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Unit 1 TheOverview

The Boss of Me KNOW—Lordship

Week 1 Ultimate Authority One authority figure tops all.

Week 2 My Way Being in charge can be a pain.

Week 3 I’m Grounded God gave you to your parents —and them to you.

Week 4 Lousy Leaders Only God is perfect.


Students often declare “You can’t tell me what to do” or “Who do you think you are to tell me what to do?” In a world in which they don’t want to be told what to do—yet are surrounded by people telling them what to do—students struggle with issues of authority. This is a four-session KNOW study under the Lordship category. As students learn to relate to authority figures in their lives, it is vital they recognize God as the ultimate authority. Recognizing and yielding to Him as Lord is just one part of knowing God for who He really is.

Bible Study ▶ THE QUESTION Who’s in charge? ▶ THE POINT God is in charge. Period.

Bible Study ▶ THE QUESTION What if I want to be my own boss? ▶ THE POINT Apart from God we can really mess things up.

Bible Study ▶ THE QUESTION Why do I have to listen to my parents? ▶ THE POINT God gave you parents for your benefit.

Bible Study ▶ THE QUESTION What about leaders who don’t follow God? ▶ THE POINT We are to obey all authority figures, to a point.

Midweek Event ▶ THE QUESTION If God is in control, why fight Him? ▶ THE POINT Life is better when God is in control.

Midweek Event ▶ THE QUESTION Why would God discipline me? ▶ THE POINT God loves you as His child.

Midweek Event ▶ THE QUESTION What do I do when my parents are jerks? ▶ THE POINT You can honor a parent despite their behavior.

Midweek Event ▶ THE QUESTION How do I know when to obey and disobey authority? ▶ THE POINT Both obedience and disobedience to authority should be done to bring glory to God.

Unit 2 TheOverview

 he World As I T See It OWN—Discernment

Week 1 The Big Picture It is important to develop a proper view of the world.

Week 2 My Past God created it all.

Week 3 My Present God created us to have a relationship with Him.

Week 4 My Future There are only two choices when it comes to eternity.


Muslims, Atheists, Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Scientologists— students are confronted with a variety of worldviews every day. How should a Christian student interact with these different viewpoints? This is a four-session OWN study under the Discernment category. As students understand and personalize a biblical worldview, it will become easier to understand where we came from, why we are here, and where we are going in the future. A biblical worldview helps us see and understand things from God’s point of view.

Bible Study ▶ THE QUESTION What’s a worldview anyway? ▶ THE POINT A worldview is how you see life.

Bible Study ▶ THE QUESTION Where did I come from? ▶ THE POINT We were created by God.

Bible Study ▶ THE QUESTION Why am I here? ▶ THE POINT We are created for God.

Bible Study ▶ THE QUESTION Where am I going? ▶ THE POINT We were created to be with God. Forever.

Midweek Event ▶ THE QUESTION How can I talk with people with other worldviews? ▶ THE POINT Start where people are when you share your biblical worldview.

Midweek Event ▶ THE QUESTION What is God up to now? ▶ THE POINT God is still involved in our world and our lives.

Midweek Event ▶ THE QUESTION How can I know what God wants me to do? ▶ THE POINT You can know God’s good plans for you when you seek Him.

Midweek Event ▶ THE QUESTION What should I do while I’m waiting for heaven? ▶ THE POINT Live a life that honors God and draws others to Him.

Unit 3 TheOverview

How May I Serve You? KNOWN—Influence

Week 1 Greatness Redefined True greatness isn’t recognized with an award or trophy.

Week 2 Portrait of a Servant Jesus is the best example of what it means to serve others.

Week 3 Proper Focus You can’t truly serve others until you stop looking at yourself.

Week 4 Meet the Need There are needs all around you.


Serving others seems like such a foreign concept to many students living in a world where everything is all about “ME.” Twisted thinking in a twisted world leads to a twisted definition of what it means to be great. True greatness is not found in a golden award on the shelf. This is a four-session KNOWN study under the Influence category. Developing the attitude of a servant will help students serve as Jesus served. As students serve others, natural opportunities to share Christ will present themselves. Service leads to sharing.

Bible Study ▶ THE QUESTION How can I be great? ▶ THE POINT True greatness comes through serving others.

Bible Study ▶ THE QUESTION What does a servant look like? ▶ THE POINT Serve like Jesus served.

Bible Study ▶ THE QUESTION Why is it so difficult to serve? ▶ THE POINT Service becomes easier when you don’t focus on yourself.

Bible Study ▶ THE QUESTION How do I serve? ▶ THE POINT If you see a need, meet it.

Midweek Event ▶ THE QUESTION What’s wrong with being great? ▶ THE POINT Nothing, as long as you use it to honor God.

Midweek Event ▶ THE QUESTION What if my service seems insignificant? ▶ THE POINT Sometimes the greatest service is supporting others.

Midweek Event ▶ THE QUESTION How do I avoid self-centeredness? ▶ THE POINT When we give ourselves to God, it’s easy to serve others.

Midweek Event ▶ THE QUESTION Who should I serve? ▶ THE POINT Serve Jesus–by serving others.

KNOWN Spring Unit Overviews  

Overview of the three units of Bible study in the Spring quarter of KNOWN