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IT Induction    

The IT  Staff     Rizwana  Faran       Susannah  Brown     We  are  happy  to  help  if  you  have  any  questions  or  queries.     First  line  support  on  software  packages.     If  you  want  to  find  out  more  about  the  department  please  see  our  video          

Code of  Conduct     • Internet  activities  monitored  and  logged.     • Only  use  sites  which  relate  to  your  studies   • No  food  or  drink    

Health and  Safety     • Please  use  wrist  support   • Sit  correctly,  adjust  seat  to  required  position   • No  drinks    

quiz   Are  you  allowed  food  and  drink  in  the  IT  centre?   What  would  you  do  if  a  required  site  is  blocked?   Where  do  you  save  all  work?   Why  must  you  not  share  your  logon  details?   Spot  all  the  hazards:    


IT Induction Jan  

safety in the IT centre. staffing, seating, drinking eatingjjjjjjjj kkkkkkkk bbbbbb llllllll

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