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Thursday 28 MARCH 2-3pm

Thursday 29 August 2-3pm

• Managing Capability Issues (Absence) • Leadership Training in 2013 • DSE Adjustments vs Musculoskeletal Absence

• Subject(s) to be decided – leader driven agenda, leader suggestions welcome

Thursday 25 APRIL 2-3pm • Coaching Hints and Tips • Occupational Health Referrals

Thursday 26 SEPT 2-3pm • Chairing Formal Disciplinary Meetings • Employee Engagement Thursday 31 OCT 2-3pm

Thursday 30 MAY 2-3pm • Holding Effective Performance Conversations • Preparation for Mid-Year Ratings Collation

• Differentiating Performance for Validation • Flexible Benefits Launch for 2014 Thursday 28 NOV 2-3pm

Thursday 27 JUNE 2-3pm • Writing an Effective Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) • Avoiding Unfair Dismissal Claims THURSDAY 25 JULY 2-3PM • Understanding our Flexible Working policy • Getting the Most from the Recognition Shop

• Leaders Guide to Managing Short-Term Absence • Identifying and Investing in your Talent Thursday 19 DEC 2-3pm • Setting SMART Objectives

Please join us for ‘People Hr’ – a monthly webex for our leaders hosted by your Regional Leader Coaches. ‘People Hr’ will bring you relevant, timely updates and insights on people related topics that you will find valuable as a leader in our business. Some months the topics will complement and assist you with specific HR people activity e.g. preparing for pay review, getting the most from validations, conducting effective performance appraisals. In other months, topics selected will give practical hints and tips on areas you have told us you would find useful or would just like to know more about, for example, developing talented people; key areas of employment law such as disability; writing effective performance improvement plans (PIPs). The sessions will be punchy, interactive and relevant. We will be inviting guest speakers and subject matter experts to share their experiences and expertise e.g. medical practitioners from HML (our occupational health provider); members of our Learning and Development Teams. We may also include a Q&A session so you can ‘ask the experts’. You will notice we have deliberately left the topic ‘to be decided’ for some months – this is so you can influence the agenda; we’ll be asking for your ideas and suggestions. The 2013 agenda is on the front of this card. We really want your company at as many sessions as you can make, but if you really can’t make it there will be a replay facility available for a short time after the call.


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People Hr Leaflet