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3300 North “A” Bldg. 7, Ste. 260 Midland, Texas (next to Mr. Gatti’s) 432.570.4400

Therapy can be FUN!! Talk Tools is an oral motor program designed to be used with clients with oral-motor deficits related to poor muscle control as seen in children with Downs Syndrome, Apraxia, Dysarthria, drooling, and articulation difficulties. Talk Tools uses oral exercises and tactile cues to increase oral awareness, teach correct placement for speech sounds, and improve agility in the oral musculature.

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Don’t Be a Bully, Be a Buddy! What is the difference between

teasing & bullying?

Part 2

Here is the rest of the article from last month’s article from Izzy Kalman ,MS Nationally Certified School Psychologist. “ The way I see it, the term “teasing” refers to actions that are intended to make the victim feel ridiculed & foolish. Mostly this happens through nameT E R R I calling, spreading stupid hile I was reading the rumors, or things like article from Andrea Ralls, pasting funny signs on the unwitting back of the there was one action that stood out victim. As long as this upsets the victim, the above all the rest to me and it was to PROVIDE ENCOURAGEMENT. Every teasers are the winners & will keep on doing child needs the kind of support from her it. “Bullying” should refer to actions that loved ones that signals, “I believe in you. I see make the victim scared of physical harm. you trying. Keep going!” Doesn’t this apply to EVERYONE on this earth!! What a gift this would The victim is afraid that the bully will beat be to society. Can you imagine a world where him up or in some way cause damage to everyone felt encouraged? Just think, what if WE, body or property. This gives the bully the the adults right now, had the power to change the satisfaction of having power & dominance world? It’s not a question of IF, it is, WILL WE? Will we change the pattern of society as we know it? Will over the victim. It may be used by the we stop to take the time it takes to be a parent, a rolebully to extort money, food, or other model, a teacher? How hard can it be, to get off the possessions, though these are not computer, put down your IPAD, turn off the TV, stop your texting, get off Farmville, stop chatting on face necessary for it to still be bullying. As book & ENCOURAGE your kids? It means thanking long as the victim is afraid of the bully, your child for cleaning her room, even if she missed the bully is the winner & will continue some under her bed. It means smiling in support as she struggles to complete a task, in spite of it not being to terrorize the victim. It is commonly the exact way you would have completed it. There’s perceived that bullying (physical) is a difference between praise & encouragement. One worse than teasing (verbal). I don’t rewards the task while the other rewards the person (“You did it!” rather than “I’m proud of you!”). Praise believe this is the case. Being ridiculed can make a child feel that she’s only “good” if she by peers day after day for year’s, is as does something perfectly. Encouragement, on the devastating to the victim as being afraid other hand, acknowledges the effort. “Tell me about of physical harm. Many victims have done your game. I see that you scored” is more helpful than saying, “Your team won that is great.” Too away with themselves (suicide) because of much praise can sap self-esteem because it can the misery caused by teasing, & they are just create pressure to perform & set up a continual as vengeance-filled towards their tormentors need for approval from others. So dole out the praise judiciously and offer encouragement as are those victims that are threatened with liberally; it will help your child grow up to physical harm.” Here are a couple of things feel good about herself. Encouragement that will help with teasing: 1) Don’t Overreact 2) means acknowledging progress - not just rewarding achievement. Help your child practice how to react to teasing by role-playing different teasing situations. But know Until next time, Blessings, in extreme situations, you are justified in contacting Terri Schroeter, Publisher/Owner Ephesians 4:32 “Be KIND to the parents or guardians of the other child, or notifying one another Have a Loving & the police or school authorities!!So in the meantime Understanding Heart” demonstrate empathy to others, so your kids can learn from the BEST. Blessings, Terri


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Bingham Center Friday Night Fun Nights

6:30pm to 10:00pm $15 First Child $12 Each Additional Child (immediate family)

OPEN TO PUBLIC Open play and scheduled activities.


5109 Sunmore Circle

When you don’t have time to wait. Flu shots • Diabetes screenings Immunizations • Annual check-ups Sports and back-to-school physicals Minor illnesses • Free pregnancy testing No referrals or appointments needed

Convenient Hours:

Monday - Saturday 8 am to 7 pm Sunday 11 am to 7 pm

Kid friendly, fast, affordable and now with two convenient locations near you. Walmart East - 4210 JBS Parkway (432) 362-2685 Walmart West - 2450 West Loop 338 (432) 332-2695 Medical Services provided by Medical Center Hospital ProCare. ProCare Clinics at Walmart are independently owned and not affiliated with Walmart stores.

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Give Thanksgiving!

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Aesthetic Services Body Focus............................10 Backyard Play Systems West Texas Backyard.............7 Baby Showers Baby Bears ...............................9 J & A Party Sales ....................7 Thirty-One Gifts ..................10 Birthday Parties Absolute Dance ....................11 Bingham Dance Center.... .. .5 J & A Party Sales ....................7 Ninos Spa Parties .................11 Bullying ......................... 2,15 Calendar of Events ..............13 Cakes (Diaper) Baby Bear’s Boutique .............9 Clothing, Shoes, and Accessories Baby Bear’s Boutique .............9 Daisy’s Consignment ............5 Just Between Friends .............7 Community Service/Events 211...........................................11

Find the miniture Kirby, go to our Facebook, message us and tell us where he is!

Consignments Baby Bear’s Boutique .............9 Daisy’s Consignment ............5 Just Between Friends .............7 Dance Absolute Dance ....................11 Bingham Dance Center ........3 Day Care/Preschool Aladdin’s Castle .....................9 Toddler Tech ...........................9 Diaper Bags Baby Bear’s Boutique .............9 Daisy’s Consignment ............5 Thirty-One Gifts ..................10 Dog Grooming Bella’s Dog Grooming ...........9 Education / Encouragement 6 Fun Factory ................. 12,15 Family Fun J & A Party Sales ....................7 Midland Country Library Family Realtor Jeaneen Pruitt .........................9 FREE STUFF & DRAWINGS Furniture Direct Advantage Furniture 8 Gift Shops J & A Party Sales ....................7 Thirty-One Gifts ..................10 Health Care Ronald McDonald Care Mobile ..........................................12 Medical Center Hospital ......3 Odessa Regional Medical Center ORMC ......................16

in this issue Kids Salon Ninos ......................................11

Maternity Wear Baby Bear’s Boutique .............9 Daisy’s Consignment ............5 Medical Clinic ORMC....................................16 Ronald McDonald Care Mobile .........................................12 Machine Rentals J & A Party Sales ...................7 Moving Aegis.........................................7 Packing Aegis.........................................7 Parents NIght Out Bingham Center .....................3 Recipes ............14 Therapy Lisa Irvin, MS/CCC/SLP ......5 Weight Loss Body Focus............................10

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. Philippians 4:6

Immunizations Ronald McDonald Care Mobile 12

Pray for a stranger today!

Editor /Publisher

Terri Schroeter



Becca Roberson


Child Product Recalls -

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 

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 

 

 

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 

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 

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 

Use these You Did It-coupones or Job Well Done Certificate for



 

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Give To Your Favorite Charity 2/7/2011 8:34:16 AM

Children are grouped by age to learn while playing and doing activities together with you. Activities include dancing, singing, music, jumping, and tumbling.

Balloon Bouquets


Party Supplies

Punch Bowls

Table Cloths

Round Tables

Cotton Candy Machine Popcorn Machine

7 months and up


Mararita Machines Great Gifts

Helium Baby Showers

Chocolate Fountains

Join us at Just Between Friends! SHOP and get fabulous deals on clothes, toys, & more! SELL your items as a consignor, earn up to 70% VOLUNTEER and shop the best deals first! Details online! Come find all you need for warm weather! Don’t Miss it!

March 4th & 5th

Midland County Horseshoe Arena Friday 9am-8pm • Saturday, 8am-2pm EXTRA SAVINGS! 50% OFF SALE on Saturday!!™ Details online! Questions call 432.349.3938.

clothes, toys, shoes, maternity & more!

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30%-60% OFF Brand New Name Brands with Warranties!


By Appointment! Call 432-664-8980 Today!

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Go to our website 2/7/2011 8:34:45 AM

Jeaneen Pruitt Real Estate Specialist


Preemie to Size 8 Consignment taken per season Baby Equipment Diaper Cakes Maternity Wear Diaper Bags

LOCATION: 2728 N. Grandview Odessa, TX 79762 (432) 362-1015 “Buy More, Pay Less!”

Now Accepting:



w w w. B a by B e a r s B o u t i q u e. n e t

Dog Grooming Isabel Vega, Owner 1015 N. Midkiff Suite E (432) 262-2692

Bath’s starting at $20 and up Groom’s starting at $32 and up

Childcare Development Center

1111 West Wall Street, Midland, Texas

(432) 685-6000

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Lip Enhancement Before

For lips. Perma Facial ImplantTM is unlike anything we’ve seen. The variety of patient needs that can be addressed with the Perma procedure is immense.


Natural appearance Soft silicone/but cannot rupture, deflate or degrade over time Routine procedure performed under local anesthetic Resistant to tissue “in growth” Permanent, but easily replaceable or removable Does not restrict lip movement

Dedicated to helping you look and feel your best

Dr. Anna Rosinska, MD 3316 Andrews Hwy Midland Phone:432-688-1900

Visit us online at



Terri Schroeter 432.934.2369

$34 $16.50


Order early for great graduation gifts. Check out our new Spring line!

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Absolute Dance

Come to Dance, Come to Life! 432.699.2190 683-KIDS (5437)

Contact Juanita Castilleja, CIRS

You won't find this fruity impostor at a ball game or backyard barbecue, but it sure makes a doggone wholesome "fast food" breakfast. Ingredients • Whole-grain hot dog bun • Peanut butter • Wheat germ or sunflower seeds • Banana • Jam Instructions 1. Simply spread a whole-grain hot dog bun with peanut butter, sprinkle with wheat germ or sunflower seeds, and top with a whole, peeled banana and a squiggle of jam. Add a side of milk to round out the meal. FEB_MARCH_2011.indd 11

11 2/7/2011 8:35:57 AM

You bring the We’ll bring the Proudly serving the children of the Ector County Independent School District‌ year after year. Call (432) 640-5437 to make an appointment or for school visit schedules. Walk-in patients are always welcome!*

Care Mobile Hours: Monday thru Thursday 9:00 am - 11:00 am 1:15 pm - 2:30 pm

Friday 9:00 am - 11:00 am

*10 walk-in patients can be seen between 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. per visit, or as time permits. Walk-in patients are seen on a first-come, first-served basis.

Designed by: The Laster Group Ad Name: MCH 10-15 Attn: Kids Korner Magazine Ad Name: MCH 10-15 RonaldMCDonald Care Mobile Kids Korner Mag Size: 1/2 P 4Color Order# 3640 Insertion Date: 11/2010



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Parenting Tools & Tips FEVER

Fevers are your body’s natural response to infection, and not necessarily a sign that something serious is taking place. Low-grade fevers are generally not serious, are easily treated, and can wait until the morning to be evaluated by your doctor. Fevers of 101 to 103 (38.4 to 39.5 Celcius) are also generally not serious and can wait until morning to be evaluated, except as indicated below. High fevers of 104 (40 Celcius) or higher that quickly come down to 100 or 101 (37.8 to 38.3 Celcius) with the treatment measures below are also generally not serious and can wait until morning, except as indicated below. TOP THREE CAUSES Viral infection – this is the most common cause of fever in children. Examples are: Roseola, Colds, Flu, Coxsackie (hand, foot and mouth disease), Chicken Pox, Fifth Disease, and many others. Most viruses are not dangerous. They simply need to run their course over several days. They are not treatable with antibiotics. Bacterial infection – Some examples include ear infection, sinus infection, pneumonia, bladder infection, and strep throat. These are treatable with antibiotics, although treatment can usually wait 12 hours until you can contact you doctor in the morning. Teething– this can cause fevers, though usually not higher than 101.


Calendar of Events

Horseshoe Feb 12-13 West Texas Kennel Club Dog Show Feb 19-20 Midessa Motorcycle Show Feb 26-27 Permian Basin Home Builders Association Presents 2011 Home & Garden Show March 4-5 Just Between Friends Sales Event Ector County Coliseum March 23 Royal Lipizzaner Stallions March 27 Remuda Quarter Horse Show

February, 2011 Bizarre and March, 2011 Bizarre and Unique Holidays:: Unique Holidays: • Irish American Month • American Heart Month • Music in Our Schools Month • An Affair to Remember Month • National Craft Month • Black History Month • National Frozen Food Month • Canned Food Month • National Irish American Heritage Month• Creative Romance Month designated by Congress in 1995. • Great American Pie Month • National Nutrition Month • National Cherry Month • National Peanut Month • National Children’s Dental • National Women's History Month Health Month • Poetry Month • National Grapefruit Month • Red Cross Month • National Weddings Month • Social Workers Month Weekly Celebrations: Week Celebrations: 3rd Week International Flirting • 2nd Week National Bubble Week Week • 2nd Week Crochet Week



For more parenting Tools & Tips visit our website @


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* Approximately 14 kids in the U.S. commit suicide each day * 43% fear harrassment in the bathroom at school

* 8% of students miss 1 day of school per month for fear of Bullies * 77% of students are Bullied mentally, verbally, and physically * 2.5 Million students are physically attacked yearly Nationwide, one person dies of suicide every 15.8 minutes. It is the 11th leading cause of death nationally and the third leading cause among youth and young adults , according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

Do you, or someone you know need help? Are you a family member or a concerned friend or individual?

800.RUNAWAY (800.786.2929)

As customizably cute as Mr. Potato Head, these edible collages make for a quick, nutritious snack-tivity to fill an afternoon — and an empty stomach. Ingredients • Hard-boiled eggs • Round crackers • Vegetable and herb garnishes Instructions 1. Stack a hard-boiled egg slice on a round cracker and add whatever garnishes you have on hand. Our favorites include chives, alfalfa sprouts, sunflower seeds, and dill.

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Please Pray for our Troops 2/7/2011 8:36:09 AM

Self Esteem


e were talking about last month, about the importance of helping a child to develop positive self-esteem. Positive self-esteem allows children to be brave & reach out to try new things. A parent, who through actions, shows a child that no matter what he does he is loved, helps their child develop a positive sense of belonging, And it is the belief that they belong, that what they say & do matters, empowers children to have self-respect. Here are 3 more great self-esteem builders. Pay attention-Support healthy risksCelebrate the Positive. 1) Pay attention. Carve out time to give your child your undivided attention. That does wonders for your child’s self-worth because it sends the message that you think he’s important and valuable. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time; it just means taking a moment to stop flicking through the mail if he’s trying to talk with you or turning off the TV long enough to answer a question. Make eye contact, so it’s clear that you’re really listening to what he’s saying. Get to their height level, bend down if you have to. When you’re strapped for time, let your child know it without ignoring his needs. Say, “Tell me all about the picture you drew, and then when you’re finished, I’ll need to finish my work.” 2) Support healthy risks. Encourage your child to explore something new, such as trying a different food, including a new best pal in weekend plans, or going on a camp trip. Though there’s always the possibility of failure, without risk there’s little opportunity for success. So let your child experiment safely, and resist the urge to intervene. For instance, try not to “rescue” her if she’s showing mild frustration at figuring out how to navigate or decide on which extracurricular activity she will participate. Jumping in to outline the options without being asked can foster dependence and diminish your child’s confidence. You’ll build her self-esteem by balancing your need to protect her with her need to tackle new tasks. 3) Celebrate the positive. It’s sometimes too easy to tally up all the things a child does wrong, but everyone responds well to encouragement, so make an effort to acknowledge the good things your child does every day within his earshot. For instance, tell his dad, “Mike took out the trash this morning.” He’ll bask in the glow of your praise and his dad’s heartening response. And be specific. Instead of saying “Good job,” say, “Thank you for waiting so patiently in line at the store for me.” This will enhance his sense of accomplishment and selfworth and let him know exactly what he did right. Here is a great self-esteem builder: Cut out a STAR and write on it a POSITIVE about yourself!! It can be you have a great smile, cute freckles, red hair, blonde hair, black hair, brown hair, no hair, you like to read, you like to help around the house, you like to help the teacher, you are funny, you are forgiving, you are tall, you are short, you are a good friend, you like to run, you are a buddy to someone without many friends. If you just think about it, there are so many good things about YOU!! Parents this is a great exercise for you too- your child would love getting a STAR with a POSITIVE on it. Until next time, BLESSINGS, Terri Schroeter, Publisher/Owner Ephesians 4:32 Be kind to one another Having a Loving & Understanding Heart!

Find Kirby and go to FEB_MARCH_2011.indd 15

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4 of a kind. 5-star rated for maternity care for the fourth year HealthGrades has recognized Odessa Regional Medical Center for the fourth year in a row with a 5-Star rating for Maternity Care, making us the ONLY hospital in West Texas to earn the five-star rating four years in a row! ORMC now has a helipad at the hospital for emergency air transfers to our Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, the highest level of NICU care available in the Permian Basin. Follow us on

To learn more about the Maternity Care services at ORMC, log onto our website at

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March 2011 Kids Korner Magazine  
March 2011 Kids Korner Magazine  

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