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I’m looking for an architecture office where I can have the opportunity to develop exciting and innovative projects, where I can grow as a professional, learn from other people, cultures and places. I believe that as an architect, I can contribute to create a better world working with culture, ecology and habitat, and I am convinced I will.

INFO Rubén Bodewig Belmonte 28.05.1984 - Alicante [Spain]

TEL: +34 666 387 101 SKYPE: rrruuubbb MAIL:

I am Architect from the University of Alicante, where after finishing my career I was invited to be honorary professor during 2012. Meanwhile I’ve been working as a freelance. I’ve worked for some architectural firms developing projects and competitions, improving my training with by learning new constructive and digital tools. I’m passionate about the history of contemporary architecture, photography, traveling and the culture of technology and design.

R///////// U B ÉS PAT N I A LBE FOF EDC T SE///////// WIG


OCEAN WARRIOR Final Degree Project Ecological emergencies in oceans. University of Alicante

When the white man came to America and broke the historic balance that existend between nature and natives, the Cree tribe transmitted a prophecy that spoke about a dystopian future in which it would be necessary that the Rainbow Warriors were united to save the planet. This legend named the Rainbow Warrior, the first ship built to defend the oceans and belonging to Greenpeace. One of its founders, Paul Watson, was expelled from the organization for his methods of direct action, and then created in 1977 the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society: those known as Ecological Pirates.

RUBÉN BODEWIG Since then, this organization is dedicated to active and interventionist fighting for the conservation of marine life. Its mission is to end the destruction of habitat and slaughters in the world’s oceans in order to protect ecosystems and species for the future. Their campaigns are governed by the World Charter for Nature of the United Nations (1982) and other laws that protect the marine species and their environments. They make controversial actions and sabotages against illegal operations, which has led to them being described as ecoterrorists in many countries where the illegal industry of whales, dolphins, sharks, seals, turtles and overfishing makes up a large economic and cultural lobby. However, its activity never used violence or guns. They are dedicated to interfere using ingenuity and the peaceful hindering, as an exercise of established law defenders. This project proposes the creation of a network of mobile marine bases to provide appropiate infrastructure to make more effective the environmental protection actions of Neptune Fleet and prepare them for future requirements.



CHICAGO SKYWALKER Chicago Prize 2012 Competition to design a solution to extend Northwestern University saving the landmark building Prentice Women’s Hospital projected by architect Bertrand Goldberg. Chicago Architectural Club

INFO This proposal wants to reinstate the building into a high-density urban environment which has excluded it by scale, allowing regain its iconic presence, recovering the environment to enjoy and rediscover Bertrand Goldberg’s architecture, and making it compatible with the University and city of Chicago. It proposes a cultural tribute in three versions: preserve the original building on a large podium as a historical monument, realize its legacy as an archaeological trace, and visualize the spirit of his contribution to architecture as a distorted memory that fades away in the mind. It will be built a new bridge-volume as a common crossing ground, it will be a high boulevard with enough space to acommodate the uses demanded by the university.




EMERGENCY SHELTER Humanitarian crisis shelter Folding shelter prototype to accomodate affected population into ephemeral camps. Barbarela Studio and Urbana

INFO Design of a emergency shelter and humanitarian camp system, rapidly deployable, adaptable to extendend in time settlements as a transitional shelters. It’s an instant-mount and low cost structure, with a freestanding enclosure based on a origami fold model. It’s transported in groups packed into a shipping container, and it has inside a furniture system and facilities for daily life. The camp is complemented by community facilities forming groups following patterns based on UNHCR standards.



THE MEMORY FOREST Experimental Foguera Ephemeral architecture proposal for the 2013 Experimental Bonfires competition in Alicante. PlĂ del Bon Repos - La Goteta Innovative bonfires First Prize 2013

INFO This bonfire is presented as an act of reflection and awareness to the annual tragedy of forest fires, linked to fire and summer, as well as the festival itself. Therefore, the project proposes the construction of a central tree, six meters high, made of pine natural boards, which will be surrounded by a forest of charred trees belonging to the forest fires happened in the province of Alicante in the past years. The project is completed by the people participation , that will make sprout the tree by hanging paper leaves in which they can write their wishes for the future. Finally, the commission undertakes a commitment to the city, by planting each year one hundred trees in the close mountain Serra Grossa, to compensate the calculated CO2 emissions that will be released into the atmosphere during the burning process.


GREENPEACE POD 3 Capsule for ocean activism International competition winning design for the Greenpeace POD3, activist capsule created for blocking, hacking and reporting dangerous activities in the marine environments.

INFO In the oceanic campaigns, Greenpeace uses the POD to perform tactical approach, blocking and sabotaging activities harmful for the marine environment. These floating capsules allow 4 people inside and can stay hunged in the tanker ships anchors for several weeks. They also place them in the path of ships, attached to oil rigs or placed in conflictive spots. The design of this capsule reflects the palette of the arctic ocean colors with a camouflage pattern that abstracts the geometry of an iceberg. It also has reflective high visibility areas during day and night.


NATURAL BALANCE Forest watchtower Observation point and refugee in the Aitana mountain (1.588 m) in Alicante. University of Alicante

INFO The Generalitat Valenciana requires a project of a watchtower for forest controlling of the Sierra de Aitana in the municipality of Confrides. The watchtower shall have a maximum height of 12 meters from ground level elevation. It must have also a work area and a rest place for the guards, which will be partially buried and will have a maximum dimension of 20 meters without the need for facilities. The facility should have a huge durability and low mainteinance, resisting to the natural agents and the weather of the high mountain. It is a lightweight and prefabricated structure, which is transported by parts to the final location, where is dry assembled.

RUBÉN BODEWIG //2006 //2008

HOUSING PROJECTS Public housing competitions Projects for public housing in different cities, developed with Roxana Palmón, José Luis Oliver and Luis Oliván. Sant Joan d’Alacant, Callosa de Segura, Cádiz, Elche, Madrid

INFO These projects were always characterized by a commitment with flexible housing concept, which adapts to the variations in time of its users. They are simple architectural language, sustainable and low cost projects, creating an architecture whose formal, energetic and constructive rationality is their main identity.

15 houses building in Sant Joan (Alicante), 2006

77 houses building in Elche (Alicante), 2007

130 houses complex in Callosa de Segura (Alicante), 2007

24 rental houses complex in Sant Joan (Alicante), 2008


TRAGA_LUZ Economists association HQ Competition for the new headquarters in a historic building in the center of Alicante. Collaboration with José Luis Oliver and Roxana Palmón.

INFO New headquarters of this institution on a plot of reduced dimensions, between other buildings in the historic center of Alicante. The narrowness of the streets, the proximity of the neighboring facades and roofs vision create an insignificant environment to open the building to the outdoors. In this way, the building should look within its own inner relationship spaces. There is a gap in the entire section of the building, creating a vertical development space which visually links all the floors and workspaces. The staircase, main protagonist, works as a light and permeable element and ensures the visual continuity.


MALDITOS MADEROS Hawker stall Competition for design of a modular stall in the Garden of Salitre in Murcia. Murcia City Council

INFO The hawker stall is a response to the need to establish a system of aggregation adaptable to different geometries and patterns, allowing the colonization of Salitre Park spaces with a geometry that generates routes and breaks up the monotony of standardized prefabricated structures. Its design offers the possibility of an eventual transfer of the stalls to other parts of the city, as well as the generation of configurations that enable it to assume the dynamism of public space, reorganized according to the most favorable group experience selling and the creation of different routes each season of the year, with protected corridors preventing the cold, or shaded areas to avoid the sun

RUBÉN BODEWIG //2012 //2006

COLLABORATIONS Projects and infographics realized in collaboration with other architecture offices and independent professionals.

Mamotretto in Benidoleig (Alicante), 2013. Self construction workshop with Econstrucció.

Body arts classroom, 2012. Collaboration in Álex Soriano PFC.

Square in Los Montesinos (Alicante), 2008. With José Luis Oliver and Roxana Palmón.

Housing development (Natal, Brasil), 2012 With José Luis Oliver and Roxana Palmón.

Performing arts classroom, 2012. Collaboration in Álex Soriano PFC.

Los Montesinos Sports Center (Alicante), 2008. With José Luis Oliver and Roxana Palmón.

Offices development (Natal, Brasil), 2012 With José Luis Oliver and Roxana Palmón.

House in Biar historic center (Alicante), 2011.

Housing in Mutxamel (Alicante), 2008. With Roxana Palmón and Luis Oliván.

RUBÉN BODEWIG //2011 //2002

TRAM TO THE FUTURE Experimental Foguera Ephemeral architecture proposal for the 2012 Experimental Bonfires competition in Alicante. Plà del Bon Repos Honorable mention

INFO In the year 2012, crisis is increasingly choking the citizens, and the bonfires feast inevitably reflects this suffocating situation with lack of resources.

Los globos de poliuretano rellenos de helio ejercerán de reclamo a distancia marcando el lugar de la hoguera. En el momento de la cremà, la cuerda se quemará con una mascletà y serán liberados levantando sobre el cielo de la ciudad un mensaje elegido por los miembros de la hoguera Pla del Bon Repós.

This project pursues to maintain the primary task of the bonfires, the critique of the present, by reducing the cost and the use of recycled materials. Criticism about the origin of the crisis and waste of public money in Valencia region crystallizes in the plight of a neighborhood crossed by a tram paralyzed since its inauguration in 2009.

El Tram configura el cambio de concepto de la hoguera tradicional a la hoguera experimental. Pasamos de un espacio contemplativo a un espacio activo, participativo y vivencial tanto en su interior como en su exterior.

In a time of social and economic reinvention, bonfires have the opportunity to be a vehicle for diffusion, criticism, and drive change. Society must realize the need for change towards sustainability of energy and resources.

Una hoguera como instrumento de reivindicación pública implica que los rótulos que tradicionalmente comentan y critican la actualidad, sean escritos y añadidos por los visitantes, haciendo suyas las reivindicaciones y convirtiendo el monumento en un portador de la voz de los ciudadanos.

Los portabobinas se convierten en juegos improvisados, mesas para tomar un aperitivo y ruedas para circular por los raíles.

Las alpacas de paja que inicialmente conformaban los vagones del Tram se convierten en asientos, butacas y sofás urbanos para observar y disfrutar de la hoguera. Los visitantes se apropian del espacio público y lo reconfiguran ajustándolo a sus necesidades. Pueden montar un pequeño auditorio para la banda de música o bancos para descansar.


AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH Urban installation Honourable mention InUrbe Competition 2009 Alicante City Council

INFO In order to assimilate the magnitude of climatic change on a global scale, first it’s necessary to understand how it will affect to the local close environment. This informative line accompanied by a blue light that floods the street, illustrates a predicted future shoreline to the city of Alicante in 2150, as a result of higher average temperatures across the planet and melting ice masses of Antarctica and Greenland. As happened in the eighteenth century, the sea will reach San Fernando street, next to the Gabriel Miró square, then known as Boats Square, because of the former presence of a pier.


HOW WE HAVE CHANGED Urban installation InUrbe Competition 2008 Alicante City Council

INFO The disappearance of the memory of places is a cultural problem that leads to the loss of identity and a disconnection between the people and the places they inhabit. This intervantion aims to provoke a reflection on the visitor, to observe changes ocurred in the urban scene with the passage of time, and the decissions taken at the moment to keep or get rid of the city. By a “time window”, we will contrast how has evolved one place in the same viewpoint as the photographer could make in the early twentieth century and now.


LIGHTNESS Singular structures Exhibition of singular structure scale models. Architects Association of Alicante University of Alicante Museum

INFO “The art of a structure is to know where and when to have the holes”. This quote of Robert Le Ricolais, accurately defines the concept of structure in general and lightweight structure in particularly. LIGHTNESS is an exhibition that moves around this structural type and shows a series of models which reproduce, in some cases, models developed by Antoni Gaudí, Frei Otto, Buckminster Fuller or Kenneth Snelson, and in other cases, original models designed by architecture students of the Polytechnic School of the University of Alicante in the subject field of singular structures.


STREET FIGHTERS Projects 0 Teaching experience Honorary professor 2011-2012 Course University of Alicante

INFO During the 2011-2012 course, I developed a teaching project with first year Architecture students at the University of Alicante. The course was based on a purposive first contact with the world around them, to develop the ability to solve and improve the environment surrounding their lives from a proactive standpoint that involved the skills of an architect. It were developed devices, management programs, furniture, shelters, sabotage and parasitic strategies... and the capacity to narrate, analyze, evaluate and communicate all the work performed.

RUBÉN BODEWIG //2008 //2013

PHOTOGRAPHY Photo reports of landscape and heritage.


RUBÉN BODEWIG //2004 //2012

ARCHITECTURAL GUIDES Architectural guided tours University of Alicante Casa Mediterráneo Alicante Vivo Cultural Association Bike Alicante (Alacant en Bici) London 2005 - University of Alicante Visit to Eden Project (Grimshaw) in Cornwall

Switzerland 2006 - University of Alicante Enjoying Vals Therme (Peter Zumthor)

Denmark 2008 - University of Alicante Exploring Copenhagen north coast

Workshop Berlin 2009 - University of Alicante Visit of the Villajoyosa Theatre (Torres Nadal)

2009 - Alicante Vivo Expedition into the underground refinery in Alicante

Alicante 2010 - Casa Mediterráneo Guided tour into the Benalúa train station

Alicante 2012 - University of Alicante Guided tour in the Benalúa train station

Alicante 2012 - University of Alicante Industrial Architecture route in Alicante

Alicante 2012 - Alicante Vivo & Alicante en Bici Bike tour across Alicante old farming landscapes

INFO I have organized many trips within the degree of Architecture in the University of Alicante, preparing guides of each visit and coordinating routes on different countries. I have also worked as a guide specialized in architecture in Alicante, explaining buildings in the international architecture competition of Casa Mediterráneo, organizing industrial architecture routes for the University of Alicante or activities for the dissemination and protection of architectural heritage.

RUBÉN BODEWIG //2006 //2013

GRAPHIC DESIGN Corporate image and branding for different companies and entities.

Cultureta [Contante y Sonante], 2012.

Architecture School University of Alicante, 2011.

University of Alicante main library, 2011.

UA Valencian software, 2010.

Alicante Tram (Android App), 2012.

Graphic Expression Department UA, 2012.

XarxaMooc, Xarxa Lluis Vives, 2013.

Almara Insurances, 2012.

RUBÉN BODEWIG //2006 //2013

PUBLICATIONS Collaborations in publications Architecture and Urbanism.


Alicante architecture map-guide. Barbarela Studio, 2008.

Campus architecture guide. Universidad de Alicante, 2012.

Cover and report in El Cultural. Toyo Ito Relaxation Park in Torrevieja. El Mundo, 2012.

Tales of a sleeping city. Alicante Vivo, 2009.

Alicante urban evolution. Foguera Baver Antigons, 2011 - 2012 Missing architectures in Alicante. Foguera Pla Bon Repós, 2013.

Distopias and utopias in the twentieth century architecture. PFC Rubén Bodewig, 2011.


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PORTFOLIO_RES_Rubén Bodewig_ 2013_EN  

Brief portfolio of Rubén Bodewig works (2013)