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is wholly focused on communications, advertising, marketing, and branding. Altering perceptions is our primary love.



OUR STORY OUR “elevator speech”

OUR philosophy

Building sustainable, profitable brands is about establishing an emotional bond between consumers and the company that serves them. We make our clients’ products and services more valuable by creating this bond and building our clients’ brand value.

We have a different philosophy about how great brands are created and communicated. We call it Building Brand Value®. We are so committed to it, in fact, that we’ve even written a book about it. It’s called, believe it or not, Building Brand Value. In it, we explain the seven points that create a brand.

OUR history TURKEL Brands is a full-service, multicultural brand management firm located in Miami, Florida. We opened our doors for business in June of 1983, and have been in business for more than 30 years. We offer creative, account management, brand strategy, research, production, digital, media planning and placement (both offline and online), public relations and below-the-line marketing services. The agency is wholly owned by two partners, Bruce Turkel, CEO/Executive Creative Director and Roberto S. Schaps, President.

WE are known for... Quite simply, we are known for three things: unbridled creativity, measurable results and our unique Building Brand Value® protocol.


Similar to the classically trained ballerina who lives by the motto “Technique Sets You Free,” our seven points provide structure for our work. With them we can create more effective communications and deliver better results for you. Our seven points also sometimes challenge us to step outside of our safety zones but ultimately deliver the results you’re hiring us for.


WHAT ARE WE GOOD AT? The Brand Value Agency Leader model. At TURKEL Brands, serving as the lead agency and brand steward, we oversee our clients’ brands from a 360-degree perspective. We coordinate all marketing disciplines, including advertising, digital, media planning and buying, public relations, etc. to provide integrated seamless solutions. Our Brand Value Agency Leader model is somewhat unique in the world of independentlyowned agencies, but it comes naturally to us. TURKEL Brands has always scored high in the “plays well with others” category. We have a proven track record of managing and coordinating agencies around the world, whether these are brought along by us or invited by our client. TURKEL Brands is one of the very few remaining independently-owned agencies. This independence has allowed us the freedom to collaborate with best-of-breed agencies that specialize in areas that align with our clients’ marketing strategies. We work with each of our partners to provide a seamlessly integrated work plan for all of our clients. Think of TURKEL Brands as a general contractor that builds brand value. Our model addresses the expense, inefficiency and complexity you face when you have to interact with every service provider on their terms and then try to bring them all together. Plus, you’ll find confidence knowing we’re in charge of ensuring each marketing discipline helps you achieve your ultimate goals.


Let’s talk strategy. At TURKEL Brands, strategy isn’t just something we talk about in new business presentations and forget about after we win your account. Instead, it’s the foundation of everything we do. Take a trip up to our Creative Director’s office and read the photocopied ad taped to his wall. It’s a picture of a group of Roman galley slaves rowing under the headline, “Doing ads without a strategic focus is like captaining a ship without a map. Sooner or later, the people rowing are gonna get pissed.” Without a sound strategy not only can we lose our way, but no one enjoys the trip. Although there are people in our office with the word “strategy” in their titles, it is truly the responsibility of each and every one of us to make sure that we fully understand our clients’ products and their audiences. As Sun Tzu wrote 2,300 years ago in The Art of War: “Tactics without strategy is the sound of failure. Strategy without tactics is the slowest path to success.” What does all this mean in real life? If we’re asked to work on a project without a strategy, we’ll help create the strategy first. If we’re asked to work with a strategy that doesn’t make sense, we’ll try to find the meaning. And if we see a solution that is off-strategy, we’ll speak up. After all, we stand for sound strategies. And if we don’t stand for something, we’ll fall for anything.

What is creativity, anyway? Ask the most creative person you know to describe creativity and they’ll just stare at you. “Creativity? It’s, like, you know…” Not such a creative answer, is it? Ask a person who tells you that they don’t have a creative bone in their body to prove it and they’ll tell you that they “can’t even draw a straight line.” Funny enough, it doesn’t take any creativity to draw a straight line. All it takes is a ruler, a pen and a steady hand. To many people, creativity is a lot like good taste: “I don’t know what it is but I’ll know it when I see it.” When Picasso combined a bicycle seat with a set of handlebars and created a bull’s head, that was creative.

Creativity is our stock in trade. It’s what our clients come to us for. It’s the lifeblood of our business. What it’s not is the sole province of our creative department. And even though our art directors and copywriters are lucky enough to have the word creative in their titles, creativity is the responsibility of each of us. If that sounds like what we said about strategy just a page or two ago, maybe there’s a pattern forming here. Now that’s creative, isn’t it?

The Creative Development Flow. Our Building Brand Value protocol provides a roadmap for our Creative Team to be certain their ideas deliver the greatest results for our clients.

When Sister Rosetta Tharpe recorded shouting and stomping music, when Big Joe Turner recorded “Roll ‘em Pete” and when Elvis Presley covered Big Boy Crudup’s “That’s All Right Mama,” creating rock & roll from blues, gospel and hillbilly mountain music, that was creative. And when we stopped marketing Miami as a tourist destination and marketed it instead as a fashion brand, that was creative (and successful, too). Creativity, quite simply, is combining old things in new ways. It’s giving people a new way of looking at things, a new way of understanding. The designer Robert Cumberford says: “(Creative people)…see things before others do. That’s our job — that’s what we’re paid to do.”


The health care industry is complex and confusing to potential customers. It gets even more bewildering when they’re also concerned about their own health or the health of a loved one. Our Building Brand Value protocol gives us a unique perspective on what makes your brand communications effective. Let us help you bring clarity to this life-and-death issue, and instill confidence in your customers.

1. All About Them.

5. Make It Yours.

Most people will listen to you when what you say entertains and enlightens them. And when your message is crafted for a well-defined audience, you’ll persuade them.

The easiest way to communicate is to mimic your competitors. However, you run the risk of people thinking you’re the same as your competitors, or that you ARE your competitors. Make It Yours with a message that looks, sounds and feels like you alone.

2. Hearts Then Minds. People accept an argument and plan a vacation for the same reason. They make a decision based on emotions and justify their decision with facts. Touch Hearts, Then Minds will be open to your message.

6. All Five Senses.

3. Make It Simple.

It’s not enough to just blurt out information. The most effective communication inspires all the senses. How will people feel when they’re experiencing your brand? What will they see and hear? Is there a scent or a taste? All Five Senses make an impact.

Thoreau may have written “Simplify, simplify” but we’d advise you to “Simplify.” Make It Simple. Less is more.

7. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

4. Make It Quick. The world’s getting faster. When it comes to health care, people pay attention. But that attention span is not unlimited. Make It Quick.


Say it and then say it again. Because nobody has enough time in the day to give you full attention. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat your authentic Brand Values often, and in new and inspiring ways to make sure it sinks in.

Production Production is where our team members are that oxymoronic combination of artist and engineer. In agencies, nothing happens until somebody produces something. Ideas, after all, are worthless and priceless at the same time. If a great idea never sees the light of day, what value does it actually have? On the other hand, if that same idea is carefully developed, meticulously crafted, and powerfully distributed, it could change the world. Or at least help you keep the cash register ringing. The production studio is truly the engine of the advertising business.

Digital The modern advertising industry has been around since the 1880s. And aside from a few technological advances (since radio and television, for example), advertising hasn’t changed much. Until the advent of digital technology and the website. We created our first Web site in 1994. Today, we combine research and measurement tools, with social and PR strategists, digital creative development and media teams to provide a full suite of digital and social media services. But in a business that used to ask “What have you done for me lately?” the new battle cry is “What have you done for me next?!” Truth is we don’t always know exactly where we’re going. No one does. But we do know we can’t stop moving forward. And we are ready to capitalize on interactive technologies and opportunities as they present themselves.

We bring value to the relationship by taking a holistic approach to learning and understanding your business. By immersing ourselves in all aspects of your brand, we bring you intelligent business solutions – not just advertising solutions – that add value and increase ROI. In many ways we’re an extension of your marketing department and as such it makes more sense that we call ourselves marketing directors rather than account managers. This innovative perspective on account management allows for a more synergistic relationship where we work in parallel with your marketing team. As we are your lead agency and brand steward, we treat you as a partner. A marketing director with a diverse set of skills will partner with you to oversee your brand from a 360-degree perspective. He or she will bring in teams of thought leaders from other departments and disciplines to meet your goals. Throughout the process, a marketing coordinator will ensure jobs are delivered on time and on budget.

Media Media used to be a left-brained discipline responsible for planning, negotiating, placing and following up on agency purchases of television, radio, billboards, magazines and newspapers. Now, all of a sudden, media is creative too. The Internet and the world at large offer a nearly infinite variety of ways to communicate. Not only is media responsible for placing these ads, they’re also charged with the task of figuring out where to put them, working right alongside art directors and copywriters to create new ways to reach our clients’ customers.

Marketing When we present our company to a potential new client, we pull out all the stops. Yet when we’re all done, the first question they invariably ask is “Who’s going to service my account?” It’s a simple truth of business — people hire people they want to work with, and great chemistry is a harbinger of even better things to come. But after the honeymoon phase is over we still need to maintain strong relationships.


Operations You’ve heard the old saying that money makes the world go ‘round. In our case, compelling the world to go ‘round makes money. Thanks to our operations department we not only make money, but we can track it and keep some of it, too. The operations department is where we prove that the inmates are not in charge of the asylum. We’ve staffed this department with some of the most capable accounting minds around. How else could we track all our expenses? And speaking of tracking, how else could we track all of our creative resources? Most important, how else could we run our business like a business and make a living being creative? Thanks to operations, our vendors feel as well served as our clients and our banker is happy to do business with us. Best of all, the rest of us are free to concentrate on our clients, rather than worry about the facts and figures of running our business.


OUR CORE SERVICES: Advertising Branding Consulting Convention Marketing Digital Direct Marketing Event Management Immigrant Marketing Incentive Programs International Marketing Market Research Media Mobile Marketing POP/POS Promotions Public Relations Research Social Media



BT Bruce Turkel CEO/Executive Creative Director What drew Bruce Turkel, one of advertising’s most original and multi-faceted minds, to the industry in the first place? Simple: “I don’t play harmonica all that well.” Born and raised on Miami Beach (which was like being in Flipper), Bruce studied design at the University of Florida (which was like being in Animal House) and began his advertising career in New York (which was like being in Brazil, the movie, not the country). But preferring a tan to an ulcer, he returned to South Florida, where he served time at several agencies before starting the award-winning design and advertising firm TURKEL Brands. Built on the belief that advertising should be well-designed, simple to comprehend and fun, the company continues to break new ground with innovative work honored by Communication Arts, the Art Directors’ Club of New York, Clio and the One Show as well as other accolades too numerous to list here. Under Bruce’s guidance, TURKEL Brands has created wildly effective campaigns for its clients, including the Greater Miami Convention & Visitor Bureau, Discovery Channel, the Government of Puerto Rico, HBO Latin America, Peabody Hotels, Kissimmee Convention & Visitors Bureau, Canyon Ranch Living and Sol Meliá Hotels & Resorts. When he’s not creating advertising or design, he’s sharing his wisdom in places like CNN, MIT, NAMM, MPI, UM, NSA and the three books he’s authored. Yet somehow Bruce always finds time for more – besides writing and illustrating books and articles on branding, practicing his harmonica in traffic, being a dad, a husband and a mentor, Bruce is a professional speaker and branding expert. He tours extensively spellbinding audiences with his simple, yet powerful brand building techniques.


RS Roberto S. Schaps President On the face of it, advertising and coffee beans would seem to have little in common. But the similarities are there nonetheless. After all, both can be quite stimulating. And both have certainly kept the people at TURKEL Brands up for many a night. One more thing they share: Roberto S. Schaps. Born in El Salvador, Roberto grew up in Guatemala before attending Texas A&M University, where he received a BS in Civil Engineering. After going on to earn an MBA at the University of Miami, Roberto managed the Miami-based roasting, distribution and processing plant for his family’s Guatemalan adver… uh, coffee plantation. By overseeing the operational and administrative ends of a business where deadlines must be met without compromising quality (gee, just like advertising), Roberto refined his formidable management skills. And picked up such unbelievably pithy Latin sayings as “I’m going slow because I’m in a hurry.” Which brings us – and Roberto – to TURKEL Brands. Attracted by the creativity, energy and just plain craziness inherent in advertising, he became a partner with Bruce Turkel in 1989. Once he took the plunge, he hasn’t come up for air. His willingness to work long hours is the stuff of agency legend, as is his way with computers. (He’s kind of like Bill Gates, only not as nerdy. Or as rich…yet.) Coworkers describe Roberto as a perfect blend of warmth and smoothness. Kind of like his family’s coffee.



CLIENTS The list represents both current and former clients:

Advantage Care - brand development, strategic planning, direct marketing, creation of advertising campaign and support materials, planning and execution of media plans Baptist Cardiac and Vascular Institute - brand development, strategic planning, creation of advertising campaign and support materials, planning and execution of media plans Continucare - strategic planning, brand development, advertising campaign and support materials, media planning/ buying, interactive/new media HealthSun Health Plans - strategic planning, brand development, advertising campaign and support materials, media planning/buying, interactive/new media North Florida Women’s Physicians - strategic planning, brand development, advertising campaign and support materials, media planning/buying, interactive/new media MetCare - strategic planning, brand development, advertising campaign and support materials, media planning/buying, interactive/new media VITAS Innovative Hospice Care - brand development, strategic planning, creation of corporate brand standards manual University of Miami Jackson Memorial Medical Center - strategic planning, brand development, advertising campaign and support materials, media planning/ buying, interactive/new media




OUR STRATEGIC PLANNING PROCESS We are in the business of creating desire. For more than 30 years we have been creating startlingly original and effective marketing solutions for our clients, including quite a few in the tourism and hospitality industries. Following is a brief synopsis of the process we would use to build and manage your brand image.

Phase I: Data Mining

Phase II: Sculpting Your Purpose

All About Them – Most brand building processes start in the wrong place. They typically start with the category, the brand itself, or with a marketing toolkit. For us, success has proven to increase when firmly grounded in a strong understanding of the motivations and tensions driving people’s behavior. This is critical if we hope to connect with people in a meaningful way.

This is where we begin reducing Phase I’s foundation down to its core, motivating elements. Chiseling until we’ve identified the very soul of a brand by filtering against four criteria: Hearts Then Minds – People make decisions based on emotion and justify their decisions with facts. To get someone to pay attention, you must get them emotionally involved. Make It Simple – To make an impression and an impact, your message must be succinct and easily digestible. Make It Quick – It must also be said quickly. If you take your time, no one will wait around for you to explain. Make It Yours – It must be honest, ownable and intuitively ring true in the hearts and minds of people.

And, good data is the best way to cultivate an enlightened understanding.

Steps: • Kick-off meeting/strategic planning workshop • Secondary research deep dive – Includes thorough competitive audit to better understand the category, the brand and how people currently perceive and interact with all the players • Primary consumer research - Qualitative studies – e.g., 360 Immersion [ethnography approach] - Quantitative studies – To further understand/validate how people currently perceive/feel about your brand - Segmentation studies [as appropriate] • Data analysis

Deliverables: • Comprehensive category, competitive and consumer analysis • Identification of target[s], opportunity segment[s] and key tensions, insights, trends to build from


Steps: • Crafting an undeniable, unmistakable brand purpose • Defining how that purpose impacts product line restructuring • Molding that purpose into a marketing strategy that will drive both internal and external efforts • Developing a big, media-neutral creative idea, and tailoring for specific segments as appropriate • Qualitative/quantitative research validation [as appropriate]

Deliverables: • Brand purpose statement • Product line restructuring • Marketing strategy foundation • Brand mark, sell line and corporate ID standard • Big, media-neutral idea to guide all communications

Phase III: Creating the Human Connection This is where your brand purpose comes to life inmarket, tapping into: All Five Senses – Memorable conversations involve all human senses. To communicate effectively you must engage as many of your audiences’ senses as possible. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat – Your message must be repeated often enough that your audience will remember and internalize the content.

Steps/Deliverables: • Communications strategy development – driving internal and external efforts • Creative execution – online and offline ideation, refinement and production • Proofing and reviewing • Trafficking • Campaign performance evaluation and refinement



MetCare/Symphony Health Partners PRINT

The Situation Symphony Health Partners is a Management Service Organization (MSO) that works with health providers and their insurance plan partners to better coordinate and deliver care to health plan beneficiaries. The company operates its medical practices as Patient-Centered Medical Homes (PCMH) – a new model of care that enhances the relationship between the patient and their primary care physician, specialists, and other health professionals. Think of it as “how health care used to be,” but with a healthy blend of innovative new technology.

Our Solution We realized that the name alone does not indicate the partnership that the model provides. Our solution was Symphony Health Partners, an evocative name that communicates the partnership that we engage in with our patients. We developed a comprehensive brand identity and supporting advertising campaign, built around the idea of health care like it used to be, only better. Our “Norman Rockwell” style ads really resonated with seniors who came of age when doctors made house calls. Our name and our logotype stand for MetCare’s core values: who we are, what we do, and why our brand is unique in our growing industry. We are conductors directing the various parts of our medical orchestra.

Experience Health Care Like It Used To Be. Only Better. Discover MetCare and find out how much better you could feel about your health. Our innovative practice model – known as ‘Patient-Centered Medical Home’ (PCMH) – greatly enhances your relationship with your primary care physician, specialists, and other health professionals. It’s “how health care used to be” – personal, exceptional, closely coordinated – made even better thanks to modern technologies. Get the picture?

Medicare Advantage open enrollment is happening now. Call 866-312-8088 today for more information. You’ll feel great about it.

The Results Within the first month, the client began to see brand association for MetCare and the modern Norman Rockwell-themed advertising as customers talked about the ads during their doctor visits. Most of MetCare’s patients quickly see how the PCMH model offers a much-needed rational alternative to the fragmented – and often frustrating – primary care they used to receive. They’re more satisfied, and best of all, they tend to stay healthier and better informed. The campaign resulted in nearly 100 new customer leads and enabled MetCare to begin building a stronger customer database for their Open Enrollment period.


Experience Health Care Like It Used To Be. Only Better. Discover MetCare and find out how much better you could feel about your health. Our innovative practice model – known as ‘Patient-Centered Medical Home’ (PCMH) – greatly enhances your relationship with your primary care physician, specialists, and other health professionals. It’s “how health care used to be” – personal, exceptional, closely coordinated – made even better thanks to modern technologies. Get the picture?

Medicare Advantage open enrollment is happening now. Call 866-312-5316 today for more information. You’ll feel great about it.

Experience Health Care Like It Used To Be. Only Better. Discover MetCare and find out how much better you could feel about your health. Our innovative practice model – known as ‘Patient-Centered Medical Home’ (PCMH) – greatly enhances your relationship with your primary care physician, specialists, and other health professionals. It’s “how health care used to be” – personal, exceptional, closely coordinated – made even better thanks to modern technologies. Get the picture?

Medicare Advantage open enrollment is happening now. Call 866-312-8088 today for more information. You’ll feel great about it.


Baptist Cardiac & Vascular Institute PRINT

Heart surgery didn’t stop me.

I EMBRACE LIVING. My daughter’s wedding was in two weeks. At her bridal shower I felt intense chest pains. The doctors at Baptist Cardiac & Vascular Institute told me I needed open heart surgery to bypass a clogged artery. I was terrified I would miss the wedding. But four days after my heart surgery, I danced at my daughter’s wedding.

We’re dedicated to keeping you healthy so you can enjoy life. Let’s begin the partnership today. Call 786.596.2700 or visit for a free physician referral. 8900 North Kendall Drive • Miami, Florida


The Situation When it comes to hear health issues, Baptist Cardiac & Vascular Institute offers best in class programs, facilities and hospitality. The brand embodies a pioneering spirit thanks to best in breed doctors and the latest in technology/ procedural advancements. The challenge was keeping Baptist top of mind when people are healthy and not in need of their services so they will choose Baptist when they do seek care.

Our Solution We created a campaign built around the rallying cry, “Let’s Embrace Living.” Ads featured real patients sharing their “Embrace Living” anecdotes about the importance of living healthy as we age. Each ad reminds readers that BCVI is committed to keeping them healthy so they can enjoy their favorite hobbies and activities. The idea was to get people to know and love Baptist before they actually needed their services.

The Results Through our re-branding campaign, we were able to reposition BCVI’s offerings toward living a heart healthy lifestyle, rather than a focus on illness. Our research showed that BCVI patients had an increased awareness of BCVI as a true partner in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, not just a medical provider.

Things were rough for a while. But now, I make every day special.

The heart attack was a set back, but I’m back in the game.


I EMBRACE LIVING. I played baseball in college, and have stayed in shape over the years. So a heart attack took my whole family by surprise. The paramedics rushed me to Baptist Hospital’s Heart Attack Unit. I felt confident and cared for; their team helped me get back on my feet. With two young sons, there’s always a chance to play.

I received a diagnosis no one wants to hear. My aortic aneurysm was life threatening. Worse yet, a history of four heart attacks made surgery inadvisable. Thankfully, Baptist Cardiac & Vascular Institute had a solution. Their exceptional care saved my life. And now I cherish every joy that comes my way.

We’re committed to keeping you healthy for life’s adventures. Let’s begin the partnership today. Call 786.596.2700 or visit for a free physician referral.

Everything we do keeps your health and your life in harmony. Let’s begin the partnership today. Call 786.596.2700 or visit for a free physician referral.

8900 North Kendall Drive • Miami, Florida

8900 North Kendall Drive • Miami, Florida


Jackson Memorial Hospital PRINT

g~Åâëçå Ü~ë ~ ÜÉ~êí= íê~åëéä~åí=ìåáí= áå pçìíÜ cäçêáÇ~

g~Åâëçå Ü~ë=ãçêÉ=íÜ~å= 1RM éÜóëáÅá~åë=çå íÜÉ=_Éëí=açÅíçêë= áå=^ãÉêáÅ~ äáëí Δ

jçêÉ=íÜ~å=~åó=çíÜÉê=pçìíÜ=cäçêáÇ~=Üçëéáí~äI=íÜÉëÉ=~êÉ=íÜÉ=ÇçÅíçêë=çíÜÉê ÇçÅíçêë=ëÉÉ=ïÜÉå=íÜÉóÛêÉ=ëáÅâ=íÜÉãëÉäîÉëK=kçãáå~íÉÇ=Äó=íÜÉáê=éÉÉêëI= íÜÉó=~êÉ=íÜÉ=ãÉåíçêë=~åÇ=áåîÉåíçêëI=íÜÉ=äÉ~ÇÉêë=~åÇ=îáëáçå~êáÉëK=qÜÉó=~êÉ= íÜÉ=êÉ~ëçå=g~Åâëçå=ÅçåèìÉêë=íÜÉ=ÅçãéäáÅ~íÉÇK=qÜÉó=~êÉ=ïÜó=g~Åâëçå=áë ÅçåëáëíÉåíäó=êÉÅçÖåáòÉÇ=Ñçê=éáçåÉÉêáåÖ=ÄÉííÉê=Å~êÉ=Ñçê=~ää=çÑ=já~ãáJa~ÇÉK

cçê ãçêÉ áåÑçêã~íáçå ~åÇ éÜóëáÅá~å êÉÑÉêê~äëI Åçåëìäí låäóg~ÅâëçåKçêÖ çê Å~ää PMRKQNRKNOMM

With South Florida’s most comprehensive cardiology unit, it is no wonder. In fact, no other hospital in Florida performs every kind of organ transplant – only Jackson. With our Transplant Center performing over 400 life-saving adult and pediatric transplants a year, only Jackson delivers world-renowned care to all of Miami-Dade. For more information and physician referrals, consult or 305.415.1200. _Éëí=açÅíçêë=áå=^ãÉêáÅ~ áë=~=êÉÖáëíÉêÉÇ=íê~ÇÉã~êâ=çÑ=_Éëí=açÅíçêëI=fåÅK=áå=íÜÉ=råáíÉÇ=pí~íÉë=~åÇ=çíÜÉê=ÅçìåíêáÉëK Δ


The Situation As Miami-Dade County’s hospital, Jackson Memorial Hospital and its affiliated branches provide care for most of the area’s indigent population. Consequently, a lot of the area’s funded patients, not wanting to associate with those less fortunate than themselves, seek health care elsewhere – in spite of, and in ignorance of Jackson’s worldwide reputation for leading in countless different medical fields. Our task was to right that ship, to counter public negative perception, to enlighten funded county residents so they will consider and/or choose Jackson.

Our Solution Built around the phrase “On1y Jackson”, each spot in the TV campaign features three amazing Jackson facts. Facts like: “On1y Jackson has seven specialties honored by U.S. News & World Report”, or “On1y Jackson has over 150 physicians on the Best Doctors in America® list”, or “On1y Jackson has Florida’s largest Neonatal ICU.” Built modularly, each fact gets eight seconds to evolve, to go from blue to white, or white to blue, to bring the fact to life, before transitioning to the next fact – followed by a six second super/call to action ending.

The Results Now, Miami-Dade, and even Broward residents are aware of Jackson’s many accomplishments. Opinions are shifting. People are taking note and thinking – shame on me, I’ve been short-changing Jackson, should I ever require hospitalization, treatment or diagnosis – I will definitely consider Jackson. Jackson is getting more respect. Not only for caring for the less fortunate, but for delivering internationallyrenowned care on so many different fronts.


AdvantageCare PRINT


The Situation As Medicare changes, few corporations are poised to take advantage. MetCare Health Plans is though – with a company called AdvantageCare. Setting up shop in six counties, three on Florida’s Treasure Coast, and three on Florida’s Gulf Coast – it offers Parts A (hospital), B (medical) and D (prescriptions) all in one plan.

Our Solution Other HMOs’ physicians are rewarded for minimizing costs. But AdvantageCare’s physicians are rewarded for keeping their members in the best of health. Most every element of AdvantageCare’s communication demonstrates this with an active, health-inducing voice. To get the blood pumping, newspaper ads invite readers to close and re-open the newspaper 30 times (3 sets of 10 reps.) An ad touting network size suggests one abdominal crunch for each physician listed. Seminar announcement ads suggest parking a good distance away – so people will walk a while. It’s an interactive experiential demonstration of what membership will be like – making the enrollment decision easy.

The Results Phones are ring-ring-ringing. Information seminars are packed. Seniors are getting the care, and the attention they’ve long deserved. Perhaps most gratifying though are the serious feathers we’ve ruffled. Other HMOs have been complaining to the federal governing bodies that we revealed their cost-based incentive business model – even though we pointed no fingers directly.


VITAS Innovative Hospice Care PRINT

The Situation VITAS Innovative Hospice Care® is recognized as the country’s largest and the industry’s leading provider of end-of-life care for terminally-ill patients of all ages and their families. They needed to refresh their brand identity in order to differentiate VITAS from competitors in a meaningful and compelling way.

ill, pe of help.

Our Solution We created complete brand architecture and graphic guidelines manual. We updated the VITAS visual image, addressing key messages and nomenclature/taglines as well as designing production elements (layout, fonts, photography, color palette, paper, etc.) for all communication media aimed at VITAS’ target audiences.

The Results



Quality Compassionate Care at the End of Life


Our comprehensive graphic standards manual launched the rejuvenation of and recommitment to the VITAS name and VITAS brand of Innovative Hospice Care®. It marked an evolution in the most respected name in hospice care in the United States. It heralded the next stage in VITAS’ growth and development as the nation’s leading provider of quality, compassionate end-of-life care.

VITAS—Helping to manage life-limiting illnesses

VITAS provides a special form of care for people during their last months of life. When medical treatments cannot cure a disease, VITAS can provide support to make life as comfortable, enjoyable and meaningful as possible. We call this type of care Intensive Palliative Care®. VITAS has been providing this care to patients since 1978. Our name comes from the Latin word for lives. Our goal is to do everything we can to improve the quality of life for our patients and their loved ones. • We offer people choices. • We work to ease the anxiety and fears, the discomfort and high expense that can accompany incurable illness. • We help preserve dignity.

Ready to help: VITAS is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week The VITAS team is sensitive and responsive to individual patient and family needs. • VITAS nurses are skilled in assessing and managing pain; they are trained caregivers who provide hands-on care. • VITAS social workers are available as friendly and skilled listeners to help provide emotional support and to help with financial issues and planning. • VITAS physicians work with your physician and are available for pain and symptom management consultation as well as to make house calls, as needed. • VITAS home health aides are available to help with personal care, such as bathing or dental care, and also can help with light housekeeping, light laundry and occasional shopping. • VITAS chaplains work with the family’s clergy, offering spiritual support.

Who pays for VITAS Services?

• Volunteers, specially trained by VITAS, are an important part of the hospice team, available to spend time when they are needed most. • VITAS bereavement specialists provide grief and loss counseling, memorial services and other support for family and loved ones.

Since 1978 when it was founded by a minister and a nurse, VITAS has been a leader in the American hospice movement, helping to define the standards of care for hospice and working to ensure that terminally ill patients and their families have ready access to compassionate and effective end-of-life care. VITAS accepts Medicare, Medicaid/Medi-Cal, private insurance and other forms of reimbursement for its services. • Medicare/Medicaid: Medicare and most state Medicaid programs offer coverage of VITAS services. Since VITAS accepts Medicare and Medicaid as 100% coverage for its hospice services, there are no out-ofpocket expenses to patients or their loved ones for VITAS care.

company has its own policies, VITAS can contact the patient’s insurer to ask about the coverage provided for hospice care. VITAS admits and cares for all hospice-appropriate patients referred to us, regardless of their ability to pay. Since hospices do not compete on cost, success can be measured in large part by an organization’s reputation throughout the communities it serves for providing great care. VITAS cares for more patients each day than any other hospice in the nation. That record of success speaks for itself.

For care unrelated to a patient’s primary diagnosis, Medicare and Medicaid will continue to provide their normal benefits. • Private Insurance: Since each insurance


Noven Pharmaceuticals PRINT

The Situation Fear of pain is the top reason people don’t visit their dentists more often. Our client had developed an incredibly effective method of pain management which can reduce pain and pain-related anxiety – but we couldn’t say that. In fact, according to FDA regulations, there was very little that we could say.

Our Solution We asked the dental community a question: “What’s the big deal about a little patch that can numb to the bone?” The answer is obvious to anyone who has ever dealt with a terror-gripped patient, but we went on to support the implied claim with every fact and bit of clinical evidence at our command. All without mentioning “comfort,” “fear,” or “increased patient satisfaction” once in our ads, brochure or Frequently Asked Questions booklet. Because the product was entirely new, we provided step-by-step application procedures as well as ways in which the DentiPatch could be used by dentists, periodontists, and hygienists.

The Results Despite being hamstrung by FDA rules and regulations, we wound up with a breakthrough launch for a unique dental anesthesia product. Better yet, Noven rang up a very painless 30% redemption rate.



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The Situation We needed to position JMH Health Plan as an important contender against much larger HMOs which have lots more money to spend.

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want to remove!

Our Solution JMH Health Plan was always too small to compete with the big boys and so they significantly expanded their provider network. To make the world aware of the new JMH, we negotiated an affordable premium position on the second page of Section A in English and Spanish language newspapers. At the same time, we placed 10 second radio traffic reports to remind our target audience of JMH Health Plan during their open enrollment periods. Each spot pointed out a key JMH difference, such as world-class facilities, access to University of Miami physicians and a network for both Miami-Dade and Broward counties.

The Results

Confidential and Proprietary © TURKEL

While the exact number of enrollees gained is proprietary information, JMH exceeded their membership census during the very first year of our program. Now that’s a growth they don’t want to remove!

JMH Health


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Community Medical Plan PRINT

Community Medical Plan A division Of Foundation Health Community Medical Plan A division Of Foundation Health

The SituSituation ation I n tIntroduce r o d uScietua tliaotneac olatecomer m e r i n t o t h e ainto l r e a dthe y - c r oalready w d e d F l o rcrowded ida


HM O m a rmarketplace. ketplace. HMO Introduce a latecomer into the already-crowded Florida HMO marketplace.

Our Solution Brain Dart ®

Go on the offensive, taking full advantage of the typical the inhrestlessness erent to HMO relatinherent ionships. Posto itionHMO the newrelationships. player not as just onPosition e Go on the offensive, taking full advantage of the typical restlessness just monew re “weplayer ’re commnot itted”as com pany,one or “oumore r doctor“we’re s are convcommitted” enient” inherent to HMO relationships. Position the new player not as just one cocompany, mpany, but as aorcu“our re for vdoctors irtually anytare hing tconvenient” he target doesn’t licompany, ke but more “we’re committed” company, or “our doctors are convenient” about their current health plan. like coas mpaany,cure but asfor a cuvirtually re for virtualanything ly anything ththe e targtarget et doesndoesn’t ’t like ababout out their their currentcurrent health planhealth . plan. Go on tB heraoifnfeD nsairvte®, taking full advantage of the typical restlessness


The Results

Regoal sultsof the campaign, which was supported by highlyThe overall

The overall of thewascampaign, which was supported memorable TV andgoal radio spots, to jumpstart the sales process The overall goal of the campaign, which was supported by highly– producing a peak number of inquiries in a short period of time. by highly memorable TV and radio spots, was to memorable TV and radio spots, was to jumpstart the sales process jumpstart thenumber salesofprocess producing a peak – producing a peak inquiries in–a short period of time. It did. of inquiries in a short period of time.

It did.

It did.

Confidential and Proprietary © TURKEL Confidential and Proprietary © TURKEL



Gamma Knife Institute/American Health Services PRINT

The Situation Neurosurgeons tend to refer patients with brain tumors and vascular lesions to traditional forms of treatment even though the gamma knife offers significant advantages. As a result, the Gamma Knife Institute found itself with under-utilized equipment. And quiet phones.

Our Solution If we can’t rely on the physicians to recommend our treatment, why not go right to the patients? Our radio campaign, aimed at the patient, emphasized the benefits of treatment: an outpatient environment, few side effects and, most important, a non-invasive procedure.

The Results The response was overwhelming: a four-week test flight on only two stations generated record call volume and six new cases. The Gamma Knife Institute exceeded their projections. TURKEL Brands rang up another success story. And six people and their families got a new lease on life. Not bad for a day’s work!





se Jackson Memorial Hospital Breast Health Center TV

1. AUDIO: Provocative music throughout.

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Jackson Memorial Hospital Breast Health Center 1. AUDIO: Provocative music throughout. 1. Audio: Provocative music throughout.

3. 1. AUDIO: Provocative music throughout.

2. 4. V/O: A self breast exam is almost as 3. 4.2.V/O: breast exam is almost as easy A asself getting undressed. easy as getting undressed.




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For a Free Guide Please Call 585-7637 3. 1. AUDIO: Provocative music throughout. 2. 2. 5. 3. V/O: For a free guide, please call.

For a Free Guide Please CallGuide For a Free Please Call 585-7637 585-7637 3. For a free guide, please call. 3. 5. V/O: 4. V/O: A self breast exam is almost as 5. V/O: a freeundressed. guide, please call. easy as For getting


For a Free Guide Breast Health Please CallCenter Jackson Memorial Hospital

4. V/O: A self breast exam is almost as 5.2. easy as For getting undressed. 5.4. V/O: a free call. as rguide, ain exam Dplease artis®almost 6. V/O: A selfBbreast easy as getting undressed.



R Rather than resort to the usual hard sell/s p Breast pub lic seHealth rvice tCenter elevision commercials rely s Jackson Memorial Hospital spokBreast e voluHealth mes iCenter n a more subtle way. It did Jackson Memorial Hospital s 585-7637 service message—and that’s what madeTith 585-7637 nTvu viewers into the spot was that you didn’t kn nu until its surprising ending. Somber backgro th 6.4. V/O: A self breast exam is almost as 6. this spot to reinforce the seriousness of the easy as getting undressed. 6.

Breast Health Center Jackson Memorial Results Hospital

The Situation Create awareness among women of the importance of breast self-examination.

Our Solution Rather than resort to the usual hard sell/scare tactics that most public service television commercials rely on, we did a spot that spoke volumes in a more subtle way. It didn’t look like a public service message—and that’s what made it stand out. What pulled viewers into the spot was that you didn’t know what was happening until its surprising ending. Somber background music played over this spot to reinforce the seriousness of the message.

The Results The commercial raised awareness considerably and won a number of advertising and medical industry effectiveness awards.


University Of Miami/Jackson Memorial Medical Center

proves Jackson Memorial Medical Center


TH I N K B A C K TO L A S T N I G H T ’ S N E W S :

The Situation Situation Present Jackson’s trauma center, a generally bloody Present Jackson’s trauma center, a generally bloody and and hectic place, as the finest life-saving facility in the hectic place, as the finest life saving facility in the Southeastern United States. Which it is. Southeastern United States. Which it is.

Our Solution Rather thanBrain tell Dart our audience how good Jackson’s trauma center was, we relied on what they already knew Rather than tell our audience how good Jackson’s trauma to sell our message. ®

center was, w e relied on what they already knew to sell

message. “Thinkour back to last night’s news,” we asked our reader: “Where’d they take the guy in the car crash? The woman back to last night’s news:” e asked our reader, in the“Think boating accident? The kid who wgot shot?” “Where’d they take the guy in the car crash? The w o m a n in the boating accident? The kid who got shot?”


Before we were finished with the last question, the reader’s Results subconscious had its hand up and was yelling our name: Before w e were All finished the “Jackson Memorial!” that’swith left is forlast us question, to agree. the reader’s subconscious had its hand up and was yelling our name:

World Class Health Care. Here In South Florida.

“Jackson Memorial!” All that’s left is for us to agree.

Confidential and Proprietary © TURKEL


Continucare Health Partners PRINT

The Situation Continucare Corporation is the largest provider service network serving the Medicare and Medicaid eligible population in Florida, and one of the largest in the United States. Their unique brand model is built on providing quality medical treatment and attentive personal care. Their focus on one-on-one relationships between their staff and patients is what sets them apart from other health care providers. Our job was to begin cultivating these relationships with Florida’s senior population.

Our Solution We launched our brand campaign with a direct marketing initiative built around the message that Continucare patients receive not just excellent medical care but exceptional human care from a team of people who truly know them on a first name basis. Our CRM open enrollment campaign began with an initial phone call letting customers know that they will be receiving a post card from Continucare explaining the benefits offered. Once the mailing deployed, customers received a follow-up call to see if they had any questions or concerns. From the welcoming faces who greet and treat them during each visit, to that familiar voice on the phone who calls to check in on how they’re doing, patients found comfort and reassurance that they were part of the Continucare family.

Getting to know you on a first-name basis.

Nothing is more personal than your health. Yet in today’s busy medical field, many doctors seem to have lost touch with that. And with their patients. As a Continucare patient, you can be assured of receiving excellent medical care and exceptional human care – from a team of people who truly know you on a first-name basis. Our facilities and equipment are state-of-the-art, but when it comes to customer service we’re strictly old fashioned. And our patients wouldn’t have it any other way. From the driver who brings you to your neighborhood center, to the welcoming faces who greet you each time you arrive, to your same doctor who treats you during each visit, to that familiar voice on the phone who always calls to follow up after every appointment just to check in on how you’re doing, we’ll treat you as if you’re part of our family. Because here at Continucare, you are.

Continucare in South Florida: • 16 medical centers in Miami-Dade and Broward counties • 70 primary care physicians as well as an extensive network of specialists for each location • Complimentary transportation to and from our centers • In-house diagnostic services like X-rays and CT scans • Dental services in Miami-Dade County • Prescription medication dispensing in all locations

Continucare Advantages: • Walk-in service • Prompt appointments • Short waiting time • State-of-the-art facilities and equipment • Follow-up call after every appointment

To find out more about Continucare’s unique personal health care, and locations near you, call us at 866.814.7844

Medical Centers

Visit us online at

The Results Thanks to our campaign, Continucare has become a significant player in the delivery of primary care services. Humana, recognizing the value of the brand and potential for future growth, acquired Continucare and its parent company, Metropolitan Health Networks, Inc. in 2012. Call centers report a steady increase in customer inquiries month-to-month over the course of our campaign run.



OUR KEIRETSU keiretsu (çłťĺˆ—, lit. system, series, grouping of enterprises, order of succession) is a set of companies with interlocking business relationships and shareholdings. It is a type of informal business group.


PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS The “Brands” behind TURKEL Brands are a team of carefully-curated, multi-disciplined companies and best-of-breed marketing specialists that can be specifically tailored to meet your needs. Our portfolio of agencies includes some of the most respected communications professionals in the industry, who stand out for their ingenuity, creativity, and proven results. Serving as the lead agency and brand steward, we oversee our clients’ brands from a 360-degree perspective. Based on our clients’ needs, we create a customized team of experts in the disciplines required. We coordinate all marketing initiatives, including advertising, digital, media planning and buying, public relations, etc. to provide integrated seamless solutions. We call this structure the Brand Value Agency Leader model. It is unique in the world of independently-owned agencies, but it comes naturally to us. Our model addresses the expense, inefficiency, and complexity you face when you have to interact with every service provider on their terms and then try to bring them all together. Plus, you’ll have confidence in knowing we’re in charge of ensuring each marketing discipline helps you achieve your ultimate goals.




















(our international experience) In 1996, TURKEL Brands President Roberto S. Schaps built a 10-office agency network in Latin America to serve the company’s top tier international brands, including HBO, Black & Decker, Discovery Networks, and Sony. Building on our success in the Latin American market, we have grown into a truly global strategic communications network called TURKEL Brands International. TURKEL Brands International’s team of independently-owned agencies operates in 43 countries throughout North, Central & South America, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia and Australia. For more than 30 years, we have been providing a full suite of marketing services, including advertising, public relations, direct marketing, digital and promotions & events.


• Argentina • Brazil • Canada • Chile • Colombia • Costa Rica • Dominican Republic • Ecuador • El Salvador • Guatemala • Grand Cayman • Honduras • Mexico • Nicaragua • Panama • Paraguay • Peru • Puerto Rico • Uruguay • USA • Venezuela

■ Belgium ■ Czech Republic ■ Denmark ■ Finland ■ France ■ Germany ■ Greece ■ Hungary ■ Italy ■ Poland ■ Portugal ■ Slovak Republic ■ Spain ■ Sweden ■ Switzerland ■ The Netherlands ■ Turkey ■ United Kingdom

■ Australia ■ China ■ India ■ Singapore


While TURKEL Brands International’s agencies are fully independent, they are also interdependent. Every agency in our network stands shoulder to shoulder, sharing and collaborating to support our clients. This innovative method allows us to become more inspirational in thought, leading to a myriad of shared local and global insights.


To work effectively with a product, you must first honor its origins. No matter where your brand is headquartered, we will pair it with our agency in that country to leverage its cultural heritage. All About Them









EMBRACE YOUR CUSTOMER. A local agency will always have a superior grasp of the nuances of its natives. All Five Senses TURKEL Brands International has Brand Culturalists in each market to ensure that the messaging a homegrown consumer receives will be entirely personalized and always relevant. Each message we articulate is deliberately designed to resonate with your audience’s unique culture. Hearts Then Minds


WE GRASP: If you don’t know your client, their brand, the history, and all the ins and outs, you can’t succeed. We dig in deep so we know everything you know. Additionally, we take a long, hard look at your consumer and figure out exactly what makes them, them. Make It Yours WE ADJUST: We are nimble and able to adapt to each client’s individual needs. Make It Quick Our client relationships are managed and headquartered from that client’s country of origin. When a client decides to extend their reach into other markets, we give them access to our agency in that country. We maintain consistency across countries by using our Miami office as its Brand Steward. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat WE RELATE: Our Brand Culturalists are located in all the countries your consumers are from. From strategy development to campaign rollout, these are the folks who know. When required, the Brand Culturalists work closely with the Miami office to maintain brand stewardship and message consistency. Make It Simple






















you’ve made it this far, you’ve probably figured out we have a different way of doing things. You know what we do, why we do it and who gets it done.

What you might not know yet is what our ultimate goal is. It’s simple: We are going to be the best advertising, marketing, branding and public relations agency in the world. We’d like you to help us accomplish that.

Together we can do it. Thank you.




2871 Oak Avenue • Miami, FL 33133 • USA T: +1 305.476.3536 • •

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TURKEL Brands Health Care Credentials  

TURKEL Brands has been in the health care game for almost 30 years now. In fact we've partnered with hospitals, clinics and insurance compan...

TURKEL Brands Health Care Credentials  

TURKEL Brands has been in the health care game for almost 30 years now. In fact we've partnered with hospitals, clinics and insurance compan...

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