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April 2019

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UNESCO Prize for Girls’ and Women’s Education  

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Prize for Girls’ and Women’s Education    



Education Dilemma in Indian Schools  

Young Champions of the Earth   Sports 

Sports Improve Children’s Learning  


Harmful Effects

  Volunteers for Education Campaign in Delhi  Harmful Pollution in Delhi Affects Children   

YOUNG LEARNER News Magazine on School Education by RMN Foundation

April 2019


Nominations Invited  for  UNESCO  Prize  for  Girls’  and  Women’s Education  Based  on  the  recommendations  of  the  Jury,  the  Director-General  of  UNESCO  will announce the 2019 laureates.  UNESCO  has  launched  the  call  for  nominations  for  the  2019  UNESCO  Prize  for  Girls’  and  Women’s Education. The Prize annually awards US$ 50,000 to two outstanding laureates. 

UNESCO Prize for Girls’ and Women’s Education Governments  of  UNESCO  Member  States  and  non-governmental  organizations  (​NGOs​)  in  official  partnership  with  UNESCO  are  now  invited  to  nominate  up  to  three  individuals,  institutions,  or  organizations  who  have  made  strong  contributions  in  favour  of  girls’  and  women’s education.  Interested candidates can contact the National Commission for UNESCO of their country, or  an NGO in official partnership with UNESCO. Deadline for​ submissions​ is 28 May 2019.  Nominations  will  be  assessed  by  an  independent  International  Jury  of  five  experts  on  the  basis of the project’s potential for impact, innovation, and sustainability.  YOUNG LEARNER News Magazine on School Education by RMN Foundation

April 2019


Based on  the  recommendations  of  the  Jury, the Director-General of UNESCO will announce  the  2019  laureates  who  will  receive  the  award  at  an  official  ceremony  at  UNESCO  Headquarters on 11 October 2019.  Established  in  2015  and  funded  by  the  Government  of  the  People’s  Republic  of  China,  the  Prize  honours  outstanding  and  innovative  practices  advancing  girls’  and  women’s  education.  It  consists  of two US$ 50,000 awards to help further the work of laureates in this  field. 

UN Environment  Looking  for  Young  Champions  of  the  Earth  Each  winner  will  be  expected  to  implement  their big idea by producing videos  and blogs.  Young  Champions  of  the  Earth  aims  to  celebrate  and  support individuals aged between 18  and 30 who have the potential to create a positive​ environmental​ impact.  According  to  UN  Environment,  global  warming  is  forcing  our  societies,  our  economies,  and  our  world  to  change.  Our  ways  of doing business; careers and job opportunities  need to change too.  In  2019,  seven  young  people  –  selected  from  every  global  region  –  will  be  named  Young  Champions  of  the  Earth.  These  winners  receive  seed  funding,  intensive  training,  and  tailored  mentorship  to  bring  their  big  environmental  ideas to life.  UN  Environment  is  looking  for  the  artists,  scientists,  economists,  communicators,  and  entrepreneurs  from  all  walks  of  life  with  ideas  for  the  environment, for humanity, and for a greener future. 

YOUNG LEARNER News Magazine on School Education by RMN Foundation

April 2019


Following an  open  call  for  applications,  UN  experts  will  shortlist  World  Finalists  from every  region. A Global Jury will then select the seven 2019 winners.  Each  winner  will  be  expected  to  implement their big idea by producing videos and blogs. In  parallel,  up  to  50  of  the  most  promising  applicants  will  be  granted  privileged  access  to  an  expert community of Covestro mentors.  They  will  offer  insights  on  topics  ranging  from  communications and business development  to project planning and financial management. Click​ here​ for details.    Download and Read RMN Publications  TechWise Today 

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Education Dilemma in Indian Schools Now  it  is  an  open secret that school teachers in India are so incompetent that  they do not deserve any job in schools.  The  worsening  situation  of  school  education  in  India  is  reflected  in  India’s  deplorable  Human  Development  Index  (​HDI​)  that  totters  at  a  poor  rank  of  130  in  the  world.  In  the  Draft  National  Education  Policy  (​NEP​)  also,  the  Government  of  India  has  admitted  that  there  are  many  flaws  in  the Indian school education system.  Instead  of  learning  from  the  HDI  indicator  or  the  findings  of  NEP  and  improving  the  education  system  in  schools,  the  politicians  are  creating  a  huge  hype  around  school  education to hoodwink the ignorant students and parents. 

YOUNG LEARNER News Magazine on School Education by RMN Foundation

April 2019


The government  schools  are  mostly  crowded  with  students  from  economically  weaker  sections  of  society.  The  parents  of  these  students  are  so  illiterate  that  they  do  not  understand the meaning of education.   When  students  go  to  schools,  parents  assume  that  their  children  are  gaining  education  in  the  school  ​buildings​;  but  that  is  not  true.  This  is  a  misconception  which  is  being  exploited  by politicians and bureaucrats in the education departments.   In  order  to  hide  the  facts  about  deteriorating  education  standards,  they  have  not  created  any empirical models to measure the learning outcomes in schools. 

Factors Responsible for Poor Quality of School Education After  spending  12  years  in  school,  the  students  realize  that  they  have  not  learnt  anything  that  can  help  them  grow  in  their  career.  Their  knowledge  level  after  schooling  is  negligibly  low. As they are not suitable for higher education, they end up loitering in streets.  

YOUNG LEARNER News Magazine on School Education by RMN Foundation

April 2019


But at  that  time  they  do not have any channel to register their complaint to hold the school  and  school  teachers  accountable.  Thus,  the  government  is  spoiling  the  lives and careers of  millions of students. 

Incompetent School Teachers In  the  continuously  falling  school  education  standards,  the  biggest  losers  are students and  their  parents  –  most  of  whom  belong  to  the  disadvantaged  section  of  the  society.  The  primary  culprits  for  this  persisting problem are school teachers because they are supposed  to take care of the students’ careers. 

Complaints Against School Teachers Now  it  is  an  open  secret  that  school  teachers  in  India  are  so  incompetent  that  they do not  deserve  any  job  in  schools.  They  never  tried to revamp the archaic syllabuses and obsolete  pedagogy in order to make students employable in the contemporary job market. 

YOUNG LEARNER News Magazine on School Education by RMN Foundation

April 2019


As a  result,  ​joblessness  is  spreading  like  a  pandemic  disease  and  teachers  are  responsible 

for this  ugly  plight.  Students  taught  by  these  good-for-nothing  teachers  cannot  be  called  educated and they never get ready for any work that can give them proper employment.  Moreover,  the  teachers  never  tried  to  acquire  new  skills  that  students  need  to  earn  their  livelihoods  in  the  current  cutthroat  world.  Let  alone  subject  proficiency,  most  teachers  do  not  know  how  to  properly  use  ​English  language which is the cornerstone for every modern  job in India and abroad today.  If  government  stops  protecting  them,  these  government  school  teachers  –  who  are  surviving  on  public  money – will not be able to get any job in the open market because they  do  not  possess  domain  knowledge  of  any  subject.  Most  of  these  teachers  are  so  raw  that  they are not even trainable.  If  they  are  asked  to  appear  in  a  proper  test  in  the  subjects  they  are  supposed  to  teach,  9  out  of  every  10  teachers  will  fail.  Then  why  do  ​politicians  want  to  protect  them?  Answer:  Politics – rather dirty politics, as teachers influence votes of millions of parents. 

Sports Improve Children’s Learning: New Report The  report  features  analyses  from  global  research  literature  and  data  from  more than 300 sport for development (S4D) programs in 100 countries.  Participation  in  sport  improves  children’s  educational  attainment  and  skills  development  including  empowerment,  leadership,  and  self-esteem  –  contributing  to  their  overall  well-being  and  future  prospects,  according  to  new  research  released  by  the  Barça  Foundation and UNICEF.  Getting  into  the  Game:  Understanding  the  Evidence  for  Child-Focused  Sport  for  Development  features  analyses  from  global  research  literature  and  data  from  more  than  300 sport for development (S4D) programs in 100 countries.  The  report  was  commissioned  by the Barça Foundation and carried out by a research team  at UNICEF’s Office of Research – Innocenti. 

YOUNG LEARNER News Magazine on School Education by RMN Foundation

April 2019


Children, including girls, play football at LEC centre of Boulaos in the city of Djibouti. Photo: UNICEF Highlights from the report include:  ●

Successful sport for development initiatives involve multi-sectoral cooperation, such as the inclusion of education and social components. 

Coaches play a critical role in safeguarding children and mitigating possible negative influences. 

There is little evidence to suggest involvement in sport reduces a child’s risk of abuse and exploitation. In fact, when not done well, there are indications that some  sports can increase exposure to violence. 

Better evidence is needed for the monitoring of sport for development initiatives, including more research on effective implementation. 

More meaningful child participation in program design and evidence building is needed.   

As 2019  marks  30  years  since  the  adoption  of  the  most  widely  ratified human rights treaty  in  history  -  The  Convention  on  the  Rights  of  the  Child,  which  among  others,  states  that  YOUNG LEARNER News Magazine on School Education by RMN Foundation

April 2019


every child  has  a  right  to  leisure,  play,  and  participation  in  cultural  and  artistic  activities  –  Barça  Foundation  and  UNICEF  urge  governments  to  deliver  on  the  commitment  to  leisure  and play.  Barça  Foundation  and  UNICEF  have  been  working  together  since  2006.  Their  partnership  has  helped  nearly  two  million  children  access  sports,  play,  education,  and  child  protection  initiatives.  The  two  organizations  identified  a  critical  gap  in robust evidence on sport for development  programming, which led to the production of Getting into the Game.  In  a  second  phase,  the  researchers  will  test  the  report  recommendations  in  programs,  including  at  UNICEF  projects  funded  by  FC  Barcelona  in  Brazil,  China,  Ghana,  and  South  Africa, as well as projects in countries affected by conflict or disaster.  The  partnership  between  FC  Barcelona  and  UNICEF  is  committed  to  the  vision  that  every  child  receives  quality  education  and  has  the  opportunity  to  fulfill  his  or  her  potential  by  participating in sports and play.    Download Previous Issues of Young Learner  January 2019 

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50 Volunteers  Wanted  for  New  Education  Campaign  in  Delhi  द ल के कूल म श ा का गरता हुआ तर और उसम सध ु ार का यास  ऐसी पढ़ाई का कोई फायदा नह ं जो हम अ छ नौकर न दे सके  आओ मल कर शु कर – श ा लाओ, कूल बचाओ – आंदोलन  RMN  Foundation  –  which  is  a  humanitarian  organization  –  seeks  the  services  of  at least 50 

YOUNG LEARNER News Magazine on School Education by RMN Foundation

April 2019


volunteers for  its  ​new  campaign  which  aims  to  get  the  education  system  in  Delhi  government schools revamped. 

RMN Foundation launched the next phase of its education awareness campaign in New Delhi The  selected  candidates  will  be  given  the  opportunity  to  work  in  diverse  operational  areas  such  as  Education  Counselling,  Field  Campaigns,  Public  Relations,  Fund-raising,  Events  Management, Government Relations, and General Administration.  Depending  on  the  nature  of  their  work,  the  volunteers  can  choose  to  operate  from  their  homes.  But  they  will  be  expected  to  attend  initial  weekly  meetings  at  RMN  Foundation’s  Education and Career Counselling Center at a poor J.J. Colony in Dwarka, New Delhi.  Interested  candidates,  who  can  offer  their  services  on  a  voluntary  basis,  may  please  ​click  here  to  apply  online.  Alternatively,  you  can  download  our  Volunteer  Application  Form  and  send it by post at the following address.  Rakesh Raman  RMN Foundation  463, DPS Apts., Plot No. 16, Sector 4  Dwarka, Phase I, New Delhi 110 078, INDIA  Email: 

YOUNG LEARNER News Magazine on School Education by RMN Foundation

April 2019


Environmental Damage and Pollution in India Appeal to Global Community    A  new  IQAir  AirVisual report, which covered  3,000  cities  of  the  world,  has  revealed  that  Gurugram  (a.k.a.  Gurgaon)  a  suburb  of  India’s  capital  New  Delhi  is  the  most  polluted  city  of  the  world  while  22  of  the  top  30  polluted  cities  are  in  India.  Also,  Delhi  remains  the  most  polluted  capital  across the world.  As  pollution  levels remain dangerously high  throughout  the  year  in  India,  all  travelers  including  business  executives, tourists, and  diplomats  need  to  exercise  utmost  caution  while planning to visit India – particularly India’s capital New Delhi.  Moreover,  companies  and  investors  must  not come to Delhi for setting up their businesses or  for  trade  conferences  as  ​pollution  can  harm  them  as  well  as  their  families.  Foreigners  who  have  come  to  stay  in  India  for  their  work,  should  preferably  go  back  to  their  countries.  Or,  at  least,  they  should  not  keep  their  children  with  them  because  ​Delhi’s  pollution  is  very  harmful  for children.  Delhi  Government,  the  Indian  Government,  and  the  pollution-control  ​agencies  are  not  taking  proper  steps  to  control  pollution  because  most  politicians  and  bureaucrats  in  India  are  corrupt, uneducated, and careless.  The  extreme  pollution  in  Delhi  is  being  compared  to  the  poisonous  gas  chambers  used  by  Nazi  Germany  during  the  Holocaust  for  the  genocide  of  millions  of  European  Jews.  As  pollution  in Delhi / India is harmful to millions of Indians as well as people in other parts of the  world  with  its  impact  on  global  warming  and  climate  change,  its  lethal  effect  is equivalent to  weapons of mass destruction.  The  Indian  government  -  including  bureaucrats  and  politicians  -  is  causing  serious  environmental damage which is harmful for the entire planet. Therefore, the global ​community  including  the  UN  and  the  U.S.  Department  of  State  and  the  Office  of  Foreign  Assets  Control  (​OFAC​)  must  impose  strict  economic,  diplomatic,  and  trade  sanctions  on  India  and  Indian  officials.   Rakesh Raman 

  YOUNG LEARNER News Magazine on School Education by RMN Foundation

April 2019


Appeal for Donations RMN  Foundation  is  a  humanitarian  organization  that  was  formed  in  May  2015  as  an  educational  and  public  charitable  Trust  for  the  benefit  of  humanity  at  large.  It  is  registered  with  the  Government  of  National  Capital  Territory of Delhi at New Delhi, India.    Currently,  all  the  activities  of  RMN  Foundation  are  being  managed  single-handedly  (without  any  support)  by  RMN  Foundation  founder  Rakesh  Raman  who  had  left  his  job  a  few  years  ago  to  run  this  charity.    As  RMN  Foundation  has  embarked  upon  some  major  humanitarian  projects  during  the  past  over  3  years,  now  it  needs  a  significant  amount  of  funds  in  the  form  of  donations​ to expand the scope of its activities.    Individual  Indian  donors  can  help  RMN  Foundation  with  their  contributions  using  the  following bank details:    Bank Name: ICICI Bank  Bank Branch: HL Square, Plot No. 6, Sector 5 (MLU), Dwarka, New Delhi 110 075  Account Number: 025005004368  Account Name: RMN Foundation  Type of Account: Current  IFSC Code: ICIC0000250  Or you can ​click here​ to donate with PayPal, credit card, or bank account.

Alternative Education Models for Indian Schools  Today,  it  is  almost  impossible  for  students  to  get  a  good  job  in  the  market  after  completing  their  conventional  education  from  Indian  schools  and  colleges.   YOUNG LEARNER News Magazine on School Education by RMN Foundation

April 2019


There is  an  urgent  need  of  adopting  alternative education models because schools in India  have failed miserably in their duties to impart the right education to students. 

Today, it  is  almost  impossible  for  students  to get a ​good job in the market after completing  their  conventional  education  from  Indian  schools  and  colleges.  Reason:  Most  teachers  are  incompetent and the syllabuses are painfully obsolete. 

Problems in the Indian Schools: ●

Untrained teachers  who  are  clueless  about  the  requirements  of  the  modern  job  market 

Overcrowded classes that have even more than 70 students in a class while the ideal  teacher-student ratio should be 1:25 

Schools running  in  multiple  shifts  to  show  only  the  increased  number  of  enrollments without any focus on the quality of education 

Flawed education  policy  of  the  government,  as  most  Indian  politicians  and  bureaucrats who are supposed to make the policy are themselves uneducated 

Government schools  bribe  the  students  with  midday  meals  and  monetary  allowances  so  students  and  parents  must  not  raise  their  voices  against  the  poor  quality of education 

Alternative education  can  help  overcome  the  challenges  being  faced  by  the  traditional  schools,  as  alternative  models  can  keep  pace with the changing demands of the employers  in the modern world. Some suggestions are given below.  ●

Parents should learn how to evaluate the schools education outcomes

As most  parents  know  that  school  education  is  not  relevant  for  the  careers  of  their  children, they should look for alternative education options 

As government  officials  lack  skills,  government  must  support  schools  that  provide  alternative education through innovative pedagogical models 

Students and  parents  should  immediately  stop  taking  government  largesses  including  trifling  monetary  allowances  and  meals,  and  send  their  children  to  only  those independent schools that provide modern education 

YOUNG LEARNER News Magazine on School Education by RMN Foundation

April 2019


While schools  in  India  operate  with  unskilled  teachers  who  use  archaic  curricula  and  obsolete  teaching  techniques,  most  students  fail  to  survive  in  the  modern-day world when  they move further in their careers.  As  a  result,  Indian  students  with  degrees  and  diplomas  are  not  ​employable in any modern  profession.  Worse,  they  are  not  even  trainable  for  a  professional  job  because  their  knowledge level is abysmally bad. 

Meet the Editor  The  editor  of  ​Young  Learner  news  magazine  ​Rakesh  Raman  is  a  national  award-winning journalist and social activist. Besides working at senior editorial  positions  with leading media companies, he was writing an exclusive edit-page  column  regularly  for  The  Financial  Express (a daily business newspaper of The  Indian Express Group).  Nowadays,  for the past about 8 years, he has been running his own global news services on  different  subjects.  He  also  has  formed  a  free  Education  and  Career  Counselling  Center  for  deserving  children  at  a  poor  J.J.  Colony  in  Dwarka,  New  Delhi  under  his  ​NGO  –  RMN  Foundation.  He  also  runs  a  global  edutainment  site  ​RMN  Kids  for  children,  their  parents,  and teachers.  He  runs  a  community-driven  anti-corruption  social  service  “​Clean  House​”  to  help  the  suffering  residents  of  Delhi  raise  their  voice  against  the  growing  corruption  and  injustice.  He also has formed an environment-protection group called​ Green Group​ in Delhi.  He  creates  and  distributes  a  number  of  ​digital  publications  that  cover  areas  such  as  technology, law, environment, education, politics, corruption and transparency.  He  has  created  a  comprehensive  online  information  ​service  to  educate  the  Indian  voters  for the 2019 Lok Sabha election. 

YOUNG LEARNER News Magazine on School Education by RMN Foundation

April 2019


Earlier, he  had  been  associated  with  the  United  Nations  (UN)  through  United  Nations  Industrial  Development  Organization  (UNIDO)  as  a  digital  media  expert  to  help businesses  use technology for brand marketing and business development.   

Collaboration for School Education Content Project The  ​Young  Learner  news  magazine  is  being  published  by  RMN  Foundation.  It  is  being  circulated  among  the  top  UN  agencies,  education  departments,  policymakers,  schools,  civil society organizations, social activists, and others in India and abroad.     RMN  Foundation  is  looking  for  sponsors and collaborators across the world who can join  hands  with  us  to  expand  the  school  education  content  activity  with  the  objective  to  improve the quality of school education in a holistic manner.    Contact   

Rakesh Raman  Founder  RMN Foundation  463, DPS Apts., Plot No. 16, Sector 4, Dwarka, Phase I  New Delhi 110 078, INDIA  Contact by email     

YOUNG LEARNER News Magazine on School Education by RMN Foundation

April 2019


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Young Learner News Magazine April 2019  

Young Learner news magazine helps students, parents, teachers, and policymakers understand the finer nuances of evolving education paradigm...

Young Learner News Magazine April 2019  

Young Learner news magazine helps students, parents, teachers, and policymakers understand the finer nuances of evolving education paradigm...

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