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About the R.R.S.S Summer school content. Meet the Professors. Meet the team. A word about our future prospects. **Classified**

About the R.R.S.S A summer school is an educational program intended to enhance skills and knowledge of interested participants in a specific field of academia. Upon establishment of the R.R.S.S'13, the topics of radiology and research were chosen for their essential role in the medical professional's career and for being largely overlooked by medical students as topics of interest during their examfilled educational experience. The program was designed as an informal education experience in a friendly cooperative learning environment. The cornerstone of which; is the exchange of knowledge and skills between the academic staff members, students and trainers in a professional, target oriented manner.

As a student, you are not here to attend lectures, you are here to discuss, interact and innovate. Each participant who passed the interview phase has a unique competence or set of skills, has a different thinking pattern and a different background or experience. One thing everyone has in common is the motivation and interest about the topics offered by the summer school. This will enable you to a part of the learning process instead of just being an attendant, this will enable you to take advantage of peer education and join in the dynamic process by adding your experience and unique opinions and questions.

R.R.S.S is implementing the following competencies:

Academic sessions: A) Linking radiological imaging to clinical practice 1. Basic Radiology. 2. Radiological examinations in Neurology. 3. Radiological imaging in Chest examination. 4. Clinical Radiology Rounds in Alexandria Medical Research Institute . B) Research 1. Study Designs. 2. Intro in Outcome Research with the Course of Clinical Trials (Online sessions) 3. Online Research and Unlimited Access. 4. Steps to Engage in a Research.

Skill set: A) Clinical Practice Skills: 1- Clinical Systematic Thinking. 2- Becoming a Neo-Physician. B) Personal Skills: 1. How to get your ideas heard in front of crowd. 2. How to be creative in the medical field. 3. Team dynamics.

Basic Radiology: Lecturer: Dr.Mohamed Samir These sessions will address:

 The essentials of radiology as a science (Mechanisms of radiological tests).  Different types of radiological images.  Reading radiological images.

Radiological examinations in Neurology : Lecturer: Dr.Jaidaa Mekky This session will address:

 The basics of reading radiological images of the brain  Comprehensive understanding of imaging related to Multiple Sclerosis. Further readings recommended by Dr.Jaidaa (Will be posted on the FB group after the session): overview

Radiological imaging in Chest examination: Lecturer: Dr.Anwar Elgendy

Clinical Radiology Rounds in Alexandria Medical Research Institute Lecturers: Dr.Said Ooda

This day will include 3 hours of rotations in the Alexandria Medical Research Institute; in which participants will attend three types of radiological/investigative procedures (Echo – Ultrasound – Endoscopy) And the day will conclude with a 1 hour lecture on Nuclear Stress Scan.

Research Study Design: Lecturer: Dr.Ahmed Rady

Intro in Outcome Research With The Course Of Clinical Trials (Online sessions): Lecturer: Prof. Lutsenko Inna, MD

This series of online sessions will teach students how to conduct any medical scientific study, such as a PhD, study about patients or clinical trial. Course will cover all necessary topics about sample in research, methods of sampling, collecting data, statistical analysis approach, and studies designs.

Steps to Engage In a Research: Various young presenters who came to share their experience in research and to tell you how to take the first steps on the way of joining a research activity.

Online Research and Unlimited Access: Lecturer: Dr.Hatem Beshir

This session will include:  Practical detailed steps to research articles online in the most scientific way  How to minimize the number of results to what you’re searching for.

 How to optimize medical search engines and gain legal free access to paid articles. Clinical Practice Skills: Clinical Systematic Thinking: This session is training on how to design your thought process while diagnosing a case.

Becoming a Neo-Physician Lecturer: Dr.Hytham Abdel-Aziz (Alexandria Faculty of Dentistry)

This session is targeting the goal of being an effective healthcare practitioner in a challenging time filled with new practicing concepts, dilemmas, distancing from patients, stress, competitive and sometimes negative working environment. It will include the following:

 Methods of effective communication with the patients and co-workers.  Coping with stress in the medical career.  Developing medical skills as a dynamic synergistic team.

"Meet the Professors" Dr.Jaidaa Mekky    

Lecturer of Neuropsychiatry, Alexandria University Sleep Medicine Consultant Member of the American Academy of Neurology Member of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine

A message from Dr.Jaidaa, Dear medical students & future colleagues, I hope this summer course will be the start of similar activities improving not only your medical knowledge, but also your clinical sense. Overcoming some of the teaching system gaps will need mutual and persistent efforts and we look forward to make the best of your time.

Dr.Said Ahmed Ooda  

Lecturer of Internal Medicine, Hepatology unit Medical Research Institute – Alexandria University. Gastroenterology / Endoscopy Consultant.

Dr. Lutsenko Inna -

Assistant Professor, Neurologist, Kyrgyz State Medical Academy. Neurology Department with Clinical Genetics Course. Physician - National Hospital MoH, Neurology 1 Department, Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek. JFDP alumna 2013, School of Public Health, Saint Louis University.

Dr. Hatem Ahmed Beshir  

MBBCh 2009. Resident of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Alexandria Faculty of Medicine.

A message from Dr.Hatem, In the age of informatics, it is essential to be familiar with online research databases, my session will provide you with the tools necessary for every medical student and healthcare practitioner. I am looking forward to meeting brilliant young minds such as yours

Dr.Hytham Abdelaziz    

Lecturer at the Faculty of Dentistry, Alexandria University Program Director of Healthcare Simulation Model. Program Director of World Health Organization Model. Head of Academic Committee Alexandria Model of United Nations’12

Dr. Hytham participated in several civil society activities in Egypt, Sudan, Kenya, India, the United States, Czech Republic and Bulgaria. Finding fascination in cultural variation, he studied and practicing peace education, conflict resolution, mediation and negotiation, thus, supplementing the academic background with different scientific researches and academic participation in international congresses

Dr.Ahmed Rady    

Associate Professor, Department of Neuropsychiatry, Alexandria University Clinical Fellowship in Adult Psychiatry, University of Paris. Clinical Research Methodologies (Bordeaux) Statistical Methods for Health (Bordeaux)

"Meet the team" Coordinating team: Hossam El-hag. Mohamed Kandil.

(General Coordinator) (Vice Coordinator)

Evaluation team: Mohamed Kandil. Hossam El-hag. Mohamed El-Sayed. th

- Alex. Faculty of Med. 4 . Grade

Executive Team: Kamal Wahba. Mohamed Adel.

-- Alex. Faculty of Med. 4th. Grade-

Salma Said.


-- Alex. Faculty of Med 1 . Grade-

Creative Team Samar Adel. -Faculty of Pharmacy 4th. GradeMoamed H.Souka. - Faculty of Engineering 3rd . GradeKarim Hilal. -Faculty of Med. 4th. Grade-

Al-Midan Family Representatives: Mohamed Abdelsattar Yamine A.Ghazaly th

-- Alex. Faculty of Med. 4 . Grade-

A word about our future prospects We are proud to be the first target oriented, innovative summer school in Alexandria Faculty of Medicine; bridging clinical knowledge to practical skills, initiating brilliant individuals in teams of effective cooperating active learners. And because we believe in Creativity, Innovation, Engagement but most importantly Sustainability; this is an open invitation for any other team/organization to adopt the idea into a new theme and spread the concept of innovation in the medical education system. The R.R.S.S’13 administrative team is always welcoming any questions or consultations regarding the initiation of a similar project. Our long term target is not the success of R.R.S.S, but the revolutionization of the medical education system.

The last part of the project is classified.

To be announced later‌



Hossam Elhag Mohamed. Phone: +20 111 801 2063

Mohamed Kandil. Phone: +20 120 135 2678 Facebook Fan Page:

Faebook Event: /

R.R.S.S Impacting medical students & young medical professionals in the heart of clinical practice.

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Radiology & research summer school 2013 booklet  

Check the booklet for more information about Radiology & Research Summer School (RRSS"13). Contacts: Hossam Elhag Mohamed. Phone: +20 111...

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