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What you can read here? The Presidents´ Times double edition Jan + Dec

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Banska Bystrica Bratislava Comenius University Kosice Nitra Trnava Presov

Conferences 10 LEAD 2013 14 Symposium 15 NTC 2013

Hey AIESEC Slovakia! With this newsletter we would like to close the year 2012 and introduce main things which has already happened in 2013. December passed very quickly, most of AIESECers started with their pre-exams preparation and preparation of our national project Educate Slovakia. Main events which happened in LCs were elections of the new generation of the leadership body in the country. Starting with LCPs, than EBs, MCP, now MC and NST soon. This is very unique part of AIESEC to have a turn over of top management positions every year and at the same time our organization exists, grows and prospers. That is why in order to make it even better now we are going to the process of transition. For the current once, Be ready to pass all essential knowledge, and for elects, to get it, improve and implement. With this I proudly welcome all lucky once who got a chance to lead the country in the nearest future. Always yours, Nadin MCP of AIESEC in Slovakia 2012-2013 2

LC Banska Bystrica

Noro ,,Magic Moon“ Zigmund, LCP elected for the term 13/14

News 11 GCDPi realizations (175% growth in comparison with last year) - two projects at the same time: Educate Slovakia in Zvolen and Educate in Action outsourced in Martin, plus other realizations FunkMe was organized by LC, though it was cancelled One new financial partner - Evonik So far one NDK company sold


LC Bratislava

Zuzana Maderova, LCP elected for the term 13/14

News RE:5 real/2 plan, MA:9 real/9 plan, RA:12 real/16 plan ES matched Full EB selected (10 candidates originally) LCP elected (1 candidate Zuzana Maderova) OPS co-organized with LC CU Xmas party OCP & OC working on NTC TLDs application released


LC Comenius University News 12 realizations (10 GCDPi & 2 GCDPo) 2 rounds of ES at the same time (8 schools, 8


new local partners: Amazon, Faculty of Management CU 7 companies for NDK sold amazing LEAD conference organized by LCCU Board of Advisors establishment in positive progress spring RCTM already started

Jakub Slamka, LCP elected for the term 13/14


LC Kosice News 7 applicants for EB So far 5 NDK companies sold, just one registered Petra Judicakova, LCP elected for the term 13/14

Cooperation with universities TUKE and UPJS for NDK Collaboration with student´s radio StuRKo


LC Nitra Barbara Turcanova, LCP elected for the term 13/14


RE: 1 GIPo, 4 GCDPi (ES), 3 GCDPo

Full EB selected (7 applicants for EB positions) All VPs from our EB were nominated for Best VP Both universities (UKF and SPU) agreed for NDK promo partnership


LC Trnava News RE 4 GCDPi (ES), 3 GIPo Full EB selected (7 applicants) OC Symposium started working

Silvia Erdélyiová, LCP elected for the term 13/14

CEEDer from Turkey for GCDPi RA 3 TNs for new project Tea at 5 o´clock


IG Presov

Who will be LCP for the term 13/14? Stay tuned ď Š


3 RE: 1 GIPo, 1 GCDPo, 1 GCDPi overfulfillment of GCDPi year plan ! (150%) continuing ICP transition along with callings and meetings (potential TN to be raised:) Xmas party


LEAD 2013 LEAD 2013 was very important conference for AIESEC Skia. We had elections for our new MCP for the term 13/14 and for MC. Also it was important for future leaders of the country.

LEAD 2013 was yet another amazing national conference and I believe it kicked off the year 2013 in an amazing way. Coming together as current and future generation of leaders, electing new MCP and giving the confidence to MC, and attending LEAD programme truly created an inspiring and motivating environment. Moreover, I'm very proud of our OC from LC CU that did a great amount of work, managed to organized the conference in the best possible way and create a very cool atmosphere throughout the whole conference. Good job! See you all at NTC & Bridge! Nada Khafajova, LCP LC CU 10

Lucka Ihnatova – MCPe for 2013/2014 Running for MCP of AIESEC in Slovakia was one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life. Because it is not about the title you get, it is about the responsibility you are offering to take on. The responsibility of being an everyday example, the responsibility of being the mirror of the country and the promise to be the one who is giving a direction with clear vision in your head. I am very happy, thankful and proud that AIESEC in Slovakia gave the trust to me and my vision, that we have the courage to take up the challenge of next year. At the end, it is not about the numbers, the measures of success, but it is about what actually those numbers mean. They mean changed lives, they mean improved society, they mean unique experiences. And it is my honor to be the one to take the first step towards that ambition, because I believe the next year is the defining year of AIESEC in Slovakia. And as I said in my speech, what is it going to be-are we tuc tuc or are we classical music? I cannot wait to find out with all of you Lucia Ihnatova, MC VP BD in AIESEC in Slovakia 11


BEST TEAM LEADER Natalia Packova (LC NR)


BEST VP ICP Zuzana Maderova (LC BA)

BEST VP ER Norbert Zigmund (LC BB)

BEST VP FIN Zuzana Varmusova (LC BA) BEST VP PR Zuzana Svec-Billa (LC BB)

BEST VP TM Filip Valusiak (LC TT)

BEST VP OGP Nika Kimlickova (LC BA)


Symposium 2013 What is it about? Symposium is a conference about business and entrepreneurship organized as a national project of AIESEC Skia. Delegates will have knowledge how to start their business, how to implement their ideas and how to sell it and be successful.

Symposium 2013 is organized by LC Trnava + Monika Rimociova (LC NR) and as a conference manager Mia Ilavska (MC) and conference seller Lucia Ihnatova (MC).


When? 22nd – 23rd of February

Where? CVTI in Bratislava

How much? Delegates fee is 20 â‚Ź

Where you can find informations? ymposiumSlovakia?ref=ts&fre f=ts

How you can sign up? adsheet/viewform?formkey=d GM1Rm14dUVvT3J2S25qeUp GZF9ieGc6MQ


National Transition Cottage 2013 NTC of Witchcraft and Wizardry is 3 days conference mainly for EB current and EB elected where EBc is delivering sessions for EBe to help them to be perfectly prepared for their term. Each functional area is together and has own agenda for all days.

NTC 2013 is organized by LC BA. Here is the OC!

Where? Hotel Satel, Poprad When? 8th – 10th of February Registration link: FY4LUJIMEFVSDY3SjJLNks3bzZWVXc6MQ#gid=0

DDL for registration: 3rd of February 23:59 CET More informations: link for facebook event



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LCP newsletter - December, January  

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