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Selected Rachel Rosenthal Press Quotes: "Rosenthal defines what differentiates quality performance art from mundane theatrical exercise...she took us into her reality, and for that brief and precious moment, she altered our vision of the world. This is what great art can and should do." - ARTWEEK "Rachel Rosenthal -- bills herself simply as a performance artist. That's about as accurate as calling the Taj Majal a house. The woman is a monument and a marvel. She is a force of nature...She is timeless, ageless, gutsy, quirky, exotic, potentially poignant." - Los Angeles Times "Whether as the Earth who crawls out of a rubbish pile to bark out her role as both nurturer and destroyer, as the demonic diva who crouches into animal howls of despair, or as the crone who inscribes her age onto her bald head and then pours hot wax over it, Rosenthal is an Artaudian snake charmer, coaxing the audience, as he wrote, 'by means of their organisms to an apprehension of the subtlest notions.' " - The Village Voice "As an artist, she seems to be permanently impaled on the cutting edge...She should be on the endangered species list, because there are few like her around, and once they disappear, the performing arts will be severely impoverished. People like Rosenthal inhabit a tiny, usually remote island, where alternative practices challenge the pounding surf of the mainstream, offering that rarest of all virtues; an alternative to mob culture." - Los Angeles View "Judging from the usual fare, performance art is a young person's game. But Rachel Rosenthal is not the usual; having helped shape the genre, her instrument - her physical persona and presentation - is more finely tuned than ever, the conception of her work still clear and profound." - New Art Examiner “There is nothing quite like a Rachel Rosenthal artistic materialization. Seeing (her) and experiencing her after-show discussion session firsthand is like sitting for a few minutes with Plato, listening to Rousseau or Jung or Thoreau speak in person. An evening with Rachel Rosenthal will stay with you a lifetime; do it for your future.� - Entertainment Today On Timepiece - "Rosenthal's giant presence seemed to flow through a series of vignettes and short solos featuring various members of her company...Rosenthal can dig deep into our emotional core, grab on, rip, wrench and illuminate the dark corners of the human condition." - New Art Examiner

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"Rachel can pack the house and satisfy just about anybody, no matter what they came for, be it high art, intellectual workout, slapstick, inspiration, political motivation or just plain beauty." - High Performance "A kind of stand-up shaman, she performs as if the earth itself were using her as a Delphic voice to express a solipsistic reverie" - The Village Voice "How long does it take for a counterculture maverick to become venerable? Rachel Rosenthal, that longtime luminary on the performance art scene, remains as prickly and unpredictable as ever." - Los Angeles Times "Rosenthal is a poet who can put you down on your back and turn on the words till you are literally floating blissful in her visualization." - High Performance "Rachel is one of America's most intelligent, politically committed, and challenging performance artists...Rosenthal's is a theater of cruelty born of love. For all its fearsome intensity, it is unsentimentally hopeful and completely in favor of pleasure." - The Village Voice "How do you like your Rachel Rosenthal? As the cultish seer of human nature, a myth-puncturing spinner of parable? As an outrageously giddy dowager who specializes in coquetry? No range seems too wide to encompass this performance artist's many marvelous faces...all eyes and ears go to her...and trust that she will not let you go." - Dance Magazine "Simultaneously personal and universal, Rosenthal's work treads the fine line between spirituality and political commentary, stepping into both zip codes, seamlessly transitioning back and forth. Feminist and feminine, idealistic and angry, she can afford to examine extremes because of the nature of her work performance art" - Los Angeles Reader

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