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November 2013

WELCOME! Recognition Shop – Don’t lose out! With the end of the year around the corner, we’ll look at how to make sure you’re getting the most out of your budget Sarah Higham, Supplier Relationship Manager, will take us through this Focus on Short Term Absence The CIPD reports that two-thirds of working time lost to absence is accounted for by short-term absences of up to seven days. How can we respond to this at RSA? Nicci Cocklin, HR Leader Coach, will guide you through this and we’ll be joined by Dave Wilkinson from our Personal business to share a case study example with you Our Employee Assistance Programme What you need to know about the services available to support you and your team through anything that life may bring Sarah Higham will be back to tell us more HR News Round Up Ellie will run through what is current in HR Services that you need to know


RECOGNITION SHOP – DON’T LOSE OUT! With the end of the year around the corner, we’ll look at how to make sure you’re getting the most out of your budget

Sarah Higham, Supplier Relationship Manager



Our people are crucial to the success of our business

We are committed to building a culture of high performance and motivating our employees

The Recognition Shop is an easy to use and cost effective tool to recognise and reward high performance, the kind of performance and behaviours which helps drive our strategy to be the Best General Insurer


WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW Unredeemed pin awards

Budget updates

• Pro-active process

• Reset from 1st January

Approval • Level 5 Rec Shop will only show own team • Level 4 can award outside of your own team so will not have a view of your own team • Ensure rewards are approved before end of year to reduce impact on next year budget 5

• Check structure and if changes are required e-mail HR Service to request a spreadsheet which you can then update and return (please do not just e-mail a list of the changes) • Personal budget v Manager Budget • Increase in budget - Approval from cost centre manager required

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW Help and Support

Postage & Delivery

Access: Staff number to log in, and can reset your own password

Christmas Post

Lost vouchers / Pin Award codes contact Recognition Shop 01442 829119

Recorded delivery £155 and above

Home workers need to add their home address manually when ordering

Help with Login or password contact HR Service on 0845 0700058

New site and help guides including video demonstrations

Total Reward Statement •


Impact of using one team member or PA for ‘Team Award’



EXAMPLES OF WHAT IS BEING ‘REWARDED’ Some great examples of the shop being used to recognise and reward really great performance: •

Reward for driving brilliant service

Reward for going the extra mile to help the customer

Feedback from multiple customers

Hosting great GES session which really engaged and motivated the team

Recognised for numerous Spotlights

Reaching Platinum Finals


And some not so ‘performance’ related: • Champagne to recognise recent wedding • Birthday gift • 100% attendance in July (or any other months)

WHAT INFORMATION IS READILY AVAILABLE TO YOU? • There are various MI reports available, which can be requested via HR Services • Budget Report This report contains the original budget, any budget adjustments, how much has been spent and the remaining balance


Full Download

This report contains all details of : purchases made, purchaser name, recipient name, amount, reason for the purchase, cost centre and date purchased

Overall Financial Quarterly Report

This report is by business area and function, it displays the ordering manager details and the amount spent quarterly

FOCUS ON SHORT TERM ABSENCE The CIPD reports that two-thirds of working time lost to absence is accounted for by short-term absences of up to seven days. How can we respond to this at RSA?

Nicci Cocklin, HR Leader Coach & Dave Wilkinson, Business Leader



You should discuss the short term absence with the employee and consider how attendance levels may be improved

As a Leader it is your responsibility to ensure that all absence is recorded accurately

Remember that each employee should be treated as an individual and there won’t always be a ‘blanket one size fits all’ approach

When an absence reaches a Bradford Score of 125 or above this is a trigger to start exploring and investigating the absence in more detail

It is important that you set an expectation with the employee that an improvement in attendance may be required

Where adequate improvement is not met or sustained this may result in formal procedures being followed as detailed in the Attendance Management policy

The annual median cost of absence per employee is £595 (CIPD)


However, this is only one trigger. Leaders should also consider frequency of absence, patterns and trends

WHAT SUPPORT IS AVAILABLE? • Encourage the employee to seek appropriate medical advice where necessary

• Have any of your peers dealt with a similar case?

• Self management of symptoms if appropriate

• Local Health and Safety Officer • Sign posting to HM Assist • If there appears to be an underlying condition we may consider engaging with our Occupational Health service (HML)

• Third Parties e.g. Posturite, Access to Work

Remember As Leaders, you have the opportunity to address any concerns and offer support in a timely way


HOW HAS THIS WORKED IN PRACTICE? • Problem Statement: Employee with frequent short term absence of 3 to 4 occasions each year

• We set out a framework for all leaders to use


PROCESS FOLLOWED RTWI to take place within 48 hours

Absence Review to take place with L4 present

Absence Improvement Plan to be implemented if needed

Absence Improvement Plan reviewed in the employee’s monthly 12-1


•This discussion is around our duty of care to the employee and to confirm they are fit and healthy to be back to work. •If occasions of absence is 2 or more in the last 12 months or a Bradford Score of 125+ advise an absence review will take place with their L4 leader present.

•This discussion is around the employee’s rolling 12 month absence as a whole to identify trends, support outside of work, support in work. •Any concerns around levels of absence to be addressed and relevant actions taken if needed.

•If it is decided within the Absence Review based on the information at hand i.e trends, discussion around actions in place to reduce absence or concerns over the number of occasions / score an Absence Improvement Plan will be implemented. •The plan highlights the area of concern i.e Absence. It outlines support the employee will put in place and support they require from the business. This is documented.

•The Absence Improvement Plan will be reviewed in the employee’s monthly 1-2-1 with their leader. •The review would be ensuring the actions implemented by both the employee and the support required from the business is working. •A section is updated to show current position of absence occasions and Bradford Score to show a downward trend. •If this is sustained no further action is taken, if no improvement is made then this may be progressed with the support of HR.


• People Zone

• Leader Passport

• HM Assist – phone and web based service


OUR EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAMME The services that are available to support you through anything that life may bring

Sarah Higham, Supplier Relationship Manager


WHY HAVE AN EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAMME? What’s the link to Strategy & Purpose?

Well-being of our employees is critical to the achievement of our business goals

Investing in well-being improves the environment and culture

Resources help to develop employee capability and remove issues that become barriers

Supports our Employee Value Proposition drive attraction, recruitment, retention and pride in RSA



Debt Management

Telephone based service

Telephone debt information

Guidance and clarity on points of law and process

Team is made up of legal experts, including lawyers, solicitors and barristers

Delivered by specialist advisors who are members of the Institute of Money Advisors

They will examine financial commitments and spending, helping employees to prioritise debt

Financial •

Provided by a team of Independent Financial Advisors (IFA’s)

They will work with employees to explore different options appropriate to their situation



Telephone and Face to Face Counselling •

HM Assist provides 24 hours, 7 days a week access to telephone counselling

In addition to this they offer access to a network of face to face counsellors


HM Assist Online •

The HM Assist website offers online information and advice on a variety of issues including tips on staying healthy and safe travel

HR NEWS ROUND UP HR News 360 Feedback Tool launched on Learning Zone for Leaders to access: Available now via “My Capability” on Learning Zone. Access available from 20th November to 29th November: 2nd December – 3rd January to review peer feedback

Don’t Forget.....

Opportunities for Learning

Prepare for Q1 2014 Objectives – refer to “The Little Book of Performance” available on Learning Zone.

Learning Zone Courses still available until the end of December:

Make them SMART: More information available in “The Little Book of Performance”

Development Conversations – Birmingham, 3rd December 2013 Facilitation Skills Programme – Manchester, 11th December 2013

Set aside the time to have those quality year end conversations and use Career Space to help shape those development conversations To refer to your “How To Guides” for additional support on frequently asked HR questions Those last minute Spotlight applauses for end of year recognition

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