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October 2013

WELCOME! Differentiating Performance of Your Teams – Are You Ready for End of Year Validation? Your chance to put performance questions to our panel in a Question Time style session We’ll be joined by ‘our panel’ who will be waiting to receive and respond to your questions on the above using the webex chat facility, chaired by Lisa ‘Dimbleby’ Ferguson! 2014 YOUR BENEFITS Enrolment An overview for leaders on key dates and activities in preparation for 2014 enrolment We’ll be joined by Ed Airey, UK Reward Payroll Intranet Site – Overview and Demonstration A real time demo of the new Payroll Intranet Site which has been designed to share payroll information with our employees in a simple, user-friendly way Rebecca Denovan, Payroll Analyst, HR Services is back with us to talk you through it HR News Round Up Lisa will run through what is current in HR Services that you need to know



Welcome to Leader Coach Question Time. Get typing your questions using the chat facility now!

Lisa Ferguson, HR Regional Leader Coach


MEET THE STARS OF...HR QUESTION TIME I’m Lisa Ferguson, HR Regional Leader Coach

I’m Phil Ormond, HR Regional Leader Coach

I’m Sandy Hildyard, HR Leader Coach


I’m Jan Evans, HR Consultant

I’m Kate Heseltine, Learning and Development Partner

I’m Ben Vaughan, HR Leader Coach

SUMMARY OF KEY HINTS AND TIPS • Individual expectations / goals should be set in the form of objectives and reflect ‘Good’ performance – their performance is then assessed against these to see if they have consistently achieved them or over achieved above this benchmark (or indeed under achieved) • Raising the bar doesn’t mean increased volume / quantity; but quality, breadth and depth of both the ‘how’ as well as the ‘what’ • No rating should come as a surprise due to regular one to ones and meaningful performance conversations


• You should be able to see, describe and evidence where their performance has added value and made positive contribution to business results, the team and their own personal development – this is what you need to have prepared for validation • Performance expectations should take current position in the salary range into account, so the salary we pay and rewards we give should also reflect: o Previous performance o Skills o Knowledge o Behaviours o Experience o Market value


It’s the time of year to hold performance review conversations

It’s important for people to understand how they performed over the course of the year

We all have regular performance conversations over the course of the year but an end of year review is the opportunity to round things off and give your team members their indicative performance rating


• It’s also really important that employees understand the link between performance and reward, or how what they’ve delivered over the year is reflected in any salary or bonus award they get in the spring

• To make sure that ratings are applied consistently, we’ll run “validation” sessions across the business


There’s a lot of help available to support you in having great performance conversations

Log onto Learning Zone to enrol for face-toface workshops: – Development Conversations – Performance Conversations – Objective Setting


Performance Management pages of the intranet hold all the information you need as well as links to useful resources and the Performance Journal, where you can record your performance conversations

Go to People Zone / Performance

A CLOSER LOOK: THE LITTLE BOOK OF PERFORMANCE Interactive, one-stop guide to managing performance and holding performance conversations

Three “chapters� cover setting goals; making rating decisions; and having brilliant conversations

There are deep dives on topics like preparing for a review conversation


Access the Little Book by searching for it on Learning Zone

WHAT YOU NEED TO DO OVER THE NEXT FEW WEEKS Until 31st December Hold a 1:1 performance review with your team members 11th-22nd November

Submit indicative performance ratings for your teams – to Leader Self Service (UK) or to your HRBP (GCC and UK Management Group) – we’ll let you know when you need to do this

Early January

Hold 1:1s with your team to set their 2014 objectives

Mid-late February

Make recommendations for salary and bonus awards for your team where appropriate (you’ll get more info on this nearer the time)

From early March

Hold 1:1s with your team to let them know what salary and bonus awards have been made and why (again, you’ll get more info on this nearer the time)


WHERE YOU CAN GO FOR MORE INFORMATION • People Zone – Intranet has a wealth of information on all things performance related

• Get Abstract

• How To Guides – Leader Corner on People Zone

• Your Leader Coach 10


An overview for leaders on key dates and activities in preparation for 2014 enrolment

Ed Airey, Reward Manager




We’ll be inviting all eligible UK-based employees to select benefits for 2014 (this includes GCC and Emerging Markets colleagues in the UK).

You can enrol on the YOUR BENEFITS website.

You can also use the website to find out more info on the RSA ShareSave – including how to enrol

What’s new for the 2014 scheme year? •

The new Green Drive gives you access to a fully-insured, brand new low-emission vehicle

Many benefits are now “Anytime”

A cheaper Retail Card means you can make more savings at a range of shops.

We’ll be visiting sites along with our suppliers, as well as using Yammer to spread the word!

The YOUR BENEFITS website has been given a spring clean and the help desk is opening later during enrolment – making it easier than ever to get the information you need to make your choices


Enrolment site closed for maintenance

From 11 Nov

You’ll get a letter to your home address inviting you to make your choices (and see other communications too)

12 Nov

Enrolment window opens and you can log on to make your choices

13 Nov

Flex Fair – Birmingham

14 Nov

Flex Fair – Liverpool

15 & 27 Nov

Yammer Help Sessions

18 Nov

Flex Fair - Manchester

19 Nov

Flex Fair - Halifax

21 Nov

Flex Fair - Horsham

22 Nov

Flex Fair – London Plantation Place

2 Dec

Enrolment window closes

1 Jan

The selections you made come into effect



Make sure you let your team take the time to make their choices – they can do this at home or when they’re in the office

Familiarise yourself with the timetable and what to expect when

If you can’t answer your team’s questions, point them in the direction of the Your Benefits helpline, 0845 070 0058 (option 3), or the website,


PAYROLL INTRANET SITE A real time demo of the new Payroll Intranet Site

Rebecca Denovan, Payroll Analyst


OVERVIEW & DEMONSTRATION Purpose • To share payroll information with our employees in a simple, user-friendly way. We aim to better support our employees to understand changes to their pay including tax code changes, national insurance and flexible benefit options

• It will be a central source of information for our employees and Leaders to find out when our cut off dates are, our individual responsibilities and useful FAQ’s



HR NEWS ROUND UP HR News We have relaunched the Learning Zone Intranet homepage and included a section on frequently asked questions

Coming Soon

In the Press

‘Leading the RSA Way’ Workshops (invites will be issued via your Regional Leader Coach): 11th November, Liverpool 19th November, Manchester 20th November, Birmingham

Interested in any of these courses? Don’t forget to register on Learning Zone

Leader Workshops: 20th November, London – Objective Setting (am), Performance Conversations (pm) 21st November, Manchester – Objective Setting (am), Performance Conversations (pm)

Is Paying for an employees private medical treatment a reasonable adjustment? A recent case confirms that this could be a reasonable adjustment for the purposes of disability discrimination, in certain circumstances. This would not extend to private medical treatment in general, but a specific form of treatment to enable an employee to return to work e.g. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Development Conversations (3 hours): 22nd November, Halifax

Don’t Forget....

25th November London

...the range of support available through our occupational health partners, HML. This includes access to our 24/7 Employee Assistance Programme on 0800 141 2784, and the Health Matters website

28th November, Horsham 3rd December, Birmingham

Dates to Remember Results Call Thursday 7th November


Submit Indicative Performance Ratings 11th – 22nd November

Your Benefits Enrolment Window Opens Tuesday 12th November

Payroll Cut Off

UK LSS Cut Off

Your Next People Hr is on

Friday 8th November, 5pm

Friday18th November, 5pm

Thursday 28th November

We’d love to hear your questions and comments after today’s call

Speak to your Leader Coach, or join the conversation on

using #peoplehr or accessing the People Hr group

If you need to get in touch with anyone specifically please contact: Your HR Leader Coach Your Regional Leader Coaches: Ellie Kreft, Lisa Ferguson & Phil Ormond Kate Heseltine, L&D Rebecca Denovan, Payroll Analyst Ed Airey, UK Reward

Thank you for joining us, speak to you in November


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