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An Iframe (short for inline frame) is basically a window inside your website or blog that allows the user to view another page either on your site or another website. Iframes can be used to help store large amounts of space in a small space. They can be used to display ads, logo's and be used to help users navigate around your website ( ie used as a table of contents) They can also be used for large items such as forms, comment boxes, agreement policies, or other large items that eat massive amounts of webpage space up, saving you space for other content and keeping your pages smaller so they can upload faster. Iframes should not be used as the main part of your webpage as there are search engines that have problems indexing and reading iframes. To create an iframe for your site simply copy and paste the following code below. src="http://" width="200" height="200" frameborder="0" scrolling="auto" name="myInlineFrame">TEXT FOR NON-COMPATIBLE BROWSERS HERE Once you copy the above HTML code set it to your specifics. To do that here's how the iframe code is broken down. SRC is the source file the iframe uses, this is where you put in the URL address of the site or web page you want to display in your iframe. Name is where you can place a unique name for you iframe. This is optional and not needed. Frame border is where you set if you want your iframe to have an outline border or not. To not have a border keep it at zero, to change it replace 0 with 1. Width and height sets the size of the iframe. To change the size simply change the number to whatever you need. Scolling can be set to one of three options yes/no/auto. If you select auto a scolling bar will appear if the content inside the iframe is larger then the actual size of the frame.

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==== ==== Want More Free Information on FaceBook iFrames? Check out this site for great information on mastering iFrames now! ==== ====

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Converting your Facebook Fanpages to the new iFrame format can be a daunting task, especially for those with only a basic knowledge of HTML....