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The Italian Job Saturday, October 8, 2011

Cherry Claire Petiluna experiences a taste of Italy as she interviews Shangri-La’s new Director of Foods and Beverages.


Sun.Star Weekend | Saturday , October 8, 2011

cover story

CHERRY ANN LIM Managing Editor, Special Pages and Features JIGS ARQUIZA Editor

The Italian Job

No, this is not concerning the movie. But yes, we are still talking about an Italian and his job. So shall we change the title to The Italian’s Job then? “Il mio nome ē Mirko Cattini” goes the introduction in Italian, as spoken by the newest Director of Foods and Beverages at Shangri-la Hotel Mactan. In English, he said his name is Mirko Cattini. Though he is very much Italian, his English was tinged with a very faint English accent, a result of his going to school in the United Kingdom. He was initially described as “30-something years old” but meeting him in person revealed that he has been around for 32 years, though he does look far younger than his age, though 32 is still actually quite young, don’t you think? He looks tall, because he is actually “6-feet-something” tall. Mirko is a native of Lake Como in Italy. And before he “flew” down to Cebu – that was his teasing answer on how he came here – he took all his time roaming the world while learning as much as he could, immersing himself in every culture he came upon. “It’s a long story so I’ll give you a little bit of background” was how he started the tale of his travels. From Italy, he went to Switzerland and lived there for about a year. Then he ended up going to the United Kingdom, in London, where he studied the English language. Mirko also worked in several five-star hotels there, broadening his opportunities in the hospitality industry. After six-and-a-half years, he grew bored, and fortunately another opportunity came up, from a hotel in Mumbai, India, where he was offered the Beverage Consultancy post. “At first, I was not very keen into it, but then I decided to take the opportunity,” Mirko shares. He stayed there for about three years and few months before joining the opening of a large restaurant with bars in the Shangri-la Hotel in Bangkok. “I stayed there for about four years until the point when I got promoted and moved here in Cebu.” Not really that long a story, considering several years of experience was condensed into two paragraphs, but to sum it all up, he has earned a good 15 years of hospitality experience, making him very much qualified for his new title. By the way, he got a diploma for Hospitality Management from Hotel Catering and International Management (HCIMA), now the Institute of Hospitality, which is



Sun.Star Weekend | Saturday , October 8, 2011

Cebuanos go wild over the Swans


one of the world’s top educational organizations catering to students of the hospitality industry. Cattini seemed to have always been interested in all aspects of food and beverages, so it was not very surprising to hear about his particular fascination for the art of bartending. “I started (bartending) from Italy actually.” Although he is now past being a bartender – because he is now a director! – he is always willing to share inputs whenever there is a special function that calls for the skill. As mentioned earlier, he has been appointed as the new Director of Foods and Beverages in Shangri-la Hotel Mactan. His work revolves around the overall administration and operation of the restaurant facilities and services. “So anything concerned on the beverages and services,” Mirko explains. This Italian’s job is more likely also to include some Italian touches to the ShangriLa restaurants’ concept of services. He is also paving the way for an Italian wine buffet. Mirko then related a few things about Shangri-La’s Acqua Italian restaurant’s just-finished Tuscan



New Wave music enthusiasts in Cebu had a field day (or was it a field night?) last September 30, as they were treated to a rare experience seeing one of their favorite bands take to the stage live and in person. The Wild Swans, fronted by Paul Simpson, held their firstever concert in the Philippines at the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel’s Grand Pacific Ballroom. The band arrived in Cebu Thursday, September 29 of last week, and after a special meet-and-greet with the media and some fans in the afternoon, had a taste of Cebu nightlife afterwards. On concert night, hundreds of fans flocked to the Waterfront Hotel to catch a glimpse of The Wild Swans. Singing songs such as “Whirlpool Heart” and “Bringing Home the Ashes”, the band brought most of the fortysomething audience back to the eighties. The Wild

Mike Mooney

With Acqua’s Chef Marco

promotion. Also, they have launched a new campaign tagged as the Shangri-la Experience. “Food and beverages somehow always go along with whatever the theme is… the history and the custom of the country.” Mirko has been in Cebu for about six months now but, like the good traveler that he is, he feels no homesickness but rather welcomes every possible adventure that he may come across. He sees Cebu as “a nice place” with “beautiful faces” while saying “I wish I have a bit more time to enjoy it. The people are nice and there is a lot of nature.” He could easily compare Cebu to his native land. “I came from a place in Italy which has basically pretty much similar setting in such a way that I live by the lake and just behind me there is the set of mountains and there is a lot of nature too.” This reminded him of being at his hometown. “It is 30 degrees warmer here than in Italy, but I’m enjoying and I like it.”

Paul Simpson


Les Pattinson

Ricky Maymi

Swans also sang songs from their new album “The Coldest Winter for a Hundred Years”, copies of which were sold outside the ballroom and were quickly bought by fans. As the concert drew to a close, Swans fans were a bit disappointed as the members of the band went backstage. After the crowd shouted requests for an encore, the band members slowly filtered back onstage. As the opening bars of “Whatever Possessed You” started, the crowd suddenly cheered and gathered together in front of the stage upon Paul’s invitation. The crowd certainly enjoyed the encore, with most of the people singing the lines of the iconic song along with Paul Simpson. It was a night definitely to remember.


Sun.Star Weekend | Saturday , October 8, 2011



EAL STEEL” dresses up a bad idea – robots boxing – with all the computer effects and heavy-metal action that Hollywood can buy. But that doesn’t cover up the fact that it’s a bad idea. Really bad. And “Real Steel” is a really bad movie, with some embarrassingly awful moments for Hugh Jackman, whose silly Wolverine whiskers in the “X-Men” flicks seem quite distinguished compared to the outlandish trappings here. A horribly predictable mash-up of “Rocky,” “The Champ” and Rock `Em Sock `Em Robots, “Real Steel” puts director Shawn Levy (the “Night at the Museum” movies) in contention with fellow robot handler Michael Bay for the title of worst blockbuster filmmaker in show business. With a team of executive producers that includes Steven Spielberg and Robert Zemeckis, Levy has all the resources a director could ever want. It all goes toward punishing noise and machine mayhem, the fight scenes stitched together by the humdrum drama of an annoying deadbeat dad connecting with his annoying young son. Jackman’s Charlie Kenton is an exboxer scraping by in the near future as a promoter of brawling robots, which have taken over the sport from human fighters. Charlie’s on the seedy side of boxing, his secondhand `bots trading punches at fairgrounds and other unsanctioned venues while the big boys duke it out in televised league fights at huge arenas. A sleazebag who’s built a life on skipping out on his debts and responsibilities, Charlie suddenly finds himself on the road with his 11-year-old son, Max (Dakota Goyo), after the boy’s mother dies. Short on cash and needing a new robot, Charlie heads to the junkyard to pilfer parts so he can piece together a new fighter. There, Max stumbles on Atom, an outdated sparring robot that turns out to be a diamond in the rough, a scrappy machine that becomes a sensation on the fight circuit. From there, the drama as developed by screenwriter John Gatins and two others who share story credit goes just

where you expect it to, without a ripple of surprise or originality. Father and son squawk and fight, find common ground and gradually make their way toward becoming a family, while Atom gets an underdog shot against the world champion. It’s pretty nauseating, though not as nauseating as some of the images of Jackman shadow boxing outside the ring during the climactic match. He looks quite the fool doing it, capping an uneven performance in which Jackman generally is out-acted by the robots. Jackman is overly eager at the start to show how slimy Charlie is, and that makes the guy’s abrupt transformation into father-of-the-year material all the more unconvincing. Goyo overdoes it, too, his earnestness growing tiresome and eventually cloying by the time Max becomes a ringside idol himself for his dance routines alongside Atom. The rest of the cast is thrown in as spare parts: Evangeline Lilly as a robot mechanic and Charlie’s sometime love interest; Anthony Mackie as a bookie and fight organizer; Hope Davis as an aunt aiming to adopt Max; and Kevin Durand as a rival fight promoter. None of the humans have anything interesting to do. The robots are the stars. Life-size versions of some robots were built for the actors to perform with, while the fight scenes were created using human boxers whose movements were digitally recorded as the basis for the computer-animated robots’ motions (Sugar Ray Leonard helped choreograph the fights). The bouts are deafening and bruising, more like demolition derbies than sporting events. It’s hard to buy into the notion that fans could ever be as rabid to watch a couple of machines tear each other apart as they are to see two men sweating and straining and bleeding on the canvas. Without human consequence, where’s the drama? “People wanted more carnage, more show,” Charlie says, explaining why robots replaced people in the ring. The metallic carnage of “Real Steel” rings hollow, though.

The filmmakers took the basic idea of robot boxers from a short story by “I Am Legend” author Richard Matheson, which previously was made into an episode of “The Twilight Zone”.

The only advancement “Real Steel” brings is production values. Hollywood robots have come a long way since that quaint old black-and-white show. Storytelling, not so much. (AP) IMAGES FROM THE INTERNET

Sun.Star Weekend | Saturday , October 8, 2011

short reviews

The Ides of March

When powerful men amass their armies and go to battle in a tight political race, even the most idealistic and fervent political junkies may find their faith tested, if not obliterated. It is an ugly, cynical business, full of ambitious people who will do whatever they must to survive. This is the not-so-shocking point of “The Ides of March,” the latest film George Clooney has directed, based on the 2008 play “Farragut North.” It’s meaty and weighty and relevant, exactly the kind of material that appeals to Clooney, and to fans of Clooney. But it doesn’t tell us much that we didn’t already know, or at least suspect, about the people we place our trust in to lead us in the right direction come election time. And it features a major and distracting twist that undermines all the serious-mindedness that came before it. (AP)



George Benson, “Guitar Man” (Concord Jazz) “Guitar Man” is one of George Benson’s jazziest and most intimate recordings in years. It returns the spotlight to his guitar virtuosity, which became somewhat overshadowed by his vocals after his 1976 multiplatinum crossover album “Breezin.’” Benson returns to his roots, when he was one of the most respected jazz guitarists, but at the same time doesn’t neglect his pop fans, performing a repertoire ranging from John Coltrane (“Naima”) to Michael Jackson (“The Lady In My Life”) and Norah Jones (“Don’t Know Why”). Benson opens with the ballad “Tenderly,” one of two solo guitar tracks on which his soft, flowing lines enhance the melody. His other solo track on the Irish ballad “Danny Boy” begins with Benson creating a bagpipe-like effect on guitar, as he uses his formidable technique in a nuanced way. On “Paper Moon,” he playfully trades licks with pianist Joe Sample in a straight-ahead jazz quartet with a superb rhythm section of up-and-coming bassist Ben Williams and longtime collaborator, drummer Harvey Mason. The highlight among the jazz offerings is “Naima,” on which Benson stretches the most improvisationally. On the pop instrumental side, Benson offers echoes of “Breezin’” by recasting the early Beatles’ hit “I Want to Hold Your Hand” as a smooth jazz ballad with his lightly swinging guitar lines enhanced by the orchestral arrangement. He stays closer to the original on his boisterous, rocking version of The Champs’ 1958 instrumental “Tequila.” Benson sings on only four of the 12 tracks. He engages in his distinctive scatting along with his guitar lines to a limited extent on a soulful version of Stevie Wonder’s “My Cherie Amour” and more extensively on the uptempo, hard-driving “Fingelero,” written by “Breezin’” collaborator Ronnie Foster.

CHECK THIS TRACK OUT: On “My One and Only Love,” Benson opens with an exquisite 16-bar guitar solo, then silkily sings the lyrics backed by an acoustic combo, revealing his talent as a jazz balladeer in a performance taking after the 1963 Johnny Hartman-John Coltrane collaboration.

Benson recorded this CD with minimal rehearsal and little overdubbing giving it a more spontaneous feel. Its main shortcoming is its relatively short running time (42-minutesplus) that merely whets the appetite to hear more from the guitar man.

Do you believe in Ever After? Catch Bonnie Bailey live as the Penthouse presents Ever After Bonnie Bailey 2011 on October 15. Party the night away as she performs her hits Kingdom of Pretty, Fall Into My Heart, No Promises, Millions of Milkshakes, and the all time favorite house anthem, Ever After. Bonnie kept worldwide recognition with her chart-topping hits and a variety of songs that are part of over 150 different compilations. She is known for her unique blend of electronica, house, and pop. Her latest single The Little Things was released in January of this year under Fierce Angel Records. It was produced of Mark Doyle, founder of Hed Kandi. Ever After Bonnie Bailey 2011 will also be the official launch party of Full-H Wakeboarding. For tickets and table reservations, contact 09158517875 or 09228993250. Limited tickets available.

What’s your number?

Hollywood’s new age of realistically raunchy, female-driven romantic comedies takes a step backward with “What’s Your Number?”, a dollop of forgettable fluff that’s as dull and predictable as they come. If Kristen Wiig’s “Bridesmaids” was a 10 and Cameron Diaz’s “Bad Teacher” was a 6, then “What’s Your Number?” rates a 2 or 3, straining through a similar R-rated sensibility but delivering the usual vanilla of most PG13 romances. As she usually does, Anna Faris comes through with a spirit and quirkiness far more engaging than the material merits, creating a character you’d like to embrace if only she wasn’t forced to behave so stupidly and shallowly. But it’s difficult to get caught up in what essentially is a one-note, featurelength gag about a woman’s sudden fixation that she’s slept around too much and that one of those former partners must have been her perfect mate. (AP)


Rizal book donation


“Lineage, Life & Labors of Rizal,Philippine Patriot” by Prof. Austin Craig essays the biography of the national hero, with emphasis on his Chinese lineage that is traced to his Cua ancestry in Siongque Village, Jinjiang City, Fujian Province (where most Chinese in the Philippines come from). Domingo Lamco or Cua Yi Lam, was the ancestor of the “entrepreneurial Mercado clan of Laguna Province and the greatgreat-grandfather of Dr. Jose Protacio Rizal.” Lamco belonged to the 19th generation of the Cua line in Siongque. (The Sin Cua Chua clan is traced to Chua Siok-To, the patriarch.) To escape the prejudices and extra taxes levied on the Chinese in his time, Lamco changed his surname to Mercado (a Hispanic name but reflecting the family of merchants). The biggest Rizal Park outside of the Philippines is now found in Siongque Village, Fujian, China. The 5-hectare park with a Rizal monument that is almost 7 meters taller than the one in Luneta, was inaugurated in 2003. A great turn-out of locals and some government dignitaries welcomed the Philippine delegation, led by Dr. Manuel Chua of the Tulay Foundation and relatives of Dr. Jose Rizal, as well as Filipino civic and political luminaries.

by Paulo Coelho


Transform your life. Rewrite your destiny. In his most personal novel to date, internationally best-selling author Paulo Coelho returns with a remarkable journey of self-discovery. Like the main character in his much-beloved The Alchemist, Paulo is facing a grave crisis of faith. As he seeks a path of spiritual renewal and growth, he decides to begin again: to travel, to experiment, to reconnect with people and the landscapes around him. Setting off to Africa, and then to Europe and Asia via the Trans-Siberian Railway, he initiates a journey to revitalize his energy and passion. Even so, he never expects to meet Hilal. A gifted young violinist, she is the woman Paulo loved five hundred years before—and the woman he betrayed in an act of cowardice so far-reaching that it prevents him from finding real happiness in this life. Together they will initiate a mystical voyage through time and space, traveling a path that teaches love, forgiveness, and the courage to overcome life’s inevitable challenges. Beautiful and inspiring, Aleph invites us to consider the meaning of our own personal journeys: Are we where we want to be, doing what we want to do? Some books are read. Aleph is lived. TEXT FROM WWW.FULLYBOOKEDONLINE.COM


Sun.Star Weekend | Saturday , October 8, 2011

lex in the city Alexis Yap

A worthy (or worthwhile?) indulgence

Beef curry

Roasted long eggplant salad with shrimp

Over three months after my visit to amazing Thailand, I got the chance to rekindle my passionate love affair with Thai cuisine at the Feria in Radisson Blu Hotel. Friends from the media and several Cebu notables were treated to a magical night complete with Thai cultural dancers and, of course, a gastronomic spread of savory Thai dishes. I was happy to receive the invitation but was nervous to go. It had been two weeks now that I have been seriously cutting down on my calories in the hopes of getting some slack for the fast-approaching holidays, where putting on a few extra pounds is almost always a certainty. The moment I stepped out of the elevator, the aroma of Thai spices assaulted my senses and I knew I was going to devour platesful of delicious Thai dishes. True enough, I did. Among my favourites were the Thai beef curry, the spicy seafood salad, and the chicken and shrimps with banana blossoms. Of course, no Thai feast would be complete without the much raved-about mango with sticky rice- something the Filipinos are very familiar with. The buffet also included a Japanese sushi bar, the much-loved Chinese station, and a wide variety of decadent desserts including their famed home-made ice cream. We had three choices that night- the orange with choco-chip, the mango pandan, and the banana. Heavenly!

I left Feria with a light heart and a heavy stomach. Nothing beats the feeling of eating good food especially when you know you deserve it. I was fine. The following day I was back to my vegetable and fruit juice, my sweet potato, and my hard-boiled eggs. Pick your own favorite at Radisson Blu Hotel’s Feria. The Thai Food Fest is on until tomorrow, October 9, and is available for lunch and dinner. Here are today’s greetings: Happy Birthday to: Kate Uy, Angeli Cinco (Today), Jet Garigade, Marlon Wafer, Miguel Barcenas, Abigail Ngo, Dennis Paolo Aaron Portugaleza (Oct. 9), Basti Seno, Blonx Tirol (Oct. 10), Ian Almendras (Oct. 11), Jason Lagaac (Oct. 13), Dino Amores (Oct. 16), Marie Dinolan, Vince Escario (Oct. 17), Angeli Tampus, Rick Robins, Helen Cebrecus (Oct. 19), Michole Andrew Ursal (Oct. 21). A belated happy birthday to Judy Durano, who celebrated an intimate birthday dinner at Diamond Suites Hotel. Check out the pictures from her party. Don’t forget: Tonight! It’s Lust for House at the Penthouse, Your Party Cathedral! Tonight! It’s Acoustic Sing Along at Alejandro’s Filipino Resto. Call 253 7921 for table reservations. Feria photos by Mickie Go of The Banana Book. Follow me on twitter for the upcoming events and exciting deals you don’t want to miss! @iamaroundtown

Enjoying the Thai Food Festival at Feria


Sticky rice with mango

Spicy seafood salad - yam ta lay

Chicken and shrimps in banana blossom - yam hau plee and goong and gai

Green papaya salad - som tum

Green mango salad - yum ma-muang

With Mina Gervacio, Asst. Director for Marketing Communications, Radisson Blu Hotel

Feria’s breath-taking dining area

Amazing Thailand

Dino Sybico , Joey Umerez , Lemmy Almirante , Board Member Jude Sybico , and Boogie Lastimoso ; Sevee Lastimoso, Ge Umerez and Bambi Almirante, Judy Durano ;and Binky Sybico

Clockwise from left: Beth Durano , Eleanor Duterte , Elsa Durano , Tita Durano, Baby Calderon, Judy Durano

Judy Durano with grandchildren

Sun.Star Weekend | Saturday , October 8, 2011



Biking for a Cause Perhaps one of the most popular sporting events utilized for charity are running marathons. Rarely do you hear about people biking for a cause. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t serve its purpose well though. In Bike4U organization, cyclists use their expeditions as one of their means in raising money so they can provide bikes to less fortunate children who can’t afford to have one. Founder Jens Funk said that it was an encounter with kids during a biking event in 2006 that ignited his zeal to start the foundation. “After we went home with them they told me how much they liked the event,” he recalled, “When I asked them why they are not biking, they told me they are too poor to buy a bike. That was when I thought of giving them bikes.” “The idea of the foundation is to give away bicycles to the poor so that they can use it for commuting and save money or join one of the bike groups.” Just last month he was in India where he biked from Manali to Nubra Valley. “In my bike rides, I raise money for the foundation,” Jens added, “Besides that, other groups have events and donate the money to us.” The organization also accepts donations in kind, like bikes, bike accessories, and helmets. Jens envisions the Philippines to be a “biking country” someday. “It is the best way to get to know a country and its people because you reach even the most remote area. You can stop wherever and whenever you want, and you travel in a pace that you can enjoy the country and its wonderful people.” Currently there are 16 founding members with Bike4U. And what keeps them going? Quite simply, Jens replied, “Seeing the smiles of the kids getting the bikes is priceless.”

Nothing like Edward Cullen’s love life

book review

by Jose Mari Ramone Holganza Borromeo

“Twilight”? Where did that come from? So a certain shiny vampire falls in love with a girl. Next thing we know, authors and producers everywhere are making vampires fall in love with women anywhere and everywhere. From “Twilight” to “Vampire Diaries” to “True Blood,” the fantasy-romance genre is making waves wherever it goes. And it all began with Stephanie Meyer and her darn books. Or did it? The “Twilight” series is famous for popularizing the “vampire/werewolf (or any beastly creature, for that matter) falling in love with an innocent young woman” theme. Teenagers love it. But do you teenagers actually know where it all began? “’Twilight’, of course!” No. It didn’t begin with “Twilight.” Way before “Twilight” found its way into the hearts of fanatical, estrogen-infused female teenagers, another story popularized the fantasy-romance genre with a rather strange adaptation of one of history’s favorite fairytales. We have all heard the tale of the Little Red Riding Hood. The unforgettable tale of the little girl and the wolf has been entrenched into our beings for as long as we could remember. But as familiar as we are with the tale, not many of us are aware of the tale’s many different interpretations. What if Little Red Riding Hood wasn’t that “little” after all? What if the wolf hadn’t eaten Little Red Riding Hood? What if Little Red Riding Hood, to save herself from being eaten, offered her maturing body to the wolf not as meat, but as warmth? This is exactly the case in Angela Carter’s “The Company of Wolves,” from her short story collection “The Bloody Chamber.” A modern short story classic, “The Company of Wolves” differs from the traditional tale of the Little Red Riding Hood. In the story, Little Red Riding Hood, now a young woman, is sent by her mother to Grandmother’s house to deliver a basket of food. Grandmother’s house, however, is on the other side of the dark forests, where legendary tales of “wolf-men” lurk. On the way to Grandmother’s house, she meets a handsome hunter, whom she instantly falls in love with. The hunter asks her where she is going, and tells her that he will get there before she does with the aid of his compass. They agree to race, with the Hunter saying that should he win, Red Riding Hood must give him a kiss. Red Riding Hood, secretly wanting the kiss, takes her time around the forest before proceeding to

her grandmother’s house. Meanwhile, the hunter quickly makes his way to Red Riding Hood’s grandmother’s house. When he arrives, he imitates Red Riding Hood’s voice and enters the house. What Grandmother sees is neither Red Riding Hood nor man. Instead she sees

clothes off one by one, throwing it into the fire. Here, Red Riding Hood stands in front of the wolf, naked, offering her body, ready to surrender her innocence. I’m not going to say that Angela Carter’s story started it all, because it sure didn’t. The theme of a young woman falling in love with a beast has been around for centuries, millennia even. But “The Company of Wolves” preceded all modern works of similar motif. It is even, dare I say, better written than “Twilight,” “New Moon,” and “Eclipse.” “The Company of Wolves” is different from the many retellings of the classic tale, because in this story, the hunter and the wolf are the same person, a werewolf. It can be argued that this short story will be read for years to come, and will not be easily lost in history. (“Twilight” series would ring a bell. Sorry girls, I don’t believe future generations will be making literature papers on Edward Cullen’s love life). The horror-fairytale theme of this masterpiece is enough for readers to yearn for more. True enough, the story was adapted into a successful, well-written film in 1984. This story is definitely a good read, one that I would strongly recommend to young adults and adults alike. IMAGE FROM THE INTERNET

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a wolf! Huge, strong, cunning, the wolf then devours the grandmother. When Red Riding Hood arrives in her grandmother’s house, she is shocked to see that a wolf had taken her place. The wolf, ever so ready to devour Red Riding Hood, stops when Red Riding Hood bravely stands in front of him. Knowing that fear will do her no favors, Red Riding Hood seduces the wolf by taking her

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Sun.Star Weekend | Saturday , October 8, 2011

peeps (people, events and places)

Off the streets: fashion for a cause “Off the Streets”, a fashion show organized by USC senior HRM students Alyssa Lao, Jessica Roa, John Ray Kintanar, Shannin Jaquias, Froilan Dabon, Nino Tiu, Elan Arregadas, Glazee Resos, Ruther Laylo and Claudette Dioroon was held last Thursday, October 6, at The Penthouse. Benefitting the Mobile School Program of the Cebu City Task Force onStreet Children, the fashion show featured stunning designs of local designers modeled by the group’s friends as well as professional models like Karla Henry and Sian Maynard. It was a resounding success, as evidenced by the turnout. The Penthouse was jammed to the rafters with college students, yuppies, and even some parents of the students.

Clarissa Lao-Osmena, Wawa Lao and Milay

Emily Wilson and Rei Escario

Leon Quimpo and Charles Osmena

Kaz Onozawa with Jessica, Chai and Kiko

Renault Lao with Alice Lao

Jake Maningo and John Slater Young

Karla Henry, a friend and Andrew Sarmiento

Paolo Mendoza and Marcie Abesamis

Guido and Mary Apares

Fashion show organizer Alyssa Lao

Kim Maitland-Smith and Sun.Star’s Roselle Reyes

Protacio Emphasis and Dexter Alazas

Mikhaela Gregory and Divine Maitland-Smith

Nuvo turns 4 Club Nuvo at Salinas Drive concluded it’s two-weekend celebration of its fourth anniversary with an amazing party headlined by top DJ Elmer Dado and Gruppo Tribale providing the beats. The party was well-attended, with a beaming owner Syc Caya and fiancee Margaux Herrera exclaiming their delight at the fantastic attendance.

Mark Sia and Michael Ouano

Resident DJs Prince Eric and Benny Rock with Marketing Head Margaux Herrera

Global Power Skills hold graduationfor Work Scholarship Program students Global Power Skills Development Center, Inc. headed by its President and Founder, Glenn Soco, just recently held graduation rites last Monday, Sept. 12, 2011 for their Training for Work Scholarship Program (TWSP) students. A total of 864 scholars finished the TWSP which is a joint undertaking between the Technical Vocational Skills Development Authority (TESDA) and Global Power Skills. The program provides scholarship in line with the different courses of the Hospitality Industry like; Housekeeping NCII, Bartending NCII, Food and Beverage Service NCII and Commercial Cooking NCII. Global Power Skills which is likewise an Assessment Center assists its students in landing jobs wherein more than 60% of their students are presently employed in different establishments in the hotel and restaurant industry here and abroad. Currently, Global Power Skills is facilitating a new batch of TWSP scholarships.

L-R: Mrs. Vicki Calderon of Samboan, Glenn Soco, TESDA Provincial Director Buenafe Sta. Rita, Cynthia Peterson, Center Manager, together with the graduates

TESDA Provincial Director, Ms. Buenafe Sta. Rita turns over to Mr. Glenn Soco the new set of TWSP 2011coupons

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