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Ms. Cebu 2011


Pleased to meet you

Who to watch this 2011? Clint Holton P. Potestas introduces us to this year’s up and coming young Cebuanos.


Sun.Star Weekend | Saturday , January 8, 2011 CHERRY ANN LIM Managing Editor, Special Pages and Features JIGS ARQUIZA Editor CLINT HOLTON P. POTESTAS Writer

cover story Divine Muego Maitland-Smith The Graphic Artist

Art of the Covenant: “Graphic artistry does not mean it should involve computers,” she clarifies, explaining that she’s more inclined to graffiti art. Or you can even call her a tattoo artist. At age 19, she is a licensed tattoo artist, professionally trained in Bangkok, Thailand. Skin to Skin: This February, Divine, who is born to a Cebuano mother, is inviting six international tattoo artists to be featured in her art gallery on A.S. Fortuna, Mandaue. Expect a remodeled space and finer form of self-expression. “A tattoo is a form of selfexpression. It’s permanent; you carry it with you, so make sure you choose a design you can live with forever,” she advises.

Ria Alazas

The Jewelry Designer

Call of Nature: This Ateneo de Manila University schooled gal laughs at the idea that she is more known as a jewelry designer than a corporate lawyer. “It is my passion to design accessories because I like to tap my creative side. It’s a totally different field from lawyering, and it’s actually my sideline,” beams the 27-year-old, who says she tinkers the materials all by herself. Ready, Manila: Ria is all set to enter the mainstream industry via the upcoming launching of her cousin’s (fashion designer Dexter Alazas) atelier in the capital city middle of this year. She is thinking of utilizing metallic materials for her line called “Glory,” exactly what the market demands this season.

Crystal Star Aberasturi

Pleased to meet you

The Model

The winner takes it all: A combination of brains and beauty has always been a formidable tandem, and Crystal is taking a lead up to what she really wants. The 18-year-old Medical Technology student at the Cebu Doctors’ University has been recognized in several pageants such as Ms. Cesafi, Ms. Pagcor, Ms. Cviraa for Festival Queen, among others. On the catwalk: Now, she’s modeling. Under the management of Ozar’s Danny Booc, she is poised for both runway and print modeling. However, there are other prestigious pageants lining up for her. But in the meantime, her lips are sealed. When the right time comes, she’d definitely be back on this very page to spill the beans.

Maybe they’ve met before, somewhere else – the déjà vu effect? – but they would like to think it’s their first encounter, their first cheers, their first acquaintance party together on a very fine afternoon. In a roomful of strangers, surprisingly, there was not an awkward moment. Or not even an issue of billing when summoned to pose as “five people to watch out for in 2011”: five of Cebu’s rising individuals who have promised to offer you something they do best. It’s just right here, actually: politics, showbiz, fashion, and absolutely everything your eyes can feast on. Guaranteed all fresh. Correct, age doesn’t matter. But isn’t it a good omen that they’re all below 30? Besides, to be young and hip, didn’t that once mean irreverently carefree? Don’t be fooled by the rocks they’ve got. Their soaring kind of spirit assures all of us there’s more than what meets the eye. A handshake’s fine, but don’t they deserve a hug?

Mikel Rama

The Youth Leader

Jan Slater Young The Matinee Idol

Shifting Gears: From a lucrative industry, Jan submits himself to entertainment. To be very honest about it, he is earning good from his previous job: He was formerly the civil engineer of some top companies, like Nestle, S&R, and BigFoot. Jan completed his degree in Civil Engineering at the University of San Carlos. Shooting Stars: The next John Lloyd Cruz? “I like the image of John Lloyd Cruz,” answers Jan when asked about how he wants to be packaged after the six-month workshop starting January that covers dancing, singing, acting, and modeling. Under Cornerstone Talent Management, that would now be possible. The same team ignited the careers of singers Yeng Constantino, Richard Poon, and Sam Milby. PHOTOS: AGNES ANNE GARRIDO MAKE-UP AND HAIR: ROMERO VERGARA CONTRIBUTING COORDINATORS: GIRLIE VELOSO, ROSELLE REYES, AND MAI VARRON LOCALE: TREFF AT THE GOURMET WALK OF THE WATERFRONT HOTEL AND CASINO, LAHUG STYLING AND SITTING: CLINT POTESTAS

Bloodline: Leadership is innate for Mikel, being the son of Cebu City Mayor Michael Rama, but he surely has his own style. Having completed his degree in Psychology at the University of San Carlos, the 25-year-old believes in the strength of value formation as the springboard of any objective. He also finished Bachelor of Laws at the same university. Alternative Route: Being a member of the Cebu City Youth Movement, Mikel hopes to direct all projects to fellowship. For him, this promotes interaction among the young members of the community, leading to a more precise answer to concerns. “Value formation is very important because it’s knowing how one should respond to any circumstance,” he says, sharing about intensive leadership and entrepreneurial training. RALPH RHODDEN C. CAVERO Graphic Designer

Sun.Star Weekend | Saturday , January 8, 2011



The ladies of Ms. Cebu 2011

1) Katrina Raye C. Yuson Trina is a nineteen year-old student from Cebu Doctors’ University currently taking up Bachelor of Science in Nursing. A sports enthusiast, she is into different sports but volleyball is her main game. Trina is also interested in children particularly the mentallychallenged. Reading and writing keeps her going and it allows her to venture into new things. Life is a journey and there is more to discover, so she never ceases to explore.

2) Kerrie Glad A. Arapoc Eighteen year-old Kerrie is a Medical Technology student from Cebu Doctors’ University. A great fan of digital art, she does both portrait and motion art graphic design during her spare time. She is labeled as “The Young Achiever” by her friends because of success she has gained through the years and her immense conviction to reach certain heights.

3) Rosemary J. Gore 4) Katrina Jane B. Esmas Rose is an eighteen year-old student from Eighteen year-old Ina is a student from Southwestern University taking up Bachelor Cebu Doctors’ University currently taking up of Science in Medical Technology. Growing Bachelor of Science in Nursing. On her spare up she had many fears, one of which was the time she reads, writes, shops and plays soccer. boogeyman and she is glad she has grown out She's the midstriker for Melbourne United of it though horror movies shock her still. She Football Club, and she also plays football for loves the great outdoors, being under the sun Cebu Doctor's University. and singing her heart out with her music, and reading.When she is not outdoors or reading, she finds herself at home with her family where she is truly her happiest.

5) Benjielyn Rose A. Ongluico Benj is a nineteen year-old Management Accounting student from the University of San Carlos, a part-time model and a former SK councilor in Guadalupe. She is the youngest in the brood of four, a certified homebody, and would prefer to solve mathematical problems rather than go shopping.

6) Teffanie Lene E. Llamada Twenty-one year-old Panyang is a Staff Nurse of St. Vincent’s General Hospital. To be blessed to graduate with laurels further pushed her drive for excellence and self-discovery. She is currently a member of the Fidelis Choir (a church choir), an environmental band, the UC Music Theatre Company and a post graduate student of Psychiatric Nursing. She has always believed that exploring one’s potential is infinite.

7) Maureen Gail M. Espina Mau is a nineteen year-old Psychology student from the University of San Carlos. She loves to sing to de-stress, chill out with friends, play solitaire, watch T.V. and surf the internet to keep updated. She loves to do movie marathons and gets inspired by movies and TV personalities. She is a member of the University of San Carlos Choristers (choral group) which she has a gotten a scholarship from and the Psychology Society.

8) Mia Zeeba M. Ali Faridoon Nineteen year-old Mia is a Mass Communication student from the University of the Philippines. Miss UP 2010 brought about her involvement with UP Tsinelas, a non-stock, non-profit charity organization, which aims to help underprivileged children from depressed areas in Cebu. Writing for the college newsletter, Tug-ani, is something she has started doing this academic year.

11) Vanessa Claudine M. Ammann Vanessa is a twenty-one year old Advertising Arts student from the University of San Carlos. When she's not with her friends and family she finds herself outdoors jetskiing, playing soccer, bowling or just on a simple picnic in a random field. When passions come into question, it has always been dancing, interacting with people and drawing. She tends to enjoy the tiniest things. In local slang one can say she's a child with "gamay kalipay" and she's always been happy about that.

12) Aiko Lyanne E. Serrano Twenty-one year old Aiko is an English tutor for a home-based company, Four Communications. During her spare time, she loves to sing karaoke with her siblings, a talent that they got from their mother, and experiment on cooking various dishes, an interest that she inherited from her father. She currently takes part in 'One lesson, One Smile', a program that aims to support the needs of children.

9) Junelyn B. Bilocura 10) Erica Janine P. Tudtud June is a twenty-four year-old Customer Twenty-one year old Erica is an Interior Service Agent of Philippine Airlines. She is a Design student from the University of San dreamer and a hard worker. She lives a simple Carlos. She loves to dance and write songs. life in Daanbantayan under the care of her Most of all, she enjoys spending quality time grandparents. She completed Management with her family and friends. She has been Accounting as a working student at the modeling for 5 years under Fashion TV Cebu University of San Jose Recoletos, something and A.D. Models Philippines. She participates is very grateful for accomplishing. She still in outreach programs with the Kids of Kythe has a lot of plans for herself and for her family Foundation for the benefit of kids with cancer. hence she will never get tired of dreaming and working hard to make these dreams come true.


Sun.Star Weekend | Saturday , January 8, 2011



HE really annoying thing about Jack Black’s “Gulliver’s Travels” is not so much that it’s a bad movie – it is bad, but only run-of-the-mill bad, not epic-misfire bad – but that the movie sullies a piece of literature that has endured for nearly 300 years for the sake of a cheap kiddie flick that’ll be forgotten in a month. With Black’s giant footprints all over it, Jonathan Swift’s tale of Gulliver’s voyages is pretty much out of bounds for any filmmakers who actually might have wanted to make a good, faithful adaptation (you never know, it could have happened). You can hear some studio executive listening to the pitch a decade or so from now: “Gulliver? Didn’t somebody make that piece of shipboard adventure 10 or 15 years ago?” Hollywood runs in cycles, and Black’s movie takes Gulliver off the table for a good long time. The live-action filmmaking debut for Rob Letterman, a co-director on the animated movies “Shark Tale” and “Monsters vs. Aliens,” ‘’Gulliver’s Travels” is set in modern times and borrows only a few key elements from Swift’s work. Black’s Lemuel Gulliver is a mailroom sluggard at the New York Tribune who bluffs his way into a travel-writing assignment in the Bermuda Triangle to impress Darcy (Amanda Peet), an editor on whom he has a huge crush. Gulliver sails into some sort of vortex that transports him to an alternate world, where he washes up on Lilliput, an island of tiny people 3 inches high. Initially imprisoned as a beast, Gulliver gabs his way into the hearts of the Lilliputians with tall tales of his exploits borrowed from “Star Wars,” ‘’Titanic” and “Avatar” (all movies in which “Gulliver’s Travels” studio 20th Century Fox has a stake, in case anyone’s counting). Gulliver winds up as guardian of Lilliput against the enemy Blefuscians and befriends commoner Horatio (Jason Segel), who has his own crush on Lilliput’s Princess Mary (Emily Blunt), daughter of the goodhearted king and queen (Billy Connolly and Catherine Tate).

But evil General Edward (Chris O’Dowd), displaced as his realm’s protector, plots to expose Gulliver and banish him from the land. “Gulliver’s Travels” has been adapted a few times before, most notably in Max Fleischer’s 1939 animated version. Richard Harris played Gulliver in a 1977 adaptation, while Ted Danson starred in a 1996 TV version. In Black’s version, Swift’s biting satire is softened to innocuous family fare, with enough cute little gags and mugging by Black that young children should stay interested, if not enthralled, for the movie’s brisk running time. There’s not much there for older kids and adults, the simple-minded story from screenwriters Joe Stillman (“Shrek”) and Nicholas Stoller (Segel’s director on “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”) giving Black little to do but bumble and bray. The story is so slight – Lilliputian, really – that the clever visual effects continually dominate “Gulliver’s Travels.” Black tugging an armada of Blefuscian ships or simply strolling among the sand-castle-sized buildings of Lilliput are far more interesting to watch than any of the exchanges he and the little people have among themselves. The movie was needlessly converted to 3-D. The images are not blurry and distracting as some 3-D conversions have been, but neither are they terribly impressive, adding nothing but a few extra dollars to the price of a ticket. “Gulliver’s Travels” is preceded by an animated short featuring Scrat, the squawking little guy from the “Ice Age” movies, whose next feature-length installment is due out in 2012. Scrat’s been chasing his beloved acorn for so long, and the new short pounds him into such a pulp, that it’s all starting to seem a little sadistic. As for “Gulliver’s Travels,” maybe by the book’s 300th anniversary in 2026, it’ll be time for a new big-screen version. And maybe a new quality-over-commerce attitude will have taken hold in Hollywood then, so we’ll get a smart, classy take on Gulliver. Could happen. (AP)


Sun.Star Weekend | Saturday , January 8, 2011

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Michael Jackson, “Michael” (Epic Records)

Black Swan

“Black Swan” is at once gorgeous and gloriously nutso, a trippy, twisted fantasy that delights and disturbs in equal measure. “Black Swan” wallows in its grandiosity, and if you’re willing to go along with it, you’ll find yourself wowed by one of the best films of the year. Natalie Portman gives it her all, physically and mentally, in a brave and demanding performance as Nina, a driven New York City ballerina who has zero life outside of dance. Portman had studied ballet growing up, but “Black Swan” required a grueling regimen of training five hours a day, everyday, for 10 months before production even began. (AP)

Anyone hoping that “Michael,” an album culled from version is more polished, Jackson’s vocals – tender, sweet Michael Jackson’s vaults, would rival “Thriller,” ‘’Off the Wall” but strong – sound almost identical to what circulated on the or even “Dangerous” will likely be Web years ago. The ballad itself is disappointed when they hear the saccharine and generic, but Jackson’s first posthumous release credited soulful performance gives it all the to the King of Pop. charm it needs. But that’s not to say that Jackson co-wrote several of the “Michael,” consisting mainly of songs on “Michael,” and the recurring material Jackson was working themes that ran throughout Jackson’s on during the last two years of work are evident here as he paints his life, should be considered a himself as the victim of the tabloids in disappointment or an artistic “Monster” and “Breaking News,” two of letdown – especially if the listener the album’s weaker tracks. “Breaking accepts it for what it is, and that’s News,” while it has noteworthy lines not a Michael Jackson album. (“he wanna write my obituary” Jackson Had Jackson not died last year, intones in one part), seems the most chances are he’d still be working unfinished with nonsensical lyrics and on a follow-up to his last album, a chorus that repeats Jackson’s name 2001’s “Invincible,” spending incessantly. “Hollywood Tonight” also millions of dollars and untold warns of the dangers of seeking fame, IMAGE FROM THE INTERNET hours trying to come up with an this time with a young woman fooled by CHECK OUT THIS TRACK: A portion of “(I Like) the Way You album that would outdo Kanye, its lure. Love Me,” a sweet midtempo song with a doo-wop sound, was Beyonce and whoever else was There’s no song on “Michael” that released as part of a Jackson box set in 2004. The version ruling the charts at the moment. will rank among Jackson’s best work, presented on “Michael” lives up to that initial tease. None of the songs on “Michael” but there are a few that stand out. “(I had been completed at the time of his death, and there’s Like) the Way You Love Me” is a groovy midtempo song that no way of knowing if the perfectionist Jackson would have recalls a classic doo-wop sound; “Best of Joy” is a dreamy, airy deemed them worthy of the album he was trying to create – track that features Jackson’s vocals at their heart-melting best, or thrown them into the discard pile. without a melange of sound effects and the vocal hiccups that “Michael” should then be judged for what it is: a snapshot often distracted the listener from that amazing voice; and “Keep of Jackson’s musical thought process – Photoshopped and Your Head Up” is a lovely inspirational anthem that accomplishes airbrushed, but still enjoyable. its mission with each listen. Jackson’s estate selected producers such as “Dangerous” We’ll never know whether “Michael” would have been producer Teddy Riley and Tricky Stewart (Beyonce, Rihanna) anything close to the album that Jackson might have released to put the finishing touches on the album’s 10 tracks. It’s had he lived, but by releasing these songs, fans can know unclear how much studio wizardy was required to get the that the King of Pop was off to a promising start. “Michael” songs into top shape, but if “Hold My Hand” (the first single does nothing to detract from Jackson’s amazing legacy and, with Akon) is any indication, there wasn’t much. The song if anything, gives us a little bit more to cherish, however had leaked onto the Internet a few years ago, and while this imperfect. (AP)

iTunes top 10 singles of 2010 Looking for the perfect mix tape for 2010? Well, surely others will disagree, but these 10 songs got our votes for the year’s most entertaining, and we’re betting they’ll keep your attention for some time to come: 1. “When a Woman Loves,” R. Kelly: An absolutely stunning love song with a pitch-perfect vocal performance that will send chills down your spine — for the right reasons. 2. “(Expletive) You,” Cee Lo: This phrase might not be so offensive if everyone delivered it as cheerily and soulfully as Cee Lo, in perhaps the year’s wittiest track. 3. “Love the Way You Lie,” Eminem featuring Rihanna: The song grabs you from the start of Rihanna’s piercing vocal, and Eminem’s tormented raps may be one of the more honest portrayals of love gone horribly wrong. 4. “Runaway,” Kanye West: Let’s toast indeed, to West’s continued warped brilliance with a song that sarcastically pays tribute to his well-documented flaws. 5. “Tightrope,” Janelle Monae featuring Big Boi: James Brown would be proud with this frenetic dance How do you know when a film is groove with killer horns and the coolest of raps from horrible? When it’s “How Do You Know,” it’s the ever-cool Big Boi. pretty obvious. Nothing about this would6. “Soldier of Love” Sade: The opening drum salvo be romantic comedy ever gels – neither is captivating enough, but when Sade’s alto croons, the romance nor the comedy and, worst of “I’ve lost the use of my heart, but I’m still alive,” it’s all, not the characters. Individually likable a haunting yet intoxicating delivery that seals the ordinarily, Reese Witherspoon and Paul deal. Rudd make zero sense together here as a 7. “The Best in Me,” Marvin Sapp: Sapp’s gospel anthem celebrates God’s couple. Similarly, the dueling story lines ability to see past the imperfections mere mortals can’t. that comprise the script feel slammed 8. “Billionaire,” Travie McCoy featuring Bruno Mars: This fantasy-filled song was the perfect anthem in a year where most together, so the film as a whole never finds of us were holding on to our wallets a little tighter. It was perhaps the best cameo from the smooth-voiced Bruno Mars. a groove – which only accentuates the fact 9. “Teenage Dream,” Katy Perry: It’s frothy and poppy , but don’t let that hide the fact that “Teenage Dream” is just a great that it’s overlong. (AP) song, period. 10. Antoine Dobson & The Gregory Brothers, “Bed Intruder Song”: Don’t play – you know “Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wife” is ingrained in your brain, thanks to the Gregory Brothers ingenious mashup song that took Antoine Dobson from viral sensation to IMAGES FROM THE INTERNET musical sensation. Run and tell that!

How Do You Know?


Sun.Star Weekend | Saturday , January 8, 2011


Change Your Brain, Change Your Body by Dr. Daniel G. Amen The key to a better body – in shape, energized, and youthful – is a healthy brain. Based on the latest medical research, as well as on Dr. Amen’s two decades of clinical practice at the re­ nowned Amen Clinics, where Dr. Amen and his as­sociates pioneered the use of the most advanced brain imaging technology, Change Your Brain, Change Your Body shows you how to take the very best care of your brain. With fifteen practical, easy-toimplement solutions involving nutritious foods, natural supplements and vitamins, positive-thinking habits, and, when neces­ sary, highly targeted medications, Dr. Amen shows you how to:

Doing something good “It’s my birthday today,” the Norwegian musician says, as we sit down for afternoon merienda and an interview last Tuesday, January 4. He then adds “I’m already 54 years old.” One of Norway’s top recording artists, Steinar Albrigtsen has already released 13 albums in Norway, and is in Cebu to do a couple of charity concerts and relax a bit. According to him, he finds the temperature great, and is looking forward to hanging out at the beach and of course, performing at Magellan’s Landing Pub at the Mactan Marina Mall tonight, January 8 and on Friday night, January 14. Performing with him are Monica Nordli, also a recording artist in Norway, and Steinar’s instrumentalists, bass player Andy and drummer Tor. Steinar and Monica, are the ambassadors of goodwill of the Young Life Foundation, an organization composed of Norwegians in Cebu and Norway who are working together to make life better for the underprivileged Cebuanos.


Together, the pair is “trying to get the rich people in Norway to support the building of houses for the children in Olango.” “It doesn’t take a lot of work to help other people,” Steinar explains, adding that as a musician, playing music isn’t exactly work. Steinar then comments that if by playing music, he can help the needy children of Olango Island, then working is actually a pleasure. Steinar and Monica arrived in Cebu on the last week of December, and as fate would have it, Steinar proposed marriage to Monica on New Year’s Eve. Steinar and Monica are also releasing a music video of the old Art Garfunkel song “We Are Going”, which will be shown to the people in Norway to generate interest in the plight of needy Cebuanos. The recording of the song will also feature a local Cebuano children’s choir. Steinar then concludes, “We should try to do something good while we’re here on earth.” (Jigs Arquiza)

* Reach and maintain your ideal weight * Soothe and smooth your skin at any age * Reduce the stress that can impair your immune system * Sharpen your memory * Increase willpower and eliminate the crav­ings that keep you from achieving your exercise and diet goals * Enhance sexual desire and performance * Lower your blood pressure without medication * Avoid depression and elevate the enjoyment you take in life’s pleasures. Whether you’re just coming to realize that it’s time to get your body into shape, or are already fit and want to take it to the next level, Change Your Brain, Change Your Body is all you need to start putting the power of the brain-body connection to work for you today. TEXT AND IMAGES FROM WWW.FULLYBOOKEDONLINE.COM AND THE WEB

Do you know Chuck Norris? In case you didn’t know much about Chuck Norris, this is (for the most part) all you need to know. l Chuck Norris once ate a whole cake before his friends could tell him there was a stripper in it. l When Chuck Norris was denied an Egg McMuffin at McDonald's because it was 10:35, he roundhouse kicked the store so hard it became a Wendy's. l Scientists have estimated that the energy given off during the Big Bang is

roughly equal to 1CNRhK (Chuck Norris Roundhouse Kick) l How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could Chuck Norris? ...All of it. l The grass is always greener on the other side, unless Chuck Norris has been there. In that case the grass is most likely soaked in blood and tears. l Newton's Third Law is wrong: Although it states that for each action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, there is no force

equal in reaction to a Chuck Norris roundhouse kick. l Chuck Norris doesnt shave; he kicks himself in the face. The only thing that can cut Chuck Norris is Chuck Norris. l Chuck Norris grinds his coffee with his teeth and boils the water with his own rage. l Archeologists unearthed an old English dictionary dating back to the year 1236. It defined "victim" as "one who has encountered Chuck Norris"

l Chuck Norris ordered a Big Mac at Burger King, and got one. l Chuck Norris doesn't bowl strikes, he just knocks down one pin and the other nine faint. l The show Survivor had the original premise of putting people on an island with Chuck Norris. There were no survivors, and nobody is brave enough to go to the island to retrieve the footage.

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The Long List by Cherie Ann O. Gozon

Most of my friends’ Facebook status messages on the night of December 31st were all of goodbyes to the good year that 2010 has brought them. I, for one, did the same thing. It was, without any question, one of the best years in my life. When 2011 arrived, my friends and I decided to welcome it together. We had this little get together (sort of a tradition) in which we’ll open our plans/resolutions/ promises from the previous year, assess it, and make new ones. Some laughed, while some wept at the discovery of their failure of not fulfilling what’s on their list of promises. Some were a bit disappointed at themselves. It was like they were cursing the items on the list for being there. A few moments we lingered on those thoughts of failure; then we moved on and wrote down a new list for 2011. I wrote down a pretty long list. I was scared and nervous that I wrote down too much that I might be weeping and regretting by next year. I was scared that I might fail myself for not doing what I have written on the list. Then it gave me a thought to ponder: why do we make a list, anyway? Why do always write down our plans and things to achieve? Why were planners made? Why is there such thing as organizers? Call me a cynic, but I think these things are limiting people as to what they could

possibly achieve. People list down things, plans, etc. and focus to only those things. They forget to count that there could still be other things to be achieved; things that they haven’t written down on the list. People have planners; writing down every possible plan of the day. Should something come up and hinders them from fulfilling the “plan”, they curse the day. In an instant, a status message or a tweet would go ‘This is the worst day of my life.’ I pity these people. Not because they have failed and had ‘the worst day of their lives’ but because they are limiting themselves. No sense of adventure. No chance of discovering new things or meeting new people. I know I do have my share of plans and resolutions and promises. I do have a planner, yes. But most of them never go well. But regret is a friend I dwell on so little. I move on and tell myself that (as cliché as it may seem) ‘everything happens for a reason… there’s a better plan UP there.’ I wrote down a pretty long list, I know. At first I will be cautious of them but I know by the end of the first quarter, I’ll slowly forget them. Screw the list. Screw whatever plans I wrote down. I might regret and weep by next year. But maybe, if there is indeed a better plan, then it is what’s meant to happen and not whatever’s on my list. So to everyone who made a list of resolutions, who made out some 2011 plans, or who made a pinky swear… don’t stop there. Don’t just look what’s on the surface. Look beyond. Life’s too short for plans. Go run with the wind and you’ll find something a bit better – though off the list.

Got something to share with us? Sun.Star Weekend invites readers to contribute original, unpublished poems and essays or commentaries about funny or memorable moments in your life. Please email your contributions to:

None So Inspiring by: M.A.P. Everyday we talk you inspire me Like a muse that inspires all You’re the muse that all have sought That all have envied And yet one man defines you as his You are his muse in times of despair A time of uncertainty A time of hope that all men look for and pursue to death But bond to one, defined to one, bond to love, his love The love for you defines you And you, my love, are my muse There are no other before you Nor shall there ever be For I would search this world And find no other None so beautiful None so graceful And none so inspiring As inspiring As when I look deep into your eyes.


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peeps (people, events and places)

It’s a white Christmas in Cebu One of the biggest events of the year ended the year as the annual invierno* 2010: The Annual Winter Ball came to life at Lx (LUXX), VUDU last Saturday, Dec 25, 2010. On its fifth year already, VUDU and Rhipstop’s invierno* continues to be one of the

biggest all-white themed party that everyone looks forward to and dresses up for. A sea of gorgeous people came dressed in white that night, celebrating Christmas as one in the newly launched and visually stunning club, LX (LUXX) at VUDU. Progressive, electro house beats and musical stylings were provided by invierno* DJs Hans Congmon, Jude Flores, Maxie Perez and Marlon Orellano.

Some beautiful babes at the new LX at VUDU.

Sarrita and Jacob Pimentel.

LX, VUDU’s JP Chiongbian and Rhipstop’s Kaz Onozawa.

Binky Sybico and a friend.

Martin Yeung, Dwight Buot.

Lili Cherry, Elena Kolobokhova, Anna Opokhliuk.

Pia Congmon, Hazel Chu, Cacay Mendoza.

Holly Dychangco, Camilla Guidicelli, Mia Arcenas.

Jake Maningo, Jumbo Climaco, Hannah Torotoro.

Martino Borromeo and LX’s Kaiser Tan.

Melanie Tam and LX, VUDU invierno* DJs Hans Congmon and Jude Flores.

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