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Welcome! You have found yourself in the most western part of Russia after a long journey (or maybe a short one if you travel by plane!). Now it is time to look around, make your plans for the whole of your trip, and decide what to do tonight. This tourist passport will be of invaluable help in this. In it you can find concise information about important events taking place in the region, places to stay, taxi fares, restaurants – and plenty of advice on how to spend your time here with the maximum of comfort.


Kaliningrad passport details


Kaliningrad, the former Köenigsberg, is the capital city of the Kaliningrad region. In earlier times it used to be the capital of East Prussia. The city was founded in 1255 by Ottakar II, the King of Bohemia, who headed the Order of Teutonic Knights. Following the outcome of the Second World War in 1945, the decision was made at the Potsdam conference to annex one-third of East Prussia, along with the capital, in favour of Large regional towns in the region (original German names in brackets): Sovetsk (Tilsit) – 43 thousand people Chernyakhovsk (Insterburg) – 43 thousand people Baltiysk (Pillau) – 31 thousand people Gusev (Gumbinnen) – 28 thousand people Resorts: Svetlogorsk (Rauschen) Zelenogradsk (Cranz) Pionersky (Neukuhren) Otradnoye (Georgenswalde) Yantarny (Palmnicken)

the USSR. In 1946 Köenigsberg City and the associated territory were renamed as Kaliningrad City and Kaliningrad Region. In 2005 the city celebrated its 750 th birthday and that event was attended by the presidents of Russia, Germany and France. The population of Kaliningrad City is around 450,000 people and the population of the region as a whole is approximately one million people. The time is GMT +3. When it is midday in Kaliningrad it is 10 AM in London, 11 AM in Berlin, and in Moscow it is 1 PM. Distance to some European cities: Gdansk – 160 km Vilnius – 350 km Riga – 390 km Warsaw – 400 km Minsk – 510 km Stockholm – 650 km St. Petersburg – 940 km Amsterdam – 1230 km

Calendar of Kaliningrad's events March: • “Ravnodenstviye” (Equinox) – an open-air festival of student and youth theatre

April: • “The Day of the Herring” – a popular holiday • “The Baltic photo biennale – Photomania” – an international festival and exhibition • “Amber necklace” – an international arts festival • A reconstruction of the 1945 storming of Köenigsberg

June: • Opening of the “Baltic seasons” arts festival (May−September) • Opening of the “Alatyr” international amber products biennale (June−August) where craſt smen exhibit their own works

July: • The Bach international organ music festival • “Baltic ukhana” – festival of songs composed by the singers themselves • Festival on the sea coast “Amber beach” in Zelenogradsk • Festival of beach sports • “Baltic débuts” movie festival in Svetlogorsk

August: • “Don Chento Jazz” music festival

May :


• Interregional children and youth brass band festival • “Time in a shot” – opening of the international amateur film festival • “Museum night” – several museums show their expositions and special programs on one night in May.

• The President’s Cup CSI 4* (show jumping) competition in Chernyakhovsk • The Mikael Tariverdiev international organists competition • The philharmonic symphony music festival

November: • International jazz festival held in the Philharmonic Theatre


How to get here


The Kaliningrad Region is a semiexclave surrounded by Schengen countries and bordering the sea. If you are Russian you can get to Kaliningrad from the rest of Russia without a foreign passport only by plane (an internal passport is required for this kind of travel). If you travel by land you will have to cross the borders and a foreign passport is essential. A simplified railway document (SRD – a special document to transit Lithuanian territory), issued at the railway station booking office, allows you to travel by railway. If you travel by car you need to have an ordinary or a transit Schengen visa.

Air Over ten air companies fly to Khrabrovo Airport, Kaliningrads airport – daily. There are several flights a day from Moscow

and St. Petersburg. There are air connections with Warsaw, Riga, Minsk, and Kiev. Khrabrovo is 24 km from the centre of Kaliningrad; a bus (144) connects these destinations and goes every hour. The bus covers the new route – Primorskoye Koltso (Primorskoye Ringroad). This is the fastest way to get you to and from the air terminal. By taxi you can get from Khrabrovo to Kaliningrad within 20 minutes, and then you will need another 10−15 minutes to reach the centre. The second stage of redevelopment of the airport is in progress, but the work doesn’t interfere with passenger handling. Business and VIP lounges are operated within the airport. Information on arrivals and departures can be found at

Railway There is a daily railway service between Kaliningrad and Moscow,

St. Petersburg, Berlin and Gdynia. Every second day there is a train to Adler, Krasnodar, Simferopol, Kiev and Gomel. The total travel time between Kaliningrad and Moscow and Kaliningrad and St. Petersburg comes to around 24 hours. The timetable shows Moscow time (+1 hour from local time). The internal Russian routes have to transit Belarus and Lithuania so the trains and the passengers cross three borders during their travel. Kaliningrad railway station is better known as Yuzhny (South). The building of the railway station is reputed to be one of the symbols of the city – it is the former main railway station of Köenigsberg, which was built in 1929. The terminus for trolley-buses and trams is opposite the railway station exit and the bus terminus is a bit further. Practically all buses and trolley-buses can take you to the centre of the city from the Leninsky Prospect stop. The buses that go through Ploshchad Pobedy (Square of Victory) and the central avenue – Leninsky Prospect, have the following numbers: 1, 3, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 18, 19, 21, 23, 27, 30, 36, 44. IMPORTANT! All railway tickets to Kaliningrad must be issued in the railway booking/ticket offices not later than 28 hours before departure. A transit visa to Lithuania is issued together with the ticket so the passenger must have a foreign passport.

Bus and car There is also the Kaliningrad local bus station and an international one. They are both situated near the railway station and separated from each

other by a parking area. The majority of internal bus routes in the region start from this bus station. In addition daily buses to Poland, Lithuania, Germany, Belarus and Ukraine set off from here. The international bus station is located at the Kaliningrad city limit (Moskovsky Prospect, 184). You can take trolley-buses 2, 5 and 7, buses 26 and 37, or the “fi xed-route taxis” 74, 75 and 78 to get there. This bus station is the terminus for trips to Vilnius, Klaipeda, Tallinn, Gdansk, Warsaw, Stuttgart, Essen, Grodno and Baranovichi. The departure and arrival times shown in the timetable are local. Those who travel by car to the region will be crossing the borders of EU countries, for which you will need a “green card”. This insurance should be purchased for a minimum of two weeks, so you need correctly to estimate your length of stay in the region. Otherwise, please get a “green card” for a month.


International car routes and the locations of Russian border crossings are as follows − Poland: Mamonovo – Gronovo, Mamonovo − 2 – Ghzhekhotki, Bagrationovsk – Bezledy, Gousev – Goldap.

In Kaliningrad


The largest share of public transport passenger traffi c in the city is carried by buses (the bus fare is 12 rubles per trip) and “fi xed-route taxis” (the fare is 17 rubles per trip). If you need to get somewhere fast it is better to use the “fi xed-route microbus”. During the day its speed is comparable with that of taxis. Electricity-powered transport takes a smaller share, with two tram routes and fi ve trolley-bus services. The legendary Kaliningrad tram uses the narrow-gauge line. It will take you about 10 minutes of strolling to get from your stop to any point of destination. Waiting times for the most popular bus routes in the rush hour are at most 10 minutes. Public transport starts operating at 6 o’clock in the morning and fi nishes at 11 o’clock in the evening. You can always use a taxi at a later time. Taxi fares start at 150 rubles, with the fi nal total depending on your point of destination.

Travel in the region Kaliningrad is connected with all the population centres in the region by road and railway routes. Electric commuter trains from the Yuzhny railway station serve Baltiysk, Nesterov, Yantarny and Bagrationovsk.

Electric commuter trains to the seaside resorts (Svetlogorsk, Pionersky, Zelenogradsk, Baltiysk) also depart from the Yuzhny railway station but stop at the Severny railway station in the centre of the city as well (Sovetsky Prospect). You can also travel to these resorts from the Severny station by buses (which go every half an hour) and by “fi xed-route taxis” (which go every 15 minutes).

Taxi Taxi 24 tel. (4012) 77-77-24

Gorodskoj taksopark tel. (058) or (4012) 58-58-58

Vokrug sveta tel. (4012) 56-30-30

Taxi Baltiki tel. (4012) 33-33-33

Express-taxi tel. (4012) 39-33-33

President tel. (4012) 77-77-73

Yacht rentals Sailing club Argentina tel. (4012) 75-22-12

Railway stations

Bus stations




KoenigAuto, international bus station

4, Pobedy Sq. tel. (4012) 60-18-38

Yujny 29, Jeleznodorojnaya St. tel. (4012) 60-08-88, 58-60-06

Svetlogorsk 30, Kaliningradsky Av. tel. (40-153) 2-19-46

Zelenogradsk Vokzal'naya St. tel. (40-150) 3-11-39

Baltiysk 12, Lenina St. tel. (40-145) 213-65

Car rent Kaliningrad Siti-Rent

184, Moskovsky Av. tel. (4012) 99-91-99

Yujny Bus station 7, Jeleznodorojnaya St. tel. (4012 ) 64-36-35

Zelenogradsk 1, Vokzal'naya St. tel. (40-150) 31-214

Chernyahovsk 1-a, Pushkina St. tel. ( 40-141 ) 3-25-89

Sovetsk 8-a, Pervomaiskaya St. tel. (40161) 3-24-55

Gusev Vokzal'naya St. tel. (40143) 3-25-21


tel. (4012) 50-91-91

13, Sovetskaya St. tel. (40-163) 3-16-65

Hertz Kaliningrad


tel. (4012) 76-15-55

Avangard-Auto tel. (4012) 75-63-64

President 21-Đ°, Sovetsky Av. tel. (4012) 602-112

1 Naberejnaya St. tel. ( 40-157 ) 2-14-33

Ozersk 7, Komsomol'skaya St. tel. ( 40-142 ) 3-21-93

Gvardeisk Gagarina St. tel. (40-159) 3-21-34


Where to stay


As a rule, hotels in Kaliningrad are located in convenient locations so that you can get to them without any difficulty. You can find luxury hotels as well as inexpensive hostels and guest houses. But the majority of hotels are three star hotels. Most of the hotels have got internet-sites so one can book a hotel room on line. Please note the following fact: during the summer period it is more difficult to find vacant hotel rooms than in the period between October and May. One can chose any level of comfort and facilities for one’s stay, including the availability of internet, satellite television, parking and other services, depending on the price preferences and personal wishes of travelers.

Hotel Kaiserhof 6-а, Oktyabr'skaya St. tel. (4012) 59-22-22.

Shkiperskaya (Skipper Hotel) tel. (4012) 59-20-00

Hotel Turist 53, A. Nevskogo St. tel. (4012) 354-400, 354-508

Kaliningrad Villa Severin 9-а, Leningradskaya St. tel./fax (4012) 36-53-73, 36-53-85

Hotel Chaika 13, Pugacheva St. tel./fax (4012) 35-22-11, 35-22-62.,

Villa Lana 3-a, Gagarina, St. tel. (4012) 53-37-27

Baltic Resorts The Baltic Resorts company provides comprehensive services for individual, corporate, family and children’s leisure and recreation on the territory of the Kaliningrad Region. It organises wedding parties, celebrations and corporate events.

Hotel Primorye This is situated in the settlement of the same name, Primorye, on the Baltic Sea coast. Here there are comfortable rooms and the Gross Kuren restaurant. European cuisine, lobby-bar, cozy lounge with a fireplace, conference hall, sauna, Jacuzzi, billiards are available for guests. On the grounds of the hotel

are also sports equipment rental facilities, secure parking, airport and station transfers, paintball, and excursions. Svetlogorsk, Primorye Sett., 12, Baltiysky Av. tel. (4012) 33-00-15

Lebedinoye rest house This is located in the pine forest not far away from Ladushkin town on the bank of the Kaliningrad lagoon. Scenic locations and a positively healthy climate make this tourist destination attractive. Guests enjoy comfortable rooms and mobile homes, conference hall, bar-restaurant, cycling, 11

boating (fishing), picnic with barbecue or charcoal brazier, Russian banya on logs with a swimming pool and Russian billiards. Ladushkin, near Beregovoe Sett. tel. +7 906 233-00-44 there are six mobile homes, open air swimming pool, children’s playground, summer cafÊ with facilities for shashlyki and barbeque. There

Kaliningrad Baltika

8, Ivannikova St. tel. (4012) 38-88-52

tel. (4012) 35-35-00


Villa Severin 9-a, Leningradskaya St. tel. (4012) 36-53-73

Glamour 26, Verhneozernaya, St. tel. (4012) 34-00-00

Deima tel. (4012) 71-08-12

Dona tel. (4012) 35-16-50 12


Moskva (Moscow) 19, Mira Av. tel./fax (4012) 352-333

Kottbus 4-a, Kolhoznaya St. tel. (4012) 58-58-88

Kaliningrad 81, Leninsky Av. tel./fax (4012) 53-60-21

Navigator tel. (4012) 566-222

Obertaih tel. (4012) 36-50-20

285, Sovetsky Av. tel. (4012) 566-222

Patriot tel. (4012) 32-87-07

Rasthof 3, Belinskogo St. tel./fax (4012) 33-10-06

Robinzon Club 22-Đ°, Dostoevskogo St. tel./fax (4012) 36-53-67

U ozera 33, Chapaeva St. tel. (4012) 57-72-52

Fridrihshof 31-a, Chkalova St. tel. (4012) 93-33-00

Chaika 13, Pugacheva St. tel. (4012) 21-07-29

Shkiperskaya tel. (4012) 59-20-00

Yubileinyi-Lux 2-g, Universitetskaya St. tel. (4012) 51-90-25

Navigator Hotel and Restaurant

The philosophy of the hotel is to fill the world with the warmth of hospitality and the spirit of adventure of explorers! • Hotel Navigator 285, Sovetsky Av. tel. 566-222 fax 566-266

• Conference hall with a capacity for a hundred guests tel. 566-222

• Hotel Navigator sauna tel. 566-222

• Restaurant Navigator with 3 banqueting halls tel. 566-255

• Navigator Catering tel. 566-288


Svetlogorsk Russ Hotel


This famous hotel in the Svetlogorsk resort has an impressive record. Among the hotel’s guests there have been presidents, distinguished politicians, theatre and movie stars, outstanding musicians and public figures. The hotel is situated in a beautiful deciduous park, on a high cliff at the very edge of the Baltic Sea and is still regarded as the coziest place along the seacoast. Just a few meters away is the staircase which leads down to a welldeveloped sandy beach. Recently the hotel has taken on a new life. Nowadays it is a modern European hotel that is open for guests all the year round. It has 39 cozy and com-

fortable rooms, lobby-bar, lounge on the roof with open air Jacuzzi, sauna, billiards, and secure parking all of which are at the service of the guests. The famous restaurant is not only for hotel residents – people come here specially to have dinner on the terrace with a glass of delicious wine from the local wine cellar. And then maybe they decide to stay in the hotel for the full weekend… Svetlogorsk, 10, Vereschagina St. tel. (4012) 77-77-87

Baltika tel. (40-153) 2-14-57

Grand Palas tel. (40-153) 2-16-55

Georgensvalde tel. (4012) 76-07-35

Dom skazochnika tel. (40-153) 2-23-96 www.hoff

Lazurnyi bereg

Cranz Hotel

tel. (40-153) 2-15-22

tel. (40-150) 3-64-01

Olimp 72-v, Kaliningradsky Av. tel. (40-153) 3-31-00

Primor'e tel. (40-153) 3-90-80, 3-90-45

Raushen tel. (40-153) 2-15-64

Staryi doktor tel. (40-153) 2-13-62

Zelenogradsk Altrimo tel. (40-150) 4-12-44

Morskoe tel. (40-150) 4-13-66

Renessans tel. (4012) 72-93-02

Terrasa Lesnoe Sett., 26, A. Nevskogo St. tel. (40-150) 4-51-05

Baltiiskaya korona


8, Volodarskogo St. tel. (40-150) 3-24-90

Gold Orchid Hotel

Villa Lana tel. (4012) 53-37-27

Laptau tel. (40-150) 3-35-76


Koshkin dom tel. (40-150) 3-35-46

tel. (40-145) 2-10-98, +7 909 77-55-690

Hotel Golden Anchor tel. (40-145) 2-00-58

Gusev Gloriya 5, Pobedy St. tel. (40-143) 3-03-66


Korolevsky dvor (Royal Yard) tel. (40-143) 3-08-72



tel. (40-163) 3-72-65

tel. (40-143) 3-34-84




Hailigenbail 16


tel. (40-156) 4-01-09

Neman Neman 1, Sovetskaya St. tel. (40-162) 2-42-06


tel. (40-163) 3-10-31

Rossiya 2, Lunacharskogo St. tel. (40-161) 3-49-50

Til'zitsky dvor (Tilsit Yard) tel. (40-161) 3-71-71

Chernyahovsk Briz Baltiki


tel. (40-141) 3-12-52

tel. (4012) 52-30-14


Dom lesnika (House of a forest ranger)

tel. (40-141) 3-39-01

tel. (40-158) 2-32-30

tel. (40-141) 3-26-91


Pivnoi dvor (Beer Court)

tel. (40-158) 2-32-47

14, Suvorova St. tel./fax (40-141) 3-28-08


U Medvedya tel. (40-141) 3-48-15

Yantarny SCHLOSS-HOTEL Here, by the shore of the Baltic Sea, is a hotel surrounded by the century-old trees of the well-known Morris Becker Park. At one time it seemed that this unique architectural monument had been lost to later generations forever. But today it has been inspired with a fresh breath of air. As a result of reconstruction the historical architectural look of the building has been totally restored. Eighteen rooms of various categories are equipped to the standards of a modern 5-star hotel. Bar, living-room with a fireplace, spa centre, swimming pool, fitness centre, sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi, parking, conference hall, equipped beach – all of these are for the service of the hotel guests. A luxurious restaurant for 100 persons gives you the choice of the European cuisine. Please come to enjoy the picturesque sunsets with a glass of wine on the terrace of the hotel, which faces the sea. The spa centre invites you to experience unique health pro-

grams based on blue clay and amber. Nearby there is a diving centre, horse-riding facilities, surfing, beach volley-ball and football, bicycles, and trekking. The adjoining park with its fabulous varieties of trees is considered to be a real pearl of the sea coast. To remind yourself of your stay please take a piece of “sunny stone” with you – which you will definitely find during swimming or walking on the beach. Yantarnyi Sett., 68, Sovetskaya St. tel. (4015) 33-81-11

Bekker 72, Sovetskaya, St tel. (4012) 56-51-95

Akvatoriya 1-a, Sovetskaya, St tel. (4012) 66-91-99

Anna 10, Sovetskaya, St tel. +7 906 238-99-80

Dacha Khudojnika 1, Sovetskaya, St tel. (40-153) 37-007


What to eat


The choice of restaurants, cafes, bars, fast-food outlets, delicatessens and others is enormous. Restaurateurs offer a wide assortment of meals from the traditional to the exotic. In most places there is WI-FI, and on weekdays the main menu is supplemented with a business lunch special. In the morning many cafes and restaurants offer a special menu for breakfast and in the evening there is a “Happy Hour” when you can buy two meals for the price of one. In the centre of the city there are a lot of varied places where you can choose anything to eat to suit your personal taste, price and cuisine. Pies, cakes, Asian cuisine, Italian menu, Lithuanian meals – all these can be found in the public eateries in the cen-

tral streets and shopping centres. Quiet corners host very pleasant places that are away from the noise and hassle of the city. Everything depends only on your wish! Generally, eating places are open for customers till 12−02 in the morning. Some of them work round the clock. Japanese cuisine is becoming popular; apart from specialized places, a sushi menu can oſten be found in non-specialist ones. Smoked eel or eel shashlyki is a specialty of Kaliningrad. Some of the eateries offer as a specialty Köenigsberg “Klopsy”, meatballs cooked in the style of traditional East Prussian cuissine. There is an abundance of beer of different varieties imported from o Germany, the Czech Republic and G Lithuania, or brewed locally. Some L of the bigger restaurants have their o own micro-breweries and the taste o of the local beer compares well with o that of European producers. th

Zötler restaurant Bavaria is in the very heart of Kaliningrad! The main pride of the restaurant is the natural Bavarian Zötler Bier, which has been brewed at the family brewery in Rotenberg since 1447. The magnificent taste of this drink

and the hospitable staff create the atmosphere of comfort, sincerity and well-being of the real Bavaria! Also in the restaurant there is a rare musical instrument, a barrel organ. 3, Leninsky Av. (“Europe”) 50 meters from Pobedy Sqare tel. (4012) 91-91-81 Working hours: from 12:00 PM to 2:00 AM Svetlogorsk, 33, Lenina St. (Railway station Svetlogorsk-2 building)

is due to the crystal-pure water of the Bavarian Alps and the high quality natural ingredients. If you drop in here you will be able to try traditional cuisine from the south of Germany: pork shin with crispy crust, real German sausages, Swabia vareniki (fruit dumplings), bretseli (Bavarian pastries), obatzda (Bavarian cheese), and much more… The unforgettable stylish interior of the restaurant



Pivovar, Beer Restaurant

Bon-Bon, gurme-café

137-b, A. Nevskogo St. tel. (4012) 58-59-99

30, Teatral'naya St. (“Europe”) tel. (4012) 61-63-09




5, Gendelya St. tel. (4012) 99-26-06 JP

2, Vasilevskogo Sq. tel. (4012) 35-16-12.

76-b, Chernyahovskogo St. tel. (4012) 56-50-00 EUR


Capucin, coffee house 3/5, Kirova St. tel. +7 (9521) 17-11-60 CH



Dol'che Vita

PRO Sushi



41-43, Mira Av. tel. (4012) 21-45-88 EUR





Dreadnouth Beer Restaurant








Brikas 2, Pobedy Sq. (“Europe”) tel. (4012) 61-63-12




Vizavi Conventional signs: — restaurant

20, Chekistov St. tel. (4012) 56-30-61 EUR


— café

Grand Holl

— bar

18, Leonova St. tel. (4012) 93-48-28

— music — entertainment — striptease


— parking


— cuisine


— aproximate check

Tores 23, Teatral'naya St. tel. (4012) 53-06-30





Kartofan 133, Moskovsky Av. tel. (4012) 30-59-13




Universal, Restaurant 43, Mira Av. tel. (4012) 21-69-312




Leninsky 18 Drink Bar 18, Leninsky Av. tel. (4012) 53-53-86




Nautilus 40, Moskovsky Av. (basement floor) tel. (4012) 70-25-25 14−16, Chekistov St. tel. (4012) 77-22-23




Papasha Beppe, pizza chain 66-a, Kosmonavta Leonova St. tel. (4012) 95-11-77 22−24, Leninsky Av. tel. (4012) 53-25-25 EUR


Reduit Beerhouse 27, Litovsky val St. tel. (4012) 46-19-51




Sushi&More 81, Leninsky Av. tel. (4012) 35-07-73 JP



Charing Cross 53, A. Nevskogo St. tel. (4012) 35-45-21




Kruassan-café 79, Proletarskaya St. 23, Mira Av. 63, Leninsky Av. 87, Bagrationa St. 24, A. Nevskogo, 24 84, Mira Av. tel. (4012) 76-68-85 EUR


Reporter 18, Gen. Ozerova St. tel. (4012) 57-16-01




Nesselbeck Orlovka Sett., 7, Central'ny Av. tel. (4012) 37-41-14




Navigator 285, Sovetsky Av. tel. (4012) 566-255 RU






Malen'kaya Veneciya (Little Venice)


17, Oktyabr'skaya St. tel. (40-153) 2-15-46

Rybachy Sett., 11, Pogranichnaya St. tel. (40-150) 4-11-39




Afiny 2, Kurortny Alley tel. (40-150) 3-64-01 EUR


Rus 10, Vereschagina St. tel. (4012) 77-77-87, tel. (40-153) 2-14-45

Zurich 30, Kaliningradsky Av. tel. (40-153) 21-9-99

Renessans, Hotel Restaurant


17-v, Gagarina St. tel. (4012) 72-93-02




Georgenburg Maevka Sett., 10, Central'naya St. tel. (40-141) 3-39-01


72, Sovetskaya St. tel. (4012) 35-28-28, 55-61-95 29, Sovetskaya St.

Carry-out service Rus Catering


tel. (4012) 77-77-87, 71-89-09

3, Beregovoi Alley tel. (40-153) 2-14-90

Russky pir

Vika Central'naya Sq. tel. (40-153) 2-17-62

Zeeshtern 11, Morskaya St. tel. (40-153) 2-15-08, 2-15-01

Korvet 36, Oktyabr'skaya St. tel. (40-153) 2-20-40

tel. (4012) 46-26-25, (4012) 3914-32

Catering services Saron tel. (4012) 507-333 tel. (4012) 507-303

Navigator Catering tel. (4012) 566-288

Tourism company Pari-Tour You are invited to take an excursion (group or individual) around the Kaliningrad Region: • Svetlogorsk • Yantarny • Baltiysk • Kaliningrad • Chernyakhovsk

• Bagrationovsk • Shaaken • Curonian Spit You might also like to consider visiting six wonderful cities in Poland: Frombork, Elblag, Malbork, Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia. Transfer service is available in addition to regular service. In addition, trips can be arranged all over Europe (France, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary and so on). Svetlogorsk, 1/1, Central'naya Square, office 9A (near Rauschen, guest yard) tel. (4012) 37-68-80, +7 963 296-296-6 fax: (40153) 225-28 website: e-mail:


What to see Cathedral on Kneiphof (Kant) Island


This is the main historical symbol and the principal historic building in the region, which was restored in the 1990s. The Roman Catholic cathedral of the 14th century, which became a Lutheran church during the Reformation, stands alone on the park and museum island of Kneiphof. Here, by the walls of the cathedral, lies the sarcophagus of Immanuel Kant; in the chancel there are the graves of the governors of Prussia; on the tower of the cathedral the restored clock with its baroque face is functioning; and the steeple of the tower is crowned by a weathervane in the form of a mermaid with dugong – the symbol of Köenigsberg port. These days, there are a concert hall and a small museum in the former cathedral. There are annual organ concerts here and at the entrance to the museum a group of reconstructions demonstrate the armour of the Order of the Teutonic Knights. A pleasureboat, suit-

able for family or small groups, runs from the Severny (Northern) berth nearly the whole year round (see also p. 34). Knaiphof Island, 1, Kanta St. tel. (4012) 63-17-05

World Ocean Museum The principal maritime museum of the entire country includes an ex-

tensive collection of vessels. Vityaz (Knight) and Cosmonaut Patsaev (scientific and research vessels), a medium-sized fishing trawler and an attack submarine − B-413 of the Foxtrot class What to see 24 (such subma-

rines carried nuclear warheads towards the USA during the “Cuban missile crisis”), are moored near the main building. Inside, there are separate displays of amber samples, paleontological specimens, shells of mollusks and the history of navigation. The skeleton of a cachalot – the biggest in Russia – occupies a special pavilion. Beside it in the aquaria, tropical fish delight visitors with their incredible coloring, and in the special aquarium of the ocean world the catsharks surprise us with their habits. Since 2006 the Museum has been organizing an annual popular celebration “The Day of the Herring”. Guests and residents of the city come to the Pregol river bank where they can try out different kinds of fish meals, and participate in popular fairs and concerts. The highlight of this celebration is the eating of the multi-meter “herring under a fur coat” (a popular, traditional dish), whose size is worthy of being entered in the Guinness Book of Records! The museum complex also has responsibility for two city gates, the King’s and the Friedrichsburg gates, which are now adapted for museum purposes. The King’s gates are the unofficial symbol of the city. Inside, there is a historical and cultural centre dedicated to the “Grand Embassy”. This relates the story of the gates themselves and an account of Peter the Great’s visit to Köenigsberg during his famous mission to Europe

in 1697−1698. The Friedrichsburg gates used to be part of the powerful Fredericksburg fortress that controlled sea access to Köenigsberg. Today its spacious rooms are dedicated to the maritime history of the Baltic Sea and Russia and the exposition has the general title of “Maritime Sunday”..

tel. (4012) 63-27-42 King's Gates: 112, Frunze St. tel. (4012) 58-12-72 39, Portovaya St. Main building and musem's boats: 1, Petra Velikogo Quay tel. (4012) 53-17-44

Friedlander g gates These are part rrt o off th the e defensive circle cle of the Köenigsberg erg fortress. Theyy are one of the seven ven h wh ich c gates through which o pas asss.. travelers had to pass. seu eu um Inside the museum there is a display play pl ay of old articles that ttha at a were found during urr ng urin uri the construction tio tion ion of ion of the buildings an and and during cleansing ing of the city lakes. The major exhibit of the museum is the three-dimensional sional reconstruction on of


the old city, enabling visitors to feel that they are walking along the longgone streets of Köenigsberg. 30, Dzerjinskogo St. tel. (4012) 64-40-20.

local chamber music groups, and literary evenings. The museum has a number of branches, such as the archaeological dig of the Royal Castle, Fort Number 5 and the Lasch bunker (aſter the name of the last German commander of the Köenigsberg fortress). 21, Klinicheskaya St. tel. (4012) 45-39-02, 45-37-10.

Kaliningrad Art Gallery


Museum of history and art The oldest Kaliningrad museum is in the former building of the Stadthalle (City Hall), built in 1912. There are different exhibition areas focusing on nature and archeology, as well as three historically-themed halls: pre-war regional history, the region during war-time, and the post-war period. Archeological exhibits relating to the original, ancient Prussians and a local settlement of Vikings, are of particular interest to visitors. The museum is also used for exhibitions by young artists, concerts given by

The gallery is slightly over 20 years old and continues to develop as a centre for contemporary graphic art. Every year up to 40 exhibitions of foreign and Russian art take place here. A biennale of amateur photographers, “Photo mania”, is held in the gallery and different works by famous European artists are also brought here. 60, Moskovsky Av. tel. (4012) 4671-31

Central park The former tree-park of Luizenval is a favourite for both residents and visitors to the city. It is full of

the most unexpected historical and “magical” objects with their own distinctive features. For example, the small wooden hunting castle of Kaiser Wilhelm II is disguised as a park administration building. An amusing present to Kaliningrad on its 750 th anniversary (from the city Bodenverder – the home town of Baron Munchhausen) is the only monument in Russia to the cannon ball that the baron flew on, and visitors cannot resist “flying” on the baron’s cannon ball. A centenary memorial Lutheran church of Queen Louisa is evocative of the Napoleonic wars era as well as stories about the most romantic Queen of Prussia − Louisa, the grandmother of the Russian emperor Alexander II. Today the Puppet Theatre is situated in the building of the Lutheran church. And aſter you have enjoyed the views of the port and the distant surroundings from the Ferris wheel, and when the music on the summer-only stage has stopped playing, you can always have a pleasant, quiet stroll under the shade of 200 years-old trees, the most beautiful of which are fi ve giant beeches at the entrance to the park.

IMPORTANT! If you buy any articles of art and would like to export them, make sure you have got all the necessary documents for Customs. Museum and gallery staff will tell you what is necessary and how to organize the papers. 27

Amber museum


A visit to the large amber museum with its fabulous collection of articles and unique specimens of the “sunny stone” is a must for everybody. Over six thousand exhibits tell the story of the different uses man has made of amber – for medical and magical purposes, as charms and decorations… Among the exhibit areas of the museum are some that show restored fragments of the well-known Amber Room, the disappearance of which in 1945 from Köenigsberg still baffles the minds of historians and researchers. A vast collection of stones with “inclusions” – fossilised remains of living organisms – will take your imagination back fi ve and more million years to when these insects and pieces of plants were trapped in the amber resin. And the experts from the “PrusPrussian Honey art association will

help you to make your own souvenir, as if you were a craſtsman in amber yourself. 1, Vasilevskogo Sq. tel. (4012) 46-68-88

Fort Number 5, King Friederich Wilhelm III This hexagonal fortified construction of brick and concrete, with a size of approximately 215×100 meters, was built at the end of the 19 th century and is surrounded by a moat. The fort is part of the external defensive belt of the city-fortress Köenigsberg. German forces there strongly resisted the Soviet troops during the storming of Köenigsberg in spring 1945. Fiſteen Soviet soldiers were awarded the rank of Hero of the Soviet Union for their roles in the siege and capture of the fort. Their names are carved on a memorial plaque. In front of the fort there are examples of Soviet artillery, torpedoes and bombs. Next to the fort historical reconstructions of the storming of the fort are held regularly. 250, Sovetsky Av.

German Brahert Museum Herman Brahert (1890−1972) was a professor at KĂśenigsberg Art Academy, who didn’t share the views of the Nazis and was deprived of the right to work in Germany. Thus, he moved to Georgenswalde (Otradnoye). These days his house, right beside the sea, is a museum and a place for exhibitions. People from the arts and sciences also gather here for symposia and conferences. Otradnoe Sett., 7, Tokareva St. tel. (40-153) 2-11-66

Curonian Spit National Park; Museum of Curonian Spit The museum is located at the 14 th kilometer of the Curonian Spit; its displays are dedicated to the natural history of the Spit. Can you imagine that a narrow strip of land,

sandwiched between the sea and the lagoon for nearly 98 kilometers, could give shelter to such a variety of natural and landscaped zones, from the southern taiga to brushwood of mountain pine, from green alder thickets to small sandy deserts? The park is inhabited by West European, Southern and taiga varieties of animals, which live together side by side. In total the number of species and varieties comes to nearly 300 and there is the same number of bird varieties. For over 100 years the ornithological station has been operating here. Now it is attached to the Russian Academy of Science. (see also page 44) Rybachy Sett., 7, Lesnaya St. tel. (40-150) 2-13-46.

Shaaken castle The castle was mentioned for the first time in the chronicles of the



Zaharova St.

Kashtanovaya Avenue

Chekistov St. Scho rsa S t. Yana lova St.

Kalyazinskaya St.

rvs k aya St. St .

Besselya St.

Railway Gates

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Vagnera St. Botanicheskaya St.

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Bol'nic hnaya St.

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. St ya ka . es St ich ya sm ka s o ' l K u na r Ba

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Central Park

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Astronomic Bastion

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Tea t


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Petra Velikogo Q uay Museum Of The World Ocean

Portovaya St.

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Kras noo kty

Len in

a St. dorojnay Jelezno

aya St. Portov


Citadel Fridrihsburg

Serp uho vska ya S t.



Kolomenskaya St.

Dmitriya Donskogo St.


Pobedy Square

Queen Louise Kirch

El'b long skay a

n ve yA


St .

Ga rajn aya

Komsomol'skaya St.


Kosmonavta Leonova St.

Krasnaya St. Krasnaya St.

Shilera St.

Pugacheva St.

Komunal'naya St.

Oficerskaya St.

Me n jinsk ogo St. Sera fimov icha Rim St. Korsaskogokova St. Bramsa St. . Grekova St

North Railway&Bus Station


d be Po





Ge nd ely aS t.

t. aS sov No



va zo tu Ku

Kirova St.


Yablonevay a


l'sa St .

Zoo Mira Avenu

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St. Alberta Capella 30Radischeva St.

Rep ina St. Kiro va S t. Chaik ovsk ogo St.




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Mira Aven ue


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go sko hev

Chekistov St.


Church o Fa Branderburg Kalinina Gates


a St. Suvorov

Bogdana Hm

South Railway Station

Bus Station





Le rm on to va St .

Ne kra so va St .

go St . s ko

Dadaeva St.

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Kuib yshe va S t.

St. ya tna ror Ku

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Gorkogo St.

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Ber ego vay aS Pote t. mk ina St. U Ale fim ska ksa ya S ndr t. a

Artillerii iskaya St .


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pond Vasilevskogo Rakitnaya St. Amber Square Wrangel Museum Tower Rosgarten Gates . Li Fort R ova St St. to Baran ko g o vs oad h ov s k i

ze Frun

ул. Грига

Kazarmy Kronprinc aya


Kings Gates

St .

. aya St amenn Belok St. goda 1812



St. goda 1812

St. Griga

Pionerskaya St.

ул. Пионерская

Yaroslavskaya St.

pre 9A

Klin ic

hesk ay

St .


Prol et

sk Tom

y Va

enko S t.

Bastion Grol'man

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Historical Art Museum

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Central Square

a St.

St. ya


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evast'yanova St.

Grajdanskaya St.

Botk ina St.

Klin ic

Nerchinsk aya St.

St .

St. skogo

Sommera St.



Low er

ov Rokoss

Minskaya St



Serg eev a St.


aya St.

m Tehnik

Moskovsky Avenue Derevyanny Bridge

Tribuc a Qua y

Karbysheva Quay



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Pa vlo va St.



a Quay kay

yabr' skay a St .

Solnechnyi Avenue

St. kaya abr's Okty

Staropr ego l's

. St

th Park

go ko

nina Avenue


nskaya St.

ji er Dz

mel'nickogo St.

Oktyabr'skayab St.

a St.

of The Holy amily

Fridland Gates

Bastion Litva

Zakhaim Gates

Bus Station “Kenigavto”



Teutonic Order in 1261. Later the original wooden castle was rebuilt in stone and more construction works were carried out down the ages. Thus, the exterior of the building and its occupants have changed many times during long centuries. Today “Shaaken” is a very interesting place to get in touch with history literally. Enthusiasts have cleared the ruins of the castle, organized a museum of castle and siege weapons and a museum of… the inquisition. Aſter experiencing these horrors, visitors relax over their meal, prepared to ancient recipes, go horse-riding and try out their hands at archery. Nekrasovo Sett., Gur'evsky Area tel. +7 9062 30-05-51 e-mail:

The Georgenburg stud farm Four kilometers to the north of Chernyak-

hovsk, next to the Teutonic castle of Georgenburg, there is a stud farm of the same name that is famous for its annual international competition. Insterburg in pre-war times was famed for being the centre of horse breeding, in particular the autochthonous breed – the Trakehner – and Georgenburg successfully carries on these traditions. Tours of the stud farm and also dressage can be organized by the administration through agreement. There is also

a restaurant and a hotel. Chernyahovsk, Maevka Sett., tel. (40141) 32 301


The whole city is right here!

What to do


Concerts, theaters and cinema; activity holidays and tranquil contemplation of nature; night life and shopping – all of these are available for visitors and city residents.

What to see (See also Central Park, p.26, and Curonian Spit, p. 27 and 44).

Kaliningrad Zoo This is reputed to be one of oldest zoo parks in Russia; it was founded in 1896. Over 300 species of animals play, swim, growl, wander around, sleep and snore on the territory of 16.5 hectares of land. Because of the original landscape and the old treepark you can walk around the whole day long and, if you get tired, you can take a ride on a pony, electric train or a horse and carriage. During the weekends visitors can

participate in popular celebrations, quizzes and contests, and thematic tours. 26, Mira Av.

Botanical Garden of Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University Over 200 years ago at the initiative of the professors of Albertina University the foundation was laid for the Botanical Garden. The purpose of this was to carry out scientific research and grow seedlings for the city. The garden currently belongs to Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University and occupies 13.5 hectares of land where around 2.5 thousand different plants grow. There are hothouses, greenhouses and a picturesque pond whose deliberately “neglected” condition is constantly maintained by the garden staff. During the flowering period (practically the whole tourist season) the garden presents not only a feast of forms and colors of inflorescences but a unique variety of aromas and fragrances. 1, Lesnaya – Molodejnaya St. tel. (4012) 21-44-24

Shopping According to some statistics there are more shopping facilities in Kaliningrad per person than in all other parts of Russia. There really are a lot of shopping centres and boutiques in the city and customers will never be disappointed. A wide assortment of well-known brands, as well as simply nice and lovely clothing, plus homemade works and local couturiers’ design products, can all be found in Kaliningrad. Seasonal discounts and sales add a pleasant impression to any owner of a purchase. This will especially benefit anyone who would like to vary their wardrobe during the changeable Baltic weather.

such as Zara, New Yorker and Mango, leather accessories, a great selection of audio disks in the media centre, a Lithuanian restaurant Brikas, a Japanese sushi-bar Sushi Land, Bon-Bon gourmet-café, an ice-cream restaurant Gelateria Italiana, and a children’s’ play centre Igromax. 30, Teatral'naya St. tel. (4012) 61-62-51.

The Kaliningrad-Plaza shopping centre Wild Orchid and Konsul, along with other lingerie shops, are here, together with a bijouterie, a restaurant Zhazhda (Thirst), a beer restaurant Golden Vobla (Caspian Roach), a food-court with Russian, Caucasian and Asian cuisine, a multiplex cinema Karo-Film, a nightclub Zhara, and a twenty-four-hour supermarket Victoria. 30, Leninsky Av. tel. (4012) 77-77-30.

The Mega shopping centre The Akropol shopping centre Inexpensive clothes, footwear, sports equipment, makeup and jewelry can be found here. There are also a trattoria, Gusto, a Japanese restaurant Kano and a café called No Name. The address is 34, Prof. Baranov Street. tel. (4012) 66-82-03.

The Europa-Centre shopping centre Here are clothes and footwear including famous European brands −

This is a multi-brand complex consisting of several shopping centres. 17, Gen. Ozerova St. tel. (4012) 30-33-20.

The Ocean-Europa shopping centre Several single-brand shops of inexpensive European clothes from Castro, Sinequanon, S. Oliver and others are under one roof. 6-а −12-а, Chernyahovskogo St. tel. (4012) 65-55-50.


The Epicentre shopping centre This is the restored KÜenigsberg House of Technology. Clothing, footwear, jewelry, tableware, a branch of the regional chain Books and Small Books, a large branch of Children’s World, a beer restaurant Britannica, a multiplex cinema and a bowling centre, are available for customers. 36

East Prussian landscape Antiques: old postcards, maps, numismatics, booms. +7 906 210-06-40 +7 906 210-09-70

drawings, while the decorative design of the case (artistic carving and moving figures) was executed by Kaliningrad cabinet-makers. (In addition, the big organ has four manuals (keyboards), 90 registers and 8,500 pipes. For comparison, Johann Sebastian Bach played an organ with 23 registers in Arnshtadt). Both of the organs are connected by fiber optics. Concerts take place in the cathedral every day including short organ mini-concerts for visitors with little time to spare. (See also page 24) Knaiphof Island, 1, Kanta St. tel. (4012) 63-17-05.

Music, theatre, cinema Cathedral The concert hall of the cathedral specializes in symphony orchestras and organ concerts. The fantastic acoustics of this ancient building are perfectly suited to the two Germanmade organs, creating a remarkable condition for immersing yourself in an ocean of music. The big organ was reconstructed following pre-war

Drama Theatre On stage at the Drama Theatre you can see performances by the Drama Theatre’s resident company

and guest-company plays during the Baltic Seasons Festival (June − September). The festival has been going on for seven years and brings to Kaliningrad plays by both young and famous theatre companies from Russia and Europe. The evening performances on weekdays start at 7 pm and on the weekends at 6 pm. 4, Mira Av. 12) 95-81-88. tel. (4012)

Music Theatre This theater eater is a young one. It was founded d in 2001, and the core of the theatre atre company is made up of young g artists who graduated from the e Kaliningrad course of R ATA A . Together with the Helicon-Opera, -Opera, under the hip of D. Bertman, leadership a wide range of performances have been put on, covering g different styles including g operetta, musical, opera – such as Die Fledermaus, La a Traviata, Carmen, My Fair Lady, Gershwin-Gala, The Tsar’s Bride, Gipsy Love, Eugene ugene Onegin. 42, Basseinaya seinaya St. tel. (4012) 12) 21-25-43

Organ hall in the Philharmonic Theatre The philharmonic building is situated in the former Lutheran Church of the Holy Family (neo-Gothic, built in 1907, a designated architectural monument). The organ in this building predetermines half of the concert playbill. But apar apart from the organ concerts and festiv festivals (e. g. the Bach competition in h honour of Tariverdiev and the composer Mikael Tar jazz festivals, others) there are also jaz children’s conchamber music and child certs, romantic evening evenings, etc. 61-a, Bogdana Hmel'nic Hmel'nickogo St. tel. (4012) 64-78-90, www.kenigfi g

Zarya Cinema The theatre was op opened in the 1930s. During the G German period it used to be called Scala. Zarya is a m member of the prestigious Eur European network “EUROPA CINEMA” and is oriented tow towards European films. The ccinema not only shows films tthat are successful in bo box-office terms, but al also gives


runs to experimental films. Every month festivals of various countries’ films are shown, and each year there is a festival of films from all over Europe. The cinema also specializes in retrospectives. 41/43, Mira Av. tel. (4012) 21-45-88.

Shop and art-club Kvartira 38

This is just an ordinary Soviet home. A real person lived in this place for 30 years, who went to film festivals

and concerts, travelled around the world, and always used to bring something back from wherever he was. Books, films, glasses, photo albums, presents, vinyl records and more. And then he decided to make his home public. Everything is for sale here. It looks to you like a home, but in fact everything is for sale. And the interior keeps changing thanks

to the purchases. Here there are exhibitions, mini-concerts, movie clubs and workshops, or one can simply drop by in the evening for a chat with a local writer or photographer and have a glass of wine. You will soon see the city in an entirely new way. Meanwhile, all sorts of art projects have their beginnings here and anybody can participate in any of them without a problem. When you come here it is the custom to order some tea, coffee or juice and what happens later will follow its own course. When the weather is nice, the ping-pong table is taken outside where anyone can play. If you win against the owner he treats you with wine. There aren’t any employees here, only the owners, so you become friends and guests. This place is open every evening and sometimes during the day. We are human beings, not shops, the owners say and they work only when they feel like it. This place is written about on 13/17, S. Koloskova St. (reference point “Zarya” cinema) tel. (4012) 21-67-36.

Tourism company Region-Service • Rest and medical treatment in Kaliningrad and the Baltic Sea coast (Svetlogorsk, Zelenogradsk, Yantarny, Curonian Spit) This company has been in business since 1998. The objective is to promote the development of a highquality tourist services market in Russia, organising reasonably priced holidays up to the best inter-

national standards. The company is constantly developing and regularly expands its areas of activities.

• Booking hotels, sanatoria, boarding houses, private sector accommodation, recreation centres • Excursions, yachting holidays, fishing, excursions by plane • Group and individual transfers (rent a car)

One of the principal areas of its work is organizing health treatment trips to the Czech Republic, Lithuania and Israel. The company also arranges tourist visits to Kaliningrad Region and sends tourists to Mediterranean countries, Europe, Asia, South and North America.


Sleepless in Kaliningrad Vanonka club


“The most western club of the country” has been going since 1978 without stopping and is famous for its liberalism. You can oſten meet family groups of parents and children attending a concert by a well-known European group, a jazz evening or a celebration with local musicians. The most legendary events are the costumed balls on the eve of Halloween! 12, Stanochnaya St. tel. (4012) 95-66-77

the patrons like! Fans of disco, jazz or chanson music styles are equally happy here. 41/43, Mira Av. tel. (4012) 95-29-96.

Zhara club If two gigantic palm trees are lit-up with red at the entrance, it is going to be hot today in the club! Illuminated floors, gilded armchairs, fragments of the Sistine Chapel painting on the wall of the main bar… 30, Leninsky Av. tel. (4012) 37-75-50

Platinum club The best features of the club are two video systems made up of plasma screens. The central lounge combines bar, stage and dance area. Parties with Moscow DJ's and also fashion shows take place regularly. tel. (4012) 38-48-48

Drink-bar Leninsky-18 and Partizan Universal club The main lounge of the club reminds you of a cabaret setting from the 20's and 30's of the last century. Chillout areas are decorated in eclectic techno-ethnic style that

The drink-bar combines the format of the classic bar with the dance hall: those who do not like their music “flavorless” with electronic arrangements, will hear a lot of hits from around the world that will liſt

their bodies and souls. The upper terrace 40 of the bar is comfortable for chatting in the open air under the night sky, while cooling down aſter a dance marathon. If you want to change the surroundings and crowd you can walk next door to the other bar, Partizan (just 20 meters to the north), where the atmosphere and the people tend to be younger. Aſter that, just keep going to and fro between the two – Partizan again … Till 5 o’clock in the morning. Drink-bar: 18, Leninsky Av. tel. (4012) 53 53 86 “Partizan”: 18, Leninsky Av. tel. (4012) 98 10 17

Reporter club


Little Buddha club

34, Prof. Baranova St. (“Akropol”) tel. (4012) 66-82-03

Little Buddha Café Kaliningrad is a branch of France’s George V Eatertainment company. The oriental décor, flickering candlelight and exclusive music create the atmosphere of one of the cult places for relaxation in the modern world. Exceptional fusion cuisine is derived from Western modernism and Eastern traditions. 2, Pobedy Sq. (4012) 59-33-95

Café “Rafinad” (Sugar Cube) In daytime it is a perfect place for business meetings, and in the evenings the café is turned into a disco club – the lights are dimmed and dynamic speakers broadcast lounge-music by well-known and popular DJs. 60, Mira Av. tel. (4012) 933-500

KuriBambuk 10, Musorgskogo St. tel. (4012) 75-33-65

Friday and Saturday – live music. Every Monday there is a Jam Session. Interesting people and musicians get together here to have a rest and to relax. Every Thursday: club for Spanish language-lovers. 18, Gen. Ozerova St. tel. (4012) 57-16-01

Amsterdam club The liveliest club in the city 38/14, Litovsky val St. (In a “Kronprince” building) tel. (4012) 35-33-06


Sporting activities


Those who want to have active holidays during the summer can enjoy a lot of water sports. These include kiting, outdoor swimming, diving, kayaking and raſting. And this is not the full variety of water sports available. The best time to swim in the sea, of course, is during the summer months, but it is better to avoid the more isolated beaches, because the Baltic Sea is known for its treacherous currents, whereas the officially approved beaches are located in secure areas and equipped with rescue facilities. The Baltic Sea undoubtedly is colder than the resorts of more southern seas. But a lot of people value its special feature – the water pleasantly cools you down on a hot day. You should remember that the temperature of the water near the shore rarely goes above 20 degrees Centigrade. In winter in Kaliningrad there are several skating rinks where you can rent a pair of skates and enjoy yourself skating. One of them provides these services all the year round. When there has been a good fall of snow people like to visit and enjoy the ski slope near Ozyorsk (118 kilometers from Kaliningrad).

In summer you can rollerblade in the City Park at Yaltinskaya Street (rental facilities are available here) and also on a special ground at the Verkhneye (Upper) Lake. There are horse-riding possibilities in several locations across the Kaliningrad Region. But it needs to be mentioned that horse-riding must be supervised by professional instructors. Guest riders can choose either a long trek or a short one depending on your own resources and level of proficiency, and also the advice of a specialist. One of the best stud farms is Georgenburg beside Chernyakhovsk. And those who love something more daring will be thrilled with parachute jumping. There are training facilities in Devau (Kaliningrad) and a place near Gvardeysk, where everyone has a chance to fly through the sky – of course, aſter an obligatory prior briefing. Unforgettable feelings for greenhorns and amateurs are guaranteed!

Water entertainment Regional yacht-club Pribrejny Sett. tel. (4012) 46-63-11

Kaliningrad windserfing club, tel. (4012) 22-01-97, 76-73-13

Hydrosphere Kaliningrad, 2, Garajnaya St., oďŹƒ ce 303 tel. +7 906 238-81-11, (4012) 56-34-78

Lasertag Lasertag Kaliningrad +7 909 777-24-41, +7 902 251-88-93

Billiards Bizon 2, Marshal Vasilevsky Sq. tel. (4012) 35-16-18

Burevestnik yacht-club Kaliningrad, 11, Yanalova St. tel. (4012) 57-77-39, 57-77-42

Curonian Sails 43

Kaliningrad region, Gur'evsky Area, Rojkovo Sett. tel. +7 921 7-11-03-32

Demersus dive centre Kaliningrad, 239, Gagarina St. tel. +7 906 238-78-11, +7 906 238-10-52

4Ń…4 safari Kaliningrad, 139-a, Pobedy Av. tel. (4012) 93-33-41

Devyaty val 7, Kirova St. tel. (4012) 91-87-07

Paintball Kenigstrike +7 909 777-38-36

Bowling Multiplex & Bowling centre 2, Gor'kogo St. tel. (4012) 30-42-89



The sea coast is half an hour’s drive from Kaliningrad. However, nowhere in the region is more than three hours’ drive from the city. There are various resort towns along the Baltic Sea coast, each of them having its own unique nature and local culture.

The town itself is small and cozy and a person instantly wants to “abandon everything and settle down here for good”. You really shouldn’t do it! But, what is worthwhile doing here is to sunbathe, check the time with the sundial, and fi nd a rhododendron

Svetlogorsk (Rauschen) This town differs from other Kaliningrad resorts by having the biggest number of sanatoria. They specialize in treating cardiovascular and neurological illnesses, problems with the musculo- skeletal (locomotor) system, digestion and blood circulation. If you’re not doing any of this you can get a suntan and swim in the sea or in Lake Tikhoye (Silent), where one can rent a boat or a catamaran.

as high as a two-storied house on a quiet backstreet. The Zodiac Signs sundial, together with the 20th century tower on the mud-cure clinic, are regarded as the symbols of Svetlogorsk. Reproductions of them are the most distinctive Svetlogorsk souvenirs. During the summer there are a lot of bicycle, rollerblade, motorcycle and tandem rental

places. In the centre you can’t miss the local version of Moscow’s Arbat with souvenir stalls, and street musicians and painters. A large number of cafes and small restaurants, catering for every taste and pocket, will enliven your walks. Cinema lovers will want to attend the annual film festival, Baltic Débuts.

Svetlogorsk information and tourist centre 7-a, Karla Marksa St. tel. (40-153) 2-20-98, tel./fax (40-153) 2-17-63 Information website:

Yantarny Yantarny (Palmnicken) welcomes you with green streets, ridge-roofed houses and tidy front gardens. One of the widest beaches in the region is here, in some places stretching over 100 meters down to the sea. As well as relaxing on the beach it is worth buying some amber souvenirs, and viewing the amber creations of craſtsmen on display in the exhibition complex at Yantarny Zamok (Amber Castle). Here you can ponder on the origin of this mysterious stone (the “warmest” one among the stones) and its inexplicable concentration at this particular place. The town derives its name Yantarny (Amber) from being the site of the largest deposits of amber in the world. Yantarny Combinat does the industrial mining of the semiprecious stone. Its huge opencast

mine gets bigger as the stones are extracted and washed, and deserves a separate excursion. Some people find small pieces of the “sunny stone” aſter storms at sea. And if you are really lucky you might stumble on a nugget the size of a fist. Such a trophy would be the best souvenir!

Information and tourist centre: Yantarny Sett., 62-a. Sovetskaya St. tel. (40-153) 3-73-86

Curonian Spit This is a narrow strip of land 98 kilometers long, ranging in width from 400 meters to four kilometers. It is a kind of semi-island that ends in the north at the Lithuanian city of Klaipeda. Curonian spit is a very rare example of a manmade landscape. Centuries ago a method was elaborated for anchoring the sand with plants, and a special netting of brushwood was introduced in order to stop the “shiſting dunes”, which sometimes covered whole castles and settlements. Since that time a unique natural world of great diversity has developed. The Curonian Spit National Park is listed as a World Heritage Site by U N E S CO and enjoys protected status. The Curonian Spit has one of the highest sand dunes in Europe, with a height of 60 meters, and also the


Dancing Forest where the pine trees are frozen in bizarre postures. Over 30 recreation centres in the settlements and in the forest itself offer their facilities to visitors. It is important to remember that a number of ecological regulations are enforced in the Spit, e. g. lighting fires is forbidden (see also page 27).


Information centre of the Curonian Spit national park complex Lesnoe Sett. (museum complex) tel. (40-150) 4-51-19. Booking service, excursion booking, bicycle rent.

Zelenogradsk (Cranz) The quickest way to get to the seaside is to go to Zelenogradsk. Its closeness to the regional centre is made even faster by the autobahn – part of the Primorskoye Koltso (ringroad) leading to Zelenogradsk. The sanatoria in Zelenogradsk specialize in cardiovascular, gynecological and neurological medical treatments. A variety of beach festivals and competitions are held in the city. Zelenogradskiye skovorodri (frying pans) – gentle depressions in the dunes – are very popular here and protect you from the sea breeze. You can get a suntan even in April. Zelenogradsk is the starting point of Curonian Spit.

Information and tourist centre: Zelenogradsk, 7, Moskovskaya St. tel. (40-150) 3-27-90 Rybachy Sett., 2, Pobedy St. tel. (40-150) 4-13-49 You can also book a excursion in Kaliningrad information centre Curonian Spit, 2, Sergeeva St., apt. 402, tel. (4012) 53-29-07, 53-93-06,

Baltiysk (Pillau) This port town used to be a large military and naval base but today Baltiysk is open to Russian and foreign tourists. People who like to have a rest away from the hurlyburly

and who are also interested in fortifications and military matters come here first. The most famous sights are: a lighthouse by the outstanding German architect Karl Schinkel, built in 1813; a monument to Peter the

Great and Empress Elizaveta Petrovna; and, of course, the Baltic Fleet. Other attractions worth visiting include: • Naval cathedral; • Swedish castle, a complex of defensive constructions from the 17th century, built by order of the Swedish King, Gustav Adolf II; • Cross of St. Adalbert by the settlement of Beregovoye-Tankitino (previously Tenkitten) in memory of Bishop Prazhsky, who was a Christian missionary killed in 997 by pagans – the original Prussians. Saint Adalbert

Voizeh was thought to be the protector of Eastern Prussia.

Baltic Spit This spit is less famous than her sister, the Curonian Spit. But it is the same wonderful natural environment with its pristine charm. Tourists here have the chance to feel like “natives” – endless beaches, the saline Baltic Sea, the freshwater Kaliningrad lagoon, pine forests and fields full of berries. More adventurous visitors are welcome to explore the dungeons of the former military base. And street races are organized at the landing strip of the previous military aerodrome. The ferry boat from Baltiysk will take you to the Spit.




(Neukuhren) This town was founded as a fishing village. But beginning from the 19 th century it started developing as a port and a resort thanks to the extensive beaches and restful nature of the surroundings. Recently an oďŹƒcial state residence was built here. The port can handle foreign yachts, and a new promenade makes it possible to walk by the sea at any time of the year. All these have led to the town gaining in popularity among Kaliningraders and visitors every year.

Chernyakhovsk and castle Insterburg The history of Chernyakhovsk (Insterburg) goes back to the construction of the Teutonic Order castle in 1336. The Knights' House was visited several times and used as a residence by well-known persons such as the Earl of Derby – the future King Henry IV of England (1390), Georg Friedrich Margrave (1583), the Ninth Kurfurst (Elector) Johann Sigismund (1612) and the Swedish

Queen Maria-Eleanor – Princess of Brandenburg, the widow of King Gustav Adolf (1643) and others. Alongside the castle the town started its own evolution and developed a reputation of being the horse

Mecca of Europe. Chernyakhovsk continued these traditions by organizing its own horse competitions from 1995. Furthermore, in 1936 the first trolley-bus began its maiden voyage in Eastern Prussia. And this is also the place where the zip fastener was invented. Insterburg used to be a town of architects (Hans Bernhard Scharoun, Schinkel Karl Friedrich, Schwedler Iohann Wilhelm). And to this day the town has kept its unique landscape and coloring.

Thanks to the activities of the Dom-ZAMOK (House-Castle) Fund (since 1997) the Insterburg castle is the only place in the Kaliningrad Region where you can see during the tourist season a medieval theatre, fire performance, castle dungeons, and artist and craſt sman workshops. A number of events take place annually such as a festival of plays “Castle of Fairy Tales”, a festival of style “Epoch. Music. Costume”, a modern art festival “INSTERfest”, and a festival of creativity “Frontiers of the Millenium”. There is a wonderful atmosphere in this place! 1, Zamkovaya St. Chernyakhovsk tel. +7 9062 33-78-63

Polessk (Labiau) This is where the Deima River flows into the Curonian

Spit and every Kaliningrad fisherman knows the place well. Labiau used to be a mighty fortress and a centre of Christian pilgrimage. One of the Labiau castle premises hosts a local history museum. The town is built on polder land – the surrounding area is below sea level, which is comparable with the Netherlands,


and is crisscrossed with channels and dams, while the system of sluice gates prevents flooding.

Pravdinsk (Friedland) Approaching Pravdinsk the traveler can see from far away the tower of Svyatogeorgievsky Church, a former Lutheran cathedral of the 14th century. It is regarded as the oldest cathedral in East Prussia and the biggest one aſter the

cathedral in Köenigsberg. Friedland got its status of a town in 1335 and became famous during the Napoleonic Wars. In 1807 a battle between Russian-Prussian forces and the French army took place here.

Gusev (Gumbinnen) This is one of the pearls of the Kaliningrad Region. There are 50

memory of Russian and German soldiers who fell during the First World War; a Lutheran church built in 1752 by migrants from Austrian Salzburg, and a number of administrative buildings are of particular interest to tourists. Gusev residents are deservedly proud of two major symbols of the town. One of them is the sculpture of a gigantic moose, which used to be a talisman of East Prussia; it was erected in 1912 and today it is in the public garden on Pobeda (Victory) Street. The second one is the historical fresco, totally restored in 2008, depicting “King Friedrich meets emigrants from Salzburg”. This fresco astonishes everybody with its craſt smanship and size (16×12 meters). One can see it in the assembly hall of the agricultural technical secondary school. (Before the war there was a male gymnasium, Friedrichshule, in this place).

Slavsk a lot of well-preserved architectural and historical monuments here. A chapel built at the beginning of the 20 th century is dedicated to the

The favourite area for fishermen and hunters before 1945 was Hainrichsvalde (Henry’s Forest). Here you will find excellent forests, scenic bogs, flood lands, numerous

lakes, channels and rivers full of fish. Activity holiday lovers will enjoy the 65 kilometer bicycle route which is organised here. The major architectural feature of Slavsk is a very old Lutheran church.

Sovetsk (Tilsit) This is the business card of the Kaliningrad Region for travelers

has an unusual system of illumination that attracts of a lot of attention. Queen Louise is the favourite historical character of the residents, and the local history museum has a separate exposition dedicated to her. Walking through the town reveals a lot of secrets of East Prussian history, thanks to many prewar buildings including those designed by the world-renowned architect, Erich Mendelssohn. Not far from the theatre there is a symbol of the town – a Tilsit moose. The design of the Sovok restaurant in the Hotel Russia is strikingly reminiscent of the Leonid Brezhnev era! At the local cheese dairy the famous Tilsit cheese is still being made to this day. The first cheese was made by Swiss emigrants in the 19 th century.

Museum of Sovetsk history from the north. Sovetsk is a rapidly developing transport, logistical and trading centre on the Neman River. The bridge of Queen Louise, built in 1907, evokes the memory of an important historical event, the Tilsit peace agreement of 1807. If you have a valid Schengen visa you can simply walk across the bridge to Lithuania. At nighttime the bridge

34, Pobedy St. tel. (40161) 34638 Sovetsk's information website: Information and tourist centre: 1, Teatral'naya St. tel. (40-161) 34-96-31




(Gerdauen) This town is famous among tourists and locals thanks to the well preserved atmosphere of an ancient town with its narrow cobbled streets and a castle on the hill, the very old half-timbered houses of the 14th century in the very centre of the settlement, and a brewery, Kinderhof-Gerdaunen, which doesn’t make beer any more but still represents a vivid example of the industrial architecture of the 19 th century.

Chistye Prudy (Clear Ponds) In the former German Tolmingkemen and the present-day Russian

settlement Chistye Prudy there is a memorial museum of Kristijonas Donelaitis, “the father of Lithuanian literature”. Here he wrote his major work, the poem “The Seasons”, which entered the annals of Lithuanian culture. The museum was opened in 1979, and since that time regular exhibitions, meetings and literature readings have been taking place here.

Lake Vistutis (Vyshtynets Lake) Sometimes Vyshtynets is called the European Baikal. It is the deepest, biggest and the most pure lake in the Kaliningrad Region. It covers 16 square kilometers and the water border between Russia and Lithuania lies here. Its depth reaches 52 meters. The lake was formed around 90 thousand years ago during the Ice Age. It is filled with water from numerous springs and streams. You can catch eel, whitefish, Baltic whitefish and burbot. The western shore of the lake borders the virgin forests of Romintensky (Krasnolesye).

Agritourism Living all the time in the bustle of cities one would sometimes like to have a rest away from all the noise and just wander around in the fresh air. It is possible to do this in comfort, enjoying home-cooked meals in the leisurely atmosphere of agricultural properties. This kind of break will appeal to those who like the morning crowing of a rooster, the tranquility of the evenings, quiet days and unique romantic nights in the countryside. Walks in the open air, the rural way of life and the ingenuousness of local traditions will pleasantly relax you. The contrast with the everyday regime of city residents, fed up with life’s hassle, provides a totally new lease of life. Fishing, picking mushrooms and berries, the smell of cut grass in the fields and the murmur of the leaves, bring one closer to nature. In this setting one can watch the farming activities, and maybe even

try to cultivate the soil, cut the grass and chop the wood, experiencing firsthand some aspects of rural life.

Sergey Zaets Farm The farm of Sergey Zaets is hidden away in a quiet place by Vistutis (Vyshtynets). To have a pleasant time away from the city, you can take part in some farm work or help to look aer the animals, but these are not the only things you can do in this peaceful place. The romanticism of this rural experience is complemented with ameni-

ties like parking and pleasant rooms. There is also an open area for tents. One can rent a bicycle or go for a walk in the woods, pick berries and mushrooms when it is the season for


this activity, or take a steam bath. You can learn more about agricultural machinery and equipment, how crops are grown and enjoy the home cuisine. Nesterovsky Area, 6, Ozerki Sett. tel. (40-157) 9-32-51.

Mushkino Homestead 54

This three-storey guesthouse is built on the foundation of a German manor. It has nine very comfortable rooms. A path from the house leads to the River Zvonkaya (Ringing) where there is a banya, a summer kitchen with a hearth, and a pagoda by the well. From the top of the hill a deer farm can be seen and in the evening one can feed the deer by hand. Guests at Mushkino can go fishing for for carp and trout, take walks in Klingbeksky tree-park, and indulge in clay-pigeon shooting. The owners

can suggest special walking routes – an ecological excursion to Venice of Reeds, a trip to the ruins of the Teutonic castle of Balga, and walks to the ponds where beavers build their dams, to badgers’ setts, to a deer nursery, and even greet the dawn in a hide on a swamp! Bagrationovsky Area, Mushkino Sett. tel. (4012) 95-82-09

Country estate Club Klyuken This is a fantastic holiday place for adults and even more for children. In summer there is an international children’s camp with language learning facilities (teachers are students − volunteers from Europe), with an academy of cuisine, a horseriding school and even its own video studio. And one certainly mustn’t miss walks in the forest for mushrooms and berries, swimming in the lake, fishing… Zelenogradsky Area, 9, Klyukvennoe Sett. tel. (4012) 37-80-23,

Country estate Koziy Dvor (Goat Yard) If you follow the old cobbled road you will find yourself in the country estate of the king’s forest warden,

logs, a Prussian style café-bar, children’s playground (children are supervised by trained personnel), and a mooring place for boats with a fully equipped slipway. The homecooked meals are prepared from local products. Matrosovo Sett., 20, Levoberejnaya St. tel. (4012) 39-06-58, mob. +7 911 453-25-69.

House of a forest ranger

built in 1900. A small pond with a pagoda overlooking the water, an area paved with old wooden beams for car-parking, and a set of farm implements combine to create an unforgettable atmosphere. Polessky Area, Zelenovo Sett., Lipovaya St. tel. +7 905 243-79-06

Country estate Gilge This is an old German house that can accommodate 18 guests. Available to guests are a living-room with a fireplace, a Russian banya using

The complex comprises several buildings and is located in an ecologically clean area next to a large, picturesque forest. It is possible to organize a quiet family holiday, business meetings and conferences, as well as celebrations and other festive events. Polessky area, Sosnovka Sett. tel. (40-158) 2-32-30

IMPORTANT! The Polessk Rajon is a polder area; the land here is below sea level as in the Netherlands. And, just like the Dutch, the coastal areas are crisscrossed with channels. The surroundings of the River Matrosovka and the Timber Channel are rightly known as one of the most scenic areas in the district.


Business Kaliningrad


There is a special economic zone regime in the Kaliningrad Region, the approved residents of which are granted tax concessions. Traditionally the regional capital is regarded as a large business centre with a port complex, factories for car and television set assembly, a furniture-making cluster and other big industries. Medium and small size businesses are represented by around 5,000 organizations and entrepreneurs. The Kaliningrad Region is surrounded by European Union countries, thus there are a lot of foreign consulates and business associations.

Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs 8, Oktyabr'skaya St. tel. (4012) 59-26-06

The Foreign Investors Association in the Kaliningrad Region 8, Oktyabr'skaya St. tel. (4012) 59-26-78

Government of the Kaliningrad Region

Administration of Kaliningrad City

Kaliningrad Chamber of Commerce 20, Vatutina St. tel. (4012) 95-68-01

Hamburg Chamber of Commerce 39, Kutuzova St. tel. (4012) 95-55-44

Kaliningrad Sea Commercial Port 24, Portovaya St. tel. (4012) 69-24-67

Kaliningrad State Fishery Port 1, 5 th Prichal'naya St. tel. (4012) 63-22-32

Imanov and Partners, legal advisers tel. (4012) 38-54-99

Gutenberg! Digital typography, rapid print, mobile exhibition equipment 2, Garajnaya St. tel. (4012) 56-36-34

Prussian Honey Interactive, ethnographic, jewellery and amber workshop.

Ganza 17, Chaikovskogo St. tel. (4012) 95-65-32

Consulates General Consulate of the Lithuanian Republic 133, Proletarskaya St. tel. (4012) 95-76-88 Visa Department: tel. (4012) 95-94-86

General Consulate of the Republic of Poland

tel. +7 9062 13-77-41

Max Preuss manufactur souvenirs, photos of Kรถenigsberg, postcards tel. (4012) 50-73-10

Conference halls Administrative and Business Centre Fish Village 8, Oktyabr'skaya St. tel. (4012) 59-25-59

Congress Hall of World Ocean Museum 1, Petra Velikogo Quay tel. (4012) 53-05-47

51, Kashtanovaya Av. tel. (4012) 97-64-40 Economic Department: 81, Mira Av. tel. (4012) 21-87-41

Consulate of the Lithuanian Republic in Sovetsk 22, Iskry St. tel. (40-161) 38-16-5


General Consulate of the Federal Republic of Germany 4, Leningradskaya St. Visa Department: tel. (4012) 92-02-19 General Information: tel. (4012) 92-02-18

Representative Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark in Kaliningrad 4, Pobedy Sq. tel. (4012) 71-68-68

The Nordic Council of Ministers Information Offi ce in Kaliningrad: 6, Chernyahovskogo St., offi ce 116 tel. (4012) 72-81-72


Branch of the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in the Russian Federation in Kaliningrad 35-a, D. Donskogo St. tel. (4012) 21-44-12

Hanseatic Bureau Embassy of the Latvian Republic in the Russian Federation Administrative Offi ce of the Consulate Department: 52-a, F. Engel'sa St. tel. (4012) 56-55-01

Information Offi ce of SchleswigHolstein in Kaliningrad 39, Kutuzova St. tel. (4012) 95-32-40

Representative Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation in Kaliningrad 17, Kirova St. tel. (4012) 21-06-26

Above all When in Kaliningrad, it is essential to: …drop in to one of the castles: Balga or Insterburg or Shaaken or any other. They are in different states of physical condition, and offer varying amounts of activity, but sometimes a ruin on its own speaks more about its time than a restored castle. …visit the Köenigsberg Cathedral of the 13th century on the island of Kneiphof. In the prewar period it was surrounded by a densely populated area, but nothing was leſt aſter the Allied bombing raids. Aristocratic residents of Köenigsberg were buried in the walls of the cathedral. …please visit the tomb of Immanuel Kant, the philosopher – the most famous person who lived in this city and did so all his life. It adjoins the green park around the cathedral. …take a ride to the sea coast. Listen to the murmur of the sea, on a warm day walk barefooted on the Baltic sand – fine and soſt underfoot. On a cool day simply enjoy the boundless, tranquil

scenery. The most pleasant sights to view are the dawns and sunsets in summer; during the longest days of the year the sun rises from beyond the sea’s horizon and sets back there at dusk. …take with you two or three miniature figures made of local marzipan. You can put them on display on ashelf and appreciate their sculptural work; or you can have them with your cup of tea and bring back your memories of this place. …choose an amber souvenir for yourself. It is a warm stone – frozen resin – and would be the best lucky charm you can have or simply get one as a memento of your trip to Kaliningrad. …take a stroll among the old townhouse areas on the streets of Krasnaya, Pugachyov, Telman and Kutuzov. There are still a lot of prestigious houses from the beginning of the 20 th century. The layout of the area is not traditional for a Prussian city: there are many avenues, circular squares and small, twisting streets. Walking along Kutuzov Street when the chestnuts are in bloom gives one the greatest pleasure..


Site of the Tourism agency of the Kaliningrad Region:

Site of the Tourist Information Centre:

tel./fax (4012) 56-34-33, 38-51-28 Art Director – M. Popov Customer Relations Managers – M. Khisamudinova, V. Kuznetsova Typesetting – A. Zaytsev, V. Drigo Photography – D. Vyshemirsky, M. Popov, L. Brilevskaya, S. Kolbanyova, A. Zaytsev and others. Text – S. Kolbanyova, A. Popadin Translation from Russian into English – Irina Dewar

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Tourist passport Kaliningrad Region. English.  

Travel Guide "Tourist Passport" Publisher Pictorica. Kaliningrad

Tourist passport Kaliningrad Region. English.  

Travel Guide "Tourist Passport" Publisher Pictorica. Kaliningrad

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