Messines, most of which were fought in appalling weather, Australia suffered some 38,000 casualties with almost 9000 killed,” he said. The names of more than 6,000 Australians are recorded on the Menin Gate Memorial to the Missing. Australian Soldiers marched through the original Menin Gate en route to the Third Battle of Ypres (often known as Passchendaele) in 1917. Almost every evening since the Memorial was opened in 1927, buglers from the local fire brigade close the road which passes under the Memorial and sound the Last Post. “It is important to ensure that we appropriately honour Australian service at the sites where our ancestors fought and died, especially in the lead up to the centenary of our involvement in the First World War,” ACM Houston said. “As part of my new role chairing the Anzac Centenary Advisory Board, I look forward to talking to the Australian people to ensure we remember these significant locations in Australia’s wartime history.” The Australian Government is establishing the Board to provide high level strategic advice to the Minister Assisting the Prime Minister on the Centenary of Anzac, regarding the planning and implementation of Anzac Centenary events and initiatives. Mr Snowdon will meet with his UK counterpart to discuss Anzac Centenary preparations. ***** ***** ***** Thursday, 21 July 2011

TALE OF HEROICS REVEALED AS FUZZY WUZZY ANGELS REMEMBERED On the eve of the latest ceremony to commemorate those who helped Australian soldiers in Papua New Guinea during the Second World War, a story has emerged demonstrating the true kindness, sacrifice and assistance the Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels provided. Private Daniel Fewtrell enlisted in Queensland and was with the 2/25th Battalion, part of the 25th Brigade, who bravely fought during the Kokoda campaign, pushing back Japanese soldiers along the track. On 9 November 1942, Private Fewtrell suffered a gun shot wound to the head. He was evacuated over mountainous terrain by four Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels to the Kokoda airstrip where he was then flown to Port Moresby for treatment. Tragically, as a result of a mix-up, the family of Private Fewtrell had been notified that he had been killed and some of his personal belongings had been mailed back home. However, Private Fewtrell was alive and owed his survival to the four Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels who carried him for four gruelling days to the airstrip along a treacherous track. One of these men was Edmund Aritu, a Papua New Guinea civilian who assisted as a carrier at Kokoda, GonaBuna- Sanananda and Dobodura during the war.  Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels assists a wounder Australian soldier in New Guinea It was only recently when the daughters of both men who, in a twist of fate, now work together in Queensland, shared some of their backgrounds with each other that the link was discovered. The family of Private Fewtrell say the Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels are heroes in every sense of the word and they are forever indebted to the men who not only helped their father, but numerous other Australian soldiers.

8 “To stumble upon the link between our two families was extraordinary. We are grateful that the Australian Government will be honouring these brave men. “The family has always felt the actions of the Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels demonstrated true bravery and service to their country. From a personal perspective it makes you live life to the fullest, to think that we might not have been here if it wasn’t for the Angels. "We pay our respects to the Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels, and we honour their actions and the sacrifices they made," the Fewtrell family spokesperson said. The Minister for Veterans’ Affairs, Warren Snowdon, said that it is stories like this one that highlight the debt of gratitude we owe to the Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels. “Without their help and contribution during campaigns like Kokoda, more Australian lives would have been lost,” he said. More than 600 Australians were killed and over 1000 wounded during the Kokoda campaign. Senator David Feeney will represent Minister Snowdon at the ceremony this Sunday the 24th of July in Papua New Guinea. He said it is important to ensure all surviving Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels, and the widows of Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels are honored with a commemorative medallion. “The Australian Government is privileged to honor the service of the Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels this Sunday by presenting commemorative medallions to 13 recipients including the widow of Edmund Aritu,” DEFENCE SUPERANNUATION

I am in receipt of Defence Superannuation which the defence force members paid 5.5% of their salaries towards. It is paid fortnightly as a pension. It is not fairly indexed as are all other pensions. I have put articles in the last newsletter about this and this will be the last I will thrust upon our members on this subject. There is a campaign being waged in Australia for a fairer indexation system which will bring us recipients in line with other pensioners. An unknown author has come up this appropriate poem. Ed

Battleground A.C.T. We returned not as heroes, we were booed in the street We could not wear our uniforms with family to greet We snuck out of Australia in the early hours of dawn When we returned home with memories and mates to mourn Did Canberra stand up for us ….the answer was NO They just sent conscripts and more soldiers to go Why did they do this…. now what is their right Why is it Canberra we now have to fight? We did all that was asked by the governing power We watched as our mates diminish by the hour Years have rolled by….friends disappear due to age Australia forgave us that softened our rage Australia forgave us….that softened the curse Are we now at war with the Senate to make things a lot worse? We asked for nothing and nothing was given To heal our pride …they only had to listen

We asked that our pensions be corrected ….and we came under fire Asking for a paltry “MORE PLEASE so we can live life and retire Should we send our politicians’ overseas to serve in some war Then they MIGHT finally recognise our actions and the horrors we saw I suppose that’s a bit harsh….so I ask you this question If you were in the Veterans place ….would you knock back his pension Please feel Ashamed…Please feel guilt …The country you serve On veterans blood was built So once again….Why is it Canberra we now have to fight Fair go Pollies…..You know that we’re right Battle formation all veterans of air land and sea In the coming elections …remember Battleground A.C.T.

9 Tributes have flowed from both sides of the Tasman in honour of World War II heroine Nancy Wake, who has died in hospital aged 98. New Zealand-born Ms Wake grew up in Sydney and after a brief stint as a nurse, worked as a journalist in Europe, where she married a French businessman in 1939. Trapped in France when the Nazis invaded, Ms Wake worked with the Resistance as a courier and later as an effective saboteur and spy.

enduring nickname "The White Mouse".


She became the Gestapo's most wanted person, receiving the

RSL national president Rear Admiral Ken Doolan has paid tribute to the courage of Ms Wake and says she remains a great role model for all Australians fighting for freedom. "What Nancy Wake did was quite unique and for her time she stood up in the most courageous way, and she's a tremendous role model in that respect," he said. Ms Wake is regarded as a heroine in France, which decorated her with its highest honour, the Legion d'Honneur, as well as three Croix de Guerre and a French Resistance Medal. Victorian RSL president David McLachlan told ABC local radio that Ms Wake thwarted the Gestapo with her every attempt. "She was very much involved in providing information for the planning of D-Day," he said. "She parachuted back in behind enemy lines after she'd been back to England. "The Gestapo hated her, wanted her, more than anybody else, and she was an incredibly brave woman." Close friend Les Partell says Ms Wake, who died just days before her 99th birthday, earned her nickname because she was so hard to capture. "They could not catch her," he said. "Whenever somebody dobbed her in, they would go there and she would be gone. Nancy would get away from them. "The world offered a reward for anyone who could catch The White Mouse. They grabbed her husband, Henri, and the Gestapo tortured him to death." Prime Minister Julia Gillard says Ms Wake was a woman of exceptional courage who had saved the lives of hundreds of allied personnel during World War II. "Our nation honours a truly remarkable individual whose selfless valour and tenacity will never be forgotten," she said. "Nancy Wake will remain an abiding inspiration to generations of Australians." Across the Tasman, New Zealand veterans' affairs minister Judith Collins says Ms Wake's achievements have been acknowledged by members of the Special Forces, past and present. "Her death will deeply affect many veterans, who will view her passing with a great sense of loss," she said. She says while Ms Wake had lived most of her life abroad, she had visited family in her home country as a teenager.


Another reminder that Vietnam Remembered shirts will be available for sale at the monthly meeting on the 16 th August and will be available on Vietnam Veterans Day on the 18 th August as well. If you buy a shirt at the monthly meeting you will be able to wear it at the service at Clark Cemetery and look smart at Ponderosa Hotel after. Other items that will be for sale are shown on page 12.

VC CORNER Bruce Steel Kingsbury VC VX19139 Private Bruce Steel KINGSBURY 2/14th Australian Infantry Battalion AIF 29th August, 1942 at Isurava, Papua In New Guinea, the Battalion to which Private Kingsbury belonged had been holding a position in the Isurava area for two days against continuous and fierce enemy attacks. On 29th August 1942, the enemy attacked in such force that they succeeded in breaking through the Battalion's right flank, creating serious threats both to the rest of the Battalion and to its Headquarters. To avoid the situation becoming more desperate it was essential to regain immediately lost ground on the right flank. Private Kingsbury, who was one of the few survivors of a Platoon which had been overrun and severely cut about by the enemy, immediately volunteered to join a different platoon which had been ordered to counter-attack. He rushed forward firing the Bren gun from his hip through terrific machine-gun fire and succeeded in clearing a path through the enemy. Continuing to sweep enemy positions with his fire and inflicting an extremely high number of casualties on them, Private Kingsbury was then seen to fall to the ground shot dead by the bullet from a sniper hiding in the wood. Private Kingsbury displayed a complete disregard for his own safety. His initiative and superb courage made possible the recapture of a position which undoubtedly saved Battalion Headquarters, as well as causing heavy casualties amongst the enemy. His coolness, determination and devotion to duty in the face of great odds was an inspiration to his comrades. Bruce Steel KINGSBURY was born in Armadale, Melbourne on 8th January, 1918. He is buried in the Port Moresby (Bomana) War Cemetery, Papua.


VALE * Paul Duggan POPULAR Melbourne lawyer Paul Duggan's disappearance three weeks ago - while scuba diving off Papua New Guinea - was ''bewildering'', his memorial service was told. His sister Anne Duggan said the time since had been ''indescribably awful''. Paul was lost in the Mascot Channel near Kavieng in the northern reaches of PNG on May 26. Duggan, 58, was a lawyer best known for his work in big Melbourne corporate fraud trials in the 1980s and '90s. He represented one of the co-accused in the National Crime Authority's failed pursuit of businessman John Elliott. He was also involved in criminal trials during Melbourne's gangland war. Paul was an affiliate member of Angeles City RSL Sub Branch. RIP Paul




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OTHER ITEMS FOR SALE We have just ordered Coffee Mugs and they will sell at 125 peso each New Caps are Blue and will sell at P300.00 Vietnam Remembered Helicopter Shirt P450.00 (sizes M=44,L=48,XL=52.XXL=56.XXXL=60,) 2010-11 Fiesta Shirts P450.00 (last few left so not all sizes available ) RSL Barong P800.00 (SIZES 44=M, 48=L, 52=XL, 56=XXL , 60=XXXL,)

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13 Australian War Memorials (a continuing series) This memorial is located in the small midlands town of ROSS in Tasmania. Ross is a heritage listed town about 80 km’s south of Launceston on the Midlands Highway, on the way to Hobart. It has links right back to the early days of Tasmanian settlement. It has a gaol (jail) where convicts in transit were housed overnight. Most of the buildings have retained their bluestone and sandstone construction. Ross is in a pastoral area and, even though the population was always small they contributed many of their citizens to head off to fight in imperial wars. Ross has its own ‘Boot Hill’ where its earliest residents are buried. One grave has a headstone dated 1868 and the occupant was 67 years old. Fortunately for Ross, traffic on the major Midlands Highway was diverted past the township many years ago so that heavy semitrailers are not disturbing the architecture and ambience that makes this town unique. If you are in Tasmania on a holiday, you will be doing yourself a big disservice if you do not call into Ross and have a lunch at the Man-O’-Ross hotel or get some takeaways at the bakery or visit the various displays. Ed


14 FOR US expats living in Davao, Southern Philippines will soon have another way of getting from Davao to Singapore with TIGER Airlines entering the market. Currently SILKAIR, a subsidiary of Singapore Airlines, and a very good airline, flies Davao (DVO) to Singapore (SIN) three days a week, which doesn’t give Davao passengers many options. From 11 November 2011, Tiger will be flying into DVO on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. These flights supplement SILKAIR flights which run on alternate days, with all via CEBU As one expat who spends a lot of time (like 10 months a year) in DVO, this new arrangement will give me more flexibility. See for further details.


DISCLAIMER The Angeles City Sub-Branch of the R&SLA, the Committee and the Editor take no responsibilities for any errors, omissions or inaccuracies contained in this newsletter. Nor do they accept any liability for loss or damage suffered directly or indirectly for use of information contained in this newsletter. Nor do they warrant that articles or opinions published in this newsletter are necessarily the opinions held by the Sub-branch, the Committee or the Editor



Senior health care solution So you're a sick senior citizen and the government says there is no nursing home available for you - what do you do? Our plan gives anyone 65 years or older a gun and 4 bullets. You are allowed to shoot 2 MP’s and 2 illegal immigrants! Of course, this means you will be sent to prison where you will get 3 meals a day, a roof over your head, central heating, air conditioning and all the health care you need! New teeth - no problem. Need glasses, great. New hip, knees, kidney, lungs, heart? All covered. (And your kids can come and visit you as often as they do now). And who will be paying for all of this? The same government that just told you that you they cannot afford for you to go into a home. Plus, because you are a prisoner, you don't have to pay any income taxes anymore. IS THIS A GREAT COUNTRY OR WHAT?


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VIETNAM VETERANS DAY THURSDAY 18TH AUGUST 2011 ALL interested persons are invited to attend


WWW.RSLANGELESCITY.COM “The price of liberty is eternal vigilance”

Lest we forget

August RSL Monthly Newsletter  

August RSL Monthly Newsletter

August RSL Monthly Newsletter  

August RSL Monthly Newsletter