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A London based Graphic Designer and Illustrator who is a creative and logical thinker curious of how things are made, with this curiosity translating into a passion for developing my skills and practice. Having an enthusiastic and flexible approach to the process of design, I believe in creating intelligent and clear visual communication and strong concept driven work. By keeping my interests in illustration separate for freelance and personal projects, a fresh outlook is given with each project helping fuel my transferable and adaptable set of skills. I am currently looking for a junior designer or intern position in a London based multi-disciplinary studio.

Stasis Shift; Mapping the Adverse Shift Towards the Balance of Natural Habitats

Stasis Shift is a branded box set focused on the natural themes of ecological balance and habitat destruction. The set includes a series of four illustrated giclĂŠe prints each depicting a different type of habitat destruction, a publication focused on explaining this selected subject through the use of informational and theoretical texts with accompanying natural images and a fold-out poster featuring the Stasis Shift logo.

Stasis Shift; Publication

The handbound book included within the set is created as a compilation of informational and theoretical texts which highlights and explains the relevant themes to the project, accompanied by a series of photographs taken during research visits to nature reserves and parks.

Stasis Shift; Illustrations

Four Illustrations created using Pigment Liners, White Gouache and Brush Pens. A series of drawings each depicting different types of habitat destruction; Deforestation ‘What Once Was Home’, Wildfire ‘A Sweeping Light’, Invasive Species ‘The Vine That Ate the South’ and Habitat Fragmentation ‘The Divide Between Ours and Yours’.

Branding: Stasis Shift Logo Design

Branding designed for use throughout the Stasis Shift project, using the double S lettering from the projects title to create a piece which reflects its themes and elements.

Branding: Blackfox

Branding designed for a freelance filmmaker who was looking for a piece referencing a fox as its focus.

Ursus Arctos

Originally designed to be the emblem of my information graphic postcard set, the piece was recreated into an illustrative poster piece.

That Design Launch Poster

A poster designed to promote the launch of That Design student collect which I am a part of. Given the open brief to create something using the date of 11/11/11 as its focus.

Information Graphic Postcard Set

A set of postcard posters using natural themed statistics and facts as the basis for the design, using a visual representation over statistical one.

Lonely Light

A digital illustration created to be a part of ‘The LAB’ exhibition.

Russell Beswick Portfolio  

Graphic Design Portfolio of Russell Beswick

Russell Beswick Portfolio  

Graphic Design Portfolio of Russell Beswick