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Special Feature///Horse & Cow Anniversary

Horse & Cow Pub & Grill 10 years of good times


Step into the Horse & Cow Pub & Grill, and you step into a treasure trove of memories of good times. Countless photographs and memorabilia from Navy ships and submarines are mounted on its walls and banners hang from its ceiling. Many of the items are signed by the service men and women who have called the pub and grill a second home and donated the items as a token of appreciation. Each item has a story. “This is their place,” says Robert Salas, general manager of the restaurant. “There’s a lot of history in here.” The oldest item in the restaurant is a 50-year-old system control box and the proprietors have begun to catalog each item, establishing the restaurant as a submariner museum. The first Horse & Cow was opened in 1953 in California by Jimmy Looby, affectionately called The Godfather by his patrons. Today, the California and Guam pub and grill locations are owned and operated by his son, Mike Looby. The name of the restaurant is a nod to ancient mythology and maritime history. Neptune, the god of the sea of Roman mythology, is often portrayed accompanied by a small horse and cow or bull. In World Wars I and II, merchant sailors tattooed a horse on one ankle, a cow on the other, in hopes of ensuring safe passage from submarines that might sink their ships. In addition to the good times to be had, the pub and grill is known for its food. The most popular items on the menu are the chicken wings, which come in a variety of flavors, such as teriyaki and lemon pepper, and levels of spicy, including medium, XXX or DOA. The restaurant’s menu features a diverse collection of items, including sandwiches, burgers, tacos and steak. One of the establishment’s signature items is its Bloody

Mary, which is garnished with savory kebabs and served with a burger, steak or grilled cheese sandwich. “Nobody does [wings] like they do here. It tastes like something you’d do at home,” says Auria, who visits the restaurant on occasion with her sister, friends or with their kids. She also appreciates that the restaurants shows support for the military. Her favorite menu item is the chicken wings with the lemon pepper sauce. Wings with buffalo sauce are her second favorite. Auria also takes advantage of Steak Night every Tuesday, when the 8-ounce New York steak is $7. “The steak is stinkin’ delicious,” she says. The steak is also a go-to meal for Rodney, who visits the establishment twice a week for its “quality food and a good meal.” He has his steak with fries and a salad. The steak is always cooked exactly to his preference, he says, whether he asks for it medium or rare. The Horse & Cow fare is not only delicious, but affordable. The pub and grill has daily specials. On Mondays and Thursdays, the chicken wings are 50¢ each. On Tuesdays and Fridays, tacos are on special. Selected drinks and menu items are half priced on Wednesdays, including the Bloody Mary. Happy hour is every day from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. Patrons seeking a relaxed evening should visit the Horse & Cow on Tuesdays and Fridays, when musicians perform live. Since it opened its doors, Horse & Cow became popular among the Submarine Force and the U.S. Navy. Today, the restaurant has evolved, along with the military, to be family friendly for a new generation of restaurant-goers to make memories.


R&R Pacific - August/September 2017  

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