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RESEARCH Five sensation - How we feel running in nature

Interview Insights



“you never know what you will see in next second”

“I can smell fresh air, soil, grass, they makes me happy”

“I feel happy to runing in that route everyday, I know I get to the destination when I see that tree ”

“The smell of soil and grass reminds me of the old time in my grandma’s wood house ”

“ I have different feeling towards different routes, I will choose route according to my mood”

“I like the salty smell when I run on the beach”




“Wind is whispering around my ears”

“When I running on the beach, the air taste salty, but I like the taste of sea”

“Sometimes, I will use hand to touch the lovely plant when I pass by them”

“I like the sound of leaf moving in the wind, so I like running in the forest ”

“Sweat will fall into my mouth”

“When I rest on the beach after running, I like the softness of sand going through my hand”

“Last time I hear a sudden sound from my back, You know what? I turn around and found a hedgdog”

“Fresh air after running smooth me”

“I can hear my heavy breathing, I know I am exhausted”

“I like watching the passby people, pets, they are lively”

“my speed of running will match the rhythem of song I hear”

Can choose environment

Like freshness things in nature

Familiar objects and

Smell bring memory

Sound in different direction

The air in different scene taste

and the slight change of sound


Various things in nature will give people different feeling


will bring surprise and freshness

Particular things in that scene

Fresh things everytime

Rhythmic sound can help

will strengthen the connection


to that scene

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Portfolio xiaoxiao qiu