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Free to breathe Innovative sensors for Radon gas concentration measurement

Company Company RSens designs, manufactures and sells innovative sensors for Radon gas measurement. Radon is an invisible gas, a carcinogen, second leading cause of lung cancer after smoking. RSens is the first joint spin-off of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia and the University of Trento. It originates from a long-standing scientific collaboration between research groups of the two Universities. The company was founded in January 2011 and, despite its young history, it has already received several prizes and awards, both at regional and national level, in recognition of the quality of the research behind its products and the social and environmental value of its business idea. Its scientific background and its network of technological partnerships have enabled RSens to develop an innovative and unique device, in terms both of performance and flexibility.

Radon Radon What it is Radon is a natural radioactive, odorless, colorless and tasteless gas. It accumulates inside closed environments becoming extremely dangerous to health. Alpha particles produced by the radioactive decay of inhaled gas can cause irreparable damage to lung cells.

Where it is Radon naturally emerges from soil, water and some building materials. Indeed, it is emitted by any natural material with even small traces of uranium (eg. granite, tuff, porphyry, basalt, pozzolanic cements, etc.).

Why it is dangerous It has been recognized by the World Health Organization as the second risk factor for the occurrence of lung cancer (more than 10% of cases are linked to excessive Radon exposure). In Italy Radon is deemed to cause between 1,500 and 6,000 victims every year. In the United States one home every 15 is considered at risk.

Products Products TM

RStone™ is a small-size, innovative Radon gas sensor, that is programmable and controllable via two buttons and a display. Easy and intuitive to use, RStone™ is able to display information about instantaneous and average Radon concentration, as well as temperature, pressure and humidity.

It is available in three configurations:


In this configuration, only the RStone™ device is provided. The sensor is programmable and manageable through the user interface integrated into the device. Output data are shown directly on the display.


In this configuration, the USB device RKey™ and the EasyRadon software are provided, in addition to the RStone™ device, improving the management of the system. Thanks to RKey™, RStone™ can be programmed and controlled remotely, the measurement data can be downloaded on a PC and a full measurement report with detailed information expressed in both tabular and graphical form can be printed, all through a dedicated wireless connection. The software is presented in an extremely simple version, intuitive and immediate to use.


Represents the most complete configuration. RStone™ comes with RKey™ and the professional software RadonPro which allows for simultaneous remote programming of multiple devices. The software also allows the user to download the complete measurement data either in a print-ready or a spreadsheet-compatible format, for further insights and analyses.

Features Price 5-10 times lower than professional devices on market

Wireless control, by means of RKey™

Battery powered and high portability thanks to its small size

Flexibility, RStone™ is controlled by easily customizable firmware and software

Autonomy, the device can be installed and used simply by interacting with the buttons and the display, and integrating the USB key in case of need

Ease of use both for professional users and for less expert users, thanks to the different available versions of the software

Services Services RCloud™

RCloud™ is intended to provide RStone™ with the highest level of operability and flexibility. Through the RCloud™ system, thanks to a special ethernet module to be located in proximity to the RStone™ devices, one can remotely program and monitor the information they provide, interacting directly with a dedicated web platform.

Remote monitoring service

An additional service can be set up, informing end users through a simple text message if any sensor detects a potentially harmful Radon concentration.

Software assistance

RSens intends to provide its customers with all the necessary assistance for the appropriate use of professional software in order to develop comprehensive and reliable reports concerning continuous monitoring of Radon concentration and environmental parameters.

Design of sensor networks

Design of wireless sensor networks for Radon monitoring over large and diverse areas.

Software customization

Sensor control and managing system (either software- or RCloud™-based) can be easily customized depending on users’ needs.

Free to breathe

RSens srl Via Vignolese 905/b, 41125 Modena (MO) - ITALY tel +39 059 2056262 | fax +39 059 2056262 | email

RSens - Brochure EN  

RSens is the first joint spin-off between the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia and the University of Trento. RSens designs, produces a...

RSens - Brochure EN  

RSens is the first joint spin-off between the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia and the University of Trento. RSens designs, produces a...