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Whole lotta love Foodie Jigs Arquiza introduces us to a gentleman to whom cooking is not just a passion but a way of life.


Sun.Star Weekend | September 25, 2010 CHERRY ANN LIM Managing Editor, Special Pages and Features JIGS ARQUIZA Editor CLINT HOLTON P. POTESTAS Writer

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Whole lotta love Cooking is stressrelieving, and it gives me the freedom to be what I want.


Sun.Star Weekend | September 25, 2010


feature “One chuletas de cerda al ajillo!” the portly gentleman in chef’s whites bellows, indicating an order for pork chops sautéed in garlic, followed by a thundering order for the house paella, “One paella de la casa!” Among all the chaos in the kitchen, the strumming of Paco de Lucia’s classical guitar can be heard on the sound system, the strains of “Entre dos Aguas” somehow blending in with the crashing of pots and pans and the sizzling of the olive oil. The gentleman doing the cooking is Jose Ramon Ernesto Ouano Miranda, more popularly known as Chef Ipar. “Ipar means ‘north’ in the Basque dialect,” Chef Ipar explains, “it’s how my family calls me.” As his name suggests, he pushes his staff to go ever northwards, ever upwards to the pinnacle of their craft, cooking and serving the best Spanish cuisine that they can. Wrapping up the final touches on a serving of gambas, Ipar announces, “I cook the food here with a whole lotta love.” He confesses though, that cooking was not really his first love. “I really wanted to be a painter at first, I even had three shows!” he proudly declares. But at the age of thirteen, he discovered that he had an affinity for the kitchen. “My father was against me being a cook,” sharing that “I used to hide from my dad whenever I read my lola’s recipe books.” At the age of seventeen, he found himself making his own chorizos, or sausages, going door to door in the different subdivisions in Cebu to sell his products. Even with these small successes in hand, and having already professed to his family a love for the culinary arts, his father was still stalwart in his stand against Ipar becoming a mere cook. Not wishing to go against his father’s wishes, yet wanting to follow his dream, Ipar stood his ground. “Cooking is stress-relieving,” he argued, “and it gives me the freedom to be what I want.” Ipar’s resolve and convincing powers paid off, though. After being sent to Spain to study at the IES San Jose and train under Spanish celebrity chef Karlos Arguinano, he was able to work as a guest chef at the Casino Espanol. This was followed by a stint as guest chef for Spanish cuisine at the Marco Polo Davao. In May of 2009, his dream finally came true. Ipar opened his own restaurant, Ipar’s, along F. Ramos St. “What I learned in Spain, I tried to bring to Cebu,” Ipar asserts, remarking that “Spanish food is actually very simple to prepare.” He then adds that he and his staff do their best to serve Spanish food using only the best ingredients that they can find, some of the ingredients even having to be imported from Spain. Asked if he was married, he answered jokingly “I’m married to my kitchen.” On a more serious note, though, Ipar describes his future plans: “I want to produce deli items and sell them in the restaurant,” although he clarifies this with “We’ll see. The restaurant is too small to fit in a couple of display freezers.” While he states that the best thing about owning his own restaurant is “keeping my own hours,” Ipar feels that it’s important to “keep my customers happy by being visible and cooking the dishes myself.” Ipar then says fervently, “I hope I can keep up the quality of the food we serve here.” Following one’s dream is a long, hard process, as Ipar has experienced, but in the end, one reaps what one sows. And in Ipar’s words, dedication and perseverance is the key to success: “You really have to be dedicated two hundred per cent, and you really have to know what you want, and fight for it.”

Beauty and the Beatmaster “A friend of mine is from the Philippines and she told me a lot about, it must be sooo beautiful...I can hardly wait!” gushes Hanna Hansen, top model and fast-rising DJane, about her trip to the Philippines. Bringing her arsenal of Pioneer CD players, mixer and audio CDs, Hanna is all set to introduce Cebuano club kids to her one-of-a-kind groove and unique sound tonight at The Penthouse, located at the third floor of the CJRS building in Asiatown IT Park. “Music is my passion and it brings you and the crowd so much energy, love and good vibes, the feeling is indescribable!” Hanna says of being a DJane, explaining that she wanted to become a DJane because of “the power of music and the fact that I can’t sing!” The beautiful German miss went on to explain her music, classifying it as “powerful, high-quality electronic music,” adding “I play music from deep to tech and from commercial to progressive. I love the mix between all these styles!” While she’s not playing music, she’s usually busy walking down the catwalk in a fashion show or posing for print ads for the likes of fashion labels Hugo Boss and Esada. On being both a model and DJane, she describes the hardships: “Sometimes it’s hard to combine both jobs, but I have a good management team which handles all my dates perfectly! As a DJ as well as a model, you have to travel a lot. That’s tiring sometimes, but working as a model is a little bit harder, because you have to wait all the time!” Still, she confesses when asked to choose between being a model and a DJane, Hanna confesses “That’s a hard question, but if I really would have to make a decision, I would prefer being a DJ. I never could live without making music!” Also playing tonight at The Penthouse is the legendary German DJ and producer David Puentez, who brought house music lovers the hit singles “Vive la Vida” and “Free 4 Love”, the latter becoming part of the 2009 Pacha Summer Collection.

2009 had a lot more to offer David: FashionTV engaged him to play at Germany’s first FTV White Party, opening doors for David into the fashion industry. As a producer, David remixes top dance hits, adding some of his unique flavor, resulting in his remixes being included in European dance charts. Most notable is his Hanna Hansen & David Puentez Ibiza Glam Remix of Deejane Angel D.’s Nightflight, which stayed on number one on the DJTunes Top 100 for several weeks. David’s remixes have been released under dance labels Cr2, Spinnin Records, Work Machine, Houseworks, Safari Music and Mylo Records. Like Hanna, this is David’s first time to visit the Philippines, and as he says, “It’s the first time for me and I am really excited and looking forward to it!” David’s weapon of choice on the dance floors are his Pioneer CDJ 2000 CD players and DJM 800 mixer, with which he promises to hit local club kids with “all kinds of house music in big room mode”. David cites his reason for becoming a DJ as wanting to “make people happy with my style of house music.”


Sun.Star Weekend | September 25, 2010


JACK GOES BOATING Directorial debuts by actors are sometimes scenechewing, ego-stroking exercises. Philip Seymour Hoffman’s “Jack Goes Boating,” so refreshingly bereft of those qualities, is more content with humility and authenticity.

to swim. Clyde, the kind of devoted friend anyone would want, gives Jack swimming lessons at the local YMCA. Marching along the pool, he cheers Jack on. Under water, his wide-eye, goggled face is pure hope. The film’s best scenes are here; in chlorine-filled waters, Jack learns to fly.

The film opens with an overhead shot of Jack – overweight, unshaven and not appearing to possess anything like “gusto” – in bed. The threat of bedridden depression is never far from “Jack Goes Boating,” but the film – and Jack – is propelled forward. Inertia gives way to self-improvement, love and, yes, reggae.

But “Jack Goes Boating” – an ancestor of Paddy Chayefsky’s “Marty” – is no simple love story. While Jack and Connie are building a new relationship, Lucy and Clyde are falling apart after years together. There’s no judgment here: Love is hard and things can sour.

Quiet and stuttering, Jack is a limo driver with the goal of landing a job with the MTA. (One man’s dream is another man’s nightmare.) He also loves reggae; he listens to “Rivers of Babylon” constantly on headphones and in his car. The sunny song is a stark contrast to the New York winter of the film and Jack’s less than jubilant life.

The film is based on the play by the same name by Bob Glaudini. Its Broadway run – which starred Hoffman, Ortiz and Rubin-Vega – was produced by LAByrinth Theater Company, for which Hoffman and Ortiz were artistic directors.

“Would you consider yourself a Rasta-man?” sarcastically asks his fellow driver and best friend, Clyde (John Oritz). It turns out to be a reasonable question. Jack’s blond knots may be a poor attempt at dreadlocks, but those around him gradually realize he has a way of inspiring good vibes. Clyde, confident and sensitive at once, is married to Lucy (Daphne Rubin-Vega), who has built herself a tougher front. Years of marriage and infidelity have drained their relationship. They’re coming apart at the seams from jealousy and distrust. They set up Jack with a colleague of Lucy’s, Connie (Amy Ryan), from the funeral home she works at. They

assure him a dinner party of the four of them won’t be awkward: “We’ll just order something,” they tell him over and over. Against the odds, Jack and Connie hit it off. Further dates, though, bring more anxiety. When Connie suggests dinner, Jack devotes himself to weeks of cooking training. When she says they should go for a boat ride in the summer, he quickly sets about learning

It comes as little surprise that Hoffman would know how to capture a good performance, and those of “Jack Goes Boating” are incredibly full. Ortiz and Rubin-Vega (“Rent”), both well-respected theatre actors, are excellent. Ortiz, in particular, vacillates between hope and self-destruction with remarkable bipolar truthfulness. Hoffman reveals Jack the sad sack to be an odd, inarticulate Buddha, willing to put in the work it takes for growth. Except for the climactic scene, his direction rarely feels stage-y. “Jack Goes Boating” contains none of the easy, syncopated lilt of a reggae tune, but it moves to the awkward beat of life. Reespek, mon. (AP) IMAGES FROM THE INTERNET

Sun.Star Weekend | September 25, 2010

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Trey Songz, “Passion, Pain & Pleasure” (Atlantic Records)

Never Let Me Go Based on the novel by acclaimed “Remains of the Day” author Kazuo Ishiguro, “Never Let Me Go” raises intriguing questions about medical ethics and the nature of humanity itself. Some may find its tone suffocatingly heavy, and the score can feel a bit melodramatic and intrusive here and there. But if you give into it, you’ll find yourself sucked into this melancholy alternate world, an ambitious hybrid of sci-fi drama and coming-of-age romance set in a British boarding school. (AP)

Trey Songz has a new album? Yup. The singer, who became an R&B star after the release of his breakthrough 2009 CD “Ready,” is trying to capitalize on that success with “Passion, Pain & Pleasure.” But what the 25-year-old should have been is patient. The new effort shines at moments, but it sounds rushed – some of the songs are average when they could have been outstanding. “Bottoms Up,” the lead single, has a club-ready beat, but the lyrics are weak and Nicki Minaj steals Songz’s thunder with her animated rhymes. “Unfortunate” starts off nicely, but its hook is annoyingly repetitive while “Red Lipstick” and “Doorbell” feel cheesy. Even the Drake-featured “Unusual” is unnecessary. Songz fares better on the tunes about love lapses: He sounds cool on the Mario Winans-assisted “Can’t Be Friends” and classic on “Please Return My Call.” He downright demands that his lover come back on the thumping “Made to Be Together.” Songz also shines on his signature bedroom grooves “Love Faces” and “Massage.” “Ready” was a Grammy-nominated album that made Songz one of R&B’s leading male and helped him break onto the pop charts. This new album should have been released as an extension of that project.

Earth Kids: Art Workshop and Science Exhibit

Kids will have their hands full of learning and activities this September as Parkmall brings them the Earth Kids: Art Workshop and Science Exhibit, together with the 8th Cebu Bird Show. The art workshops, which are open to kids from ages 3 till 12 yrs. Old, will be held at the ParkmallKidz Zone on September 24, 25 and 26, 2010. Activities shall include Clay Sculpting, T-shirt Printing and Mural Painting. Plus, be amused by a showcase of different bird species at the 8th Cebu Bird Show happening on September 26, 2010 at the Atrium West Area of Parkmall. It’s a good way to remind the kids how wonderful nature is and it will also be a good way for them to get in touch with nature through lectures and showcase of Birds, their behaviors and their talents.

WILA to celebrate 19 years

Catfish You should see the film, and you should force yourself to learn as little about it as possible beforehand. Directors Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost didn’t know what they were in for, either. They started out making one kind of movie and in no time found themselves lens-deep in something completely different. Producer Andrew Jarecki, who directed the Oscar-nominated 2003 documentary “Capturing the Friedmans,” found himself in a similarly unpredictable situation; the results here are similarly breathtaking. (AP) ALL IMAGES ON THIS PAGE FROM THE INTERNET

The Women in Literary Arts (WILA) Cebu will be celebrating its 19th anniversary this Sept. 26 at the Casa Gorordo Museum. WILA is the only creative writing group for women that have existed for almost 20 years in the Philippines. The celebration will include literary readings, induction of new members and officers, and a memorandum of understanding (MOU) signing. To be inducted as new members are Liza Baccay, Kei Valmoria, and Gloria Sommers. New set of officers for the next two years are Hope Sabanpan-Yu, chair; Jeneth Borlasa, vice chair; Karla Quimsing, secretary; Ma. Milagros T. Dumdum, treasurer; Lilia Tio, auditor; and Erma M. Cuizon, press relations officer. Inducting the new officers and members is awardwinning poet-essayist Judge Simeon Dumdum Jr., WILA honorary member. WILA will also be signing an MOU with the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. (RAFI), formally signifying their partnership to promote the Cebuano literary arts in various programs and activities to be held at the Casa Gorordo Museum. Themed, “Into the Twenties”, ka-WILAs will be dressed in “roaring 20s” costumes. Providing the intermission are the U.P. Cebu Serenata and Literature students.

World DanceSport Open jumpstarts sports tourism in Cebu

Sports Tourism is given a boost with at least fourteen countries represented as DanceSport athletes and adjudicators (judges) converge at the Pacific Grand Ballroom, Waterfront Cebu City Hotel & Casino, Salinas Drive, Lahug, Cebu City on September 26, 2010 (Sunday) for the 2010 Cebu World DanceSport Open and 5th Dancesport Sa Sugbu. Organized by DanceSport Team Cebu City this World DanceSport Open gathers DanceSport child, adult and juvenile athletes from all over the world - Bulgaria, Turkey, Australia, Canada, Singapore, HongKong and Korea. In the Philippines, Metro Manila, Makati City, Pasay City, Pasig City, Baguio City, Tacurong, Sarangani, Cagayan de Oro, Zamboanga, General Santos, Davao and Dumaguete are represented.

CHECK THIS TRACK OUT: Vocals are top-notch and production crisp on “Please Return My Call,” a 1990s-sounding sincere plea to a lover.

foreview September 25 Cebu Comic Convention Featuring comic book art exhibits, panel discussions, art workshops and talks by comic book professionals during mall hours at the Activity Center, Ayala Center Cebu.

Hannah Hansen vs. David Puentez Experience two major House music acts in one delightfully exhilarating party at The Penthouse, 3rd floor CJRS Point. Asia Town I.T. Park, Cebu City.

Fashion on Spotlight Featuring the collections of Cebu’s young designers and the fresh faces of today’s young student models. Event starts after dark at The Taproom, Ma. Luisa Rd., Banilad.

Ongoing until September 26 Their Books 3 “THEIR BOOKS” is an award-winning fund-raising project of Tsinelas participated in by writers, columnists, editors, musicians, painters, media practitioners, teachers, the academe, politicians and other prominent personalities in Cebu. These people are asked to donate books from their personal collections. The books are then put on sale for the public. Hence, the name “Their Books”. At the Ayala Center Cebu, during mall hours.

September 29 Scuave: The 2010 Pre-Holiday Collection Formo’s Thread Style series, featuring the creations of Yves Camingue, 9 p.m. at Formo, Banilad Town Centre.

Every Friday Sink ‘n’ Drink Fridays: Beer Pong Bring your friends and challenge them to a game of billiards, darts and the all-time favorite BeerPong! Only at Sulanders Sports Bar, Roofdeck, Mactan Pension House, National Road, Lapu Lapu City, in between the old and new bridges.

Every Saturday Disco Deluxe Listen to the music of the 1980’s as only Gilbert Go can dish it out! Music starts when the sun sets at Formo, Banilad Town Center.


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bottoms up Aileen Quijano

Hey, dude! Part 2: Lost in Translation Ever feel like you need a translator when talking to a guy? Well, I do sometimes. I admit, for all my communications training, I still can’t decode manspeak (well, most of it anyway). Can you? I bet a lot of us are no stranger to these baffling conversations: The Simple Girl She Says: So what type of girl would you like to go out with? He Says: I want a girl who’s ‘simple’. She says: Define please. Simple could mean “retarded”, you know. H e says: Simple, as in, not complex She says: Uh ok, there’s Maria, she’s easygoing enough and agreeable to most things you say. He says: Yeah, well… She says: Well, what? He says: She must be easy on the eyes and know how to dress up, at least. She says: Oh, she must be pretty and simple then He says: And financially independent. I don’t like someone clingy. And, and… she must know how to cook She says: Uh-huh. I sense another “and” coming… He says: And she must be successful in her career. It’s difficult being with a woman with low self-esteem. She says: Let me get this straight—you want a successful, intelligent, beautiful woman who can afford her own stuff and cooks for you on the side. And you’re calling her “simple”?! Dream on. The Breakup He says: Baby, it’s not you, it’s me. She Says: Why, is there someone else? He says: It’s just that, I found my soulmate, my destiny. The universe has spoken. It’s beyond my control. She says: Soulmate? Who is this soulmate? He says: Well, she’s 5’5” and got killer abs. She’s sports-minded like me. And oh, she knows how to cook my favorite adobo. She says: Oh, you mean, someone you’ve always wished I would be. So it is me, you idiot. The ‘Committed’ He says: My marriage is essentially over. She says: You mean you and I can finally be together? He says: Oh no. My marriage was so traumatic, I’m now afraid of commitment. She says: So you want to stop seeing me? He says: Not at all. Listen, I can’t offer you commitment, there’s nothing much I can give you right now. Why don’t I make it up to you by cooking you dinner at my place? She says: Honey, in case you don’t know how to spell --“cooking” is three letters short of “commitment”. To avoid falling through the cracks of gullibility, I finally enlisted the help of some cosmopolitan guys – let’s just call them “The Dude” -- to decode some of men’s most common cryptic statements. If it were up to us girls, you see, we could attach a hundred meanings to a single statement and not be any closer to the truth. So, let’s hear it from the boys: When He says: “My parents are having this party, and I was wondering if you’d like to come.” The Dude says: “He’s falling in love with you and wants to see how you relate to his family.” When He says: “I’d like to cook you dinner at my place.” The Dude says: “He’d like to show you what a

caring, nurturing man he is so that you’ll have sex with him.” When He says: “I’ll have to check my schedule for next weekend.” The Dude says: “He’s waiting to see if something better comes along.” When He says: “Let’s meet at the bar, I’ll be there with friends.” The Dude says: “He doesn’t want to give you the wrong idea. You’re not dating.” When He says: “I would love to be intimate with you, but I don’t want it to ruin our friendship.” The Dude says: “Nope, he’s not interested to sleep with you, but since he enjoys your company, he’s letting you down gently.”


When He says: “I meant to call you this weekend, but I lost track of time.” The Dude says: “He didn’t. He just didn’t feel like it.”

by Jonathan Franzen

When He says: “Give me a call sometime.” The Dude says: “He’s not interested enough to chase you, but you can chase him if you want to.”

The new novel from the author of The Corrections.

When He says: “My marriage is essentially over” The Dude says: “He wants to have an affair” When He says: “I don’t know if I like her.” The Dude says: “He hasn’t slept with her yet” When He says: “I’m afraid of commitment.” The Dude says: “He’d like to continue sleeping with you, but not if it means he has to stop seeing other women.” When He says: “I’ve learned a lot from you.” The Dude says: “Uh-oh, he’s thinking ‘next!’” When He says: “I need time to think about the relationship, but I still love you” The Dude says: “He’s tired of the relationship and looking for someone who’s more of a challenge. But, still, he’ll string you along for the benefits until he finds someone else.” When He says: “We should see other people just so we know we are right for each other.” The Dude says: “He’s interested in someone else. He just doesn’t want you to feel he’s cheating on you.” When He says, “I need some space and time for myself” The Dude says, “The relationship is moving too fast. Or you’re smothering him. He’d rather be single.” When He says, “I am not ready for a serious relationship” The Dude says: “Are you kidding? Everyone wants to have a great relationship, men included. He’s just not sure yet you are what he’s looking for” When He says: “It’s not you, it’s me.” The Dude says: “Believe me, it’s you. He cannot handle your weird habits anymore he just does not know how to say it to your face.” When He says “I don’t believe in marriage” The Dude says, “He’s not going to marry you…ever. Either you enjoy his company for what it is or move on. (

Patty and Walter Berglund were the new pioneers of old St. Paul - the gentrifiers, the hands-on parents, the avant-garde of the Whole Foods generation. Patty was the ideal sort of neighbour who could tell you where to recycle your batteries and how to get the local cops to actually do their job. She was an enviably perfect mother and the wife of Walter’s dreams. Together with Walter environmental lawyer, commuter cyclist, family man - she was doing her small part to build a better world. But now, in the new millennium, the Berglunds have become a mystery. Why has their teenage son moved in with the aggressively Republican family next door? Why has Walter taken a job working with Big Coal? What exactly is Richard Katz - outré rocker and Walter’s old college friend and rival - still doing in the picture? Most of all, what has happened to poor Patty? Why has the bright star of Barrier Street become “a very different kind of neighbour,” an implacable Fury coming unhinged before the street’s attentive eyes? In his first novel since The Corrections, Jonathan Franzen has given us an epic of contemporary love and marriage. Freedom comically and tragically captures the temptations and burdens of too much liberty: the thrills of teenage lust, the shaken compromises of middle age, the wages of suburban sprawl, the heavy weight of empire. In charting the mistakes and joys of Freedom’s intensely realized characters, as they struggle to learn how to live in an ever more confusing world, Franzen has produced an indelible and deeply moving portrait of our time. TEXT AND IMAGES FROM WWW.FULLYBOOKEDONLINE.COM AND THE WEB

Sun.Star Weekend | September 25, 2010


crossline scribblings

Who let the dogs out? by Kyjean A. Tomboc Quitters never win. Oh yeah, the hackneyed phrase above is perpetually battered as your running shoes; even 4-year olds nowadays can figure out the supposed wisdom behind it. Persistence is the key to attaining one’s goals, they say. A little bit of Kung Fu moves and some Coelho quotes coupled with a sprinkle of Pacquiao punches to those so-called stumbling blocks, you’re on your way to the Bahamas, Paris or wherever you want to live the sweet life. You might want to add that dark alley somewhere in Mabolo where you can have a slice of heaven for an hour or so with those controversial Lingam massage parlors. There’s no denying that the majority of the human race itself is immune to failures, disappointments and rejections. “Try and try until you die!” was what my seatmate back in Grade 4 wrote in those cute autographs being passed around in class. How can you explain those thousands of starry eyed hopefuls who line up, rain or shine, just to get a slot for that reality TV show? How about those highway carolers who poke you nonstop inside the PUJ until you fish for coins inside your pockets? Or that tenacious suitor of yours who in turn became your full-time online stalker? We do not easily give up because we witness and hear hundreds of success stories everyday from people who lived to tell the tale. We learned from each story that it’s all about hanging on for dear life until the gods themselves decide that it’s about time that we get what we want. But it’s entirely a different tale when it comes to coveting one of those Public Health Nurse positions in the city. It’s still about persistence but with a little twist: it’s about being friends with public officials in Facebook. You see, I am one of those displaced nurse graduates of our time. It’s a fact that majority of us

are now working in the BPO industry; others work as ESL instructors, flight attendants, office clerks and department store supervisors. I even heard from the grapevine that some of us are employed as masseurs in spas. Only a blessed few are given the chance to practice what we were taught back in nursing school. Last year, the City Health Office was on the lookout for public health nurses. Of course, I wanted to get in so off I went with the exam, interview and procuring the requirements. But we all know that all those were next to nothing if you don’t have “someone from the inside” who can back you up and make sure that you get one of those highly-coveted slots. I summoned my network provider’s unlimited calls feature, spoke to a couple of friends and voila! I got myself a piece of paper from a city councilor recommending me for the position. With the glossy paper in my hands, I was positive that I’ll get in. The exam questions were a breeze and the interview really went well. My masteral units, I thought, was an icing on the cake. But I didn’t make it. According to one of my classmates in graduate school who got in, she had to do the following: shoot a private message to this local official in Facebook about her need for him to back her up, visited the same official’s lair at the City Hall to remind him of her application and dropped by at his house to personally asked him to include her in the final list of that year’s new hires. The stress and embarrassment that she had to go through when the official’s security hounds chased her on the way out of the house was even worth it, she said. And by the way, the local official is their family friend. I recently found out that the City Health Office may hire another batch of nurses next month. Now that I’ve learned the tricks of the trade from my dear classmate, wish me luck with the dogs! After all, it’s all about persistence. Really. IMAGE FROM THE INTERNET

Got something to share with us? Sun.Star Weekend invites readers to contribute original, unpublished poems and essays or commentaries about funny or memorable moments in your life. Please email your contributions to:

Closet Poet by Maelette Masbate A poem or two I write Hoping to make things right Scrawling things left unspoken A hope to keep things unbroken Inking the voices in my head pouring out the things I dread A tale of love and life I share The pain and hurt I used to bare Thoughts I opt to pen Immortalized, and never be forgotten In silence now I ran back for cover like a heroine finding her lover Anonymous indeed I choose to stay For now I love to keep it that way IMAGE FROM THE INTERNET


49 Gen. Sepulveda Street, Cebu Tel. No (032) 255-0105 & 412-5551 Fax No. (032) 412-5552 Email:



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peeps (people, events and places)

A preview of the future It was a night of traditions and looking forward at The Crimson Resort and Spa, Mactan where 200 of Cebu City’s who’s who were in glittering attendance. Last August 28, 2010, Filinvest Land Incorporated (FLI) successfully gave guests a preview of Citta Di Mare, a premiere development in the South Road Properties and its biggest homecoming project in Cebu. The event was a homecoming of sorts for Filinvest patriarch and Chairman of the Board Mr. Andrew L. Gotianun, Sr., whose family’s roots can be traced to Cebu. That night, the Gotianuns shared their story from humble beginnings to living the Filipino dream and how one couple’s dream has made thousands of Filipino dreams come true. Graciously welcoming the guests was President and CEO of FLI, Mr. Joseph M. Yap, promptly followed by the company’s First Vice-President and Project Group Head for Visayas and Mindanao Tristan Las Marias who ushered in another feat achieved by Filinvest in the form of the exciting new development that is Citta di Mare at the South Road properties, one that is a joint

venture with the local government. Another highlight of the evening was when Mrs. Josephine Gotianun-Yap, CEO of Filinvest Development Corporation introduced her father and FLI Chairman of the Board Andrew L. Gotianun, Sr. who expressed delight and excitement over their biggest homecoming project to date. Cebu City Mayor Michael L. Rama and Congressman Tomas R. Osmena generously presented Mr. Andrew L. Gotianun a key to the City, one that symbolizes Cebu City’s appreciation of the trust that Filinvest has bestowed to the people of Cebu in launching such a grand endeavor. In receiving the award, Mr. Gotianun was joined by his wife and FLI’s Chairman Emeritus Mrs. Mercedes T. Gotianun. Also in attendance were FLI’s Andrew “Bibot” Gotianun, Jr. and the entire Gotianun family, Vice Mayor Joy Young, Former Congressman Raul del Mar, Congresswoman Cutie del Mar, Cebu City councilors and officials and luminaries in the business and social scene. The night was capped with a toast to success and much merrymaking. PARTYGOERS: (Clockwise from top) Mayor Mike Rama and Cong. Tommy Osmeña present Mr. and Mrs. Gotianun the Key to the City; Mator Mike Rama with Andrew Gotianun Jr.; Kris Janson, Sian Maynard ans Loise ANgelique Tan; Winglip Chang, Edward and Eleanor Hayco and Bimbo Fernandez.

Jose Maria Poblete, Reena Malinao and Joseph Bernaldez.

Apple presents the new iPod touch Apple recently announced the new iPod touch, packed with incredible new features including Apple’s stunning Retina display, FaceTime video calling, HD video recording, Apple’s A4 chip, 3-axis gyro, iOS 4.1 and Game Center – all combined in the thinnest and lightest iPod touch ever. The new iPod touch features up to 40 hours of music playback and seven hours of video playback on a single battery charge. “We’ve put our most advanced technology inside the new iPod touch,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “Whether you’re listening to music, playing games, making FaceTime video calls, browsing the web, capturing HD video or watching TV shows and movies, the new iPod touch with its Retina display, A4 chip and 3-axis gyro is more fun than ever.” Apple’s stunning Retina display makes everything on iPod touch look even more incredible, whether playing games, watching video, browsing the web or flicking through photos. The Retina display has 960 x 640 pixels – four times as many pixels than before. The resulting 326 pixels per inch is so dense that the human eye is unable to distinguish individual pixels when iPod touch is held at a normal distance, making text, images and video look sharper, smoother and more realistic. With the new front-facing camera and mic, iPod touch users can make FaceTime video calls over WiFi. With just one tap of the new FaceTime app, iPod touch users can call other new iPod touch or iPhone® 4 users to easily see what their friends are up to,

share important moments like the first day of school and even show others what they are seeing by easily switching to the rear-facing camera. The rear-facing camera on iPod touch is perfect for HD video recording. Users can easily capture HD video wherever they are and share it via email, MobileMe and YouTube. With the iMovie app, users can combine movie clips, add dynamic transitions and themes and include photos and music right on their iPod touch. Users can buy and download the app through the App Store right on their iPod touch. Apple’s A4 chip provides iPod touch users with exceptional processor and graphics performance along with long battery life. This remarkably fast and powerefficient chip, along with the Retina display and 3-axis gyro, makes games on iPod touch the best they’ve ever been on any mobile device.  iPod touch is the world’s most popular portable game player. Now with Game Center, iPod touch users can challenge and play friends or be matched automatically with new opponents. Game Center lets iPod touch users showcase their scores and achievements and discover new games their friends are playing. With the App Store on iPod touch, users have access to the world’s largest catalog of apps with over 250,000 apps, including over 65,000 game and entertainment titles to choose from.

gadgets Music and entertainment lovers can now easily access iTunes Ping directly from their new iPod touch. iTunes Ping lets you follow your favorite artists and friends to discover the music they’re talking about, listening to and downloading. iPod touch users also have the entire iTunes Store at their fingertips, giving them instant access to the world’s largest catalog of music, TV shows and movies. The new iPod touch comes with iOS 4.1, the newest version of the world’s most advanced mobile operating system. iOS 4.1 enables new features like FaceTime video calling, multitasking, folders and Game Center.

Sept 25 weekend  

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