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SnapMap Pipeline Construction Collaboration Tool

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SnapMap SnapMap is an easy-to-use online collaboration tool for pipeline constructors. It provides high-detail visual access for large disparately located teams of people, making the proposed asset accessible with simplicity, speed and clarity. In so doing, SnapMap directly saves time and cost by reducing field visits to an absolute minimum and honing those trips that are still necessary.

“SnapMap has allowed Overland Pass Pipeline Project to save money and time in the design, engineering and permitting stages. The initial investment has had a return of almost 200% while allowing the project to come to the construction phase quicker than previous technologies allowed” Michael Peterson, Willbros Engineers, 2008

SnapMap’s multi-faceted applications have delivered considerable benefits to construction projects around the world to clients that include National Grid, Shell, BP, Gaz de France, TOTAL and many more. It has helped communicate issues to routers, environmental managers, engineers, bidders, regulators and even to the public during outreach programmes. The visual access to your information is through highresolution oblique photography, over which unlimited project datasets (typically engineering, environmental and social) are laid. Multiple users can simultaneously view the same image despite being in widely different geographic locations. The result is a “virtual site-visit” that facilitates accurate, fast and collaborative decision-making with zero travelling and zero environmental impact.

Route centreline from low level

Power of the Image The over-lapping wide-angle 39 Megapixel photography taken at regular intervals along the route centreline provides very high detail of ground features whilst also showing the route in its local context. As the imagery is fused with your geographic data, it provides an excellent collaboration focus. Any number of users can view another users screen and see the edits they are making. This is particularly useful for quickly communicating complicated information to third parties, regulators and contractors.

AGI, route centreline and working width

New-Build Pipeline Applications • • • • • • • • • • • •

Route Selection Key Constraint Analysis EIA Production Stakeholder, Public and Regulatory Authority Presentations Pre-Construction Baseline Survey Construction Bidder Packages Counter Evidence for Compensation Claims Post-Construction Comparison Hand-Over Tool to Operations Population Density Surveys TD1 Surveys Emergency Response

Centreline and Population Density Buffers and Buildings To access the relevant location quickly the user either clicks on the map or types into an intelligent Search Engine, which will list all matching (or part-matching) geographic references in order of relevance then instantly displays the selected locations map and image - making route navigating very simple.

Population Density and TD1 Surveys Each image in SnapMap is geo-referenced in order that you may overlay CAD and GIS data onto the photography. By placing the various map layers onto up-to-date highresolution imagery, project teams can accurately visualize the real-world impact of the proposed project. Benefits from geo-referencing images include the capability to Measure distances, find coordinates, calculate feature proximity to the pipeline centerline and calculate population densities along the route, all from the imagery.

Centreline, working width, proximity buffer & Ecology Contact: Adam Gallacher for SnapMap sales on +44 (0)7770 771887 or email

SnapMap New Build Pipeline Info  

Flyer describing the use of SnapMap for New Build Pipelines

SnapMap New Build Pipeline Info  

Flyer describing the use of SnapMap for New Build Pipelines