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INTRODUCTION Benidorm is a very important tourist destination. Many people travel from all over Spain and from Europe to enjoy the beaches, climate, and the tourist attractions. However, now we suggest a different visit, a walk in Benidorm focusing on the mathematical aspects that we find along the way.

Believe it or not, mathematics are around us. We are in the Triangular square. It costs a lot to get an idea of what this place was only 50 years ago. This place was outside the village, there was no construction around us, except for some isolated villa at the beach, which belonged to the first tourists that arrived to a small town of sailors. There were only fields, especially those of olive trees around us.

ROUTE ACTIVITY 1 Here are some useful geometric objects. What is their purpose? Find them in the square, take the necessary measures and calculate area and volume.

ACTIVITY 2 Where are these signs? What shapes do you see in them? How significant are these signs? Do you see any symmetry? Draw it.

ACTIVITY 3 Look at the two ways to plug a hole. Why do you think one sewer is circular and the other is not?,

Let's look at the environment: large prisms, all vertical lines that rise up to heaven.

ACTIVITY 4 An example is found in the great blue note hotel across the square. Panoramic lift is moving at a speed of 1.6 m / sec. Can you calculate its height?

ACTIVITY 6 In groups, make a national survey of pedestrians walking on the streets, with a sample of twenty data. Record the answers in the following chart:

Now make a statistical chart with the data. Nationality

Absolute frequency(f)

Relative Percentage frequency (h)

h x 360ยบ


ACTIVITY 7 Look at the temperature indicated by the thermometer from the pharmacy. - What is the temperature in the square? - Pass it to Kelvin: K = C + 273.15 - Pass it to Fahrenheit: F = 1.8c + 32 - Find the algebraic expression that relates ยบ K and ยบ F.

Perez Llorca Street. We are in a very good place to understand what we were saying at first about the volumes of construction: the city council regulations allow to build the volume of the buildings depending on the size of the site. But we can choose how to distribute it. To build 10 homes, we can create a building consisting of 1 house of 10 floors, or 2 houses of 5 floors, or 5 houses of 2 floors or 10 houses of 1 floor. This is the origin of the existing towers.

ACTIVITY 8 Locate these figures and answer:

Which of them requires more paint? Which one would be filled with water before?

ACTIVITY 9 Can you draw the basic figure of this mosaic?

ACTIVITY 11 In this area there are two ramps. Look for them! Which of the them has a greater inclination?

ACTIVITY 12 Locate the well in the picture. What geometric shape is it?

Let's calculate the volume: Start here:

Side measuremen t


Apothem measuremen t


Height measuremen t


ACTIVITY 13 There are two repetitive architectural elements that consist of two numbers that can be written as two powers with the terms exchanged. Write the terms.

ACTIVITY 14 Are you thirsty? Find the water fountain in the square and calculate the volume of water that it can contain. What capacity does it have? We continue our trip, folks! ACTIVITY 15 Name all the geometric figures you see in the Piazza della Signoria:

ACTIVITY 16 At the top of the square there is a perfect checkerboard. We take this opportunity and play the "Game of Human Checkers " We form groups of thirteen players with the same t-shirt color. Twelve are

tabs and one runs the game.

RULES: Movement of pawns: move and capture only diagonally forward and just move forward one square. For capturing the number: In his turn if a player has two or more capture options, you must choose the one that captures a larger number of counter parts. End of the game: You win the game before the team arrives on the opposite side of the board or checkerboard.

Mathematic trail  
Mathematic trail