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The RRCA uses the term ““running”” as a catch all word that encompasses the broad spectrum of ““running”” in the United States including competitive running, jogging, tness walking, race walking, and wheelchair tness on roads, trails, and tracks.

Highlights from the 54Year History of the Road Runners Club of America RRCA has had a signicant impact on the sport of running and promoting running as a healthy lifestyle. Founded in 1958, the Road Runners Club of America is the national assoH ciation of running clubs, running events, and runners dedicated to promoting running as a competitive sport and as healthy exercise. The RRCA is the oldest and largest distance running organization in the United States with over 1,500 running club and event memH bers representing 200,000 individual runners active in their running communities today.


•• 1958, the RRCA was founded with a few founding member clubs including the New York Road Runners. Only a handful of road races were held nationwide. The athletes that founded the RRCA felt that the AAU was not interested in serving distance running athletes by putting on events for them. •• 1958, rst RRCA Championship events were awarded.

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•• 1961, RRCA members had hosted over 600 road races around the country. •• 1963, the RRCA ignored the AAU age requirements for racing, ignored the AAU medical requirements and did not set air temperature limits for RRCA member races. •• 1964, RRCA began certifying course accurately measH ured, and awarded certicates for time on the certied courses. (The USATF certies courses today, though the original process was developed and implemented by the RRCA.) •• 1965, the RRCA held the rst National Women’’s Cross Country Championship at the extended distance of 2.5 mile distance, despite signicant objection by the AAU. •• 1964, the rst fun runs to promote jogging and health were hosted by RRCA members called ““Run for Your Life””. These events did not fall under AAU sancH tions, because they were fun runs and not competitive events.


•• 1970, the RRCA hosted the rst ever women’’s marathon championship event on October 25, 1970 deH spite the fact that women were not allowed to run marathons by the AAU. •• 1976, RRCA received the group exemption status with the IRS making chapters of the RRCA nonprot organizations. •• 1978, RRCA President, Je Darman helped lobby Congress for the passage of the Amateur Sports Act of 1978. The Act changed the nature of amateur sports in the US and essentially broke the AAU. This ended the 5 virtual monopoly that the AAU had on Olympic sports governance in this country. The result of the breakup of the AAU was the formation of ““The AthletH ics Congress/USA”” (TAC). •• 1979, the RRCA liability insurance program for clubs and events is launched after the Atlanta Track Club was sued in 1977 in the rst known lawsuit against a road race. The suit was ultimately dismissed.

•• 1983, the RRCA expands the categories for the NaH tional Running Awards, which already included the RRCA Hall of Fame started in 1976. •• 1986, the RRCA launches the Children’’s Development Program, which included education materials for clubs interested in hosting youth running programs. With a grant from Nike, RRCA issued 600 grants to youth proH grams through the rest of the 80’’s.


•• 1996, RRCA launches Certied Distance Running Coach course. The RRCA has certied over 1500 coaches since the course’’s inception. •• 1996, the RRCA launched the Roads Scholar program to provide more money to emerging elite athletes due to a lack of funding for US distance athletes at the time. This RRCA has raised over $410,000 for the proH gram since its inception.


•• 2005, the RRCA starts the annual RUN@WORK Day promotion, which was an evolution of Run to Work Dayfound in 1986. •• 2006, RRCA establishes the Kids Run the Nation Grant fund. By the end of 2011 the RRCA will have granted $50,000 in ve year to youth running proH grams. •• 2009 the RRCA launched the Runner Friendly ComH munity and Runner Friendly Business designation proH gram. •• Early 2012 the RRCA will launch the rst ever Race Director Certication Course, which is currently under development.


•• 1980, the RRCA launches the Women’’s Distance Festival in protest to emphasize the fact that women were not included in distance events in the 1980 Olympics in Moscow.

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RRCA President’’s Report on Behalf of the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors met only twice in 2011, perH haps justifying the quote variously ascribed to Thomas Jeerson and Henry David Thoreau, that ““he who governs least, governs best.”” However, the Board receives regular updates via email from the RRCA executive director related to progress on the board approved annual objectives for the RRCA. The year 2011 continued a string of recent strong performances for the Road Runners Club of AmerH ica. We achieved another budget surplus and anH other clean audit. Dues and insurance rates were held to no increase. A signicant amount of our 2010 budget surplus was moved into the Annual Operating Reserve Fund and the State RepresenH tatives Fund to continue to support their eorts in promoting the RRCA. Membership grew again, despite a lagging econH omy. (Or maybe because of it. Running has the benet of being as expensive or inexpensive as you want it to be). Contributions and grants for the Kids Run the Nation Fund increased. The ““Runner Friendly Community”” designations were launched. Members of the RRCA Road Scholars program continued to thrive, with 17 of them qualH ifying for January’’s U.S. Olympic Trials H Marathon.

sues of ““Inside Track,”” four issues of ““Club RunH ning,”” monthly ““Keeping Pace”” emails, updates to our website, and increased attention to social netH working. The Coaching Certication program was brought inHhouse. The instructional materials and presenH tation are being updated. Plans are under develH opment for a ““TrainHtheHTrainer”” program to meet the burgeoning demand for the program. SigniH cant progress has been made in developing the Race Director Certication course, with a rollHout prepared for later 2012. Also planned for 2012 is a membership survey, to help with marketing and planning and to compare with our last memberH ship survey from 2005. All of this activity fails to mention the work done on our convention, the championship event series, the RUN@ WORK Day eorts, the micronance loan initiative, the ““Join a Club”” campaign, and many other activities going on at the RRCA. In closing, the Board would like to thank the sta of the national oce for all its ne work. We would also like to welcome you to Memphis to celH ebrate all these accomplishments, all of your acH complishments, and to prepare for some more.

Communication eorts to our members and the outside world increased signicantly with four isH

2 0 11 R R CA B oa r d of D ir ect or s Brent Ayer David Cotter Dennis Novak Dan Edwards Lena Hollmann Mitch Garner Bailey Penzotti Mark Grandonico Kelly Richards

6 • RRCA Annual Report

President Vice President Treasurer Secretary Southern Region Director Central Region Director Western Region Director Eastern Region Director At5Large Director

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Report from the National Oce

Throughout 2011 the RRCA continued to grow and improve programs and services in support of the RRCA Strategic Plan adopted by the Board of DiH rectors in 2009. The RRCA has a 9Hmember board of directors dedicated to excellence in governance practices for the organization. With limited buH reaucracy, the organization can adapt quickly to the evolutionary changes in running and create policies and procedures along with programs and services to meet the needs of our members. The administrative overhead of the RRCA still reH mains lean with only four paid employees at the conclusion of 2011. William Dyson joined the RRCA in July as the program coordinator. Dorothy ComH mock, oce manager, celebrated her 11th year of service as the oce manager, and Jean Knaack, exH ecutive director, celebrated her 6th year of service to the RRCA. Jessica Benney celebrated her rst year as the membership coordinator for the RRCA.

6,700 events in 2011 from 5ks to Ultra marathons. These events attract approximately 3 million runH ners. There are approximately 220,000 individual members involved in local running clubs throughH out the US. In 2011 RRCA members reported havH ing over 98,000 volunteers that assisted with their events and activities. RRCA members collectively hosted over 90,000 group trainingHruns and 10,000 social events. Our members truly prove,

“We Run the Nation!”

We Run the Nation!

As of December 31, 2011, the RRCA has over 925 running clubs in the membership (646 are part of the RRCA nonprot group) and 553 event memH bers for a total of 1478 organization members. RRCA member running clubs conducted over


Number of Member Clubs & Events















RRCA Annual Report • 7

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2011 Financial Report for the RRCA

The following outlines the nancial performance of the RRCA over a twoyear period: YEAR 2010 2011

ASSETS $1,542,439 $1,660,801

LIABILITIES $712,332 $764,620

NET WORTH $830,107 $896,181*

YEAR 2010 2011

REVENUE $1,530,349 $1,948,920

EXPENSES $1,405,513 $1,882,846

NET PROFIT $124,836 $66,074

* $462,043 in net assets is temporarily restricted for program use in future years.

REVENUE Membership Dues & Insurance Program Sponsorships Coaching Program Income Investment Income Contributions & Other Income TOTAL INCOME EXPENSES –– PROGRAMS Annual Convention & Awards State Reps Program Championship Event Series Coaching Program Roads Scholar Program Kids Run the Nation Program Membership Services & Insurance Program Other Program Expenses SUBTOTAL EXPENSES  ADMINISTRATIVE National O ce Management O ce Rent Audit, Legal & Taxes Payroll BOARD & COMMITTEES EXPENSES DIRECT FUNDRAISING EXPENSES TOTAL EXPENSES Net Prot/(Loss)

8 • RRCA Annual Report


2011 ACTUAL $1,434,936 $103,705 $170,350 $21,910 $218,019 $1,948,920

2012 BUDGET $1,464,387 $25,000 $204,864 $35,000 $203,950 $1,933,201

$21,167 $36,091 $50,364 $162,647 $27,500 $44,709 $943,063 $133,549 $1,419,090

$26,000 $35,750 $51,500 $190,000 $31,750 $28,000 $956,145 $106696 $1,428,841

$108,416 $39,686.86 $17,386 $229,421 $25,989 $42,857 $463,756

$107,630 $40,000 $19,700 $254,130 $35,500 $30,000 $487,460

$1,882,846 $66,074

$1,915,801 $17,400

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2011 Program Report The RRCA strives to provide quality programming that can be replicated throughout the country by member clubs from small towns to large cities. Our programs promote and support running and runners at all stages in life. The RRCA is dedicated to providing the running community with educaH tional information and programs that will keep them safe, healthy, and informed.

The RRCA is very fortunate to be able to commuH nicate to our members about our programs through Club Running magazine. This publication is made possible through our partnership with Running Network LLC. Club Running continued to grow in 2011 with four issues circulated during the year. We are very thankful for the support we are receiving from our advertisers and members in the form of quality content submissions.

RRCA Coaching Program In 1998, Roy Benson and Carl Snien, RRCA presiH dent at the time, launched the RRCA Coaching CerH tication Course. The goal of the RRCA coaching certication program is to provide trained individH uals to work as coaching professionals for the sport of distance running for all ages at all levels from beginner to advanced runners. By oering a coaching education program, our primary objective is for trained coaches to work with groups and inH dividuals to train intelligently for any distance event and to minimize the risks injuries associated with distance running. In 2000, Andy Palmer along with Jim Duguay took over leadership of the course until the untimely death of Palmer 2002. In 2003, Patti Finke took over and voluntarily chaired the program eorts from 2003 to 2011. Finke was instrumental in exH panding the program with assistance from Mike Broderick and Janet Hamilton who joined the proH gram in 2004 and began instructing multiple courses in 2008. In 2010, Mike Broderick passed away unexpectedly and his teaching partner Janet Hamilton continued to teach for the program. In 2011, Hamilton taught 16 courses and the Finke’’s taught 6 courses.

program. Janet Hamilton will continue to instruct RRCA Coaching Certication Courses along with Dr. Accetta in 2012. The RRCA thanks Patti and her husH band Warren Finke for their years of service to the program. The RRCA coaching certication courses are schedH uled almost every other weekend throughout the year at locations all over the country from Maine to California from Washington to Florida. MemH bers and supporters host the RRCA coaching certiH cations courses with assistance from the RRCA national oce. Each course consists of approxiH mately 16Hhours of class lecture and practical group exercises over two days. The program focuses on issues specic to road running and racing, including coaching fundamentals, scientic background, and the establishment goals and training schedules to help athletes reach their running potential. There are currently more than 2,200 RRCA Certied Coaches across the US and Canada.

In December 2011, the RRCA hired Randy Accetta, Ph.D. as the Director of Coaching Education to upH date and expand the RRCA Coaching Certication

RRCA Annual Report • 9

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Kids Run the Nation® Program

TwentyHeight programs throughout the US that collectively serve 30,000 youth received a total of $20,500 in grants, an increase compared to the $15,000 granted in 2010. Since 2007, the RRCA has provided over $50,000 in small grants to deserving youth running programs around the country through the Kids Run the NaH tion Fund. The Kids Run the Nation Fund is deH signed to provide needed resources to launch and support youth running programs around the counH try as an opportunity to address the onHgoing inacH tivity and obesity crisis facing today’’s youth. The 2011 recipients include: Rutland County VerH mont Kids Run the Nation; Kids Run the OC; Adams in Motion; Dreamfar High School Marathon; AnaH costia Kids Running Program; Bramleton Kids Run the Nation; Mustang Marathon Club; Manhattan Cross Country Club; San Jose Run Club; Kids Run the School; Fremont Flash Youth Running Program; Allentown Elementary Running Club; Auburn OpeH lika Running and Track Association Children’’s Half Marathon; ThomsonHMcDue Middle School RunH ner’’s Club; Townley Marathon Kids; White Bear Area YMCA Teen Running Club; JUST RUN; JYS Mud Runners; Tidewater Striders New Energy; Run For Your Life Kids After School Run Club; Starting Block Striders; Atkinson Running Club; Flying EaH

10 • RRCA Annual Report

gles Running Club; Florida Striders Children’’s RunH ning Program; Plateau Kids Running; Northwest Broward Road Runners Youth Running Program; Laurel Running Thunder; and Husky Hustle. The Kids Run the Nation program is a gender incluH sive, multiHweek, turnkey, youth running program designed to meet the physical activity goals outH lined by the United States Department of AgriculH ture (USDA) for children in grades kindergarten through sixth grade. The program can also be modied to better serve older grades. Through this program, the RRCA’’s vision is to help establish loH cally managed youth running programs in every grade school in America. In September, the RRCA launched the 2nd edition of the Kids Run the Nation Program Guide. In three short years we have circulated over 2,500 copies of the Guide and almost 20,000 copies of the Kids Run the Nation: A Running Guide for Kids booklets. The 2nd edition of the Kids Run the Nation Guide oers ten lesson plans, compared to the eight lesH sons oered in the 1st edition, that can be impleH mented over an 8 to 10Hweek period. RRCA members are encouraged to obtain copies of the Program Guide, share them with schools in their communities, and work with parents and teachers to implement youth running programs. In conjunction with the 2nd edition of the Program Guide, the RRCA has partnered with RunClubH to launch the new Kids Club manageH ment tool. The Kids Club management tool can be found at nationHprogram/programHdirectors/. This new tool features an online registration system for program directors that is free of charge if the program does not charge a registration fee for students. The Kids Club also features the free national youth running log.

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Roads Scholars® Program

Since 1996, the RRCA has raised over $420,000 for the Roads Scholar® program. The goal of the proH gram is to assist American post collegiate runners who show great promise to develop into national and worldHclass road running athletes. The grants

awarded by the RRCA go directly to the athletes to help support their goals of becoming worldH class distance runners. The RRCA congratulates the 2011H2012 Class of Roads Scholars:

Tyler McCandless McCandless graduated from Northampton High School where he was a District 11 Champion and record holder in the 3200 meter run with a time of 9:13.01, as well as a PIAA State Medalist in Cross Country and Track and Field. After graduating, McCandless ran one year for the University of Mary+ land before transferring to Penn State University. At Penn State, he "lourished under Coach Beth Al+ ford+Sullivan, steadily progressing to a 29:15 personal best 10k and an All+American performance in that event in the spring of 2010. McCandless quickly showed promise as a professional road racer with a 46:04 15k at the Utica Boilermaker, claiming top American honors. He was also the top Amer+ ican "inisher at the Buffalo Subaru Chase 4+Miler, and he won the San Francisco Half+Marathon and set a course record with a time of 1:05:02. In his debut marathon, McCandless "inished 6th at the 2010 California International Marathon with a time of 2:17:22. In 2011, he ran 1:05:38 at the USA Half+Marathon Championships and 45:17 at the USA 15k Championships. He also won and broke the course record in Denver, Colorado at the 2011 RRCA Colorado State Championships 10 mile in a time of 52:08 at 5300ft elevation. He "inished 8th overall and top American at the 2011 Indianapolis Mini+ Marathon with a time of 1:05:09 and followed that with a 2:17:09 marathon personal best at Grandma’’s Marathon to "inish 11th overall.

Megan Duwell Duwell is a 2005 graduate of West Bend West High School in West Bend, Wisconsin, where she was class valedictorian and won Wisconsin Division I state titles in the 800 meters as a sophomore and junior. She ran for the University of Minnesota where she graduated from the Carlson School of Man+ agement in May 2010. Duwell "inished her running career at the University of Minnesota as a three+ time All+American and a two+time Individual Big Ten Conference Champion. She steadily progressed and improved throughout her collegiate career, leaving the University of Minnesota as a school record holder in four events. Duwell is a member of Team USA Arizona, adidas+McMillan Elite located in Flagstaff, Arizona. Since joining Team USA Arizona, Duwell has achieved several top ten "inishes in+ cluding the USA 10k Championship (7th), the USA Cross Country Championship (9th), and the Man+ chester Road Race (10th). She was a member of the winning team at the Club Cross Championship with fellow adidas+McMillan Elite runners. Her 9th place individual "inish at the US Cross Champi+ onships in San Diego earned her a spot to race at the NACAC Cross Country Meet in Trinidad in Feb+ ruary 2011. Duwell won silver in the women's 6 km to lead Team USA women to the team gold medal.

RRCA Annual Report • 11

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Kids Run the Nation® Program

Lex Williams Williams started running at a young age through the Hershey Track and Field program, progressed through the Ann Arbor Track Club, and ran for his middle school and high school Cross+Country and Track teams in Dexter, MI. As a freshman at Dexter High School, his cross+country team made the "irst ever appearance as a team at the Division 2 State Championship and placed sixth. In his senior year in Track, Williams won the state meet in the 2+mile, was runner+up in the mile, and was elected ““Mr. Michigan Track and Field”” for the state of Michigan. Also as a senior he placed 3rd at the Nike Indoor Nationals in the mile and placed 4th at the Nike Outdoor Nationals in the 2+mile in 8:56. Williams at+ tended the University of Michigan where he trained under the guidance of coach Ron Warhurst. While there he became a Big+Ten Champion, All+American, Academic All+American, and Team Captain. His collegiate personal bests included 3:42.38 for 1500m, 4:01.72 for the mile, 7:55.59 for 3,000m, 13:47.57 for 5,000m, and 28:34.28 for 10,000m. At Michigan Williams met his current coach, Tim Broe, who was a volunteer assistant for the team. Williams now trains with Broe at In The Arena based in Hanover, New Hampshire. Williams made his professional road racing debut at the USA 8km Champi+ onships in Carmel, Indiana, placing 8th overall. He followed that up a week later with a 7th place "inish at the Steamboat Classic in Peoria, Illinois.

Meghan Armstrong Armstrong went to high school in Tualatin, Oregon, a suburb of Portland, where she was a six+time State Champion in the 1500m and 3000m. She also competed in Track and Cross Country at the Uni+ versity of Iowa in Iowa City, Iowa. Armstrong was a four+time All American and was the 2008 Big Ten Champion in both the indoor 3000 meters and the outdoor 10,000 meters. She also holds the Iowa school record in the 1500 meters of 4:17.41 and was a two+time All American in the mile with a best of 4:40.59. Additional collegiate achievements include a best of 33:28.00 in the 10,000 meters and a sixth place "inish in the 10,000 at the 2008 NCAA Outdoor Track & Field Championships. After grad+ uating in the spring of 2008, Meghan was selected to be a member of the NACAC Track & Field Under+ 23 Team, which competed in Mexico. At NACAC, she "inished "irst in the 10,000. She joined Team USA Minnesota in September 2008. In 2009, Meghan competed at the USA Half Marathon Championships, the USA Cross Country Championships, and the USA 15k Championships. Her outdoor Track season included personal bests of 15:41.09 in the 5000m and 33:26.75 in the 10,000. At the 2010 USA Half Marathon Championships, Meghan "inished 11th with a personal best of 1:13:56, and she won the ING Miami Half Marathon. During the year she placed 4th in the USA 5k and 10 Mile Championships and was a member of the Chiba Ekiden team. In 2011, Armstrong was 5th in the USA 15k Champi+ onships.

12 • RRCA Annual Report

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Roads Scholars® Program

Bobby Mack Mack, a native of Winston+Salem, North Caroline, currently lives and trains in Raleigh. He attended North Carolina State University where he ran Cross Country and Track for Coach Rollie Geiger's Wolf+ pack. An all ACC and All+American Cross Country runner, Mack set the pace for the Wolfpack leading the team to an ACC title in 2004. After a couple seasons of injuries Mack returned to top form and led the team to the NCAA Cross Country Championships in 2008. Mack has continued working with the NC State team as a volunteer coach. He launched his professional running career by making the World Cross Country Team and representing the USA in Poland at the 2010 World Cross Country Championships. The 2011 season saw him drop his 10K time to 28:11 and earn his "irst national road title at the 8K USATF Road Championships in Carmel, Indiana. Other top national "inishes include top American and 5th overall in the 2011 Cooper River Bridge run in Charleston, South Carolina along with a 7th place "inish at the USA 10K Road National Championships at the 2010 Peachtree Road Race 10K. Mach currently races and works for a local running shop The Athlete's Foot Cameron Village in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Megan Hogan Hogan was a high school and college basketball star who left the basketball team at Mount Ida College in Newton, Mass., to transfer to George Washington University after her sophomore year. It was at GW that she launched a collegiate running career even though the school did not offer women’’s track. During her "inal year of collegiate eligibility in 2010, Megan posted 32:34 in the 10,000 meters at the Stanford Invitational, "inished 6th in the 10,000 at the USA Outdoor Championships, was the Atlantic 10 Cross Country Conference Champion for the second year in a row, and "inished 8th overall at the NCAA Cross Country Championships. While at GW, Megan received the Atlantic 10 women’’s Cross Country Performer of the Year Award as well as the Atlantic 10 Student Athlete of the Year Award. Her coach named her one of the most accomplished student+athletes in the history of GW athletics. She was also a two+time All American in Cross Country. Megan made her professional road racing debut at the 2011 USA 15k Championships in March and "inished 3rd. On the track, she posted a 40+ second PR in the 5000m at the Mt. SAC Relays for a time of 15:29.12. She joined Team USA Minnesota in 2011. She ran a personal best 5K of 15:29 and came in 5th in the Freihofer Run for Women.

Professional runner Sally Meyerhoff (2008 and 2009 Roads Scholar) died in March 2011 after her bike collided with a pickup truck in Maricopa, AZ. Mey+ erhoff, considered one of America’’s top 10 marathon runners, was training for the 2012 Olympic Marathon Trials in Houston. Meyerhoff was a seven+time state high school track and "ield champion in the 1600 and 3200 meters. She "inished 12th at the Foot Locker Cross Coun+ try Championships in 2001. She graduated in 2006 from Duke, where she was an NCAA All+American in Cross Country in 2004 and in track in 2006. She was the Atlantic Coast Conference Cross+Country champion in 2004. In January 2011, Meyerhoff celebrated a marathon championship in her home+ town, winning the P.F. Chang event in 2 hours, 35 minutes, 49 seconds. It quali"ied her for her second Olympics Trials in the marathon.

RRCA Annual Report • 13

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Runner Friendly Community

In 2011, the RRCA awarded the firstHever Runner Friendly Community® designations to sixteen deH serving communities including Monterey PeninH sula, CA; Dallas, TX; Wichita Falls, TX; Fredericksburg, VA; Allen Park, MI; Carson City, NV; Decatur, IL; Knoxville, TN; Lawrence, KS; Lynchburg, VA; Missoula, MT; Reading, PA; Salem, MA; The Woodlands, TX; Pensacola, FL; and GlasH tonbury, CT At the 53rd Annual RRCA Convention in FrederH icksburg, VA in May 2011, Monterey Peninsula was further awarded as the Inaugural Outstanding Runner Friendly Community for applications reH ceived in the first round of designations. At the conclusion of 2011, Lynchburg, VA was awarded as the 2011 Outstanding Runner Friendly Community. These communities have shown they meet the program’’s criteria, including community infraH structure, community support, and local governH ment support for running. Each community has an infrastructure that fosters physical activity in a safe environment; has a proven track record where organizations and businesses work toH gether to promote running as a healthy exercise; and there are positive relationships between the running community and local government.

14 • RRCA Annual Report

The program is designed to shine a national spotH light on communities that standout as runnerH friendly and to provide ideas for communities to work towards becoming runnerHfriendly. Runner friendly communities can increase the quality of life, improve physical activity for residents as outH lined in the National Physical Activity Plan, and proH vide for increased economic impact for the community.

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Companies, organizations, and communities across the country participated in the 6th Annual RUN@WORK Day to encourage adults to get 30Hminutes of exercise each day, in accordance with the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans. RUN@WORK Day with the RRCA National Oce and Board of Directors

RUN@WORK Day at Austin Peay State University

The RRCA Board of Directors and national oce sta met in Arlington, VA for a full day board meetH ing. Following the meeting, the Board and sta got together to complete a 30Hminute run/walk from Crystal City, past Reagan National Airport. The group stopped brieďƒ&#x;y to watch a plane take o directly above the group before returning to the hotel.

This was the second for a RUN@WORK Day event at Austin Peay State University. They had 81 parH ticipants that ran or walked a 1 mile route around APSU main campus. Participants were encouraged to run/jog/walk the route for 30 minutes. The orH ganizers provided a prize drawing and gave away tHshirts, resistance bands, backpacks, etc. The math department even got involved with the event and did a statistics study. Approximately 35 of their stuH dents ran the route and at the end logged their time, age, weight, and height into an online dataH base to get statistics.

RUN@WORK Day in Salem, MA (RRCA Runner Friendly Community) On a beautiful, crisp fall day, many employers in Salem and the North Shore allowed their employH ees to participate in the event. Over 80 runners started at noon and ran the 5K loop from the Salem Common around the Willows and back. The comH munity also celebrated Salem being designated naH tionally as a Runner Friendly Community.

RUN@WORK in Missoula, Montana (RRCA Runner Friendly Community) Missoula participated in RUN@WORK day for a second year with eight group runs around the comH munity. Run Wild Missoula partnered with CommuH nity Medical Center, St. Patrick Hospital, the City of Missoula, the U.S. Forest Service, the University of Montana, Ecology Project International, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and Adventure Life to oer the community eight organized runs/walks.


SAVE THE DATE: SEPTEMBER 21, 2012 RRCA Annual Report • 15

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Join a Club and Weight Watchers Walk5It Day 5K

As part of our Join a Club promotional eorts, the RRCA partnered again with Weight Watchers InH ternational to host the WalkHIt Day 5K events. The Join a Club promotional eorts encourage people to join their local running and walking clubs and to participate in local events following the Weight Watchers WalkHIt Day 5K events. The partnership also enables the RRCA to pursue important strateH gies outlined in the National Physical Activity Plan. The RRCA has been an active partner in the develH opment and implementation eorts for the Plan. Nearly 22,000 people registered for the 2011 Weight Watchers WalkHIt Day 5K events hosted naH

tionwide by member clubs and events of the RRCA. The Kansas City Track Club hosted the largest Weight Watchers WalkHIt Day 5K event with over 1,500 people taking part in the walk. The Lake Grapevine Runners & Walkers hosted the secH ond largest Weight Watchers WalkHIt Day 5K event with 1200 people. The RRCA extends a huge thank you to the followH ing members for hosting an Ocial Weight WatchH ers WalkHIt Day 5K on Sunday May 22, 2011. We also thank Weight Watchers International and the supH porting sponsors Sketchers,, Leslie Jordan, Britton Banners, and Rainbow Racing.

Fleet Feet Menlo Park’’s Walkers 5 CA Fleet Feet Pleasant Hill 5 CA Go WOW Team 5 Ask About Running 5 CA Lake of the Sky TrailRunners 5 CA Riverside Road Runners 5 CA San Diego Track Club 5 CA UltraLadies 5 CA USA Marathon Training 5 CA Fleet Feet Sports Hartford 5 CT DC Running Club 5 DC Amelia Island Runners 5 FL Fleet Feet Sports –– Sarasota 5 FL Runner’’s Edge Foundation 5 FL Space Coast Runners 5 FL Suncoast Striders 5 FL Marathon Majic, LLC 5 GA South DeKalb Striders Running Club 5 GA The Heat Track Club 5 GA Wild Boar Racing LLC 5 HI Fleet Feet Sports Elmhurst 5 IL Fox River Running Club 5 IL Calumet Region Striders 5 IN Greater Evansville Runners Club, Inc. 5 IN Logan Co Run/Walk Club 5 KY Fleet Feet Sports Baton Rouge 5 LA Greater Lowell RRC 5 MA

16 • RRCA Annual Report

Old Colony Running Events 5 MA Prince Georges Running Club 5 MD Charities Challenge 5 MN Kansas City Track Club 5 MO RACE Montana 5 MT Fleet Feet Sports Winston5Salem 5 NC Four Seasons Running Club 5 NC Moose Milers Running Club 5 NH Mile Square Consulting 5 NY East End Road and Trail Runners Club 5 NY Cleveland West Road Runners club 5 OH Runners’’ Club of Greater Cincinnati 5 OH Youngstown Road Runners Club 5 OH Willamette Valley Road Runners 5 OR First Place Events 5 SC Brownsville Trailblazers 5 TX Heels and Hills 5 TX Lake Grapevine Runners and Walkers 5 TX Pearland Area Runners Club 5 TX Sienna Running Club 5 TX Tough Cookies 5 TX Kingstowne Striders 5 VA Tidal Basin Run 5 VA Tidewater Striders 5 VA Marty’’s Programs –– WI

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RRCA National Championship Event Results

The RRCA Championship events is one of the oldest distance running traditions in the US, dating back to 1958 when the RRCA awarded their rst championship designaH tion. The goal of the RRCA Championship Event Series is to shine a spotlight on wellH run events, and to promote the sport of runH ning by recognizing the top performing runners in the Open, Masters (40+), Grand Masters (50+), and Senior Grand Masters (60+) categories for both men and women as RRCA Champions. In 2011, the RRCA Championship Event SeH

ries included 170 races at the State, Regional and National level that attracted over 265,000 runners nationwide, making it the largest grassrootsHorganized, running event series in the US. RRCA National and ReH gional Championship Events receive sponH sorship support from Gatorade as the Ocial Beverage of the series; FuelBelt as the Ocial Race Number Sponsor for the series; Ashworth Awards a the Ocial Award Provider for the series; Sports AuH thority as the Presenting Sponsor of the Series, and Coolmax.

RRCA National 5 K Championship Woodstock 5 K – Anniston, AL

Male Overall: Reuben Mwei, age 25 with a time of 14:16 from Acworth,GA Female Overall: Janet CherobonHBawcom, age 36 with a time of 16:20 from Rome,GA Male Master: Scott Strand, age 43 with a time of 15:57 from Birmingham, AL Female Master: Hayley Long, age 43 with a time of 21:30 from Oxford, AL Male Grand Master: Robert Whitaker, age 52 with a time of 18:40 from Owens Cross Roads, AL Female Grand Master: Theresa Burst, age 53 with a time of 21:57 from Birmingham, AL Male Senior Grand Master: Wayne Heckler, age 61 with a time of 20:15 from Decatur, AL Female Senior Grand Master: Peg Tyler, age 60 with a time of 28:04 from Anniston, AL

RRCA National 10 K Championship Azalea Trail Run – Mobile, AL

Male Overall: Richard Kandie from Kenya with a time of 29:15 Female Overall: Janet CherobonHBawcom from Rome, GA with a time of 33:22 Male Master: Matthew Dobson of Jay, FL with a time of 34:46 Female Master: Amy Hu of Mobile, AL with a time of 40:24 Male Grand Master: Leonard Vergunst, age 55, from Ocean Springs, MS with a time of 36:50 Female Grand Master: Melanie Moore, age 59 from Mobile, AL with a time of 44:10 Male Senior Grand Master: Paul Colomb, age 65, from Lafayette, LA with a time of 39:14 Female Senior Grand Master: Marian Loftin, age 64, from Mobile, AL with a time of 52:25

RRCA National 10 Mile Championship Presidio 10 Mile – San Francisco, CA

Male Overall: Jerey Peterson from San Anselmo, CA, age 27, with a time of 55:46 Female Overall: Sarah Hallas from Petaluma, CA, age 31 with a time of 1:05:21 Male Master: Scott Dunlap from Woodside, CA, age 41, with a time of 1:00:58 Female Master: Gina Walker from Antioch, CA age 44 with a time of 1:17:20 Male Grand Master: Peter Hsia from San Francisco, CA, with a time of 1:06:23 Female Grand Master: Suzette Smith from Alameda, CA with a time of 1:23:03 Male Senior Grand Master: Bregy Vancleve from San Fancisco, CA with a time of 1:17:32 Female Senior Grand Master: Candace Mindigo age 64 with a time of 1:18:59 RRCA Annual Report • 17

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RRCA National Championship Event Results

RRCA National Half Marathon Championship Marine Corps Historic Half – Fredericksburg, VA

Male Overall: Wyatt Boyd, age 26 from Washington, DC with a time of 1:13:53 Female Overall: Lanni Marchant, age 27 from Lansing, MI with a time of 1:21:27 Male Master: Alexander Hetherington, age 43, from Vienna, VA with a time of 1:19:57 Female Master: Lori Buratto, age 40 from Spokane, with a time of 1:25:50 Male Grand Master: Richard Shaw, age 52 from Fredricksburg VA with a time of 1:23:42 Female Grand Master: Jill Hargis, age 50 from Annapolis, MD with a time of 1:40:11 Male Senior Grand Master: John Moore, age 60 from Milton PA with a time of1:32:35 Female Senior Grand Master: Linda Mills, age 61 from Salisbury MD with a time of 1:53:40

RRCA National Marathon Champions Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon - Milwaukee, WI

Male Overall: Nick Szczech, age 22 from Cudahy, WI with a time of 2:22:17 Female Overall: Amber Druien, age 26 from Woodstock, IL with a time of 2:54:16 Male Master: Kim Lasecki, age 44 from De Pere, WI with a time of 2:41:53 Female Master: Mary Bolich, age 48 from Plymouth, WI with a time of 3:08:28 Male Grand Master: Richard Dodd age 52, from Madison,WI with a time of 3:03:50 Female Grand Master: Cheryl Neumann,age 55, from Milwaukee,WI with a time of 3:28:20 Male Senior Grand Master: John Jenk, age 63 from Hales Corners, WI with a time of 3:27:31.00 Female Senior Grand Master: Adele Pitt, age 60 from Cudahy,WI with a time of 4:19:39.20

RRCA National Ultra Championship Tahoe Rim Trail Run 100 Mile – Spooner Lake, NV

Male Overall: Jorge Maravilla age 33 from CA with a time of 18:48:19 Female Overall: Bree Lambert age 43 from CA with a time of 23:07:43 Male Master: Thomas Reiss age 43 from CA with a time of 20:58:30 Female Master: Susan Donnelly age 48 from TN with a time of 30:59:05 Male Grand Master: Lee McKinley age 50 from CA with a time of 23:02:21 Male Senior Grand Master: Tim Hicks age 67 from CA with a time of 30:42:38

RRCA National Club Championship Disneyland Half Marathon – Anaheim, CA

A Running Experience Club won the 2011 RRCA National Club Championship and earned the distinction of the They posted an average nish time of 2:10:00.

18 • RRCA Annual Report

RRCA Annual Report_Layout 1 3/5/12 12:39 PM Page 19

RRCA National Running Award Winners Since 1971, the RRCA has honored dedicated individuals for their outstanding service to the RRCA and the sport of distance running. We are delighted to announce the 2012 RRCA Hall of Fame Inductees and the 2011 National Running Award recipients.


D is t a nce R unning H a ll of F a m e Induct ees

Joe I. Vigil is a former cross country/track and eld coach at Adams State University. He has a doctorate in exercise physiology from the University of New Mexico. He is widely regarded as the preeminent long distance running coach in the United States. In 2010, the United States Olympic Committee recognized him for his accomplishments as one of America’’s greatest goodwill ambassadors. Over the course of his coaching career, he has either conducted clinics or coached United States naH tional teams, including Olympic and World Championship teams, in 25 countries spanning 5 continents. To each of these countries he has brought his endearing smile, his love of people, and his willingness to teach and share his knowledge of the sport of running with others so that they could become better athletes. His coaching style combines a profound knowledge of distance running with a sense of caring and an unshakeable focus that enables young athletes to develop the character necessary to reach and often exceed their highest goals. His record as head coach at Adams State is legendary, where he led teams to 7 NAIA national track and eld championships and 12 NAIA national cross country championships. At the 1995 NCAA Division II national cross country championship, his Adams State team achieved a perfect score of 15 points. His overall winning record at Adams State stands at 94.2%, with 3,014 wins and 176 losses. He was named national Coach of the Year on 14 dierent occasions. During his tenure at Adams State, he produced 425 AllHAmericans and 87 individual national champions. He has also served as United States Olympic and (with Bob Larsen) Team Running USA coach. Three of his most celebrated running proH tégés are 2004 Olympic marathon bronze medalist Deena Kastor, 2004 Olympic marathon silver medalist Meb Keizighi, and multiple national cross country champion and 10,000 meter Olympian Pat Porter. He has received numerous awards for his contributions to the sport of running, including 11 hall of fame inductions (United States Track & Field and Cross Country Coaches Association Hall of Fame in 1999). In 1989, he received the President’’s Award from The Athletics Congress. In 2005, he received the ““Doc”” Councilman Science in Coaching Award from the United States Olympic Committee.

JOE VIGIL RRCA Annual Report • 19

RRCA Annual Report_Layout 1 3/5/12 12:39 PM Page 20

RRCA National Running Award Winners


Abdihakim Abdirahman was born in Somalia in 1977. After graduating from Tucson High School in 1995, he attended Pima Community College and later transferred to the UniH versity of Arizona for his junior and senior years. Since 1998, he has been one of AmerH ica’’s premier distance runners. At Arizona, he was named the 1998 Pacic 10 Conference Cross Country Male Athlete of the Year after nishing second at the 1998 NCAA Cross Country Championships. In 2000, he became an American citizen. He has made the United States Olympic track and eld team four times, competing three times in the 10,000 meters (in 2000 at Sydney (10th place), 2004 at Athens (15th place), and 2008 at Beijing (15th place)). In January 2012, he nished third at the Olympic marathon trials in Houston, Texas (2:09:47) and thus qualied to represent the United States at the 2012 London Olympics in the marathon. His personal best 10,000 meters time is 27:16.99, which he achieved in June 2008 at Hayward Field during the Prefontaine Classic. He has also competed in the 10,000 meters at the World Athletics Championships three times, nishing 7th 2007, 13th in 2005, and 19th in 2003. In November 2007, his close friend and fellow marathon runner Ryan Shay died at the Olympic marathon trials in New York. Since Shay’’s funeral, Abdirahman has worn a black wristband in Shay’’s memory with the words, ““Ryan Shay Believe in Yourself.”” Those were the last words Abdirahman said to Shay before Shay’’s untimely passing. He currently trains and resides in Tucson, AZ. He enjoys the nickname Black Cactus, which is also the name if his personal


Linda Somers Smith was born on May 7, 1961 in Germany at Bitburg Air Force Base, RhinelandHPalatinate. She currently resides in Arroyo Grande, California. She is an Olympian and a twoHtime United States national champion in the marathon (1993 and 1994). In 1982, she took up running during her junior year at the University of California and began running distance races, specializing in the marathon. She won the 1992 Chicago Marathon (2:37:41) and the 1993 California International Marathon (2:34:11). In 1995, she nished 7th in the marathon at the World Athletics Championships. In 1996, she took second in the United States Olympic marathon trials with a personal best of 2:30:06. Later in 1996, at the Atlanta Summer Olympics, she nished 31st with a time of 2:36:58, despite suering an Achilles tenH don tear during the race. She has continued to demonstrate her running excellence as a masters runner. At the 2008 Olympic marathon trials, she set the American 45H49 age group record, nishing in a time of 2:38:49 and placing 17th. In 2009, she placed 6th at the United States Track and Field Association Club Nationals Cross Country meet. She is the holder of American 45H49 age group road records in the 5K (16:14, San Jose, California, November 26, 2009), 10K (33:39, Paso Robles, California, September 26, 2010), 10 miles (57:07 Redding, California, March 6, 2010), 20K (1:09:42, San Jose, California, October 3, 2010), and halfH marathon (1:13:32, San Jose, California, October 3, 2010). At the 2010 Los Angeles Marathon, she qualied for her seventh consecutive Olympic marathon trials A standard, a record numH ber, nishing in 2:36:33 and winning the masters title. She is the only person, male or female, to ever qualify by time standard for seven United States Olympic marathon trials. On January 14, 2012, at the age of 50, she was the oldest competitor at the Olympic marathon trials in Houston, Texas. She nished in 28th place with a time of 2:37:36, setting an American 50H54 age group record and adding another jewel to her crown of running glory. In her life away from running, Somers Smith is a fullHtime attorney with the law rm of Duggan Smith & Heath LLP in San Luis Obispo, California, specializing in business and real property law. She puts family and work rst, and running second, on her list of priorities.

20 • RRCA Annual Report

RRCA Annual Report_Layout 1 3/5/12 12:39 PM Page 21

Outstanding Club President of the Year A lpine R unner s of La k e Z ur ich – La k e Z ur ich, IL


Beth has been running since 1981 and has been the President of the Alpine Runners for over 10 years. She has run over 100 marathons and several ultras. She was the Program DiH rector of CARA (Chicago Area Runners Association) for sevH eral years and helped thousands of runners reach their goals of running their rst marathon. She brought those skills to the Alpine Runners and started marathon, half marathon and beginning running training programs. Under her tuteH lage, the club also started a kids running program preparing them to run the Alpine Races in the Youth Mile. Because of these programs and her enthusiasm for running, our club has grown to one of the largest and best organized running clubs in Illinois.

There are several opportunities for club members to volunH teer throughout the year, and she always recognizes all of them at year’’s end. The Alpine Runners have always been a very social club with many activities, parties and dinners for all seasons. Beth has always been an advocate of the RRCA. She has been the Illinois State Representative and Regional Director for RRCA and attends the Conventions every year. She also organized the Convention in Chicago in 2007, which was a resounding success for both the RRCA and the Alpine Runners. The Alpine Runners have two orH ganized training / fun runs per week. Our Saturday morning runs may have over 200 participants. For safety reasons, Beth starts the groups o in groups based on their speed from 7:30 minute miles to walkers and the walking wounded. These are led by group leader volunteers to asH sure no one gets left behind or lost. We have water and Gatorade stops for our runs every 2 or 3 miles to support the runners up to 20 miles. In addition to our 6 newsletters per year for which she alH ways contributes articles and news, Beth also sends out our Weekly Announcements via email to keep all our members well informed of club news. Through example and countless hours of work, Beth has been an advocate of running, the RRCA, the Alpine Runners and a healthy lifestyle.

RRCA Annual Report • 21

RRCA Annual Report_Layout 1 3/5/12 12:39 PM Page 22

Browning Ross Spirit of the RRCA


Al Becken served as Texas RRCA State Rep in the early 1980’’s and was the rst State Rep to be honored as the Outstanding RRCA State Representative. Mr. Becken subsequently served as RRCA Vice PresiH dent South/RRCA Southern Director from 1986H1989. During his tenure as Southern Director he helped establish the Arkansas RRCA Grand Prix series that has served as the benchmark for other State’’s RRCA Grand Prix’’s. Under his leadership his region’’s Championship program was second to none. Mr. Becken’’s leadership and management skills were instrumental in making the Southern Region the largest and strongest in the RRCA. In 2005 Mr. Becken presented the RRCA with its largest individual contribution to support the travel of State Reps to the RRCA Convention for training and networking. He continues to strongly support the State Rep program and encourages all members to do so as well. As a member of the San Antonio Road Runners and Friends of McAllister Park he spearheaded the drive and devoted countless hours to help construct park improvements including paved jogging trails and other recreational facilities. He was subsequently honored with a pavilion named for him and is aectionately known as Mr. San Antonio for his role in improving city government. Mr. Becken has projected the RRCA banner far and wide as he has run at least two marathons in every state and continues to participate in races and running related activities. He has devoted many years of volunteer service to his community, the sport of running, and avidly champions the RRCA mission expecting nothing return. Al Becken embodies the Browning Ross Spirit of the RRCA Award.

Outstanding State Representative for 2010


Louisiana State Rep Betsy Boudreaux is always willing to go the extra mile serving the RRCA and her clubs. She communicates with them at least monthly, disseminating important information about RRCA programs and deadlines, plus relevant articles, and Convention session summaries that she wrote (RRCA Insurance, How to Motivate Volunteers, etc.). To make sure important RRCA News reaches all of their intended audience, she built her list to also include running stores, dedicated volunteers, and RRCA Coaches. She provides extra ““goodies”” at her Championship races, often spending money out of her own pocket. National Running Award nominees in her state got their certicates framed, and presented to them in a ceremony at a State Championship race. She also purchased RRCA merchandise for the winners of the Cajun Cup 10K, an RRCA Southern Region Championship. Betsy attended all State and Regional Championships in Louisiana during 2011. For the Cajun Cup 10K, she booked the RRCA tent and other promotional materials, and manned the RRCA booth at the Expo. After the event she posted pictures and a video on Facebook. Betsy always attends the RRCA Annual Convention, and is a major contributor to the State Reps Silent Auction. In 2010, she secured a week at a Mammoth Lakes Condo for the auction. In addition to serving the RRCA, Betsy is a frequent and appreciated volunteer on the New Orleans running scene, and one of only two course measurers in the State. But above all Betsy is a wonderful and caring person. She cares about her clubs and made great eort to distribute the 2012 State ChamH pionships fairly.

22 • RRCA Annual Report

RRCA Annual Report_Layout 1 3/5/12 12:39 PM Page 23

Outstanding Volunteer of the Year

MARY ZEMANSKIY Ca lum et R egion S t r ider s of N or t hw es t India na – Ca lum et , IN

Mary Zemansky of Michigan City, Indiana is the Calumet Region Striders outgoing Competitive Race Series Chair and Board Member. In 2011, there were 30+ Gold Cup Races, and 15+ Sponsored Race Events. This required endless communication, calH endaring and compiling race evaluations for feedback to RD's. Her job description includes: establishing the club's annual Gold Cup Race Series schedule and selection process; establishH ing and monitoring a Long Distance Series Schedule; selecting and monitoring the Sponsored Race Events for those races that are not selected for the club's Gold Cup Race Series; maintaining communicaH tions and mentoring all race directors; preparing evaluations and surveys of events; coordinating Gold Cup Table covH erage at Gold Cup events for club memH bers; coordinating and presiding over annual race director meeting(s); coordinate, prepare, and preside over committee meetings(s); attending and participating in monthly club board meeting(s) In 2011, the integration of 11 XYZ Trail Club Series became possible under her leadership. A selfHmission like no other, her interest in trail running kept this series alive. Member interest in this series will grow as a result of her work and recruitment of new races to come. Her integrity as a board member is like no other. She routinely attends board meetings and provides valuable input and follow up; she meets and presides over her own committee meetH ings of approximately eight members as necessary. She developed a system for obtaining and tracking participant and board member race evaluations electronically and was instruH mental in making sure the event directors receive this important feedback and critique. Her recruitment of new sponsored races is an avenue for the board to recruit future Gold Cup events. She has become a valuable resource and mentor for event directors in the process. She also authors articles for and contributes to the club's monthly newsletter columns. Mary Zemansky ts all the criteria for the RRCA Outstanding Volunteer Award. She has been a past convention delegate. She is a dedicated club volunteer and contributor to races not only in the community, but also in the region. She has been our club's committee's chair and bard member for six years. She is a strong spirited race competitor amongst her peers. AlH though not known to enjoy long distance racing, she even demonstrated the spirit of the Chicago Marathon by completing her rst marathon in 2011. RRCA Annual Report • 23

RRCA Annual Report_Layout 1 3/5/12 12:39 PM Page 24

Outstanding Youth Program Director

MARC GLOTZBECKER F r em ont F la s h Yout h R unning P r ogr a m – F r eem ont E lit e R unner ’s Club – F r em ont , O H

Devaun Churchya nominated Marc Glotzbecker. Devaun’’s words say everything about Marc Glotzbecker. I am nominating my father, Marc Glotzbecker, as the Outstanding Youth Program Director, because I have watched him willingly give of his time and energy for the past ten years to the Fremont Flash Youth Running Program. The program is something that he built over the years to share his love for running and to teach the young people from my community what participating in running can do for a person. I am a junior in High School now and although I am too old to be a part of the Flash, I can see much more clearly now the benets that the program has in our community and just how much time and energy he has put into it. My own teammates who were a part of the program with me when younger still call my dad "coach" when he shows up to one of our meets or to pick me up from practice. They still ask him for advice or how he thought they did. You can always hear my dad telling kids (as he told us) "the most imH portant thing is not the place that you nish in, it's what you learned about yourself between the start line and nish line that is more important." I've watched my dad write grants and nd donations to help with uniforms, equipment, scholarships or to put on "Shoe Day," which is when he works with our local running store Second Sole to get all of the kids new running shoes. He puts his heart into the Fremont Flash and I believe that there is no other perH son more deserving of being named "Outstanding Youth Program Director" than him. From Jamie Torrance who also nominated Marc Glotzbecker H Marc is and has been 100% dedicated to proH moting youth running and coordinating an incredible youth running program in our community. He goes above and beyond in giving of his time to recruit, coach and organize events for the young runners to parH ticipate in. To better illustrate this, I share with you a story. For the past two years, Marc has successfully worked hard to write and obtain grants to help support the program. One thing Marc has done with money received is the purchase of quality running shoes for the participants. Last winter during the Indoor Track Program, shoes were purchased for the kids and were presented to them after a practice. A few weeks later prior to the start of practice, I was talking with Coach Marc when one of the runners came in. Coach quietly told me to watch what that runner did. What I watched was one of the most heartwarming things that I've seen in quite awhile. The young man proceeded to take a towel from the inside of his gym bag. He unwrapped it to take out the running shoes he had received. He then used the towel to wipe them down before putting them on. When practice was over, I watched the same young man take his shoes o, wipe them down with the towel again, wrap them up and put them back in his gym bag. When asked about it, Coach Marc said that he'd been watching him do this the past few practices and simply reH sponded with "knowing that there is that much value placed in what was given to him is what we're all about and it's that kind of value that running can have is what we're trying to teach the kids." Marc Glotzbecker is deserving of this award because he is promoting running as a valuable thing to the young people in our community.

24 • RRCA Annual Report

RRCA Annual Report_Layout 1 3/5/12 12:39 PM Page 25

Road Runners of the Year


Hall had another outstanding year on the roads in 2011. In January 2011, he was second at the USA Half Marathon Championship in Houston, TX. He followed up that performance with a 4th place nish at the 2011 Boston Marathon, and was the top American in the event. Hall improved the best ever time by an American to 2:04:58. He was 5th at the Bank of America Chicago Marathon and was also top American at that event. Other events for Hall included: a 4:17.2 road mile, good for 13th at the Medtronic TC 1HMile (05/12/11), a seventh at the high alH titude Bolder Boulder 10k in 30:30 (05/30/11), a seventh at the Peachtree 10k (07/04/11) in 29:16, and a fourth place at the Virginia Beach RNR half marathon (09/05/11) in 1:03:02.

JANET CHEROBON-BAWCOM O P E N F E M A LE CherobonHBawcom from Rome, Ga. was a standHout for Road Runner of the Year after earning both the 10K and 5K National RRCA ChampiH onships events, both held in Alabama in 2011. CherobonHBawcom won the Medtronic TC 10 Mile with a time of 54:15. A day after winning the B.A.A. Half Marathon, CherobonHBawcom dominated the eld at the USA Women's 10 km Championships in Boston, MA, running 32:47 for her third U.S. title of the year and securing the women's title for the 2011 USA Running Circuit. CherobonHBawcom is the eldest of eight sibH lings raised alone by their mother. After a chance encounter with Peter Rono, the 1988 Olympic gold medalist at 1500m, CherobonHBawH com began running at age 20 and earned an athletic scholarship to Harding University in Arkansas, where she went on to become a threeHtime NCAA Division II Champion and eightHtime AllHAmerican. She graduated in 2005 with a degree in Health Care Management and later studied nursing at Georgia Highlands College in Rome, GA.

RRCA Annual Report • 25

RRCA Annual Report_Layout 1 3/5/12 12:39 PM Page 26

Road Runners of the Year

TERRY MCCLUSKEY M A LE M A S T E R In 2011, Terry McCluskey (age 63) won three United States Track and Field Association national championships (5K XC, 8K, and 15K) and a World Masters Athletics championship (marathon) in the male 60H64 age division. In December 2011, he was selected as the 2011 USATF naH tional age division champion (#1 ranking among all runners in the United States) for males 60H64. He placed rst among males 60H69 at the 2011 Boston Marathon, nishing in 2:48:38, the fourth fastest age group time in the history of the Boston Marathon. He placed rst among males 60H64 at the Gate River Run 15K, setting an age course record with a time of 56:38. He placed rst among males 60H64 at the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler, nishing in a time of 1:00:12. He was also a member of the Ann Arbor Track Club's 2011 USATF men's masters 60+ grand prix national championship team. The majority of his nish times in 2011 were ageHgraded between 90% and 93%. Beyond his runH ning achievements, he served as ViceHPresident on the Youngstown Peace Race's Board of Directors and added two new charities, the American Cancer Society and a food bank, to the YPR's list of charities for 2011. He was also elected to the Youngstown Runners Hall of Fame and was highlighted in the August 2011 issue of National Masters News. He is the author of an article entitled "The Full 26.2," which may be found at

LINDA SOMERS-SMITH F E M A LE M A S T E R At age 50, Linda earned the World record for women 50+ in the 10K with a time of 34:14 at Heritage Oaks 10K in Paso Robles in September 2011. She was also the winner (masters and open) of the 2011 ShoreH line Open Cross Country women's race, running 3 miles in a time of 16:31. She won ve out of the ve Pacic Association USATF Cross Country races as a masters, and four of the ve events she was also the overall winner. She set the F50H54 World Record for the halfH marathon with her time of 1:15:18 at Dodge Rock 'n' Roll Los Angeles in October 2011. She nished 8th in 20:27 in the open women’’s 6K race at the USATF National Club Cross Championships in Seattle on December 10, 2011. She would be named USATF Athlete of the Week as a result. Finally, she is the only person (male or female) toHdate to qualify by time standard for seven U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials.

26 • RRCA Annual Report

RRCA Annual Report_Layout 1 3/5/12 12:39 PM Page 27

Excellence in Journalism Awards

S m a ll Club N ew s let t er : T H E R IV E R T O R IV E R R U N N IN G R E P O R T E R Editor David Bond River to River Runners –– Carbondale, IL

La r ge Club N ew s let t er : R IV E R CIT Y R U N N E R S A N D W A LKE R S N E W S LE T T E R Editor Donna Graham River City Runners and Walkers –– Parkersburg, WV

E - N ew s let t er : W ICKE D R U N N IN G R E GIS T E R Editor Michele Campbell Wicked Running Club –– Salem, MA

Club W r it er of t he Yea r ED HARD EE Amelia Island Runners –– Fernandina Beach, FL With both a witty and insightful air for capturing the human essence of the sport of running, Ed Hardee is an honorable selection for the 2011 RRCA Outstanding Club Writer. Hardee has demonstrated his diH verse writing talent by tugging on a reader's heartstrings with a touching column about the death of his longHtime running companion, his dog Sadie, and a story about a fallen runner being saved from death by alert paramedics. As both a writer and the editor of the club’’s eHnewsletter, Hardee's columns and stories are always a must read. And, his journalistic work is always factually and grammatically accurate.

Senior Writer, Running Times magazine Rachel has over the past decade contributed numerous insightful and inspiring magazine features and columns to both Running Times and Marathon & Beyond. Her writing is crisp, concise, and comprehenH sive, and her passion for the sport of longHdistance running oozes from every line. Additionally, in 2008 many of her running essays were bundled together in the delightful book PERSONAL RECORD: A Love Aair with Running. Rachel has proved her knowledge of our sport/lifestyle and has translated it to the running world by frequently pacing ultrarunners toward their dream nishes.

courtesy of Athleta

Jour na lis m E xcellence R A CH E L T O O R

Outstanding Website


RRCA Annual Report • 27

RRCA Annual Report_Layout 1 3/5/12 12:39 PM Page 28

Outstanding Beginning Running Program


A nna polis S t r ider s B eginning R unning P r ogr a m - A nna polis , M D

The Annapolis Striders’’ Beginning Running Program was origiH nated by and is still run by Evan Thomas. Evan and his crew are getting ready for the 20th anniversary of the program, which he initiated as a way to ““put something back”” into the sport. The program evolved after he experienced a magical run of marathon nishes that culminated in his qualifying for the Boston Marathon at the club’’s B&A Trail Marathon in March of 1993. This convinced him that if he could reach that lofty goal, perhaps others could as well. It was Bob Glover’’s program with the New York Road Runners that provided the foundation for the nascent beginning running program and it continues to be the starting point for our current program. The rst week features oneHminute runs followed by two minutes of walking. By the 10th week of the threeHtimes per week program, the new runners will complete a 20Hminute nonHstop run. The real ““graduation”” of the program is the 5K runs put on by the Striders: The Women’’s Distance Festival 5K and The Run After the Women 5K. These events are the ““beginH ning”” points for the graduates. In 19 years all but two who comH pleted the program and then entered the 5K(s) were able to nish their event. Class attendees receive presentations on many useful topics inH cluding how to add distance safely, running form, strengthening exercises, cross training, nutrition, how to buy running shoes,

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running safety, heart rate monitoring, injury prevention and treatment, runner’’s high, and keeping running fun. In this latter category, Evan has excelled and uses a large collection of antics and apparel to keep the participants entertained and not thinkH ing too much about the hard work ahead. He received coaching training at the Spokane RRCA convention and is a former MaryH land State RRCA Representative and threeHtime club president. Crucial to the success of this program is that previous graduates return and speak to the class about their experiences and/or act as mentors. These real life success stories help the attendees to see that there is light at the end of the 10Hweek tunnel. So, it is safe for us to say, ““The best is yet to come!”” The class also stresses the connection between the club and the RRCA NaH tional Oce along with the programs and services that are availH able to RRCA members. Many of the postHclass shirts have become collector’’s items and all bear the RRCA logo. A photo of a recent class still graces the RRCA’’s website. The beginning running program has been written up in Running Times Magazine, the Annapolis CAPITAL newspaper, Metro Sports Magazine (now incorporated into COMPETITOR MagaH zine) and Taste of the Bay Magazine (Annapolis area general news). Over the years, graduates of the class have gone on to be integral members of the Striders, serving as race directors and on the Board of Directors.

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RRCA Road Race of the Year

PRESIDIO 10 R a ce dir ect or , Jef f La ndr y – T he Gua r ds m en – S a n F r a ncis co, CA

Imagine drinking a Bloody Mary and munching on a breakfast burrito while your companion is drinkH ing a local Sierra Nevada beer while eating panH cakes soaked in maple syrup. A band is playing in the background. And it gets better H your meal's backdrop is the San Francisco Bay with Alcatraz IsH land and the Golden Gate Bridge looming large. You can’’t believe this is the nish line area. Imagine again proposing a toast for having run through the Presidio and then both sides of the Golden Gate Bridge! (Note: the west side is norH mally closed to pedestrians, except for this race.) You appreciate the cheering of the high school volH unteers at the aid stations. And before that, there was Nancy Hobbs, executive director of the AmerH ican Trail Running Association, as grand marshal to start the race. And before that, there was RRCA ExH ecutive Director Jean Knaack leading the smiling crowds with warmHup stretches. The reality is that this is the Presidio 10 race in which the 10 mile race was a RRCA National Championship while a 10K was a RRCA Western Regional ChampiH onship. The race is put on by the Guardsmen and proceeds go to The Ashlyn Dyer Foundation for Neurological research aims to fund research and raise public awareness for traumatic brain injury. The race involves the RRCA substantially by having a free RRCA booth at the nish line expo, hosting a RRCA state club meeting the day before, and havH ing RRCA ocials participate in the awards cereH mony. There is a competition among RRCA clubs in the 10K for fastest club and largest club. The race saw the introduction of the RRCA championship race banners and the new booth. The Presidio 10 well deserves for Road Race of the Year.

T H A N K YO U T O S E LE CT IO N P A N E L V O LU N T E E R S The RRCA thanks the following individuals for serving on the various award selection panels. Each selection panel inH cludes RRCA members from around the country. Thank you to: Mitch Garner, Amby Burfoot, Bill Rodgers, Don Carding, Doug Kurtis, Frank Shorter, Jacqueline Hansen, Jim Oaks, Joan Samuelson, Joe Henderson, Ken Young, Kim Jones, Lisa Rainsberger, Steve Spence, Bee McLeod, Gary Corbitt, Brent Ayer, Lisa Paige, Kelly Richards, Mark Grandonico, David PurH inton, Chip Allman, David Epstein, Larry Eder, Brenda Barrera, Dan Edwards, John Farrow, Mark Miller, Nancy Hobbs, George Rehment, Tom Downing, Lena Hollmann, Blaine Moore, Simon Adair, Lisa Dahl, Tony Flesch, Beth Onines, JesH sica Benney, Tom Kramer, Dan Kesterson, Mike Dove, Sue BrownHNickerson, Jessica Sleight, Mark Ward, Kathryn Gleghorn, Bailey Penzotti, Chris Burch, Chuck Bartlett, and Tim Short. Thank you to RRCA Program Coordinator William Dyson for coordinating the selection process. RRCA Annual Report • 29

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53rd Annual RRCA Convention Recap

Nearly 200 people attended the 53rd Annual RRCA Convention in Fredericksburg, May 12H15, enjoying the hospitality and wideHranging program of conH vention organizers Fredericksburg Area Running Club (FARC) and Marine Corps Marathon. Attendees were given a couple of opportunities to ““run through history”” with scenic fun runs in the Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania Battleelds, site of Civil War skirmishes between Yankee and ConH

from 2000H2004 presented common sense running etiquette and safety tips appropriate for both the seasoned runner and those to new to running. Other breakout sessions included ““Developing Marketing Strategies”” and ““Motivating Your VolH unteers. The only American to win an Olympic gold medal in the 10,000 meters was the luncheon motivaH tional speaker. Billy Mills was victorious in Tokyo’’s 1964 Olympics. His feat was dramatized in the 1983 movie Running Brave starring Robby Benson. Mills says he became good friends with the actor and they ran road races together. ““It’’s not the journey,”” said Mills in discussing life lessons learned. ““It’’s the destination.”” Mills also stressed the potential impact of percepH tions. ““Perceptions can make you and perceptions can destroy you,”” he said. The General Session Business Meeting concluded in about 15 minutes. Four RRCA directors for 2011H 2013 were elected unanimously. Lena Hollmann (Southern Region Director), Kelly ““K2”” Richards (AtHLarge Director), and Dan Edwards (AtHLarge DiH rector) will be serving second terms on the RRCA Board, while Bailey Penzotti (Western Region DiH rector) begins her rst term.

federate soldiers, as well as a trek through the downtown area. The RRCA Board and RRCA State Representatives even ““met through history,”” with work sessions in Historic Town Hall. The history theme was most prominent during the RRCA welcome reception at the Fredericksburg Area Museum featuring locals in authentic period garb. A topic that frequently generates questions from RRCA member clubs was addressed in the General Session on the rst full day of the convention. Terry Diller, who has handled RRCA’’s insurance program for 19 years, discussed Insurance & Risk ManageH ment. Among the breakHout sessions that followed was a ““Rules of the Road”” seminar by ““Miss Road Manners,”” a.k.a., Freddi Carlip. RRCA’’s president 30 • RRCA Annual Report

An evening outdoor barbecue with bluegrass music at Market Square in Fredericksburg capped the day. Mills hung around for the event, signing copies of his book and CD, and patiently honoring all ““photoHop with a Gold medalist”” requests. Race walking participant in the 1988 Seoul Olympics, Gary Morgan, was luncheon speaker. Morgan’’s visual presentation covered highlights from his travels around the world from Antarctica to Africa. Morgan, RRCA Michigan State RepresenH tative, was recognized as 2010 Outstanding State Representative during the RRCA National Banquet and Running Awards Ceremony that evening. FolH lowing Gary’’s motivational talk, the Monterey Bay Peninsula was awarded as the inaugural OutstandH ing Runner Friendly Community. Yet another Olympian, Julie Isphording, was the humorous banquet speaker. Isphording ran with the rstHever U.S. Women’’s Olympic Marathon Team. She is an awardHwinning syndicated radio

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2011 Program Report talk show host who focuses on tness and nutriH tional advice. Isphording not only spoke to the auH dience, she showed them, pulling out items from a cardboard box to illustrate her topics, including a medal, running shoes, and tank top. ““You have to bet on you,”” she said. ““Keep on keepH ing on in everything you do. You can’’t cross the nH ish line unless you start.”” Other award winners honored at the banquet inH cluded RRCA Distance Hall of Fame Inductees Bob Kennedy, Alan Culpepper, and Julie Emmons; OutH standing Club President of the Year, Chip Allman, River City Runners & Walkers, Parkersburg, West Virginia; Browning Ross Spirit of the RRCA AwardH Ken Bendy, former RRCA Southern Region Director and North Florida State Representative; and OutH standing Volunteer of the YearHDink Taylor, Huntsville (Alabama) Track Club. Steve Edwards was in attendance at the event to accept the Road Runner of the Year award on behalf of his wife,

Shalane Flannagan. RRCA President, Brent Ayer, honored outgoing Western Region Director David Epstein for his many years of service to the RRCA Board of DirecH tors. Jean Knaack, RRCA Executive Director, wrappedH up the evening by announcing the 2013 RRCA NaH tional Championship events, the 3rd Annual Race Shirt contest winner, and announced Albuquerque, New Mexico, as host city for the 2013 RRCA NaH tional Convention, which will follow Memphis, TenH nessee as host city for the 54th RRCA National Convention in 2012. RRCA Convention 2011 concluded the following day with the Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon, HisH toric Half Relay and Semper Fred 5K. The half served as the RRCA Half Marathon National ChamH pionship. Drew Carey was among the notable nH ishers, along with second overall Todd Neville, North Florida RRCA State Representative.

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2011 RRCA State Reps’’ Report

For over three decades, the RRCA State RepresenH tatives (State Reps) have served as ambassadors for the organization by providing a physical presH ence in each state for the RRCA. State Reps proH mote our programs and services to clubs and events in their home state. State Reps assist the National Oce and the RRCA Board in carrying out the mission, vision and values of the organization. State Reps monitor trends and issues at the state and local level and report them to the National OfH ce. In addition they promote membership in local clubs and recruit unaliated clubs, events, corpoH rate supporters and individual members. Learn more about the State Reps, including their contact information and bios, at The RRCA would like to thank the following individH uals for volunteering in their free time to help proH mote the mission of the organization and the sport of distance running. Alabama State Rep: Ron Macksoud Alabama hosted a total of eight RRCA ChampiH onships, including an unprecedented two National Championships (Azalea Trail Run 10K, 3/26, in Mobile and the Woodstock Run 5K, 8/6, in Anniston), two Southern Region Championships (Red Nose Run 10 Miler, 1/8, in Homewood and the Pinhoti 100, 11/5, in Sylacauga), and four Alabama State Championships (Monte Sano Run, 9/3, in Huntsville; R3 Labor Day Run, 9/5, in Montgomery; 1HMile River Bottom Burnout, 10/8, in Florence; and the Kaiser Realty Coastal Half Marathon, 11/26, in Orange Beach). I attended and/or participated in four of Alabama’’s Championships. I attended the 53rd Annual RRCA Convention in Fredericksburg, Virginia. I donated items for the convention’’s Silent Auction and asH sisted with the setup and organization of the aucH tion. During the RRCA Convention National Awards Banquet, Dink Taylor, Huntsville Track Club, was recH ognized as Outstanding Volunteer of the Year. Five Alabama State Representative Newsletters were sent to key Alabama RRCA club contacts via email, along with other emails containing special, timeHsensitive information. Among RRCA programs and information covered in these communications were the following: Membership Renewal, National Convention, National Awards, Championship events, Runner Friendly Communities, Kids Run the Nation, Run@Work Day, RRCA Logos, RRCA Mission StateH ment, RRCA Facebook Fan Page, RRCA News SyndiH cation, and RRCA Expo/Race Tent.

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Alaska State Rep: Steve Bainbridge Greeting from the State of Alaska! This is a totally amazing state ☺ …… with an area of over 570,000 square miles and a population of approximately 700,000 people! At one point in time (before the governor made a proclamation to have Alaska’’s time zones ““consolidated”” into one) the State of Alaska encompassed four time zones. It is not an easy drive to get across all the time zones. Roads in Alaska are few and far between. Planes are the favored method of transportation to get to and from most of Alaska’’s ““cities””. A person cannot drive to Juneau, the State capital, and home of the Southeast Road Runners. Prince of Wales Island and Ketchikan are home to the Prince of Wales Runners Club and the Ketchikan RunH ning Club respectively. Ferries and airplanes are the only way in and out of these Southeast communities. Alaska clubs feature year round running events, which is no small accomplishment given that we have seen temperatures as low as H50F in Fairbanks this winter and are coping with over eight feet of snow fall in Anchorage. I should note that we are pleased to announce the formation of our newest running club, and RRCA member, in beautiful Homer, Alaska So come on up to Alaska for a visit …… whether to run under the ““midnight sun”” in the months of June and July or to run under the Northern Lights in the months of December and January. You might be one of the lucky ones to experience a ““convergence”” (where the Celsius and Fahrenheit scales come toH gether at H40F). Denitely something that you will never forget. Arizona State Rep: Randy Accetta Strong RRCA clubs in the state include the RC3 club in the Phoenix suburb of Cave Creek (otherwise known as the Running Chicks of Cave Creek), the Yuma Desert Runners, and the Thunder Mountain Running Club out of Sierra Vista. The busiest eventH based club is Fleet Feet Tucson, ranked once again as one of the nation’’s top 50 stores. The agship club in Arizona is the Southern Arizona Roadrunners, with about 800 household memberships and 1200 overall members. Arkansas State Rep: Andrea Sieczkowski (outgoing) In January, the Arkansas RRCA kicked o the 30th annual running of our Grand Prix series. Shortly after the season started we hosted the State Championship 15K and awards ceremony for the 2010 Grand Prix. Over 150 club members from across the state attended this ceremony, which

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2011 Program Report

also included a chili cook o. Over $2000 in awards and door prizes were given away. Two of our three sponsors were in attendance. As always, we kept club members in the know with an upHtoHdate website that included 16 State Rep blog entries, Facebook and Twitter feeds, and the National RRCA’’s news feed widget. The Grand Prix season ended in November with over 400 club members participating. The annual awards ceremony was held immediately in conH junction with the final race. There were over 100 runners in attendance. This was my nal year serving as the Arkansas State Rep. It has been a fun and rewarding three years and I’’m honored to have been able to represent such a great organization. California 5 Coastal State Rep: George Rehmet The 2011 Championship events include: •• Kaiser Permanente San Francisco Half Marathon (Western Regional) –– I hosted a nish line expo booth which had inforH mation about the RRCA and RRCA clubs and events in my region. •• Kaiser Permanente Napa Valley Marathon (Western Regional) –– I was on the ““Running the Course”” panel at the Marathon College. In addition, I was a guest speaker at the dinner and helped to pass out awards. •• Presidio 10 Mile (National) and Presidio 10K (Western Regional) –– The RRCA booth made its rst West Coast appearance. I asH sisted Jean Knaack with passing out the RRCA awards. The day before I hosted a RRCA state club meeting along with the Eastern and Southern California States Reps, Western Regional Director David Epstein, nominated Western Regional Director Bailey Penizotti, and Jean Knaack. Moreover, I assisted the race by recruiting Nancy Hobbs, executive director of the American Trail Running Association, as race marshal. •• Avenue of the Giants Marathon (State) –– I hosted the RRCA booth, helped to emcee, and pass out awards. I honored the race for its 40th anniversary with a signed race poster from Bill Rodgers, Joan Benoit, Joe Henderson, and other running celebrities. I continued to work with Southern California State Rep Jacqueline Britton. In January I assisted Eastern California State Rep. Simone Adair with the banquet

for the Pacic Association of the USA Track & Field. I worked with outgoing RRCA Western Regional DiH rector David Epstein to nd his replacement, Bailey Penzotti. I led a committee to select the 2011 RRCA Volunteer of the Year. In addition to quarterly email communications with my clubs, I have had several opportunities to meet with them in person. The San Francisco Half Marathon, the Oakland Marathon, Avenue of the GiH ants, the Buzz Marathon, and Christmas Relays were venues to meet with other clubs. I made personal visH its to clubs hosting their events such as the Half Moon Bay International Marathon, Run for the Stinkin’’ Rose (South Valley Running Club), Freedom Road (People Events), and many of the Dolphin South End Runners’’ race. The East Bay Front Runners & Walkers allowed me to host the RRCA booth at its Pride Run. California –– East State Rep: Simone Adair I’’m happy to report that Eastern California RRCA Clubs are doing great. Having had the chance to visit many of them this past year, I’’m inspired by the leaderH ship, vision, and spirit of our running community here in California. I’’d like to thank all of my clubs for their amazing contributions to the RRCA. I had great time meeting new folks, seeing old friends, and running in clubHsponsored races. One of my 2011 highH lights include hosting an RRCA Coaching Certication Course at Coast Guard Island, in Alameda. I had a great time working alongside my fellow State Rep George Rehmet at the RRCA Info Booth at the Kaiser Permanente San Francisco Half Marathon (Western Regional Championship). We also worked together at the Presidio 10 Mile (National ChampiH onship) and Presidio 10K (Western Regional ChampiH onship) using the new RRCA Booth. The day before I helped host the RRCA State Convention with George and our Southern California State Rep Jackie Britton. On hand were Executive Director Jean Knaack and then Western Regional Director David Epstein. I was also thrilled to work on an award committee for the 2011 Convention. I was grateful to attend the conH vention and give a presentation on Social Media along with George Rehmet. I was honored to accept an RRCA Annual Report • 33

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2011 RRCA State Reps’’ Report

award for the Coast Guard Running Club. The best part of being an RRCA State Rep is visiting clubs, presenting plaques to outstanding volunteers, helping with races, and answering the myriad of quesH tions club ocers present. I greatly appreciate all the help that I have received from George Rehmet, David Epstein, Bailey Penzotti (our new Western Regional Director), and everyone at our national oce. I look forward to 2012 where I already have a slate of activiH ties coming up on my calendar. California 5 South State Rep: Jackie Britton I have been a State Rep for 17 months. I’’m delighted to say that I’’m beginning to form relationships with some of our member clubs. Southern California has 54 member clubs. I will not get to visit all of the clubs in my territory because of distance; however, I send out quarterly newsletters and make contact via phone. In May, I attended the Convention in Fredericksburg, Virginia. It was my second convention. I enjoyed the seminars; especially, the seminar on ““Conict ResoluH tions.”” The seminar on ““Conict Resolution”” was very informative, so much so that I attached the seminar notes to my quarterly newsletter. On 5/22 I joined the Ultra Ladies, who hosted the Weight Watchers WalkHIt Day 5K in Balboa Park loH cated in Encino, CA. There were approximately 250 exH cited participants from various Weight Watchers Chapters in Southern California. After completing the race I passed out medals. The excitement on each nH isher’’s face spoke volumes. I was glad to be a part of such wonderful bonding experience. The participants were unied by the fact that they shared in the strugH gle of losing weight, and on that day, they shared in the joy of walking, for many, their rst 5K race. On 5/27 I volunteered at the Regional Championship Ultra, the Bulldog 50K Ultra Run, which is a very popH ular and well organized race. The race was held at MalH ibu Creek State Park. There were 500 participants. I was amazed to see the excitement of runners in 100 degree temperatures. My goal is to continue to build relationships with the member clubs in Southern California. Connecticut State Rep: Art Byram Despite earthquakes, hurricanes, and ve feet of snow in one month, Connecticut runners persevered in 2011. Runners in the state worked with hikers, local busiH nesses, and government to pass new recreational liaH bility laws. These new laws oer additional protection 34 • RRCA Annual Report

to municipalities who choose to allow their land to be used for recreation, including running trails. Glastonbury Connecticut was the rst town in CT to earn the prestigious RRCA designation of ““Runner Friendly Community””. This was a joint eort shared by The Glastonbury Chamber of Commerce, The Hartford Marathon Foundation, and local running club The Glastonbury River Runners. Another highlight of the year included the RRCA State Championship Half Marathon event: The ING Hartford Half Marathon. We’’re proud to have the ING Hartford Marathon named the 2012 National Marathon ChamH pionship. It will be held on 10/13. Delaware State Rep: Ray Christensen Delaware has a strong running community, with inH creasing number of runners and competitive individH uals. We’’re in need of more leaders and organizations to help both current runners and prospective ones reach their goals and enjoy the health, tness and soH cial benets even more. I’’m President of Pike Creek Valley Running Club and helped membership grow by 30% in the past year. We hold more group runs, acH tively recruit, and now have several club sponsors. I became State Rep in April 2011; just in time to attend the convention in May. Delaware held State ChampiH onship events at the 5K, 10K, half marathon and marathon distances. Besides sending an introduction email (and convenH tion recap) to leaders of each Delaware club, I met inH dividually with leaders of two event members and three club members. We discussed their current staH tus, their relationship with RRCA, and number of their members. I also met with the owners of four running stores in the Wilmington area to discuss mutual goals. We further discussed potential multiHclub events such as informal competition between clubs and to comH bine some events and introduce more runners to each other (build critical mass) while promoting each other’’s races. The Nun Run 5K was a State Championship event for 2011 and had a participation of 330 runners. 2012 goals include: increase interaction between clubs and help each identify leaders to help them grow, promote their benets, and to start promoting RRCA programs such as Run@Work Day. District of Columbia State Rep: Paul Thompson This has been another complex year for road runH ning in the nation’’s capital. The enthusiasm and

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2011 Program Report

participation for road running at the grass roots level has been stronger than ever. The desire of runners to join organized running is still somewhat dampened by a wish to avoid organizational strucH ture, partly by the attachment to prior clubs, partly since so many DCHarea residents are from elseH where, and also due to the numerous races in the area which can be entered without membership. There are so many races and running opportunities each week that the need to join a running club does not seem as compelling as it might be elseH where. Hence, there is a constant need to be an RRCA aliate advocate!

it also reminded me of all the great services the orH ganization provides, such as Roads Scholars, the annual Run@Work Day, and my favorite, support for our local running clubs.

Training programs are still the best rationale for joining an RRCA club and group runs continue to remain a big draw for local clubs. I worked with local clubs (and commercial running companies) to arrange for a common training pool in which they would synchronize training programs and group runs in order to assure variety. At a minimum we have improved communications (fortunately through increased support from the local papers) so that information is shared in a broader way. Websites also continue to provide information and bring out runners as we have tried to encourage greater awareness and use.

2012 should be another good year; I’’m excited for the Florida 10K State Championship in February!

There have been several incidents requiring work with local clubs to address relationships with law enforcement authorities concerning charges for use of public streets, and complaints about street closings (a recent commercial race experienced exH tensive delays and logistics when a trac jam ocH curred, creating bad relations with thousands of runners and travelers). To try to lesson this growH ing conict and the staggering cost for police, I coH ordinated a meeting with the commander of the military district to inquire about the use of military bases to stage more club races. This would save money and provide a safer place to run, but there are lingering security concerns. The good news is there is a growing appreciation of what RRCA involvement can mean to running activities. The green emphasis has been wellHreH ceived by neighborhood associations, as has the general emphasis on wellness. Florida (North) State Rep: Todd Neville The highlight of the year was the annual convenH tion in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Hopefully we will see several Florida clubs in attendance this year in Memphis. Last year’’s convention gave me the opH portunity to reconnect with old RRCA friends and

The 2011 convention also taught me about a proH gram of which I was unaware: The Runner Friendly Community designation. This is a rather new proH gram that puts advocacy for running in the hands of towns and communities. Together with local RRCA clubs, these communities work to provide a runner friendly environment, and they have to meet certain criteria to gain the recognition.

Florida –– South State Rep: Don Nelson Greetings from the Conch Republic! Our race seaH son has just started and we have more races and even more participants attending events in South Florida than ever. Counting both club and event members, we have about 50 RRCA clubs in South Florida. I continue to communicate with all of these clubs and ask them to communicate with each other. Our Southern Region Director, Lena HollH mann, continues to keep in regular communication with all of the Southern Region State Reps and I feel this helps us to connect better with each other. Getting our runners and clubs together from both Florida’’s East and West coasts continues to be diH cult, but this year we had three State ChampiH onship events: one on the west coast and two on the east. The rst Florida State Championship was the Fire Fighters 5K, put on by the Gold Coast RunH ners on 9/11. The second was the Space Coast Marathon and Half Marathon, hosted by the Space Coast Runners Club, on 11/27. This race is a top qualH ity event that has been growing yearly, and with good reason. The numbers topped out over 2,000 for both races. Finally, we had the 11th Annual ManH atee River Run 5HMiler on 12/31. The Bradenton RunH ners Club did a great job organizing this event. More youth running programs and events have shown up in Florida. I have encouraged clubs to keep entry fees down for youth. This is the way to insure the growth of our sport in the future. Georgia State Rep: Mark Ward We had four State Championship events in Georgia in 2011, starting with the Inaugural Publix Marathon in March. My home club, the Peachtree City RunH ning Club, hosted the 15K State Championship for RRCA Annual Report • 35

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2011 RRCA State Reps’’ Report

the second straight year, at the Peachtree City ClasH sic. The remaining two State Championships were the Sickle Cell 7K and the Carpet City 10 Miler. The latH ter has been a State Championship for several years. I sent out two newsletters in 2011 along with emails to the clubs whenever there were RRCA issues that warranted immediate attention. Some topics covH ered in the newsletters were Championships, ConH vention, Membership Renewals, the 2012 RRCA Calendar, and Run@Work Day. It was a busy year for questions from clubs, so I was often in contact with the RRCA National Oce. I appreciate the asH sistance I received from the sta there. I also used Facebook to promote Run@Work Day where I managed to gain a number of individual pledges to run at work. I can also store electronic newsletters and announce club events on FaceH book and I see it as an integral tool of the future. Together with Kansas State Rep Janice Woolery, I worked with the RRCA National Oce in 2011 to reH vamp the State Rep Silent Auction. Everything was looked at, from the donation form to the closing time of the auction. I think you will see some nice changes taking place. I worked very hard at trying to establish a couple of new clubs in the state and I hope they will all beH come very successful. They all seem to have the proper leadership to make it happen. I also had the pleasure of assisting a couple of Georgia clubs in expanding their presence within their local running communities. To support this expansion I develH oped a brief 10Hminute presentation describing the RRCA website as an educational tool for new club ocers and directors. Most of the clubs are doing ne and I don’’t hear from them unless they have an issue. I’’m honored to serve the clubs and look forward to doing more good things here in 2012. One of my main goals for 2012 is to establish better communiH cation with my clubs. I plan to get out to some of the clubs that don’’t put on races, as they need our help also. Hawaii State Rep: Joan Davis This year started out as quiet and uneventful. MPRRC developed a race series for health and tH ness that culminates with the Great Aloha Run held annually on Presidents’’ Day. So now, Oahu has a short distance program in the beginning of the year and then the long distance program in the fall 36 • RRCA Annual Report

with a Marathon Readiness Series. In September, The Kauai Marathon was held again, and it is still growing in popularity. It was won by 2011 RRCA Roads Scholar, Tyler McCandless. In December, I had wonderful visits from RRCA Friends Lisa Paige (former Western Region DirecH tor) and Celia Perkins (former Oregon State Rep). Idaho/Nevada State Rep: Steve Thornock Our RRCA Vice President, David Cotter, continues to direct The Tahoe Rim Trail 50K/50M/100M EnH durance Races each July. These races included the RRCA's National Ultra Championship which sold out in 2011! In fact, there is already a Waiting List for 2012! Although large in square miles, Nevada and Idaho are small in relative population. I called for an RRCA State Meeting again in 2011 without success. I will continue to plan and host them but communication via email or telephone is always welcome and encouraged. I continue writing our quarterly Nevada/Idaho State Rep Email Newsletter each month. Our 1,084 member Las Vegas Track Club, of which I have been the President since 2007, hosts roughly 30 RRCA races each year. Our club increased its anH nual scholarships given to $13,000 in 2011 ($84,000 since 2001 inception) with another $23,000 given to local school's cross country teams. We have also increased our donations to other charities such as Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Chef's for Kids, Little PeoH ple of America, and Spirit Therapies. I was also the Race Director for 2011's National RUN A MILE Day Race at Hyde Park Middle School (home to our Las Vegas Jr. Track Club). This 35HweekHlong afterH school running club based on the Kids Run the NaH tion idea and the National RUN A MILE Day Race are free to all kids thanks to our Las Vegas Track Club. Our middle school kids ran 1,153 miles last school year and have already run over 1,000 miles in 2011/2012! Illinois State Rep: Beth Onines Greetings again from the Windy City of Chicago! I am so proud to say that the RRCA has 44 Illinois running organizations. The Illinois running scene has quite a busy race calendar. This makes it very hard to decide which race to run on any given weekend! If you don’’t feel like racing there is alH ways a group you can join for a run on almost any day of the week, even in the winter months.

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2011 Program Report

This year I designated the Illinois State Half Marathon Championship to the Alpine Half Marathon on September 25th in Lake Zurich, the Illinois State 10K Championship to the Route 66 10K on June 11th in Edwardsville, and the Illinois State 5K Championship Miles for Meso in Alton on SepH tember 24. I get myself very involved in the area races by pacing half marathons and marathons, competing for myself, or volunteering at our Alpine Runners Races and other races in the area. This year I had the pleasure of speaking to a few runH ning clubs and informed them about joining the RRCA and the great benets the RRCA has to oer. This year I had a great opportunity to secure a booth at the Bank of America Chicago Marathon Expo to represent the RRCA. Over that weekend I was able to connect with many Illinois running clubs and so many others clubs and members from across the country. I also organized the rst Illinois RRCA Club Conference to help educate some of our running clubs about the RRCA programs. Indiana State Rep: Sue Brown5Nickerson Greetings from the Hoosier State –– Indiana –– where these RRCA championships were recognized in 2011: •• 5K Rotary Ramble, Demotte, Indiana (RRCA Central Regional Championship) •• 26.2 Indianapolis Marathon (RRCA Central Regional Championship) •• 10M Valparaiso 10m at Taltree Gardens & Aboretum, (RRCA State Championship) •• 8K Carmel Championship Weekend, Indiana (RRCA State Championship) •• 13.1 Fort 4 Fitness Half Marathon, Fort Wayne, Indiana (RRCA State Championship) As State Representative, I attended the 2011 RRCA Convention in Fredericksburg, Virginia, with IndiH ana delegates where I participated in RRCA meetH ings and group sessions. A convention report was prepared by myself and emailed to all Indiana events members and clubs. I still nd that after ve years as State Rep that the most challenging part of this job is convincing state clubs and events to attend the convention. If they attended just once they would see how educational and motivational the experience can be. At this convention I reH ceived the RRCA Outstanding Youth Program DiH rector Award for 2011. This weekend was amazing and so fun! The Indiana Distance Running Series had another successful year bringing together ve RRCA chamH pionship event venues throughout the State of InH

diana to provide runners new and competitive opH tions. The Calumet Region Striders of NW Indiana was again selected to host an RRCA sponsored Weight Watcher 5K WalkHIt event. It was a huge success, drawing 500+ participants. I spent many weekends traveling throughout the state presenting awards at championship events and visiting venues for future Indiana RRCA champiH onship events. I project a strong future for RRCA growth within Indiana as I continue to journey around the state meeting new clubs and event direcH tors and sharing information. I am an absolute beH liever in building relationships through networking. I serve on this year’’s RRCA Nominating Committee in addition to the Outstanding Youth Program DiH rector Selection Committee. My goal for 2012 is to create an Indiana Facebook page, so... I’’ll be lookH ing you up soon! Iowa State Rep: Chris Burch Greetings from the Heartland of America! There are currently seven RRCA member clubs/events in Iowa with more than 2,000 club members. The Capital Striders of Des Moines was awarded the State Championship designation in the 5K and 10 Mile distance in 2011. More than 7,800 athletes competed in the various divisions on race day. FinH ishing rst in the 10 Mile race was Marcus Murphy, age 29, with a time of 53:06. Interesting sideHnote: Marcus was the rst recipient of the Capital StridH ers’’ Dave Hurd Scholarship back in 2000. Female winner was Semehar Tesfaye, age 20, with a time of 58:52. Eric Cogdill, age 30, won the 5K with a time of 16:06 and Casey Owens, age 28, won the women’’s race with a nish time of 17:47. The IMT Des Moines Marathon Running Club launched this year with just under 200 members. The initial goal of the Running Club was to train members for the fall IMT Des Moines Marathon and Half Marathon races, but with so much enthuH siasm from club members, the running club has alH ready become an annual January –– December member club in 2012. Club activities include: trainH ing clinics, downloadable training guides, weekly long run support, and fun run group interactions. The Missouri River Runners club was dealt with a blow from Mother Nature in 2011. Flooding in Sioux City forced the cancellation of the Siouxland Marathon, but event organizers do intend for the race to return in 2012. RRCA Annual Report • 37

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2011 RRCA State Reps’’ Report

I look forward to another year of state representaH tion for Iowa and the member clubs of the RRCA. My goal is work with each member club to further their awareness of the benets available to them through RRCA. Kansas State Rep: Michael Pfannenstiel I was appointed to the Kansas State RepresentaH tive position in late December of 2011, assuming the responsibilities from Janice Woolery. In an eort to better understand my roles and reH sponsibilities I have been reviewing information available on the website and in RRCA printed maH terials. I have also been in communication with the main oce and Mitch, the Central Region Director. I have reviewed the submissions for the Kansas State Championship designations and three events have been approved for 2012. The race directors are very excited and enthusiastic about having their races chosen as championship events. I plan on atH tending and/or participating in each of these events. During 2012 I am looking forward to meeting all the Kansas club presidents and learning more about their groups. I will ask for their input regarding the Kansas RRCA and how it can be helpful to their club. Louisiana State Rep: Betsy Boudreaux (Outstanding State Rep of the Year) 2011 was another very busy year for our clubs! Our state hosted State Championships including: 5K Run for Excellence hosted by Bayou Runners AssociaH tion, 4 Mile Four on Fourth hosted by 15th Street FlyH ers, 10K Voice of Wetlands hosted by Bayou Runners Association, 10 Mile Middendorf’’s Manchac Run hosted by New Orleans Running Systems, Inc., and Monroe Parks & Recreation Half Marathon hosted by Ouachita Runners Association. We also had a Southern Region Championship in our state, the Cajun Cup 10K hosted by Cajun Runners Club. I was able to travel quite a bit and run with our clubs all over the state including Houma, Monroe, Morgan City, Lafayette, Baton Rouge, and New Orleans. In addition to being able to run with many of our clubs across the state I was also able to present many of our club members with RRCA award nomH ination certicates. Our state boasted several nomH inations including Male Runner of the Year, Matt Manning (Club South Runners); Male Masters RunH ner of the Year, Bud Weiss (15th Street Flyers); Club President of the Year, Chris Johnson (Bayou RunH ners Association); and Road Race of the Year 38 • RRCA Annual Report

Award (Cajun Cup 10K hosted by Cajun Road RunH ners). Chuck George (New Orleans Running SysH tems, Inc.) was nominated for the Browning Ross Spirit of the RRCA Award. It was my pleasure to travel around the state and present the various awards to such deserving individuals. The 2011 RRCA Convention was another exciting event and I’’m really glad I went. The seminars were educational and I was able to share many of the topics with my clubs upon my return. I walked away from the convention with tons of ideas for motivating volunteers, answering insurance quesH tions, and how to use social media for your clubs. 2012 is shaping up to be a busy year as well. Our state had a record number of RRCA Championship bids submitted and I’’m pleased to announce that we will be hosting races in several distances includH ing 5K, 4 miles, 10K, 10 miles, Half Marathon, 25K, as well as a 3 mile cross country race. My goal is to make it to as many of these events as possible and log a few miles in the process! Maine State Rep: Blaine Moore Running in Maine in 2011 was quite strong. Maine oers runners something to do almost every weekH end throughout the year with the addition of a new snowshoe racing series in the winter. Participation continues to climb and races continue to sell out early. This seems to have become an unstoppable trend for most events that have been around for more than a few years. There were four championship events in Maine this year, hosted by two of our member clubs. The Maine Track Club hosted the Half Marathon and 5K Championships, and Crow Athletics hosted the Ultra and Marathon Championship events. As the year came to a close, Maine was awarded two Regional Championship events: MidHWinter 10H Mile Classic on 2/5 and the 6th Great Cranberry IsH land 50K Ultra on 7/21. Maryland State Rep: Phil Lang Running continues to grow in Maryland and the RRCA clubs in continue to work together and with the new organizations, events, and programs in the community. Special programs for RRCA members in Maryland include the Grand Prix Series, the WDF Series, and the 10 Mile Club Challenge race. Two special races in Maryland were named as Regional ChampiH

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2011 Program Report

onships for 2012 and we would like to invite runH ners from across the country to consider participatH ing in the Montgomery County Road Runners Pikes Peak 10K on 4/29/12 and Bel Air Town Run 5K on 6/3/12. We have one of the famous ultra's in the country as well, the JFK 50 miler. If you want to run this one on 11/17/12 you better plan to sign up when the registration opens on 5/1/12. The USATF Track & Field Junior Olympics will be in Maryland in the summer of 2012 as well. Thanks Brent Ayer for representing Maryland and the RRCA so well as the President! Thanks Memphis for hosting the 2012 convention; I know we all are lookH ing forward to it. Have a great Olympic and Leap year everyone! Massachusetts State Rep: John Childs In 2011 we hosted two State Championship events with each involving more than 400 runners. I atH tended 10 member events during the year. I helped promote a Run @ Work Day in Salem, MA. I atH tended the RRCA convention for the rst time. Wicked Running Club was awarded the ““OutstandH ing Large Club Website of the Year”” at the convenH tion. We solicited the donation of a GPS watch for the convention silent auction. We hosted the RRCA Runners Expo in conjunction with Run Gloucester and established a relationship with DMSE Sports. The race and expo attracted about 1,000 runners. Salem, MA, was designated an RRCA Runner Friendly Community. I created an RRCA Massachusetts State Rep Facebook page with assistance from Tim Short. Local clubs have been slow to show interest in RRCA activities but progress is being made. We also hosted two Weight Watchers WalkHIt events in the state. This will be my last year as state representative due to my increased involvement in organizing road races. I’’m hoping to identify a successor at the end of 2012. I’’m scheduled to address the general memH bership of The Greater Framingham Running Club on Jan 8, 2012, to provide an overview of the RRCA and explain how they can become more involved. We (Old Colony Running Events and RRCA MA) are hosting a U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials viewing party on 1/14 at a local social club to bring both member clubs and nonHmembers together for a networking opportunity. My goal is to continue to promote RRCA through events like the Expo and the viewing party so clubs see the local RRCA supH port and value.

Michigan State Rep: Gary Morgan It was a great year of running in Michigan! There were seven RRCA championship races in Michigan. They were the Kal Haven UltraHRun in Kalamazoo (Central Region Championship); Dexter to Ann Arbor Half Marathon in Ann Arbor (State ChampiH onship); Kalamazoo Classic 5K in Kalamazoo (State Championship); Kalamazoo Classic 10K in KalamaH zoo (Central Region Championship); Kaly Omara Memorial 10K in Davison (State Championship); Labor Day 30K in Milford (Central Region ChampiH onship); and the Kensington Challenge 15K (State Championship). The Ann Arbor Track Club has a great youth proH gram that has the youth competing in various track and cross country races around the country. The Kalamazoo Area Runners have a fantastic marathon training program that keeps growing by leaps and bounds. The City of Allen Park was awarded the Runner Friendly Community distincH tion and it’’s the home of the Downriver Runners. The president of the club, Dan Martinez, and I awarded the plaque to the Mayor of Allen Park in December. As you can see Michigan is a running state that keeps on moving forward to promote running as a healthy way to fun living. Minnesota State Rep: Lisa Dahl I happily accepted the role of Minnesota State RepH resentative in October 2011. I previously served in this role for the State of Kentucky and am excited to contribute to the RRCA again. I have instituted a quarterly email newsletter for all MN RRCA running clubs/events, including prospects. The purpose of the newsletter is to inform memH bers, generate excitement about upcoming events, and foster twoHway communication. I have been folH lowing up individually with key contacts to deterH mine how I can best support them. For 2012 I have awarded the following MN State Championships: •• Charities Challenge 5K –– 4/21/12 •• Get in Gear 10K –– 4/28/12 •• Charities Challenge 4 M –– 7/4/12 I will continue to foster additional participation and start recruiting participants for 2013. I supported the activities of the RRCA by serving on the Runner Friendly Community and Award Committees. I am scheduled to attend the 2012 RRCA National Convention in Memphis. I look forward to reconH RRCA Annual Report • 39

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2011 RRCA State Reps’’ Report

necting with previous RRCA friends and making new ones! Mississippi State Rep: Bryan Lagg Having now completed just over one year as State Rep, I am excited to report that the growth of runH ning and tness events as well as overall participaH tion in the Magnolia State have all continued to grow over. Our key clubs throughout Mississippi are more committed than ever to promote and sustain stronger, healthier, and more supportive running communities. In addition, they promote our sport through tness and healthier lifestyles while also addressing health risks in our state such as obesity. Mississippi again started o the year with the anH nual Steam Whistle 12K on New Year’’s Day along the Longleaf Trace RailsHtoHTrails pathway, sponH sored by the Pine Belt Pacers of Hattiesburg. DurH ing the second weekend of 2011, the Southern Region Marathon Championship and State Half Marathon Championships for Mississippi kicked o in the capitol city of Jackson as part of the MissisH sippi Blues Marathon weekend. With cool, clear conditions, a record registration of 2,246 participated in the Fourth Annual Mississippi Blues Marathon and HalfHmarathon on January 8, 2011. Linked to the event theme of the birth of Elvis Presley, participants received commemorative Elvis swag and celebrated with birthday cake to honor the occasion. As a Committee Chairman for the events, it was a pleasure to host runners from 44 states, the District of Columbia and 6 foreign countries to the Magnolia State. Also, nishers in the state’’s marquee running event were up in the following Mississippi Blues events: marathon up 19%; halfHmarathon up 11%; and relay teams up 136%. A successful 2011 concluded with two more RRCA State Championships: The 3rdnd Annual Have a Blues Christmas 2H and 4HMiler in Ridgeland and the Steam Whistle 12K in Hattiesburg; both during the last week of the year. For 2011, the total number of races held across our state and overall participation were both at record levels. The number of races inH creased over 16%, from 160 in 2010 to 177 in 2011. Total participation increased in the largest running club in the state, the Mississippi Track Club, by alH most 7%, from 19,860 in 2010 to 21,208 in 2011. In May of 2011 I attended my rst RRCA Convention in Virginia. 2012 started o on a positive note, with record parH ticipation again in the capitol of Jackson, this time 40 • RRCA Annual Report

for the Mississippi Marathon and HalfHmarathon State Championships, both as part of the 5th AnH nual Mississippi Blues Marathon weekend. We will be hosting periodic conference calls in 2012 among the running clubs across our state in an eort to brainstorm around promotional opportunities, inH cluding the development of new races. We will also discuss eorts to improve existing events, clubs, and community competitions and how to increase interest through the forming of the Magnolia Cup competition. After attending the Annual RRCA Convention in Memphis my focus in Mississippi for 2012 will be to foster greater growth in RRCA club participation, expansion of social media tools, proH mote the expansion of ““Runner Friendly CommuH nities”” across our state, and encourage participation in funHruns leading up to an annual ““kidsHonly”” 1Hmile state championship in the fall. Missouri State Rep: Travis Keller In October of 2011 I was selected to ll the vacant State Rep position. After the tragic weather we have had here in Joplin and losing our home, I’’m hoping to put 2011 behind me so that I can focus on 2012 with great enthusiasm! Three events were designated State Championship events: Westport St. Patrick’’s Day 4 Miler in March, Cli Hanger 5K and 8K in NoH vember, and Rock the Parkway Half Marathon. For 2012 I will reach out to the clubs of Missouri by email and hopefully make some personal visits to these clubs and their meetings. Locally, our Joplin Roadrunner Club has become a nonprot club. Montana State Rep: John Devitt 2012 will be my twentieth year as an RRCA State Rep. As I write this it looks like Helena, MT, will be adding a second running club to their city, the HeH lena Ultra Runners League. RRCA has continued to grow in Montana beyond just the clubs and joining to get the insurance. This past year we had ve State Championship events representing some of the top races in the state. Run Wild Missoula held ve Run@Work events around Missoula. Missoula, also received the RunH ner Friendly Community designation this year. Three years ago in Billings, using the Kids Run the Nation materials, a couple of runners started an elH ementary school cross country meet with about 70 kids participating. This year the meet was called the Yellowstone Valley Elementary Cross Country meet and has grown to over 600 kids. The event feaH

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2011 Program Report

tured gradeH and genderHspecic races, a team atH mosphere, individual and team awards, and educaH tional information about healthy lifestyles for students and parents. From this, a group from a nearby community named Laurel Running Thunder applied for and received a Kids Run the Nation grant. I have been communicating with the RRCA and nonHRRCA clubs through email with both RRCA news and other running news. This is a good way to get the word out regarding the benets of beH longing to the RRCA. I’’m using Facebook more and more. I also have been promoting the Runner Friendly business designations, approaching those I know directly and those that I can’’t by email. 2012 looks to be a pretty exciting year for the RRCA in Montana. The Missoula Marathon will be a MonH tana State Championship event this year. The MisH soula Marathon was designated the best marathon in the United States by Runner’’s World a couple of years ago. In Billings, the Heart & Sole race will be the Western Region 5K Championship this year. RRCA will have a booth at the Health Fair. The event will nish on the track to a packed house football stadium for the opening ceremonies of the Big Sky State games. They will also host the Montana Half Marathon Championship the next day. Big Sky Wind Drinkers will host the RRCA 10K State Championship. I will be attending the RRCA Convention in MemH phis as this is the best way to get red up for the New Year, along with discovering new ways to help my clubs and their members get more involved with the RRCA. I also will try to get the clubs to send representatives. Montana is a big place with a sparse population. I look forward to attending all of my Championship events! Nebraska State Rep: Tom Whitaker Greetings from America’’s Heartland, home of the Cornhuskers and a lot of good running. This has been a very active and productive year for running in Nebraska. Our ve RRCA groups, the Lincoln Track Club, the Omaha Running Club, Admiral Jenny’’s Fun Runners (the local Girls on the Run chapter), the Homestead Running Club and the Wellness Council of the Midlands, have been very active and productive in presenting events and supporting their respective running communities. All are looking forward to continuing their support in 2012 with such events as the Trek up the Tower in February, the State Farm 10Hmiler in Lincoln in March, the 33rd Annual Lincoln National Guard Marathon and Half Marathon in May, the Boys and

Girls Town 5HMile Race in Omaha on Memorial Day, the NE5 RRCA State 5HMile Championship in Omaha in June, and the Omaha Marathon, Half Marathon, and 10K in September. The Lincoln and Omaha clubs support a number of charity events and proH vide much useful running information through their websites and newsletters. Specic RRCA activities undertaken for 2011 include: •• Contact directly with the Omaha Running Club and contact by phone and eHmail with the Lincoln Track Club and other clubs to promote RRCA programs and activities. •• Maintenance of RRCA sections on Lincoln and Omaha websites for posting RRCA publications and other items. •• Run@Work programs promoted at several companies in Omaha. Several companies have tness centers and active exercise and running opportunities for employees. •• Approval has already been given to designate the Lincoln Marathon, the NE5 5HMile Race, the Papillion 10K, the Peak 2 Peak 10H Mile Race and the Omaha Half Marathon as State Championship events. New Jersey State Rep: Chuck Schneekloth This will be my rst year as the New Jersey repreH sentative. Consequently, I am both excited to build the RRCA organization here and aware that it takes careful, extensive planning to build anything in a successful, sustainable fashion. That said, it is my goal to collect as much data as possible over the next few months. I will be attendH ing the RRCA National Convention with hopes to fully understand the mission of the organization and my role within it. I want to learn about the sucH cessful and productive models that currently exist before moving forward with a plan of my own. Thus far in November and December of 2011, I have responded to several inquiries regarding the benH ets of becoming an RRCA club. There are curH rently only two RRCA Championship races in NJ: the Fred D’’elia Ridgewood Run on 5/28 and the Run the Reservoir Half Marathon on 9/2. This is cerH tainly an area of growth. In November, I started a Facebook page for the RRCAHNJ chapter. Following the national meeting, I will proceed with using this as a useful tool toward promoting the organization and sport accordingly.

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2011 RRCA State Reps’’ Report

New Mexico State Rep: John Farrow This past year there has been a whirlwind of activH ity in New Mexico as the Albuquerque Road RunH ners prepared and submitted a successful bid for the 2013 RRCA National Convention. This will be the second time that the convention will come to New Mexico and be hosted by the Albuquerque Road Runners Club. The 2013 Annual Convention will be held at the Hotel de Albuquerque May 2H5, with the Run for the Zoo 10K to be the National Championship 10K. The Run for the Zoo is one of the area’’s most popH ular spring races and regularly attracts many of the elite runners that train in Albuquerque for the benH ets of its mileHhigh elevation. However, while many elite athletes have tried, no runner has ever broken the 30Hminute barrier for the 10K in New Mexico. Let that be your challenge for 2013! 2011 saw a rst for New Mexico as the Duke City Marathon Festival of Races hosted the Western ReH gion 5K Championship on October 23rd. The race was won by James Senior of Albuquerque with a time of 16:19; while Lia Stefanovich, also of AlbuH querque, was the women’’s winner with a time of 20:08. Thomas Vigil of Dulce, NM, won the men’’s Masters with a time of 18:56; while Colleen Burns, of McIntosh, NM, won the women’’s Masters title with a time of 22:01. The event had 1,367 nishers. I also continue to write a column for ARR News, the awardHwinning newsletter of the Albuquerque Road Runners, while volunteering at club events. One shortcoming that I have been able to correct is the fact that for the past few years I have been unable to attend the RRCA convention due to varH ious conicts. This was remedied in 2011 when I atH tended my twelfth convention in Fredericksburg, Virginia. In 2012, I will be part of the contingent from the Albuquerque Road Runners at the MemH phis convention to promote the 2013 convention in Albuquerque. New York State Rep: Bob Beattie Communication with our state clubs continues to be my goal for New York. I started an eHnewsletter early in 2011 with some success. My goal in 2012 is to improve on that and make it a monthly edition. Our own club has had success with social media, so I have followed the lead of some other state reps in starting a Facebook page for our state. In 2011 I’’ve personally attended races and meetings run by most of our Long Island Clubs. I’’ve reached out to 42 • RRCA Annual Report

several nonHmember clubs and have encouraged them to join. I’’ll be the guest speaker at one of those clubs next month. I’’m encouraging all clubs (including my own) to reach out to their communiH ties with the Runner Friendly Community Program, which I think is brilliant. North Carolina State Rep: Elaine Bixby In 2011 I had the opportunity to take over the role of the NC State Rep. It has been a slow turnover process as I got acclimated to the role, mainly adH dressing membership questions and remaining championship issues from 2010. Once the running season kicked in, I had the great pleasure of attending several state championships. The NC Road Runners had a recordHsetting showing at the American Tobacco Trail 10HMiler with Race DiH rector Brad Boyles providing a seamless and wellHrun event. The Carrboro Track Club is wellHversed at runH ning a great event and their rst showing as the 10K State Championship was no exception. One of their greatest feats is the sheer speed at which they process and award all of the winners! Other 2011 Championships in NC included the OBX Marathon, Run the Valley HalfHMarathon in AlbeH marle, the Winter Flight 8K, the Sunset 5K in SalisH bury, and the Frosty 50 (Ultra) from the Twin Cities Track Club in WinstonHSalem. In the Fall I released a comprehensive newsletter detailing the events of the summer, including the state championships that had already occurred and featuring many of the photos submitted of winH ners. There was also a focus on the RRCA’’s Run@Work Day, Kids Run the Nation, and Runner Friendly Communities. My plan is to release quarH terly newsletters in 2012. For 2012, we have three championships conrmed: •• Winter Flight 8K –– Salisbury Rowan Runners –– 2/4 •• Sunset 5K –– Salisbury Rowan Runners –– 9/1 •• American Tobacco Trail 10 Miler –– NC Road Runners –– 10/27 •• OBX Marathon –– 11/11 I will be looking for events to submit for the cross country, half marathon, and the ultra distance in 2012. In 2012, I hope to attend more State ChampiH onships in addition to the 2012 National ChampiH onship 10K –– the NC Road Runners Invitational in Cary, NC, on 5/20.

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2011 Program Report

Ohio State Rep: Matt Folk On Sunday April 17th The Glass City Half Marathon hosted the Central Region Half Marathon ChampiH onship. There were 1,713 nishers on a mild, but windy day. The race takes place in conjunction with the Glass City Marathon and Marathon Relay, where all three events run together until about the seven mile mark. The course is mostly at starting and nishing at the University of Toledo heading out to Wildwood Metropark for a loop and back along a bike trail. The 2011 Overall Winners were Julius Kiptoo with a time of 1:05:49 and Jennifer Bingham in 1:18:34. The Masters Winners were Don Leck in 1:21:44 and Michelle Brooks 1:33:14. On Wednesday August 3rd the Sole to Soul 5K was the host of the Ohio State 5K Championship. It was a warm night as 451 participants completed the 5K loop course through the Town Center of Levis ComH mons in Perrysburg, OH. The warm temperatures didn’’t have too much of an eect on the front runH ners as the top 30 all broke 18 minutes. The 2011 Overall Winners were Ridge Robinson in 14:59 and Rachel White in 18:07. The Masters winners were Keith Madaras in 17:18 and Michelle Brooks in 20:16. Don Leck, 17:50, and Joan Mathews, 21:55, won the Grand Masters. The participants were excited to see the 5K State Championships come to the Toledo Area. Oregon State Rep: Mark Barrett I attended my rst RRCA Convention in May. I left with a real appreciation for all that the RRCA does; and with a feeling of being overwhelmed about how the clubs in Oregon could best be served. A good rst step was to get to know the clubs betH ter. I wrote a report about the convention and sent it to all clubs. I got on most of their mailing lists (some by US Mail, some by email). I sent a survey via email. The response was disappointing, as I got replies from only 3 of 15 club members (no reH sponses from our eight event members). Still, the survey served as a ““push poll””, asking questions to get the clubs thinking about the programs that RRCA oers. Further, between the survey and the newsletters I gathered valuable information. Most clubs are busy promoting their races and are grateful for the insurance RRCA oers. They have an online presence –– eHmail blasts, websites and/or a Facebook page. There is interest in having their cities declared Runner Friendly Communities. There is interest in a stateHwide RRCA club meeting.

I resolved to lead by example. My host club, the Oregon Road Runners Club, is quite active. We are working on having Portland designated as a RunH ner Friendly Community. Although we don’’t use Kids Run the Nation we are sponsoring several local middle and high schools with programs that get kids running. We have a 10K series for club members. The ORRC Vernonia Marathon and Half Marathon have been declared Oregon State ChamH pionships races for 2012. Throughout the year I have been a resource for RRCA members and potential members, answering questions by phone and email in regards to insurH ance issues, nonHprot status, etc. I have either had the answers, or been able to refer people to the great sta at the RRCA. In 2012 I will continue to keep the lines of communiH cation open with the Oregon clubs, spreading the word and participating in their events as time allows. Pennsylvania State Rep: Rick Moyer The highlight of 2011 was attending my rst RRCA convention in Virginia. It was great to meet Jean, Mark, and many of the other state reps. The various presentations were interesting and I especially enjoyed the leadership speech given by the director of the Marine Corps Marathon. He also gave us some fascinating information on what goes on behind the scenes of a 35,000 runner marathon, which is held in the nations’’ capital. This is a major undertaking! For the second year the PA RRCA joined the VirH ginia Happy Trail Runners Club (VHTRC) to host a 50K run in Cowan’’s Gap State Park and Buchanan State Forest, a 45Hminute drive west of Harrisburg, PA. The course is marked similar to a gure eight with the start/nish in the middle; this allows for shorter distance runs. The trails are rugged and quite steep at places, and lead to scenic views of the Cumberland valley WellHstocked aid stations are located every few miles and postHrun refreshH ments and barbeque allow RRCA members to soH cialize and compare notes on the eort. Members of RRCA clubs from Pennsylvania, Delaware, VirH ginia, Maryland, and New Jersey attended. We will once again hold this event over Memorial Day weekend in 2012 and provide two days of free camping for all at the group site, as well as aid and food, all at no cost to runners and their families. The Oil Creek 100 mile race in Titusville, PA, was RRCA Annual Report • 43

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2011 RRCA State Reps’’ Report

held for the third year in 2011. This wellHorganized and communityHsupported event was named the RRCA Eastern Regional Ultra Championship for the year. It is directed by Tom Jennings and also inH cludes a 50K and 100K race. All three races sold out quickly last year, a testament to the beautiful trails and great support for the runners. The Oil Creek 100 was named the RRCA National Ultra ChampiH onship for 2012 and will surely continue to grow and impress! Rhode Island State Rep: Chuck Peabody Introductory letters were sent by mail to known clubs in Rhode Island to introduce the RRCA and myself in December. I plan to follow up in 2012 with faceHtoHface contact with the clubs. I assisted with the RRCA booth at the Run Gloucester race expo in Gloucester, Massachusetts, in August. I gave asH sistance at the Massachusetts 5HMile State ChamH pionship event at the End of Summer Classic in Hingham, MA, in August. South Dakota State Rep: Tom Whitaker Our three clubs in South Dakota, the Sioux Falls Area Running Club, the Black Hills Runners Club, and the Pierre Area Running Club provide a good deal of useful information on running in the westH ern and southeastern South Dakota, northwestern Iowa, and southwestern Minnesota areas. The calH endars on their web ites reveal a very active race schedule and their many club activities serve their running communities well. Although South Dakota covers a large area with a widely scattered population, it hosts a very active running program and some great races. The Longest Day Marathon and Half Marathon in Brookings, the Mickelson Trail Marathon and Half Marathon in historic Deadwood, the Crazy Horse Marathon and Half Marathon in Hill City, and the Leading Ladies Women’’s Marathon and Half Marathon in Spearsh are good examples. These great events along with the many small, local races, especially in the summer in connection with comH munity celebrations, provide an ample amount of running opportunities in the state. I was in contact with the three clubs in South Dakota during the year and established the MickH elson Train Marathon and Half Marathon as 2012 State Championships. A running vacation in South Dakota would be a great way to see some prominent historic and geH ographic sites, while taking in a great race at the 44 • RRCA Annual Report

same time. How many folks have a South Dakota race number? This year would be a great time to ““run one down””. Tennessee State Rep: Sherilyn Johnson Tennessee had many great races and events in 2011, including six State Championship events. The outH look for 2012 is even more exciting! We have one NaH tional (Germantown Half Marathon, 3/18, in Germantown) and two Regional Championship events ( Midnight 8K, 8/4, in PiH geon Forge and the Rock/Creek Stump Jump 50K, 10/6, in Chattanooga) lined up in our state, plus a two State Championship events (Scenic City Half Marathon, 2/25, in Chattanooga and the UPS UltiH mate 10K, 6/23, in Bartlett). The National ChampiH onship race coincides with the Annual Convention, which is hosted by the Memphis Track Club. They are doing an excellent job and I know everyone has a lot to look forward to at a great convention in Memphis! The RRCA Tennessee State Championships in 2011 were: Germantown Half Marathon hosted by the MTC, 3/20, in Germantown (1,269 nishers); Haiti Run for Health hosted by the oak Ridge Track Club, 5/7; UPS Ultimate 10K hosted by the MTC; 6/25, in Bartlett (Over $21,500 was raised for Youth Villages from corporate sponsors and race registrations and 79 Youth Villages children participated in the race with their mentors); the Pigeon Forge MidH night 8K hosted by the Knoxville Track Club, 8/6, in Pigeon Forge; and the Rock/Creek Stump Jump hosted by Wild Trails, 10/1, in Chattanooga (raised over $35,000 for trail work in the Chattanooga area); and the St. Jude Memphis Marathon proH duced in partnership with the MTC, 12/3, in MemH phis (Over $2.8 million was raised for St. Jude Children’’s Research Hospital). EHnewsletters were sent out in March, July, and OcH tober to all the clubs and registered RRCA event race directors. These newsletters covered several topics including recent and upcoming RRCA ChamH pionship events, approaching deadlines for ChamH pionship bids, and encouragement to participate in the 2012 RRCA National Convention in Memphis. Texas –– North State Rep: Libby Jones (outgoing) In 2011, Texas played host to six RRCA State ChamH pionship races, from the 5K distance all the way up to the marathon. Two of these championships, the San Angelo Road Lizards Run in the Sun 8K and the Lake Grapevine Runners and Walkers Double TrouH ble 10K, were in North Texas. For the second year

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2011 Program Report

in a row, North Texas also hosted the 2011 Southern Region 15K Championship in September with the Labor Day 15K Run produced by the Fort Worth Runners Club. The majority of championships in Texas experienced growth in their participation numbers as a championship race this year! After great discussion in late 2011 with my South Texas counterpart, Lee Greb, we are happy to announce that 2012 will be an expanded year of RRCA chamH pionships in Texas, with eight State Championship events and one Regional Championship event –– and two of these events are in North Texas! Lake Grapevine Runners and Walkers hosted a great Run@Work Day event, an annual occurrence for that club. Early 2011 brought the announcement of 2010’’s National RRCA Awards, and Texas was home to the winners of the RRCA Jerry Little MeH morial Club Writer Award (Mark Miller) and the Outstanding Electronic Newsletter (Lake Grapevine Runners and Walkers ““The Footprint”” with editors Lorraine and Kevin Wessels). North Texans continue to spread the word about the health and social benets of running H running clubs are growing and existing events throughout the region keep getting bigger and bigger, even as new races are created and ourish. Texas –– South State Rep: Lee Greb A friendly hello from your RRCA State Rep from South Texas! The 36 clubs and events with more than 3,000 members in south Texas stretches from Beaumont to Brownsville and includes Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Corpus Christi and many other smaller towns in between. Working with Libby Jones, the North Texas State Representative, we selected and promoted six Texas State Championship events in 2011. South Texas had four of these events: Seabrook Lucky Trails Marathon in Seabrook in March, the Beneezy Purple Monkey 5K in Alvin in September, the HousH ton HalfHMarathon in October, and Run for the Water 10 Miler in Austin in October. Libby Jones and I secured a record eight State Championship events for 2012, with four races coming from south Texas. The selected events from south Texas are the Bayou City Classic 10K in Houston on 3/10, Seabrook Lucky Trails Marathon on 3/18, Bellaire Trolley 5K on 3/31, and the Bud Heat Wave 5 Miler in Baytown on 7/4. South Texas is also very blessed to have been chosen to host two Southern Region Championships in 2012: The

Run for the Water 10 Miler in Austin 10/28 and the Houston HalfHMarathon 10/28. My wife Cheryl and I attended the 2011 Convention in Fredericksburg, Virginia.This was the sixth straight convention that I have attended (my secH ond as a state rep).These conventions are always rewarding with State Rep training, running semiH nars (I am an RRCA Certied Coach), and an opporH tunity to meet and share ideas with runners from all over the country. Promotion of the RRCA programs and benets in south Texas are very important. Quarterly eH newsletters are sent to all the south Texas clubs and events as I try to keep them informed about new and ongoing RRCA programs and events. There was the 3rd Annual Tour de Art Walk on SunH day 5/1 and the 6th Annual Tour de Art Run on SunH day 9/18, which coincided with the RRCA National Run@Work Day (9/16). This walk in the spring and run in the fall are a tour of the artwork and sculpH tures around downtown Houston. I am the HARRA (Houston Area Road Runner Assoc.) liaison for my running club the Houston Striders and try to attend as many HARRA meetH ings as possible. HARRA is the umbrella organizaH tion for all the RRCA running clubs in the HoustonHarea and this has allowed me to meet sevH eral members of our RRCA running clubs and proH mote the RRCA. Two HARRA Spring Series races (the Bayou City Classic 10K and the Bellaire Trolley 5K) are Texas State Championship events for the rst time in 2012. Eorts to meet RRCA south Texas clubs and event race directors has led to road trips to New BraunH fels to run the Gruene 10K on 9/10 and Victoria to run the Living in the Light 5K on 11/5. The actual runH ning of races helps encourage and secure new bids each year for State Championship events. Utah State Rep: Dave Moore 2011 was a great year for RRCA activities in Utah. We continue to add event members and continue our eorts to create more club memberships. EfH forts continue to expand the RRCA presence beH yond the Salt Lake Valley and Park City areas in order to encompass more events around the state. Presentations regarding the benets of joining the RRCA were made to race directors of six other events in Utah. The Salt Lake City Track Club hosted the 5K and 10K Utah State Championship Races as RRCA Annual Report • 45

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2011 RRCA State Reps’’ Report

part of their Winter Series Races in January and FebH ruary, respectively. Although everyone appreciated the RRCA Championship awards, the older runners really appreciated the recognition aorded by the Grand Masters awards. The club produced a wonH derful video of the 5K state championship race, which was posted on the national RRCA web site. A National Run@Work Day fun run was hosted by one of the local running stores. Eorts to promote the RRCA and running in general through the local TV, radio, and print media were made by myself and resulted in some publicity for running in all of those areas. Telephone, email, and/or personal meetings were held between myself and leaderH ship of every RRCA member organization within the state. State Championship bids for 2012 were received from the Salt Lake City Track Club, Utah’’s largest RRCA member organization, to continue with the tradition of making the rst two Winter Series State Championship events. Virginia State Rep: Goody Tyler This past October I had the honor of being named RRCA’’s Virginia State Rep and I have been busy ever since learning my new role and responsibiliH ties. I began by reaching out to all state clubs and events through email. My goal is to send a commuH nication monthly or more frequently. I am using this communication channel to introduce myself, inform members of RRCA benets, and remind members of key dates such as membership reH newal deadlines and championship application deadlines. With the help of the RRCA oce I have created a Virginia RRCA Facebook page and am acH tively searching for and ““liking”” Facebook pages of clubs and events in Virginia. I was able to have ve events become state championship events for 2012 (Elizabeth River Run, 5/26, in Portsmouth; The VirH ginia 10 Miler, 9/29, in Lynchburg; Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half Marathon, 10/7, in Mount Vernon; GovH ernor’’s Land 5K, 11/17, in Williamsburg; and the Seashore 50K Trail Run, 12/15, in Virginia Beach) and hope to have six events in 2013. I have visited two clubs outside of my local area and plan to visit as many clubs as I can in 2012. By the end of 2014, I hope to have visited all the clubs in Virginia. In 2011 I attended my eighth RRCA convention and I have either participated in or volunteered at nine RRCA conventions across the country. This is another area where I want to increase Virginia club particiH pation: convention attendance.

46 • RRCA Annual Report

My goal is to put a personal ““face”” to the RRCA at the club and event level. I intend to let all Virginia clubs and events know they have their own RRCA State Representative and that my job is to act as a liaison between them and the RRCA national oce. I will encourage all clubs to send members to State Championship events as well as Regional and NaH tional Championship events. I believe it is imporH tant for our members to see the RRCA branding that happens all across the country. It’’s a way for them to see they are a part of a national eort to support our sport.As well, I will encourage my state members to travel to races hosted by other clubs. I am hoping this will be a way to increase the dialog between all clubs and encourage them to share ideas with each other on race management, memH bership growth, youth running, etc. I look forward to my rst full year as the Virginia State Rep and I thank my 38 clubs and 39 events for their support of the RRCA. I hope to add more clubs and events to the ranks of the RRCA during my tenure. West Virginia State Rep: Tom Kramer The State of West Virginia, with its six RRCA running clubs, had the distinction of hosting three ChampiH onship events in 2011. The ChickHFilHA 10K (ParkersH burg) and The Parkersburg News and Sentinel Half Marathon were both State Championships. The Freedom Run Marathon, in Shepardstown, was the Eastern Region Marathon Championship. It has always been a challenge to communicate with the West Virginia clubs. We started a FaceH book page after last year’’s convention and it is still a work in progress. At the 2011 RRCA National Convention in FrederH icksburg, Chip Allman, from The River City Runners and Walkers Club, received the Outstanding Club President of the Year award. Five years ago we started an award to honor a West Virginia RRCA club member who has promoted running within the state in an exceptional way. The 2011 recipient was Chip Allman. Wisconsin State Rep: Barbara Jewell There are 12 RRCA member clubs in Wisconsin, with a total of over 2,900 members. The Green Bay RunH ning Club, initially formed in 2006, joined the RRCA in 2011. The Badgerland Striders Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon was the RRCA National Marathon ChamH pionship race for the second consecutive year. RRCA Program Director William Dyson made the

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2011 Program Report

trip to Milwaukee the rst weekend in October to support the race and to help out with the RRCA booth at the expo. Nick Szczech won the race in 2:22:17 and the top female nisher was Amber Druien in a time of 2:54:16. Masters champions were Kim Lasecki and Mary Bolich and the Grand Masters winners were Richard Dodd and Cheryl Neumann. There was also a kid’’s run, with over 120 youth ““marathoners”” completing the nal 1.2 miles of the event on the marathon course.

I communicated regularly with all of the WI memH ber clubs, both with the club ocers and with the club members. Some examples: •• I wrote an article for club newsletters on the RRCA convention in Fredericksburg. •• I wrote an article for club newsletters to promote the RRCA National Run@Work Day. •• I emailed club ocers to encourage them to submit nominations for RRCA awards.

An exciting Guinness World Record was achieved at the event when 62 runners joined together to run the marathon, completing it in 6 hours 20 minutes. The ““Jennipede”” as they called themselves were tethered together by a long rope and karabiners that were attached to race belts. The team was captained by Runner’’s World’’s Bart Yasso and inH cluded Wisconsin’’s ultraHrunning legend Roy PirH rung. The team raised over $108,000 for the rehabilitation care of Jenny Crain, a worldHclass runH ner who was severely injured in August 2007 when hit by a car while training for the trials prior to the Beijing Olympics. Crain was in her wheel chair alongside the group for the last .2 of the mile and was at the nish line to receive a check for the money raised.

Wyoming State Rep: Dave Moore RRCA clubs in Wyoming continue to put on many top notch races, fun runs, and related activities. Wyoming held two RRCA State Championship events in 2011, the Silent Trails Memorial 10 Mile and the Adam Towler Memorial 10K. Wyoming has member organizations stretched from one end of this high, wide, and windy state to the other. UnH fortunately, the great distances involved made holding a state wide RRCA meeting impossible in 2011. Eorts to accomplish this in 2012 are currently underway. 2012 looks to be an even better year for the RRCA in Wyoming with more races, more RRCA participation and, hopefully, a submission for naH tional recognition.

RRCA Annual Report • 47

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2011 Contributors to the RRCA

A nnua l P r ogr a m F und Thank you to the following individuals, events, and organizations that contributed over $20,000 to the Annual Program Fund. Annual contributions to the RRCA by our supporters help fund the Kids Run the Nation program materials, Runner Friendly Community program, RUN@WORK Day promotional eorts, RRCA National Running Awards Ceremony including award winner travel stipends, Championship Events Series, 2000 Hour Volunteer Recognition program, Join a Club marketing eorts, RRCA history preserH vation eorts, and much more. Alaska Salmon Runs Alpine Runners of Lake Zurich Alta Vista Sports Association of Running Event Directors Atomic City Roadrunners Bernice Roberts Birmingham Marathon Chicago United Runners Dan Edwards* Dennis Lindenberg Fredericksburg Area Running Club*** Jack Gorelick Janie Delio Je Darman

Joe Hannon Judith Shankman Marilyn Swimmer Oil Creek 100 Trail Run Orlando Runners Club Palouse Roadrunners Prairie State Road Runners RRCA Turkey Trot Run4Youth Seashore Striders Suzanne Preston Terry Archer Virgin Island Pace Runners Whatcom Tesseract

WR5K4DPD, Inc Title 1X Girls Running Club Bank of America Kaiser Permanente Altria Client Services, Inc BNY Mellon Fossil Partners The Glenmede Trust Co The Ironman Foundation, Inc Fidelity Charitable Fund Microsoft, Inc. Crowell & Moring

*$1,000 donors and above **$5,000 donors and above ***$10,000 donors and above

Kids R un t he N a t ion F und Thank you to the following individuals, events, and organizations that contributed over $20,000 to the Kids Run the Nation Fund in 2011. Alaska Salmon Runs AMPM Running Athletic Equation, Inc. Atomic City Roadrunners Birmingham Marathon David Hall Fort Worth Runners Club Frederick Steeplechasers Freehold Area Running Club Fulmont Road Runners Club Gail Ruderman Heather's Hope Foundations Inc Joseph O’’Conor Jr. In Memory of Karen Dubin Kelly Marzano

Kelly Richards Lake Grapevine Runners & Walkers * Lisa Caruccio Lori Beveridge Maine Marathon* Maine Track Club * Maria Watkins Phippen David and Sharlee Cotter Michele Biagioni North Carolina Roadrunners Club * Oil Creek 100 Trail Run Orlando Runners Club Patrick Hogan Peggy Mayo Pensacola Race Management

* $1,000 and above donations from race proceeds ** $5,000 and above contribution

48 • RRCA Annual Report

Petit Jean Runners Run at Borderfest** Run4Youth Runner's Edge Foundation Saline County Striders Club Santa Barbara Ultra Trail Runners AssociH ation Seashore Striders St John Land Sharks Team Footworks * The Guam Running Club The Virgin Islands Pace Runners Tidewater Striders Whatcom Tesseract

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2011 Contributors to the RRCA

R oa ds S chola r F und Thank you to the following individuals, events, and organizations that contributed $30,000 to the Roads Scholar Fund in 2011. Alaska Salmon Runs Atlanta Track Club ** Atomic City Roadrunners Avenue of the Giants Marathon Bee McLeod * Blue Cross Broad Street Run Brent Ayer Carl Snien Central Maine Striders Credit Union Cherry Blossom *** Cumberland Valley Athletic Club * Dan Edwards Frederick Steeplechasers Glenn W. Stewart Lisa and Jim Paige

Je Darman Jim and Janice Stasaitis Jon Hughes Leonard M. Goldman Lilac Bloomsday Assocation* Lori Beveridge Mitchell E. Garner Montgomery County Road Runners * NAPA Valley Marathon * Nashville Striders Oil Creek 100 Trail Run Orlando Runners Club Palouse Roadrunners Pensacola Race Management Petit Jean Runners

River City Runners & Walkers Club Saline County Striders Club Seashore Striders St John Land Sharks Subaru 4 Mile Chase Syracuse Chargers Track Club The Boilermaker Road Race, Inc. The Virgin Islands Pace Runners Travis Eliot Landreth Memorial ScholarH ship Fund* Utica Road Runners Virgin Island Pace Runners Whatcom Tesseract Willamette Valley Road Runners

*$1,000 donors and above **$5,000 donors and above ***$10,000 donors and above

S t a t e R eps F und Thank you to the following individuals, events, and organizations that contributed to the State Reps Fund in 2011. 15th Street Flyers Alaska Salmon Runs Arlington Turkey Trot Atomic City Roadrunners Birmingham Marathon Bradley Rhoden Calumet Region Striders Cilongo Foundation Dave Boone David Hall Frederick Steeplechasers Gary Henry Germantown Half Marathon & Mayor's Cup 5K

Janice Woolery Kelly Richards Lena Hollmann Maine Track Club North Carolina Ultra Running North Coast Road Runners Club Oil Creek 100 Trail Run Old Colony Running Events Orlando Runners Club Palouse Roadrunners Pensacola Race Management Petit Jean Runners Roni DavisHWatson Rosskc LLC

Run4Youth Saline County Striders Club Santa Barbara Ultra Trail and Road RunH ners Association Seashore Striders South Florida Racewalkers Southern Arizona Roadrunners The Virgin Islands Pace Runners Tidewater Striders Topeka Community Foundation Virgin Island Pace Runners Whatcom Tesseract

* $1,000 and above contribution from race proceeds to the Kids Run the Nation Fund ** $5,000 and above contribution

RRCA Annual Report • 49

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Ocial Sponsors

WE RUN THE NATION! WE RUN THE NATION! WE RUN THE NATION! WE RUN THE NATION! Gatorade • Running Network LLC • Sports Authority Ashworth Awards • Fuelbelt, Inc • Leslie Jordan • Runners World/Running Times Weight Watchers International *Official Sponsors of the RRCA provide $10,000 and above to support the RRCA mission

Gold Level Corporate Members ($1,000 and up)

Silver Level Corporate Members ($500 and up)

Bronze Level Corporate Member and Associate Members

Star Insurance

Ultimate Direction

National Physical Activity Plan

K&K Insurance

Road Race Management

Boulder Blimp Company

Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce

Sport Science

La Foot,Inc


Human Kinetics

Louis Garneau

Fitness Magazine


Pacifica Racewear

Watertown Family YMCA

Marathon Guide

Promo Partners, Inc.

Lilac Bloomsday Race

Insight Cuba

Drink More Water

Britten Banners

Rainbow Racing


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We Run the Nation! RRCA.ORG

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We Run The Nation!

2011 RRCA Annual Report  

The Annual Report of the Road Runners Club of America for 2011