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Clubhouse: Ponderosa Hotel

NEWSLETTER # 59 ** FEBRUARY 2012 President Jim congratulates our newly crowned Miss Australia/Philippines for 2012, Lilibeth Morta, at the Shanghai Palace Restaurant on the 25th Jan 2012 which marked the start of our Australia Day Fiesta. This has become a very popular annual event which is a great fundraiser for our sub branch charity account. PRESIDENTS REPORT-

2 PRSIDENTS REPORT February 2012 Behind us now is the Australia Day Fiesta for 2012.  The Beauty Pageant went off well (sold out)

and what a great evening it was. There have been favourable comments on our new venue at the Shanghai Palace, the food was good and plentiful, the tables and layout well done, the staff very eager, polite and cooperative. The management however did not believe us about the anticipated consumption of beer by our expat population until the night, and I anticipate if we run again, we will believed next time and more drink waiters supplied. My thanks in particular to Ross Bothwell who did all the arrangements with Shanghai, Greg Harbutt for handling reservations and ticket sales, Peter O’Donnell who again did a great job in handling the running of the night and as MC, Clive Pollington and his daughter who organized the contestants, and to the many others who assisted with decoration, the Rusty Rockers Band, etc etc. Colin Whelan manning our RSL recruitment tent 

The street fiesta on Sunday again was well attended and our stalls all totally booked out. Great displays, food and of course refreshments. Rusty Rockers again, drawing of our Monster Fiesta Raffle and just a great day. My thanks to Barangay Balibago and Barangay Captain Tony Mamac for permitting us to close Fields Avenue and providing the stage and tanods to assist during the day. The coordinator for the day, Vice President Rob Cairns, did a great job and was very ably assisted by so many who did a myriad of jobs before and during the day. My special thanks to Ken Norman, who handled the distribution and sales of the Monster Raffle tickets. A very time consuming, and complex job. The running of our activities for Australia Day Fiesta is a big job for this Sub Branch and planning always starts in July/August preceding. So many members were involved that I cannot possibly name them all. You know who you are and my grateful thanks to you all. To all our sponsors be it on the Fiesta polo shirt, prizes for the Beauty Pageant and Monster Raffle, my thanks.


Some of the Australian nurses attending to children at the Medical Mission On Saturday February 11, we held a special Children’s Medical Mission arranged to coincide with a visit to Angeles of a team of 30 nursing students from Deakin University from Melbourne. The mission was held at Cutud Re-settlement area and 1285 children were examined and free medicines from our RSL Charity Account provided. A good day. It was great to see the nurses from Deakin and AUF working together in teams and exchanging knowledge and ideas. Enough this month. AGM follows. JAMES E. CURTIS-SMITH President PRESIDENTS REPORT – AGM 2012 The Annual Report covers the period from January 1, 2011 to 31 January 2011. The activity of this Sub Branch is reported each month through our Newsletter and is in addition covered through the various leads from our web site. It is repetitive to again set out those activities. It is reflective to note that this Sub Branch is extremely active, and by comparison to so many Sub Branches within Australia, is extremely healthy. We are not concerned with a membership drive to attract new members and have both Service and Affiliate membership applications sought and every week we accept new members. Our membership has grown from 46 members when I first joined the Sub Branch in 2004, to over 500 members in 2011. It is interesting to debate as to why this is. Some facts, we are an overseas Sub Branch, we do not have a permanent home with poker machines or the like to subsidise membership or capitation fees, our membership is largely expats (Australians predominantly, but includes Americans, British and other nationalities, including Filipinos) residing within the Philippines and mostly around Angeles City. The majority of us are retirees on pensions and other fixed incomes. My reflection is that this Sub Branch provides a focus for expats in this community and gives us an opportunity to fraternize on a regular basis. Our monthly Children’s Medical Missions in the poorer communities within this area, our fund raising through two weekly raffles to provide funding for these missions, plus our pensions and welfare assistance to members and our meetings of members, both social

4 and formal such as the general and committee meetings maintains regular contact between members. The exchange of information, for example, ‘does anybody know a good electrician, builder, plumber or other tradesman’, often happens at these meetings and provides a reference point on so many things. Retiree members in particular, find the activity of doing something with your free time fulfilling and interesting. We are not a service club such as Rotary, Lions and the like, and our remembrance activities such as ANZAC Day and Vietnam Veterans Day are always well attended and illustrate the focus we have as Australians abroad. Our Australia Day Fiesta activities run over a week around January 26 each year, are now a firmly established annual event attended by so many members of other organizations, Filipinos and expats of other nationalities apart from our strong membership which reaches over 500 members through each year. What I look forward to in future years is more involvement from more of our members in taking responsibility for so many of the smaller jobs in the running of the Sub Branch. Please if you are a member and have some time available we always have jobs with ongoing involvement. For example a Flag Officer to maintain and properly keep our flags, deliver them and return from events would relieve the hard worked committee from what appears a minor job but just adds to the so many jobs that surround the conduct of an activity. Please let me or any other Committee member know if you are free and we will happily give you a job. Finally, after reflecting on the past and looking ahead, it would be remiss of me not to publicly extend my thanks to our Vice Presidents, Secretary and Treasurer and the Committee for 2011 and those members co-opted who have and continue to volunteer and assist with our activities and administration. I hope that our fellow RSL members in Australia, at National, Branch and Sub Branch level can become better educated about this Sub Branch through reading our web site. Despite the ignorance of some that we don’t exist, (and our members have experienced this lack of knowledge at Sub Branches from Western Australia, to Queensland and other States and Territories and have been denied entry to some Sub Branches in Australia even though they produce the national membership card), we do exist, and I believe proudly uphold strictly the objects of the RSL. Please look at our web site at . I have been privileged again to lead this Sub Branch and I thank the membership for the trust they gave me during 2011. JAMES E. CURTIS-SMITH President 2011

ADMINISTRATIVE MATTERS WE welcome the following new members to our Sub Branch: George Martin (A/C) * Brian Heinkel (A/C) * David Arthur (A/C) * Simon Jenkinson (Manila) * Brian Tuckey (A/C) * Chris Campbell (Puerto Galera Phils) * Trevor Prince (A/C) * Timothy Shaw (QLD) * Gary George (A/C) * Warren Dallas (A/C) * Philip Callender (A/C) * Craig Grady (A/C) * John Potts (NSW) * Anthony Lotz (A/C) *



RSL EVENTS SCHEDULE FOR MARCH 2012 Weekly Raffle NOW EVERY Wednesday at Emotions Nite  Club at 6.00 PM.

Phillies Sports & Grill Raffle every Saturday at 6.00 PM.  Tuesday 6th March 2012 * WE ARE HOSTING VISIT OF CONSUL GENERAL & PRINCIPAL IMMIGRATION OFFICER AUSTRALIAN EMBASSY * General committee 1.30PM * 4.00 Eruptions * Dr Holms * Gentleman’s Tuesday 13th March * 2.00pm Ponderosa * Social Tuesday * 3.00pm Stampede/Cherry’s Tuesday 20th March * Monthly General Meeting 2.00pm Ponderosa * 4.00pm Orchid Inn * Body Shop * Kings Head Tuesday 27th March * 2.00pm Social Tuesday * 4.00pm * Angel Witch * Coyote * Alaska BLOOD REGISTER This is a reminder that we are continually in need of blood supplies. Our supply is stored at the AUF Hospital in Angeles City. Our system has also been streamlined somewhat in that anyone attending the AUF Hospital to make a donation should make it clear that the donation is a credit for the RSL. That way it does not get mixed up with general donations. Donations aren’t restricted to residents. Visitors to the city are also encouraged to make a donation. All donations are greatly appreciated.


SICK PARADE Member Bernie Webb has to return to Australia after suffering injuries caused by a bike accident. His health has not returned to a state where he can be independent, so the decision was made to return back to NSW. Welfare officers, Graham Ross, Ron Parrott and Lawrence Meek stepped in and assisted Bernie with the arrangements for his repatriation. Well done fella’s, and get well soon Bernie.

Fiesta 2012 Conducted by the members of the


OFFICIAL RESULTS ANNUAL CURRY COOK OFF (16 Contestant teams) 1st Place


1st Runner up


2nd Runner up

BLUE BOOK – Angeles City



1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th

#1776 #3577 #4237 #2385 #0006 #1418 #3639 #0123


9th 10th 11th 12th 13th 14th 15th 16th

#2121 #1430 #4223 #3614 #2958 #3026 #2608 #1820


***Winners should contact James Curtis-Smith on 09175032602 to collect their voucher to collect their prize. ID will be required.




Prize donated by:

Miss Australia Philippines

Lilibeth Morta

Grandview Tower



Johanna Marie Geron

Grandview Tower

Easy DNA


Beverly Baltazar

Hon. Tony Mamac

Paradise Beer Garden


April Caridad

Fiesta Garden Hotel



Rona Carvajal


Marilyn’s Garments

We congratulate all of the place getters and thank all the ladies that took the time to parade for us and make our Beauty Pageant another success. Their efforts have helped us to continue with our charity programmes. And we are not forgetting our prize donors, we thank you for your provision of the prizes for the event.

Here is a good story. Left is Noel and Kym Wachter from Townsville, Nth Queensland, helping out in our RSL tent at our Australia Day Fiesta Street party on 29th Jan. They flew up just to give us a hand on the day and they did a great job running our beer station. Noel attended our Medical Mission in August last year at an invitation of friend and member Lindsay Drury, while Kim visited their son and family in Singapore. Noel’s description of his experience at the medical mission so impressed Kim, that she wanted to see for herself. So they combined another trip to visit family in Singapore with the Australia Day Fiesta. They flew in on 24th Jan and flew out on 31 Jan. They also attended our Miss Australia/Philippines beauty pageant. They are a lovely couple, they were good conversationalists, and their assistance was greatly appreciated. Thank you, Noel and Kym.


NEWSLETTER EDITORS COMPARING NOTES The photo right is of our newsletter editor Larry Smith (that’s me) (L) visiting Jim Dale, AKA Harry the Horse, AKA ‘the man about town’ who edits his newsletter Harry the Horse, ( see ) at his stable, the Hotel La Casa/Blue Boar Inn, in Angeles City. Jim, ex USAF and resident of Angeles for some 28 years is well known by expats and visitors alike. Jim loves collecting chilli sauces and has quite a display of sauces donated to him by visitors. Jim’s Hotel La Casa is a homely premises for the budget minded. A good meal or snacks and drinks can be obtained at the Blue Boar Inn. Jim loves getting visitors, so when in the area, drop in and say hello.

Worldwide Military Museum opens in Vung Tau Vietnam, and bagpipes play at Long Tan Cross for first time since 1969 On Saturday, 7 January 2012, there was a soft opening of the Worldwide Arms Museum in Vung Tau. The Museum, as reported in the Saigon Times on 9 January, covers 1,500 square meters and displays over 1,000 military uniforms and ancient weapons from the U.K, France, Turkey, Mongolia and China, and especially a 19th century sword collection from Vietnam’s Muong ethnic minority people.”



To mark the occasion, owner, Robert Taylor, flew out two pipers from Melbourne. The pipers, Iain Townsley (ex British SAS with 23 years experience) and Roy Gilmore played from the turrets of the castle-like museum. (Picture below left)  Ex Warrant Officer and Vietnam Swan, Dan Kindness was in the party to cut the ribbon to officially open the Worldwide Arms Museum.

The pipers play at the opening of the Worldwide Arms Museum in Vung Tau. Officials from the Ministry of Culture in Hanoi were so impressed with the dignity of the event that they agreed to a request made on behalf of Iain and Roy to play at the Long Tan Cross the following day. The Long Tan Cross stands on the site of an horrific firefight in a rubber plantation between Australian and Viet Cong forces on 18 August 1966. (Picture at the Long Tan Cross is on previous page) The Vietnamese Government has only allowed two foreign governments to erect memorials on its soil: the French (Dien Bien Phu) and the Australians (Long Tan). Permission to build the memorials was granted subject to visitors not wearing uniforms, medals, playing music or displaying national flags. In a very significant gesture, on this occasion, not only did the Government officials generously allow the pipers to play several pieces of music, they also gave permission for them to wear their uniforms and medals. From the roadway, the pipers played as they marched 100 metres towards the Cross. They continued playing at the Cross. Swannie, Glenn Nolan who was in attendance, believes that this is the first time that pipes have been heard at Long Tan since the Cross was raised on the third anniversary of the Battle of Long Tan in 1969. “There wasn’t a dry eye”, said Glenn. “The hairs stood up on the back of everyone’s neck. It was moving to say the least.”  It is believed to be the first time the bagpipes have been played at Long Tan since the Cross was raised on 18 August 1969; the third anniversary of the Battle. Photo: Australian War Memorial EKN/69/0081/VN To visit the museum web site, go to: 627744530 (Ctrl and click on visit website)  Visit website https://picasaw NB. Reference to the ‘Swannies’ refers to a group who call themselves ‘The Vietnam Swans’, who are an Australian Rules Football team in Vietnam. Ed 106434882039 524708748/Wo rldwideArmsM


CALL TO REMEMBER THOSE LOST IN THE HMAS VOYAGER TRAGEDY The Minister for Veterans’ Affairs, Warren Snowdon, encouraged Australians to take a moment today to remember the 82 lives that were lost in the nation’s greatest peacetime military tragedy. “The HMAS Voyager disaster was a tragic moment in our military history and I encourage Australians to reflect on those lost and the loved ones they left behind,” Mr Snowdon said. On the night of 10 February 1964, HMAS Melbourne, an aircraft carrier, and HMAS Voyager, a Daring Class Destroyer, took part in night flying exercises off the coast of Jervis Bay, south-east of Sydney. “While manoeuvring under minimal operational lighting, the Voyager tragically crossed the bows of the Melbourne, colliding in the darkness,” Mr Snowdon said. “The Voyager was sliced in two by the impact and the entire ship sunk within about three hours.” A total of 82 people lost their lives that night including 14 officers, 67 sailors and one civilian dockyard employee. Fortunately, 232 survived. “Chief Petty Officer Jonathan Rogers was one of the men that went down with the ship. He was awarded the George Cross, the highest bravery award then available in peacetime, for his efforts to get crew members to safety,” Mr Snowdon said. Rogers played an instrumental role in saving the lives of many of his ship mates. Whilst he was off duty when the collision occurred, survivors report that Rogers took control of the situation calming his ship mates, he attempted to control the flooding and free a jammed escape hatch, while directing men to other compartments with escape hatches. Survivors also report that Rogers was heard leading his remaining doomed comrades in a prayer and a hymn during their final moments. Mr Snowdon said 48 years on, the anniversary of the HMAS Voyager tragedy was a timely reminder of the many Australians who have lost their lives in peacetime activities, humanitarian assistance or training exercises. “Our Australian sailors, soldiers and airmen put their lives on the line each and every day, wherever they may serve, and we should be grateful for their selfless contribution,” he said. Images of the HMAS Voyager and HMAS Melbourne are available from the Australian War Memorial – email for access.

MEMORIALS HONOUR AUSTRALIAN SERVICE IN MALAYSIA Two memorials in Malaysia honouring the service of Australian military personnel 70 years ago will be restored with the help of funding announced today by the Minister for Veterans’ Affairs Warren Snowdon. Mr Snowdon said the funding would restore the 2nd/30th Battalion Memorial at Gemas and a plaque commemorating the Malaysian-Indonesian Confrontation at the Kundasang War Memorial. “The grants, worth just over $80,000 will help preserve our important wartime history in this region and encourage more people to learn about the extraordinary efforts of those who served,” he said. The 2nd/30th Battalion Memorial commemorates the battalion’s first battle on 14 January 1942. In December 1941 the Japanese forces landed at Singora and Patani in Thailand, and Kota Bahru in northern Malaya. They fought against British and Indian troops, until B Company of the 2nd/30th ambushed the Japanese at Gemencheh Bridge. “This was a remarkable ambush and the first Australian blow against the Japanese in that campaign. The 2nd/30th suffered 20 killed or missing believed dead, and 58 wounded. The Japanese casualties were thought to be about one thousand.” “As a

11 remarkable example of detailed planning and decisive action, this battle is still a case study in our own Army schools and in military schools in several other countries,” Mr Snowdon said. The plaque at the Kundasang War Memorial commemorates the Australian and New Zealand personnel who served in the Malaysia-Indonesia Confrontation of 1962-1966, and their close wartime relationship with the people of Sabah. Mr Snowdon said, this little known, but highly successful counterinsurgency campaign by Australian and other Commonwealth forces continues to be relevant 50 years on. “I encourage Australians travelling overseas to visit the Overseas Memorials Database to learn more about memorials to Australia’s war time legacy located around the world.” The Australian Government’s Overseas Privately-Constructed Memorial Restoration Program provides funding to restore existing memorials outside Australian territory which directly commemorate Australia’s military involvement in wars, conflicts and peacekeeping operations and recognise the contribution of Australian servicemen and women. More than $600,000 in funding has been provided since the program was introduced in 2007.

Gold Card Holders Earlier this year after submissions had been made to me at an AVADSC meeting in Brisbane I approached the Deputy Commissioner in the Queensland Consultative Forum regarding Gold Card holders being required to pay for Medical Vaccinations prior to overseas travel, I have now received a positive outcome. Prior to 1st Aug 2010 DVA has not provided coverage for medical vaccinations for DVA clients travelling overseas, the approach was that these were privately incurred expenses.

DVA has now released a new Business Line where in it now states that as from the 1st Aug 2010 all GOLD CARD holders are eligible for all required vaccinations to be covered under the Gold Card arrangements. Any Gold Card holders that may have incurred charges from 1st August 2010 are able to seek reimbursement via DVA. I would expect a fact sheet covering this to be issued shortly. I ask that you make this information widely available to your friends and association membership, If you or anyone else has any questions ask them to contact their nearest DVA VAN office. Regards Gordon Blake Chairman QLD State Advisory Council Australian Veterans’ & Defence Services Council AND

12 DVA Arrangements for Dental Services Provided by Dental Hygienists The Department has received a number of queries regarding DVA's policy on funding of services provided by Dental Hygienists. We have become aware that some dentists are advising their veteran patients that DVA will no longer pay for services provided by dental hygienists in their dentist's practice and that these services must be paid for by the veteran. This is not correct. DVA currently funds a range of preventative dental services. These services can be provided by a dentist or dental specialist. Under DVA treatment arrangements, providers of dental services must be registered with the Department of Human Services (formerly Medicare) at the time the service is provided. Dental Hygienists do not have the qualifications to meet the current registration requirements to provide dental services under the Medicare Benefits Schedule or DVA arrangements, as such, dental hygienists are unable to charge DVA for services provided to a veteran client. Under DVA arrangements, these services are to be performed by the dentist claiming the payment. Further, dental services provided under the DVA fee schedule are for the full service provided. If a provider accepts DVA fees for a service, there is no additional charge to the veteran for items on Dental Schedule A (which contains the preventative dental services). Veterans should not be paying a co-payment or be out of pocket for preventative dental services. Please let me know if the matter is raised with you by an individual veteran. Hadyn White Executive Officer to the Deputy Commissioner NSW & ACT Department of Veterans' Affairs As with all advice published in this newsletter, we advise members to check matters with Dept of Veterans Affairs. Ed

On the right in this picture is our cook for the RSL curry cook-off, Graham Ross, centre is assistant cook, Gordon Winzar and unnamed official taste tester on the left. (Pssst he hasn’t been seen since performing his duty)

Our hard working Secretary Dallas Drake runs the RSL ‘clothing store’ at our street party tent.  

VFW Post 2485 Angeles City was the highest seller of tickets for our monster raffle drawn at the street party. Well done guys, a great contribution to the street party.


Chili Cook-Off

will be held in conjunction with FRALICS 2012, at FRA Branch Home in San Antonio, Zambales, on Saturday,

April 14, 2012. Teams shall consist of a maximum of (4) members per team. Entry Fee will be P2,500.00 (pesos) per team. Get your entry forms in early! Shirts will be provided for four team members. To ensure you have your shirts in time for the Cook-Off, you must submit your entry forms on or before March 26, 2012. (Your choice of Tank-Top, Collar or T-Shirt, sizes Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL and XXXL. Team Trophy will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams and best decorated booth. Judging: There will be (4) judges for the Chili Cook-Off. If you like the taste of spicy food, and would like to be a judge, contact our event coordinator, “Alaska” Bob @ 0918 241 3803. The judges DO NOT KNOW THE NAME OF THE TEAMS WHEN THEY SAMPLE—this a double blind contest. JUDGES RULING SHALL BE FINAL! FRA will provide canopy, table and 4 chairs. Points of Contact: Coordinators - “Alaska”

Bob 0918 241-3803 or Scott M. Simms 0939 506 8898 or, or 5. Cooking will stop at 2:00 pm by whistle blow RULES FOR THE COOK-OFF 1. All teams shall have a team captain 2. All teams shall provide their own cooking utensils 3. Prep work starts at 10:00 am. 4. Fires will be lit at 10:00 am by whistle blow

6. Teams must make four liters ( 1 gal.) 7. Any kind of meat allowed 8. Pressure cookers allowed 9. Have a great time and good luck!

Download Official Entry Forms at

for printing, or send info via feedback link on the website or e-mail Forms are also available at: FRA, Branch 367, East Dirita, San Antonio, Zambales VFW Post 11447, Barrio Barretto AUSTRALIAN PRISONERS OF WAR REMEMBERED 70 YEARS ON The day that 15,000 Australian diggers and nurses were taken prisoner by the Japanese, following one of the most costly campaigns of the Second World War, is being remembered today on the 70th anniversary of the fall of Singapore. In Singapore, the Minister for Veterans’ Affairs, Warren Snowdon, will join six veterans of the Malayan Campaign and the fall, at a memorial service at Kranji War Cemetery. “We must never forget the courage of these men and women who were captured in Singapore and all across the Pacific region during the Second World War. “They faced starvation, malnutrition, beatings and conditions beyond anything we could imagine. 8000 never made it home,” Mr Snowdon said.

14 The Malayan Campaign, which ended with the fall of Singapore, lasted just 68 days from 8 December 1941 to 15 February 1942. On 15 February 1942, Allied forces laid down their arms and Singapore fell silent. In the aftermath more than 15,000 Australian soldiers were taken as prisoners of war. Six Australian Second World War veterans travelled back to Singapore and Malaysia on a commemorative mission to recognise the service and sacrifice of Australians 70 years ago. “Many of these men were prisoners following the fall, some working on the notorious Thai-Burma Railway, and I am honoured to be here with them to share in this emotional experience. “Australian troops were renowned for their great fortitude, resilience and humour as prisoners of the Japanese and they helped each other get through, displaying the great Aussie quality of mateship. “It is vital we continue to honour the memory of those who fought, and those who were subjected to horrendous conditions in prisoner of war camps not only in Singapore, but all around the Pacific,” Mr Snowdon said.

SEEING as we are reporting on the recent Australia Day Fiesta, here is Australian humour.

Poor old Granddad's passed away, cut off in his prime, He never had a day off crook - gone before his time, We found him in the dunny, collapsed there on the seat, A startled look upon his face, his trousers around his feet, The doctor said his heart was good - fit as any trout, The Policeman had his say, 'foul play' was not ruled out. There were theories at the inquest of snakebite without trace, Of redbacks quietly creeping and death from outer space, No-one had a clue at all - the judge was in some doubt, When Dad was called to have his say as to how it came about, 'I reckon I can clear it up,' said Dad with trembling breath, 'You see it's quite a story - but it could explain his death.' 'This here exploration mob had been looking at our soil, And they reckoned that our farm was just the place for oil,

a bit of

So they came and put a bore down and said they'd make some trials, They drilled a hole as deep as hell, they said about three miles. Well, they never found a trace of oil and off they went, post haste, And I couldn't see a hole like that go to flamin' waste, So I moved the dunny over it - real smart move I thought, I'd never have to dig again - I'd never be 'caught short'. The day I moved the dunny, it looked a proper sight, But I didn't dream poor Granddad would pass away that night, Now I reckon what has happened - poor Granddad didn't know, The dunny was re-located when that night he had to go. And you'll probably be wondering how poor Granddad did his dash-Well, he always used to hold his breath Until he heard the splash



111,111,111 x 111,111,111 = 12,345,678,987, 654,321

I now wonder how many people will reach for their calculators to check this out ???

PASSING PARADE We have just been notified by member Ken Graham that his partner LYDIA passed away this morning 17th Feb 2012 after a totally unexpected medical condition. Lydia is lying in the Funeraria Galang on McArthur Highway DAU and will be interred on Tuesday 22nd Feb. Our heartfelt loss to you Ken and your family, and RIP Lydia. (RSL Angeles City Sub branch)

Monster Raffle ticket co-ordinator Ken Norman (R) finalizes ticket receipts and counts the takings prior to the monster raffle draw, ably assisted by your editor Larry

All eyes were on the stage for the monster raffle draw


Winner Lilibeth Morta (C) 1st runner-up Johanna Geron (L) and 2nd runner-up Beverly Baltazar (R)

Our erstwhile MC at pageant and street party Peter O’Donnell

DISCLAIMER The Angeles City Sub-Branch of the R&SLA, the Committee and the Editor take no responsibilities for any errors, omissions or inaccuracies contained in this newsletter. Nor do they accept any liability for loss or damage suffered directly or indirectly for use of information contained in this newsletter. Nor do they warrant that articles or opinions published in this newsletter are necessarily the opinions held by the Sub-branch, the Committee or the Editor

“The price of liberty is eternal vigilance”

Lest we forget

February RSL Monthly Newsletter  

February RSL Monthly Newsletter

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