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The Kim Chiu effect Clint Holton P. Potestas meets Kim Chiu’s elder sister and finds out that there’s more to her than meets the eye.


Sun.Star Weekend | Saturday , March 12, 2011

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“The face has uneven angles. My right cheeks are bigger than the left,” she gives a shy grin before bursting into laughter. But the truth is, not an angle caught on camera is hideous. Well, yes, she had a two-day how-to-pose workshop before the billboard was hoisted on Edsa Avenue, but records show beauty, talent, and that unexplainable affinity for business run in the blood. After the pictorial, with dark glasses on, the 29-year-old Lakam Chiu raised her right hand to guard her face against the scorching 3 p.m. sun, walking toward her car in the parking lot. While she admits that fame has tremendously changed her life, she still manages to keep things regular no driver, no personal assistants. Anyone care to argue? Around her left wrist are three kinds of accessories, entwined to attract luck. One has transparent crystals with the “Infinity Knot” believed to be a lucky element for marketing; the other is called the “Power Bracelet.” Lastly, the green amulet for good health in 2011. “I am born in the year of the Rooster, and according to Feng Shui, I have to take care of my health,” she begins. “I mean, there’s no harm in believing. In fact, Kim has more than three bracelets - too heavy that she could barely raise her hand,” she exaggerates the crystal collection of the young celebrity.


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But whether the family’s fame is brought by circumstance or by the chi those stones posses, Lakam can only be thankful. She proves it doesn’t have to get in the way. Almost five years ago that her younger sister Kim, 20, was hailed “Big Winner” (the only Cebuano among the group) of the reality-based television show Pinoy Big Brother on ABS-CBN that opened the pearly gates to stardom: endorsements, mall tours, movies, primetime drama series. Recently, still on the same network, Kim plays the young, fresh-from-the-memories, alter ego of veteran actor Lorna Tolentino in Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin. “At first, it felt awkward. But along the way, I was able to understand that being nice to everybody, including those who criticize her, is part of Kim’s chosen field,” Lakambini said. Now that her celebrity sister mentions her on TV, everybody calls her “Ate Kams,” like being addressed to by any member of the family. Thus, since she appeared with Kim on billboard, TV, and print advertising campaigns for Chowking last year, Lakam has become even more familiar to the audience. “They recognize me more in Manila. I mean, people there would really ask about how I am related to Kim and excitedly ask me to send their greetings. Here in Cebu, it’s like ‘Artista? Oh, okay.’ Then, they move on,” she continued. In her field of work as an account executive at the Directories Philippines Corporation in Cebu, it could work as a charm. “Mostly, the secretaries could recognize me, so I’d instantly have easier accesses to their bosses,” she shared on a few advantages. “Rumors, intrigues do not affect us anymore. We just shrug it off,” she said. “But sometimes, since Kim is still very shy, I explain to her fans why she cannot stay long or other concerns.” As the eldest sister of the five siblings, Kim often seeks her advice. So flying in and out of the capital city became a weekly routine: Monday to Friday in Cebu, Saturday to Sunday in Manila to assist Kim with her tapings and fashion styling. “I am less likely to be in show business, but I am really in awe of how she could memorize long dialogues and could repeat the same scene more than ten times. I could not have that patience,” she jokingly remarked. When asked if she is open to the possibility of sharing the limelight with her sister, she is up for the challenge, but undeceive of what path to follow. It is safe to say that she can sing, dance, and act - and talk. “She is still very shy, so I think my edge is my being very outspoken and talkative,” she laughed. She’s too sweet to be an evil stepsister, but we’d like to make a request. Now that we’ve set the record straight and have found out that Lakam is brewing star potential, the question must be thrown: Is she ready for a love team-up?

Red storm rising “People often mistake us for bag and flipflop salesmen!” the group known as Red Habagat introduce themselves, “but yeah, it is true, we named ourselves after a red bag!” “We have more than three thousand fans already on our Facebook page ( redhabagatfanpage)” Red Habagat spokesperson Philip Bawasanta declares proudly then adds, “Today Cebu, tomorrow, the world!” The rest of the group, composed of Chris John Yeto, Teodis Buma-at, Kristoffer Abelita, Earl Jaru Obenza and brothers Louis Michael and Oswald Ouano, then exclaim “One day, the whole world will know our name!”

The present group came about in one of their “beer nights” where the seven of them would get together on a Saturday. “Most guys talked about girls and cars. Because we didn’t have girls and cars, we just talked about geeky stuff,” complains Earl, as Kristoffer adds jokingly, “We have low-selfesteem!” So, what’s the group all about? Red Habagat makes what are called “shorts”, short, independently-produced movies using everything from cellphone cameras to HD video cameras and everything in between. Philip saw videos on YouTube and felt that he could do the same. “The only difference from the other local guys who upload their own videos on YouTube is that most of them just do lip-synching to popular songs. In our case, we write stories, act them out and shoot them,” Philip explained. Louis then adds, “I was the guinea pig for the first video. Unfortunately, it was too long ago (2005) so we can’t remember what it was all about!” One of the highlights of their movie-making is when they tried to make a video of a frog getting drunk. “Try making a frog drink Tanduay. It’s really hard!” Philip says, “nothing really cam out of it and we ended up just

Oswald Ouano, Chris John Yeto, Teodis Buma-at II, Louis Michael Ouano, Earl John Obenza, Kristoffer Abelita, Philip Bawasanta

drinking the Tanduay ourselves.” Their videos have gotten popular in a new-fangled way: getting viral. “We posted the videos on our YouTube and Facebook pages, and friends started adding us. Pretty soon, friends of friends started adding us too,” Louis and Michael explain. Tedois, or Butong as he is often called, then interjects, “Watch our “annoying Puso” and “Masked Killer” series!” While geekiness may be a burden to most males, Red Habagat thrives on it. “It’s what gets us the girls!” Philip says, adding “We’ll make you famous!” And their message? “Do what you want,” Red Habagat says “and don’t be afraid to be different. And more importantly, in the words of our idol Christina Aguilera, ‘You are beautiful no matter what they say, words can’t bring you down!”


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reat, another Chosen One. The action tale “I Am Number Four” is mostly familiar stuff, presenting the latest teen outsider coming into possession of his latent superpowers just in time to battle evil forces intent on world chaos. The movie’s title character is no Superman or Spider-Man or even Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And while the filmmakers manage some entertaining fight sequences, they offer a standard-issue gang of heroes backed by a vague, unoriginal mythology about humanlooking aliens finding refuge on Earth after their planet is destroyed. One character notes that his upbringing was like an endless episode of “The X-Files,” but even weak installments of that show had more creepy chills and clever twists than “Number Four.” Directed by D.J. Caruso (“Eagle Eye,” “Disturbia”) from Pitticus Lore’s novel for teens, the movie has a simple – almost simpleminded – premise: Nasty raiders called the Mogadorians destroyed the planet Lorien, whose only survivors are nine special youths dispatched to hide out on Earth, each protected by a guardian. Known by numbers, the nine eventually will develop super speed, strength and other abilities to fight the Mogadorians, whose henchmen are hunting them down on Earth in preparation for an invasion of our little rock. As the action opens, the Mogadorians have finished off Numbers One, Two and Three and now are searching for, that’s right, Number Four (Alex Pettyfer), a sun-bronzed youth who looks more like a refugee from Mount Olympus than some alien planet. Number Four has spent his upbringing on the run with his guardian, Henri (Timothy Olyphant), who uproots his ward at the slightest hint that the bad guys might catch their scent. Just now, Number Four has assumed a new identity, John Smith, moved to Paradise, Ohio, and enrolled at a new high school, where he has a pretty predictable run of encounters for superheroes in waiting. He falls for beautiful classmate Sarah (Dianna Agron), makes an enemy out of the school bully (Jake Abel) and

lands a sidekick in a nerdy UFO believer (Callan McAuliffe). As John struggles to have some shred of a human upbringing, the filmmakers intercut mostly uninvolving moments of a tough mystery babe (Teresa Palmer) and a band of the homely, savage Mogadorians closing in on Number Four. None of this feels remotely original, which is not too surprising given the screenwriting unit that adapted the novel – Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, a writing-producing team whose credits include “Smallville” and “Spider-Man 2,” and Marti Noxon, a writer-producer for “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” The relationships, interaction and occasional wisecracking of “I Am Number Four” play like lukewarm leftovers of those young superhero sagas. Pettyfer does his studly duty well enough, though, making John a likable if bland Superman surrogate and sharing some wry moments with Olyphant. Agron is stuck in a more somber twist on her role in TV’s “Glee,” playing another superlovely, supercool kid suddenly lumped in with the geek squad. Her character is sweet and smart but reserved to the point of stoicism, making it hard to believe in the passionate sparks supposedly flying around John and Sarah. Kevin Durand livens up the movie as leader of the Mogadorian goon patrol. They’re basically aliens who look and behave like Neanderthals, but Durand brings a touch of gleeful sadism and warped humor to the hunt. The movie is set up as the start of a potential franchise for Pettyfer, who had been groomed for sequel work in his mid-teens with the title role of the spy caper “Alex Ryder: Operation Stormbreaker,” a box-office flop. Pettyfer may have better luck with “Number Four,” whose explosive finale could leave action fans willing to sit through a sequel. And Pettyfer has a shot at advancing in the teenheartthrob ranks, particularly with a starring role opposite Vanessa Hudgens in the “Beauty and the Beast” tale “Beastly” hitting theaters just weeks later. (AP)


Sun.Star Weekend | Saturday , March 12, 2011

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Sara Evans, “Stronger” (RCA/Sony Nashville) In the liner notes for Sara Evans’ new CD, she thanks “everyone for waiting so patiently on me to make this record.” Indeed, it’s been six years since the Missouri-born singer’s last album. As celebrity-gossip followers know, she dealt with drastic life changes over those years. In 2007, she divorced her first husband, politician Craig Schelske, amid allegations of cheating on both sides; she quit the TV series “Dancing with the Stars” mid-season to deal with the revelations. She then married a former star college quarterback, Jay Barker, uniting their seven kids under one roof after moving from Nashville to Alabama. So, predictably, Evans’ new song trumpets renewal and strength. However, the anthemic songs fall flat: On the fist-pumping “A Little Bit Stronger” and the spiritually inclined “Desperately,” Evans sounds oddly detached and the arrangements sound overly dramatic. But once she gets past the front-loaded survivor songs, she settles into layered tunes that better reveal her strengths. The multidimensional “My Heart Can’t Tell You No,” about a woman who doesn’t fully break from the man who hurt her, and the breezy “Anywhere” bring out a verve in Evans’ husky voice that is absent from the big showcase tunes. (AP)

CHECK OUT THIS TRACK: On “Alone,” the album’s most powerful ballad, Evans conveys the knotty emotions of telling a lover she loves his attentiveness and devotion_but she needs him to understand that, on occasion, she needs time to herself, too.

Beastly Alex Pettyfer, who isn’t exactly on a roll between this and the bombastic sci-fi flick “I Am Number Four,” stars as Kyle, the blonde, chiseled son of a blonde, chiseled New York news anchor (Peter Krause) whose idea of parenting is preaching that looking good is all that matters in life. When we first see Kyle, he’s exercising in his underwear, which gives you an idea of where writer-director Daniel Barnz is going in adapting Alex Flinn’s novel, a young-adult take on “Beauty and the Beast.” He’s arrogant, moneyed and cruel, which makes him the perfect guy to rule his posh Manhattan prep school. It’s like, why not? Nothing else here even remotely resembles any kind of nuanced reality, so we may as well play up all possible stereotypes. (AP)


Summer Art Workshops Take part in intensive capsule workshops conducted by contemporary Cebuano artists! Drawing and Sketching Intensive Class – Introduces techniques and processes in creating still life and human figures. It aims to develop skills in composition, shading, perspective and free hand drawing. Drawing and Sketching Capsule Class – This two-day course gives and introduction to the techniques of Betty Edwards’ Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain as well as processes in portraiture and figure drawing. Oil Painting Intensive Class – This course provides an introductory experience in the fundamentals of basic oil painting. For inquiries, please contact Aya or Jon at 0917-6345835, 0917-6965409 or 413-4571.

Front Row features “Ang Pamilya Ampatuan”

Illuminated: An Earth Hour Celebration Take me Home Tonight A nostalgic homage to the romanticcomedy romps of the 1980s, “Take Me Home Tonight” cycles through all the conventions of the genre without breathing any new life into them, or offering characters who are developed well enough to make us care about them. Director Michael Dowse’s film isn’t a full-on John Hughes parody, like “Not Another Teen Movie,” but it still may as well come with a checklist at the door, just so you can keep track of all the ‘80s cliches. It would make the whole experience a little more fun and interactive. (AP)


Join Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort and Spa on their second year of lighting the sky with hopes for a greener world Saturday, March 26,2011 Cowrie Cove at 8:00 PM Open Bar on SKYY Vodka from 830PM-930PM Support the Ocean Care Advocates Inc by purchasing Earth Hour lantern for Php500 Your donation entitles you to savings and freebies from our like minded partners: Kamiseta, Ipanema, Sony Center, Viao and Skyy Vodka

Controversial personalities, significant events, and hot topics – these await viewers every Saturday night as GMA News TV gives Front Row seats to film-like documentaries on the most relevant national and social issues dissected from all angles. Tonight, Saturday (Mar. 12), on its second serving, FRONT ROW presents “Ang Pamilya Ampatuan.” Ampatuan is synonymous with power and influence in the poor province of Maguindanao. A member of the Ampatuan clan holds office in almost every elective position, whether it’s a barangay, municipal, or provincial post. More than a year has passed since fifty-nine people were murdered in the infamous Maguindanao Massacre. Some members of the powerful and influential clan were tagged as the alleged masterminds behind the massacre. As the case is being tried yet, three members of the family are kept behind bars – the patriarch, former Maguindanao Governor Andal Ampatuan, Sr., his son and ARMM Governor Zaldy Ampatuan, and another

son who was named as the principal suspect of the massacre, former Datu Unsay Mayor Andal Ampatuan, Jr. Despite the massacre, it can not be denied that the Ampatuans still yield so much power and influence, at least in their stronghold. Fifteen members of the clan won in various government positions in the May 2010 elections. Zaldy’s wife, Bongbong, won as Mayor of Datu Hoffer while Reshal, Andal Jr.’s wife, was named as the Mayor of Datu Unsay. The Ampatuans now hold the most number of positions in government by a political clan. While the family continues to enjoy political recognition in Maguindanao, there are those who despise the name they carry because of the discrimination that is cast upon them. They are mocked, feared, and hated – even if they are not really related to the Ampatuans. Straight from Maguindanao, don’t miss the exclusive interviews with different personalities and find out their stories on how it is to be an Ampatuan. “Ang Pamilya Ampatuan” airs in FRONT ROW tonight, 10:10pm, only on GMA News TV.


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books bottoms up Aileen Quijano

A Day of Silence in Bali It’s not often one gets to celebrate New Year’s Day three times in a year. That’s why 2011 is such a blessing as I was able to do just that one month after the other. The first one was the turn of the year in January, celebrated with fireworks, feasting and fine champagne. The second one was Chinese New Year held last February 3, when we ushered in the year of the Metal Rabbit with lion and dragon dances, firecrackers and yee sang tossing for good luck. The third one – and a novelty at that – travel buddy Jan and I spent in Bali, Indonesia last Saturday, March 5, wherein we experienced for the first time a whole island welcome the New Year in a blanket of silence and darkness. Nyepi, or the Day of Silence, is a Hindu tradition that marks the beginning of the Saka New Year. The Balinese celebrate this day with silence, fasting and meditation so as to purify themselves and enter the New Year “reborn” and cleansed of all wrong doings committed in the previous year. Now that’s my kind of New Year! For this, the main restrictions are Amati Geni (no lighting of fires, including use of light bulb or electricity, in all area of Bali), Amati Karya (no working – except for hotel staff apparently and other people with critical services, and no disturbing activities like jumping and screaming), Amati Lelanguan (no entertainment, TV or radio), and Amati Lelungan (no traveling). As tourists, we were restricted as well, in respect of this tradition. Although we were free to do as we wished inside the hotel, no one was allowed onto the beaches or streets from 6 a.m. to 6 a.m. the next morning. All radio and cable channels were unavailable. No lights were switched on in the hotel, except in the rooms where curtains have to be drawn and glass areas covered to prevent the glow from being seen outside. And to prove just how the Balinese take this seriously, we received a call twice early in the night, just because we failed to completely close the curtains and the light from the desk lamp could still be seen outside. That small lamp? Curious, I took a peek from the window and – you betcha by golly wow – it was total darkness! I could not see a thing. I stood outside for a moment. So this was how it felt like to revel in nothingness. I stepped back in and I saw that the light was good. For one who hasn’t experienced a Day of Silence her whole life, I entered this day with mixed emotions. There’s excitement (always a sucker for something new); wonder (so amazed how the Balinese could easily detach themselves from the world); and trepidation (could I really stand being unplugged for one whole day? eeek). Since screaming was out of the question, I opted to simply embrace the experience and just do as the Balinese do. As I found out, there are way more, cooler things you can do in silence than previously expected, such as these:

closer to home – not so spicy yet very tasty. The Rosso Vivo restaurant of Kuta Seaview hotel particularly serves great food with a smile. Though mainly Italian, they also offer authentic Balinese dishes. One can try their yummy vegetable spring rolls, Pepes ikan (fish in banana leaves), Udang balado (prawns), nasi campur or the coconut chilly chicken. For this day, we had to rush dinner though so we could finish before sundown or else, as repeatedly warned, we would be eating in the dark. Candlelight, kind sir? Not even.

Meditate. Spend a few minutes of contemplation by the koi pond or water garden. Rarely do you find a Balinese structure without one. In Avatar language, it is meant to represent the balance of life, yin and yang. Meditating upon this, you begin to understand about harmony and appreciate the flow of life. I remember one slogan from a nearby minimart, “Love life and life will love you back.”

Photograph. Bali, dubbed as the ‘Land of the Gods’, is blessed with so much beauty and art. Its creativity is quite unique as evidenced in its Balinese structures, paintings, rice terraces, clothing and more. You simply cannot leave the island without a hundred pictures or so. You know what they say, “Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but pictures, kill nothing but time.” So click on. Perhaps the pictures will say it best, when we could say nothing at all. (

Eat. To my surprise, I found the Balinese way of cooking

Drink. The Bintang pilsener from Java, Indonesia is by far the smoothest beer I’ve ever gurgled (no offense to our local products) without an aftertaste. I really couldn’t say more except ‘Cheers!’ Sleep. Have you ever wished you could just disappear for a day, perhaps check into a hotel and get those precious hours of uninterrupted sleep? Don’t you sometimes feel that the world is rushing by so fast we fool ourselves into sleeping less lest we lose time? Well, it takes a place like Bali, which I admire for being reflective and brave enough to stop even just for a day, for me to realize that there is enough time for everything – for light, for darkness, for talk, for silence, and most especially, for sleep. Spa. There’s nothing like a few hours of nourishing and rejuvenating your body by the ‘bale’ (poolside) or in the midst of a garden – Balinese style. The sensation of rain showers, flower bath, herbal massage and spices will make you go… oohlala-life is beautiful! Reflect. Remember those old notes we jotted down whoknows-how-long-ago? Or the million photographs we took and stored in our smart phones, computers or somewhere in the web? A Day of Silence might be a good time to revisit memories and old inspirations to appreciate or ponder on where we’re going. Unload. One of the famous activities in Bali the day before ‘Nyepi’ is the burning of the Ogoh-Ogoh – a demonic statue made of bamboo and paper symbolizing negative elements or malevolent spirits. After the ogoh-ogoh has been paraded around the village, the ‘Ngrupuk’ ritual takes place, which involves burning the ogoh-ogoh, usually by the beach or water. Like the Balinese, we too can let go of old ghosts or burn useless baggage and skeletons in our closet to purify ourselves and perhaps, lighten the world around us.

Evolution: The Story of Life on Earth by Jay Hosler and illustrated by Kevin Cannon and Zander Cannon An accessible graphic introduction to evolution for the most science-phobic reader Illustrated by the brilliant duo Kevin Cannon and Zander Cannon, this volume is written by the noted comic author and professor of biology Jay Hosler. Evolution features the same characters introduced in the highly regarded The Stuff of Life: A Graphic Guide to Genetics and DNA, now here to explain the fundamentals of the evolution of life on earth. On the heels of explaining to his planetary leader the intricacies of human genetics in The Stuff of Life, the intrepid alien scientist Bloort-183 is charged in this sequel with covering the wider story of evolution. Using the same storytelling conceit that Plenty magazine declared “so charming that you won’t even notice you’ve absorbed an entire scientific field” and that caused Seed to pick The Stuff of Life as a best book of 2008, Evolution brilliantly answers Wired’s demand, “What’s the solution to America’s crisis in science education? More comic books!” Evolution, the most accessible graphic work on this universally studied subject, takes the reader from earth’s primordial soup to the vestigial structures, like the coccyx and the male nipple, of modern humans. Once again, the award-winning illustrations of the Cannons render the complex clear and everything cleverly comedic. And in Hosler, Evolution has an award-winning biology teacher whose science comics have earned him a National Science Foundation grant and an interview on NPR’s Morning Edition.


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1. What is Triskadekaphobia?

By Danise P. Macaraya

I held him tightly, he didn’t hold me back. Though he let me do what I needed and wanted, I knew as I stared at him that it would be our last. I wanted more, but he was exhausted - drained. “Dax, I gave you everything there is to give. When I say goodbye, I mean it”. Taking my chances, half-admitting that it’s time, I pushed for more. He gave up. Was I ready? Yes. I knew that would happen, though it wasn’t the first time, one can never get used to the hollow sucking feeling of goodbye. But for the nth time, I convinced myself, I was ready to let go. Or so I thought. 6 months. Faber Castell Ballpoint 0.5, PhP 9.75. I had always preferred pens over computers. The classic pen-paper tandem. Scribbles. Doodles. Essays. Reaction Papers. Theses. Somehow the clicking rap of my fingertips on the keyboard, no matter how emotional or detached I am, don’t come close to the graceful dance of ink. Tick-tacks don’t convey silenced emotions, deeply-grooved ink does. “If you only have me, because you can’t afford another one, because there’s nothing left, whatever

reasons there may be, what would you write?” Or would I still write? I’d probably be doing my best to memorize words. I’d be extra-attentive to lectures. I’d be uncomfortably focused, eye-to-eye, in conversations. I’d always keep a mental note. I’d be singing. I’d be choosing to forget. To the letters unsent, to the drafts that could have brought us our dream prominence, to the poems that sang what’s hidden, to the pains we unearthed, to the hurts we didn’t allow to progress to hates, to the butterfly feelings that fluttered and swiftly left, to the messy remembrances of our sobs, to the smileys that did not expound the laugh-till-you-drop moments, to the convictions we held on to for so long, only to be refuted a couple of paragraphs after, to the immemorial childish scribbles of our wanted future, to the prayers we are thankful were not answered, to the hopes that were granted, to the words that won’t even matter, he said good bye. But I won’t.


To the Insects By Ion Mae Villar

I opened a message I sent to myself It read: “Nothing to Display” Where do I put the blame For my wordlessness? To the mosquito that got away Before I clasped its wings? That has sipped perhaps A syllable or two? Or to the ant that crawled harmlessly On my arm And bit the life out of the rhyme? IMAGE FROM THE INTERNET

Got something to share with us? Sun.Star Weekend invites readers to contribute original, unpublished poems and essays or commentaries about funny or memorable moments in your life. Please email your contributions to:

3. What common drink was first named the “Esteemed Brain Tonic and Intellectual Beverage”? 4. All babies are born with a soft spot on the top of their heads. What is this called? 5. What type of rock is pumice? 6. In 1889, an Italian tavern owner named Don Raffaele Esposito developed a pizza featuring tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and basil – ingredients bearing the colors of the Italian flag. What is this Pizza called? 7. Libya’s head of state is Colonel Muammar Qadhafi, but what is his actual political title? 8. Name Cinderella’s two step-sisters in the Disney version. 9. The fire triangle represents the three elements needed for a fire to occur. All three elements must be present at the same time to have a fire. The fire will continue to burn until one element is removed. What are these elements? 10. Warren Buffet is the world’s 3rd richest man in 2011. The source of his wealth is from Berkshire Hathaway. What was Berkshire Hathaway before Buffet transformed it into several holding companies?

Answers: 1. Fear of the number 13; 2. Ernest Hemingway; 3. CocaCola; 4. Fontanelle; 5. Igneous; 6. Margherita Pizza (Queen Margherita Maria Teresa Giovanni of Savoy, Queen consort of Italy); 7. Revolutionary Leader; 8. Anastasia and Drizella; 9. Fuel (something to burn), heat (temperature hot enough to make the fuel burn) and oxygen; 10. A textile company

So, is this goodbye?

2. Which famous writer won a bet that stated he could write a complete short story in six words?

Pop Quiz is brought to you by Cebu Trvia Night, happening on Tuesdays at The Joker’s Arms and Wednesdays at Alejandro’s Filipino Restaurant. IMAGE FROM THE INTERNET


49 Gen. Sepulveda Street, Cebu Tel. No (032) 255-0105 & 412-5551 Fax No. (032) 412-5552 Email:



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peeps (people, events and places)

Photo exhibit

Tattoo artist and amateur photographer Jennifer Rimaz held a photo exhibit last Friday, March 4 at Alejandro’s Filipino Restaurant. The show, featuring the photos Jen took during her travels around the world, was well-attended, bringing together family, friends and photography enthusiasts.

(Clockwise) Josh Alipe; Alexis Yap and Jen Rimaz; Paula Jimenez, Becky Thompson and Doogie; Michelle Petty and a friend; Jon Unson and Aya Ng.

Discover Hawaii Always Summer: Race to Hawaii World-class travel destination, Oahu, offers more than the entire sister islands of Hawaii combined. With a bustling population of around 1 million residents, 75% of the state’s population, a metropolitan lifestyle is not far behind mixed with beachside laid-back attitude.

Some say you can drive around the island in a day, but that would only be touching the surface. When enjoying the ultimate vacation, here are a few ideas that might serve as a springboard to exploration and a unique experience: The capital of Hawaii, Honolulu, has a variety of

things to do being the only major city in all the islands. Besides, of course, hitting the gorgeous beaches, there is the historic Pearl Harbor, guaranteed to sate even the most ardent of history enthusiasts; the Honolulu Zoo, unique in all of the United States as the only zoo originating from a King’s grant, King David Kalakaua Monarch of Hawaii from 1874 to 1891, of royal lands to people. With a radius of 2,300 miles, the Honolulu Zoo offers tours like, to name one, Snooze at the Zoo, where your night starts with a buffet followed by a guided night tour, s’mores around a campfire which then culminates to a camp out under the stars. Imagine dreaming with the lions in such a majestic park. The Hawaiian Waters Adventure Park is another spectacular attraction with 25 acres of every kind of swirling and thrilling activity you can imagine, ranging from exciting water slides, swirling rapids, a wave pool so big you can body surf, a sedate inner-tubing river, and 2 seven-story water slides, to boot! High-rise buildings, bright lights and the lure of shopping also abound with the extensive selection you can find at Ala Moana Shopping Center.With over 290 stores and restaurants; it is dubbed as a shopper’s paradise in paradise. Every day, some 81,000 visitors mingle with the residents. Be one of them and celebrate Havaianas Always Summer Race to Hawaii, a unique contests that will

challenge two-member teams to celebrate summer via summer tasks. The winners of the regional leg will be flown to Boracay for the final leg to compete for the ultimate prize: an all expense paid vacation for two to Hawaii. Eighteen-year old Filipino residents with any singlereceipt purchase of two (2) Havaianas pairs from any participating Havaianas retailers until March 27, 2011 will merit one (1) Race to Hawaii scratch card. This has a unique code that participants can use to register in the website, Experience summer fun and adventure from here to Boracay to Hawaii with Havaianas. Race begins at participating authorized Havaianas retailers. In Cebu, Havaianas Race to Hawaii participating outlets are All Flip Flops Ayala Center Cebu and SM City , Rustan’s, Republik, and R.O.X Ayala. PHOTOS: MARK DIMALANTA

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