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Rose Munoz Years teaching: 10 years School: JP Torres Alternative School Subject: School-to-work Hobbies: Triathlons, sewing and dressmaking

Training for the long run

Rose Munoz channels her interest in business into her roll of assisting students transition into the workforce at JP Torres Alternative School. She graduated from college with a business degree and a minor in accounting. However, with a little one on the way, she changed her career trajectory to pursue a more flexible career and eventually earned a master’s in special education. “Being a teacher has taught me so many things and I feel like it fits my personality,” she says. She is able to work with other people in business to help her students. Early in her teaching career, Munoz taught special education, working with students with vision impairments, and now she teaches school-towork, a business program for upper high school students, providing job readiness skills and coaching them through an internship. “I feel like their success is my success and I really devote a lot of my time and energy during the school year. I get caught up in excitement that goes on all through the year,” she says. She takes pride in the direction the school is going as it transitioned from a behavioral school to its current rebranding to JP Torres Success Academy. Most of all she takes pride in her students. “I really am passionate about teaching, though that was never my dream,” she says. “My passion is seeing them more successful in life. And I witnessed our first graduation. […] It was an emotional moment for all of us.” In her spare time, Munoz keeps herself busy with real estate and fitness events. “I try to stay healthy and try to stay fit,” she says. Munoz is a triathlete and a member of the Guam National Olympic Committee. She was a triathlon manager for the Pacific Games in 2013. She has competed in three body building competitions and now is a volunteer with the local bodybuilding community and the Guam Triathlon Federation. She recently picked up dress making. She took a sewing class to learn to make her own dress that would allow her to nurse her daughter. “I’m picking it up again. It is starting to become really enjoyable for me. I love it. It’s great. I have ownership of the stuff that I wear,” she says.


R&R Pacific - August/September 2017  

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