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2011 RRCA Membership Renewals


Using Radio Operators At Your Event

Hopefully you recall that the RRCA transitioned to an online membership system as part of the 2010 renewal process. Our online system eliminated the old hard copy renewal forms that used to be mailed to members. All 2011 membership renewals will be processed using our online system, but membership dues and insurance can still be paid by check, which is preferred to credit card payments. Your payment by check will save the RRCA thousands of dollars in credit card processing fees.

National Running Awards Nomination Reminder

Reminder: RRCA membership runs on the calendar year. All members must renew by February 1st to ensure full coverage of all club and event activities. Find details about the membership term at

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RRCA: Runner Friendly Community" Designation

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For the fourth year in a row the RRCA Board of Directors has elected to maintain the membership dues at the current rate. We are able to do this through prudent financial management of the organization and from generous financial support by our members and corporate supporters. For 2011, we are very excited to introduce two options for liability coverage for clubs and events. The RRCA will now have a tiered liability insurance program that provides $1 million per occurrence coverage with no aggregate limit for clubs and events (our standard policy) and $2 million per occurrence coverage with no aggregate limit based on the number of household members or event participants. In previous years we were only able to offer the $2 million in coverage for specific events and at a flat rate fee. We are very pleased by this level of coverage offered by our insurance providers, which provides our members with more choice. We recommend that members select the $1 million per occurrence in liability option if they are not required by their local government to insure their activities for $2 million or more. The $1 million liability insurance rates have NOT increased for running clubs for 2011. For event members dues remain the same, but there is a very modest increase in the liability insurance rates for participants to ensure adequate premiums for the additional medical coverage piece of the policy. You can find the detailed dues and insurance rates online at and on page 4. Both running clubs and events will be able to purchase additional coverage for volunteer medical personnel at a rate of $250 for the year for $1 million per occurrence coverage, and $300 for $2 million per occurrence coverage. The Volunteer Medical Personnel Endorsement covers emergency first aid and/or oncourse medical treatment by properly licensed medical personnel working on a voluntary basis. Paid medical staff are not covered under this endorsement. CONTINUED ON PAGE 3


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