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Executive summary

The purpose of the business plan is to reach an investor to allow the start-up. HostBlue4U is a start-up company ready to engage in the area of communication software. The tools HostBlue4U will serve first and foremost the F&B sector, but HostBlue4U has clear objectives for cross industry exploration. This business plan is a guideline for the founders to keep their focus on what is needed to be done, and how this can increase efficiency and revenues.

The product

HostBlue4U will offer the communication area a new tool: Bluetooth data

exchange. Although technologies are not innovative, the use of a two-way data transfer via Bluetooth is, especially considering the application of it in the proposed sector: the F&B sector. In this sector, efficiency is of huge importance, and HostBlue4U offers a huge increase of efficiency in operations in the sector. Mobile phone applications show to be increasingly popular and the uses of such in the service sector are still below its potential. By filling this gap, HostBlue4U allows bar, café and restaurant clients to order their menu selection with a press at the button of their mobiles.

The partners

Achieving the necessary software and hardware requires partnering with

Bluetooth device manufacturers and software developers. Where customization of the product will be done in house, the fabrication of a basic template should be outsourced. A partner is already been found with Bluetrace. Agreement on software development is already discussed and close to production.

Finance To start up HostBlue4U, an initial investment of €50.000,- is needed. HostBlue4U is looking for an inactive investor, which will hold 40% equity, but would not exert influence on operations. Profit in the first years will be around €25.000,- euros.

Future After the market penetration of the domestic F&B sector, and the following globalizing, the solution of HostBlue4U can be applicable for many objectives. Here lies a great oppurtunity.