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Manager’s Toolbox Workshop

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RIGHT People . Training . Company Manager’s Toolbox Workshop Stepping up to a managerial role requires a change of mindset. It will be difficult to succeed as a supervisor or manager if the person keeps seeing things from a “powerless” perspective. One must learn how to responsibly utilize the given power of leadership and management to produce results or direct action. An employee who suddenly finds him/herself suddenly in charge will find that the relationship with people have changed and the ways to get things done have also changed. Management responsibility can be quite an unfamiliar territory to the uniniated. As with any other skills, success requires familiarizing with the tools of the trade and developing the necessary ability to use these tools to effectively carry out plans and deliver results.

The main goal of this workshop is to familiarize the new supervisors/managers to their new role and the opportunities and challenges that come with it. Through the workshop, we will offer TOOLS and TEMPLATES that they can readily use to build team, set plans, lead or direct actions, manage formal relationships within the organization, manage performance, maintain discipline and most importantly, communicate more effectively with others in the organization. Workshop Objectives By the end of the workshop, the learners would be able to: • Shift mindset from worker to leader and from boss to leader • Describe the process in building teamwork • Identify the basic management tools (P.O.L.C.) • Use communication as an important leadership tool Align actions with organizational values Target Participants New or upcoming supervisors, managers, team leaders who haven’t attended a basic training on leadership and management.

Manager’s Toolbox Workshop Course Outline

Welcome to the Workshop

Module 5: Leading Directing

Opening Remarks House Rules Leveling of Expectations Ice Breaker

Situational Leadership Understanding motivation to direct action

Module 1; Stepping up to Leadership

From Doer to Leader From Boss to Leader Key Responsibilities of a Leader Getting to level 5 Overcoming Roadblocks to effective Leadership Module 2: Tools for Building a Team

Understanding What a Team is 5 Stages of Team Development and the needs that come with each Building Blocks of Team Effectiveness Module 3: Familiarizing with the Basic Tools of Management

Levels of management Managerial functions at different levels Introduction to the tools Module 4: Planning

Forecasting Setting objectives Programming Budgeting Establishing policies

Module 6: Organizing

Basic Organizing principles Structures and relationship Empowerment and delegation Module 7: Controlling

Managing performance Maintaining Discipline in the workplace Module 8: Communicating with your Team

Basic Principles of Communication The Leader as a Listener Communicating to deal with Conflicts in Teams

Trainer’s Profile Edwin C. Ebreo is the President of exeQserve, Corp. He is also an Organization and Human Resource Development Consultant for a number of companies, a career advisor, an Advanced Toastmaster and a consummate blogger (http:// . He used to serve as HR Manager of CheQ Systems, Human Resource Director for Athena E-Services, a BPO company. He once served as Human Resource Manager for three sister companies, Ingenium Technology Inc., PETNET Inc., and A.V. Ocampo Group, where he was responsible for the development and implementation of company-wide HR and OD plans. Ed’s experience in managing the human resources department of companies that engage in I.T. Business Process Outsourcing, Retail, Financial Services and Insurance gave him an in-depth experience in dealing with various types of organizational situations. Edwin took up A.B. Mass Communication at New Era University; He has been conducting various Training and teambuilding workshops for the last 14 Years. Edwin has designed and facilitated incompany and public seminars on such topics as but not limited to: Trainers Training, Coaching, Customer Service, Creative Selling Techniques, Effective Communication Leadership Performance Management Basic Supervisory Course Dynamic Presentation Skills Teambuilding Presentation Dynamics Visioning Exercise Creativity Time Management Change Management


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Manager's Toolbox Workshop  

Stepping up to a managerial role requires a change of mindset. It will be difficult to succeed as a supervisor or manager if the person keep...