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Different Treatment Methods For Depression There isn't any question that depression can be quite a crippling ailment. A person's personal and professional life can be turned upside down if they are suffering from depression. Based on the type and severity of the disorder, you will find a few different treatment plans that are available. The most typical treatment for depression is prescription medication. However, many people with depression find that medication either does not treat all of their symptoms, or has undesirable side effects. In the wake of treatments that some patients find ineffective or harmful, transcranial magnetic stimulation is proving to be a viable alternative. It is a somewhat new approach that has recently been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. This treatment is non-invasive and it won't demand any medication, sedation or surgery. It will not have any effect on the rest of the body because it's a systemic procedure. The treatment is simple. It essentially provides excitement by way of a magnetic field to the nerve cells in the brain, particularly in the part of the brain that regulates and governs mood. The magnetic fields that are generated are not unlike the kind that emit from an MRI, or magnetic resonance imaging device. With the patient fully conscious and lucid, an electromagnetic coil is placed over the prefrontal cortex section of the brain on the left side of the head. Neuroscience shows this to be the part of the brain in charge of mood control. The magnetic field will hone in on this one area and will have no other effect on the rest of the brain. Tiny electrical currents then penetrate several centimeters into the brain and stimulate the brain cells currently in the immediate area. What this essentially does is encourage the release of neurotransmitters, especially serotonin. Transcranial magnetic stimulation is an easy outpatient procedure under a psychiatrist’s direction, but a few things will still need to be determined so the treatment can be administered safely. These determinations are usually made during the first appointment. You must determine the exact spot the magnetic coils will be placed over, and that is done by a technique called mapping. Mapping simply involves using tiny pulses of electrical current to map the cerebral cortex. You will also need to determine a safe but effective dosage, which is determined by upping the strength of the electromagnets until the patients hand begins to twitch. This point is known as the motor threshold and is considered a point of reference for finding the appropriate dose to begin at. The dose can be increased or decreased over the course of the treatment, relevant to any side effects or symptoms that may result. There are mild side effects to transcranial magnetic stimulation which are common, and will typically subside after the first few treatments. The most typical side effect is a headache and scalp discomfort. Patients may also experience temporary tingling or twitching of the muscles in their face because of the magnetic stimulation. There are other uncommon side effects that may be more serious, but this occurs usually when the patient has another condition, like bipolar disorder or is vulnerable to seizures. The doctor looking after the patient is going to be aware of these conditions, in addition to any other medication that the patient is currently taking for their depression. Pregnant women are discouraged from getting this type of treatment. While further study is necessary to conclusively see whether this treatment has any permanent side effects, it has been shown to be safe and an effective method of treating depression. A team of nationally renowned doctors will perform all transcranial magnetic stimulation when you TMS Providers

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Different Treatment Methods For Depression  

A team of nationally renowned doctors will perform all transcranial magnetic stimulation when you attend TMS Medical Associates of New York....

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