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FALL 2009


Quarterly Newsletter for the Members of the Road Runners Club of America






Hosting RRCA Events Developing an ADA Policy 2010 Convention Information Packet National Running Awards Nominations And more

RRCA BOARD OF DIRECTORS Brent Ayer President David Cotter Vice President Dennis Novak Treasurer Dan Edwards Secretary, At-Large Director Mark Grandonico Eastern Region Director Mitchell Garner Central Region Director Lena Hollmann Southern Region Director David Epstein Western Region Director Kelly Richards At-Large Director !

HOSTING RRCA EVENTS: CHAMPIONSHIP EVENT SERIES Since 1958, the RRCA has awarded championship events through a competitive bidding process at the National, Regional, and State level to RRCA member clubs and events to promote the sport of distance running. The goal of the RRCA Championship Events is to shine a spotlight on well-run events and to award top performing runners in the open, masters and grand masters categories for both men and women. The RRCA leverages sponsorship opportunities through the Championship Event Series that are designed to support the event host. RRCA Championship status helps events attract sponsors and media attention for their event. The Championship designation also communicates to athletes and the community that the race organizers have agreed to follow approved guidelines in the conduct of the event. The RRCA establishes guidelines and standards for championship races, but organization, promotion and management of the event is the responsibility of the event host. Eligibility for an RRCA Championship Designation Only RRCA member clubs and events in good standing may bid for an RRCA Championship designation. The event must be at least in its second year of operation. RRCA Championship Events are encouraged to start as RRCA State Championships then bid to be Regional then National RRCA Championships. However, well-established events may bid directly for Regional and/or National Championship designation. RRCA’s Role in the Championship Event Series The RRCA establishes and manages the bidding process, outlines guidelines for championship event standards and safety expectations for the event. The RRCA also secures sponsorships for the Championship Event Series that are then passed on to the event hosts. The RRCA has clearly-outlined branding expectations and assists with race promotion through the RRCA calendar and coverage of events in RRCA publications such as Club Running. CONTINUED ON PAGE 6

FROM THE RRCA PRESIDENT Dear RRCA Members, Did you know that September is “RRCA History Month?” Not really, but we have been working hard to make it seem so. A few years back, long-time RRCA activist Marlene Atwood observed that, while we were inducting outstanding runners into the RRCA Distance Running Hall of Fame, the RRCA Hall of Fame did not have a physical presence outside the files in the national office and the list of names posted on our website. This along with a mention of the RRCA Hall of Fame in a recent Runner’s World issue sparked the need for the organization to, at the very least, compile biographies and collect photographs of all members of the RRCA Distance Hall of Fame. The RRCA’s 50th Anniversary Convention brought further attention to the history of the organization. That convention included a wonderful segment where Tom Osler, Gar Williams, Hal Higdon, Gary Corbitt (son of former RRCA president Ted Corbitt) and others shared their recollections of running in the 1950’s and the founding of the RRCA. At the convention, Tom Osler mentioned that he had a nearly complete collection of the Long Distance Log, the seminal running publication of that era produced by RRCA-founder Browning Ross. Tom made his collection available to the RRCA National Office, which has undertaken the arduous and occasionally numbing task of scanning and posting almost 20 years worth of Long Distance Logs. A special thank you is extended to RRCA intern, Emily Goodman, for preserving this piece of running history in digital format. During the summer months, the projects of compiling bios for the Hall of Fame members along with scanning of the Long Distance Logs grew into the RRCA history project. The effort to collect and preserve this information has been so well received that it brought financial contributions from running luminaries Katherine Switzer, Roger Robinson, Allan Steinfeld and others. We are grateful for their support and confidence in the project, and we hope you will enjoy the results, which may be found at: Keep running,

Brent Ayer

Support the Kids Run the Nation Fund Make a tax-deductible contribution today! 100% of your contribution is granted to deserving youth running programs around the United States. These programs are designed to get and keep kids active by teaching running as a positive lifestyle choice. Mail your contribution to: RRCA 1501 Lee Hwy, Ste 140 Arlington, VA 22209 Write KRN Fund in the subject line.

APPLY FOR A KIDS RUN THE NATION GRANT A total of $5000 will be awarded in a combination of grants ranging from $500-$1000. Learn more about this small grant program at The deadline to apply is Oct 1st. Purchase the Kids Run the Nation Program Guide and Kids Running booklets today at HTTP://STORE02.PROSTORES.COM/RRCA Purchase your Kids Run the Nation youth t-shirts and zipper pulls (back pack tags) from our online store. Shop today at: WWW.RUNTHENATIONSTORE.COM


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DEVELOPING AN ADA POLICY FOR YOUR EVENT By: Bill Rowe (immediate past president of USA Track & Field) I enjoyed the last issue of Inside Track. However, the disabled athletes' article missed a great opportunity by not including a sidebar on how USATF, and I hope RRCA members, will address disabled athlete access to events. USATF has a very specific policy designed to assist race directors so they can deal with the complex questions surrounding disabled athlete participation. Just as USATF did with the complex transgender competition topic, we simply said we would follow the International Olympic Committee (IOC) policy where questions of eligibility to compete in a new gender classification came up. I hope RRCA members will simply refer to the USATF policy on Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Accommodations, because there is no need for RRCA members to re-invent a complex policy that speaks to disabled athlete participation. The following outlines the USATF policy on disabled athlete participation and RRCA members are encouraged to adopt a similar policy for their events.

USATF POLICY ON AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT ACCOMMODATIONS 1. Accommodation request: An individual submits a request for an accommodation, due to an asserted disability, either to an event/race director or a USATF committee. The request must be specific to a particular competition and to a specific event discipline or activity at the relevant competition. USATF will not grant "blanket" accommodation requests applicable to multiple competitions, activities or event disciplines. (Note: event directors will be encouraged to have a space on their entry forms requesting whether an ADA accommodation is needed and informing athletes that it takes four to six weeks after receipt of all medical documents to evaluate such a request.) Responsible party: Meet/race director or USATF committee. 2. Information review & privacy waiver: The event director will collect the name, contact information, specific accommodation requested by the individual, and the reason for the requested accommodation and forward this information to the applicable USATF committee chairperson. The committee chair and USATF General Counsel will contact the individual and request any additional documentation needed, including medical records. A release/waiver of privacy/confidentiality will be signed by the individual requesting the accommodation in order to permit USATF to review his or her medical records. These records will be maintained as confidential by the USATF Legal Department. The review of all relevant documents will not begin, and the four to six week clock will not start to run, until USATF has received all relevant documentation from the individual requesting the accommodation. Responsible party: Committee chairperson and General Counsel. 3. Determination ADA individual disability: The General Counsel shall forward the individual’s medical documentation to a representative of the USATF Sports Medicine & Science ADA Subcommittee (under the Medical Subcommittee) for review. This body or individual will evaluate and report back to the USATF committee chairperson and the General Counsel on whether the individual is disabled within the meaning of the ADA. (Note: A written release/waiver of privacy/confidentiality must be signed by the individual requesting the accommodation in order to permit USATF to review his or her medical records.) If the Subcommittee determines that the disability does not meet the ADA requirements, the request for an accommodation will be denied. Responsible party: Subcommittee.

ADA Subcommittee of USATF Sports Medicine & Science Committee's Medical CONTINUED ON PAGE 5



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DEVELOPING AN ADA POLICY FOR YOUR EVENT 4. Determination of reasonableness of accommodation request: If the ADA Subcommittee decides that the athlete is disabled pursuant to ADA requirements, the applicable USATF committee chairperson will then decide whether the requested accommodation is reasonable on its face, in relation to the disability and the nature of the accommodation requested. The essential question will be whether the requested accommodation "for a particular person’s disability would be reasonable under the circumstances as well as necessary for that person?" In making this determination, the USATF committee chairperson should receive comment from the race/event director on what, if any, hardship providing the accommodation would cause it or the competition. (This inquiry does not take into account what effect the accommodation would have on the essential elements of the sport.) If the USATF Committee chairperson determines that the request is unreasonable, then the request for the accommodation will be denied. Responsible party: USATF committee chairperson. [Note: If an individual has been through this process previously in regard to a different event, the USATF Sports Medicine & Science ADA Subcommittee does not have to re-evaluate whether the individual is disabled within the meaning of the ADA, unless the individual is asserting a different disability than the one previously asserted.] 5. Determination of whether accommodation would fundamentally alter the sport: If the accommodation request is deemed reasonable, then the ADA Accommodations Subcommittee will determine whether granting the accommodation would fundamentally alter an essential aspect of the sport of track and field, long distance running or race walking, either because: 1) the accommodation is unacceptable even if it applied to all athletes; and/or 2) the accommodation, regardless of whether it is "a less significant change", would nevertheless give the disabled athlete an unfair advantage. Responsible party: USATF ADA Accommodations Subcommittee (permanent committee should include a representative of the following groups: officials, athletes, disabled athletes, event/race directors, and medical professionals, with the USATF General Counsel as staff liaison.) GUIDELINES & SPECIFIC PROCEDURES Once formed, it will be the responsibility of the ADA Accommodations Committee, as it assesses how the process works in real time, to develop working guidelines and procedures consistent with the policy and general procedures approved by the USATF Board. USATF COMPETITION RULE CHANGES In addition to establishing the policies and procedures outlined above, the USATF Rules Committee will also clarify the rules of competition with respect to the essential aspects of the sport of track and field, long distance running and race walking. ENTRY FORMS & SANCTION APPLICATIONS It is recommended that all event/race directors be asked to include on each entry form a disclosure line similar to the following: "ADA Accommodation requested ________________________________ (Note: It generally takes 4 to 6 weeks from the receipt of all relevant documentation to evaluate such requests. No such requests will be granted if the necessary documentation has not been sent to USATF at least 6 weeks prior to the date of the competition.)" It is recommended that USATF’s sanction application forms be amended to include information about the procedures for evaluating ADA accommodation requests by athletes. EDUCATION In order to implement the ADA accommodation request policy and procedures outlined above, education is necessary at all levels of USATF including: officials, meet/race directors, Associations, and Sport Committees. An education plan must be part of the implementation of an effective ADA accommodation request policy. ! !


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HOSTING RRCA EVENTS: CHAMPIONSHIP EVENT SERIES Bidding for the 2010 RRCA Regional and State Championship Event Series is now OPEN! The RRCA Championship designation is awarded for the following standardized distances at the State, Regional and National level on an annual basis: *5K * 10 K * 10 Mile * Half Marathon (13.1 miles) * Marathon (26.2 miles) * Ultra (any distance over 26.2 miles) * Cross Country (variable distance; only one event) State Reps and Regional Directors may grant additional State or Regional Championships at different distances (upon request) after the standard distances have been filled. Only one championship designation will be awarded per event distance. Events with multiple distances may be considered for State, Regional and Nation status for varying distances. INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Review the Championship Bidding Information & Instructions posted at to ensure your event will comply with our requirements; 2. Determine the appropriate designation for your event: State, Regional or National; 3. All bids must be made using this online RRCA Championship Bid Form found at; 4. Complete the form online, print a copy for your records, then click submit. You will be notified of your bid status once championship designations are awarded. CHAMPIONSHIP BID SUBMISSION DEADLINES To ensure events have an opportunity to compete for all Championship designation levels, the deadlines for National, Regional and State Championship bids are staggered as follows: NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP BID DEADLINE: JANUARY 31, 2010 Bids for National events are awarded a year in advance for marketing purposes. National Championship bids are due by January 31st for the next year. We are currently accepting bids for the 2011 National Championships. There is a $250 non-refundable marketing fee if awarded the National Championship designation. Visit our Championship Calendar at to learn about the 2010 RRCA National Championship Event Series. REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP BID DEADLINE: OCTOBER 1ST Bids for Regional Championships are due by October 1st for the following year. There is no marketing fee. We are currently accepting bids for the 2010 Regional Championships. Regional bids not selected will be considered for State Championship designation. STATE CHAMPIONSHIP BID DEADLINE: NOVEMBER 1ST Bids for State Championships are due by November 1st for the following year. There is no marketing fee. We are currently accepting bids for the 2010 State Championships. To ensure a full slate of standard race distances for the RRCA Championship Event Series any distance not designated after the bidding period will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis for qualified races. Bids will be accepted on an on-going basis for Championship distances not filled after the bid deadline and selection process. Any questions about bidding and the Championship designation can be addressed by sending an email to


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HOSTING RRCA EVENTS: CHAMPIONSHIP EVENT SERIES Benefits for RRCA Championship Event Hosts Gatorade Endurance Formula: Races that have been designated as a State, Regional, or National Championship Event may qualify to receive Gatorade Endurance sponsorship as long as the event is 10K and over and has 400 or more participants. See for more details. Sports Authority: RRCA National & Regional events will receive six gift cards for the male and female open, masters, and grand masters winners ($100 gift cards for National Champions, $50 gift cards for Regional Champions). All RRCA Championship events will receive participant discount cards that are RRCA – Sports Authority co-branded for inclusion in race bags. All National and Regional events will be provided with a Sports Authority Banner to hang at the event in consideration for the championship gift card prizes. Ashworth Awards: RRCA National and Regional Championships receive six awards from the RRCA and Ashworth Awards for their male and female overall, masters and grandmasters winners. One State Championship event per state will also receive six awards. State Championship awards will be provided at the discretion of the RRCA State Rep. Ashworth Awards will also provide a 10% discount to RRCA Championship events for finisher medals/awards. Ashworth Awards clients included the Boston Marathon, the Marine Corps Marathon, Ironman World Championship, and much more. More opportunities are outlined in the Championship Bidding Information & Instructions document posted on the website at


RRCA National Half Marathon Championship

Race the Lakes 5K Lakeland, Florida April 24, 2010

Parkersburg News & Sentinel Half Marathon Parkersburg, West Virginia August 21, 2010

RRCA National 10 K Championship

RRCA National Marathon Championship

Kalamazoo Klassic 10 K Kalamazoo, Michigan June 19, 2010

Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon Milwaukee, Wisconsin October 3, 2010

RRCA National Ultra Championship RRCA National 10 Mi Championship Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 Mile Race Washington, DC April 11, 2010

Find RRCA Champions’ Database, bid on and find RRCA Regional & State Championships at !

Tahoe Rim Trail 100 M Endurance Run Spooner Lake State Park, Carson City, Nevada July 17, 2010

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!"#$%&##'()%**+&%,(-./#()%+/#01#-./#%*12.3-4(-./#% *7;9?8*&,8%9,@5*A&895,% ( O-+&(P-8%QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ( R',+&(P-8%(QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ( D-'/'#*((E11,%++QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ( !'&:(QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ(<&-&%QQQQQQQ(S'7QQQQQQ( T8-'/QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ( N,'8-,:(N3"#%QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ( !/0=(P-8%QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ( N"+'&'"#U9'&/%('#(!/0=QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ( 9L<3',&(<'I%(((((<(((((D(((((O(((((VO(((((VVO( +5,67,895,%:*9+9,;% !"#$%#&'"#()%*'+&,-&'"#('#./01%+2(+3',&4(5",6+3"7+4(8%%&'#*+4(930,+1-:(%$%#'#*(,%.%7&'"#4(;(&'.6%&(&"( <-&0,1-:(#'*3&(-5-,1+(=-#>0%&?((!"+&2(@ABC?CC($-/'1(&3,0(D-,.3(;4(AC;C?(EF&%,(D-,.3(;+&(."+&(*"%+(07(&"( @GCC(7%,(7%,+"#?(H+3',&(+'I%+(-,%(=-+%1("#(-$-'/-='/'&:(F",(/-&%(,%*'+&,-&'"#J(KE//()%*'+&,-&'"#+(80+&(=%(,%L .%'$%1(=:(E7,'/(;M&3?((N/%-+%(."#&-.&(3"+&(F",(,%*'+&,-&'"#(-#1(."+&(-F&%,(E7,'/(;M4(AC;C( &</'#-%7#=)/31$>>>>>>>>>>% (

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HOSTING RRCA EVENTS: THE RRCA CONVENTION The Road Runners Club of America is currently accepting bids for the 2012 RRCA National Convention. The bid deadline for hosting the 2012 Convention is January 15, 2010. Each year hundreds of RRCA club and event leaders, certified coaches, running enthusiasts and corporate supporters gather in a selected host city for the RRCA National Convention. The RRCA Convention includes educational workshops, networking opportunities, best practices sharing, continuing education for coaches, group runs, the Annual Meeting of the Membership, the National Running Awards Banquet and Ceremony and an RRCA National Championship event. The RRCA awards our national convention location through a competitive bidding process. Bids are only accepted from RRCA members clubs or events. Interested hotels or convention bureaus must partner with an RRCA member, and the RRCA member must submit the bid for consideration. Bids submitted directly by convention bureaus are not be considered, however RRCA clubs or events are highly encouraged to partner with their local convention or sports bureaus as part of their convention bid. Members interested in hosting the RRCA Convention must be willing to manage all aspects of the Convention within the established expectations and with oversight from the RRCA executive director. Hosting the RRCA Convention is a great opportunity for a club to highlight their community's commitment to running and the RRCA, to potentially earn revenue for their club, and to promote a local race. Bidding clubs or events are encouraged to partner with a race that has the potential to be designated as an RRCA Championship event. Members submitting bids will be given the opportunity to present their bid to the RRCA Board of Directors during the 52nd Annual RRCA National Convention to be held in Lakeland, FL in 2010. Attendance at a recent RRCA Convention by a club’s representative is an important factor in selecting the winning bid. More information about bidding for the RRCA Convention, including the online bid form, can be found at All bids should be submitted using the online form. Be sure to print a copy of the completed bid form for your records before you click the submit button.

The 52nd Annual RRCA National Convention will be held in Lakeland, FL, April 21-25, 2010. Details about the event can be found at

The 53rd Annual RRCA National Convention will be held in Fredericksburg, VA, May 13-15, 2011.

Email Jean Knaack at for additional questions about hosting the RRCA Convention.!


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ADVERTISE YOUR EVENT IN CLUB RUNNING MAGAZINE! Five reasons you should advertise your event: 1. Advertising is a great way to introduce your event to runners who may not be aware of your event. Advertising builds brand awareness. 2. Advertising is a great way to keep pace with the competition. Advertising is a great opportunity to outline what makes your event different from other events such as a scenic course, great finisher gifts, and more. 3. Advertising is a great way to showcase your local community and provide extra exposure for your event sponsors. Advertising may even generate new sponsors that want to get involved in your advertised event. 4. Advertising is a great opportunity to shine a spotlight on your charity partners to increase awareness about their mission or cause and to attract newer donors for your charity partners. 5. Advertising is a necessity if your goal is to grow your event. Club Running magazine is one of the 23 regional and national running magazines represented by Running Network LLC, part of the oldest and largest specialty running magazine and website network in North America. The magazine is sent to all household members of the RRCA, and we have a circulation of over 150,000 households. As the media partner of the RRCA, Running Network LLC is giving race directors of RRCA member events a very cost-efficient opportunity to reach your consumer. Because you are an RRCA member, you are eligible for a 20% discount on the rates on all race ads for the remainder of 2009 and the 2010 publication. We are creating a â&#x20AC;&#x153;race sectionâ&#x20AC;? in Club Running. The regular full-page rate is $5k, which means you get it for $4k. Half page rates are regularly $3k, which means you get them for $2,400. A third of the page is regularly $2k, which means your price is $1,600. By placing your ad in Club Running your event will be seen by over 1000 plus running club leaders, event directors, and over 150,000 real runners and walkers! Please note that we will also be posting a digital version of the title at, so your links will be live and you will also get the benefit of being shown to the joint 1.95 million unique visitors on our 24 websites within the Running Network and at If you are interested, please email or call Larry at 608.239.3785 to place an ad. Thank you for your kind support of the RRCA, and we hope to see your race ad in the next issue of Club Running!


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NATIONAL RUNNING AWARDS NOMINATIONS OPEN! The RRCA is accepting nominations for the 2009 National Running Awards. Nominate a deserving individual today! Since 1971, the Road Runners Club of America has been honoring dedicated individuals for their service to the running community through the RRCA Hall of Fame and the National Running Awards. Detailed information about the award categories along with selection criteria and the new online nomination form can be found at To nominate a deserving individual simply follow the instructions on the online nomination form, print a copy for your records, and click the submit button. Email or mail newsletter copies as instructed in the online form. The RRCA will provide a $400 travel stipend and one complementary ticket for each award winner to the 2010 RRCA Annual Banquet and National Running Awards Ceremony that will be held in Lakeland, FL on April 24, 2010. Additional banquet tickets are available for purchase for accompanying family members. The nomination deadline is 5:00 PM Eastern on December 31, 2009. The period of performance for the individual being nominated is January 1, 2009 through December 31, 2009 for all awards except the Hall of Fame and Browning Ross awards. All nominations will be forwarded to the appropriate selection panels tasked with selecting the final award recipients. Individuals interested in serving on one of the award selection panels should contact Eve Mills at

RRCA: NATIONAL RUNNING AWARDS CATEGORIES RRCA DISTANCE RUNNING HALL OF FAME: Inducts individuals that have dedicated themselves to the sport of distance running. BROWNING ROSS SPIRIT OF THE RRCA: Honors a club member who is an unsung hero and champions the RRCA tirelessly and enthusiastically at the local and/or national level. SCOTT HAMILTON OUTSTANDING RRCA CLUB PRESIDENT AWARD: Honors an outstanding RRCA club president ROAD RUNNER OF THE YEAR AWARD: Honors a male and female open and masters US runner with an outstanding record of distance racing performance during the year. RRCA JERRY LITTLE EXCELLENCE IN JOURNALISM: 1. Club Newsletter Award honors two club newsletters that demonstrate a variety of content, good presentation, informative and creative, and inclusive of the RRCA logo. One award will be given to clubs with 499 or fewer members, and one award will be given for clubs with 500 or more members. 2. Club Writer Award honors a top club writer that is an unpaid running journalist. 3. Club/Event E-Newsletter recognizes the use of technology when communicating with members. It is open to any size club or event. The e-newsletter can be emailed to members or clearly posted on a website and should be in PDF, HTML, or another format such as Constant Contact e-newsletter. The e-newsletter should look like a newsletter and not simply be a page on a club website or a text email. 4. Journalistic Excellence honors a professional writer who has made a notable contribution to the literature of distance running for the year. ROD STEELE OUTSTANDING VOLUNTEER AWARD: Honors an outstanding volunteer (excluding the president) of a local club or event. OUTSTANDING RRCA STATE REPRESENTATIVE: Honors the outstanding and superior service of an RRCA State Representative. RRCA KURT STEINER OUTSTANDING YOUTH PROGRAM DIRECTOR AWARD: Honors a local club member who is dedicated to either promoting childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s running and/or coordinating an outstanding childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s running program. RRCA OUTSTANDING BEGINNING RUNNING PROGRAM AWARD: Honors beginning running programs hosted by RRCA clubs that engage new or returning runners to the sport, regardless of their gender. RRCA ROAD RACE OF THE YEAR AWARD: Honors a volunteer-run, nonprofit race that is safe, well organized and enjoyable and promotes grassroots running and the mission of the RRCA. WEBSITE AWARD: Honors two clubs with outstanding website design and content. Awards will be given to small (250 and fewer) and large (over 250) club websites. A top Website will be chosen from the finalists. !

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Dear RRCA Members, This summer brought some great racing at the RRCA Championship events. I want to extend a big thank you to Sports Authority for providing our National and Regional Champions with $100 and $50 gift cards. I also want to thank all of our race directors that hosted RRCA Championship events throughout the year. We truly value your support of this program, and I encourage all of our members to submit a bid for an RRCA Championship designation. I want to extend a special thank you to David Ball from Texas for re-designing the RRCA Championship logo that can be found on the front page of this issue of Inside Track. Championship event hosts can find this new logo on the RRCA Championship page, and we encourage you to use this logo as much as possible in branding your RRCA Championship event. New RRCA Championship banners will be distributed for events starting in 2010. *** After the last issue of Inside Track I received several emails about its content. Thank you to Bill Rowe for encouraging RRCA members to adopt the USATF ADA policy found on page 3. I also received several comments on the article Nonprofit Event Management. Several people contacted me to verify a hunch related to something their board should or should not be doing. If you ever have a question about managing or governing your nonprofit club or event, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am always happy to answer your questions or direct you towards other resources that may better address specific topics. One question I received, that I am sure other clubs struggle with is, “what should a club do when everyone on the board has their “pet” charity they want to support through the club run events?” I found this to be a great question, because the charities being funded through running events seem to have an incredibly broad spectrum of mission statements from local humane societies to international conservation and more. To help this club focus on what local charities they should support, I recommended that they first look at their own mission statement for the club. As with most clubs, their mission is to support running as a sport and healthy exercise and to encourage people in their community to get fit by being involved in the club’s running and walking programs. With the club’s mission statement in mind, their board could begin to develop a policy on the types of charities that would be funded through club run activities. Health-focused organizations or youth fitness organizations (Cross Country teams, scholarships, etc.) might compliment the club’s mission and be a good funding match. While there are no rules or regulations on the types of charities that can be funded by running clubs and events, look to your own mission first if your board is struggling to choose beneficiaries. *** I want to extend a huge thank you to the Running Network LLC, Larry Eder, Christine Johnson, and Alex Larson for working with me to develop and circulate the first issue of Club Running magazine. I hope you are enjoying our new publication, and I encourage our members to share content by emailing If your club members did not receive their complementary copy of Club Running, that is because we do not have your club’s roster on file. If you would like your members to receive the next issue of Club Running scheduled for later this fall, please be sure to email the your roster in MS Excel format to You can find the roster template online at Happy Running, Find back issues of Inside Track online at



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ROAD RUNNERS CLUB OF AMERICA 1501 Lee Hwy, Ste 140 Arlington, VA 22209 703-525-3890


- Learn about the 50-year history of the RRCA in the development of distance running as one of the largest participation sports in the United States.

RRCA Hall of Fame

- Learn about the members inducted into the RRCA Distance Running Hall of Fame and learn about their contributions to the sport of distance running. Developed in 1970, the RRCA Distance Running Hall of Fame inducts individuals who have made significant contributions to the sport of distance running either through excellence in the sport or significant contributions to the sport.

Long Distance Log - Read about the history


of distance running as it happened in the Long Distance Log published by RRCA founder, Browning Ross.! ! The Log was a monthly publication that carried the complete results of nearly every road race held in the US as well as some track races and important international races. In addition it carried editorials by Ross, letters to the editor, minutes of the RRCA as well as RRC chapters, relevant magazine articles and other items of interest to long distance runners. !

National Outstanding Volunteer Recognition Program The success of the RRCA and our member clubs and events is based on volunteerism. In recognition of these volunteers, the RRCA developed the National Outstanding Volunteer Recognition program. The purpose of the RRCA Outstanding Volunteer Recognition program is to shine a spotlight on individuals that have volunteered over 2000 hours of their time, over a period of time, to the sport of running. Club presidents, volunteer coordinators, or race directors can submit the names of 3 individuals per year, per club or event for the outstanding volunteer recognition program. Submissions will be collected throughout the year, and all recipients will receive a certificate and commemorative patch. These items will be mailed near the end of the year. National Outstanding Volunteer recipients will be announced in the RRCA News and posted on the awards page of the website. We invite you to recognize your outstanding volunteers. Submit their information using our online National Outstanding Volunteer Recognition Form found at


! Developing an ADA Policy Brent Ayer President David Cotter Vice President Dennis Novak Treasurer Dan Edwards Secretary, At-Large Director...