Katie Catches Blacky in Peace Forest

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Raman’s Tech Tale Series

Knowledge Stories for Children Katie Catches Blacky in Peace Forest

Application: Biometric Security

PREFACE Raman’s Tech Tale Series is an innovative storybook concept that aims to educate children in the high-tech area of information and communications technology (ICT) through interesting stories. Keeping in view today’s need to give technology orientation to children, a little technology element is introduced in the stories. The books will not only help children, but they will also make it simpler for parents and teachers to impart tech education to the young learners. These are normal stories originally written for children’s edutainment (education and entertainment). Without confusing the child, the technology element is kept in the background. The idea is to make the children curious to learn more about the tech aspects of life as they grow. Since the content mainly targets children in the age group of 6 – 12 years, the language used is quite simple to understand. Also, with a view to make the stories exciting, the environment in each story is presented through colourful illustrations. Each book in the series will also act as a catalyst to achieve the larger objective of ‘bridging the digital divide.’ As efforts are being made all over the world to take the technology benefits to the masses or the underprivileged sections of society, these books will empower people to take a step in that direction. The books will also supplement the conventional technology education in various schools. At present, the books are being published in the English language. However, depending on the demand, they will be translated in other languages also. A hallmark of the books in this series is that they can be adopted for stage shows by children, TV programmes for children, and short-format movies. The focus of the present book is on ‘Biometric Security,’ a technology application to protect computer systems as well as buildings from intruders. We hope that our pioneering attempt to produce this educative literature for children will be suitably encouraged by teachers as well as parents. And this book, along with our other future work, will be introduced as an important knowledge resource for children. All books in the Raman’s Tech Tale Series will be equally useful for children in all parts of the world. ISBN (10-digit) 81-88551-05-8 ISBN (13-digit) 978-81-88551-05-7

Publisher March 2011

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Raman’s Tech Tale Series

Knowledge Stories for Children A collection of original, interesting tales that aim to foster technology awareness among children in an easy-to-understand way. Conceptualised and written by Rakesh Raman Price Rs. 75 (in India) US$ 2 (Overseas)

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Edited by: Sanjay Gupta Illustrations by: Neeraj Riddlan Designed by: Mohd. Shakeel Copyright © 2011 by Raman Media Network All rights reserved.

Katie Catches Blacky in Peace Forest

Application: Biometric Security


hen Nicky rabbit went missing in the Peace Forest, all the animals were surprised. Two days had gone by, but Nicky didn’t come back home. That’s why Nicky’s parents – Sidy and Sady – were feeling sad. “Nicky… Nicky… Nicky…,” they kept crying in the forest, but they couldn’t see Nicky anywhere. Who can help them? They decided to take the Lion King’s help and went to his den. “I know the reason of your sadness,” the Lion King said on receiving Sidy and Sady. “Help us, O King,” they said. “Help us get our dear Nicky back.” Even the Lion King was confused about Nicky’s sudden disappearance. How can it be? He thought. This kind of thing had never happened in the forest. All the animals lived happily here like a big family. The entire forest was very good and peaceful. That’s why it was called Peace Forest. But now the Nicky incident brought a big worry for them. Where has the young rabbit gone? The Lion King called all the animals for a meeting to search for Nicky. “Perhaps, Nicky has gone to his grandma who lives in the neighbouring forest,” Manglu elephant raised his long trunk towards the sky and said. But others felt Nicky can never go there alone. He always goes there with Sidy and Sady. 3 Raman’s Tech Tale Series

“Nicky could have fallen in the deep well that stands in the heart of the forest,” Jolly giraffe scratched his big neck while sharing what was on his mind. But in the past Nicky never dared to go near the well. So that was also not likely. Browny bear kept itching his shaggy coat with his claws but couldn’t think of much. Matu monkey was not in the forest, as he had gone out on vacation. Others were as quiet as an old mountain. “How can we find Nicky?” Lion King thought and thought. Finally, he decided to send his search squads comprising the most skilful foxes and sniffer dogs in all directions of the forest. He even sent six very clever big crows who might spot Nicky from high up in the air. Days went by. But there was no trace of the little rabbit. The King’s search teams came back emptyhanded and looked sad. When the King asked them about the search, they told him that Nicky had been killed and eaten by a cruel wolf, Blacky, who had come from outside the forest. While others felt sad, Sidy and Sady cried loudly when they heard about their Nicky. Blacky wolf was killing weak animals. Over time, more animals disappeared like Nicky. It was known now that Blacky was the culprit. So… the Peace Forest was not really peaceful now. Everyone was living under fear, as Blacky – the 5 Raman’s Tech Tale Series

wild black wolf – kept spreading violence in the forest. What was Blacky doing? He would attack weaker animals in the dark and would vanish in the dense forest after committing the crime. As Blacky was too clever, even the Lion King was not able to catch him. But as a precaution, the King asked the animals to keep their kids in their homes and lock them inside when the parents were to go out for work. This was a good plan. The attacks by Blacky stopped. But after a few days, it was found that Blacky could enter even the locked houses to attack the poor kids. He had got a masterkey that could open all the locks. Now the animals were panicky. What to do? They were worried to the bone. Katie, the brown cat, was among the most terrified. She was concerned about her little ones – Pingu and Mingu kittens – who were too young to look after themselves. And Katie came to know from her best friends in the forest that now Blacky’s eyes were on them. What should I do? Katie thought, as she looked anxiously at her Pingu and Mingu. Then it struck her that she should go to see Matu uncle, who had just come back after a long 7 Raman’s Tech Tale Series

vacation. The wise monkey usually helped all with his good advice. When cow aunty had fallen sick last summer, Matu advised her to take some herbal medicine. In just a couple of days, she was fine again and dancing in the forest. Matu had also suggested and helped others dig a well of sweet water in the forest to meet their water needs. Animals took Matu’s advice for their small as well as big problems. Even the Lion King called Matu when he was stuck in taking any decision. Why not see Matu uncle! Thinking these thoughts, Katie reached the mango tree under which Matu had his hut. “How are you, Matu uncle?” Katie said. “Fair to middling,” Matu replied casually. “And you?” “Not good,” Katie said – sadness in her voice. “What happened?” Matu asked while scratching his hairy back. “This Blacky wolf has taken all my peace. I keep thinking about Pingu and Mingu when I go out – for Blacky can attack my little kids any day,” Katie shared her worry. “Don’t you lock your kids inside the house when you go out?” Matu asked. “I do. But you know, now Blacky is using a masterkey that can open all the locks. That’s the 9 Raman’s Tech Tale Series

main cause of my trouble,” Katie cried. “Don’t worry, Katie. We will do something. Lemme think. You come to me tomorrow,” Matu uncle consoled her. “Okay,” Katie said and quickly went back to her home, where she had locked Pingu and Mingu. Next day, she came to Matu’s hut again and saw him smiling. “This is strange, Matu uncle,” Katie said. “I’m dying of tension and you’re smiling?” “I’m smiling because this lock will bring an end to your worry,” Matu said and gave something to Katie. It looked like a lock. “How? You already know that Blacky wolf can open all the locks. So what’s so special about this one?” Katie was not quite impressed. “Yes, this lock is special,” Matu said. “Only you can open this lock.” “That’s weird!” Katie was surprised. “Okay, gimme its key.” “There’s no key to this lock. It can’t be opened with any key. That’s why even Blacky’s key won’t be able to open it,” Matu was still smiling. “Then how will I open it?” Katie raised her eyebrows. 11 Raman’s Tech Tale Series

“Show me your finger,” saying this, Matu touched the lock with Katie’s index finger. “Now this finger is your key.” And Matu was right. The moment Katie’s finger touched the lock, it swung open. Katie could close as well as open the lock just by touching it again with her finger. But again, a troublesome thought came to her mind. “If I can do it, Blacky can also open it with his finger, no?” she said. “No. This lock holds your finger’s impression in its memory. These finger impressions or fingerprints are unique for all of us. These can’t match with anybody else’s prints. Now this lock will first check the impression before anyone can open it,” Matu explained. “I see,” Katie smiled. “That’s not all,” Matu continued. “If anyone other than you tries to open it, this lock will handcuff the culprit and raise an alarm in the forest. Now your Pingu and Mingu will be safe. And soon Blacky will be caught.” Katie was only too pleased to take that lock. She thanked Matu and went back home. And next time when she went out, Katie put Matu’s lock on the door while her kittens were inside. This time, bad Blacky was hiding in the nearby 13 Raman’s Tech Tale Series

bushes and saw Katie go out of the house. He thought, Today is the right time to make Pingu and Mingu my meal. His mouth watered at the thought of how delicious the cute kittens would be. He slowly moved towards Katie’s house with the masterkey in his hand to open the lock. But what’s this? There was no hole in which Blacky could put his key. He saw the lock from all the sides. Still, no keyhole. He was baffled. While he was fiddling with the lock, one of his fingers touched that part of the lock’s surface that was meant to receive the finger’s impression if someone wanted to open it. But the lock was trained to open only with Katie’s finger. When it found that it was not Katie’s fingerprint that touched it, the lock quickly swung back. And lo! Blacky’s wrist got trapped in it. He was caught. Blacky cried and jumped in fury, but the lock wouldn’t let him go. There was also a loud siren that warned the other animals, who came running soon after. They saw Blacky wolf caught by Matu’s lock and he was squealing like a mouse. The animals of the Peace Forest brought Blacky in front of the Lion King. On seeing the Lion King, Blacky trembled with fear. By that time, Katie had also reached the spot. 15 Raman’s Tech Tale Series

Blacky was crying. “Pardon me… pardon me, Lion King. Lemme go. I will never come back here,” Blacky begged. “What should we do with this beast?” the Lion King asked the other animals, including Katie. They decided to release him with a warning that he will never come back to the Peace Forest and will never harm others. Blacky agreed and went away – tears in his eyes. Thus, once again peace came back to the Peace Forest – thanks to Matu monkey’s special lock. ■

About Matu’s Special Lock Biometric security is a technology application for authentication. It verifies users’ physical (like fingerprint) or behavioural (like manner of walking) characteristics before allowing access to authorised users (like Katie cat in our story). Biometric systems are used to control access to a building (like Katie’s home in our story) and are considered more reliable than ordinary passwords because biometric traits are unique for every individual (like Katie’s fingerprint in our story). Matu monkey’s lock was a biometric device in our story. 16 Raman’s Tech Tale Series

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The Writer Rakesh Raman has conceptualised and written Raman’s Tech Tale Series – a collection of interesting technology-oriented stories. He has spent nearly 20 years in the information and communications technology (ICT) industry as a computer professional and senior technology journalist in India. He has extensive experience in print, online, and electronic media. In 1995, he was conferred the National-level award by the Haryana government for his contribution as a technology journalist. The award was presented to him at the Republic Day function. These days, he is specialising in New Media (including social media) communications and working as the Chief Dreamer of his company, Raman Media Network. You can contact him at his e-mail: rr_thakur@yahoo.com Media Reviews of Raman’s Tech Tale Series: “… Welcome to the world of cyber stories for kids from Raman’s Tech Tale Series. The stories take you back to the kiddie world of kings and queens and even animals but with a little twist. Whenever there is a problem, computer comes to aid, thus introducing curiosity in the child to understand a specific application of computers better…” THE ECONOMIC TIMES “Story book to bridge the digital divide… Titled Raman’s Tech Tale Series – Knowledge Stories for Children, the book targets children in the age group of six to 12 years. It will also supplement the conventional technology education in various schools…” THE DQ WEEK “Information about technology is embedded in original stories written for children’s edutainment (education and entertainment). To foster curiosity without confusion, such application areas as computer games, wireless Internet, video conferencing, database management, and the geographical positioning system are subtly discussed without complex jargon.” BOOKBIRD – A Journal of International Children’s Literature Price: Rs. 75 (in India); US$ 2 (Overseas)

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