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Dear friends and family, I’m sorry it has been so long since our last update. I want you to know that we think and pray for you often and would love for you all to be here and to see your faces. There is no way we could do this ministry without your partnership and prayers! My prayer and desire is for you to know about the importance of this church in our church plant in our community and our work. Words cannot describe the need we see and experience everyday. Preaching to Prostitutes: We live on the corner one of the biggest drug and prostitution locations in our community. So, we have intentionally been trying to love and reach out to the girls. Small acts of kindness have opened huge doors for the gospel to walk through. The other night during pouring rain one of these girls knocks on the door soaking wet. She simply needed some clothes. Audrey graciously gave some to her. This opened up a whole evening of talking about the gospel. This girl has never studied the Bible and has had several discussions with us since. She’s addicted to heroin as most are. Please pray that God would save many of these girls! Blood that Speaks: There were 8 people murdered in our neighborhood last month. One of these was a young man who just graduated high school and was headed to college with a full scholarship in sports. He was a part of the Boys and Girls Club where our church meets. He was there ten minutes before he got shot. Our church by God’s grace was there for the folks at the “Club” to comfort and pray for them during this tragedy. I was also asked to speak at the funeral. There were several hundred people in attendance who heard the gospel that day. Despite this injustice God is working to bring people to Jesus! Sowing, Planting, and Watering: Our small church has been faithfully laboring for over a year and a half despite adversity and great difficulty. But the encouraging and beautiful thing about our team is they remain faithful to the mission and continue to embody and preach the gospel despite seeing little fruit. We know and are convinced God has called us and we ask you to pray along with us that God will bring the growth (1 Cor 3:7). P.S. Audrey is pregnant :) “For what thanksgiving can we return to God for you, for all the joy that we feel for your sake before our God (1 Thess 3:9)


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