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The Rancho canario was born in shortage time, but this not a reason to be a delicious and well known dish in our traditional cuisine. INGREDIENTS ● 200gr of salty cutlet ● 1 piece of sausage ● 200gr of beans ● 2 big potatoes. ● 100 gr of pasta ● 1 onion

● 1 tomato ● 4 clove of garlic ● Salt and pepper ● Twig of parsley ● Oil ● ½ teaspoon of oregano ● A little of sweet pepper PREPARATION Soak the cutlet and the beans overnight in a saucepan. 1. The next day drain the water, wash them, and soak again with double of water to cover them. Put on the heat with the hard pork sausage 2. Put oil into the frying pan, chop the onion and the garlic and saute, when it is poached add tomato, parsley, salt, pepper, oregano and sweet pepper. 3. Dice the potatoes. Cook the noodles 4. When done, add it to the saucepan where you have the beans and the cutlet. Add the potatoes when the beans are cooked. In about 15 minutes ( if the potatoes are soft) add the pasta and leave it for 10 minutes Remove from the heat and allow to cool. The more concentrated it is the better it is.


Potatoes with mojo We just need to boil the potatoes with a lemon rind and salt. For the delicious Canarian sauce we only need to crush ; Cayenne pepper, garlic cloves, 1 / 4 cup olive oil, dash of vinegar, a glass of water, tablespoon paprika, cumin and Salt Good appetite everybody!!!!!


Ingredients 8 egg yolks 1 glass of water 1/4K sugar Stick cinnamon Grated lemon rind Gofio

Method Make syrup by diluting the sugar in the water (except a tb spoon) with the lemon zest and the cinnamon on the heat, until it thickens. Put a glass bowl to cook in a bain-marie using a tablespoonful of water. Whisk the yolks inside this glass bowl until it gets a thick consistency. Once the water has boiled, take it out of the heat without stopping stirring the yolks. Once the syrup has cooled from hot to warm, add slowly the yolks while you whisk it all continuously. Serve in goblets, put in the freezer and add gofio in the moment of eating. Enjoy this dessert!!!! Yolanda MartĂ­n


Lentils Potaje Ingredients 3 glasses of lentils 2 medium onions 2 courgettes 1/5 kg of squash 2 spoons of salt

2 spoons of oil 12 glasses of water Instructions Dice the courgettes, the onions and the squash. Mixed it in the pot with the salt, oil and water. Wait until it boiled. Then pour the lentils and remove it for a half hour and spill a glass of cold water in the pot, this is called “ scaring the lentils” . Continue removing until you like the texture. If you have a pressure cooker, you just have to mix all the ingredients in the pot, and since it boiled, wait for half hour.

Best wishes, Elena -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Pella de gofio Ingredients • 500gr. of gofio • Water • Honey • Almonds Steps 1. Put the gofio in a bowl. Add the chopped almonds, a little bit of honey and water. Knead it and make a thick paste. 2. Make a ball with the paste, or a roly-poly. Then, cut it in medallions.


Carnival Cakes (Tortas de carnaval)

Ingredients • A pint of milk (half liter) • Six eggs • 750gr. of flour • 250gr. of sugar • A lemon • A little cup of rum • Aniseed • Olive oil • Water Steps 1. Beat the eggs and add the sugar and flour. Add the milk and, carefully and slowly, the water, making a thick paste. 2. Add the rum, the lemon zest, the aniseed and the olive oil. Stir it. 3. With a spoon, make cakes from your paste. Fry them on both sides. 4. When the cakes are cold, sprinkle them with a bit of sugar



Ingredients: amount to taste. -Milk, -Millet flour (be careful not gofio) -Lemon -Eggs, -Sugar -Butter, -Raisins and almonds Method: Put to warm a litre and half of milk. When the milk starts to boil, low the heat to a minimum and take it out. Then add the quarter kilo of flour, and mix well until it gets tnich. Then, add three egg yolks, one hundred grams of sugar (or more if you have a sweet tooth), a pinch of butter, a few hundred grams of raisins and a few peeled and ground almonds (almonds). Mix all. Serve at room temperature, honey can be added. Of course, there are variants: in some places it is made with water instead of milk, served cold in others or add cinnamon and a tip of anise, etc., Etc.

Postre de leche asada Ingredients for six people: -1 litre of milk -6 big eggs -1 cup and half of sugar

-cinnamon ´liquid caramel

Method: mix the milk with the eggs , the sugar and the cinnamon. When the mixture is frothy put into glass pan (liquid caramel at bottom ).Pre-heat the oven at a low temperature during 45 minutes. When the mixture gets thick, put into the fridge to cool. Hummmmm! It’s delicious. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------QUESADILLA RECIPE

INGREDIENTS - 1 kg cheese - 3 egg yolk - 500 gr. of sugar - 250 gr. of flour - Limon peel - A spoon of anise - A little bit of cinnamon - Water HOW TO MAKE IT Melt the cheese and add the rest of ingredients to mix them. Put all in the pan and introduce in the oven for about 15-20 minutes, at medium temperature. ____________________________________________________________________________ __

“Mojo Rojo o Mojo Picón” Ingredients: a head of garlic, 2 hot peppers, a spoon of comin, a spoon of paprika, 4 tablespoon of vinager, 15 tablespoon of oil and salt to taste. Steps: 1. Chop and peel the garlic. Later, in the masher, crush the garlic, cumin, salt, peppers, until we have a soft mixture. 2. Slowly add paprika, oil and vinegar to make thick mixture. 3. This mixture, a glass of water can be added. This sauce can be kept in the fridge for months. A recipe for softer “Mojo Rojo” can be got by adding sweet peppers instead of hot pepper.

ROPA VIEJA RECIPE Ingredients: ½ Kg chick peas ½ Kg cow meat ½ Kg chicken meat 1 Kg papas (potatoes) 3 cloves of garlic 1 pepper 1 onion 1 tomato 1 little cup of water 1 little cup of white wine

Condiments: paprika, pepper, thyme, laurel, clove, salt and oil. How to do it? 1. First soak the chick peas overnight. 2. In the morning wash them and put them in a pan with the meat, the salt and the water to simmer all. 3. After simmer all, drain and cut the meat in small pieces. Fried all until became crispy. 4. In other pan, put oil, pepper, piled tomato, onion and garlic, all previously cut in small pieces. Add pepper and clove. 5. After fried all, add paprika, wine, laurel, thyme and the cup of water. 6. Add the first dough into the second and mix them into the fire. 7. Last step, dice the potatoes and fried them. Now it´s time to enjoy them.

ALMOGROTE GOMERO It is a typical dish of Canary Islands, but specially from La Gomera. It is a soft paste made with sharp goat cheese, hot peppers, garlic and olive oil. Ingredients:

● 1Kg. Goat sharp cheese ● 8 cloves of garlic ● 1 red hot chilli pepper ● 1 cup (200 cl.) first quality olive oil (mandatory) Preparation: Put and crush the garlic and chilli in a mortar (bowl) and grind it. After that , crumble the cheese until lumpy and well mixed . Then, pour the olive oil and stir until you get a uniform paste . It’s taken spread on a piece of toast This, must be accompanied by a good red wine and friends.

Good Appetite

Carajacas Ingredients: - 1 Kg. Liver - 1 head of Garlic - 1 Green pepper - 2 teaspoon of Paprika - Oil - 1 glass of Vinegar - Oregano - Sprig of parsley - cumin - Salt

Preparation: Crush the head of garlic, some parsley, pepper,cumin and salt. Them, add the oil, the

vinegar, the paprika and the oregano and mix all the ingredients very well. Marinade the liver with thix mix for 3 or 4 hours. Fry the liver withouth oil, only with the marinade. Then, put in a bowl .Cover with the rest of marinade and boil it during some minutes.

Good Appetite


SANCOCHO CANARIO Ingredients: 1 Kg. salad fish ( wether cherne or corvina) 1 Kg. big potatoes 1 Kg. sweet potatoes Olive oil Parsley Salt Mojo Gofio How to do it: 1. Desalt the fish by keeping it 24 hours under water. It is convenient to change the water several times. 2. Put the sweet potatoes and the potatoes 3. When both the potatoes and sweet potatoes are almost cooked, introduce the desalted fish cut in big pieces and cook it all for 10 minutes maximum. 4. Once the ingredients are cooked, drain it all and serve with mojo (canarian sauce) and some gofio (ground korn).

ESCALDON Ingredients: - 1liter of broth - gofio (cornmeal)

- parsley - salt Preparation: Heat the broth and when it’s boiling remove from the heat.. Add chopped parsley and cornmeal until it gets thick. Also we can add little pieces of meat, fish or potatoes. This is usually prepared into a clay pot. It’s ideal as garnish for fish or for a stew of meat. Good Appetite

Gofio Escaldao" (Scalded Gofio) Maybe the most typical food in Canary Island because “el gofio”, made from cereal, is produced in these islands. Ingredients: 1 litre of strained fish broth, 1 sprig of mint and 1/4 Kg. of gofio. Method: 1. Place the gofio in a dish with the sprig of mint and add slowly the boiling broth. Do not stop stirring it to bind it without lumps. This can also be made using vegetable broth, soup or stew. This dish is served with red onion in vinegar and water or with fried garlic. Sprig of mint: ramita de menta Strained fish broth: caldo de pescado colado Stir: revolver / agitar Lumps: grumos Stew: estofado

HOW TO MAKE THE SANCOCHO, A TYPICAL CANARIAN FOOD‌ INGREDIENTS: - One cherne or corvina (typical Canarian fish). - 2 kg of King Edward potatoes. - 1.5 kg of sweet potatoes. To taste this food it is essential to eat it with MOJO CANARIO, which ingredients will be: - 3 garlic cloves - 1 teaspoon of sea salt - 1 spoon of paprika - 0,5 l of olive oil - 100 ml of wine vinegar - 4 spoons of ground cumin - 0,5 l of cold water - 1 spoon of hot pepper (it’s optional) How to make it: Fish gets to be desalinated at least twenty four hours before, changing the water every four hours. We use the last water desalination to cook the potatoes (potato stew). When the potatoes are half cooked add the sweet potatoes. Potatoes must be peeled but not the sweet potatoes. We just cut the sweet potatoes in pieces as number of people to dinner. Finally, we take the fish and off the heat, adjusting for salt. Then, we have to drain and dishing two or three potatoes, a piece of sweet potato and a couple of pieces of fish.

To make the Canarian mojo we have to grind the garlic into a mortar and add the paprika, the sea salt, the olive oil, the vinegar and the cumin. Then we have to grind again and add the cold water and stir up slowly. This sauce is served with the food. That’s all. I hope you enjoy it.

Tollos INGREDIENTS: .1 Kg of Tollos .1/4 Kg of tomatoes. .1/2 Kg of onions. .1 head of garlic. .salt .cumin .pepper. .white wine. .breadcrumbs. .a bunch of thyme. oil

.3 Bay leaves. .1 Spoon of paprika. .vinegar. INSTRUCTIONS FOR PREPARATION: Dry the tollos one day before, clean them and cut into chunks. Put them at the bottom of the pot. Add Garlics, salt, cumin, pepper, 1/2 spoon of paprika, vinegar, white wine and bread crumbs. Saute them and add onions, tomatoes, 3 bay leaves and a bunch of thyme. Add a glass of water, a glass of white wine and oil. Simmer for about 30 minutes.

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