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Dharamshala Spa Retreat Working Drawing Set Project Architect for RanjitSinh Associates, Mumbai Situated in the Himalayas, this 108 room Spa retreat aspires to connect the travellers with the pristine nature and vibrant culture of north India. The brief was to make a destination resort, that engaged with travellers for more than a week. The team had to devise a unique blend of programs and reposeful spaces that engaged with patrons for a long peroid of time. Apart from the program, the site itself was extremely steep and it took the collective effort of architects, structural engineers, geotechnical engineers and local contractors to devise a unqiue strategy to build in the mountains. As the project head, my responsibilities included coordination of thedrawings by Architectural, Structural, Mechananical, Electrical, Back of House & Landscape consultants. Drawings belong to RanjitSinh Associates and are reproduced here after seeking the company’s permission.


RRS Working Drawings  
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